May 1st Week (May 1-6)

My Secret Romance (Mon-Tue) Ep 5-6

Enter our equally adorable second lead who secretly love the lead girl. The annoying desperate second lead girl also raised the stake high on her claim to the man who does not like her. Can we get to the mushier part fast? This is supposed to be a rom-com. If you cannot give me a story, give us the romance at least.

my secret romance

The Liar and His Lover (Mon-Tue) Ep 13-14

Now we have all sorts of problems in the story. Understanding that this is a youth drama, I’m going to be objective on the understanding level of the cast given their age and because this was conceived with a target audience in mind. Maybe it’s because I can’t tolerate tantrums so I hate when the characters are acting immature. But okay I’ll let it pass because they are young. But come on give me at least a happy note for its closure. It would have been better if the conflict focused on just the career path of the cast. Throwing in personal indifferences, belated love declarations and grudges are a bit too late to arrive at a still valid enlightenment. Our heroine whom I liked on her nonchalant approach on her life problems seem like a ghost triggering a baseless misunderstanding for the male leads. She lost her decisiveness along the way when they shift to the supporting cast’ problem. I don’t know what else will happen. sigh

Chicago Typewriter (Fri-Sat)

Election preempted the serving of Chicago this week…*pout

Man To Man (Fri-Sat) Ep 5-6

The travesty and the stoic handsome spy pretty much sums up why I am excited to watch this drama every week. Just as spy ‘K’ is off to exit on his cover by toying on a woman’s heart, he was asked to keep his current identity as it is needed on the mission. Park Hae Jin is strangely growing in me because of his cute and suave spy acting.  It’s basically the delightful caper vibe that’s making me feel invested on the trajectory of the story.  

I was supposed to start ‘Tunnel’ but the boys from Produce 101 Season 2 put an enchantment on me lol. I will catch up today and tomorrow and will update you about it.

I decided to just let ‘Queen of Mystery’ and ‘Whisper’ finish they run and do the full reviews since I will be picking on ‘Suspicious Partner’, ‘Good Thief, Bad Thief’ and ‘Ruler: Master of the Mask’ next week. So they will round up my weekly rants… I mean update.

I still owe ‘Chief Kim’ review and I’m hoping for an oppa muse to inspire me in finishing it.

Happy Monday everyone! ^_^


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