I feel like I will cough blood anytime soon by not sticking to my initial rule of tackling KDrama battles.

I feel apologetic towards Yoo Seung Ho and Joo Won for not going to write about their dramas.  I’ll just

make it up on their next ones because I really drained my pen this time around.  I did enjoy both dramas, Ruler opened with a bang but suddenly becomes detached

along the way.  “My Sassy Girl” on the other hand had me at being quirky, but when it turned complicated.  I had to let go of it.

“The Best Hit” and “Secret Forest” are my favorite dramas these days.  “Bride of Habaek” is my comfort and oppa pill.

I have reached the point that I am not excited on the upcoming dramas lol because I was really exhausted watching 10 Dramas 

at the same time.  

I decided to get my back life by picking the best dramas to reviews, but I’m still going to write previews of new dramas that premiered.

For summer dramas, I look forward to “Criminal Minds” the most.  But I’m sure “Reunited Worlds”, “Falsify”, “School 2017” will surprise me.

Now my mind is turning blank again.  *chuckles  Happy Tuesday yorabun!


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