So there goes my favorite feel good drama this year.  The Best Hit has made my weekends zippy recently that I wish it was converted to a family drama that I would definitely love.
The Best Hit is like meeting your drunk treasured friend who would blab about insane ideas, and you would stay by his side listening patiently to all those crazy things.  My favorite outtake from this drama is how we won’t be having a time traveling chance like Hyun Jae to settle the mistakes we have done in our lives.  So we can avoid choosing the wrong thing or take the long route of fixing what has been broken.

2 thoughts on ““The Best Hit” of Your Life is Yet To Come

  1. I loved this show too. No, it was not perfect, but I will give a lot of extra slack in the logic department to a show that I think does something new, or pushes the boundaries–hence my love for “W”, “Yong Pal” and “The K2”. I’d sure like to see more of MC Drill–I really liked his character.
    The overall tone of this show was positive and uplifting. Move forward, repent for your mistakes as best you can, and always go for your dreams.

    1. that was very well said… I think “The Best Hit” has warmed our hearts so well we don’t care much of the technicalities because we had a lot of fun watching it and we got life affirming lesson freebies… ^_^

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