Fall Dramas and What I am watching

Interestingly I haven’t felt drained yet for all the KDramas I watched this year.  lol  Although I’m still waiting for the defining drama this year, I’m safe to place Queen For Seven Days, Stranger and Circle for my favorites for 2017 and the best dramas story and writing wise.

Since actively writing for hellokpop last April I have been watching all dramas except for those that really can’t draw me.  I used to pick 3-5 dramas per season but I have been forced to watch almost everything.  

I look forward to the Fall KDrama Line Up because of Seo Hyun Jin’s “Temperature of Love” and Lee Jong Suk’s “While You Were Sleeping”.

My kdrama review schedule is set to choosing 3 dramas that I watch regularly each week, the rest I usually do a binge before their finale week so I can catch up.  But since the heavy plot of “Falsify” is taking a toll on me.  I might start watching the heavy ones weekly.

Deserving of the Name, Hospital Ship and Save Me are my current favorites among the kdrama batch airing these days.  I have already given up on “Manhole”.  I’m scared to get another Scarlet Heart deja vu in “The King Loves” so I hope the closing episodes will not fail me.  

Sometimes it will take time for me to update my reviews here but I usually am on time in posting it on hellokpop so you can check there, every now and then.

I will be on my annual South Korea pilgrimage this November so I might be able to formally do a travel blog I can share with you guys.  Kindly like my facebook page as well.  That’s where I post my random anything Korean post.



KDrama Review: School 2017

I think all the followers of School 2017 would agree that not much happened on this coming-of-age drama, except the sweet boy crush we all felt towards Tae Woon. *wink

I want to say, I was put on a cute school boys’ trance, that’s why I ended up binging on this youth drama.  But it is really because the predictable and light dramas are sometimes more therapeutic to watch instead of the heavily conceived ones.

School 2017 lacks story depth but the light premise and the young love progression easily melt the hearts of the viewers. Following the recurring elements of its predecessors, it painted a picture of students along with their woes, dreams and bliss we can all relate to.

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KDrama Review: Bride of the Watergod

Brode of the Water god

Bride of the Water God is my kdramaland heartache for 2017 since I am rooting for its artistic promise – only to be disappointed for failing to achieve it. There are a few addictive runs, but the cliff-hangers and direction of the supernatural plot kills the budding love, just when you think it is finally settling to a decent narration.

I keep hoping for a miraculous spurt, but the writing remains unaware of its sporadic trajectory.  Savor the sweet moments and sigh on the nonsense events. Bride of the Water God gives you sufficient reasons to enjoy the love affair, yet the picture as a whole leaves you bereft of emotions.

There are a lot of poignant events in Bride of the Water God which are overshadowed by the lapses on the story framework. The central problem of the romance impossibility between a human and an immortal is unreasonably amplified by throwing in fragments of character driven conflicts that do not involve the love couple. If truth to be told, those side stories and unnecessary supporting characters turn the plot messier.

It is not visually unpleasant, to be honest. However, the narrative requires the viewers to be understanding of the plethoric ideas which happen recklessly in the story. That has been my big complaint for the series. But then again, I applaud how they settle on a romantic fix that works well, with how they lean firmly on the pragmatic belief of the drama.

I question why they pace back and forth when they can crown Habaek as a King. Then since he is infamously powerful, he can visit So ah at his will. But when the resolution is revealed, the disarming of Habaek’s supernatural abilities finally makes sense to me.

Bride of the Water God is hard to deconstruct as a viewer. It does have good and bad points, so you have to rely on your patience to finish it.  If Nam Joo Hyuk is your cup of tea, it is still a tolerable watch.

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