How’s weekend everyone?  I had to attend a Kpop concert last night and my body is still sore from absorbing all the energy of the youth who clamored, wept and cheered for NCT 127, GFriend, Cosmic Girls and NFlying.

I barely woke myself up to prep up for work later.  Hopefully I get some time off to catch up with kdramas.  

These days I’m really fond of Because This Is My First Life… Who would have thought that the engaging writing of this drama will evoke nostalgic memories that people in their early 30’s like me will enjoy.  So if you haven’t caught up in this drama yet, take some time off and see for yourself the warm touch it will give you.  These days I am praying to meet someone like Se Hee oppa (but with a dog) so I can live happily ever after with him.  *chuckles

I am still up to date with While You Were Sleeping, Witch’s Court, Black, Mad Dog and Go Back Couple weekly and has set Temperature of Love, 20th Century Boy & Girl and Hospital Ship for my rest day binge.  I have dropped Revolutionary Love and Avengers Social Club because I really am not drawn at those two for reasons I won’t be able to explain.  I’m just not into them.  *grins

I will be doing my annual KDramaland pilgrimage in a week’s time so I might share pictures here as well.  My next review line up would be Hospital Ship which has started well but struggling to keep its direction steady.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend everyone!  ^_^ -abbyinhallyuland


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