Black bribed me with an entrancing opening week by picturing a crime drama about elite grim reaper 444 who hosted on a human’s body – Han Moo Gang so he can find his rebellious mentee wandering in the mortal world.

As the story unfolds, Black presented interconnected murders from the past and present that intertwines the lives of Ha Ram and GR 444. I had a hard time constructing my thoughts about Black because I like that it braved the odds of its complicated plot, but I really suffered a painstaking journey to finish it. *chuckles

There were a lot of rules set, characters placed and events incorporated that you have to watch it on a binge to avoid getting lost along the way. There were also writing inconsistencies that I usually overlook but then again I was so patient with this drama so I deserve to whine a little. I think the focus on bringing in a plot that is hard to unhinge pushed the disconnection of its initial position to fuse fantasy and crime. It was bombarded with violent frames that I begin to question if the story is just wanting me to guess who the ultimate villain is.

But the strange thing about watching Black is how I feel so exhausted in the process but I remained steadfast in uncovering the pieces of the mystery. I did not write a full review of Black anymore because of time constraint with a lot of pending activities that I need to do. But before I forget my thoughts about it, I have to store it in here for future reference.

Black requires a lot of patience and understanding. I won’t recommend it to teens since it has plenty of crime scenes. I would have appreciated it more if there was a balance treatment of the fantasy element and detective story. That’s what I thought I signed up for in the first place, sadly though it circled on the arduous investigation of the cold cases manipulated by the villain. The extension I thought would give more light to some confusions, but it became just a half-hearted attempt to salvage and to explain all the lengthening nonsense of the story.

The messy story building is why Black failed to have a lingering effect on me. But if you can bear to plunge on a maze-like-find-the-villain sojourn out of love for Song Sung Heon oppa, then pocket this drama. 


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