Since I have ventured in recapping kpop events in my home country, I am one slow 30-ish woman who struggled researching through social media everytime I am up to summarize an event. You see, for k-dramas I have a personal blog I kept in the past 8 years so my k-drama library is well-documented. But everytime a kpop act visits the town and we are tasked to cover it, I have to do a tremendous task of watching their variety show guestings, memorizing and associating their faces and their names and of course studying their songs. I only knew Big Bang and their songs in the beginning of last year. Then I decided I should do crash courses on BTS, EXO and GOT7. K-pop groups keep visiting the country so I think I know about 10 now *lol. It’s hard to write k-pop articles because you have to consider neutrality and not going on the bad side of fandoms. Like literally it’s physically hard. The CNBLUE article I wrote while suffering from food poisoning.  After I put a period mark on that piece, I felt blood dripped from my nose, fainted and luckily woke up still alive from the strenuous event of extracting my brain to pull off a decent write up.  That’s a quirky memory, and that’s a favorite from last year.  I know I have a lot of things to learn about K-pop world and will be diligent enough to research on. I even thought before that Seventeen are 17 members, that’s how clueless I am. Today my niece taught me what “stan” is about. 

Pardon this out of character blog blab from mine. I really intend to just say hi and greet you all a happy weekend!  Now I should go back to finishing SF9 in Manila article and EXO Kai’s Andante review!  



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