Andante is the first drama to reach the finishing line from 2017’s last quarter K-dramas. I initially considered skipping it, but I ended up gravitating to its uncomplicated storytelling. Commencing on a laid-back tone, I was not expecting anything at all, except dreamy moments with Kai of course. So I am gleeful how the story reached a gratifying closure, given its tamed premise.

For a youth drama to mark on a viewer, it needs to raise nostalgic feeling from one’s old memories. Andante accomplishes that part with flying colors on the bonus pep talks of how to live life to the fullest, no matter what painful events you have to go through in the course of your life.

Andante is definitely not the brightest bulb among the youth-campus dramas that have aired so far. But the approach to teaching life lessons from young people’s perspectives is commendable and refreshing. The slice of life narrative lets you walk into a TV experience showing how genuine human interaction should be. It deviates from exaggeration and gives us the taste of life, dreams, friendship, family bond and love lessons without sugar coating.



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