Movies.. I love movies I’m so into movies. My seem-to-be lifetime Korean movie addiction extended to other Asian countries just recently. I say it’s because I want to be fair, but really because these movies are everywhere hypnotizing me to watch them leaving me defenseless and craving for more… *giggles Anyway, here are some other Asian love movies I have watched and a little of my insights.. Enjoy!

Shadows of Love (2012) Chinese Movie


Lovesick (2011) Taiwan Movie


Sleepless Fashion (2011)

Sophie’s Revenge

A Little Thing Called Love

My Sassy Girl


The Classic

A Moment To Remember

Sleepless Fashion (2011)

Heavenly Forest (coming soon) Japan

Cyborg She (coming soon) Japan

I give my first love to you (coming soon) Japan

Don’t go breaking my heart (coming soon) HK

Bangkok Traffic Lovestory (coming soon) Thailand

Koizora (coming soon) Japan


18 thoughts on “Asian Romantic Movies

  1. Hey noona =P its been ages since i spoke to you last on here, im sorry if you have missed me oxoxo

    Ive been watching everything and anything to keep me up with my fix for asian drama and movies, aside from watching the curently airing k dramas and a number of 2012-2013 j dramas ive been looking around at peoples top 5’s.

    After hours of searching and seeing the same dramas and films listed time and again i saw a single random reply to someones top 5 recomending a j drama i have never seen. after searching one of the many streaming sites out thee i found a good quality version and am currently on ep6 (watched 1-6 back to back hehehehe.

    Its called Pride, dont let the random description about hockey put you off, i can honestly say that for the first time in a long while i was getting a bit blurry eyed at regular intervals…..not even the really emontional bits, the characters are amazingly well portraid and it has been directed very well, i love the chemistry between the main “not a couple” they make me laugh sooo much.

    Please promise me you will find time to watch it i can link you my list of new drama/film streaming sites if you would like ( i noticed that the old ones i supplied are gone, is this due to the dramacrazy and other site shutdowns??)

    promise 약속 *stamps thumb*

    Much love from aroud the world

    Mr Ð

    1. Hi RIch,

      I’m struggling to find time to juggle watching these days, working and doing the rest I’m supposed to do. Nevertheless I’m trying to catch up. I will put down Pride in my list. I have to get married soon to just watch all these drama pendings. 8chuckles… I miss you. ^_^

    1. Hi, I haven’t seen BUzzerbeat. I think an oppa mentioned it was nice. Isn’t it Taiwan-made. Unfortunately I’m struggling with time these days, but when I have all the time in the world, I’ll surely watch it. I have it on my bucket list already. ^_^

  2. Hi , loved this blog.
    I am looking for the name Korean/Chinese movie ,i watched a while ago.
    Its a teenage love story , where this ugly gal along with friends , works on herself to become beautiful for this guy in school she likes. She then becomes pretty in second half of movie also participates in school parade by being the star of parade . There is one more guy in movie who is hero’s best friend.
    Can you please tell me the name of this movie ? Surprisingly, i rem the whole story but not the name and i am looking for it since days to watch again.

    1. Hi tanvi,

      I think you are talking about the thai film crazy little thing called love/ a little thing called love… i have a recap of that on this page.. thank you for the warm response on my blog. Take care.

  3. i’ve also enjoyed other asian movies like~

    days with you
    taipei exchange36
    catching my girl
    shojo girls (this is the title when it aired on screen red but i think the translation is wrong since the characters in japanese were so long)
    you deserve to be single
    hear me
    hell cats “i like it hot”
    secret reunion
    blue swallow

  4. Hai,why is there no Indian movies (or bollywood movies) in ur asian movie list? 🙂 Just asking… Anyway keep up the gud work 😀

  5. Today i watched “Cyborg she”, wasn’t a bad film to watch, had funny moments and not too hard to follow, the ending was also nice, but i would have liked to have seen more of a relationship & connection built up with the lead characters.

    Hope you dont mind but i’d like to post a little review of Koizora

    Mizusawa Elena as Tahara Mika
    Seto Koji as Sakurai Hiroki (Hiro)

    Story line:(credit- Tahara Mika is an ordinary high school girl. One day, out of the blue, one of her classmates kisses her. His name is Sakurai Hiroki also known as Hiro. Hiro stands out because of his bleached hair and piercing. Apparently he is also dating someone. Mika is shocked and hurt that her first kiss had to happen this way. She desperately tries to forget about it. Then, her friend tells her that she should find somebody else and suggests Tatsuya, another boy in their class. However, before she even realizes it, Mika is already in love..

    I watched Koizora a while ago, before i found your amazing site Miss jedi, its an amazing story that develops smoothly, which helps to give you a true feeling of connection with the main characters. A story of loving, being loved & emotional devastation combined with heartbreak on many levels. Seto Koji & Mizusawa Elena Compliment each other on the screen physically and also seem to feed off each others ability to convey emotion.

    Overall: I would & will be recommending this film to everyone i know whom likes a good film, regardless of genre, as a fan of all and anything romance i can honestly say (and this is as a guy) i cried a little towards the end.

    Must watch ☺☺☺

    Mr Ð

    1. thank you for your recommendations, I haven’t watched cyborg she yet so I won’t give a comment yet. koizora is one of my favorite japanese love films because the ending is concrete, even if it’s sad… ^_^

  6. Please try to watch
    HELLO STRANGER (thai movie)
    KOIZORA OR SKY OF LOVE (japanese movie)

    And these taiwanese movies:
    you are the apple of my eye
    The Most Distant Course (2007)
    Hear Me (2009)
    summer’s tail (Taiwan 2007)
    three times

    hope you like it…

    1. I already saw Hello Stranger and Koizora. I’ll have the full recap soon. I like Koizora more. I also saw Secret and Love in Disguise. I’ll do a recap of Secret. The rest of the Taiwanese movies you mentioned, I haven’t seen yet.

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