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Please bear with me if I can barely update this blog as I am also a regular employee.  I’m not complaining but the downside of being excessively diverted is that you have so many things to do, and you only have 24 hours to do it..  So here are my films and dramas on recap.. ^_^

P.S  For Korean movies please visit for recent quick movie recaps.

For dramas I decided to just have series summary and you can browse it on my KDramaRecapsReviews page.  I may just select those that I will have quick episode recaps in the future if I will have plenty of time. 


I’m Currently watching & reviewing these KDramas…

Radio Romance (KBS)
Should We Kiss First (SBS)
Cross (tvN)
Mystery Queen 2 (KBS)
Return (SBS)
Mother (tvN)
Eulachacha Waikiki (jTBC)
Misty (jTBC)
Hwayugi (tvN)
Bad Guys 2 (OCN)
Children of a Lesser God (OCN)




KMOVIE Long Recap:   Along with the Gods,Confidential Assignment,Train To Busan, Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, The Grand Heist, Punch, Someone Special,

KMOVIE Quick Recap:  Time Renegades, Cest si Bon, The Beauty Inside, The Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, Ode to my Father, The Admiral: Roaring Currents, The Pirates, Thread of Lies, Hot Young Bloods, Plan Man, Innocent thing, Steal my Heart,  Cold eyes, Commitment, Blood and Ties, Secretly Greatly, My Little hero, Miracle in Cell No. 7, Masquerade, My PS Partner, Confession of Murder, How to use guys with secret tips, Love 911,  A Werewolf Boy, Hearty Paws, The Way Home

KDrama Series Review:  Longing Heart, Doubtful Victory, Just Between Lovers, I’m not a Robot, Jugglers, Prison Playbook, Nothing to Lose, Andante

KMovie Recaps

KMovie Ratings

Korean Drama Ratings

Korean Drama Series Recap

KMOVIE Quick Recaps:   The Throne, The Beauty Inside, Cest si Bon, Chronicle of a blood merchant, Ode to my father, The Admiral, The Pirates, Steal My Heart, Plan Man, Innocent thing, Thread of lies, Hot Young Bloods, Cold Eyes, Commitment, Blood and Ties, The Face Reader,Secretly Greatly, My Little hero, Very Ordinary Couple, For Horowitz, Try To Remember, Miracle in Cell No. 7, Masquerade, My PS Partner, 5 senses of Eros, Confession of Murder, How to use guys with secret tips,  Love 911, The Taste of Money, Late Autumn, The Neighbors, Christmas in August, Couples, Plum Blossom, Hearty Paws, A Werewolf Boy, My Love, The Way Home, Helpless, Highway Star, Venus and Mars, Jackal Is Coming, The Thieves, Miss Go, Ditto, The Concubine, All About My Wife, Bunt, The Scent, The Restless, Standing Sleeping Tree, Sunny, Blind, More than Blue,Always, Never ending story, Penny Pinchers, The Crucible, Blind, M, Sector 7, The Relationship of Face, Mind and Love, Villain and Widow, Harmony, Detective K, Innocent Steps, Pained, A Reason to Live, Spellbound aka Chilling Romance, Quick, Once in A Summer, Punch, Frivolous Wife, Miss Gold digger, The Chaser, The Client, Sex is Zero, My Wife is a Gangster, Please Teach Me English, Sad Movie, Fly High, Lost and Found, Cyborg She



31 thoughts on “watchlist and recap schedule

  1. Is this site still active? Was feeling really nostalgic when I was looking through my old OST playlists. Then I remembered this website, my go-to website for all Korean drama and movie stuff! I just want to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH JEDIPRINCESS!

  2. Emergency couple (emergency man and woman) should be on top of your 2014 kdrama list alongside you came from the stars just like mine. I’m currently obsessing on every ep. 😀

    1. I recomend this too =)

      Abby noona PLEASE PLEAESE can i post the link for our drama fans forum….

      Its for mature drama fans (so there isnt soo much swooning over topless drama hunks) , we cvover all areas asian from drmas/films – JP, TW, KR and OST-K/J pop.

      We are active and just love to chit chat about everything and anything. Its the site that Tony & Imfaerae made(they post here a bit)

      Noona, i am expecting you to come and post in our guest book page 🙂

  3. i just finished watching Heirs! it was nice. i just didnt like how it ended. i dont know but, something that is missing. haha Im currently watching You Who Came From The Star. the story’s amzing. i like it! ii started watching just last week and now im on episode 14. I’ve downloaded Pretty Boy but i dont feel like watching it right now. i dont know but i have this feeling that it’s not good. I tried watching the first episode i havent even reached the middle part and i stopped it. Ewan. hahaha anyway, wish you more power.! It’s been a long time since I last visited your blog.

    1. Hi jestony, ive just finished You Who Came From The Star, its superb!!!

      I have to say that i wasnt sure initially, but once we started to see how the characters truely felt and what he was doing to protect what he valued (im being vague to try not to spoil anything for anyone else) i was completely hookedthe scene where he confronts the older brother in his office, and the one where he gets glass in his hand (you know which one i mean =P) and then finally when he just gives up caring what others might think. I was blown away, so many moment where i just thought WOW!!

      I recomend to everyone.

      Abby NOONA!!!!!!!!!!!! Its been soooooo long since we had a catchup, might have to call you n say hi =) , you will be happy to know that, unlike some whom i wont mention, i have not been neglecting my drama addiction in the slightest, i too loved cruel city, thought heirs tapered out a little at the end, i’ve just finished Miss korea, its a refreshing change to the typical rich-poor divide great acting from all involved, i think you should skip it to the top of your to watch list.

      I have just started watching Mimi, Beyond the clouds & Inspiring generation amonst a few japanese dramas and a couple of anime series, i will let you know what i think once done.

      Hope your not missing my random comments and cameo appearances on here too much, you can always message me on viber if you need cheering up, ill keep working hard as always.

      My love to you and the family

      Mr Ð

    2. hi jestoni, yup Heirs really relied on the Star Power… there were shining moments but it will be a passing drama… Thank you for dropping by at my blog every now and then… See you on facebook. ^_^

  4. hey abby! russell here~ (well im using my lil sis’ account)
    here are some asian movies that you may like as well~
    days with you, taipei exchange 36, catching my girl, you deserve to be single, hear me, hellcats “i like it hot”, secret reunion, blue swallow, hanamizuki

    mostly from screenred that i watched a long time ago ^ ^

  5. hi would u recommend me k seres for 2013.would u recommend master son, good doctor,reply 1994, bridal mask,queen ha ji won one, gu family book.I saw secret garden which was ok and 49 days which i hated.I am a guy btw and no spoilers please.

    1. Hi Tuna, for 2013 I only liked Master’s Sun, Nine Times Travel and Jang Ok Jung because of Yoo Ah In so far. For tearjerkers I also liked That WInter the Wind Blows. Bridal Mask is badass! Empress Ki is still airing. I’m currently watching Reply 1994, Medical Top Team, Heirs, Unemployed Romance, Marry Him IF You Dare, Secret and Empress Ki.

  6. hello i like your website.I am starting to watch japanese tv shows and movies.Do you have any to reccomend or are there any good websites that review japanese tv series and movies.i have been watching korean movies and hong kong movies for years.cheers

    1. Hi Echo,

      Appreciate the warm response… I haven’t seen much of doramas and movies, but one of my favorite film director was Japanese, AKira Kurosawa… For dramas I only watched a little.. atashinchi no danshi, hana kimi, hana yori dango, aabsolute bf, meichan no shitsuji, nodame cantabile… For movies I haven’t seen that much aside from those of Kurosawa’s, hachiko monogatari, 10 promises to my dog, i give my first love to you, cyborg she, koizora…

  7. hay jedi…i want ask something…are you loved watching reality show like running man or barefoot friend?
    if you loved it,would you can give review about that…
    and thank you so much,i can find gentleman’s dignity quotes,especially from kim do jin…
    nb : i’m so sorry if my english is bad 😦 ,but thanks much much much…. 🙂

    1. hi simon,

      i am new in variety watching but I’m up to date with 1 night 2 days, barefoot friends and dad, where are we going?

      I am currently chasing Running Man… I’ll post something about this.. take care.. ^_^

  8. Any plans of watching Shark soon? It’s only on it’s 8th episode though, but I’m curious as to what your impression on it would be. Thank you for this blog. Your efforts and thoughts shared are greatly appreciated. 🙂

    1. hi aileen… yesI’m going to watch it soon… just finishing nine times travel recap and jang ok jung/gu family book recap draft while waiting for the finale episodes… busy month…but of course we are happy with this kdrama shower..

  9. Thank you so much jediprincess. I also love to hear you thoughts regarding the final scene. Its kinda mindboggling yet smart and brilliant. I will definitely check and wait for your review of NINE. Thank you so much.

  10. I love reading your reviews, hopefully you can review Nine Times Time Travel. For me it’s the best kdrama of 2013 because of its unpredictability and twisted ness. It’s a smart series. Hope you try to watch it and somehow make a finale review about it. Thanks

    1. Hi Jamok99,

      I’m halfway to NIne Times travel… hopefully I’ll give my feedback on my rest day this week… I have put it on my list because I liked Queen In Hyun’s Man so much, and the production team’s second serving is Nine Times travel… Promise I’ll have the feedback this week.

      Take care. -jediprincess ^_^

  11. Hi Jediprincess. Your blog has been very helpful in finding Kdrama’s to watch especially when i think i’ve watched it all only to find many that have missed and probably some i should consider watching after reading your blog.

    Could i humbly recommend one that i cant seem to find on your blog but i think you might really enjoy given your preference for dramas with strong female leads. Its My Daughter Seo-young. I really enjoyed this drama and i think you will to 😉

    1. Hi aladidah,

      I am also happy that I was able to share my kdrama insights to you. I’ve heard great raves about Seo-young, unfortunately I have stayed away from family dramas because of my attention span problems… *chuckles I prefer short series, I can only tolerate 24 eps and if I stayed glued at a drama more than the usual I can take that would be because that drama has really swept me off my feet or I love the lead characters… But I will be putting your recommendation on my bucket list, I’ll give Seo-young a chance since I’ve given Jumong, Dongyi and Seonddeok that chance.

      It was nice meeting you. ^_^

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