Here are my personal Taiwan drama picks… Still have a bundle to watch so I’ll just update it every now and then… ^_^

I’ll rate it the way it is rated by  Asian drama addicts… 1-10 (10 being the highest)  The first is how much I enjoyed it, the second is how I rated it and the third one is how I will recommend it.

♥ Meteor Garden (2001) – I gave credit to this drama, because my Asian drama addiction started when I fell in love with 4 Taiwanese hunks. This is a “rite of passage” Taiwan drama.  This was my “first” Asian drama, and because it’s the first, it will always be special. At that time it was aired, it was a novelty for me who has been used to canned dramas from Spain and the US. The vibrant rom-com vibe was undeniably addictive. With cute guys you can’t help but swoon over, interesting development of the love story, Meteor Garden does not require much for you to like it. Phenomenal, unsurpassed and worthy to be my first Asian drama first love. 10/10/10

♥ It Started with a Kiss and They Kiss Again (2005 & 2007) – It’s the drama that I watch when I’m sad so I can feel better. Flowing and never a dull moment on the story of the persevering girl who slowly but surely got her dream boy amidst him being almost perfect, and her being typical. The sweet love reciprocation and the ensuing married life moments made Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng’s TV love pairing an unforgettable drama experience. 10/10/10

♥ Autumn’s Concerto (2009) – What’s strange about this drama is that the premise was your typical rich-boy-poor-girl story. But the superb writing and directing along with the love couple’s journey to rekindle the romance that they both deserve made me glued watching the drama on a binge. The pacing makes you crave for more, the twist is simple, yet done exceptionally. It’s like your favorite romance novel coming into life. A must ses tale from a man and a woman who had to break up and realize years after that they are meant to be together as family . 10/10/10

♥Sunny Happiness (2011)  – Mike He is at his usual devilish charm with Janine Chang on a refreshing performance. Relatable and habit forming. 9/9/9

♥ Starlit (2009) – A different kind of Jerry Yan here. Stirring, nothing fancy, and will make you cry. Despondent and at times dragging. The gloomy yet pragmatic tone of the story keeps it afloat. 8.5/8/8.5


♥ Loving Never Forgetting (2014) – ***Bonus Drama (Chinese Drama)

Loving Never Forgetting is a gravitating story of a woman, who after having a one night stand with the man she greatly admired, gets entangled again in the past she has been trying to bury to save her son’s life. Wu Tong who got an internship at a big company which is owned by her one-sided-first-love. She later gets pregnant and after being disowned by her family, she chooses to raise her son. On her son’s 5th birthday, he meets an accident and is helped by Li Zhung Mo who later donated blood to his long lost son when Wu Tong pleads for help and revealing his blood relationship to her son.

They go on a trial for their son’s custody and Wu Tong lost it. Later on Zhung Mo realizes the special bond between his son and W

his mother. Quickly enough he finds himself falling in love with her in the. They face family problems and misunderstandings. But because they are both holding on to the love they had for each other, they surpassed every challenge thrown at them.

What made the story endearing is how typical their love narrative is. It is not predictably done with unnecessary conflicts to lengthen the movement of the plot. Instead it focuses on how the main leads find their way back to each by falling in love even more than the first time.

If you have been busy with your life and you want a weekend date with Jerry Yan, go catch this drama online. It is always healthy to help yourself with a digital romance serving sometimes.  10/9/10

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♥ The Hospital (2006) – Stellar directing and plot progression. Jerry Yan in different faces and emotions that avert his typecast lead man romance role. Faintly heavy to digest but the lead characters’ commitment to bring out the pain and the bliss of the story makes it worth watching.  8.5/10/9

♥ My Lucky Star (2007) – Took a few episodes for me to get hooked, but I did eventually. Spirited and classic romantic comedy full of cute bickering and saccharine frames. 9/9.5/10


♥ Smiling Pasta (2006) – Perky and fun, the vibe is similar to Korea’s Full House. A love tale of a woman who has almost given up finding love only to find it when she least expect it to happen. 9/9/10

♥ Romantic Princess (2007) – Nothing spectacular, light and engrossing. Wu Chun at his prince-like addictive state is what made me enchanted to this fairytale like princess diary story. 8.5/8/9

♥ Easy Fortune Happy Life (2009) – With I-have-to-make-you-fall-for-me-to-keep-my-inheritance-in-place milieu, the love chronicle attracts with the eventual fondness that the hero felt towards the kind-hearted lead girl.  But I just want to see Chen Qiao En in a different kind of tone, not her usual good girl image.  8/8.5/9


♥ Calling Big Star (2010) –  *priority list

♥ Hana Kimi (2006) – Fast paced, energetic and cute cast. I still prefer the Japanese version though. 8.5/9/9

♥ Mars (2004)  – Sentimental and absorbing. The love tale of two pained individuals was embellished with the right emotions of Barbie Hsu and Vic Zhou in a melodrama which challenged the depth of their acting. 9.5/9.5/10

♥ Corner with Love ( 2007) – Average and adorable. There are minimal story arcs that ran dry. Nevertheless, the “love-realization” tones are neatly layered hence making the narrative a must watch. 8.5/8/9

♥ Hi My Sweetheart (2009)  – *bucket list


♥ Miss No Good (2008) – Cheerful and fascinating. It delights with humor and wit. Yet strangely not lingering.  8/8/9

♥ Why Why Love (2007) – the onset is fun, the twist is cool, but the ending was disheartening. 8/8.5/9

♥ Le Robe De Marriage (2004)  – Entrancing… Sometimes lukewarm, but the high notes are impactful. 8/8/8.5

♥ Devil Beside You (2005)  – Typical and nothing extraordinary for a love story. 8/8/8

♥ Love Contract (2004) – Moody and will eventually keep you uninvolved… No matter how perfect the lead couple, this justified that you can’t get the best of both worlds. 8/8/8

♥ The Prince Who Turns into a Frog (2005) – Satisfactory, sometimes dragging, and I don’t know why it got pretty decent ratings. 8/8/8

Knock Knock Loving you (2009)  – *bucket list

Lavender (2001)  –  *bucket list

Love Keeps Going (2011)  –  I took this darling because of Cyndi Wang and Mike He, and because it’s only 12 episodes.  I have a love-hate relationship with him, I’m waiting for him to crawl in my heart and warm it up again.  I don’t like him that much yet, but I strangely I have watched all his drama And proving that I have the gift of premonition, I chose right.  It is a bit weird in the beginning, but when the relationship was established it was charmingly sweet.  There are expected fillers that were overshadowed by the strong love presence of the main leads.  9/9/9

Love You (2011) – *priority list

♥ Summer X Summer (2007) – Two Words… Skip it… The only good thing going on here is Joe Cheng. 6/6/6

♥ Love storm (2003) – Chipper, lively and amusing… Classic love bickering and one of my favorite Vic Zhou’s TV portrayal. 9/8.5/9

♥ Tokyo Juliet (2006) – Interesting melodrama mix. You’ll find yourself slowly getting attached to it. Ariel Lin is a gift. 9.5/9/9

♥ The Rose (2003) – Drama is all over the place, not to mention mercurial development of romance. But once you watch it, you just feel compelled to finish it. 8.5/8/8

♥ Magic Ring (2004) – Smart plot layering with the twist executed tidily. Enjoyable and  another Joe Cheng drama darling. 9/9/9

♥ Fated To Love You (2008) – Classic rom-com of fascinating one-night stand premise. Fated Love was perfectly portrayed by the lead characters. 10/9/10

♥ Love or Bread (2008) – Don’t watch it after watching ISWAK, because you’ll just get disappointed. Whatever chemistry they had from the endearing ISWAK turned into unexplainable Physics here. *giggles 8/8/8

♥ Silence (2006) – The story is highly emotionally conceived given the circumstance of the lead girl. But this I find a hard time immersing myself in the story. Probably because I’m just used to the lead couples really talking to each other and not just mutual understanding. ^_^ 8/8/8

♥ Wish to see you again (2008) – Sometimes captivating, most of the time dozing… 7/8/8

♥ Hot Shot (2008) – Electrifying with fancy editing. Jerry Yan as a basketball star, so I was a happy camper while watching it. 9/9/9

♥ Down With Love (2010) – I’m forever in love with Jerry Yan, so I watch all his dramas. Typical and nothing much new to offer, yet engaging just the same. Cohabitation with adorable children binding the love story to propel is what makes the story addictive.


♥ Material Queen (2011) – *bucket list

♥ That Love Comes (2011) – Short, simple and sweet.  The ending blog love revelation scene is a darling.  Nothing much to expect but it will not disappoint you either.  Hassle-free and endearing.  Joe Cheng, I miss you sweetie.  9/9/9

♥ Skipbeat! (2012) –  Watching Skipbeat! Is a pleasant experience. It is perky and fun and didn’t deviate much from the manga and the anime production.  That’s why maybe I liked it. It plays safe while banking on the strength of the actors.  The characters are able to live up to their persona, but there’s still room for improvement and sometimes chemistry is delayed.  The hero-worshipping and I secretly-love-a-girl-younger-than-me plot are enough to keep you addicted and following.  9/8/9


37 thoughts on “Taiwan Drama List and Ratings

  1. Thank you very much. There are some dramas on your list that I haven’t watched yet and planing to watch next.
    P.S. I really hope you’d see how wonderful mike hee is with his devilish smile, lol .

  2. Hi Jediprincess! It’s Zhengyi again. Can I just ask what do you think of Bump Off Lover? 🙂 I like RomComs but I don’t want to limit myself from such genre. Is it worth watching? Thanks. ^_^

  3. Ni hao! I really love your list and your ratings are accurate with mine. My love for taiwanese drama also started when I watched Meteor Garden, but why is meteor garden 2 not here? Anyway its not as good as meteor garden 1 so its fine 🙂

    I’m actually studying Mandarin and I think watching t-dramas will help me improve my pinyin.
    I already watched: MG1&2, ISWAK & TKA, and Next Stop Happiness/Autumns Concerto. I’m planning to watch Fated to Love You now. After I finish watching Fated to Love You, what can you recommend for me to watch next? By the way, I like romantic comedy, but its okay if its a heavy drama as long as the chemistry of the lead characters is really romantic. I hope you can help me, xiexie!! 🙂

    If you have some time you can watch “Secret,” its a taiwanese movie where Jay Chou is the main actor. It has a really great plot and its a heavy drama.

    1. Ni hao Zhengyi… Those 4 dramas u mentioned are all my t-drama favorites… Meteor Garden reference means 1 and 2 for me already. Yes, I also saw Secret, and I agree that it was nice. Te Amo Chocolat and In Time With You are tdramas on my bucket list… I’m sorry but i have been busy with watching korean dramas lately… So all those in my list those are all I can refer you to for recommendations.

  4. Hi there! Thanks a lot for your awesome list! I’ve watched four dramas following your reviews and found them really good.. You seriously have a talent for rating them! Keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks for this!
    I am searching for tdramas to watch over the holidays.

    Meteor Garden, Down with Love and Autumn Concerto are <3.

  6. I didn’t know Hayate the Combat Butler has a live adaptation already! Can’t wait to see it. Thank you for this list, it’s wonderful and enlightening!

  7. Two words..Fabulous Boys! Jiro Wang is freakin hot like Lee Min Ho hot.<3 The last time I have watched a Taiwanese Drama was in 2009 and its been all Korean from there.. This is a Much better remake of You're Beautiful compared to the boring Japanese Version.

  8. Bravo!! I just finished the final episode of Bump Off Lover 17. I feel like I just got off a roller coaster ride. There were so many unexpected turns in the story line, but the way it was told kept me on the edge of my seat. The details of the actual crime were not as surprising as the underlying motivation for the events leading up to it. It ended with a nice resolution, but I can not shake this feeling of uneasiness when I think about how it all played out. I definitely give it a 10/10/10 rating, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes mystery stories. I would be happy to have a further discussion with anyone, but I don’t think it would be fair to give away too many of the details. JUST WATCH IT, IT’S THAT GOOD!!!

  9. This is getting very intense, episode 12 has gone from sordid to sinister! I really like the way that Bump Off Lover 17 is keeping me guessing even though there are only 2 episodes left. There are still just as many suspects as before, but the suspicion has become more narrowed-down. I am really looking forward to the resolution. I’ll give my thoughts when I finish the series, but as usual I won’t *spoil* it for anyone. Thanks again for this blog, you’re awesome!!

  10. Wow, episodes 6 and 7 are taking a rather sordid turn. Plus, the incidental music is getting more interesting as well. Everybody is under suspicion now!! (BTW, just call me Terence).

  11. Hi, it’s me again. I’m vacationing in Canada where I have been able to access “Bump Off Lover 17” on-line. I am really starting to get into it, particularly because it is a mystery story. I have also been enjoying the music throughout the series, especially the opening theme song. But there have been other melodies recurring at strategic moments (and the closing credits). I have always loved the scottish folk song “Annie Laurie”; that tune is hummed during the sad, emotional scenes. However, the song that is really piquing my interest is “Red River Valley”. I do not understand the words being sung being sung on the show, but one of the original English verses goes:

    Come and give me a kiss if you love me,
    Come and kiss me and bid me adieu,
    Say goodbye to the Red River Valley,
    And the girl who will love you so true.

    It was while watching episode 5 that the symbolism of this song hit me very hard. I will watch the rest of this series during my time off (it is MY vacation, I can do WHATEVER I WANT, HA HA!!) I will give my comments along the way, I am hooked now (PLEASE DON’T SPOIL IT FOR ME!!!!!!)

  12. Does anyone know where I can purchase the DVD set of “Bump Off Lover 17” with English subtitles? It looks so interesting, but I have only been able to find the Chinese version sold by Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

  13. This might be a stupid question but what do u mean by bucket list like u would see it eventually or u haven’t see it yet bc the ones u mark as that I really wanted to see

  14. thats soooooooooooooooo sweet of u abby…thanx for the recommendation 🙂 🙂 🙂
    i m going to watch “autumn’s concerto” first then…….. thank u soooooo much for such an awesome blog

  15. hi abby…………not a day passes by without viewing ur blog for me ..i can’t really express how muchhhhhhhhh i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee it…i hav watched almost everything u gave 10/10 rating…

    can u please suggest me one thing..i love romantic comedies rather than melodramas….is it better to watch “autumn’s concerto” or “skip beat”???

    1. thank you so much harry… I finished Skipbeat just for you, just so I would have a definitive answer for your question… While Skipbeat is pleasant and perky… Autumn’s Concerto was a total package. The Taiwan adaptation didn’t deviate much from the anime production. Siwon and Donghae were of course very nice to drool at but I felt that while the characters were strong at their performance, the romantic connection was missing. So watch Mu Cheng and Ren Guang Xi first. Hope this will help. -jediprincess ^_^

  16. What about skip beat? I am in the middle of it….those movie where you love to see the actor but hate the acting.

  17. Its a very good list. I really admire your love to asian films.
    Recently i watched “Starry Starry Night (2011)”. You might want to take a look at it.

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