Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 8 Recap

As Bong Soon acknowledged her gift fully, she devoted her time and effort in improving her power through Min Hyuk’s training.  Slowly but surely her love connection is branching to an unfamiliar face away from her one sided love.  
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 8 Recap
Police Patrol Officers came in response to Bong Soon’s bracelet alarm.  Gook Do informs them that he will take care of the attacker.  He feels sorry for not dropping Bong Soon off while the latter worries if he is hurt because of the push.  He assures her that he is fine and advises her to go home.  Bong Soon picks up the villain’s staff and mocks him like a child.
Min Hyuk calls her attention and begs her to stop going to troubles as he is making him worried.  Bong Soon reasons how it is not her fault and sighs on how the weak and women live in a dangerous world.  Min Hyuk reminds her to go to work tomorrow as she walks away, but she goes back taunting him that she will report him to the Ministry of Labor for not complying to his promise.  
He rebuts that he will fulfil his promise, it’s just that his issue is resolved but the psycho after her is not yet captured so she still has to stay by his side for him to help her out.  He asks why she fervently wants to work in the Strategy Department when she can make games with him right there and then, and she responds how it is her dream to make games, wear an ID as a regular employee and receives approval for doing her job done.
Gook Doo interrogates thug ajussi on why he was trying to hurt an innocent victim again so he explained how he wanted to avenge the beating he had from her hands.  He narrates how he suffered a lot from his broken teeth and ribs so he just wanted to appease his heavy heart.  He insists how Bong Soon is not an ordinary woman and how he just wanted to claim back his male ego which infuriates Gook Doo even more.  
He locks the assailant and sits uncomfortably feeling pained on his behind.  He remembers the fall from Bong Soon’s push and ponders on it lightly while straightening his lower back.  He sends a text message to Bong Soon if she got home safely.
Bong Soon is surrounded by her family and omma is especially caring this time.  Bong Soon sighs on why everything seems not to be working on her favor even when she was young like getting good grades and making the boy she likes to like her back so omma steps in to lighten her up by showing her favorite comfort food which shifts her mood right away from sullen to happy.
Bong Soon wakes up the next day and sends a text message to her best friend.  She thinks about her Ainsoft dreams and how she really want to catch the psycho.  She heads to the company unaware that the psycho is observing her from afar.
 Secretary Gong sees her and chats a little about the postponement of her job at Strategy Department but Bong Soon just shrugs her shoulder.  He applauds Bong Soon for catching the culprit and gossips how all along he thought it is one of Min Hyuk’s brother.  
Bong Soon enters Min Hyuk’s room and finds a laptop on her table.  She opens it and her boss’ wacky wallpaper zooms in to her surprise.  Min Hyuk shows up gleeful and checks if she slept well because he had a great sleep.  
She asks what the laptop is for and he replies that she can do her designs there while waiting for her job to be ready since he had it installed with programs she will need to practice.  She asks if she can do whatever she wants on it to which he responds that it is all hers so she can do whatever she wants.  He goes to his seat while leering to see her reaction as she opens the laptop and finds his wacky face again.  
Gook Doo gives a pep talk to the thug not to mess up with Bong Soon again or he will make even drinking water, walking or crawling hard for him.  He releases him and he walks away limping with his staff.  The Dobong serial murder case escalated and is on government and public scrutiny as another victim emerged.  The police decide to open the investigation as psycho enjoys the attention he is getting from his evil doings.
Min Hyuk and Bong Soon watch a news clip of how a serial murder case in UK was resolved by sacrificing women.  Bong Soon ruminates on how the strong one takes advantage of the weak one, and it should have never been like that as power should not be abused.  Bong Soon plays with her design and steps out of the room for a bit.  
Min Hyuk takes advantage of it and checks on the laptop.  He stares on Jo In Sung’s handsome face on the wallpaper so he fixes it back to his face.  Secretary Gong informs him that his father wants to see him so he heads to the company and briefs his father that preparations for the meeting is  going smooth.  His father orders him to announce his engagement and to bring Bong Soon so he can get to know her better.
Bong Soon comes back in the office and finds Min Hyuk missing and her wallpaper changed again.  She switches it back to Jo In Sung and checks online news of the recent Dobong serial killer victim.  The police holds an emergency meeting about the case and a special task force team is formed to replace Gook Doo’s team.  Omma and neighborhood ajummas convene to talk about case as well mirroring what the police report investigation has gotten so far.  They finally stumble on the play “Blue Beard and his Seven Wives” which is a possible framework taken by the psycho in his evil ploy.  Gook Doo’s team learn of their replacement, but decides to still work on it on their own.
Bong Soon gawks outside the Strategy Department’s room when Min Hyuk calls her attention.  He asks her what she is doing and she denies nothing.  Determined to catch the psycho, she initiates her training and they work on how to properly play offense and defense in a combat.  Of course Bong Soon overpowers him and she nicely hands him water to calm his sore body.
They go for a quick jog, do ducking drills, skip a rope as Bong Soon finally learns to control her strength on a punching bag.  She contemplates on how her power is given to her because of a reason and she will make sure that it will help her catch the stop him from taking advantage of the weak.  
Bong Soon’s high school minions encounter the thug volunteers again and reprimands them for throwing their trash when they just have just cleaned.  They exchange a banter and the high schoolers make a futile attempt to scare them, but they end up on their knees with bruises.  Thug volunteers ask them to bring their boss in, so Bong Soon is summoned to face the bad guys.  
She arrives and exchanges a spat with the crude thug volunteers who recognized her.  One of the thugs spit on her shoe and when he did not wipe it as she asked, she beats them up and warns them not to touch her highschoolers who are cheering for her victoriously.
Baek Tak heaves a sigh on their recent work problems and is enraged when the news of Bong Soon beating his guys again reaches him.  Bong Soon walks with Kyung Shim in the hospital.  She confirms moving back to their house and will just help protect the neighborhood.  Kyung Shim notices not feeling Bong Soon’s power anymore and she beams to report that she has learned to control her powers that’s why.  Bong Soon blurts how Hee Ji keeps on seeing her brother when she already had Gook Doo.  Kyung Shim murmurs how her twin is also handsome, and how she will date him and Gook Doo in the future.  Bong Soon is displeased on why they are not giving their all to the love promise they made so Kyung Shim lectures her how love changes like a seesaw, it can go up or down.  She teases how she does not know anything about love and how she might wake up one day in love with her boss to her disbelief.
Gook Doo waits for Hee Ji after her practice and invites her to talk.  He apologizes for lacking commitment to work on their relationship and mentions how he might have given her doubts along the way.  He reveals how it was also late for him to notice how he has kept a woman in his heart all those years and so he cannot give the best of what he can to her.  He clears that he is not having an affair but he has a woman whom he always nag on because she acts clumsy and yet he hates the thought of her being hurt.  Hee Ji sighs and Gook Doo assures her not to feel bad breaking up with him.
Kyung Shim is back home and is reminded by Bong Soon to not leave the house until she is fully recovered.  She hands her a gift and her friend is happy about it.  Min Hyuk sends Bong Soon a text message and offers her an over time job.  She initially refuses but he baits her with doubling her pay for the day so she is swayed.  He tells her to dress well and he will be on its way to pick her up.  Omma enters the room and tells Bong Soon to prepare because they will go to the temple to pray.  When she learns that her son-in-law is coming over she leaves immediately to prepare for his visit.
Min Hyuk arrives in the house and plays with the dog first.  Omma escorts him to the house as Bong Soon is still preparing.  He apologizes for taking her daughter to work on her rest day but omma says it is no biggie and he can call her anytime he wants.  aigoo  Min Hyuk tries to escape his intrusion but omma invites him already for breakfast which he cannot decline due to omma’s convincing scary power.  A King’s feast is spread on the table to the regular family members’ surprise.  Omma especially takes care of Min Hyuk as he is pleased to how warm the family communicates while eating.
Then they proceed to Min Hyuk’s house where Bong Soon complains on why he did not tell her that she will eat breakfast in their house as well.  He tells her to do a great job of pretending to be his fiancee, and she agrees if he will pay her thrice this time.  Min Hyuk’s dad asks her why she likes his son.  She tells the family how he is handsome and has a good personality to which the family responds in an expressionless manner.  She decides to be true to herself and blabs how Min Hyuk is crazy and that’s what she likes most about him which made the weird family moves to proceed with the breakfast accepting her answer.  Bong Soon adds how she often thinks if he is in his right mind which Min Hyuk aboji agrees joyfully.
Min Hyuk aboji chats with Bong Soon and narrates how he is relieved to see her because he is worried about why his son who used to be a womanizer when he was studying abroad suddenly stopped being one.  Bong Soon stares at Min Hyuk’s face and is bothered by the early chat she had with his father.
She goes back and forth with her thoughts if he is gay or not and eventually forgets bracing the seatbelt on her.  She gropes for it as Min Hyuk pulls over when he noticed it and helps her lock the belt on place.  The moment freezes as invisible sparks surround their competing gazes.  Min Hyuk recovers and nags on how she should always secure her belt on.  
Bong Soon whines on their next destination which Min Hyuk quips to be where they will meeting his first love.  Min Hyuk places the flowers on his mom’s tree resting place as Bong Soon realizes who they just visited.  Min Hyuk talks with her mom in his thoughts and introduces the woman he wants her to meet.  
They go to a nearby lake and Min Hyuk tells her a line on his mom’s favorite movie on how no man wants to be friends with a charming woman.  Bong Soon replies how she is not charming enough that’s why he is friends with her.  Min Hyuk tells her that Gook Doo likes her and that he might have not expressed it because it will make a difference in their friendship or he is afraid of losing her.  
Bong Soon denies his supposition so he quips how the transition from being friends to lovers needs only one step to happen.  Min Hyuk faces Bong Soon, leers at her face and takes one step closer to her leaving her on a suspended moment.  He tells her that the step he just took changes a moment and walks away from her.  
He turns his back as Bong Soon gazes at him and ponders how there was never that “one step” for her and Gook Doo over the years… and how that one step Min Hyuk did made him closer to him that day.
Gook Doo’s team decides to pursue the psycho even when the special investigation team was established.  They secured the blackbox evidence and decipher on some clues left by the psycho.  Gook Doo remembers Bong Soon’s mentioning the smell of asphalt from the perpetrator and goes back to the car junkyard to question the employee who informs him that his boss is on a business trip.  
What the police does not know though is how the psycho knows their movements because he has planted bugs in the station when he pretends as a witness from the first case.  So he has been toying on them the whole time. 
Aboji attempts to lighten the mood of Gook Doo’s mother who regrets on why she did not send her son to become a prosecutor.  Omma sees her husband and nemesis so chummy and blabs how laughing is not welcome to the state of their neighborhood which her son cannot protect, so she attacks why Bong Ki has not been helping on the cure for cancer.  Omma remarks Bong Ki is in orthopeadics so cancer does not have anything to do with him.  Sensing the conversation won’t go anywhere, Gook Doo omma leaves.  Aboji castigates his wife for being too hard on Gook Doo omma but omma is even more upset that he was smiling brightly with the woman.  Aboji tries to escape a looming danger on their pointless banter, but he ends up black and blue with omma’s punches.
To settle the Bong Soon related gang problem,  Baek Tak summons Charles Go, the strategist of their company to devise a way on how they can conquer Bong Soon Well.  Charles Go walks to the stage to proceed with his presentation.  He summarizes the damages and the recent events incurred by the company but Baek Tak grows impatient to what his resolution will be.  He proposes avenging their loss to regain their honor by fighting one against one with her and suggests voice phishing to lure her to the designated fighting place.
Bong Soon visits Bong Ki in the hospital to give him some allowance after getting her first paycheck.  He beams at her gift and hesitantly admits how he likes Hee Ji.  He confirms how he  cannot date her for real which Bong Soon agrees.  She pats his hair noticing how he has grown up with love problems now and marches to leave.  Bong Ki tells her to date as well and to consider her boss since he does not think he is really gay but Bong Soon denounces it.
The thugs convene on a warehouse place and is scolded by Baek Tak for preparing some weapons in trying to defeat her.  He orders squadron leader not to join the brawl and heads out for last minute preparations.
Aboji is on a perky spirit with omma’s absence since she went traveling.  Min Hyuk calls Bong Soon to remind her of her training and finally gets the chance to read her grandmother’s letter which loving words and advises warm up her heart.  With her grandmother’s inspiring words to celebrate her being different, Bong Soon gets a box and takes a pink sweater to wear it.
Jaws commands the scammers they got to proceed with the voice phishing act.  Bong Soon answers her phone and panics when she heard her mother’s voice.  She heads out to the designated place forgetting Min Hyuk who was already waiting outside their house.  Kyung Shim reaches omma and confirms that she was not abducted.  
Aboji calls Gook Doo to seek help on what happened as Min Hyuk learns from Bong Soon how her mom was abducted.  The two men race to her location as Bong Soon arrives to face Baek Tak and his gang.  She asks for her mom and receives a call from Kyung Shim that her mom is safe.  She realizes she fell on their trap as Baek Tak invites her for a fight.  Bong Soon plays with the walnuts on her hand an crushes it quick making the thugs cringe.  Bong Soon peers at them sharply and urges them to come closer to start the fight.
Episode 8 Quick Thoughts
I hope this will be the last straw for the thugs’ arc in this story because they are starting to annoy me already.  Let’s just focus on securing the seven wives for the psycho and coming up with how to pin him down with Bong Soon’s help.  And then let’s proceed to let go of the one sided love and move on to buckets of romance.  Can we do that please?

Flashback KDrama Review: Queen of Reversals

Sweet and sent me to self-realizations for a day… Actually this drama got me because of Park Shi Hoo, didn’t read reviews about it which I normally do.  I’m just hopelessly in love with him so I just want to stare at his face even if I will not watch the story itself.  *giggles But I love how this drama turned out to be and there are lot of relationship ideas that were pointed out so prettily. 


My general perception on Hwang Tae Hee’s story is that of a woman forced to find her happiness, eventually getting it, but realizing that it was not the bliss she was supposed to have.  Her overcoming of setbacks and her guts to prove her worth is what you really call a success story, no big fortune presented, just achieving what she deserved and what she worked hard for.

Hwang Tae Hee worked as a distant team leader in an ad agency.  She met Bong Joon Soo in the same company and married him, but her main rival worked her way to strain their marriage.  She was forced to leave the company when her fate was manipulated by the Ad director, but after a few years, she was able to join the company again.  Just as her marriage was on the rocks and her career was in deep struggle, Goo Yong Shik, the chaebol son of the company she’s working with came in her life, and stood as her invisible butterfly wings.

Ain’t this woman so lucky?  She got another second chance in love, and that second chance was 10 times better than her former love. 

Hwang Tae Hee will be one of my favorite heroines.   It’s quite long so no chance that I stalked it online.  There were minimal lapses maybe because of the stretch of the story.  When I looked back I think it would have been better if it was not too long because the story itself was simply laid so extending it and adding unnecessary arc was safe but not really helping the story.  At any rate though, it was a worth watching narrative. 

A Man’s First Love: Beloved Eun Dong Series Review


If there’s a first love drama that warmed my heart recently, it would be the story of a man’s unrequited romance to a woman who was kept being separated to him by fate.  Beloved Eun Dong narrated a love story so blissful and agonizing like it came straight from a classic love novel.

The love couple met when they were young and became each other’s puppy love, they met again in college where they formally entered a relationship, but the girl, Eun Dong who dreamt of being an actress met an accident and was separated to him again.  He soon became a top actor and in his quest to find his true love, he commisioned a ghost writer to bring to life his love story.  Eun Dong who suffered from amnesia took the job and while writing the book, flashes of her memory came back and realized the lies her current disabled husband and adopted father did to her.

 But claiming the love that was deprived of them by the villains was no easy task as they faced the controversy of Eun Dong being married legally.  To make the matter worse, Eun Dong revealed that her son is Hyun Soo’s, but his son is already attached to the father he was with while growing up.

Divided in 3 parts, Eun Dong and Hyun Soo’s story moved steady from that sweet young love to the complicated re-owning of the diverted romance in a way where I was so affected by the enduring commitment of Hyun Soo to love only one woman in his life.  I have never seen someone like him in kdramaland.  I mean most of the boys surely did love their girls the best way they can, but his painstaking story to be with the girl he loves, left my heart on a painful twinge.  Having a villain that was wheelchair bound and acted selfish because of love has had me on a dilemma as well if I will hate or understand his pain.  

The conflict having been Eun Dong already married while the lead man fervently waited for her was mind agonizing.  It was a test of justifying what you’ve been through to lose your greatest love and will you be happy if you reclaim your love that is not yours by law anymore.  The love triangle were all in a helpless state trying to break out from that suffocating bind, but in the end true love paved a way to free them all of the burden.

“Beloved Eun Dong” has a very strong narrative which will put the audience on a trance in finding a solution for everyone to be happy.  It taught a lesson that love involves two people loving each other the best way they can and not how the people around them understands it. It will perfectly soothe and evoke your heart because it will make you reminisce the casualties of failed relationships and the bliss of fighting for what you think is rightfully yours.  This drama will remind you of your greatest love and will prove to you how love is meant to be, when you work for it to happen.



KDrama Classic Spotlight: The First Shop of Coffee Prince

Hail to the grandmother of kdramas with cross-dressing heroines.  This is a follow up hit for Yoon Eun Hye and the drama that made me look at Gong Yoo as an oppa. *wink “Coffee Prince” developed in a feel good manner where the lead man battled out the possibility of his affection to a fellow guy not knowing that the heroine was a real woman in disguise.

Coffee Prince cemented my growing fondness towards Yoon Eun Hye.  *giggles  I liked her in Goong, and I like her even more here.  The music was so refreshing and the cast interaction was also dynamic.  

It was something new when it was aired hence the rave because we saw an unconventional romance between a strong-willed heroine who has to pretend she was a man  to secure a job in a coffee shop for her family.  

The scenes where Gong Yoo was trying to reconcile his feelings with a guy come what may were hilariously interpreted and will definitely put a smile on your face.  It was so cute that Gong Yoo’s character disregarded everything and was okay to admit that he could possibly be a homosexual due to his growing feelings on his pretending-to-be-a-man lead girl.

This cross-dressing heroine and coffee shop owner’s love ride slayed the ratings with the unique premise on how their romance was imagined.  It is also one of those dramas where the lead man was presented as someone who wanted to fulfill his woman’s dreams first because that’s one the best definitions of love a man can gift her woman.

This is a must-watch grandpa classic that will not lose its appeal even after a few years from go by.  How the love grew between the lead characters was simply laid and yet so affecting and definitive.  If you are currently having a bitter heart because of a failed relationship it can surely disarm you and walk you through appreciating love again.

Flashback KDrama Review: Secret Garden


Hyun Bin + Ha Ji Won = I’m a happy camper! 🙂  The drama woke up my inability of falling in love again with a fictional character Kim Joo Won.  Engaging and strong performance by the characters, amusing screenplay and a story that will linger and can work as a coping pill to boredom or heartbreak.  I had high expectations about this team up, and they did not fail me.  Sunny characters, a twist worth of de Maupassant, and an endearing-classic-my-mom-doesn’t-like-you-but-i-love-you love story. 

The pairing of two of my favorite Korean actors does not need any effort to convince me to stay glued at it.  Endearing and heart flutters can be felt everywhere.  And even if there were some faulty, unnecessary plot, the acting prowess and the chemistry of the lead couple can suffice whatever there may be lacking in the story.  This is a classic example of the lead couple bringing the best to one another.

This body-swapping stunt woman and chaebol love story exceeded everyone’s expectations in nailing an experimental supernatural love story.  “Secret Garden” showed a heroine with unfazed attitude who fell in love with a rich man who did everything to make her love him too.

Now that I remember the “rain twist”.  There’s something about rain that makes it a recurring twist in kdrama stories as projected in Goblin, My GF is a Gumiho and Secret Garden.  Anyway, I loved Hyun Bin here more than his stint in Samsoon probably because I am more inclined to unusually imagined story premise.

The sparkling tracksuit, the sweet sit-up kiss and coffee kiss, the hilarious body swap, and Hyun Bin’s melting gaze were some of the things that I remember most about “Secret Garden”.  It was a breather from generic romcoms with its perfect blending of fantasy and romance and with its main love couple’s reversal of roles having a strong heroine and a weak-hearted but charming lead man.

“Secret Garden” is your drama to see when you want a kdrama marathon vacation.  It played well in keeping its excitement stable and hit a love progression where the viewers were left all cheering for it to happen.  The fantasy body-switching plot was a brilliant addition to keep the story interesting, but the strength of how the love couple communicated or should I say bicker along the way eventually realizing they were both rendered by the love bind they threw at each other unconsciously was the hook factor that is why it was a hit when it was airing.


A rite of passage kdrama for kdrama-addicts, make sure to include this in your watchlist if you have not seen it yet.



The North Korean spy who loved a South Korean Top Actor


A serving of a North Korean spy who got entangled emotionally with a South Korean top actor needed nothing else to convince me in watching it.  The hilarious interaction between them with North Korean puns and comic reliefs were reasons why I was on kdrama high when I was watching it.  I like North Korean crossing over the border stories that’s why, and making an adorable premise of seducing a top Korean actor by a North Korean lady spy, well you do not need any conviction.

The endearing eye-candy Kang-woo and the equally loveable and charming Myung-wol were the source of a few weeks of bliss and cheerfulness for me when I was watching “Myungwol the Spy”.  I panicked on the Han Ye Seul ruckus because she fits the character well I can’t imagine bringing a different actress to finish the production.  The sort-of-chaos that happened during the airing of this drama didn’t stop me from being immersed on the characters and the funny, exciting, full of twist story. . Since rom-com dramas is a basic driver of dramaland popularity, it’s hard to generate a love story of a man and a woman that you haven’t seen, heard or read before.  True there may have been love stories about spies, but the crisp and outlandish Myungwol took me by surprise, and I just love surprises.  

This dandy show was oozing with cute couple bickerings.  The premise of having the heroine protecting the leading man was a breather on the usual vulnerable leading ladies needing a chaebol-in-the-shining-armor to rescue them.  There’s an equally lovable second lead on the side too which makes the love ride all the more exciting.

In accordance to her military order, a North Korean spy, Myungwol, infiltrated South Korea in her goal to seduce Hallyu supahstar Kang-Woo so he could defect to North Korea as part of their military plan to kill hallyuwave (yep i know it was weird).  Her persistence will pay off but her true intention will make or break an impossible love affair which her heart willingly taken.

This is one of the perkiest romcoms you will see given the dynamics of a strong heroine for her character as a spy incognito, and the top actor with immense hubris who fell in love with his protector.  It will leave you laughing and asking for more.  This is one romcom spectacle you should not miss as it will really bombard you with laughing fit.  A perfect kdrama for weekend binge-watching. -jediprincess♡♡♡


Flashback KDrama Review: Prosecutor Princess

Hello Again Ma Hye Ri!  Albeit the conflict centering to the hero’s revenge to his lead girl’s father, this drama has been one of my favorites with how it navigated to bringing in the love couple slowly and then shattering them into pieces after the revelations.

But in the end though, love prevails and while the hero had his own strong convictions with his retaliation, he let himself be swayed and let go of his pain to be with the woman he loves.  The “confrontation-kiss-scene” brought me to the edge of ever after and had me promised myself I will vow to be a single if it’s not Park Si Hoo that I’m gonna marry with.. *wink 

Surprisingly sweet, comforting and a lead actor to drool and you can use as a calming pill.  More than safe storyline and will get you hooked when you least expected it.  Intricately woven narrative with great lines and superbly layered sequence build up plus effectively personified characters who made me swoon over their commitment to their portrayals.  Given the heavy conflict, it surprisingly started flashy and breezy where character development for our heroine was a back story.

Give it a visit if you are tired with the romcoms airing these days.  I assure you it will be a nice stay.

The Chaebol Heir who Loved the Long Lost Princess of Korea


One of my favorite behind-bickering-they-love-each-other couples.  An appealing love ride between initially annoyed to each other couple who were forced to be together for the princess training conflict.  

The long lost last princess of Korea was found and to prepare her for her royal duties, the grandson of a rich family who nurtured the royal family’s wealth prepped her up in facing her new responsibilities.  Think Princess Diaries + Pretty Woman.  This is the first bribe I got from both the actors to notice them and they were successful in forming a cheery love story.

The modern day princess themed drama did not give me the “my-girl-ish” kind of fondness, but there are really moments that I was able to painfully and delightfully relate to the characters.  

The long lost princess of Korea will embark on re-claiming the honor of her royal family in the modern times, but it will not be easy owing to her need to prove her worth as a princess to her country and the evident rivals determined to stop the Monarchy’s re-emergence.  She has to rely between the devil and the deep blue sea to fulfill the responsibility laid on her hands.

This drama has been Kim Tae Hee’s way of saying sorry to me after I saw her movie Grand Prix. (Pardon me, I’m having a Princess moment here… *giggles)  Also, this is my favorite Sung Seong Heon oppa’s performance to date. Kim Tae Hee proved she can do the light, cutesy and classy character in this story.

Sassy couple fights, well rendered sweet hero display, and the mischievous yet vulnerable princess… These are some of the reasons why this love tale was pleasing and captivating.  It managed to give depth to the princess-dark-knight love premise without losing the focal character conflict of the story and maintaining the bliss of the romantic element of the narrative.

“My Princess” is that drama you watch with your girlfriends on a pyjama night when you don’t want to talk about work and love problems and just want to rest and feel each other’s presence.  Sweetly made for a woman who loves freely as it can be.


KDrama Flashback Review: Personal Taste


There were lots of bright tones here and there which I can say compensated to some dry moments and knots that were loosely conspicuous in a kdrama addict’s eye. The doting scenes melted me and made me craved for more so some scenes that are really unnecessary were left forgotten and forgiven.  Your typical I’m-here-to-protect-you-love-story but with a twist.

We had a vulnerable lead girl who was betrayed by her bestfriend after seducing her ex-boyfriend and an architect lead man on a mission to redeem his father’s lost glory by analyzing a house designed by a legendary architect who is the lead girl’s father.  Our lead girl mistook her hero as homosexual and let him board in her house but then later on, they both developed feelings toward each other.

The cute twist of the heroine misconceiving her lead man to be homosexual plus the cohabitation ride that slowly but surely built up the romance, this is the drama that secured Lee Min Ho a slot on my radar as I enjoyed their story immensely.

There are a lot of love and life lessons for women to learn on this drama as Gae In provided her insights on how focusing on personal dreams should come first before frustrations.  A must watch Lee Min Ho drama to add on your plate if you have just recently started liking him.

Why it made my favorite list is because even if I refrain from weak heroines, the romance was sweet and fulfilling in the sense that the lead girl redeemed herself through her hero’s encouragement to become a better version of herself, while the hero learned to step back and appreciate the people around him instead of keeping all his woes alone.

“Personal Taste” is a melo-romcom hybrid that ran heartfelt scenes through the lead girl’s personal issues and yet her sojourn to overcome her struggles were pieces of comic picture frames and sassy interactions shared with her hero.  It is a tale that I watched over and over again and I still get to enjoy leering at their romance bloomed at my very eyes.  A classic romcom prototype with adorable love couple, easy storyline and a box full of sweetness. –jediprincess♡♡♡


Flashback KDrama Review: You’re Beautiful (2009)

Another cross-dressing heroine drama in our list but this time with a twist. Wanting to be a nun, our lead girl had to pretend as a man to help her twin brother who will be launched as a member of a hot boy band but fell on a coma prior to his debut. 

Having spent most of her time in the convent Mi Nam worked hard to adapt in a new world of cohabiting with her fellow band members.

“You’re Beautiful” was brimming with witty humor and sweet scenes which propelled its run to a strong fanbase.  I think this is also was the start of me stalking Hong sisters.

Perky and fast-paced storyline, well written script and fresh sweet moments at it’s best.  You have to prepare yourself for a second-lead syndrome, not that Jang Geun Seok was not good, but because Jung Yong Hwa was equally spectacular and he made an impressive showing to shake the official love pairing.

Looking back this is still my favorite Park Shin Hye drama because she displayed a memorable heroine that was naive but refreshing, vulnerable and persevering.  With 3 men battling for the lead girl’s attention and parading their skills regardless if it’s awkward or not, it was a cheerful stay watching the heroes bleed love hearts to get noticed.  “You’re Beautiful” is that one drama that would make you realize how beautiful it is to fall in love without any reasons, and to just follow the pure unadulterated adoration you feel for that someone.



KDrama Classic Spotlight: My Name is Kim Sam Soon

really think Hyun Bin was given by Heavenly Father to me, and until now I still have that illusion. *giggles He is that actor whose gaze can make me so mesmerized and drool of what it feels like to be with him, in short I was meant for him, and it’s a sad one sided fictional love. Sam Soon is an addictive drama, subconsciously and in the real world. The writing and the weight of the story was justified by the endearing couple. It something which will nudge you of what you have experienced at some point sometime in your realtionship.

KDrama Classic Spotlight: Save the Last Dance For Me

Eugene as Ji Eun Soo
Ji Sung as Kang Hyun Woo
Lee Bo Young as Yoon Soo Jin
Ryu Soo Young as Jung Tae Min


Eun Soo (Eugene) is a pure but unsophisticated woman who runs a small resort inn with her father. Eun Soo is just an ordinary girl, but her life changes when she meets a man (Ji Sung) who lost his memory. She took care of him, and eventually love blossoms so they got married. But Hyung Woo disappeared and left Eun Soo wondering why. When they meet again, Hyung Woo who recovered his memory was not able to recognize Eun Soo.



Eugene is an actress who works best in utilizing her emotions.  I have watched almost all her movies and dramas. What’s good about her is that she easily adapts to the character and do justice with it.

Memory loss has been one of the favorite twists in romance stories, and in this narrative they were able to execute it without making me change another drama to watch considering the languid tone.

It was slow paced, but the transitions are very strong especially on the confrontation scenes. The screenplay was well written and was delivered in a way that pierced my heart without any apology.

A beautiful moving story of finding love and falling in love all over again to the same person. This is like a love story taken out of your favorite romance novel, but with a more pronounced lingering effect.  Deeply moving… fascinating characters… A spell binding story. –jediprincess


KDrama Flashback Review: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Being a self-confessed fan of the Hong sisters, I really enjoyed the supernatural-mythical-romantic elements in this narrative.  One of the most remembered couple I guess in Kdramaland. I was already a Shin Min Ah fan even before, and her light and natural take on her character made me love her even more.  Beautiful, never a dull moment and will always be on your top favorites.

This supernatural spectacle fused with local urban legend brought a heroine like no other and a lead man who took whatever it takes just to be with the woman he loved.

Fusing Korean folklore to a modern lovestory was notched perfectly by chilsung cider addicted Mi Ho and her action star wanna-be lead guy.  When a nine-tailed fox was released from a painting she was imprisoned to, she sealed a deal with a free spirited rich guy who does not have any dream but to become an action star.  The two worked on their dreams of becoming an actor star as well as blending to the human world, and soon enough they fell in love with each other.

The fantasy and reality mixture of the story was what kept it engrossing and Shin Min Ah’s gumiho character perked up the drama all throughout.  You can never go wrong giving a chance to this drama because it will give you varied emotions leaning to the positive side.  The love fulfilment though hindered with the supernatural bead that would sacrifice one or the other from the main love couple gave me a dilemma when it was airing.

The arresting face and portrayal of Shin Min Ah made Mi Ho one of my all-time favorite kdrama characters.  Hong sisters blended the supernatural and folklore premise in this drama in an innovative approach to complement the modern setting.

This is where I first saw the reversal of roles for the lead couple.  The always curious heroine took charge in taking care of her lead man in the most part of the story.  

The quirky interaction of the lead couple until reaching the eventual love zone was something you would root for while you are watching the narrative.  Serve yourself chips and soda on a rainy day and be enthralled at this buoyant and bewitching romance story.

KDrama Classic Spotlight: My Girl

The sweetheart that made me cross Han River and indulge myself to the yellow dramas is this Lee Dong Wook drama, and it was also where I first fell  in love with him.  *blush  Lee Da Hae justifying her perky role plus you-can’t-help-but-feel-giddy over romantic scenes, this is a drama that should be watch by Korean addict newbies as a rite of passage for true kdrama fans.  lol

“My Girl” was part of the drama selections that I watched when I had my first heartbreak and it brought me back to living, even now it is a sure cure if you are feeling a bit sullen.  *chuckles “My Girl” is your prototype Korean rom-com in the sense that it targets the viewers’ emotions through the placement of sweet scenes and heart-wrenching i-have-to-forget-you crying frames.

Geol Chan, a son from a rich family took in a con-woman to pretend as his long lost cousin to appease his sick grandfather.  He was prepared to deal with the repercussions of the lie, but was caught off guard when he started falling in love with her.

The strong second leads supported well the romantic development by playing well the annoying ex-girlfriend, and the how-could-you-not-love-him second lead man.

“My Girl” had a consistently addictive run and nicely done closure credit to the adorable heroine and her chemistry with the workaholic chaebol lead man.  I think this is where I first saw that lead-man-following-drunk-lead-girl scene which became a guaranteed signature scene on rom-coms.

All throughout the plot, the characters were upbeat and the story was engrossing even when the love conflict was tangled with equally challenging second leads.  My Girl was a very patient drama when it comes to fulfilling the love promise of the story, and that’s why it was even more special.



KDrama Classic Spotlight: Goong “Princess Hours”


This is one of those dramas that I watched a few times in a year for my own traditional kdrama celebration, and if I’m under major emotional stress, typically another failed relationship or when  my favorite basketball team didn’t get the championship again.  

Crown Prince Lee Shin and Crown Princess Chae-gyung’s love story is the typical I-was-not-meaning-to-fall-for-you-but-I-fell-anyway romance.  You will love how the marriage for convenience and ancestor’s promise to marry their future descendants paved the way to one of Korea’s most endeared romance tale of young love.

The first episodes introduced us to the characters and prepared us to switch and familiarize ourselves between modern times and palace life.  Chae-gyung is your usual high school girl and her fate changes when due to financial problems she succumbed to an arranged marriage to Korea’s modern time Crown Prince for her to save her family from financial problems.  Lee Shin who was rejected when he proposed to his girlfriend Min Hyo-rin agreed to the marriage talk which originated from his late grandfather’s wish to marry his descendant to the descendant of a palace worker who saved his life, who turned out to be Chae-gyung’s grandfather.  On their wedding day, Hyo-rin was trying to reach her ballerina dream, changed her intention and realized too late that she wanted Lee Shin more than anything in her life.   

Chae-gyung entered the Palace and proceeded with her princess training while she often bickered with Lee Shin.  Eventually though and without realizing it, she soon found herself falling in love with him, which she tried to restrict because she knew he liked Hyo-rin.  The second male lead completing the love quadrangle is Prince Yul, who was Prince Shin’s cousin, and who eventually grew fond of the princess.  He was supposed to become the Crown Prince if not for the death of his father.

The main conflicts I say would be the  how the lead couples had the difficulty of admitting their teue feelings to each other and the quest to prove who really deserved the throne per Yul’s mother’s obsession.  

What I loved here is I saw how the loved progressed from nothing at all to “I want you to be always beside me” kind of adoration.  They matured as the romance grew, and they grew as the romance matured.  The heart-felt lines were superbly delivered and left me feeling the pain and the bliss at that moment.

There were a few lag time and scenes that were not really necessary and were just there to fill up the minutes, but like a package, it’s so pretty outside, you have to take time to unwrap it and feel happy at what a beautiful gift it was.  It’s the same thing with Goong, it slowly moves, but then it will leave you breathless in depicting a stunning and heartfelt love picture.


I still get heart flutters on that scene after Lee Shin’s Thailand escapade with the ex-gf when the princess confronted the ex and she fainted and then Lee Shin carried her and nursed her back to life.  And that love admittance back hug scene after the fire conflict… I remembered how I was holding my teddy bear’s hand and swaying it like crazy because I was so elated that at last they finally  realized they loved each other for real.  *giggles



Any princess story appeals to most girls right away.  With a distant and yet secretly warm prince portrayed nicely by Joo Ji Hoon oppa, I can’t help but love the nines on the clouds of high when I was watching Lee Shin and Chae Kyung’s royal love story.

My pillows suffered a lot of strangulation on the emotional and heart fluttering scenes.  Actually Goong had mostly melodramatic tones, but it was neutralized by the lead girl’s vibrant presence and optimism to survive in the arranged marriage she was forced to take for the sake of her family.

This is one youth drama you should not miss as it is one of the kdrama staple classics.  -jediprincess♡♡♡



KDrama Classic Spotlight: Say You Love Me


Kim Rae Won as Kim Byung Soo
Yoon So Yi as Suh Young Chae
Yum Jung Ah as Cho Yi Na
Kim Sung Soo as Park Hee Soo



Byung-Soo and Young-Chae grew up together ever since they were little. They shared everything and have been helping one another to reach their dreams. They end up working in a film company. The film company is owned by Yi Na, who has been jealous of how the young couple’s happy life has been. She plotted a way to take Byung Soo’s attention, and was able to successfully take him from Young Chae. Young Chae then married Hee Soo, which shared a relationship with Yi Na from the past. How can you force someone to love you? How can you take back the one you love?  These are questions that this drama will amswer. Intriguing and heartfelt, this is a melodrama staple from kdrama classics, you should find time to watch. 


Say You Love Me Quick Review

The reason why I like Kim Rae Won is because he can easily adapt to whatever  character is fivem to him. He can be cocky, funny, and smart. In this drama, he was the typical boy-next-door. The guy who protects his girl and will not let his love suffer, but was put on a situation where his vulnerabilities as a man caused him to hurt the woman he truly loved.

The “fire and ice” scenes here were very nice. Whenever the couple fight, to say sorry, one would say “ice”, to forgive the other, one should say “fire”. Whenever the girl is upset, she also needs to rub Rae Won’s head.  Those scenes are so sweet because the narrative was keen in establishing the depth of connection the main couple had to justify why deserve each other in the future after failing the forced relationships they had to endure.

A lot of people can share the pain of the story. They were able to come up with a story without roses and romance, but treachery and pain, and yet it was appealing because of the realistic approach.

I was so furious with Yi Na… I pity Young Chae… The role portryals were very effective, but it was still Rae Won oppa’s stunning presentation that stimulated me in finishing this tale no matter how saddening it has been most of the time on its run. –jediprincess♡♡♡



KDrama Classic Spotlight: Love Story in Harvard



Kim Rae Won as Kim Hyun-woo
Kim Tae Hee as Lee Soo-in
Lee Jung Jin as Hong Jung-min
Kim Min as Yoo Jin-ah


Love Story in Harvard portrays the dream and love pursued by foreign students studying in Harvard. It demonstrates bright, hard-working, and romantic characters and storylines.

A young love story set at the famed Ivy League school in the United States. Kim Hyun Woo (Kim Rae Won), a 1st year law student at Harvard Law, enters into a rivalry with classmate Hong Jung Min (Lee Jung Jin) for the affections of beautiful medical student Lee Soo In (Kim Tae Hee). The two men are both from prestigious families, while Soo In is from a poor family. Can the trio resolve their romantic differences and chase their dreams at the same time?


Love Story in Harvard Quick Review

I love the script of this drama. I love how they select the scenes of the stories. It stand outs in the typical korean romantic drama because of the sharpness and reality it portrays.  School set dramas typically sells, but I grew fond of it because I was in college when it was airing then so I can pretty much relate.

Kim Rae won is a favorite of mine when it comes to character portrayal. He always own the character he played and make it memorable and distinct to the rest of roles he took.  Whatever you give him, he will surely deliver.  I’m a sucker on finding-a-lost-love-and-realizing-the-love-is-still-there-drama so regardless of minimal inconsistencies and out of the context scenes, the fluidity and realistic appeal of the romantic elements were enough for me to put this on my favorite list.

It’s a modern love story with no pretense, and just pure bliss and understanding of how love may not work at some point of your life, because it could be waiting to be fulfilled at another time.



KDrama Classic Spotlight: 1% of Anything (2003)


Kim Jung Hwa as Kim Da Hyun
Kang Dong Won as Lee Jae In

SYNOPSIS: (source drama wiki)

Kim Da Hyun (Kim Jung Hwa), is a young and sincere middle school teacher, who has little interest in money. She is also extremely warm-hearted and loves to help other people. When she helps carry an elderly man’s belongings from the train to another location, the elderly man is extremely thankful. This grandfather turns out to be the extremely rich owner of a well known conglomerate. His grandson, Lee Jae In (Kang Dong Won), is a quick-tempered businessman who rivals his grandfather, but in an almost comical way. In an order to “tame” his favorite grandson, the grandfather agrees to give his entire fortune to the person who marries Kim Jung Hwa, therefore forcing Kang to meet the girl whom his grandfather chose. Although at first Kim and Kang don’t get along because of Kang’s extremely cute but bad temper, their arguments bring them closer together. Kang starts to get jealous when Kim’s fellow teacher starts liking her too. Through the clever conditions that Kang’s grandfather makes, Kang starts a relationship he does not look forward too. However, what looked like a relationship that would 99% not work out, turns out to be the “perfect” match, the 1% chance.

1% of Anything Review

I first saw Kang Dong Won in “Wolf’s Temptations” movie, and I have already noticed that rough character suits him best. This is the only drama of Kim Jung Hwa that I’ve watched so far, but the lady is endearing and charming.

The storyline is simple and what’s good about it is they were able to execute it’s simplicity without making it look so dragging.  The interaction of the love couple was charmingly cute thanks to their extreme personalities.

This is a nice “date drama” to watch. It tackles the many possibilities of love and how can it sway you to something you’ve never done before.

The lead actor really made a good effort to keep it moving and charming.


KDrama Classic Spotlight: The bickering couple of Full House


Bi as Lee Young Jae
Song Hye Kyo as Han Ji Eun
Han Eun Jung as Kang Hye Won
Kim Sung Soo as Yoo Min Hyuk


SYNOPSIS – (source: drama wiki)

Han Ji Eun (Song Hye Kyo) is a naive writer who got swindled out of everything she owned including her house by her best friends. Stranded in China, She managed to borrow money from an actor Lee Young Jae (Bi – Rain) to return to Korea. On her return, she found out that her house was bought by Lee Young Jae. In an attempt to get her possessions back, she entered in a contract marriage with Young Jae for one year. In spite of losing all, Ji Eun manages to be cheerful and takes things in strike and the business relationship between the two becomes personal as they start to rely and care for each other.


Full House Quick Review

Powerhouse couple Song Hye Kyo and Rain made this drama famous around Asia.  The story is a bit simple but because they portrayed their characters well, it brought out the refreshing, sassy vibe of the drama.  Their constant arguments, insensitivity and romantic moments are classic elements of dramas that will make you skip sleeping.

The modern Cinderella story of an aspiring scriptwriter and a famous actor who were forced to cohabitate when the former’s friends sold the house she inherited from her father.  We get a contract marriage plot in this love story which pushed the romance between a man and a woman who seemed unlikely to fall in love with each other.

The bickering scenes and the eventual falling in love were the strongest points of Full House.  The feel good premise still make me pick this drama when I don’t have anything on my plate to watch.  

KDrama Classic Spotlight: Happy Together (2000)


* Lee Byung Hun as Suh Tae-poong
* Song Seung Hun as Suh Ji-suk
* Kim Ha Neul as Jin Soo-ha
* Jo Min Soo as Suh Chan-joo
* Jun Ji Hyun as Suh Yoon-joo
* Kang Sung Yun as Suh Moon-joo
* Han Go Eun as Chae Rim
* Cha Tae Hyun as Ha Sin-yeop
* Jo Jae Hyun as Jo Pil-doo


Suh Tae-poong, (Lee Byung Hun), is a baseball player, who lost his sisters and brother. Tae-poong searches his whole life for his three sisters and brother. When he finally finds his oldest sister and brother, he was not recognized because he wasn’t their real family. When Ji-suk’s mom and Tae-poong’s dad got married, Tae-poong wasn’t the product of the marriage, he was the product of the before marriage. The story goes on to have everyone find each other and realize that “family will always be family”


This drama starred top Korean actors in their early years.  It will make you realize how the depth of their acting abilities propelled the promising careers they have right now in kdramaland.

A family-oriented drama that will make you appreciate your family even more. It will delve in your emotions and will surely make you cry.

I’m not really into a weep fest type of drama because I’m a cry baby but I can’t help but finish it because I was rooting for the happiness of all the characters. 

The moving and heart-tugging story will tire out the emotional veins in your body so considered you have been notified.  This is a classic melo drama that will still mock the modern melos today due to its unrestrained and affecting delivery of the narrative through the actors heartfelt renditions.

Flashback KDrama Musings: The Love that Bloomed in a City Hall

This politics based romance drama crawled in my heart without me realizing it.  It beat the regular favorites Coffee Prince, Goong and even My Lovely Samsoon to get to the top of my list, because it’s not your conventional drama with cushioned and frosted romance.  

It is a love story where the prince did not rescue his damsel in distress, but pushed her to be brave and resolve things on her own.  With an uncomplicated premise, the writing was exceptionally thought provoking for women experiencing challenges in finding their worth not in the standard of what the society dictates but on the dreams they have as a woman.  

A memorable performance for Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won with a bonus heartfelt love story on the side.

Flashback KDrama Musings: Yes, it was Almost Paradise


Almost Paradise… Yay! This is Lee Min Ho’s breakthrough performance that swept hallyuland like a storm during its run. Finally adapting the famous Japanese manga, the Korean version gave a pretty depiction of the rich-boy-poor-girl love story by projecting an elaborated presentation of the wealth disparity of the main love couple. Sprinkling it with the flower boy bromance and their side love stories cemented a victorious run for this youth drama.

“Boys over Flowers” is a great initiating drama to welcome you in kdramaland. It is feel-good, buoyant and everything sweet perfect on movie marathon sessions and rainy days.  When it was aired in Korea, it was like the anticipation of Harry Potter book 7 for me, I’m so excited of Wednesdays because I get to watch it. Teen romance bliss and angst at fairly done sequences.

This manga based drama swept my heart when it was adapted by Taiwan TV back when I was in my college days.  It was so popular and introduced me to my first fictional love Dau Ming Si.  To say that I have expectations of it when Korea took it for their own production was an understatement, nevertheless I say they presented it well and good, that I went back to being in my teens, and even watching it in raw videos every week while it was airing.

What made it different from the rest of the remakes done was it stayed on the original context of young and sweet high school love as opposed to Taiwan’s college setting.  The Japan version I don’t really like that much I only liked the second lead.  On that note, “Boys Over Flowers” presented a strong battle between the main and second lead in claiming the lead girl’s heart.

It may not be perfect because of the moments when the drama has to ride its popularity so additional fragments were added but it was definitely one beautiful romance that will remind us of our first love, school crush and being young and full of dreams.

Blooming actors on their break out roles. Lots of heart fluttering moments.  Perfect for Kdrama newbies.  Optimum hook factor.  A perfect inclusion for a kdrama starter pack.  These are some reasons why you can invest time on these boys to feel young love again.


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 7 Recap


I want to bask in Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s romance, but this drama is about Do Bong Soon and her life and love journey so I’m willing to wait for the fan service in the future episodes.  We got the blackmailer reveal and Bong Soon’s training camp’s continuation.  If the sparks in the training is already like that, fireworks are expected in the near future.  Gook Doo and his team still struggled in the case and he is having a dejected mood as he is finally admitting the one great love he ignored.
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 7 Recap
Bong Soon’s scream from her Romeo and Juliet nightmare breaks in the night disrupting the house intruder.  In her dream, she happily dances with Romeo until she stepped on his foot causing him pain, and making him run away from her.  She gropes for the glass of water but finds it empty so she heads to the kitchen to satiate her thirst.  
The intruder makes a sudden attack, but Bong Soon’s quick reflex blocks the frying pan with her punch.  At Min Hyuk’s room, another intruder points a knife to him, but got distracted with his companion’s scream of pain.  Min Hyuk takes the opportunity to subdue the burly man as Bong Soon comes to his rescue hitting the bad guy in one shot with the frying pan.
Thug boss Baek Tak and his sidekick Jaw heads to a golf club to play and talks about the men they sent at Min Hyuk’s house.  Jaw assures his boss that they sent the best men who had special muay thai training overseas to take care of their commissioned job. Baek Tak still feel uneasy on how Bong Soon will be overpowered and true to his woes, we see powergirl back at the house bundling up the sent intruders neatly.
Min Hyuk joins Bong Soon and recognizes one of the intruders.  Bong Soon worries about the bad guys sleeping on the cold floor to Min Hyuk’s amazement.  She caringly set up the knocked out men on a bed cushion packed by omma. Satisfied at the work she did, she heads to where Min Hyuk is not knowing that the blanket is powered by a talisman that will harmonize romantically those who will sleep on it.
Bong Soon sleepily asks Min Hyuk if the men will not be handed by the police, but he replies that he will do the interrogation himself.  They sleep the remaining hours of the night in the living room and wakes up to the sounds of their phones ringing.  Gook Doo checks on Bong Soon while Min Hyuk answers the call from the intruder’s phone who turns out to be thug boss Baek Tak.
Baek Tak checks if the two are secured since Min Hyuk is not supposed to attend the share holder meeting.  Thug boss is caught off guard when he hears Min Hyuk’s reply on why Bong Soon is important to be caught.  He reveals that Bong Soon defeated his men and proposes that his only way out is to reveal who has been behind his death threats or he will spill everything to the police.  
Halmoni eats breakfast with the family and dotes on Bong Ki.  She wonders when will Bong Soon be coming home who is busy at Min Hyuk’s house with the captives.  The talisman enchanted thugs wake up in loving gazes and morning skinship to Bong Soon’s surprise.
Min Hyuk dressed up in a dapper suit and styled his hair so sexy sending me straight to a sweet bliss as he preps to go to the Annual Shareholders Meeting.  The attendees are already in ruckus so they commence the meeting with Min Hyuk’s nomination as the CEO in agenda.  The host informs that the meeting will be postponed which the shareholders are unhappy about, but approaching Min Hyuk shut them up.  He apologizes for being late and explained the unwanted guests that he had to tend to.  
Bong Soon anwers the call and feeds the video of the tied intruders to the meeting.  Min Hyuk reveals the threats he has been getting in the past few months because there’s someone who does not want him to be the next chairman.  He cites how the recent rumors are most likely a ploy of the same person.  He expresses how he does not want to get the helm of the company as he has managed his own company well, but he does not want Oh Sung group to be led by an immature person.  He motions to meet again once he gets hold of the identity of the blackmailer to which everyone agrees.  Before he leaves, he clears that he is a healthy man who likes women so they should not worry about baseless rumors questioning his sexual preference.
Baek Tak receives an angry call from his client and got furious about it.  To make his day worse, news of his boys beaten by a grandma reaches him.  Min Hyuk tells his father how one of his brothers is behind the threats he was getting, so he has to act cautiously as it will reflect badly on him as a father on how he has raised them.  I love aboji’s magenta shades
Baek Tak scolds his men on the string of humiliation they are getting recently as Bong Soon feeds the thugs so kindly.  She realizes not to feed them a lot because it will require them to use the bathroom as Min Hyuk is upset to learn that she is feeding the intruders.
Baek Tak visits Min Hyuk in his office and give the identity of who hired them for the job and gives his two cents of how Min Hyuk should handle his family affairs well.  Baek Tak advises how his brother specifically wanted to just scare him as Min Hyuk lets go of what his company did just that one time for old time sake.  Baek Tak asks if he can recruit Bong Soon, but he gives him a you can now leave answer.
Like what we all guessed, it was his second brother whom he considered to be faithful to him who commisioned the blackmailing job.   It broke Min Hyuk’s heart that the brother he trusted most betrayed him.  *sniff *sniff
Bong Soon arrives in the office and looks for his boss who is in a despondent mood staring blankly at a glass window.  She asks if he is okay, and he replies that he is not.  She guesses who among the family members was the culprit, and he denies everyone she mentioned.  He mutters how he knew she would have not thought about it either, and it dawned on her that it was the brother he was closest to.  Min Hyuk voices out his disappointment about his brother not trusting him so he could have helped him if he wanted that position badly.  He sighs and wonders who else can he trust.
Bong Soon steps in to relieve his dejected spirit and drags him to a theme park to wash away his frustrations.  They ride on bump cars, scream loud on board the vikings ride, and eat ice cream leisurely. 
When she exhausted their energy, she invites him to eat at a nice place she knows and orders everything in the menu.  Min Hyuk remarks how she is familiar around and she retorts how she goes around everytime her mom scolds her.  The food came and Bong Soon lets him try a dish he initially dislikes.  His eyes go bigger when he realizes it is really yummy and she spills the secret that in her hometown that’s how it is eaten.
Halmoni plays go stop with omma and friends and blabs about his successful children.   Meanwhile at psycho’s lair, he takes care of the new victim. The first victim gets acquainted with the second victim and advises her to just relent to the psycho’s craziness so he will at least free her legs.  The mother of the fourth victim visits Gook Doo’s team to report her daughter is missing.  The victim’s mom narrates her daughter is doing an early morning prayer in the past few days and was not listening when she begs her not to do it since the neughborhood is dangerous these days.
Min Hyuk and Bong Soon ride a bus and he narrates how it has been a long time since he has ridden one.  He tells her how he once almost had an accident if not for someone who prevented the bus from falling in a cliff.  He thinks that it was his mother who sent an angel to protect him.  A call from her grandmother disrupts their conversation as she happily assures her grandma that she will be arriving soon.  Bong Soon confirms that it was her grandma who called.  She inquires when she will start to work in Game Development team, but he tells her that she has to complete her training first until she can have full control over it.  They seal it with a pinky swear and exchange reminders on him not wallowing in sadness and her not walking alone in her neighborhood.  He agrees to let her home that day as he is also going home to settle the issue with his brother.  Bong Soon cheers him up cutely to not take life’s problem seriously.
Halmoni and omma spots Bong Soon who is walked home by Min Hyuk.  Omma murmurs how she wants him for Bong Soon.  He goes to their direction and greet them.  He introduces himself to Halmoni as Bong Soon’s officemate.  Halmoni welcomes him and calls him son-in-law putting them in awkward situation while omma beams about it.  Bong Soon chides her mom on how she raised her to be conservative only to be this liberal now.  Mom counters how she was waiting for the right time to free her, and now is the right time with her CEO.
Bong Soon sits and bonds with her omma and halmoni and listens to halmoni’s wise words about being a mother, a daughter and a grandmother… a cycle that runs in a woman’s life and their family.  Bong Soon asks if it’s possible for the power they lost to be reclaimed again, but omma answers how it did not work for her no matter how she tried before.  Omma wishes for Bong Soon to have a daughter as well in the future and they rest their heads on halmoni’s shoulder.  
Bong Soon suddenly remembers how when she was staring at Gook Doo in High School, she dreams of getting married with him giving him three sons, because she does not want a daughter who will become like her.  After her heartfelt talk with her mom and grandma, she now considers having a daughter is not a bad idea.  this is such a sweet scene
Min Hyuk enters their house and sees an epiphany of him and his favorite brother playing together when they were young.  He was a good brother who took care of him so well and even gave him his favorite toy.  He confronts his brother who apologizes right away.  Min Hyuk utters how he was glad that it was him because he was really thinking of killing whoever it was.  His brother responds how his memory of him was the coward Min Hyuk whom he always protected, that’s why he did those immature tactics.  He adds how when he scared him before, he would always stop so he was meaning to just scare him to halt getting the CEO position.  Min Hyuk calls it even for them considering all the love and protection he received when they were young, and made him promise not to do it anymore.  
Gook Doo’s team is in hot seat and gets a pretty bad berating from the police chief.  Bong Soon bumps with the high schoolers who were on the way to skip school.  She reprimands them to go back and one of her mom’s friend tells omma about it.
Bong Soon and Min Hyuk goes to training again and this time it is with a rope.  He tasks her to go up without breaking it.  Bong Soon mounts and zooms up high in no time leaving Min Hyuk speechless at her ability.  Min Hyuk lectures her that they will focus on controlling her strength to which she acquiesces.
Next they head to punching bags as he coaches him to control her force.  She strikes a punch and breaks the bag in an instant.  They try it again with him holding the bag, but she ends up boring a hole on it.
They do shadow boxing and ducking drills after and then Min Hyuk urges her to escape from his grasp without hurting him.  She successfully freed herself so he locks his arms around her.  She is momentarily lost so Min Hyuk reminds her to focus and not feel something.  Bong Soon plays around and tickles him with her body and launches a swift move to make him kneel on the floor for taking advantage of her.  
Min Hyuk regains the momentum and grabs her leg to pin her on the ground.  He gazes at her face and she stares back at him as Min Hyuk whispers for her not to use her strength. He tells her that they will continue training together and gets up to hide the building feelings he has from her.  Pink hearts fly everywhere as fireworks explode while all the girls including me squeal in unison and punch their pillows to exhaustion
Finally they reach the last leg of the training where they flick stones.  Bong Soon readies herself for her first try and sends the stone straight to a cabinet like a bullet.  Min Hyuk strategizes and orders her to reduce her strength by 30% but her next stone breaks the television screen.  He remains patient and lets him try 50% but they yield the same result.  On the 90%, she successfully let the stone stay on the board which earned her entrance to Strategy Department of Ainsoft.  She is so happy she accidentally breaks the board so Min Hyuk takes back what he promised.
Baek Tak visits his men in the hospital again where one of his squadron leader is set to be discharged.  They meet the other guys who were beaten by grandma and the two brokeback gangster-lovers who were enchanted by omma’s blanket, and knocked out by Bong Soon’s frying pan.  Omma and friends consult the Shaman about the fate of the redevelopment plan and gets a surprise number when the Shaman is possessed by omma’s ancestor’s spirit warning her how no matter strength she has, a person with a knife can defeat her.
Omma and friends head back home after the weird encounter and her friend speaks about the incident when she sees Bong Soon with high schoolers bowing on her.  Omma rushes home to meet Bong Soon who just came home shopping some shampoo.  She finds a letter from halmoni but set it aside when she heard her mom looking for her.
Omma nags about her bullying high school students and throws in harsh words of not being good like her brother and not excelling at anything at all.  Omma calms down but Bong Soon has had enough of her mom’s treatment to her.  She rants how even when she is physically strong, her heart pains a lot when she sees her care only for Bong Ki.  She pours her heart out on how she feeds Bong Ki well and hides yummy food for him to eat.  She asks omma why she always choose to hurt her and why she treats her differently.  Bong Soon goes back to her room leaving omma feeling guilty and unhappy.
Gook Doo and another team member investigates on the owner of the shoes left on the crime scene.  They seek three men where the first two does not fit the profile.  They head to a playhouse to meet a theater actor starring at a play about a man who are collecting women as his brides, not knowing that psycho is also watching in the audience.  After the show, they meet the actor who informs them that the shoes they found were stolen in the dressing room and that he has a show on the date of the incident.  
Bong Soon dresses up to visit Kyung Shim and bring some food for her twin who has not been eating well.  Omma stares at her with a guilty face as she pours the soup on the container.  
In the hospital Hee Ji blurts her feelings to Bong Ki as he respond that he is friends with Gook Du.  dear psycho can you kindly take this girl as one of your brides? we are all willing to give her to you Hee Ji retorts how she fervently contemplated about her problem but she cannot just stop her emotions.  Bong Ki mutters that his sister has liked Gook Doo for a long while, just in time for Bong Soon’s arrival.  
She clears her throat and moves to where her brother is.  Hee Ji motions to leave but Bong Soon stops her and gives them a quick pep talk on what they have been doing behind Gook Doo’s back.  She tells Hee Ji how emotions are hard to control, but people can still learn to be considerate to what other people feel so as not to hurt them.  She faces Bong Ki and scolds him for meeting a woman who is already taken hence it is confusing her heart even more.  She hands down the food and reprieves on prying about their business because she does not want someone to be hurt.  She tells Hee Ji to leave his brother alone and not to hurt Gook Doo and walks away from them.
A fire breaks out near Kyung Shim’s room causing a panic for the people.  Psycho takes advantage of the diversion to enter the room but Bong Soon arrives in time when he is about to inject some drug to Kyung Shim.  She recognizes the villain so he runs to escape.  Bong Soon calls the guard detectives to chase after him but he was quick to flee away.  
Gook Doo hurries to the hospital furious on why Bong Soon chases after the psycho.  She counters not to worry about her and take care of her girlfriend instead.  Kyung Shim tries to calm them and asks Bong Soon to go home and rest, but she won’t budge since the psycho got in even with detectives guarding the door.  
Gook Doo gets mad again when he learns she is not staying with Min Hyuk.  She reasons that her grandmother is visiting, but he rages on how she does not listen to him when it is so hard for him to think that she is staying at her boss’ house.  He tells her that he will drop her off, but she picks her bag and leaves her friends alone.
Min Hyuk visits the walnut bakery to buy some egg tart and pies but aboji informs him that it is already sold out.  Aboji stops him from leaving and packs some walnut cakes for him to munch.  He finds his wallet to pay but aboji disregards it and just made him promise to take care of his Bong Soon as she is his most precious person in the whole world.  Acknowledging aboji’s wishes, he politely calls him “father” and vows to protect Bong Soon.  He tells aboji that he too cares a lot about Bong Soon.  ahhhh i like boys who gives an effort to the girl’s family
Bong Soon walks home with a heavy heart because of her earlier fight with Gook Doo.  Unaware that Baek Tak and his men are waiting for her to avenge their humiliation.  Min Hyuk spots Bong Soon from a far with the Squadron leader who trailed her and is about to brawl with her, but Gook Doo enters the picture to take down and beat the ajussi to a pulp.  Bong Soon rushes to push Gook Doo from the attacker subconsciously using her power in the process.
Episode 7 Quick Thoughts
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is raking ratings because we get to taste a simple storyline with 2-3 major and side conflicts.  The uncomplicated and yet lively tone along with the endearing characters drives us the followers a moment of weeklong sadness while waiting for the next episodes to air.  We closed one side conflict this episode as Min Hyuk learns the covert grudge his favorite brother has with him.  He started rearing Bong Soon to optimize her abilities while making us melt with the almost kisses and furtive love he is already manifesting towards her, but Gook Doo is also in the brink of finally admitting the love that has been there all along.  sigh  About the psycho conflict, it is inevitably going to the direction where he would want to collect Bong Soon to wrap up the story. I am curious how Bong Soon’s men will rise to the occasion whe she will be hindered to protect herself.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep6 Recap

Hitting the 6th episode calls for the story to reassure and engross the audience by turns so I’m happy that love plots and conflicts are settling in and building to a more solid frame.  Gook Doo and his team worked on the leads to pin the psycho.  Bong Soon came to terms with how she can use her gift through Min Hyuk’s encouragement. Min Hyuk and Gook Do were starting to see her in a romantic kind of light.  And we get a late frame surprise that I did not ask to arrive early.
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 6 Recap
Min Hyuk complains on Gook Doo’s appearance when they already agreed of the arrangement as Bong Soon goes to her usual Gook Doo love trance.  The police meets Kyung Shim to check on the mask the culprit probably used, but she denies all the samples brought.   Omma lectures them like a police profiler citing how the culprit is not confident of his appearance hence he uses mask to cover up his face.  
Gook Doo comments how Min Hyuk’s place is big and he can just sleep on the sofa.  Bong Soon refuses strongly at the thought of her one-sided love sleeping at her boss’ room ergo she blurts that he is gay that’s why she does not care staying in his house.  She urges Min Hyuk to back up her claim, but he is perplexed on her supposition about him.  
He responds to her request and voices out revealing the truth that she is her bodyguard which earned him a quick superpower girl attack.  Gook Doo does not want to believe him citing how Bong Soon is a weak woman.  Min Hyuk rolls his eyes and is about to battle it out, but Bong Soon is quick to reason out how she has to do the bodyguard job to protect his image and ward off the possible rumors about him being gay.  
Gook Doo is forced to believe the nonsense they are talking about and requests if he can sleep in one of his rooms.  Min Hyuk processes his thoughts and thinks of Bong Soon gazing at Gook Doo’s sleeping face.  Gook Doo is having the same weird thought of Min Hyuk motioning to kiss Bong Soon.  Bong Soon also thinks of Min Hyuk taking advantage of Gook Doo.  The three shake their heads to dismiss the strange ideas.  Gook Doo suggests not sleeping separately which the two acquiesce to. 
Min Hyuk proposes staying up all night to kill time so they head to a pub and play pool and darts.  Min Hyuk struts his billiards prowess and teases how Gook Doo was such a good student who studied well and never played around hence he cannot pocket the balls well in their game.  Min Hyuk slays the game while Bong Soon fights to stay awake.  
Next up the boys hit the dartboards and Min Hyuk struggles hitting the marks properly. Gook Doo smirks and clinches every pin to the center.  The male ego contest between them is tied so they settle for a drinking game.  
Bong Soon whines on their competitive streak and insists on joining the game, but the boys say no in unison.  They pile up the glasses of alcohol they drunk as Bong Soon constantly urges for them to stop their stupid game to no avail.  None of them wants to concede which ends in a draw as both of them collapse with intoxication facing each other on top of the billiards table.
Aboji nips at omma’s being hard on Bong Soon reminding her that no matter how strong she is, she won’t be able to protect herself if she will be attacked by weapons.  Omma replies how she will be safe at CEO’s house.  She shuts aboji’s whining of sending their daughter to a man’s house by reiterating that Min Hyuk is homosexual.  Kyung Shim cuts to their conversation by voicing out how she thinks Min Hyuk is not a gay which delighted omma who thinks the same way.  Aboji flares up but omma is quick to cool him down by assuring her that she knows what is best for their daughter.
Bong Soon stares at the two boys slumped sweetly on the pool table.  She checks the pub attendant and quickly grabs the boys and carries them out.  She throws Min Hyuk on a corner while carefully placing Gook Doo beside him.  She tells Gook Doo that she will buy something to help him sober up and marches to leave.
Just then late night opportunists spot the drunk boys and grope on their wallets for their bounty.  Bong Soon calls their attention but they spurn her protest.  Bong Soon is left no choice but to teach them a lesson so she summons super powergirl bong soon and sends them flying in the air while the trailing thug boss and his right hand witness the commotion.  They are perplexed seeing Bong Soon in action who fussed about her hard work that day thanks to the two alcohol battered men.  
Bong Soon drives them home and sneers on their earlier vows of protecting her.  She hoists them to Min Hyuk’s living room where she throws her boss carelessly while cushioning Gook Doo’s head and placing his legs on Min Hyuk’s body.  Over at Dobong neighborhood the police and thug volunteers monitor and patrol the area from the psycho.
Min Hyuk crawls from the floor to the sofa and finds Gook Doo cozily sleeping with a blanket on.  He gripes on how Bong Soon took care of her crush very well and disregards him at his very own house.  He removes the blanket and pillow and sighs on almost seeing the face of the girl who saved the bus if only his dream lingered.  He checks on sleeping Bong Soon and remembers the girl in pink sweater but dismisses the idea.
Omma wakes up aboji who was tending Kyung Shim and smiles brightly at the thought of her future son-in-law.  When Kyung Shim spills that Gook Doo also stayed in the house, aboji is happy while omma complains on why he is working so hard instead of helping out catch the loose madman.
Bong Soon prepares a hangover breakfast for the boys and turns the stuck chopstick to a cute South Korean flag.  Min Hyuk feeds his curiousity and explains that he thinks of the country while eating breakfast.  Gook Doo pretends Min Hyuk is non-existent and thanks Bong Soon for the food.  
Bong Soon responds that they walk to the house last night when Gook Doo asks how they got home.  Bong Soon cutely pretends having a hard time opening a jar so Gook Doo reaches for it and helps her. Min Hyuk rolls his eyes at her sly girl crush move and just tackle the food in front of them.
The two resumes their bickering on who won the male ego bout last time.  Gook Doo reminds the two of them to stay of limits as Min Hyuk says the same between them.  Bong Soon heaves a sigh and straightens them up by narrating the events of last night when they were drunk and chummy like hobbits.  She lets them know how Gook Doo went on a quick Magic Mike session, and how the two of them were cuddly and mushy like real lovers if not for her intervention.
Bong Soon munches on some chocolates as Min Hyuk is attacked by her spicy hangover soup.  Gook Doo pretends how the soup is okay as Bong Soon takes away her chocolates from Min Hyuk.  She coaxes them to eat a lot and offers a piece of chocs to Gook Doo who just want to pass on the food by claiming he normally does not eat breakfast.  
Just then Min Hyuk’s stalker calls for his morning death threat and orders him to denounce his successor agreement on the upcoming board meeting or he will destroy him and Ainsoft.  Min Hyuk counters for him to try shooting him with a gun, but he will sure catch him first.
Gook Doo urges Min Hyuk to seek help from the police regarding his blackmailer and not get a bodyguard, but he politely declines.  Gook Doo receives a call from the station to proceed somewhere for a lead in the case.  He turns to Min Hyuk and humbly requests to protect “his Bong Soon” which made our heroine feel blissful.  Bong Soon taps Min Hyuk as soon as her friend leaves and assures him to not worry as she will be by his side for his protection.  
Min Hyuk grouches on how she just committed a breach of contract with the extremely spicy soup she made by attacking his tummy, but she counters that it was not her fault they drank a lot last night.  He continuously grumps on how ever since he met her he has been to all sorts of pain, but he stops when Bong Soon threatens him of where else she can induce a new pain for him.  
Gook Doo and his team locates the burner phone owner that was used by the psycho when he abducted the third victim.  They secure the suspect and brings him in the station, but he appears not to be the man they are looking for.  Gook Doo and team leader deduce how the psycho must have stalked the victim and learned that she booked for an on-call driver.  Another team member arrives and reports that the doctor-suspect and the on-call driver are the same as reflected on the CCTV they just analyzed.
Secretary Gong reveals to Min Hyuk that the company suffered a blow in the stock market because of a rumor of him being homosexual. Bong Soon cheers him up by saying her video scandal was wiped out completely last time so the tabloid write ups will disappear too.  Min Hyuk ignores her and calls someone to have his name be cleared in the world wide web just like how the drunk girl video vanished.  
Bong Soon finally learns what he did for her and thanks him for it.  Min Hyuk tells him that the motorcycle thief was found and introduces a website where you can buy motor or car parts.  The dumb thief did not destroy the license plate so his men were able to track him.  It turns out he works in thug boss company who used to work under his father’s company.  Bong Soon gets up determined to catch the thief so Min Hyuk is left no choice but to follow her.
Bong Soon drives steadily but suddenly halts because of the cars in front.  They see a man arrogantly bullying a woman and demanding her to step out of the car.  The woman profusely apologized and promises to have everything be settled by her insurance to no avail.  When the jerk forces the woman out of her car and throws a tantrum, Min Hyuk can’t hold up any longer and as he motions to tell Bong Soon to stay, he finds her already walking towards the man and the woman.  
Bong Soon stops the ajussi from his bullying but he carries on his foul mouth blabbling spiteful words to the ladies.  Min Hyuk shoves him out of the way and tells him that it was his fault that he braked suddenly that’s why she collided.  The bad ajussi backs off as Min Hyuk lectures the woman to close her window and call the police when something like that happens in the future.
 Min Hyuk walks back to the car and finds his bodyguard missing at the front seat.  Bong Soon’s small head appears behind the still screaming foul words ajussi who brags his martial arts abilities.  She tells him to pull over somewhere quiet so they can have a quick chat to which he agrees.  
Min Hyuk nervously trails them and sees Bong Soon leaves the car and scolds ajussi nicely of how he took advantage of the weak girl in front of her.  She walks in front of the car holds it and pushes it for a spin dropping Min Hyuk’s jaw at her incredible strength.  Bong Soon gives a useless pep talk to the ajussi whose brain already fled in outer space to work on his bad atitude and foul mouth.  Min Hyuk who witnessed power girl Bong Soon gropes on how he will respond when she notices his presence and acts like she did not spite a man  and ruin his car to pieces just a few seconds ago.  
Min Hyuk and Bong Soon goes to see the sunset and the former narrates how there is a scene in the movie King Kong where the heroine and Kong see a sunset and they both say it was “beautiful”.  Min Hyuk takes that scenario and mutters how he feels like the heroine which angers Bong Soon thinking he is insinuating that she is King Kong in his analogy.  Min Hyuk appeases her heart and tells her that she is a special kind of King Kong and wonders how an immense strength comes from her small body.
Bong Soon reveals her secret of being born with super strength and how it runs in the female line of the family.  Min Hyuk confirms how “theoretically” if they will get married their daughter might inherit her power to which Bong Soon affirms.  Min Hyuk is amazed at the truth he just learned and encourages her not to feel bad since it is not her fault that she was born with it like how it is not his fault that he was born handsome.  Bong Soon smirks on how every conversation they have ends up with his boasting.  Min Hyuk proposes to help her use her power in good use as what she yearned badly last time and suggests how they will optimize her talent and use it properly.  He looks in her eyes and whisper, “I will help you evolve”. ladies and gentlemen that is our first sweet one-liner this year and it is so far away from the word “love” hahaha am I weird that I found it so sweet?
Hee Ji waits in front of the police station as Gook Doo rushes to see her.  Hee Ji declines his offer to eat dinner and go straight to her agenda. She voices out how her heart is wavering to another man, and apologizes for being selfish of her own feelings.  She left Gook Doo in a brooding state until Bong Soon calls his handphone.  
He reminds her to lock her doors and advises her that he will be on duty for the night.  Bong Soon tells him not to worry much about her since she can take care of herself well, and she is stronger than what he thinks she is.  Gook Doo responds how he cannot help but worry about her being a weak woman.  They say goodbye leaving Bong Soon beaming, Gook Doo back in deep contemplating and Min Hyuk annoyed about their talking.  
The two head to Min Hyuk’s family’s house dinner.  Min Hyuk’s father breaks the silence and orders him to get married as it will resolve the unpleasant rumor about him and will strengthen the family business as well if they marry to a good family.  Min Hyuk rejects his dad’s offer, grabs Bong Soon’s hand and declares she is his girl friend and they are living together in the house already.  Bong Soon confirms their set up as it is really the case for them as dad bombards her with family background check questions.  Min Hyuk rescues her and advises his father not to look for a girlfriend since he has one.  He promises him they will have children soon.
The two fight in the car about Min Hyuk’s violation of contract, but he shields himself by how the situation required him to do it. She complains why how of all people he used her and how her mother will freak out about it.  On cue, mom calls and check her Cinderella progress so she has to make up lines to hide the truth on how omma likes her and Min Hyuk to be together.
In the morning, Min Hyuk wakes Bong Soon up to start her boot camp.  They head first to a wall climbing place where Bong Soon easily strides to the top of the wall in quick minutes.  Next Bong Soon runs a few lapse with big wheels attached to her without showing any sign of being tired which freaks out Min Hyuk trying to decipher the extent of her ability.
Meanwhile omma and friends hike a mountain and talk about the talisman hidden in the blanket that will harmonize her relationship with Min Hyuk.  At the police station, the team secures the sketch of the culprit and a lead to his shoes found in the crime scene.  Team Leader concludes how Gook Doo is suffering from a heartache with his recent troubled spirit.  Gook Doo enters the station and notifies that Bong Soon is on her way to give her statement.
Bong Soon arrives and spills what happened during the incident but hides how she stopped the psycho from his evil plan by sticking on how she screamed so loud for him to run away.  Bong Soon discloses a key detail from the psycho of how he smelled some kind of oil.  He probes and she searches her memory and blurts the scent of asphalt to be what was emanating from the psycho.
Bong Soon notices her friend’s sullen mood so she asks if there’s something wrong.  Gook Doo speaks about his love problem and how he does not feel sad about it at all.  Bong Soon replies how pain does not sink right away, but as time goes by you will feel the pain.  She assures him that Hee Ji will come back.  Gook Doo tenderly peers on her and whispers why they were just friends?  awww  The momentary trance ended as Gook Doo recovers and heeds her of the precautionary measures against her boss.  Bong Soon smiles and walks away to go to her waiting boss who remarks how he hates the police station, and how he specifically hates Gook Doo’s station.
At Dobong-dong, the thug volunteers scare the women instead of patrolling peacefully causing distress to the mothers who are worried about their daughters’ safety.  Bong Soon’s self-appointed underlings continue on their quest to clean up the neighborhood but are disrupted when the thug-volunteers arrive spitting the gum carelessly.  The high schoolers warn them not to mess up with them or their boss will kill them and walk away proudly together.
The thugs spot a lady going home and block her path for her to sign on the citizens’ list.  The lady tries to let go of her hand and cries for help, but the crude men continues to harrass her.  Just then bags are thrown on the thugs faces as a grandma struts some martial  arts tricks in knocking them down.  
Omma and aboji close the store and waits for an expected guest who turns out to be streetfighter grandma.  Omma greets her mother and falter on the impact of the embrace just as abogi cringes in pain shaking his in-law’s hand.  While heading home, grandma mentions the alarming news about their neighborhood recently and how she taught some rough boys a lesson earlier.  can’t wait for the boys to meet streetfighter grandma hahaha
A pharmacist welcomes a customer and checks on his recent headache.  She gets his prescription and processes his order.  She invites him to go to the church for early morning prayer and blabs about how praying has helped her cure her insomnia so she’s on her 21st day tomorrow just like Prophet Daniel did. The customer retorts how the neighborhood is dangerous these days for her to do her ritual, but she replies that someone above will protect her.
Psycho is miffed while staring at the steel rod from the memory of his recent failed abduction attempt.  He goes to the ballerina’s cell and mumbled that she will not feel alone anymore since he will get her some more friends.  He removes his mask and finally reveals his face as the customer from the pharmacy earlier.  i have to admit the psycho looks rockstar hot
Bong Soon prepares to sleep after locking her door well.  She leers at Gook Doo’s protection bracelet as Min Hyuk is perturbed on thug boss Baek Tak’s role in his recent troubles.  
Meanwhile, the pharmacist heads to the church to complete her 21 days morning devotional but was attacked from behind by the psycho.  At Min Hyuk’s house, an intruder seeks entrance on Bong Soon’s room while Min Hyuk wakes up to a knife pointed to his neck.
Episode Quick 6 Quick Thoughts
There were a lot of things that happened this episode, but I am not complaining since the story places the humor and the sweets well so far.  Just like I am thankful for the big blessing and small ones, like my family to chocolates, I would embrace the fillers intention in the drama so far.  I think their purpose is for me to miss Hyung Sik and Ji Soo for a minute or two.  So I think I will just buy the side character scenes as long as it won’t drag longer.  If worse gets to worst, my contingency plan is to call Detective Jin Hyuk and Golden Time team to help out in pinning down the psycho.  But so far, I think we are moving steadily and excitingly while dealing with the romance and thrilling concerns of the story.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 5 Recap

Bong Soon’s encounter with the psycho warranted her boss and her one-sided love to work on her protection.  Neighborhood psycho almost kidnapped Kyung Shim for his new victim, but Bong Soon came in time to stop him.  
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 5 Recap
Bong Soon steps in the subway and ponders on her chance encounter with the psycho.   She tries chasing after him but he is nowhere to be found, but she remembers how he smelled of gas and rust.  Her musing is interrupted when she got distracted by another subway pervert taking advantage of a woman.  Bong Soon has had enough and takes justice in her staunch hand as she steps out of the train smiling mischievously.  We see the pervert on the floor writhing in pain as the fingers on his hand got dislocated.
Bong Soon arrives in the office and stares at a game she-warrior image on a wall.  She broods on how the world could be a better place if a female justice champion really exist.  She imagines the magical staff from the she-warrior going to her direction and reaches to it, but the mirage vanishes as Min Hyuk lets know of his presence.  
Min Hyuk checks if she slept well and she hands him an energy drink with a smile that put him on a quick sweet daze.  He snaps back to life and tells Bong Soon to follow him and head out to eat some hangover soup.  Min Hyuk notices the bracelet and ask what is that about.  She fumbles on the correct term again, and as usual Min Hyuk figures the wearable she is trying to explain.  She goes on her gook-doo-love-sphere face again and mumbles that Gook Doo gave it for her protection.  She mentions how she almost pressed it earlier and narrates her encounter with the neighborhood psycho which startled Min Hyuk.  
He mumbles the need for a bodyguard to protect them but she look in his eyes and tells him how she will do everything to protect him.  Min Hyuk brings out her drunken rant last night which shut her up and reminds her to not get drunk ever again.  He tells her that Secretary Gong will be back that day.  She asks what she will gonna do then and retorts she will remain his bodyguard as it is really what she is and has taken care of her spot in his office.  
They enter Min Hyuk’s office and he presents her study table and gives her and English grammar book for her to study.  Her ears perk up when she heard him mention a new game Ainsoft is developing.  She poses a candy smile to him and attempts an opportunity to join the team.  He smiles back and remains firm to their initial deal that she has to catch the stalker first.  He pushes her to study as he nips here and there on the initial proposals of the development team.  
Bong Soon listens to Min Hyuk as he conducts the meeting with his staff and pretends she is a member of the team as well.  She peeks on Min Hyuk’s computer when he stands to call someone and gleams at the sight of the new game sketch.  Min Hyuk catches her sidetrip and she hurries back to her spot pouting.  He fondly stares at her as she sulks on her study spot.
Bong Soon omma and the ajummas chat inside the cafe and gossips about the recent missing ballet school owner.  They talk about how skinny women are being targetted so Bong Soon came in their woes since she is petite and skinny.  But there is more to worry when Bong Soon’s pole-plucking-drunk-dancing hits the world wide web.  Bong Soon omma calls her daughter who does not know she is already trending online and mentally breaks down when she sees the viral video her mom was talking about.  
Min Hyuk wraps up his meeting with his staff and wonders Bong Soon’s empty spot.  He walks to check where she is and finds her slumped under the table.  He takes her phone, sees the video and teases how she will become popular even to Africa.  True to his words, Bong Soon’s high schooler recent minions and the thugs in the hospital tended by Bong Ki ogle at her video as well.
Bong Soon still wallows on her embarrassing video when Secretary Gong enters Min Hyuk’s office.  He whines at his recuperating injury and mumbles another Bong Soon’s monstrous strength story and rumor mill tidbits of Bong Soon being a North Korean spy or an alien.  Min Hyuk tries to signal that Bong Soon is inside the office, but he continuously blabs on how he should stay away from her.  Suddenly Bong Soon rises surprising Secretary Gong who looks like his soul left his body already as an ethereal judgment music airs on the scene.  Min Hyuk tells Bong Soon to endorse the reports he missed as Secretary Gong gives a pleading look to Min Hyuk to not be with her alone. 
As soon as they left the room, Min Hyuk calls someone to take down Bong Soon’s viral video.  Gook Doo receives a call from Min Hyuk while he works on surveilance videos of the case.  Min Hyuk reveals Bong Soon’s recent encounter with the psycho on her way to work and advises him to put a more secure protection on Bong Soon when she is not in his company’s premise.  Frustrated at the news, Gook Doo steps out of the station and tells his team members that he will go out to protect a witness.
Secretary Gong apologizes for spouting nonsense earlier which Bong Soon disregards since he won’t be saying those in her presence anyway.  She briefs him of what he missed which was technically the family dinner since their boss does not do anything that much at all.  Min Hyuk spots Bong Soon dozing and walks silently towards her.  
He ardently gazes at her face (i melted), and remembers how she babbled like a baby her woes about being physically strong when she was drunk last night.  He motions to touch her sleeping face but Gook Doo enters the office unannounced looking for Bong Soon.  Min Hyuk tries to hush him but he calls Bong Soon who wakes up from her nap.
Gook Doo fumes when she confirms bumping with the psycho earlier.  He scolds her for not looping him in right away and advises that he is done with the witness protection request and announces that he will pick up Bong Soon after her work ends later.  Min Hyuk negates his plan by declaring he will drop her off since he knows her working hours.  
They bicker on who gets to escort Bong Soon home which made her fall on a delusion and happily flaunts how having two guys fight over her is distressing her.  The two wince on her wishful thinking, change their minds, and fight over who should drop her off her house later. hahaha i lurve these two male leads
Min Hyuk gripes on how Gook Doo seemed the busiest police in South Korea as Bong Soon shuts him up on his whining.  Gook Doo narrows down the missing woman’s car’s last location and the team heads to investigate.    They head to a junk car garage and inquires if the missing car was seen there.  The person in charge denies the appearance of the car and discloses that the owner of the place is not around.
Min Hyuk orders some pies and tart just in time for Bong Soon omma arriving with the ajummas.  He greets her and she hands the boxes to Bong Soon refusing to accept his payment since she considers him a family.  Omma clarifies her reasoning to Min Hyuk’s startled face by saying since Bong Soon is her daughter and she works in his company so she is his company’s family ergo they are family.  
Bong Ki listens to the thugs of their usual sourgraping about Bong Soon.  Thug leader boasts on how he will see to it that he will exact his revenge by destroying and splitting her in half causing Bong Ki to wrap his face to shut him up.  Hee Ji stands up when Bong Ki approaches and remembers her appointment.  She mumbles how she might not be able to see him anymore once her fingers are healed so he retorts that her rehab may take awhile.  She expresses interest in meeting him again the next day and ignores Gook Doo’s text message checking if she is done with her check up.
Unaware that Min Hyuk summoned his power for the viral videos, Bong Soon is surprised that her videos were taken down and Kyung Shim steers Min Hyuk’s involvement.  Bong Soon counters how her prickly boss will not do such thing so Kyung Shim is surprised that she is back to a hate relationship with her boss again.  Kyung Shim again mentions her observation that her CEO is not a gay, but she had her knowledge of Min Hyuk’s penchant for Gook Doo’s juicy butt to back up her claim.  Bong Soon sullenly grumbles on how hard the competition is for Gook Doo’s heart, and to lighten up her mood, Kyung Shim suggests for them to munch a yummy stew.
Bong Soon wonders what is taking Kyung Shim so long when the supermarket is nearby.  She tries calling her but Kyung Shim is being hunted by the neighborhood psycho.  Kyung Shim is cornered and receives the psycho’s beating as she squirms in pain.  The psycho launches for his knockout blow but Bong Soon stops him and kicks him hard in fury.  
Bong Ki assures his twin that Kyung Shim is safe from danger.  Bong Soon apoligizes fervidly to Kyung Shim when she regains consciousness and blames herself for not going out instead of her.  Kyung Shim appeases her best friend’s heavy heart by warning her not to eat something yummy without her.  
Dobong-dong people hold a caucus on how they will work on the recent peace and order situation of the neighborhood.  They try to come up with rules but face disagreement on whether the chubby women need to be part of the plan.  Enter thug boss and his minions who officially introduce himself as the CEO of the construction company that is overseeing the Redevelopment project of Dobong neighborhood.  He boasts how his employees are skilled martial arts experts so they will be in charge of the women’s protection.  
Bong Soon promises to break psycho’s body once she catches him again as she wipes on Kyung Shim’s wounded face.  The latter complains that her nose seems to be broken but Bong Soon blames it to her still swollen face to shut her hinting of taking advantage of a nose job.  Kyung Shim whispers how she was so scared yesterday so she can only imagine the fear the previous victims had to endure because they did not have a strong friend like Bong Soon who was able to rescue her.  Bong Soon omma arrives to bring some food and curses when she sees Kyung Shim’s beaten face.  She scolds Bong Soon for not doing that errand knowing the situation in the neighborhood and for losing the opportunity to catch the culrprit.  Omma assures Kyung Shim that per her request she did not tell her mother what happened.  
Gook Doo assembles with his team and talk about the recent psycho’s attack.  They are baffled why he ran away when he could have easily managed the two petite girls so Gook Doo assures them that they will head to the hospital for the statement.
Product placement scene for Royce chocolate company strides on the screen as we see Min Hyuk buying some and complaining why chocolates have different kinds.  He arrives in his office and shoots a blank missing-her gaze at Bong Soon’s table as he wonders what he will be doing with the chocolates he bought since she will not be coming to work.  He resolves it by calling Secretary Gong and ordering him to just stay and not do anything but sit at Bong Soon’s table.  He gives him a melting gaze and mutters how it is true that absence of a person makes one’s heart grow fonder.   Secretary Gong perceives Min Hyuk’s speech as his way of telling him he missed him when he was gone while the latter murmurs when Bong Soon will be coming back.  
Gook Doo visits Kyung Shim and they have an instant high school reunion.  Kyung Shim narrates the events of last night and almost slips on revealing Bong Soon’s super power.  She tells him instead that Bong Soon screamed so strong preventing the abduction to which the twins back up.  Kyung Shim adds that the psycho does not have a face as it is covered by a mask and we see the pervert wraps his wound with a bandage and stares at the metal pole that Bong Soon bent.
Bong Soon pouts as Gook Doo nags on why she left the bracelet at home and how she has always been forgetful of important things even when they were in high school.  He cools down and asks if she was not feeling any pain and mumbles how he is going crazy worrying about her since she has been exposed too much to the psycho.  Against his will, he suggests for her to stay at Min Hyuk’s house for the mean time.  She calms him down and voices how he should not worry as she has something that she’s good at, but he is resigned to his decision to let her stay with Min Hyuk until he gets the psycho with his hands.  awww my heart is already breaking for you Gook Doo ya
Gook Doo heads to meet Min Hyuk and requests to hide Bong Soon for the mean time as it is dangerous for her to stay in the neighborhood.  Min Hyuk smirks how he knows little about his friend and asks if his concern towards her is just because of their friendship and nothing else more.  Gook Doo evades the question and marches to leave, but holds his horse and queries why he talks informally to him when they are about the same age.  Min Hyuk is baffled why he dig his information and lets him use banmal as he pleases just as long as he will not tell Bong Soon that they are about the same age.  Min Hyuk muses how Bong Soon’s one-sided love seems to be not one-sided at all.
Bong Soon wakes up excitedly and spots Gook Doo waiting to drop her off at work. He complains about her short skirt and make-up so she asks if she looks weird.  Gook Doo averts her eyes and grumbles how she should not go out looking pretty like that.  Clouds sweep Bong Soon’s feet who cannot believe what her crush just told her.  
Min Hyuk peers at Bong Soon and Gook Doo saying goodbye to each other as she dances in the air so happily while she heads to the office.  He tells her to stop feeling giddyish, but she ignores him and goes to the wash room.  She summons another shining Gook Doo epiphany of him telling her again that she is pretty.
Min Hyuk tells Bong Soon that he is yielding to her friend’s request to let her stay in his house.  He goes back to his conversation with Secretary Gong, but high on  Gook Doo, Bong Soon gleefully mumbles how Gook Doo is overreacting because he is worried about her, but she is really okay even when he might be chased by a psycho with a steel club.  Min Hyuk mutters how she looks so weird saying scary things like that and beaming at the same time but Bong Soon is on an unimaginable Gook Doo love trance.
Omma packs some sexy outfits for Bong Soon and praises Gook Doo for suggesting the temporary hide out.  Aboji castigates his wife for not being troubled in sending her daughter to a man’s house.  Secretary Gong picks up Bong Soon’s clothes and omma blabs how since they are a conservative family, was hard to agree to the set up but she trusts the CEO who cares deeply to his employees.
Min Hyuk and Bong Soon are speechless on the clothes prepared by omma when they unpacked her things.  The room heats up as Min Hyuk’s eyes automatically got transfixed to a skimpy number and escapes the awkward moment my mumbling how Bong Soon’s mom has a weird taste in clothing.  Min Hyuk tosses and turns that night and wonders if Bong Soon is still awake.
Bong Soon who is also sleepless keeps being bothered by the guilt and rage of what happened to her friend.  She gets up and goes to the neighborhood where she walks around.  She finally feels someone trailing her, and when the man reaches for her shoulder she gets surprised seeing Min Hyuk’s face.  He explains how he thought she is sleepwalking that is why he looked for her.  She tells him that her intention to catch the psycho, but he rolls his eyes and urges her to convene first at home.  Min Hyuk walks back but stops when Bong Soon silently utters how she has hidden her strength all her life, but this time she will use it for good.   Min Hyuk stares at her eyes as she returns his gaze.
They arrive home just as the doorbell rings.  Min Hyuk opens the door and Gook Doo rushes inside to declare that he will also be staying in that house.
Quick Thoughts Episode 5
Obviously Gook Doo keeps Bong Soon in his heart, why he did not make a move to go beyond the friend zone is one o those things we should look forward to.  I like how our creepy conflict functions as a neutralizer to the witty and slapstick comedy we are being high so far.  
This love triangle premise is slowly breaking my heart, and it has not even happened yet.  I just can’t bear to think of it.