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K-Drama Review: Switch Change The World


Relentlessly eager to maintain its stimulating momentum, Switch Change The Worldstuns with smart cast and excitingly flowing story.

From its thrilling opening week, Switch Change The World threads on keeping the audience hooked with no room for anyone to miss the succeeding episodes.

Check out my full review at Hellokpop.


K-Drama Review: Radio Romance


Radio Romance has been clear of what it intends to give its viewers since day 1. True to its promise, it consistently gifts the audience with a sweet romantic story that gives a refreshing embrace.

There are dramas that make you smile even with unnecessary plot bends because the narrative knows when to stop with playing safe, or when to bounce back after an uncalled for storyline lapse. Radio Romanceguardedly moved to a perceivable curve of fulfilling its romantic promise, and not over-achieving the technicalities of the conflicts that surrounded the love pairing.

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K-Drama Review: That Man Oh Soo

That Man Oh Soo has turned out to be a habit-forming romantic comedy for its fans this year. Credit to its commitment to generously give sweet moments for the watchers to just smile and feel giddy-ish.

That Man Oh Soo is a light and comforting watch perfect for rom-com cravers. Though it struggled at its end game, it is the kind of drama that you would rerun due to its sweet scenes. However, we wish it could have ended on a spree of more sweet notes after pulling the amnesia trick, since for the majority of its run, the drama was strongest on the love couple’s saccharine frames. But then again, we were delighted for the most parts of the story, and that’s all that matters.

Check out my full review at hellokpop.

K-Drama Review: My First Love (2018)

Somewhere along the way, My First Love literally broke my heart. I don’t know if it was because of time, pacing, or unforeseen misunderstandings. But it’s funny about the typical reasons why first love does not work in real life, are also the same disappointments I got from this initially sweet and nostalgic fictional world.

My First Love sprints with the right amount of sweet and unadulterated romantic tale about a man, who can’t forget his first love. When he is magically transported to the time he met his dream girl, he is given an opportunity to make things right along with saving the girl from her eventual death in the future.

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K-Drama Review: Prison Playbook (2017 – 2018)


A sweet, funny, and at times, painful daily isolated life is sketched vibrantly with ample life pep talks in tvN’s high-rated dramedy, Prison Playbook.

Up to its finale episode, Prison Playbook maintains its pragmatic tone. Although I wished for a happy reunion outside Wing 2 Room 6 brothers, I am happy that each personal issues of the characters are neatly tied up in a realistic fashion.

I highly enjoyed the small screen visits at Seobu Penitentiary that I cry at those scenes when one by one, the jail birds are set free  to the outside world. *chuckles

Prison Playbook lets you understand how mistakes are not supposed to define you as a person. It teaches you that personal battles are given to be won over, and that having a good heart is a blessing at all times.

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K-Drama Review: Nothing to Lose (2017 – 2018)


judge vs judge

I was made to believe that Nothing To Lose would be a tranquil and rationally executed drama that won’t let me down. It did for the most parts until the crowning chapters kicked in. I got disappointed on how the ending neglected the poignant flow centered on the focal conflict of the narrative. I stay tuned because the placement of the side problems consistently coincided to the thrilling bends of the story. But just when you anticipate the culminating point, the excitement was shut down disappointingly without any apology.

Nothing To Lose pushed me to a love-hate relationship with its story. The superb cast and laid back attitude are the strongest charms of the drama. It is ironic how the patient story progression lost balance at the last hour, leading the viewers to feel stoic after the conclusion.

This drama requires forbearance and maturity since you would feel like going to courtroom each day, hearing pleas and analyzing verdicts. There are some cutesies here and there, romance teasings from east and west, but the majority of the picture leans on the lead girl’s endurance to all the emotional setbacks thrown at her.

If we can crop the rushed and misaligned ending, this courtroom drama is still worth your watch list – if you like that genre.

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K-Drama Review: Jugglers (2017 – 2018)


The office romance narrates the story of a diligent woman, who takes on her secretary role seriously so much. She vows not to ever cross the line of having romantic feelings with her boss, until she meets her new boss who makes her eat her words.

Flowing on a familiar set up, the bait for this KBS’ romantic comedy stems from the on-screen chemistry between the love couple, who get caught up in an unexpected romance. The mushy frames, which show the love trajectory for the lead couple, feast on endearing scenes that will push you to cheer for them in their you-and-me-against-the-evil-corporate-villains battle.

Jugglers celebrates career dreams, acknowledging self-worth and finding love. Although it takes the long winding path to clear the simple problem, the sweet direction makes up for it.

Read my FULL REVIEW at hellokpop!

K-Drama Review: I’m not a Robot (2017)


Arguably a collective favorite of rom-com followers from 2017 tail-end K-dramas, I’m Not A Robot is a happy and easy watch with graspable direction and endearing romance on the side.


Pacing to an interesting love milieu, the story of a man who stumbled on the peculiar cure for his extreme human allergy, confronts the reality of how his newfound liberty to interact with people, comes with the price of admitting that he is in love with a robot. To complicate his situation, he learns that his reservations are pointless since the supposed android he can’t love, is actually a woman, who is commissioned to pretend that she is not a human.

I’m not a Robot communicates how the heart believes what the situation tries to conceal. It affirms how reciprocated love is felt even if it is not vocally declared. It is  easy to love due to its quick pacing and endearing cast.  Less the corporate world related conflict attached to the hero’s character, everything in the drama sails smoothly.

If you like saccharine stories, this drama is perfect for you. It notches well the bullet points of addictive romantic comedy. Light and sassy… sweet and steady.

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kdrama hunger games schedule next week


That’s how I call a week with 3 kdrama finales plus kick off eps of new kdramas. While I’m finding the mood to finish I’m not a robot review, decided to swing by to say Hi! 😉

Happy Weekend everyone. I will take a day next week to update the blog with reviews. You can always check out my recent articles and reviews at .

K-Drama Review: Andante (2017-2018)

Andante is the first drama to reach the finishing line from 2017’s last quarter K-dramas. I initially considered skipping it, but I ended up gravitating to its uncomplicated storytelling. Commencing on a laid-back tone, I was not expecting anything at all, except dreamy moments with Kai of course. So I am gleeful how the story reached a gratifying closure, given its tamed premise.

For a youth drama to mark on a viewer, it needs to raise nostalgic feeling from one’s old memories. Andante accomplishes that part with flying colors on the bonus pep talks of how to live life to the fullest, no matter what painful events you have to go through in the course of your life.

Andante is definitely not the brightest bulb among the youth-campus dramas that have aired so far. But the approach to teaching life lessons from young people’s perspectives is commendable and refreshing. The slice of life narrative lets you walk into a TV experience showing how genuine human interaction should be. It deviates from exaggeration and gives us the taste of life, dreams, friendship, family bond and love lessons without sugar coating.


Anecdotes from K-pop immersion

Since I have ventured in recapping kpop events in my home country, I am one slow 30-ish woman who struggled researching through social media everytime I am up to summarize an event. You see, for k-dramas I have a personal blog I kept in the past 8 years so my k-drama library is well-documented. But everytime a kpop act visits the town and we are tasked to cover it, I have to do a tremendous task of watching their variety show guestings, memorizing and associating their faces and their names and of course studying their songs. I only knew Big Bang and their songs in the beginning of last year. Then I decided I should do crash courses on BTS, EXO and GOT7. K-pop groups keep visiting the country so I think I know about 10 now *lol. It’s hard to write k-pop articles because you have to consider neutrality and not going on the bad side of fandoms. Like literally it’s physically hard. The CNBLUE article I wrote while suffering from food poisoning.  After I put a period mark on that piece, I felt blood dripped from my nose, fainted and luckily woke up still alive from the strenuous event of extracting my brain to pull off a decent write up.  That’s a quirky memory, and that’s a favorite from last year.  I know I have a lot of things to learn about K-pop world and will be diligent enough to research on. I even thought before that Seventeen are 17 members, that’s how clueless I am. Today my niece taught me what “stan” is about. 

Pardon this out of character blog blab from mine. I really intend to just say hi and greet you all a happy weekend!  Now I should go back to finishing SF9 in Manila article and EXO Kai’s Andante review!  


2017 Best Korean Dramas


This is by far my busiest year watching and writing about K-dramas. I put up a lot of patience in finishing dramas even if some dramas struggled to stay in the finish line direction. *chuckles Nevertheless, it was a great year since I got one drama to add on my all-time favorites list.

Here are my Best Picks For 2017 Korean Dramas!


Chief Kim (KBS)

chief kim

Workplace comedy-drama Chief Kim delights with Nam Goong Min’s impeccable attack on his unique underdog role seeking to take down corporate politics through his keen mind and elaborated grasp of turning problems to opportunities. The upbeat tone and cast synergy fuel the quirks and lessons of the narrative.

Defendant (SBS)

2017 Korean Dramas

Carving a commanding impression as a legal drama to beat for 2017, the outwitting game of the hero and villain in Defendant triumphantly gifted its followers with nerve-wrecking mind games in a good versus evil theme. With solid performances from the hero and villain, Defendant deserves a spot on 2017 Best Korean Dramas.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (jTBC)

Korean Romance Dramas

The quirky fantasy rom-com secured immense following through the love couple’s endearing chemistry. Amidst the noticeable plot fillers, the love frames are what made Bong-bong and Min-min couple’s impressive social media branding.

Voice (OCN)


Chasing a clever psychopath was brilliantly executed by the dauntless detective team of Voice. It is always at a high note, and not taking a chance to rest the grit and vigor of the story-building.

Circle (tvN)

Circle leans to an amazing sci-fi story perceptive to viewers, who may or may not be a fan of the genre. It never went wrong for being ambitiously inventive.  It never showed any signs of defiance, and was always sure of the track it was taking.  The brave movement of the story plus the incorporation of brotherly love would just blow your mind away.

Fight For My Way (KBS)

Fight For My Way

What made this modestly written K-Drama a hot topic can be credited to the unadorned narrative that describes what regular people do and feel in their mundane living. It incidentally creates its own kind of beauty by presenting a cheerful cast, who channeled the honest storytelling to a good-humored spectacle. This leaves lingering lessons on chasing dreams while finding true love.

Chicago Typewriter (tvN)

chicago typewriter

Chicago Typewriter defies creative boundaries as it switches the past and present timelines without losing the brilliant writing and fascinating characters that moved in the story. It takes pride on balancing romance and friendship. The ingenious weaving of the fictional thread sets a basic rule that the viewers have to accept — the dynamic reincarnation plot that involves a life affirming friendship between two friends who love the same girl.

Queen For Seven Days (KBS)

Seven Day Queen

Queen For Seven Days efficiently maximizes the staple government intrigues and character motivations to balance the frustrating love line. While you grieve with the love couple who are forced to love each other from afar, you will accept that true love is kept in the heart with the best memories you have with someone, even if you cannot have future moments together.

Stranger/Secret Forest (tvN)


Stranger bravely dissects the cover ups happening in the police organization along with the corruption in the Prosecution Office without tiring the audience with pointless stop-overs. The series gives no more than what is required to story building, yet it makes sure how every detail conspires to present a comprehensible picture. It showcased sleek showdowns where intellect and power function as chess pieces proving how excessive tears and evil doings need not to be elaborately shown on-screen as long as it is neatly narrated.

Duel (OCN)


The mystery solving plot unravels the details of the story that are traced to a prohibited medical research of 24 years about human cloning and a sort of cure-for-all vaccine. The ambitious medical plot about stem cell therapy and human clones seem awkward to a crime drama, but the moment your attention is settled, your brain will become busy processing the what-ifs and OMG’s of the story.

Because This Is My First Life (tvN)

Because This Is My First Life

Powered by a vibrant cast, the heartfelt writing reinvented the trite rom-com cohabitation premise to a whole new level, leaving traces of feel-good love affirming moments that would make you smile after each chapter. If you want to deviate from the standard romance stories, with a relaxing drama that is intuitively penned, an overnight marathon of Se Hee and the gangs’ love journey will make you sigh and ponder about the sweet little moments of being in love.

While You Were Sleeping (SBS)

While You Were Sleeping

Bringing together the thrills of the legal drama premise and the fated love frosted story is the strength which mobilizes the addictive surge of the drama. Thumbs up to the clear delineation of the heroes versus villain showdown that does not exaggerate. The quick-witted main leads maneuver the tale through their shared visions and are never stubborn to think ahead of the imaginary conflicts thrown at them. They patiently tackle together the maze-like answer to the final conflict.

Deserving of the Name (tvN)

Deserving of the Name

The smartly written time-slip drama of a celebrated Joseon acupuncturist transported in the modern times achieved the neat placement of time bending element on its supernatural stage. The medical plot fuses well to the intricate comparison between technology based and traditional medicine due to the winning performances of the main leads.

The Package (jTBC)

The Package

The fleeting romance of the lead couple in The Package radiates a resonating message that you can love instantaneously, fall out of it and love more at the right time. It is a romantic gift that is ironically spirited while running on a wistful narrative. The supporting chronicles appear like puzzle pieces meant to complete the entire picture of the plot. It results in an excellent capture of the drama’s ultimate message – how personal relationship, romantic or otherwise, won’t reveal apprehensions due to a man’s self-sacrificing nature.





K-Drama Review: Witch’s Court (2017)

After all the hearings I attended in the legal drama parade this year, I became less impatient to Witch’s Court when it started dragging out halfway through its airing. If not for Ma Yi Deum’s tenacity which pushed me to bear the painstaking journey of taking down an indestructible villain, I would have not stayed faithful.

Following the yardstick for courtroom dramas, Witch’s Court provides side stories to support the main conflict of defeating the invincible antagonist. It is as if the heroine and the villain are at the other edge of a justice weighing scale, pulling it in and reversing it in with their outwitting game.


Read the FULL Review at HELLOKPOP.

K-Drama Review: Black (2017)

Black bribed me with an entrancing opening week by picturing a crime drama about elite grim reaper 444 who hosted on a human’s body – Han Moo Gang so he can find his rebellious mentee wandering in the mortal world.

As the story unfolds, Black presented interconnected murders from the past and present that intertwines the lives of Ha Ram and GR 444. I had a hard time constructing my thoughts about Black because I like that it braved the odds of its complicated plot, but I really suffered a painstaking journey to finish it. *chuckles

There were a lot of rules set, characters placed and events incorporated that you have to watch it on a binge to avoid getting lost along the way. There were also writing inconsistencies that I usually overlook but then again I was so patient with this drama so I deserve to whine a little. I think the focus on bringing in a plot that is hard to unhinge pushed the disconnection of its initial position to fuse fantasy and crime. It was bombarded with violent frames that I begin to question if the story is just wanting me to guess who the ultimate villain is.

But the strange thing about watching Black is how I feel so exhausted in the process but I remained steadfast in uncovering the pieces of the mystery. I did not write a full review of Black anymore because of time constraint with a lot of pending activities that I need to do. But before I forget my thoughts about it, I have to store it in here for future reference.

Black requires a lot of patience and understanding. I won’t recommend it to teens since it has plenty of crime scenes. I would have appreciated it more if there was a balance treatment of the fantasy element and detective story. That’s what I thought I signed up for in the first place, sadly though it circled on the arduous investigation of the cold cases manipulated by the villain. The extension I thought would give more light to some confusions, but it became just a half-hearted attempt to salvage and to explain all the lengthening nonsense of the story.

The messy story building is why Black failed to have a lingering effect on me. But if you can bear to plunge on a maze-like-find-the-villain sojourn out of love for Song Sung Heon oppa, then pocket this drama. 

KDramaland Weekly Round Up – December 2017 Second Week

Happy Holidays everyone! 

Yes, this segment I summoned from hiatus since I am proud to announce that I only have one pending kdrama to review.  Although I still have 3 dramas that I need to finish.

Please clap for me since I am updated in watching 7 dramas weekly these days.  *wink  Credit that to my stomach flu at the start of last week which put me on bed rest and marathon time.  ^_^

My notes for #Black looks thesis-like already and I still have 4 episodes to watch… aigoo  If not for the effort I have given and detective notes I scribbled already, I would have given up.  So many characters, so many things that happened.

I will skip watching Just Between Lovers and Untouchable.  Both dramas I really struggle connecting so I decided to give up on them.
Meanwhile #JudgeVsJudge #DobtfulVictory #ImNotARobot  #BlackKnight #TwoCops #Jugglers #PrisonPlaybook are on my active watchlist. 

“Judge vs Judge” treads on two court misrulings by former judges which intertwine the fate of their sons and the woman they both care about.  The legal drama smartly utilizes a low key villain and subtle display of wickedness which is a breather from the exaggerated antagonist parade this year.

“Doubtful Victory” never fails to give me mini cardiac arrest each episode with its sneaky twists.  The gripping cliff-hangers made me anticipate where the story is heading each week.  Who would have thought that a bag of $100 million dollar as a plot catalyst would propel an engaging crime drama.  As expected from its genius PD, I am getting what I expected of it right now.

“I’m Not A Robot” is like R2D2 clueless among the jedi and sith war happening in kdramaland this month.  *chuckles  That being said, it’s a delightful oasis among the crime and courtroom kdramas currently airing.

“Black Knight” bribed me with its soothing music and Kim Rae Won oppa.  The opening week hurriedly unleashed a little bit of everything that might happen in the story.  So I look forward to unravel the bittersweet fusion of fantasy and romance befitting to its melodramatic tone even when its premiere week seemed a bit hazy.

“Jugglers” is surprisingly engaging with its workplace platform.  Probably because the roles are perfect for the actors portraying the cast.  It is also helping that the characters are saddled with insecurities that matches their age range.  So yes, Daniel Choi’s post army drama as reflected on its decent Tuesday ratings lead over “Two Cops” and “Doubtful Victory” is inevitably on a triumphant note.

“Prison Playbook” endearingly hooked me because of its production team but I am not at that point yet where I am immersed into watching it.  Throw me some dark comedy bone here.  That’s what you promised.  That’s what I am waiting.

“Two Cops” is leaning to disappoint me with its unstable narrative but I promised to finish watching it and refused to whine about it since I have vowed to live a positive kdrama reviewing life.  lol

#BadGuysCityOfEvil premiered over the weekend and I’m still waiting for the subtitles.

KDrama Review: The Package (2017)


The Package top-billed by CN Blue front man Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Yeon Hee (Reunited Worlds) is a rejuvenating romance drama that will calm your mind and warm your heart. With picturesque France as the designated setting, you will get what you never asked for in this comforting drama about travelers who embark on a premium package French tour. As the journey unfolds, they reflect on their current life and love situations resulting in overdue disappointments that need to be forgiven and new beginnings that need to be accepted.

The Package is a romantic gift that is ironically spirited while running on a wistful narrative. The supporting chronicles appear like puzzle pieces meant to complete the entire picture of the plot. It results in an excellent capture of the drama’s ultimate message – how personal relationship, romantic or otherwise, won’t reveal apprehensions due to a man’s self-sacrificing nature.

Read my FULL REVIEW at hellokpop!

KDrama Review: Go Back Couple (2017)

Go Back Couple sends you to a whirlwind of emotions with its pensive mood of the joys and pain of being in love.

The trip back to 18 years with the cast is a sweet nostalgia of what it feels to love the first time, and a bitter melancholia of the romance you painfully have to let go because it can’t work anymore.

Staged in a wistful retro vibe, the engrossing love journey of Ban Do and Jin Joo pushes you to ponder how you react if you would be given a chance like them to work on a relationship you have already given up.

Go Back Couple presents a gravitating picture through the lead girl’s mother’s story arc, which starts the initial breaking of their relationship which they tried to ignore through the years.  That same overlooked grudge is what they discovered to work on the fantasy borrowed time given to them, to realize how they vowed to be with each other.

If you are looking for a swift rom-com drama that highlights friendship, family relationship and recounting the good old days of being in love, then pick your favorite pillow and a marathon date to watch this gleeful cast.

Read my FULL REVIEW at hellokpop!

KDrama Review: Because This Is My First Life (2017)


Armed with equally captivating side romance stories, the heart-fluttering affair of two people who found love through a marriage contract is my highly-recommended rom-com drama for 2017.

Who would have thought that Because This Is My First Life would pull off a unique attraction based on its familiar tune? Surprisingly it did, and I think followers of Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min’s adorable love story agree on the sweet highs the story brings each week.

No self-help books can teach how life can be lived perfectly the first time. In this emotionally perceptive drama, we are given pep talks on how to burst happiness on our faces by living and loving to the fullest.


INVITATION: Join Me Create A KDramaFan Site Next Year

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I was having thoughts about what I am most thankful for this year, and just what I wrote on my blog early this week, I feel that my year-end thank you prayer will be having a career right now that supports my lifetime dreams and a hobby that fuels my life passion.  I know I have a strange and crazy advocacy of how Korean dramas can make the world a better place, *chuckles, but hey I just want to dwell on the good and small things that makes me happy as a person.  And as long as I don’t aggravate anyone, isn’t it a sound life purpose? *wink

On that note, next year I will be working on launching my blog formally together with the help of my amazing chingu oppa and unnis who don’t know that I have already made plans about their online presence next year. *coughtonyoppa *coughhannahandsusanunnis

As I am a confused millennial who still thinks my roots are more of those conservative gen x and y peeps, I usually just write and would reply accordingly to messages whenever I can.  I rarely visit forums nor comment on online streaming site even then, more so now, since I don’t even have a luxury to rerun Korean dramas because I have to move on to the next one or else I will drown with it.

So, I am looking for chingus who would join me write their thoughts/reviews about Korean film and dramas before I formally launch it next year.  If you are interested to write, send me a private message on abbyinhallyuland fb page or email me thru the blog and answer these quick questions.

What genres of Korean drama do you prefer?
What are your three all-time favorite Korean dramas?
How many years have you been watching Korean dramas?

I hope we can all create a happy Korean drama fan online hub where we could celebrate our love for KDramas and KCulture.

KDrama Review: While You Were Sleeping (2017)


What the rest of supernatural themed dramas missed this year, While You Were Sleepingaccomplished in full marks consistently.

At some point, I imagined the writer meticulously penning the script with a big board of connecting scenarios similar to how detectives work on criminal cases. The heedful writing contributes to the seamless linking of the mini conflicts up to the eventual climax.

Lee Jong Suk, Bae Suzy and the rest of the gang put up a superb collective performance. It highlights the stable storytelling and unswerving focus to present the inventive picture

While You Were Sleeping proves it deserves the hype it got prior to airing. The polished storytelling reflects why they lead the midweek drama race considering it was pitted against impressive dramas on the same time slot.

It switches from comic highs, courtroom thrills and heart-fluttering moments while treading on the exciting fantasy landscape.  If you are up for a binge, this is the perfect Kdrama for you.


On my journey as a kdrama reviewer



Yesterday on my way to a media launch, I was on a pensive mood pondering how I got the answer from a career question I had 10 years ago.  I chose practicality over my personal dream you see.  I picked the right thing because not only am I blessed with the peace of mind of working on my lifetime dreams with a stable-decent-paying job, I am also gifted to support my travel adventures in the last few years.  Fate favors the passionate.  While I can’t explain to everyone the many therapeutic powers of watching Korean dramas/films/shows *chuckles, that hobby in some way has nurtured my dream job of becoming a writer.  In my own world of writing Korean drama reviews, I am the boss.  And I appreciate how passive and faithful my readers are.  As I am a tamed kdrama fan girl, I can’t keep up with forums and incessant social media throughts.  I write on my own pace and mood.  I write what my heart feels along with what my mind perceives.  I have learned to write positively as much as I can.  If the drama is bad, I skip reviewing it.  It’s a simple answer I wish I can advise all negative kdrama followers about.  I am grateful that the hard work I put on abbyinhallyuland has made it a self-sufficient blog in gaining steady traffic.  My biggest blessing this year sprang from the diligence I committed to it in the last 8 years.  I was able to join a Korean online media company which has been opening opportunities to improve the skills that I already have.  If Heavenly Father will bless me even more, I will relaunch this blog formally to a Korean Drama review site and force my worldwide chingus to be part of it next year. (watch our for it)
My take away lesson today is you might not get your dream job right away, but there are ways to claim it years after if you are patient and passionate to work on it.
Yeah, I know I better get back to writing reviews!  I will post While You Were Sleeping later, it is already published at hellokpop.  I’m almost done with Jung Yong Hwa’s The Package!  I haven’t written about my recent kdrama mecca pilgrimage because as usual I am drowning in dramas right now.  But I am sure to post it whenever I will be blessed with time.

Happy Weekend everyone!  Please understand this out of the blue retrospective blab.

love, abby unni

K-Drama Review: Age of Youth 2 (2017)


Age of Youth 2 sustains the feel-good vibe of sassy dorm sisters, who seize the days of their lives by chasing dreams and romance.  It maintains the soothing tone which it is known for. That is why you would end up choosing to watch it over dramas with smarter storytelling. I refuse to compare it with its predecessor because the charm of the former is the friendship buildup while the sequel is strong on the love stories told.

Belle Epoque girls mark a small screen sisterhood that fans would dearly miss.  If you intend to have a chill weekend with your family or pyjama night with your girlfriends, Age of Youth 2 gives you a lot of reason to laugh and grin.


Because I am having a “Because This Is My First Life” moment right now

How’s weekend everyone?  I had to attend a Kpop concert last night and my body is still sore from absorbing all the energy of the youth who clamored, wept and cheered for NCT 127, GFriend, Cosmic Girls and NFlying.

I barely woke myself up to prep up for work later.  Hopefully I get some time off to catch up with kdramas.  

These days I’m really fond of Because This Is My First Life… Who would have thought that the engaging writing of this drama will evoke nostalgic memories that people in their early 30’s like me will enjoy.  So if you haven’t caught up in this drama yet, take some time off and see for yourself the warm touch it will give you.  These days I am praying to meet someone like Se Hee oppa (but with a dog) so I can live happily ever after with him.  *chuckles

I am still up to date with While You Were Sleeping, Witch’s Court, Black, Mad Dog and Go Back Couple weekly and has set Temperature of Love, 20th Century Boy & Girl and Hospital Ship for my rest day binge.  I have dropped Revolutionary Love and Avengers Social Club because I really am not drawn at those two for reasons I won’t be able to explain.  I’m just not into them.  *grins

I will be doing my annual KDramaland pilgrimage in a week’s time so I might share pictures here as well.  My next review line up would be Hospital Ship which has started well but struggling to keep its direction steady.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend everyone!  ^_^ -abbyinhallyuland

KDrama Review: Save Me (2017)

It took a while for me to finish Save Me because the depressing tone kept battling with my usual sunny disposition. Nevertheless, as expected for OCN’s trademark despondent themed dramas, it made me cringe on how the sinister villains and irrational conflict were pictured in the plot.

Thriller K-Dramas get most of the ideas through psychopath characters and steadfast heroes on a quest to end the vicious ways of the villains. Save Me is a safe bet to watch, but it is not as strikingly done as its predecessors that came in this year. I watched it for Taecyeon, but Woo Do Hwan presented a more memorable character.

For bravely delving on human greed, lunatic cult following, high school bullying, government corruption, and the rest of negative plot pieces of this eerie tale, I say watch it at a pace that will not drain you emotionally.

read my full review at hellokpop.