KDrama List and Ratings


I constantly update this list on the mother page, so if you are reading it through this post, you can check this LINK for the most updated version.  I  have a separate page for my kdrama full series recaps and reviews which links I have included in this list as well.  This page is a good reference point for kdramas over the years since I have included quick reviews of those dramas that I did not write a full review on, but you might be curious if you are going to pick up or not.  There are still some that I have not seen, but I included the titles in case you might need it.  Also Reviews with Strikethroughs are not yet ready.  I will constantly update this page.  ^_^

I have rated it A(for Amazing), B+(for Breathtaking), B(for Beautiful), C+(for Cliche but Charming), C(for Crazy but Tolerable) D(for Disappointing), F(for Forget it).   I added additional tips for your reference.  My recent entries would be on a yearly basis from now on so the most recent dramas would be on the first entries.



♥ Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017) – If you are on a k-drama slump, this will hook you up back to oppa-land.  The fast paced quirky rom-com promised an addictive run and delivered it in flying colors with a riveting thriller plot incorporated on the side.  It was a whimsical love ride with thugs, a psycho, a police, a gaming company CEO and a woman with extraordinary strength.  The labyrinth was a whirlwind of cuteness and mirth and everything a fan would ask k-drama gods for a gift. Consistently endearing with amusing surprises along the way, “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” is a steady delightful rom-com drama that deserve all the raves and hype from k-drama followers.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Series Review

sweet ride, noona romance, second lead syndrome… this will so far be my best rom-com recommendation

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy, Thriller     GRADE:  A

♥ Radiant Office (2017) – currently airing

♥ Whisper (2017) – currently airing

♥ Perfect Wife (2017) – currently airing

♥ Chief Kim (2017) – currently airing

♥ You Are Too Much (2017) – currently airing

♥ The Liar and His Lover (2017) – currently airing

♥ Tomorrow With You (2017) – This drama felt like a roller-coaster as I hiked on the twists and turns and got lost in time and space continuum.  It might even give a frustrating ride so consider you are forewarned if you are not used to a story that you have to analyze from start to finish.  Nevertheless I got my closure even if they fit it in less than 60 minutes.  So Joon and Ma Rin’s road to ever after was definitely something I would not dare to have, but they gave me lessons on how compromise, patience and love are essentials that secure an unwavering relationship. -jediprincess

Tomorrow With You Series Review

Focus and Patience!  Bring buckets of it when you watch it and you will be rewarded by Lee Je Hoon oppa’s sweet gestures and kisses

GENRE:  Romance, Drama, Supernatural     GRADE:  B

♥ Saimdang, Light’s Diary (2017) – currently airing

♥ Rebel:  The Thief who stole the people (2017) – currently airing

♥ Voice (2017) – review coming up

♥ Defendant (2017) – review coming up

♥ Missing 9 (2017) – parking lot

♥ Hwarang:  the Beginning (2016 – 2017) – Hwarang is definitely at par in terms of effective performance compared to fusion sageuk favorites due to its struggling plot momentum.  I’m not supposed to say this, but the pretty boys were really the reason why I stayed calm on my seat.  hahaha  If not really for their impeccable chemistry and gang fights ala Malfoy’s Gang and Dumbledore’s army, I would have not stayed afloat.

Hwarang Series Review

It was so promising if not for a lot of things that happened and was set aside.  This is where I got my first noona romance with Park Hyung Sik.

GENRE:  Period, Brotherhood, Romance     GRADE:  C

♥ The Lonely Shining Goblin (2016 – 2017) – “Goblin” affirmed my kdrama fan girl spirit with its addictive pace, perceptive characters, detailed back story and the exciting race to its closure.  I was at constant awe at how the yarning of the folklore and supernatural mise en scene fit so perfectly placed in the modern setting.  The cast portraying a whole new chimeric world that I want to be a part of moved through the story seamlessly alternating a wistful and lively performance that burrowed straight to my kdramaaddict heart. *chuckles

Goblin Series Review

The epic bromance and time transcending love will linger for a while in your heart

GENRE: Romance, Supernatural     GRADE:  A



♥ The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016) – Legend of the Blue Sea was strong on the candied-heart-fluttering moments of Joon Jae and Cheong, but even stronger on relaying the couple’s sweet and yet agonizing journey to endure the love they have in the present in the pretext of a human-mermaid romance impossibility.  It neatly executed the narrative by using simple rules considering its metaphysical premise.  It modernized the reincarnation plot, by playing the resident drama fix of how love overcomes anything and beyond everything. 

Legend of the Blue Sea Series Review

The conman who can read his lady love’s mind sure gave me a lot of happy pills during those times

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy, Fantasy     GRADE:  B+


♥ Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (2016) – I admit I was missing Gregory House a lot so I sought comfort in Teacher Kim’s arms.  I have not seen a lot of nicely done medical dramas in kdramaland so I did not set my hopes high in RDTK.  I am glad that the story progressed and closed deftly and neatly along with the surgeries.  A case where “Doctor Crush” suffered.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Series Review

The engrossing narrative and  chemistry of the cast blended so well, I could not ask for more.

GENRE:  Medical, Drama     GRADE:  B+


♥ The Good Wife (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Legal, Drama   GRADE:

♥ Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016) – I picked “Weightlifting Fairy” as one of the best kdramas of 2016 for being such a genuine coming of age story that beautifully captured the joy and pain and everything in between of being young… of building dreams and of falling in love for the first time. 

Weightlifting Fairy Series Review

Nam Joo Hyuk is kdrama gods’ gift to college girls and college girls at heart

GENRE:  Rom-com, Youth     GRADE:  B+


♥ Entourage (2016) –  Dropped it somewhere along the way, as there was nothing going on in the story at all… I like Seo Kang Joon, but it was really a sad project.

You are still my crush Seo Kang Joon even when this drama felt like hell

GENRE:  Drama, Comedy, Bromance     GRADE:  F


♥ Goodbye Mr. Black (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Action, Romance   GRADE:

♥ Jang Young Shil (2016) – parking lot

GENRE: Period, Drama   GRADE:

♥ The Man in Our House (2016) – I love Su Ae in Mask and some more of her works, but there was no hook for me even after watching Ep 8, so I gave up.

Love is not supposed to be inherited from your mom. period.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy, Drama     GRADE:  D


♥ Madame Antoine (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Comedy   GRADE:

♥ Neighborhood Lawyer Jo (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Legal, Drama   GRADE:

♥ Something About One Percent (2016) – Something About 1% is a surprise hit for me this year.  I was prepared to drop it after 4 episodes, but boy I fell in love with the kiss scenes, lol I mean the story.  *wink  As Lee Jae In sedated my grieving heart from Scarlet Heart Ryeo, it pushed me back to meaningful existence with his sweet smile and steamy gazes.  This amazingly done rom-com darted cheesy and predictable.  Even now I still wonder how I got so addicted with everything so unadorned about it.

Something About One Percent Series Review

Dear Lee Jae In, you had me at your kisses.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy   GRADE:  B+


♥ K2 (2016) – oppa miyane i will work on you soon

K2 Series Review

GENRE:  Action, Drama, Romance     GRADE:


♥ Dear My Friends (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Drama  GRADE:

♥ Drinking Solo (2016) – What drew me to watching “Drinking Solo” was the simple storytelling, setting and character building.  It was a plain picture of the struggles of students taking lessons to pass the civil service exam and the battles of the instructors in surviving the present day adult life complications versus those idealistic dreams they had when they were young.  The love concerns inserted were additional bonus in amusing myself in watching the cast move on with their fictional life.  

Drinking Solo Series Review

Cheers to a drama that celebrates the singlehood life

GENRE:  Drama, Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C+


♥ Beautiful Mind (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Medical, Thriller  GRADE:

♥ Shopping King Louie (2016) – While everything in kdramaland was serious in polishing the story and rendering remarkable character portrayals, “Shopping King Louis” came along like a comfort food frocking in all positivity it can have.  Though having a simple premise, Bok Sil and Louis were entertaining me with their sweet and hilarious chemistry.  The light and upbeat pace matches the optimism of the main leads.  

Shopping King Louie Series Review

This is a good drama to watch after wrenching your heart in Scarlet Heart and Uncontrollably Fond

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy   GRADE:  B


♥ Oh My Geum Bi (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Family, Comedy   GRADE:

♥ On the Way to the Airport (2016) – We normally get those kind of third-party love affair stories, and we never achieve a proper explanation on the reason why people involve themselves in an illicit affair. “On the way to the Airport” touches this sensitive marital issue in a classy way that will make you cheer and understand why a man and a woman got caught in an entanglement behind their husband and wife’s back. What the story brought about is how marriage can be broken even with the most rational mind when a person finds a willing heart who can share his pain.
I like how subtle the approach is in tackling adultery in the narrative maybe because the writer sketched valid presentation of those phases that make a person lose the love he felt with his lover along the way.

On the Way to the Airport Series Review

How to be unfaithful to your spouse gracefully…

GENRE:  Romance, Drama     GRADE:  B


♥ Laurel Tree Tailors (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Family   GRADE:

♥ Monster (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama   GRADE:

♥ Love in the Moonlight aka Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds (2016) – Eventhough Lee Young and Hong Ra On will not be hitting the pinnacle of my best dramas this year, the full drama package was commendable due to its poignant sketching of the main characters and the writer’s impeccable timing to pin me on my spot and not sway away from following the story in those moments when I almost did.  Drawn on a historical premise, “Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds” is a sweet drama treat brimming with giddy-ish scenes that will make you reminisce that once special love when you were young.

Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds Series Review

Crown Prince Park Bo Gum effect at its best

GENRE:  Period, Drama, Romance     GRADE:  B


♥ Woman with a Suitcase (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Comedy   GRADE:

♥ Moonlovers:  Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016) –  Albeit the tormenting emotional strain I got with Scarlet Heart Ryeo, it will belong on my favorites for this year because I love that it became even more believable and fervent due to the plot’s instability and the main characters indecisiveness.  It was a situation that might have killed the drama, but because the essential character motivations were clearly drawn, as a viewer I enjoyed that feeble  and vulnerable facet of the production.  Even with the unfazed heartrending tone all throughout, I take Scarlet Heart Ryeo with all my heart because I believe that a happy ending does not measure how great a love can be.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Series Review

The series aftermath pained and haunted me.  4th Prince So, I’m here for you now, tomorrow and everyday in between.

GENRE:  Period, Supernatural, Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  B

♥ Marriage Contract (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Drama  GRADE:

♥ Fantastic (2016) – Even with the dying premise, I have grown to love “Fantastic” because of the dexterous cast and how they blend together supporting each other’s friendship and stories.  Fantastic is an optimistic story that not only encourages through its love theme, but also with how the main characters were able to leave really cool life lessons as they tackled the roles they played in the narrative.

Fantastic Series Review

The feisty writer and her journey to love and sickness is an uplifting story of how a woman who braves the odds through the encouragement of her loved ones

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy   GRADE:  C+


♥ Wanted (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Thriller, Drama  GRADE:

♥ Jealousy Incarnate (2016) – Sure, there were a lot going on in “Jealousy Incarnate” that sometimes the sporadic mini plots did not equate well to its overall make, but the eager and vibrant cast made up to that missing push the story failed to achieve.  Honestly the safe ever-after ending failed to complement those strong moments of the lead cast along with the story conflict they had to face together hilariously and painfully.  Nevertheless, I did enjoy the sweet ride and the endearing couple who tackled the friendship defying love chase.

Jealousy Incarnate Series Review

It was good while it lasts.  There were highs and lows, but the ending went to autopilot mode

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C+


♥Vampire Detective (2016) – parking lot

GENRE: Supernatural, Action   GRADE:

♥ Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016) – Well at least you can get ample fan service to this story of cousins who were tamed harmoniously by a girl who was hired by their grandfather.  The characters were endearing but the story was too trite.

Cinderella and the Four Knights Series Review

See how much I love you Jung Il Woo oppa?  After your army duty please deviate from this kind of dramas.  

GENRE:  Youth, Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C+


♥Let’s Fight Ghost (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Fantasy   GRADE:

♥ W: Two Worlds (2016) – Less the staggering twists and turns that were ever present in the narrative, I still like how “W:TwoWorlds” was so ambitious on how it vividly displayed and chronicled a love story that defied alternate universe.  It maneuvered to constant deviation and possibilities having the premise of “everything is possible to happen as long as they can draw it”.  I love smart characters playing in the story so I have to give it to Yeon Joo on how she perceives efficiently in moments when Kang Chul is hindered by the limitations of his heroic role which was dependent on his fictional character.  All throughout its showing, I was immersed on the extent of chimeric world the story would thread to, even when it hit a frustrating circle, but then it bounced back to a neatly delineated denouement although I would have wanted for another hour of extension.  

W Two Worlds Series Review

Interesting Note:  It would have been so perfect if not for the midway confusion and safe landing

GENRE:  Supernatural, Romance, Thriller     GRADE:  B


♥Mrs. Cop 2 (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Crime, Thriller  GRADE:

♥ Age of Youth (2016) – Tailored to show the common faces of women, this honest drama has a melancholic resonance as it progressed to strengthening the bond of the 5 women living together in a dormitory who all have baggages from their past that haunt them in their present lives.  “Age of Youth” is a retrospective youth drama about women in their 20’s. The five ladies promenaded their love inhibitions, self-esteem issues, school worries, what happens after school disappointments and all the rest of typical predicaments, 20’s women usually worry about.

Age of Youth Series Review

GENRE:  Youth, Drama, Romance     GRADE:  B


♥Miss Temper and Nam Jun Gi (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Comedy   GRADE:

♥ Uncontrollably Fond (2016) – The thing about Uncontrollably Fond is that it tapped into those memories of lost and depressing love that people don’t want to look back anymore in their lives.  It was not a happy-ever-after kind of romance that appeals typically to almost anyone, instead it delved to the most shameful, most regretful and most painful things anyone can do because of love.  Uncontrollably Fond won’t appeal to those who craved light and sweet type of romantic stories you can indulge to this narrative but be aware that you will be put on tormenting spot most of the time.  Though deemed to have been badly written, there was a thread that held the loyal viewers and that’s the dying scenario of the lead man.  I stayed until the end because I believe that not all love stories are wrapped in kisses and sweet memories.  There are those that are melancholic and yet lives on as someone’s one great love.

Uncontrollably Fond Series Review

Disclaimer:  Prepare a lot of tissue and patience

GENRE:  Melodrama, Romance     GRADE:  C+


♥ This Week My Wife is Having an Affair (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Comedy   GRADE:

♥ Doctors (2016) – I credit the starpower of the cast for raking in high ratings.  Even though the story did not deserve it at the very least.  When the surgeries took over the story, it was a feeling of journeying to Mt. Mordor to destroy the one ring of them all for me.  I was tired needing an elixir of life that would push me to understand if I was watching a drama or I’m learning to become a doctor through a confused medical documentary.  The writing was so bad it did not even complement the character sketches when they could have expanded it more given the complexity of the main roles drawn.  A little believable sprinkle of love complications would have broken the languid development of the story, but they throw in a lovable second male lead who settled to the proverbial fate of second lead syndrome.

Doctors Series Review

Disclaimer:  Kim Rae Won oppa wae?! wae?! wae?!

GENRE:  Medical, Melodrama     GRADE:  C


♥ Oh Hae Young Again (2016) – Another Oh Hae Young took me by surprise because I was not hooked on its opening episodes.  I gave it another chance because I know how great Eric Moon was in his previous roles and I’m happy I didn’t give up easily.  The love progression was realistic and at the same time surreal.  It tapped on those moments when we were all left hanging and indecisive to admit that we were in love.


Romance Meter:  Messy, heartfelt and blissfully sweet

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama, Comedy     GRADE:  A


♥ Task Force 38 (2016) – Task Force 38 is straight to the point with the premise, the conflict, and how the people moving in the story resolved and closed it.  It helped that even with the serious topic, the protagonists were drawn as suave robinhood and upright citizen who only wanted to make sure that no one is above the law in paying taxes.  True it made use of an illegal approach to defeat the baddies by brewing schemes to make them forcedfully pay what they owe which is still technically bad, but it fairly explained the limited options in stopping corruption when the people responsible for it are puppets of organized crime group.  Life really has inconvenient realities that can’t be dealt with by justice.  So as long as you get to the resolution even if the means defy law as long as there are no life threatened, then just settle with it.

Task Force 38 Series Review

Plus Factor:  The con team blended so well

GENRE:  Crime, Heist, Drama     GRADE: B  

♥ Mirror of the Witch (2016) – I have a thing for witchcraft stories that’s maybe why I found the story appealing.  The magical rules mixed with folklore and saving the long lost princess sprinted to a sporadic run, but managed to enchant me up until the very last round.  Mirror of the Witch target specific audience like me who believe Hogwarts really exist.  Though lacking in terms of polished storytelling, stubborn conflicts and saddening ending, if you want a breather or an alternative to kdrama cliches then plunge on it.

Mirror of the Witch Series Review

Interesting Note:  The supernatural ride was frustratingly fun

GENRE:  Supernatural, Romance     GRADE:  C


♥ Beautiful Gong Shim (2016) – A typical neighborhood love that bloomed from pure trust and understanding between unexpected friends and their journey to acknowledge that they were built so perfectly for each other because it is their destiny to fall in love eventually. Crossing the line between friends and romance requires a courageous stance that you know what you are doing and you are prepared to take a leap of faith. Love is not romance until it is reciprocated. The impeccable sassy and cheesy chemistry of Dan Tae and Gong Shim has had me on laughing fits most of the time.  Their comic characters were drawn so well and so compatible to each other that they compensated to the predictable plot of the series.  KDramas are known for the weird-looking kisses but the delightful love couple made sure to redefine the awkward kiss scenes and made me giggle a lot with the enchanting build up of their love story.


Interesting Note:  For some odd reason it will endear you with its simplicity

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C+


♥  Lucky Romance (2016) – The yin-yang love battle between the science oriented lead man and the superstitious heroine started cute, stayed sweet and hilarious but pushed its luck too far in securing a safe ending.  That being said, I won’t whine but I won’t give high praises for it.  Lucky romance is like your summer fling, it was good while it lasted, but then eventually when it ended, there was no lingering feeling.


Sad Note:  It has a lot of promise but…the heroine was indecisive and full of worries

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy  GRADE:  C


♥ One More Happy Ending (2016) – Cooked and prepared like your average romcom, One More Happy Ending was a delightful watch.  I would like also to applaud the strong side stories of the supporting characters which were equally vibrant as the main love story.  The plot delved on the varying emotions of women struggling to keep up with love and relationship.  The marriage camp and relationship board sticker ideas were also some of the cutesies I will remember about this refreshing romcom.  This most likely will appeal to singles in 30’s who have failed their marriage once… who are finding the love lost along the way in their current marriage… who are unsure of finally settling down and who have been waiting for the right person to come along.


love second chances affirming drama

GENRE:  Rom-com, Friendship     GRADE:  C+


♥ Come Back Ajussi (2016) – parking lot or will watch it again if Rain oppa will give a good kdrama in the future.  I just can’t go back without dozing on it anymore.

Crazy note:  The cast was great, the writing was not

GENRE:  Romance, Supernatural     GRADE:  D


♥ Entertainer (2016) – Sadly, in my melancholic attempt to look back on “Entertainer”, there’s nothing much that I remember about it, no matter how much heart Ji Sung oppa gave to the drama.  The story as a whole was not something that I would reminisce in the future.   Sure there were a little highlighted moments especially those musical performances but they were overshadowed by the lack of the vibrancy of the storytelling.   So I’ll be making this a very quick review.  Skip it when you have a pile of kdrama on queue to watch.  Even if you will watch it for Ji Sung oppa, there’s nothing much oppa-happiness-pill that you would get anyway, so settle with other dramas that would make the most out of your time.  I watched it because I was counting on Ji Sung oppa’s choice given that I liked most of the dramas he did, but there’s really nothing much going on. 


Disclaimer:  Remember how sad it was when Dobby died

You would wonder how Ji Sung oppa even took this drama

GENRE:  Drama, Musical, Romance     GRADE:  D


♥ Flower in Prison (2016) – Bracing myself with a lengthy period drama run, what hooked my loyalty to weekender “Flower in Prison” was its balanced execution of political struggle, neat narrative, infuriating villains and optimistic underdogs. I journeyed with the heroine Ok Nyeo in exploring the situation of state prison, merchant organization as well as the early days of defending crime convicted victims who can’t fend for themselves circa Joseon era.


Disclaimer:  It had a pretty much brilliant run, but a little frustrating in the end

GENRE:  Period, Drama     GRADE:  B+


♥ Five Children (2016) – Second serving of love has never been this lively until these adorable families connected through marriages and made their family even bigger, wackier and happier.  “Five Children” was the first family weekend drama I finished and it was a feat I’m so proud of because it was 54 episodes.


Interesting Note:  The secondary romance were better than the main one

GENRE:  Family, Romance     GRADE:  B


♥ Jackpot (2016) – Jackpot managed to nail the fundamental elements of a historical drama.  It has a thrilling plot with Joseon gambling scene on the side, birth secret and family issues, conspiracy woven conflicts and the strong showdowns of the villain and the hero. Though it may not be perfect, it presented a solid story that didn’t go astray but focused on the main character’ discovery of the lessons they have to learn on their own journeys.


GENRE:  Historical, Drama  GRADE:  C+


♥ The Neighborhood Hero (2016) – parking lot I still trust you Park Shi Hoo oppa

Neighborhood Hero Series Review

GENRE:  Thriller, Drama, Crime     GRADE:


♥ Descendants of the Sun (2016) Creating a 3rd Hallyu wave, Descendants of the Sun defied the spring boring drama stigma and emerged with an amazing story that captured the hearts of the viewers.  Definitely one of the best for 2016.

Descendants of the Sun Series Review

Romance Meter:  Captain Yoo Si Jin was made for us girls but let’s have some boundaries.  I will take the lips.  *blush

Addiction Alert:  Will Hook you from Episode 1

GENRE:  Romance, Drama    GRADE:  A


♥ Signal (2016) – Signal tells about two police officers from the past and present communicating through a broken radio in solving cases that were happening in the past and were re-opened from cold cases vault in the present.  The cases involved led them to discovering the connection they had in the past and the clues from the present to be given, so the future can be changed to save them and their loved ones.

Signal Korean Drama Series Review

Plus Factor:  Brilliant use of time element

GENRE:  Thriller, Drama     GRADE:  B+


♥ Master God of Noodles (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Drama   GRADE:

♥ Cheese in the Trap (2016) – I don’t know how to start my thoughts about this drama but I will try.  It felt like that sweetest romance you had which turned a nightmare overnight.  I want to blame the writer and PD for sleepwalking somewhere, but out of the initial cutesies  and romance, I will try  to be forgiving.  It was still not as bad as “Big” drama but it was a case of a company not being able to put up with its employees’ rallies settled amicably to giving some chocolates, going to the moon and just disappearing to the unknown.  Haha

Cheese in the Trap Series Review

Disclaimer:  The love vibes was vibrant on the first half and just like a playful love… but it disappeared without any explanation

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy  GRADE:  D


♥ Remember: Son’s War (2016) – Remember:  Son’s War came strong to my attention once it hit the TV waves.  It was heading in a thrilling direction where revenge is the premise and where the characters can’t trust one another.

Remember:  Son’s War Series Review

Cry-o-Meter:  Prepare half tissue roll for the heartfelt scenes

GRADE:  Court Drama, Revenge     GRADE:  B Read more


A Man’s First Love: Beloved Eun Dong Series Review


If there’s a first love drama that warmed my heart recently, it would be the story of a man’s unrequited romance to a woman who was kept being separated to him by fate.  Beloved Eun Dong narrated a love story so blissful and agonizing like it came straight from a classic love novel.

The love couple met when they were young and became each other’s puppy love, they met again in college where they formally entered a relationship, but the girl, Eun Dong who dreamt of being an actress met an accident and was separated to him again.  He soon became a top actor and in his quest to find his true love, he commisioned a ghost writer to bring to life his love story.  Eun Dong who suffered from amnesia took the job and while writing the book, flashes of her memory came back and realized the lies her current disabled husband and adopted father did to her.

 But claiming the love that was deprived of them by the villains was no easy task as they faced the controversy of Eun Dong being married legally.  To make the matter worse, Eun Dong revealed that her son is Hyun Soo’s, but his son is already attached to the father he was with while growing up.

Divided in 3 parts, Eun Dong and Hyun Soo’s story moved steady from that sweet young love to the complicated re-owning of the diverted romance in a way where I was so affected by the enduring commitment of Hyun Soo to love only one woman in his life.  I have never seen someone like him in kdramaland.  I mean most of the boys surely did love their girls the best way they can, but his painstaking story to be with the girl he loves, left my heart on a painful twinge.  Having a villain that was wheelchair bound and acted selfish because of love has had me on a dilemma as well if I will hate or understand his pain.  

The conflict having been Eun Dong already married while the lead man fervently waited for her was mind agonizing.  It was a test of justifying what you’ve been through to lose your greatest love and will you be happy if you reclaim your love that is not yours by law anymore.  The love triangle were all in a helpless state trying to break out from that suffocating bind, but in the end true love paved a way to free them all of the burden.

“Beloved Eun Dong” has a very strong narrative which will put the audience on a trance in finding a solution for everyone to be happy.  It taught a lesson that love involves two people loving each other the best way they can and not how the people around them understands it. It will perfectly soothe and evoke your heart because it will make you reminisce the casualties of failed relationships and the bliss of fighting for what you think is rightfully yours.  This drama will remind you of your greatest love and will prove to you how love is meant to be, when you work for it to happen.



The faces we put on when we love someone




For once I got to see a melodrama with a rich family cast not going all war with excessive evil plots to claim the rein of a company, but doing it within the members as what I perceived the rich and famous should have done in reality.  “Mask” having dysfunctional characters will entice you by how much it deconstructed the main leads’ motivations, frailties and hair-pulling moments on what they are willing to give because of greed, vengeance and sacrificial love.
Swerving from the musty weep fest trademark of melodrama, “Mask” raised its fight club banner through lies, devious plots, and ruthless counter attacks for reasons of being blindly in love and the thirst to achieve a payback.


The story evolved around a family who accepted a new daughter-in-law (Byun Ji Sook) to strengthen their wealth with her government connection through her politician father not knowing that she was hired by the son-in-law (Min Seok Hoon) when his ex-lover, (Seo Eun Ha) died in an accident.  In a freak coincidence Ji Sook happened to be a doppelganger of Eun Ha whose fate was the exact opposite of the latter’s grandiose elite life.  Seok Hoon offered Ji Sook to play on the con to marry Min Woo and guided her intently on her cover.  But soon enough she developed pure feelings toward Min Woo and worked on reversing her life that has been mostly controlled by other people and her misfortunes.


We have a solid cast who rose up to the occasion and gave meaningful portrayals to the very best of the wicked side and better versions of their characters.  What drew me most about “Mask” is the impeccable showing of the four main leads linked by painful love, betrayal and blood ties.  The supporting leads’ love story though not hitting a poignant and meaningful commitment in the end was messy and created a lingering impact of that definitive question on how much can someone go in the name of love.  I like how Ji Sook transitioned her image from a total push-over to a woman who knows her worth.  Her character as a focal point of the story pushed the problem in a coherent challenge where the surrounding people balanced out the struggle between the good and the evil.


I enjoyed the theatrics and the melodrama clichés because “Mask” in its entirety was not sporadically sketched and was focused to the penultimate closure.  I like it when dramas are overbearing because there’s an established premise to support it, and that was the case for “Mask”.  I got affected on the heavy scenes, but they did not overwhelm me with exhausting episode weep runs.


If you want a serious kdrama watch, then this will fill your craving.  The romance, the intrigue, the annoyance, the power plays were well-conceived and executed leaving a sense of fulfilment if you will sit on it for a binge.  I even prepared myself with some tissue rolls for the tear party because it was Su Ae and Joo Ji Hoon, but I was put at the edge of my seat because I was cheering earnestly for Ji Sook and how she found her niche and defied her old self to emancipate herself in the villain’s grip and be with the man she loved without secrets and lies.



To:  Healer@moebius.com  I’m still waiting for you


Out of all my fictional boyfriends that change every now and then depending on my mood, Healer is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.  *wink  I could choose from princes, time travelers, rich guys, military and police officers, doctors and the rest of white collar jobs available to men, but the night courier who takes on highly confidential work commissioned secretly and dangerously by powerful men in the society is who I want to wake up with if it is permissible.  *wink

Healer is one of the best dramas you should include in your list if you haven’t seen it yet.  It has a brilliant premise about a one-of-a-kind hero who chose to disconnect from the society, but accidentally grew attachment to a woman who drew him out of his hibernation.  The drama quaintly linked the furtive relationship of the characters while building up the plot’s climax and romance to perfection.  It is so addictive, stimulating and amusing — and that one drama you can sit on with family, friends and even your lover.  I’m almost two years late to review this drama but I hope you can find time to watch one of the best dramas on my list.


In 1992, Moon Shik was friends with four other people – Kil Ahn, Myung Hee, Jun Seok and Young Jae.  They hang out at a junk yard where his 3 friends Healer’s father and Young Shin’s biological parents ran a pirate investigative radio program tackling society issues that were being hidden to the public. 

Moon Ho who has long harbored love to Myung Hee, took on an offer by the Elder, a powerful man that secretly calls the shot on the political and economic control of the country.  Later on he married Kyung Hee who was binded in a wheelchair because of an accident.


Meet Joong Ho aka Healer – the best night courier in town.  He lives alone without social interaction aside from his partner hacker and a young lady in the team in a wide space dreaming of buying an island for his retirement.  He is skilled in avoiding CCTV cameras and can crawl, leap and climb from one building to another.  He works with an ajumma hacker in mission impossible courier service of stealing and delivering items ordered to them by clients who are usually from the rich and famous.  


We opened the story with Healer being asked to receive a package by JaeIl News, a big news company ran by Kim Moon Shik.  He faced another private team hired  by Kim Moon Ho, a famous newscaster also Kim Moon Shik’s brother, but successfully completed his mission beating the group of thugs assembled by the private team.  After his defeat, Kim Moon Ho placed a mission for Healer to find his long lost niece who disappeared 20 years ago and was believed to be dead.  Off Healer to chase Chae Young Shin, a writer from an online entertainment website specializing in tabloid news.  She hero worships Kim Moon Ho and dreams of becoming an influential Broadcaster someday.  Healer managed to get Young Shin’s finger nail for DNA and Moon Ho confirmed his sister-in-law’s  daughter is alive.


Healer was again commissioned by Kim Moon Ho to research about Chae Young Shin so he stalked her all night and day.  Young Shin witnessed a  woman, Joo Yun Hee being assaulted by a man, Hwang Jae Guk, who turned out to be an entertainment company president while she was stalking on a top actor.  When she realized the woman will be taking her life, she rushed to save her and brought her to their house where her father agreed to be his lawyer to plead her sexual assault claim.  

But Hwang Jae Guk is under the protection of an influential, top secret group where Kim Moon Shik is also affiliated.  Moon Ho who has long confirmed the puzzle pieces he was working on will have to stop his older brother succumbed to even more wickedness.  

When Jae Il company double-crossed him by pinning him as the murderer of the man involved in the work he did for them, he found the scenario on how his recent jobs are strangely hitting something inside him. While on the job watching over Young Shin, he saw Moon Ho late at night staring at Young Shin and figured the connection of the client who asked for the paternity test and his connection as the brother of Jae Il company’s president.  He followed him and broke into Moon Ho’s house and saw the group picture of his father’s friends which he also had. 

 Wanting to unveil his recent discovery, Healer assumed a new identity the next day as Park Bong Soo and went to work in Someday News and became Young Shin’s junior for him to get information in processing the mystery of his father’s death and his friends of long ago. Meanwhile Double S courier service teamed up with Moon Ho to do tasks that will cover their organization’s evil works. 

Young Shin asked her boss to publish her article related to Yun Hee’s case but the boss refused to challenge the repercussions of the article if it gets bigger since it involved a major political party player and a famous entertainment company president.  But after Young Shin got drunk from their team dine out, she published an article without his superior’s permission and caused a ruckus the next day as the parties involved in the story made a move to silence the scandal.  

Moon Ho offered to take over the story but Young Shin declined.  Soon Moon Ho’s men cornered Young Shin and Bong Soo.  Young Shin asked Bong Soo to run and call the police but he suit up to his Healer self and came back to rescue Young Shin.

Healer trapped the leader of Double S affirming the involvement of Kim Moon Ho in almost kidnapping Young Shin, but over Yoon Hee’s case, Moon Ho’s men was able to reverse the situation by naming Yoon Hee as a gold-digger and accusing her of slander so they had to halt on their initial plan.  While Healer is getting to the point of finding out how his father died, worried ajumma hacker and his master who has returned from his hiatus asked him to take a vacation but stubborn Healer wants to get to the bottom of the questions in his head bothering him.  

He visited Hwang Jae Geuk and secured the saved videos of the women he traded to his clients while Young Shin is being mentored by Moon Ho to her new role.  Healer asked Young Shin to go to the rooftop to retrieve the video he got from Jae Guk’s safe.  She tried talking to him about the DNA test and the last time he saved her, but Healer held back on the growing emotions he is feeling for her.

Kim Moon Shik and Congressman Kim meet with “The Elder”, the head of their untouchable triangle.  The Elder castigated Congressman Kim on his reckless scandal as Kim Moon Ho bought Someday News to build a more compelling online news broadcast site.

Healer paid a visit to Kim Moon Ho to clear his name or he will expose their secret organization, but on his way out Myung Hee was on the door and called him Jun Seok after Healer’s resemblance to his late father. Just as Healer taunted his superior’s to reveal the relationship of the woman who called him his father’s name, his master interfered and confirmed Myung Hee’s identity as the woman in the group picture.  Young Shin almost get to the verge of his connection to Moon Ho, but  the latter was able to dodge the tough spot he was on.

Sang Soo from double S met with Moon Shik and disclosed Young Shin’s details and we get a flashback on how Myung Hee asked Moon Ho to find Ji Ahn who was left near the garbage bin when their whole family fled after learning they will be chased by the people behind the risky scoop they got.  Moon Shik found Ji Ahn, but lost her when he bought a drink for her in a nearby convenience store.

The Elder learned from Moon Ho’s psycho secretary Oh about the latter’s wavering heart out of the guilt he has been carrying from the death of his friends.  He ordered Secretary Oh to give a warning to Moon Ho by trapping Young Shin in a broken elevator, but ajumma hacker alerted Healer and saved her from that near death experience.  Trembling from the experience, she worriedly thanked him for saving her life again and just as he walked away from her, it dawned on him how the woman he has been protecting has understood and accepted him without asking anything in return.  He went back and scoop a sweet kiss under the falling snow.

After Young Shin’s elevator encounter, Moon Ho rushed to warn his brother not to touch Young Shin or he will lose Myung Hee once she learned the truth that her daughter is alive, but the latter doesn’t know about what the Elder commanded his psycho assistant and that Ji Ahn was still alive.  Young Shin called Bong Soo from a telephone booth and cryingly confided how she is waiting for someone to meet her but worried that he will not come at all.

Young Shin confided to Bong Soo how her heart fluttered with Healer which made our hero smiled as his protective instinct has long been hooked by Young Shin without him realizing it.  Ajumma hacker and Master deduced how Healer/Jung Ho has finally fallen in love with a woman but it gets complicated because she is the daughter of Kil Ahn who was supposed to be the friend his father killed.

It was Congressman Kim’s press conference and Moon Ho’s company can’t get through it so he sent Young Shin and Bong Soo for a make-over and pretended to be attending a wedding on the same hotel of the conference.  Young Shin successfully threw in questions that made Congressman Kim felt off guard and was broadcast live on the internet website.  Back on the villains’ den, they were left no choice but to drop Congressman Kim as a Seoul mayoral candidate.

The Master met Jung Hoo to clear the things he wanted from his father’s picture only to worsen it by learning that his father committed suicide because he killed someone.  The Master challenged Jung Hoo to find out the real truth behind his father’s death by finding the person who took the group picture as he strongly believed his father won’t kill anyone.

Healer went to Moon Ho’s place, revealed his identity and questioned him about the missing pieces of the puzzle he was trying to solve just as Moon Ho found Young Shin’s cellphone on Bong Soo’s jacket.  Healer offered Moon Ho his night courier service in exchange of the story from 1992 but he made an agreement for him to reveal himself first after using Young Shin’s cellphone as a bait.  Moon Ho made Jung Hoo remembered a memory from his childhood where he played with a young girl.  Healer confirmed his identity as Joon Seok son and recalled the uncle who used to baby sit for him.  Moon Ho told him about who his father supposedly killed which made Jung Hoo frustrated because he was Young Shin’s daughter.  He challenged Jung Hoo to clear the suspicion on his father’s murder accusation.

Healer conversed with ajumma hacker on how he will continue working on Someday News and blabbed about his fondness over Young Shin and his plans to clear his father’s name so that he can like her freely.

Hwang Jae Guk committed suicide after Someday News’ exclusive online broadcast.  Moon Ho and Jung Hoo went to the old dumpsite to start unveiling on the what-happened-in-1992 project.  

Ajumma hacker told Jung Hoo about Young Shin’s email and intention to go on a midnight movie date with him without him showing himself but just his presence.  Jung Hoo and ajumma prepared a candle lit pathway and stuffed toy for their first movie date.  They sat silently watching the movie.  When the movie ended, Jung Hoo reached for Young Shin’s hand and held it tightly.  

Healer went to retrieve Joon Seok’s confession file but found it empty so he used his teue identity to get the information relating to his father’s death.  Moon Shik was alarmed of Jung Hoo’s visit for his dead father’s file and went to meet him directly.  Myung Hee who has started being suspicious of Moon Shik feigned ignorance when she saw their guest.  Jung Hoo learned about Myung Hee’s lost daughter Ji Ahn and confirmed with Moon Ho that Ji Ahn is present day Young Shin. Moon Ho explained that she had to hide Young Shin because he had to protect her. Jung Hoo denied him of involving himself to them anymore even with Moon Ho telling him how powerful their enemies were.

Jung Hoo conversed with ajumma on how she really cared for him thats why she tried to make his connection with Young Shin break. She knew about their fathers’ backstory so she didn’t want him to get hurt but Jung Hoo bluntly revealed that he can’t run away and just want to protect Young Shin because he liked her a lot.

Moon Ho and his Someday team went full throttle in attacking Kim Moon Shik with their online broadcast.  Jung Hoo asked Moon Ho to not make Young Shin in the dark and revealed everything but the latter wanted Young Shin to learn everything on her own.

Meanwhile Moon Shik threw a bait to catch Healer by using his mother after ajumma tracker was alarmed that the psycho assistant met with his mother.  Healer was disarmed by a poison gunshot but was rescued by his Master.  Ajumma hacker called Young Shin to find Bong Soo and took him to the hospital. While tending to sleeping Bong Soo, he reached for her hand and she suddenly realized the feel of Healer’s hand and realized Bong Soo and Healer were the same.

Master Young Jae was transferred from Moon Shik’s Men to the police station.  Young Shin pretended that she doesn’t know Healer’s identity yet.  The Master was interrogated by cyber police Yoon Dong Won but the poison given by Secretary Oh kicked in and killed the Master after admitting in to all Jung Hoo’s recent works.


Healer went off the radar after his master’s demise so ajumma  hacker was left no choice but to bring life to him by sending Young Shin.

Jung Hoo tried pushing her away but he surrendered the idea and let the pain in his heart washed away by Young Shin’s warmth.

Moon Shik finally confirmed Jung Hoo and Healer’s identity and was apprehended on how everything will turn out if Myung Hee the only thing he wanted in life will know everything soon.  Healer and Young Shin proceeded to obtaining information to support the news they are working on about Hwang Jae Guk’s suicide.  Moon Ho confirmed that his brother paid a man on Detective Dong Won’s team.  He made an agreement with Dong Won to get a scoop on the police officer who poisoned Healer’s master.  The police officer called Moon Shik’s assistant as he planned his escape route but Healer held him binded until Detective Dong Won’s team came.

Someday News aired the story of Moon Shik’s connection to Ki Young Jae’s death to ruin his Seoul Mayoral candidacy campaign.  Myung Hee almost reaching his breaking point wondering about how much lies her husband has been hiding refused to talk to Moon Shik. The Moon brothers had a phone spat and raised war to one another.  

The next day Myung Hee called Young Shin agreeing to an interview but Moon Shik quickly get to where the game is heading and asked her to spare some time for him.  Moon Shik asked Secretary Ahn to divulge the made-up lies of Healer killing people to frighten Young Shin adding the murder of Jun Hoo’s father to his friend.  Moon Ho rushed to Jae Il news and finally told Young Shin who her real mother was.  

Jung Hoo worked with ajumma hacker in tracing the interview files needed to absolve his father’s supposed crime not realizing that Moon Shik and his team already placed a bait. 

Young Shin called Jung Hoo about the revelation she had that day so he had to rush back to be at her side.  While thinking over the events of her day, Young Shin felt frustrated about being kept in the dark.  When she mustered to get back at her feet, she picked up the case files and realized Jung Hoo’s father and her father’s connection.  Jung Hoo arrived at Young Shin’s room and she trembled at his sight signaling she figured out everything.  He reached for her but she can’t help but act cold and stepped back so Jung Hoo had to walk away promising he will find the truth about their fathers.  Young Shin ran to catch up on Jung Hoo, embraced him and made him promise to come back even without not being successful with securing evidence.

Jung Hoo met with the police who took his father’s statement.  He learned how his father’s statement was fabricated and that how he has a tape recording of the interview.  Ajumma hacker thru Myung Hee’s bug information alerted Jung Hoo that Moon Shik’s men tailed them through the police.  Jung Hoo fought with Moon Shik’s men but the police got hit by baseball bat causing his death and making Jung Hoo appeared to be the culprit.  Before the police faded, he managed to tell Jung Hoo three numbers.

Secretary Oh was released from the jail and went back to Moon Shik’s house on the same day Young Shin visited Myung Hee.  Jung Hoo rushed to the location while Secretary Oh reported to the Elder.  The Elder ordered Secretary Oh not to reveal it to Moon Shik having known that he will fall apart is Myung Hee left his side.  Jung Hoo scared Secretary Oh and while fumbling on things at Moon Shik’s study room, he saw his Master’s charnel house documents and realized that the numbers given to him by the dead police was for a charnel house – his father’s charnel house.  Myung Hee narrated the story of what happened in 1992 to Young Shin and suffered an attack in the process.  Young Shin finally realized why she wasn’t able to talk when she was young as it was the last thing her mother told her to do.

Moon Shik met with the Elder to proceed with their future plan.   Someday News prepared to go on a live internet broadcast uncloaking the events of 1992 as Jung Hoo and Young Shin headed to the field site to support the report.  They went to So Jung Seok’s charnel house and went to retrieve the confession tape but acted as a decoy to thwart the men chasing them.  Jung Hoo’s junior already emptied the spot before they came and delivered the parcel to Someday News team.

Jung Hoo was captured and was brought to where Elder’s location is.  On cue his meeting with the Elder was captured to live online feed through his camera glasses.  The broadcast narrated how Kil Ahn and Jun Seok stumbled on a secret group that manipulated politics and laws to suit their taste.  Kil Ahn was caught by the men and killed him as Jun Seok fled with Moon Shik from the scene.  The same organization – Farmers is led by the Elder who recruited Moon Shik with the promise of making him powerful and letting him live with Myung Hee by his side.

Moon Shik retaliated by doing and impromptu interview to answer allegations about his candidacy and his relationship to the Elder. 


He reverted his current predicament by attacking Moon Ho’s irresponsible journalism move and made himself shine by presenting how he has fought for press freedom in the past.  Moon Ho received summons from government offices and the office was ransacked following his brother’s attack.  

Moon Ho was abducted by Moon Shik’s men so Jung Hoo left Young Shin to rescue Moon Ho.  Young Shin was caught by psycho Secretary Oh and held her captive while Moon Shik’s men coaxed Jung Hoo to reveal a tip they got from Russia and to state his involvement in the recent killing of the police witness while Young Shin is on the brink of being poisoned.  

He agreed to state the forced confession and went off radar to catch the Elder’s secretary.  Myung Hee finally left Moon Shik and went to Someday news for interview.  They disclosed a bridge accident that involved Omega Investments where the Elder is also affiliated to present their final story of the illegal venues of where the Elder’s money is coming.  Jung Hoo secured the finger prints of the dead police’ culprit and ajumma hacker handed it to Detective Dong Won.  

Unfortunately, ajumma hacker took the hidden bait of Secretary Ahn so she had to leave her technology crib just as Jung Hoo penetrated their headquarters.  Jung Hoo rushed to help ajumma and they stayed at Young Shin’s place in the mean time.

On the final win or lose match to end the Elder and his men, Someday news had to broadcast an interview with a biochemistry researcher who was a witness on a bacteria research to contaminate the public drinking water so that privatization will take place.  The research harmed and killed village people where the tests took place.  The company behind the research was also led by the Elder.  The villains pulled another shot by publicizing Jung Hoo’s confession so he was left no choice but to join Elder’s camp.  

Young Shin was able to lead the researcher to the rest room for an interview but Healer took on his role with the villains and dragged the researcher out.  They ran and chased each other and finally Detective Dong Won fired a shot to Healer.

It turned out that the heroes devised a plan to get rid of Jung  Hoo and Healer’s identity while catching the last story to put the main antagonist to jail.  


As a night courier serving privy and expensive tasks, Healer’s routine life changed after his encounter with a woman connected to the death of his father.  What made me like the drama a lot is how the story telling was focused and neatly tied up without room to uncalled for sub plots.  It moved engrossingly while uncovering the link of the main characters in the past and their children in the present time.

The writing made the audience cheer for the characters and even feel the heart fluttering romance that built up for the lead couple while being excited on how the main conflict will be resolved.  I think most girls will agree that Healer’s story just held us breathless and those moments when he kissed Young Shin we felt it leaving the TV screen like we were all kissed by him too.  *chuckles  His enigmatic charm will make any girl want to be in his arms for protection.   

The story’s main conflict focused on peeling the truth behind the lead couple’s fathers’ death while journeying on their fated love.  It aligned to Healer’s character strength to propel the excitement while he did his gripping missions… circled on Young Shin’s character as the focal tug-of-war battle between the Moon brothers’ villain and hero complicated relationship and surged high to the my-father-might-have-killed-your-father-but-i-promise-i-love-you-and-i-will-protect-you love plot of the main leads. Healer justified the superb writing with how the characters went passionately driven to bring out a scintillating storytelling.

While a lot progressed in the story, it never missed it steps in binding the romance, the back story and the conflicts together.  It made use of the parallel plot about upright journalists in presenting the same events of the characters in the past and the present.

Song Ji Na is a seasoned TV writer but it amused me how she pulled a modern story that will make superhero movie romance plots look stupid compared to Healer and Young Shin’s love line.  Even with Faith, she has shown a commanding conception of how each role players would give justice to the shifting of the narration.  She was patient in explaining the smallest details without losing the thrill of the conflict.


Having Old Boy’s Yoo Ji Tae on board is already a reckoning force in the cast but the drama has such impeccable main leads and supporting characters that stayed focused and immersed in their roles hence giving such an impressive life to the story.

Healer’s role is one that will sweetly haunt women in their dreams.  Ji Chang Wook pulled his kickass character so well I can’t associate him anymore but with Healer.  

The bromancenemy between Moon Ho and Moon Shik left me annoyed on how their blood relationship inhibits themselves to go all-kill on their endless battle of their opposing views.  The Master-apprentice relationship of Healer and Young Jae although short, brought life to building our main hero’s integral presence as well as tying up the mess of what happened to the friendship circle that he once belonged to.  The ajumma-healer partnership was the most amusing connection in the drama, it was even more fun because ajumma who likes making kimbap and knitting wowed me with her acting as an invincible hacker that defies the cyber police and tricks in the country.

There were small problems that were laid along the way to boost the main conflict of how the protagonists will bring justice to their fathers’ death by ruining the villains through innovative news broadcast.  In this crime-romantic-drama-thriller premise, the story got so intoxicating because it assimilated Healer’s Promethean skills and heartfelt media coverage to battle the conscience-less power players of the country.  When your cast is smart and the writing is nifty, there’s no way the notes will not be hit.  That is the case for Healer.  I would also like to commend how I enjoyed Healer’s theme music on its placement in the drama and how the villains even with their old personas masterfully made the lives of the heroes hard by utilizing their vile ways.  


Healer is one of the best dramas of all time in my list.  I refused to number them because there’s not much on my list.  It’s already hard for me to fall in love with a kdrama so I always go for ingenious plot and how the cast suited up to their roles in bringing out the beauty of the story.




Cheese in the Trap… Trapped!



I don’t know how to start my thoughts about this drama but I will try.  It felt like that sweetest romance you had which turned a nightmare overnight.  I want to blame the writer and PD for sleepwalking somewhere, but out of the initial cutesies  and romance, I will try  to be forgiving.  It was still not as bad as “Big” drama but it was a case of a company not being able to put up with its employees’ rallies settled amicably to giving some chocolates, going to the moon and just disappearing to the unknown.  Haha


For the standard summary, “Cheese in the Trap” is a college campus romance between a complicated rich man’s son’ with trust issues and a normal girl who made the man she fell in love with trust humanity again while battling her own personal and family issues.  They have great friends.  There were a few romantic filled moments up to midway of the drama until they pushed on unnecessary plot conflicts instead of focusing on building the romance even more.


 Let’s make this short and simple, don’t watch it anymore.  Or just watch the first half and then move to another drama.  Or watch the full drama when you are heartbroken so that you will be numb when you hit the ending of the story. 


A Son’s Worth Remembering Love

Remember_(Korean_Drama)-p1 (1)

Because I’m totally smitten by Yoo Seung Ho’s smiling eyes and out of fear that Nam Kyung Man’s veins might pop if he throws a fit, I would give a positive write up on this heart-breaking and stirring drama.   *chuckles



Remember:  War of the Son came strong to my attention once it hit the TV waves.  It was heading in a thrilling direction where revenge is the premise and where the characters can’t trust one another.  The story was backed up with superb character portrayals out shadowing some of the lengthening kicks I did not see in “Punch”.  Yeah I believe “Punch” will now be my yardstick for kdramas in this kind of tone.  Nevertheless the heartfelt please-save-my-father plot was more than  enough to spin the story of a son’s promise to uphold the truth and clear the name of his father who was victimized by an abusive powerful family.



Having an eidetic memory, Seo Jin Woo lived happily and peacefully with his loving father until his father was framed to murdering a daughter of a family friend who was brutally killed by Nam Kyung Man, a rich man’s son with extreme anger management issues.  Jin Woo sought help from a cheeky lawyer, Park Dong Ho, with outstanding track record.  He was denied initially, but Dong Ho saw himself in Jin Woo when he was young and helpless and not being able to help his deceased father so he agreed to take on the hot case.  Things were looking favorable through Dong Ho’s skilled defense but the affluent family utilized their money to pin Jin Woo’s father to the crime he did not commit and was convicted of murder.


Years after, Jin Woo emerged as a young accomplished lawyer determined to open a retrial for his father whose Alzheimer’s disease can’t even make him remember his own son.  Jin Woo was also reunited to the only person who stood by his side when his father was first having his trial — Lee In Ah.  She eventually became a public prosecutor who is frequently restricted with  her investigations by the cunning Prosecutor Chief Hong Moo Suk who was in charge of covering all the evil doings of Nam family alongside Dong Ho who was left no choice but to serve the family out of  brotherly bond he shared with thug leader Joo Il.  But the attempt to free Jin Woo’s father failed and his father sadly died as his medical condition progressed exponentially because no treatment was received in prison.


Jin Woo and In Ah worked together to uncover all of Nam Kyung Man’s wickedness as Dong Ho learned the truth that his father died because of Nam Kyung Man’s father.  The path to expose and corner the vile father and son was  not easy as they can change the judge and even  prosecutors at their whim or use violence for extra measures.  But persevering Jin Woo and his allies worked patiently to prove that no one is above the law and securing the definitive evidence paved the point of no return for the villains. 

images (25)


Unfortunately Jin Woo acquired the same disease his father had, but  his deteriorating health did not stop him from fulfilling his vow to validate his father’s innocence and to stop influential families misusing their power.  Justice was eventually served on the third and final attempt making Kyung Man sentenced to death as their family’s wealth broke down to pieces.  In Ah offered her pure love to be with Jin Woo, but he chose to leave the people who cared about him when he finally lost his memory.

Hanbyul winter wind hecherrya

I was actually praying for warranted kdrama miracle out of the hardships Jin Woo took, but they ended it on a sad note.  I  don’t know if they were implying that revenge at the end of the day does not matter, but I was hoping some magical or experimental treatment to save Jin Woo’s memory.  But at the end of it all it dawned on me that the story is really about a son’s  unconditional devotion to his father.  So throwing  a romantic ever-after twist really don’t fit in the journey of the lead character.


The main villain was also amazingly good and insanely  annoying all  throughout.  His role placed the story in an equilibrium state until Jin Woo’s final sure kill surge.  Hands down to the actor who delivered a spoiled rich antagonist who was half-crazy, half-impossible and most of the time disgusting.


The supporting cast were also in full swing dishing out memorable characters that made this court-room drama thrilling. 


The entire drama as a whole was intoxicating but it lacked polished episode closings that would have made me at the verge of my seat anticipating.  It came very strong in limiting the protagonists goal to secure the upper hand in the battle by tampering their movements, and on that note, it was a little weak presenting lets-outwit-each-other showdowns.

dramasnews_remember-war-of-the-son-episode-14-recap_620160130021547 (1)

If you miss Yoo Seung Ho and want a no-nonsense but with a brave heart type of court-room drama, this one is definitely for you.  -jediprincess




The neighborhood of the 90’s youth: Reply 1988 Korean drama Series Review


They say that as you age along, you get more sentimental as you look back on what has happened in your life. Sitting on this neighborhood drama set between 1988 – 1995 made me reminisce the good old days of endearing family love and friendship full of memories and laughter. “Answer me 1988” pays homage to the irreplaceable bliss of being young – of our young dreams and our young love. It gives you a trip to memory lane when technology hasn’t taken over the world yet— when friends meet up at a house to watch movies, to eat and to chat and when romance comes true by heartfelt love declarations, stolen kisses and warm hugs.


Hands down to the extent of the research and the meticulously vibrant writing that were fused together to bring up a chronicle that warms the heart and lingers in one’s mind. The setting, side stories and the cast ensemble will make the viewers feel like stepping to a time-warping machine and bringing out the best memories we could ever have in our lives.



Answer Me 1988 tells the growing up years of five childhood friends living in a same block as they go through their studies, dreams and life. Relying to one another, the friendship circle’s families were also entangled as one big family thriving happily and harmoniously in the changing times. Sung Duk Seon the only girl in the friendship circle belonged to a family of five with a scary sister she always bicker with and a younger brother who doesn’t look young at all. They live humbly with his banker father’s salary which has been immensely diminished due to his kind heart always extending help to people in need even sacrificing the finances meant to be spend for the family. Choi Taek is the son of a clock repair man who is also a widow. They live quietly amidst the crazy families surrounding them. Choi Taek was a Baduk prodigy but since not having a normal life, he was often sheltered by the people around him because he was kind-hearted to a fault and didn’t bother much about the cruelties in life. Kim Jung Hwan grew up not being wealthy but in a stroke of luck, their family won in a lottery and became rich overnight. He has one brother who didn’t run out of a new hobby to try in his life as their parents worried about him not being able to secure a normal career in his prime. Yoo Do Ryong was the easy go lucky and the dancing machine of the group. He craved for his busy mother’s attention and was scared of his teacher-father’s scolding. Sung Sun Woo assumed taking care of his mother and little sister when his father died young. He was a model student and the most responsible in the group. As a trademark of the “reply franchise”, the drama will also give hints on the main love couple that will blossom in the story. But out of all three Reply dramas, ’88 was the most discreetly conceived and it took the last two finale episodes to finally reveal who the lead girl married. 



One of the many things I loved in this show was the genuine on-screen bond of the cast giving life in the best possible imagination of the sketched characters in the story. There was no passerby among the cast. All have contributed to an almost perfect depiction of how uncomplicated life then. With neighbors living up to become a functioning support group with their fellow parents whose dreams were mainly directed to the well-being of their children and of children who were pressured to chase their dreams so as to make their parents proud. That is definitely not the case today with the internet controlling human interaction. People will choose to just browse on the superficial social media status of their family and friends than to take time to catch up with them in person.



Another wonderful feature evident to all Reply-dramas would be the building up of the romance which has been fixed in presenting a love triangle and would always break the viewers’ hearts as they want both guys to get the same girl they were chasing. I was Team Taek-i all throughout. Who wouldn’t fall for Taek-i’s puppy face? I just really go for cute nerds who are clueless in life but advances strong when the situation required them to go for their one great love and Taek-i rose to the occasion by waiting for the right time and seizing the moment without looking back. Jung–hwan had his fair share of sweet moments capping up with that heartbreaking love proposal practice which Duk-seon never realized to be what really was in Jung Hwan’s heart.


But the one great love lesson learned from JungHwan-Dukseon-Taek love triangle is to not blame timing or fate for your one great love to happen. Taek-i braved the odds and defied a 20 year friendship and sealed every love he had for Dukseon in a heart-stopping kiss because he wanted to know right at that moment if there is just not a chance but if love was really there for both of them. It’s not just knowing that love is there, it is being in absolute certainty that both of you feel the same way.Reply_1988-012

I only have the very best things to say for the neighborhood I grew fond watching, for the childhood buddies who defined lifetime friendship and for the sincere love that bloomed from the purest friendship and memories.  Reply 1988 was a great spectacle to seal K-drama parade of 2015 and I can only hope that the writer won’t get tired of delving on nostalgic premise like this.


Reply 1988 is on my top 3 dramas for 2015 because of its brilliant use of sweet melancholia and sending the followers back to their very own youth, like it did to me. It made me want to pay a short visit to the street I grew up with and reminisce the times when I hang out with my childhood friends to play traditional local games. It made me glad that most of my precious memories were not digitally induced as is the case of the youth nowadays. And it reminded me to still go for the purest romance I can ever have that won’t make use much of the world- wide web and social media.


The ever present humor, the love stories and the amazing neighborhood are surely a quick relief for life stress. Reply 1988 is a strip of mementos any person with a euphoric youth can relate to. I strongly vouch for this drama if you have a weekend to spare. –jediprincess ♥♥♥


P.S Images Source Asianwiki

John Kim – the long awaited solution to women’s weight loss problems: Oh My Venus Korean Drama Series Review


Forget the grueling gym work out, home yoga sessions and sadness inducing diet plans… Just allot 2 hours in 2 days watching Oh My Venus and you will miraculously lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks. It’s true. No hidden agendas, no diet pills, and no aggravating body pains. Sign up for a 14-day trial period at Coach John Kim’s Venus boot camp and see for yourself what the rest of the women who tried the program have been talking about. *chuckles


Seriously now, if they want a solution to the alarming woes of women struggling to keep up with their weight, they should hire So Ji Sub oppa to be their personal trainer and the world will be a better place. *giggles


Oh My Venus went to the typical Korean drama rom-com milieu of a rich heir who fell in love with a normal girl but with a fitness program twist. Kang Joo Eun was a feisty Korean lawyer with a steady long-time boyfriend. She was living a calm life and the only concern she has was her weight loss struggle.



She used to be the high school boys’ dream in her hometown Daegu, but life’s complications took over and she failed maintaining her goddess self. She eventually lost her boyfriend to an old chubby law school friend who managed to discard her old fat self.


Wanting to reclaim the self-esteem she has been losing, Joo Eun took the opportunity of forcing herself to be coached by a famous weight loss trainer, John Kim, when she chanced upon their identities after retrieving their belongings which was left in her possession. When John Kim’s crew was visited by Joo Eun to impose herself on taking their training, she assumed the manager was John Kim and not Kim Young-ho, the crew was forced to accept her request to shut her mouth in publicly declaring John Kim’s hiding in Korean soil following a scandal he had with a famous Hollywood celebrity. They went on the quest to recover Joo Eun’s Venus body though unbeknownst to Joo Eun, the training was not being done properly.



Young Ho unfortunately witnessed Joo Eun’s love humiliation with her old flame and has stood by her side to salvage her depleted self-worth. With Joo Eun’s unfailing determination, he corrected her initial understanding of who John Kim was and decided to formally coach her and bring her back to life. Sparks eventually connected them together and just as Joo Eun’s body fats were falling, they too began falling in love with each other.



I could stare at So Ji Sub oppa’s steamy self all day and it won’t still suffice the sweet craving I feel for him.  He’s my dream guy, a manna from heaven and the only arms I dream being imprisoned with. hahaha Hallyu land is like a big aquarium of hot guys , but So Ji Sub oppa’s cold exterior and warm heart is just a solid punch on why he’s able to pull his cliché character in this drama and trance a multitude of women to an intoxicating bliss. Yup I’m not ashamed that my religious following of “Oh My Venus” stemmed from my undying one-sided love with him and I can’t be any happier when the story enticed me with enough Kim Young Ho’s smoking topless exposure and knees-weakening gaze to keep me from being inspired to the fitness goal the drama was trying to impart. So there drama… mission solved! *giggles




But seriously, I already outgrew the over-used rich guy-normal girl love story setting, but for the lightness and the girly-drooling moments, I would forgive the shallow conflict of this drama. Oh well and because anything is forgivable with So Ji Sub oppa in it.  But it would have been nice if they push it to Joo Eun’s initial dream to recover her old Venus self. Putting that Young Ho’s family’s company problem conflict was a bit awkward for the plot. It was not fitting.  Since they presented Young Ho’s broken self, I think they should have followed that lead.  There’s a lot of emotional struggles for couples in their 30’s because most tend to not unpack their baggages so they could have circled in their plot.  They could have lengthened Joo Eun’s rally to win Young Ho’s rich family to make the drama even more sassier and feel good.  But anyway, I got what I bargained for, if not for Joo Eun and Young Ho’s chemistry I would have really pouted.



I want to commend on the show’s drive to encourage women with weight worries to lighten up and push themselves to be even more disciplined in following their fitness programs as it would be a propelling force to reclaim their confidence and to live a robust life.  If you can get a supportive partner/boyfriend with that then you are definitely on the right track.



With ample cutesy love scenes and charming on screen adorable couple, this rom-com offering will wear out a week’s work stress. If you want an uncomplicated blithe and feel good love drama, this will definitely satisfy your craving. Add So Ji Sub on the side, and boy it’s definitely a winner all throughout. –jediprincess ♥♥♥





































A Dying Man’s Dangerous Punch! (Punch KDrama Series Review)

images (8)

Awed and at the edge of my seat every episode’s finishing kick, I can’t help but wondered how brilliant the writer of this story by bringing out a drama where heroes and villains don’t waste time outmanipulating each other to secure the highest possible position befitting to their greed and wickedness.  With a dying man as a lead hero in charge to intellectually brawl with his superiors in the Prosecutor’s office, the stake was always at the highest as the people involved raced to protect their families, reputations and personal ambitions.

images (14)

Punch is a badass with its intelligent writing.  It was full of surprises that will make the viewers grab their hair out of frustration.  I wondered how much hate the writer might have stored in himself to motivate him to write a chronicle that was able to maintain a level of grit all throughout the depiction of the corrupt Korean Prosecutors’ Office.

images (12)

The characters centered to high ranking officers of the Prosecution’s office who were able to propel an amazing cast ensembles that will take your wit all the way to Milky Way.  It was a nerve wrecking display of shrewdness played equally well by all the characters who were in the running to claim the most vilest of ’em all crown.

images (15)

At some point, I was already exhausted on how the writer can’t seem to just put every trick he has in his sleeve in one go, as he kept bouncing up my brain left and right that I was left with no choice but to worry about Park Jung Hwan.  Park Jung Hwan who I believed deserved to share the best kdrama character for me in 2015.  I’m sorry Healer, I liked you but I like him also and I can never go wrong with an insanely smart guy.

images (13)

I ruminated on why the drama was titled Punch.  After finishing the series, it made sense owing to every episode of combat spectacle in cleverness and wiliness .  Punch is a story of a dying prosecutor who is on a quest to clean up the corrupt high officials of the office he belongs to.  His strategic thinking defied the power his superiors used when he was on a spree to reveal their evil doings.  It was a hard and frustrating battle but he managed to expose the truth before his passing.

images (11)

What viewers would love about Park Jung Hwan is his ability to bounce back from the oppression even with nothing on his hand to fight off the huge power and walls his superiors built to hinder his outrage.  It’s your classic underdog story but very well polished in a Mafia grit kind of way.  They made phonecalls, afternoon tea and eating jajangmyun so thrilling in my eyes.  hahaha

The antagonists displayed impossible levels of wickedness that even when they got what they deserved at the closing chapter I was still fuming and wishing they suffer a bit more.

images (17)

There’s no fleeting romantic interlude in this drama but it is filled with family love and lessons about choosing the right decisions in your lives. 

images (16)

I will definitely pick “Punch” as the best 2015 KDrama story-wise for its remarkable writing and heartfelt character portrayals.  If you want a dose of serious themed dramas, this one is for you.  The thrill and the pace will surely blow your mind away and will make you crave for some more.  -jediprincess

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KDramaLandRoundUp: October Week 3


Six Flying Dragons Ep 5&6

The ministers were in chaos after the news of Lord Baek Yoon’s murder erupted. Hong In Bang thought of Jang Do Jeon’s words that killing Baek Yoon would end Goryeo. The ministers were grilling Gil Tae Mi who was Baek Yoon’s nemesis. The search for who-killed-lord-baek-yoon ensued and all of the opposing factions were tracing the identity of the assassin.

2015-10-29 18.08.05

Lord Lee In Gyeom consulted the leader of Hwasadan, an intelligence agency that collates the nation’s valuable information as Hong In Bang sought Jukryong, head monk of Biguk temple who was also clueless about the situation.

2015-10-29 18.07.422015-10-29 18.07.21

Gil Tae Mi gathered Sungkyunkwan students for interrogation while Yi Bang Won listened to the witness’ account of what happened. Someone blurted dangerous magpie, a skilled sword fighter who comes out when there were abusive Japanese pirates and was a famous storytelling subject in the market.  

2015-10-29 18.06.52

With the information he gathered, Yi Bang Won set off to the market and listened to the infamous storyteller. After the show Gap Boon, the masked storyteller’s sidekick was bullied by thugs asking for additional tax.

2015-10-29 18.06.33

She was helped by a swordfighting student Moo Hyul who was also Gil Tae Mi’s teacher’s student. He took down a fighter from a swordfighting brotherhood Plum blossom and when he told his master his first victory, his happiness deflated fast when his teacher told him that the swordsman came from an infamous group.

2015-10-29 18.06.12

Hong In Bang took charge to calm the rising strife by meeting Baek Yoon’s allies. He asked them to increase the taxes even more and to accept him as the new leader.

2015-10-29 18.05.40

Boon Yi, all grown up led the village people by planting crops in a discreet wasteland, but the governor’s men learned about their secret and killed half of their group’s population. They fled for survival but was captured by Japanese pirates. Yi Bang Won set forth to where the Japanese pirates were and met Moo Hyul who saw what happened to the poor commoners. It was no easy task to rescue the poor abducted village people so Yi Bang Won devised a strategy to take down the soldiers slowly while pretending to be members of a merchant group. But when Boon Yi was released from the sack she attacked Bang Won and Moo Hyul accidentally blurted that they came to free them which put the pirates on their feet to attack the intruders. Moo Hyul rose to the occasion and his fighter spirit saved the day in one flash eliminating and scaring the pirates.

2015-10-29 18.05.112015-10-29 18.04.38

Bang Won advised Boon Yi that going to the magistrate’s office to complain about the massacre won’t do any good because of the existing law so Boon Yi ranted how he doesn’t have a right to speak his opinion because he has never lived the way they did.

2015-10-29 18.04.13

Worried about her, Bang Won was crossed on what he should do to help her situation and there they saw her walking all dirty from the fire and smoke coming from the magistrate’s grain storage. They bantered with the risky act she did, but she didn’t care anymore and just wanted the deceased people who were deprived with grains be able to take it in the afterlife. Taking a small wooden totem, Boon Yi, the fifth dragon made up her mind to find Sambong who previously visited her and instructed her to make use of the wasteland and to stop dwelling on her sorry life. Left with nothing to do again, she was determined to seek Jang Do Jeon’s advice.

2015-10-29 18.03.55

Boon Yi sought permission to leave their group for the meantime and while they were worrying for the expenses, Bang Won entered with his silk clothes and golden accessories. The village people tied him up naked and took all his things which they can buy. Moo Hyul confronted his swordmaster on why he lied about his ability and left his claw for good. Bang Won was rescued by his protector and after dressing up in shabby clothes saw Boon Yi talking to the owner of the room they were staying. He chased her to the grassy field and when they have pointed out clearly how she is mistreating him with all the kindness he has shown. He saw her wooden doll necklace which was the same he found in the secret room he was exploring.

2015-10-29 18.03.032015-10-29 18.03.26

The news of unfair taxes from Baek Yoon’s land taken over by Ho In Bang reached General Choi Young and his followers pointed out how he should take action. Ddang Sae and Gap Boon listened to the talk as they were both part of the musical group performing. Ddang Sae was in a serious mode realizing that Baek Yoon being dead was not making any progress to a new world he has been dreaming.

2015-10-29 18.02.32

General Choi Young visited Lord In Gyeom and demanded him to have Ho In Bang stopped his unfair taxes to the people.  The latter upset about the scolding he got ordered to see Hong In Bang fast who was then in a meeting with Jukryong.

2015-10-29 18.01.33

Jukryong explained how he learned about the whereabouts of Sambong through his priest follower Lee Eun Chang who became a merchant at Sogam market. Boon Yi, Bangwon, Ddang Sae and Moo Yul were all at same market to seek Lee Eun Chang who was cornered by Jukryong monks but was freed by Ddang Sae. Boon Yi stepped on Lee Eun Chang’s place and was brought by the monks to their temple for questioning. They hid her as a corpse who died from the plague but Bang Won remembered the mark left when he bit her. They went to the temple but the monks came prepared and just when they will be slaughtered, Hong In Bang stepped in and they spoke about the situation.

2015-10-29 18.00.25

We saw how In Bang forced Bang Won to write a demeaning poster against Heo Kang’s father which forced the older Heo to commit suicide and how through the years In Bang has offered Bang Won to side with him but the latter was tough not to give in.

2015-10-29 18.01.08

While the scholars were debating, Ddang Sae came to rescue Boon Yi but was held up by the monks, Moo Hyul was also on the scene and was able to free and drag Boon Yi.

2015-10-29 18.00.02

Boon Yi brought the letter strip she was asked to decipher and went to the woods to crack the code through the doll necklace. While she was doing it, Bang Won who bumped with Lee Eun Chang got the same paper strip Boon Yi had. After breaking the code both of them set forth to Hamju where Jang Do Jeon was.

Now that the story is slowly tying the characters together it keeps getting better.  I like the contrasting passion of the young characters and the cunning ways of the seasoned personas.  Lee In Gyeom/Choi Young actually feels like Gandalf/Saruman *chuckles.  I look forward to the love lines and to a lot more trance moments with Yoo Ah In. *blush -jediprincess


Sassy go go Episode 5 & 6

Cheerleading trainer arrived to the drunk high-schoolers floating in alcohol.  They rushed to go back to the school but Soo Ah burdened by the mounting pressure was left behind when they pulled over to rest a bit and pee.  They came back to look for Soo Ah but Yeon Doo hurt her ankle and took the kdrama piggyback chance ride which made me really jealous.  *pout  Soo Ah was found by Ha Joon and they raced through time to beat the opening ceremony at school.


 Principal and her teacher minion were guarding the gate so cheerleading trainer took charge and performed an impromptu routine to cover the students getting inside the school premise.

Yeon Doo was bothered by her vague recollection of a drunk moment with Kim Yeol at the rooftop so she tried to confront him about what happened and he confirmed cooly that they didn’t.  Later when Kim Yeol was alone he recollected how he almost kissed Yeon Doo but she dozed off right at the moment.


The cheerleading trainer divided them in two for a task to make a cheerleading routine.  Soo Ah was teamed with the Real King members as Yeon Doo headed the Baek Ho smarties.

Homeroom teacher was put in a predicament by a nosy producer who wanted to scoop about the illegal grading system done in the school and when one of the smarties acted careless and complained Yang Songsaenim brushed through her chest part while doing the cheerleading practice and it was made bigger by the rich mom’s club pushing to terminate Teacher Yang in his post.


 Supergirl Yeon Doo wanted to help out and almost gave an interview but was dragged by Kim Yeol to lecture her of the repercussions of trying to resolve other people’s concern.  Yeon Doo’s mom also told her the same thing so she decided sadly not to pursue helping Yang saem for the mean time.  Grade conscious Soo Ah conspired with the girl who claimed sexual harassment and with that, Yang saem was ordered to exit the school.


Ha Joon even begged his father to help the homeroom teacher but bad dad wasn’t fazed with his request.  The girl who overreacted about the sexual harassment regret her rash act and lie.  Yeon Doo talked to the girl to shake out some sense to her and in their festival performance, they raised apology and come back placards to the whole school watching.


I am only watching this drama because Lee Won Geun is a happy pill but there’s no depth nor lingering effect this drama will give you.  It is not melancholic either but the young characters remind me of when I was not thinking much but just doing what I want.  I just want this to remain balanced with teen angst and filled with Kim Yeol’s face and I’m good.  haha  I think every girl who watches this drama would agree how our highschool prince charming day dreaming moments have Kim Yeol as the prince.  -jediprincess



Because It’s the First Time (Episode 3)
After Tae Oh blurted his surprising “make me crazy” line, he muttered how he wants Song Yi to at least make an effort to appear like a woman in front of him if she has a crush on him.  Song Yi straightened out his crazy thoughts and admitted that she indeed likes someone but not him.  Humiliation poured on Tae Oh’s ego so he pestered Song Yi to spill why she likes another guy.  Song Yi walked towards him placed her hands on his shoulders and re-confirmed straight to his blushing face that he is not the guy she likes.

2015-11-02 08.24.16

Ji Ahn had a slight rebellion spree over the quality of life he had to endure with his father as Ga In and Hoon were together with the latter’s new found dream of becoming a theater actor.

2015-11-02 08.23.58

The next day Sherlock Tae Oh camped on Song Yi’s work places to figure out her crush.  He went to the gas station, school library and dragged Hoon and Ji Ahn to the restaurant where Song Yi does her part time jobs. 

2015-11-02 08.22.49

Song Yi worried about drunk Ji Ahn whose drinking habit is helping out anything moving in the vicinity.  Ji Ahn sobered up and as he returned Song Yi’s handkerchief, he told her that her crush feels the same way too. 

2015-11-02 08.22.21

Ji Ahn and Tae had a quick chat when they arrived at school the next morning about the girls who like them.  Tae Oh saw the blind date he ditched and tried to run after her but she was lost in the crowd.  The classmate who introduced the blind date mumbled how the girl thought he was weird sending text messages when she didn’t meet him and when he confirmed the face of the blind date, it turned out not to be the girl he met at the coffee shop.

2015-11-02 08.20.42

Ji Ahn opened a group chat topic of Tae Oh’s ghost date.  While he defended it to be true the rest of the gang thought otherwise.  Then Song Yi just realized the girl they were talking about was sitting all pretty beside her in the class. 

2015-11-02 08.21.312015-11-02 08.21.04

The chat concluded with Tae Oh’s analyzation that the girl likes her and she could be the stalker who sends him  gift 3 times a year, but Ga In surprised everyone when she admits that the 3 gifts were her doing and had a ghost filled the chat room in silence momentarily.  Ga In broke the ice and invited everyone in their house for a party.

2015-11-02 08.20.21

Song Yi approached Tae Oh’s girl and introduced herself formally.  She learned a piece of information about her which she gave Tae Oh later.  

2015-11-02 08.19.58

At night as Ga In prepares the food, the guys were debating how to ask Ga In’s stalker confession but bright Ga In made it easier by verifying she was indeed the stalker. 

2015-11-02 08.18.16


Tae Oh asked her why and got another punch when she nonchalantly replied because she liked him since grade school.  Tae Oh explained how he cannot reciprocate her confession since he likes another girl but happy Ga In responded how she doesn’t expect anything but will continue to just like him to everyone’s surprise.

2015-11-02 08.18.40

2015-11-02 08.19.03

Ga In bid farewell and asked Hoon to sleep with her father in the room.  Song Yi on the other end seriously talke to the remaining boys on how they were encouraging Ga In to a fault.  How they should make her face the reality that her father is dead. 

2015-11-02 08.17.54

But the next morning Tae Oh and Hoon accompanied Ga In who was imagining her father working out.  Hoon told Tae Oh not to take seriously what Ga In said last night and claimed that he is really the guy he likes while pointing out proof about his claim. 

2015-11-02 08.17.33

Song Yi got annoyed when Tae Oh told her about the morning work out.  Tae Oh explained how them boys believed that Ga In is strong enough to come out of her situation and that they are willing to wait for her.  Song Yi acquiesced to their thinking but insisted that she will bring Ga In to her father’s grave to pay respect on his death anniversary.  Tae Oh noticed that Song Yi used his washing machine and fidgeted when she laundered his underwear but she pulled Miranda Kerr’s (blind date girl) phone number and used it as a bargaining agreement for her stay in his place. 

2015-11-02 08.17.15

Tae Oh skipped his class and attended Miranda’s media class as Hoon’s mother visited her son at Ga In’s house and gave him a ticket to his theater dream. 

Tae Oh cornered Miranda/Ryu Se Hyun and recited the details he knew about her.

2015-11-02 08.15.562015-11-02 08.16.23

Later he joined the movie club she was in and walked with her in the neighborhood while taking pictures.

Song Yi called Tae Oh and asked him to give her encouragement that it’s okay for her to confess her feelings to her crush.  Tae Oh questioned why she changed her mind when she told him she would only love him from afar. 

2015-11-02 08.15.042015-11-02 08.13.56

Tae Oh’s mood changed after the phone call  and Se Hyun teased him that either he likes Song Yi or she is his first love.  His phone rang again with weeping Song Yi on the other line and pleaded him to meet her in their old house.  He bid farewell to Se Hyun and rushed to her crying friend.

2015-11-02 08.13.03

When Tae Oh can’t find something to wipe Song Yi’s tears, he took of his shirt and gave it to her while I swooned on the topless body and the gesture.  *chuckles  Tae Oh validated that she was rejected and insisted on knowing the identity of the man who made her cry but Song Yi refused to react. 

2015-11-02 08.13.32

Just then Se Hyun walked towards the bickering friends and they both explained the situation not to be misunderstood.  Se Hyun gave a non committal response and walked in the house when the two realized she lives in the house and they were blocking the way.

2015-11-02 08.09.26

So I’m excited to know the reason why Ji Ahn rejected her.  It has been fun to hang out with these neighborhood friends and they are really making me miss my growing up friends. 
I like the building up of friendship-turned-love premise of the story if this is where it is heading. -jediprincess


She Was Pretty Episode 10 & 11

Hye Jin spoke with her superior at work when they were settled in Sung Joon’s car afterwhich the awkward moment coming from the dramatic hug lingered on the air as the car music played songs reminding of their very recent embrace.

2015-11-02 15.38.082015-11-02 15.37.48

Hye Jin pondered on what has been happening with him and Sung Joon as she walked towards home.  Finally mustering her strength to reveal the reality to the man she likes, she headed back to look for him.  When she reached his place, Hye Jin saw Ha Ri talking to Sung Joon and her bestfriend’s betrayal dawned on her. 

2015-11-02 15.36.572015-11-02 15.36.34

Sung Joon asked Ha Ri to let him rest for that day so she wasn’t able to give the letter she wrote to reveal everything to him.  Hye Jin finally pieced out the situation and opted not to confront her friend about it but went to an endless walk to wherever her feet will take her. Shin Hyuk came to her rescue and listened to her sob story.  He gave her a ride and when he asked her if she will go to Sung Joon once everything is settled, she confirmed that it’s where she is heading since their feelings are mutual.

2015-11-02 15.36.15

Hye Jin saw Ha Ri fixing her shoes to no avail.  Ha Ri told her it’s a hopeless case and that she will buy her new ones to which Hye Jin agreed for the first time.

2015-11-02 15.35.59
Sung Joon and Hye Jin were both sleepless that night contemplating about their feelings.

2015-11-02 15.35.14

The remnants of last night’s episode surged again in the morning when Sung Joon cornered Hye Jin and forced her to drink coffee with him.  Hye Jin was able to evade Sung Joon’s we-embraced-last-night-so-what-now attack and luckily spotted Shin Hyuk who saved her from that hot spot.

2015-11-02 15.34.35

Things get uncomfortable in the office  as Hye Jin tried to hide from Sung Joon’s gaze.  After the staff meeting he ordered her to bring the minutes and had her stay sitting high in front of him until he’s done reading, but just as he was trying to open the conversation again, Hye Jin stopped him and made an excuse of something she has to do.

2015-11-02 15.34.012015-11-02 15.34.202015-11-02 15.33.29

The Most People talked about the recent SNS update of famous writer Ten which I think is Shin Hyuk in real life.  Hye Rin came to find Sung Joon and asked him to buy her a lunch meal which he gladly obeyed.

2015-11-02 15.32.27

Sung Joon left the clothes he has to wear for the business meeting and no one wants to bring the clothes so it fell on Hye Jin’s hand.  He finally cornered her and asked her to have some tea before she leaves.  Sung Joon confessed about how he can no longer deny what he is feeling about her even if he tried to avoid it. 

2015-11-02 15.31.412015-11-02 15.31.23

Nervous Hye Jin fumbled on the teacup after the revelation so her clothes got wet and was forced to change to Sung Joon’s clothing. Sung Joon adjusted the sweater while telling her that he didn’t mean to startle her and just want her to know how he feels.  Hye Jin who chose to wait for Ha Ri’s action even if she already wants to be in his arms opted not to respond to his thoughts.

2015-11-02 15.29.46

Shin Hyuk met with Ha Ri and revealed to her that Hye Jin learned about her lies recently but her kind heart wants to wait for her to say it first and that she believed she has good reasons for doing that.

2015-11-02 15.27.25

Ha Ri entered the house with a heavy heart and saw Hye Jin slumped down on her knees.  She apologized and thanked Hye Jin for understanding her and promised that she will return to her rightful place the next day.

2015-11-02 15.26.572015-11-02 15.26.352015-11-02 15.26.18

Hye Jin finished her first interview with the children’s book writer and bumped with Sung Joon in Heyri Art valley.  They went to see some paintings in a gallery and stopped on their favorite painting which I still don’t know what the title is and I’m so overdue to research about it.  *giggles  They were pestered by some nursery students on a field trip and a couple asked them to take a picture and offered to take their own picture too.

2015-11-02 15.25.33

Hye Jin finally learned that Editor Kim came to rescue her the other night and even got hospitalized because of it.  She confronted Shin Hyuk about it and he admits to it and further added how he also wanted her to worry about him.  He pulled the Jackson favor deal recorder and told her he will claim the last favor and took her to his arms.  He told her that he can’t take her as a friend because he likes her.  And yes the best second lead for this year is Kim Shin Hyuk.  ^_^

2015-11-02 15.14.50

Ha Ri and Sung Joon agreed to meet after work and when Ha Ri sent off a VIP guest.  She was about to call Sung Joon who was done with his meeting earlier when she heard someone called her name and she responded to it only to realize that it was Sung Joon who called her name.

2015-11-02 15.14.09

It turned out that Sung Joon saw Ha Ri’s employee of the month poster and Ha Ri confirmed what he just learned when he called her name and she replied.  Frustrated Sung Joon questioned Ha Ri and her identity, and she was left no choice but to disclose her lies. 

2015-11-03 16.33.26

Bewildered Sung Joon left Ha Ri and drove his car to melancholia while his brain finally processed what his heart remembers.  Flashbacks of real life Hye Jin and his memories suddenly coincided for affirmation. 

2015-11-03 16.32.59

Shin Hyuk hugged Hye Jin and told her to just be with him if she is hesitating going to Sung Joon but her phone rang and when she realized Sung Joon already knew the truth, she rushed to meet him leaving Editor Kim behind. 

2015-11-03 16.32.242015-11-03 16.32.42

They talked and cleared the misunderstanding and had a great time finally freeing themselves from the confusing ties that kept pulling me together.  They agreed to put the past behind and move forward.

2015-11-03 16.31.13

Hye Jin rushed to their home and asked Ha Ri what happened and she revealed how Sung Joon learned the truth accidentally and how she wasn’t able to explain properly.  Hye Jin saw Ha Ri’s torn apology letter she was meaning to give to Sung Joon and ran to look for her.  She found her crying hard and felt sad how she can’t seem to figure out what’s best in their situation.

2015-11-03 16.30.442015-11-03 16.30.24

Sung Joon was excited to go to work and bump with Hye Jin going to the office.  Hye Jin dodged his hand trying to hold hers and acted like she doesn’t remember their high school memories when he brought it up.

2015-11-03 16.29.25

Sung Joon was perplexed and annoyed at Hye Jin’s drawing of a friendship line so he interrogated her what happened overnight.  She explained how they should maintain a professional and friendly level which baffled him even more as he thought they both see each other as a man and woman.  Hye Jin can’t explain that she had to be distant because in doing so she won’t hurt her best friend.

2015-11-03 16.29.01

Sung Joon got grumpy when he overheard senior editor Kim teasing Hye Jin about Shin Hyuk that when she brought in the minutes of their meeting, he coldly muttered how she can just send it through email and paid for the regular coffee she buys him.  Hye Jin agreed and turned her back but heard him silently pleading that he can’t be just friends with her but she was saved by the bell when her superior entered the room.

2015-11-03 16.28.34

Hye Jin dragged Ha Ri back  to their house who was about to go out with a stranger.  She scolded Ha Ri who has been avoiding her but Ha Ri retaliated how she should be mad at her and pleaded that they stop their argument as she was tired.

2015-11-03 16.27.282015-11-03 16.26.42

Hye Jin went to her house to sleep and all the family members asked about Ha Ri which irritated her even more.  Sung Joon called Hye Jin and learned from her sister that she was at their house.  Hye Jin who stepped out to catch some air was surprised to see Sung Joon.  Her parents were happy entertaining him and when his father offered him alcohol, he accepted it and just with one shot he fainted.

2015-11-03 16.26.24

Sleepless Hye Jin checked on knocked out Sung Joon and was surprised to see her parents staring at their future son-in-law’s handsome face.  She shooed them away but did the same thing they were doing.  Sung Joon woke up and he asked her if they can talk outside.  Sung Joon asked her again what changed overnight since he is having a hard time understanding it. 

2015-11-03 16.25.31

Hye Jin answered him that Ha Ri likes her so she wanted to take it slow to cushion her friend’s pain.  Sung Joon countered that it is her that she likes even then, right now and in the future.  He added that he won’t push her but he just wanted her not to run away from him.

2015-11-03 16.25.13

The whole office was flustered learning Shin Hyuk might transfer to the opposing magazine company.  Shin Hyuk entered the office and all eyes were on him about his interview but he stepped out to break the craze.  Hye Jin followed him and he denied going to New Look.

2015-11-03 16.24.37

The last magazine edition hiked up in sales so the Editor in Chief threw at them the company credit card to enjoy but warned that she’s expecting no. 1 on the next issue.  Sung Joon met with Shin Hyuk and convinced him to stay by divulging how the company needs him to survive.

2015-11-03 16.23.10

Hye Jin went home to their bare house and was nervous when a neighbor left with a lot of stuff.  She rushed to the airport and cried worrying on how her friend decided to leave when she doesn’t know how to survive without her.

2015-11-03 16.22.54

There’s something about Hye Jin and Ha Ri’s friendship that I found so amusing.  Regardless of the betrayal, each of them acknowledged their faults and knew well what they should be apologizing for and what should be comprehended no matter what.  Hye Jin is a tiringly sweet character but how she responded to what Ha Ri did to her really convinced me that she was a nice character.  She is a kind of girl friend I would want to have in a lifetime. ^_^


P.S  I will have a separate round up for Bubblegum and The Village (if the village will give nice first 4 episodes) before I include them to October 4th week round up.  Please excuse my delayed recap as the autumn vacation held me exhausted.

20151023_1230592015-11-03 16.24.55

KDramaLand This Week: October 1st Week


This will be my first entry for this project.  I aim for a brief recap only for kdrama series I follow, as time won’t permit me for long reviews.  Work still comes first before my kdrama addiction I guess.  I pick dramas to stay with based on first impressions, casting of the drama and the previous works of the production team.   Hope I will endure this project.  *chuckles -jediprincess


She was Pretty (Ep 7&8)
Aww I finally got hooked in this.  We see Ha Ri’s selfish love digging on her bestfriend’s first love without the latter knowing it.  Just as Sung Joon recognized a strange fondness he was feeling for the real Hye-Jin, copycat Hye Jin/Ha Ri spoiled the moment by kissing him.  Sung Joon pressured from the magazine deadline went overboard and fired Hye Jin from a mistake she didn’t do.  Sung Joon tried to offer the job back after contemplating on his on-the-job-stress-rage but Hye Jin politely declined.  I hope the last minute preview is not a dream thread.   ^_^


Six Flying Dragons (Ep 1&2)
Hello Yoo Ah In in gorgeous mane.  The series kick off episodes introduced us to young Yi Bang Won, a son of Yi Seong Gye who will later become King Taejo.  In the waning era of Goryeo, General Yi Seong Gye was summoned back to the palace with his sons to be of help in the rotten government, but his painful past with a former friend had his hands tied by the evil villain and Prime Minister Lee In Gyeom who used Seong Gye’s weakness to bow down to his command.  Yi Bang Won witnessed the powerlessness of his father that when he helped out a friend whose brother was held captive, he made a bargain to Jong Do Jeon who promised him a resolution to end the war and to take down Lee In Gyeom.  Jeong Do Jeon a brave and skilled politician proceeded with a plot to prevent war by staging a protest in the presence of the Yuan envoy administrative officers and the ministers of Goryeo government.  Such courage he shown that the people and students watching were moved and gave their bodies to protect him when the Prime Minister ordered for his capture.
Six Flying Dragon premiere was very promising so I can’t help but dig history articles again to supplement my limited Korean history knowledge.


Twenty Again (Ep 11&12)
Ha No Ra is slowly becoming assertive and has bravely asked Kim Woo Chul to formalize the divorce.  She also confronted her husband’s woman. Cha Hyun Seok finally learned about the divorce as No Ra is starting to see Hyun Seok at a different light.  Finally Cha Hyun Seok revealed to Ha No Ra that she is his first love.


Sassy Go Go (Ep 1&2)
This is another youth story about two high school student groups.  The first group composed of the last ranking students who teamed up and formed a dance club while the other group of students were the rich-kids-grade conscious students who study hard for their college dreams.  They got entangled after hitting back on each other during hours of practices by the dimwitted dancers and hours of study for the smarties and because of their leaders who went digitally viral because of an almost kiss captured by the villain who was desperate to get to an Ivy League school.  The premiere episodes establish Kang Yeon Doo as the leader of the dimwit-dancers’ s club – Real King and Kim Yeol as the top student and member of the elite smarties of the school – Baek Ho.  The villain Soo Ah played the part of a lady from a rich family constantly pressured by her mother to study even harder and get a Harvard education.  The principal decided to have the groups combined to participate in a cheerleading competition and pitched Real King’s revival on the line if they will win.  Quick-witted Kim Yeol saw through the principal’s action as a way of helping Soo Ah who needed activities for her Harvard university application.  Yeon Doo who used to be friends with Soo Ah learned the former’s true colors and that she perpetrated the almost kiss report.  She vowed she won’t be used by her again.  After participating in a dance contest, Yeon Doo’s dance group friends slowly leave the group because of the pressure put up by the school.  Meanwhile Kim Yeol’s best friend attempted suicide again because of depression from an abusive father and the cunning principal used it to make Kim Yeol participate in the cheering competition.  Kim Yeol asked Yeon Doo to join but she faced him bravely and said no.  Boy the lead guy will really remind you of your high school crush.  So far it is living up to its drama title.


Because it’s the first time (Ep 1)
I have a very good feeling on this drama maybe because I like friendship circle stories.  The premiere episode introduced us to a neighborhood friends in their 20’s and their lives.  We also see a glint of love triangle on the side.  So far it’s the story of Yoon Tae O who is eager to date a nice girl to shrug of his first love emotions with his childhood bestfriend Han Song Yi.  Song Yi has been saddled with her family’s financial problems and the recent vanishing act of her mom.  She secretly likes Seo Ji An another boy in their friendship group.  I kinda like the premise of this drama maybe because we can all relate to belonging to a friendship circle.  I’m looking forward to how the story will move.

See you next week! -jediprincess


The Doctor who Kissed the Sleeping Heiress


Quick-paced and great on cliff-hangers, Yong Pal was almost perfect but it faintly lost balance on its finishing kick.


Yong Pal enticed me with its exciting premise of a Prince charming doctor who saved an heiress in distress medically forced to be on coma by her half-brother who wanted the helm of the big company her father left for her.


In order to raise money for the expenses of his sickly sister, Kim Tae Hyun was drowning in debts trying to pay a loan shark through administering discreet surgeries and treatment to gang syndicate members almost caught up by the police. He’s a part-time on-call criminal doctor and was also serving his residency at a big hospital where he is well-known to have the hands of surgery god.


Through his quaint skills, he was promoted to work on the hospital’s 12th floor where the VIP’s are confined and was also set to do house calls for sensitive medical procedures. There Tae Hyun chanced upon the heiress, Han Yeo Jin, that was put to sleep by her evil older brother and when she woke up momentarily, she offered him a solution to his sister’s medical expenses if he will help her escape her situation.


Pressured from the board members who were questioning the overstaying of the legal company CEO, Yeo Jin’s brother and acting chairman Do Min Joon ordered the doctors to shut down Yeo Jin completely. After careful planning with his trusted friends in the hospital, Tae Hyun managed to deceive everyone that Yeo Jin died after a surgery and had her assumed the identity of a Hanshin group employee the company took under custody to evade public scrutiny.


Chairman Min Joon relayed the unfortunate death news of her sister and they were surprised when Yeo Jin revealed herself to her own funeral. Min Joon played the guardian card but Yeo Jin has set the back up well by asking Tae Hyun to marry her and be her legal heir and guardian. Min Joon was ousted and Yeo Jin took her throne finally.


Conspiracies and power struggles are fundamental elements necessary to build up a strong melodrama. The heroine has had her fair share of defiance and strength which made her an interesting character. She had a superb interaction with the lead man though I would have wanted some more sweet moments for them after all the predicaments they had. The hero was oh so cool on the onset of the story but his sparkle diminished after the second half when the story’s focus shifted on Yeo Jin. True, he was instrumental all throughout but there were moments when the heroine overshadowed him which I found weird because the drama was titled after him so I was expecting that Yeo Jin’s story is secondary only to his.


I think the conclusion was a useless do-over of the main conflict. It should have ended when she ascended to her position and had all the villains get their sad endings. But the over extension with the same scenario of her being destroyed and by something related to medicine again was a useless move. She already had her redemption so it would have been nice to see her and Tae Hyun just enjoying an uncomplicated life which they both yearned to have.


As a whole I still like the story because it maneuvered with rising excitement as the drama unfolds. It also stuck in the power struggle conflict and the protagonists and villains moved well to the direction of annoying and outwitting each other. The characters were less frills and full of grit. The narrative was simple and yet rich with emotions. Feisty and flowing, all that was missing was a fitting ending. -jediprincess




Four Times the Fun (Producers 2015 KDrama Musings)

images (3)

Time for my quick musings on the highly-anticipated korean drama of 2015 with powerhouse cast who helped surged high ratings even if mostly variety show regulars and loyal hallyu fans are really the drawer of numbers of it.

images (4)

The mixture of the inside production world of variety shows and the characters’ stories were nicely blended but it was the diversity and chemistry of the characters pierced my kdramaaddict heart.

images (2)

Dorky Baek Seung Chan knew he has brains but opted to use it to follow the first woman who made his heart throb to work  at the variety show department of a broadcasting network.  Unfortunately for him the noona his heart beats for likes another senior PD (production director) Ra Joon Mo who is besties with Tak Ye Jin who accidentally caused a minor bump on Seung Chan’s father’s car.

프로듀사.E04.150523.본의 아니게 그런 척….HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_20150526_141703.779_.E04.150523._.HDTV.H264.720p_WITH.mp4_20150526_141606.605

The accident caused them to get closer as partial payments of the damage happened requiring them to meet up regularly with Ye Jin using her seniority to make Seung Chan ran errands for him.  Unlucky Seung Chan landed to the dying 2Days1Night team which needed reincarnation to improve the ratings.

images (5)_.E04.150523._.HDTV.H264.720p_WITH.mp4_20150526_151125.963

Known for being hot tempered Ye Jin spearheads the Music Bank team where she got an unpleasant encounter with a famous primadona singer, Cindy, but for the show to go on they acquiesce on the proper clothing or so Ye Jin thought, and the show went on with Cindy defying Ye Jin’s wish.

images (8)

Baek Sung Chan chanced upon Cindy on a rainy day and let her borrow the company’s umbrella but reminded her to return it to the lobby under his employee name.  Pressured from her busy schedule Cindy’s Sauron’s eyes mostly direct at her oppa  manager who has to take the top star tantrums thrown to him by Cindy almost everytime.
Time is ticking for 2Days1night staff to come up with a let’s-do-this-or-we-will-be-axed plan.  With Seung Chan’s analytical research he scored “lovers themed” format which Joon Mo initially booed but was agreed upon by the higher directors. 


To proceed with the show’s survival plan they have to notify the current members that the season will end.  The bad news delivery was almost successful but Seung Chan who was tasked to notify the most senior actress wasn’t able to extend the news thus earning a huge disappointment to the veteran actress who felt disrespected.


After an ugly closing party 2D1N team moved on to hurdling the completion of the new cast.  When the regular team members ran out of ideas they asked Seung Chan, and he cluelessly suggested Cindy to the teams -whats-wrong-with-this-kid faces but they let him go with his plan.

images (9)

Seung Chan went to visit Cindy and raised their proposal on how joining a variety show is beneficial for  her because her connection with the viewers will be solidified as she will be seen in images closer to typical people.  While in the middle of luring Cindy, the witch CEO of the talent agency burst in and refused strongly.  Seung Chan’s unfazed attitude towards witch CEO had Cindy saw Seung Chan at a different light and when Joon Mo marched to haul his newbie after learning he went to Cindy’s company and adding icy replies to witch CEO, Cindy has made up her mind that she will join the tv show.


And yes she did.  Seung Chan piqued Cindy’s interest without him realizing it.  While the pop idol grew fond of him, Seung Chan was also falling in love with Ye Jin who was in a complicated emotion with Joon Mo.


Feeling her top talent is already raising a rebellion, Cindy’s agency head retaliated and has slowly reducing her top idol perks and eventually ruining her reputation.  But with the help of Joon Mo and Ye Jin who retrieved an old off site interview, they were able to defend the fabricated attempt to ruin Cindy’s  career.


Ye Jin and Joon Mo also confronted their feelings towards each other and sealed the binding love they mistook as friendship.

images (10)

Seung Chan failed another chance at love but he gained valuable friendship that will last for a lifetime.

images (7)

For people expecting Kim Soo Hyun being captured in romantic moments, you won’t expect it in this drama so be prepared.  Nevertheless I think for legit kdrama followers you will get what you bargain for in this drama.

images (2)

It’s how we root for Alice in Wonderland and love seeking Disney princesses all at the same time.  “Producers” came up in a very interesting format incorporating the variety show world in a drama attack.  To achieve that you have to even out the laughter you get from the variety show and the valuable content you should give to the audience.

images (6)

And I immensely enjoyed the lessons focused in every episode which were derived from the variety program production world.  It gave meaningful life lessons and pointed out the challenges and limitations of human nature.


When joined together the four main leads were a delightful watch, even so in their personal struggles.


Seung Chan is a reminder of any person who was trying to find his niche in the corporate scene regardless if the motivation is absurd, like in his case to follow his first love.  He is a reminder of the extent on how much we can persevere and how trying a shot on everything is better than being coward to take a chance on it.


Ye Jin is a reminder of how even a person with the coldest exterior has a warm spot hidden in her.  Of a person who would be patiently waiting for the love she yearned for than waste her time to nonsense. 


Joon Mo is a reflection of those times when we built our character through standing firm with our principles and defying the norms for change to happen.


Cindy represented each one of us in our highest peak, when we hit a slump, and when we bounce back from it.


As I religiously watch 2D1N, I easily grasped the intentions and love the executions all throughout.  True, I might have wished for more love screentime but it superbly fed me stories that I have been on at some point of my life.


The engrossing 12 episodes will leave you lessons that basic self-help books have already vaguely discussed.  A breather from rom-com and melodramas, Producers will strip any work related stress you are having if you give it a chance.



The doctor who loved the multiple Me (Kill Me, Heal Me 2015 KDrama Musings

images (16)

The complexity of the multiple personality disorder fused with the fated but hindered romance of the main couple has made me ruminative deducting the precepts of the story premise of this smartly and quirkily written korean drama.  I knew it was all about trauma and I was happy that there was no extreme sacrificial bordering to stupidity acts done by the main leads in avoiding their destined love.

images (8)

Heir to a huge conglomerate company Cha Do Hyun has to face the scrutiny of the company he is bound to lead, but with his DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), his sane self has to clean up the troubles caused by the other 5 identities constantly crawling in his body.  It was no easy task, but with his disposable money and computer-brained secretary, he has been managing to do so.  When Chief Ahn visited Do Hyun to settle a minor setback caused by Se Gi, he also delivered the news that his grandmother summoned him to return to Korea. 

images (6)

But with his current monstrous condition, he refused to do so and was surprised to wake up sitting in an airplane because his bad boy identity Shin Se Gi took over his consciousness to force him to confront his role in the company.


A brilliant psychiatry student Oh Ri Jin has been living a free spirited life with her loving family.  Hiding his identity as a famous novelist, Ri Jin’s twin brother Oh Ri On sat beside Do Hyun on their way back to South Korea while the latter was on his bomb expert persona, Perry Park.  Pestered by the phone calls she was getting looking for the celebrated writer Omega, Ri Jin marched to the airport to give her brother a lesson and had her first encounter with Cha Do Hyun who believed Ri On’s words that she was lunatic.

images (17)

When Ri Jin’s carefree patient escaped from the hospital, she traced her to a local club where Do Hyun was also partying with his cousin.  Ri Jin’s patient
asked Do Hyun for help and remembering their previous encounter, he sided with the patient which left Ri Jin no choice and gave a judo move which shook Do Hyun and pushed his badass identity Se Gi.

images (3)

Fate has continuously brought Do Hyun and his multiple personas and Ri Jin together and she slowly tamed each characters even the stubborn Se Gi.  As the two gets even more closer, their fated past connection surged bursting from their forgotten memories to make them piece out the cause of Do Hyun’s mental condition and Ri Jin’s traumatic childhood.

kill-me--heal-me-15982images (10)

Ri Jin’s basement and fire phobia stemmed from the arson incident when she was young.  Her mother Min Seo Yeon was Do Hyun’s father’s ex wife, and her biological father died early.  Do Hyun’s father harbored hatred towards his father as the latter favored his estranged intelligent wife in running the company’s business.  He left home and was forced to stop his prodigal son act because his son, then named Joon-young needed to have his family name be registered for him to be able to enter school.

kill-me--heal-me-15981kmhm 3

The two children got very close and had been sharing the trauma brought about  by Joon Young’s father’s hatred toward his ex-wife’s daughter who has been kept in the basement when her mother and Joon Young’s grandfather died from a car accident.

images (15)images (14)

On the day Joon Young’s father was named the new chairman of the company, he sought his son whom he will formally introduce to the public and found him together with the girl he has been abusing.  Joon Young was thrown outside of the basement room and in his helplessness wanting to protect his friend, the first piece of his identity kicked in and perpetrated a fire to stop his father from his evil deed.

images (9)

Joon Young struggled after the separation from his friend and took her name subconsciously and lived his life as Cha Do Hyun.  Oh Ri Jin meanwhile was rescued by her mother’s friend who was working in the kitchen at the time in the party and raised her as her own daughter and a twin sister to Ri On.


Sharing some of the best and worst memories of their childhood, Ri Jin and Do Hyun embraced each other’s pain as Do Hyun’s identities bid farewell after the main leads finally confronted the past that entwined them.  Acknowledging forgiveness to Do Hyun’s father who was consumed by hatred, they let go of their fears and move on together hand in hand promising to share their pain and bliss of their past and future.


Overall I like the ambitious writing of this drama.  It was meticulous in inserting the conflict of the story, although it came to a point when it became too detailed dragging the denouement which they could have used in a few romantic notes in the penultimate episodes of the story.

images (13)

The sending off of Do Hyun’s characters warmed my heart especially that of Perry Park and Se Gi scenes.  I don’t know the extent of this psychiatric condition, but I liked that it was explained well how each characters emerged.  It was like Voldemort’s horcruxes in a positive way.  *chuckles

images (7)

Typically kdramas with chaebol power struggle plot involved unreasonable conspiracies and surprises so I think since the multiple personality is the carrying story conflict, it was good that it didn’t dwell on the money-filled but problematic chaebol world.


With multiple characters bursting in and out, the humor was ever present but not slapstick.  That Do-hyun/Se-gi roulette could be a useful tool when someone is torn between two lovers.  *giggles

images (12)

I actually feared that the characters might act stupid once the revelation of their connected past and linked present will be uncovered.  Thankfully they sailed all throughout with their rational minds.

images (11)

Beautiful in its strongest points and faint weaknesses, this is a perfect drama that will leave you happy and intrigued.  -jediprincess♡♡♡

images (2)