KMovie Musings: Neverending Story (2012)


In tradition of the death bound conflict on Korean love stories, this charming movie was able to balance the premise and have it set to both the lead couple’s having after life bargains.

Oh Song Kyung worked at a bank and has lived her life planned into the smallest details, but what she did not prepare for was a malady that came instantly in her life.  She met Kang Dong Joo who was her exact opposite.  He lives a spontaneous life and never failing to lose hope that he’ll win the lottery someday. The two met because both of them were diagnosed at the same hospital and soon they embark on a bucket list fulfillment that involves funeral preparations for Song Kyung and lottery station hunts for Dong Joo.


What this movie achieved was setting a sad note to a brighter perception. It was a film about death but the lively scenes and characters have pulled a different take on life’s passing. The love couple were adorable and swung an Edward-Bella pull worthy of your smile and sigh.
I love that it was so natural and that they first slept together inside a coffin and never ending to a traditional bed. 



A carefree movie I would definitely recommend.  This was a romance charmer that will raise mirth one moment and then tug your heart at another time.  Watching it made me not expect outcomes or predict what will happen because the conflict surged up when it commenced, but I was left watching them as they have a good time alongside the struggle with their inevitable death.

It was simply done but happily narrated, and that made it hit home in me.
Radiant and resonating, this is a must watch darling.



Assassination Korean Movie Review

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Maybe because I like history that’s why I have patience with period and war films.  Plus the fact that the plot covered espionage and and it was top billed by acclaimed South Korean actors, those are enough reasons why I enjoyed the swift moving and easy to  follow historical movie based on the happenings of Korean  Independent movement in the Japanese occupation period.

images (24)


The story and screenplay were not complicatedly conceived which is good because the film was mostly filled with gun fights and action scenes.  But even with the brawling binge, the conversations of the cast flowed naturally in the story explaining what was happening and where it was going.  That’s what I first notice, the narration was neat and straight to the point without diminishing the thrill of the plot.

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If I am a guy Ji Hyun unni will be my first love. *chuckles  Through the years I love how she experimented on the roles she took in the big screen including her role in this film.  I think being powered by an amazing cast, the storytelling was achieved quaintly because of the commitment of the actors to their roles.  Lee Jung Jae was cold blooded and annoying as a villain but you can also understood his sentiments as a double faced freedom fighter who just wanted to survive in those trying times. Ji Hyun unni looked like a professional sniper not budging whenever she shot those bullets but was also vulnerable in scenes that tested her faith to the cause she was fighting for.  Ha Jung Woo was as always cool and collected and slipped  in to his character perfectly.

images (23)
The conclusion was half-sad and half-resolved as the conflict culminated to the freedom army completing their task although losing the hired assassins who helped out in the spur of the moment for that cause.  It’s not typical to get happy  endings with all your main characters intact on the closing curtains in action films, but at least the closure satisfied the decently written story.

A perfect Saturday movie if you are into thriller action and spy film.  Definitely worth the hype and will not disappoint you.  -jediprincess♡♡♡

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2016-04-24 02.37.37

After failing to murder the governor general, freedom fighter Yeom Seok Jin fled with Kang In Gook’s wife and her twin daughters.  Kang In Gook is a Korean businessman supporting the Japanese empire. 


A traitor to his country, Kang In Gook trapped his fleeing wife and resistance fighter and ordered the death of his wife but one of his daughters escaped with the hired caregiver.


Years later, the sporadic factions of Korean Independence Movement set to motion an assassination attempt and asked Yeom Seok Jin to gather the needed players. 


Stubborn resistance members Ahn Ok Yun, Chu Sang-ok, Hwang Deoksam were brought to Shanghai and met Kim Won Bang who gave the details of their mission.  They were set to enter Gyeongseong to kill Kang In Gook and a Japanese General Kawaguchi who has mass murdered Korean people including Ok Yun’s adopted mother. 


Sniper Ok Yun was appointed as the leader since Won Bong reasoned out that she shot her own leader to which the two men agreed.

Unbeknownst to them Seok Jin sold their plot to the Japanese and Ok Yun was almost captured inside a hotel cafe but was helped by a hired killer “Hawaii Pistol”.


Ok Yun, Deok Sam and Sang Ok entered Gyeongseong and was sheltered by a madam club owner.  Meanwhile Seok Jin commissioned Hawaii Pistol to preempt the planned assassination by ordering him to kill the three freedom fighters.  Hawaii Pistol wounded Deoksam who fell in a creek.

When the Japanese missed the freedom fighters they threw the wrath at Seok Jin and the wily villain proceeded to Gyeongseong where he can be useful. 

2016-04-24 02.16.03

His teacher who suspected his double sided blade confirmed his being traitor and ordered the younger freedom movement members to kill him but he was able to defeat them.  It was revealed later on that he pledged allegiance when he was captured and tortured after his failed assassination. 

2016-04-24 02.30.29

Hawaii Pistol and sidekick ajussi rode the same train cart with the General’s son Mamoru who was scheduled to wed Kang In Gook’s daughter Mitsuko.   Hawaii Pistol pretended as a navy officer and left a friendly impression with Mamoru.


Seok Jin reached Gyeongseong and saw a picture of Kang In Gook’s daughter.  He realized how she looked exactly look like Ok Yun and later on confirmed that Ok Yun was one of the twin sisters who survived and was raised by the nanny.

The team proceeded with their attack plan without Deoksam but failed when Seok Jin notified the Japanese of the assassination plot. They switched cars so while  Ok Yun  and his team wounded the Japanese army, they weren’t able to kill their targets and sadly Sang Ok was killed in the encounter. 


Ok Yun met Mitsuko for the first time and was shot in that moment of confusion.  She was subdued together with Hawaii Pistol who was supposed to kill her but was caught in the scene by the army.

They routed their captors and entered a hospital to treat Ok Yun’s bullet shot.  He convinced Ok Yun to give up on her mission but she reasoned out that even if everything was seemingly hopeless, it is important to have people like her to carry on the mission.  

2016-04-24 02.17.28

Hawaii Pistol retreated to his kill mission and left Ok Yun.  He was welcomed by an impromptu check up where he posed as a navy officer. The soldier troop ready to question him rushed to accommodate General Kawaguchi’s son, Mamoru, who was set to marry Kang In Gook’s daughter Mitsuko, Ok Yun’s twin sister.  Hawaii Pistol witnessed Mamoru brutally shot a young girl who accidentally bumped on him and vowed that he will soon get the poor girl her vengeance.

Mitsuko learned of her twin sister’s address through her prescription glasses and paid a visit to her apartment.  Around that time their father learned of the existence of his long lost daughter.  They rushed to the address as Mitsuko pushed Ok Yun with her bag and told her that she will deal with her current situation.  Not recognizing the daughter she raised, Kang In Gook killed Mitsuko as Ok Yun fled the apartment. 


She was offered a ride by a cab driver thinking she was Mitsuko and her nimble mind took advantage of the situation and assumed her dead sister’s identity.  PicsArt_04-24-02.57.38


Deoksam survived and his wounds were tended by madam club owner.  Ok Yun met Hawaii Pistol when he visited Mamoru and and  revealed her true identity to him.  She halted his plan to kill his groom on a stand that it was her mission.  She reminded him not to miss the celebration tomorrow.  


On the wedding day, Deoksam and Ok Yun were posed to fulfill their mission.  Seok Jin recognized Hawaii Pistol as a guest and dragged him out of the  wedding hall.  When the fathers of  the couple were called Deoksam showered the  hall with  bullets. 


The bullet chaos were exchanged as Hawaii Pistol freed himself and helped Ok Yun and Deoksam win their battle.  When  Ok Yun hesitated to kill her father,  Hawaii Pistol saved him as Kang In Gook pointed a stuck gun to her.  Deoksam unfortunately died as Ok Yun was able to kill the General. 


They escaped the scene by holding Mamoru and Ok Yun as hostages.  Seok Jin still unaware that Mitsuko is Ok Yun negotiated with Hawaii Pistol to release the hostages.  Hawaii Pistol and his sidekick took a tunnel for their escape route and let Ok Yun go in the front door. 


Seok Jin and his troop moved to the end of  the tunnel and waited for Hawaii Pistol and sidekick ajussi to emerge.  Hawaii Pistol stabbed Seok Jin in his heart  but the latter survived and attended a trial to his evil doings when Korean Independence was finally achieved.


In the closing seconds, Seok Jin saw Mitsuko and followed her.  He was led to one of his freedom fighter brothers, Myeongwoo, whom he thought he killed.  Seok Jin was shot alternately by Ok Yun and Seok Jin’s old brother.  He ran for his life but fell on the  ground lifeless.



See How Much I Love You?: C’est si Bon Korean Movie Review

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There’s just something sincerely sweet when turning screen pages of love stories that were  set when romance was not digitally induced and when couples actually talk and share kisses because they reached that loving point through shared memories of being together all the time.

2015 - C'est si bon (still 5)

C’est si Bon tells the story of a famous acoustic music hall in 1970’s Seoul, South Korea where free spirited singers were applauded by its vibrant 20’s audience.  Two already famous singers Song Chang Sik and Yoon Hyung Joo were joined by Oh Geun Tae and together formed C’est si Bon trio which became a favorite act of the music lounge patrons.

unnamed (4)

Their start was full of bickerings as Hyung Joo and Chang Sik were in a quest to prove who was the better singer between them and adding another clueless member with no guitar skills didn’t help at all in the business owner’s goal to launch the trio.

images (34)images (39)images (38)

But when they seemed to have shut down the idea of doing the act together, their muse, Min Ja Young came to life with her pretty self and charming smile.  She was mutually liked by the three instantly making them revert to their initial decision and agreed to the unofficial birth of C’est si Bon trio.

images (25)

Oh Geun Tae was aware on how he can’t compete with his two new found forced friends, but lady luck was on his side and he was liked back by Ja Young.

images (28)

After their music performance break, C’est si Bon Hall went to a cozy renovation to the delight of the trio who kept complaining about the place’ shabby appearance and just as the group was getting popular and Ja Young was also fulfilling her dreams of becoming an actress, their blossoming love was halted painfully.

images (30)


On the comeback performance of the Trio prior to their official radio and tv guestings, Oh Geun Tae’s heart was broken to pieces when he witnessed Ja Young being proposed to by a well-known film director who also offered Ja Young a film offer that will launch her to stardom.

images (37)

Geun Tae and Ja Young broke up sadly and the former did not attend the radio broadcast opting to leave Seoul to heal his grieving heart.   The trio launched proceeded and change the name to Twin Folio which later became popular as a singing duo.  But they were thrown to a marijuana scandal ending their immense popularity and closing the celebrated music lounge.

images (32)

20 years later, the narrator of the movie and Geun Tae’s closest friend has been living a peaceful life in Los Angeles CA as a business owner and radio music announcer.  He chanced up Ja Yeong and caught up with news about his friends in Seoul.  The next day Oh Geun Tae visited him and pledged a radio guesting after they drowned in alcohol.  After the taped broadcast, Chang Hee told Geun Tae that Ja Yeong was also in the state.  Geun Tae responded to that news by admitting to him how the marijuana scandal was pinned to them because he squealed them to the police. 

images (31)

Surprised by the revelation, Chang Hee just stared at his old friend walking away.  Ja Yeong and Geun Tae bumped with each other in the airport and chatted awkwardly.  When they parted ways, Ja Yeong called Chang Hee about meeting accidentally meeting Geun Tae in the airport.  Chang Hee mentioned Geun Tae’s revelation and joked on why she was not included in the names the police interrogated in the heat of marijuana controversy.  Ja Yeong flashed back to her memories of her asking Geun Tae what he can do for her as Geun Tae’s memory revealed how he provided the names of his friends in C’est si Bon but begging hopelessly not to include Ja Yeong to the investigation as she was just starting to fulfil her dreams.

images (35)

Ja Yeong searched Geun Tae frantically in the airport to confirm that he betrayed his friends for her, but Geun Tae again just chose to not affirm what she said, walked away finally collapsing on the floor in agonizing love pain as Ja Yeong can be heard crying painfully as well.

images (27)

I love the guitar-based music and songs in this period love and friendship film.  It was calming and inducing of ardent memories we tend to recall  in bittersweet  bliss.  It made me exhaust what online resources can give me to listen to Twin Folio’s  music.  It moved me to a realization that I dig love movies with a lead man who does  everything stupid he can all for his  first love.  *wink

images (40)

I don’t know if being in my 30’s have caused me to be fond of period stories these days, but staged in 70’s era the costume and production design were done superbly solidifying my dream wedding in 60’s and 70’s theme.  haha

images (36)

With enough humor and wit and uncomplicated  narration, I enjoyed the cheerful  vibe of the movie all throughout and felt sad on the heart-wrenching scenes.

images (33)

For some lucky ones they would end up with a happy-ever-after, but for some loving the person with all their heart is the closest they can get to be with their one great love.  I give you C’est si Bon if you want a solitary and quiet movie me time filled with love.  -jediprincess


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Timeless Korean Romantic Films Perfect for Love Month


Though dwindling in numbers in the recent years, I still go to Korean Romantic movies for my digital source of love vibes.  There’s just something piercing on how Koreans do it, and they never run out of stellar ideas to bring out breath-taking sketches of love stories that transcends across different ages.  Even now, I still feel giddy-ish when I go to a sudden trip to my Kmovie library and watch films from more than 10 years ago.  And since it’s Cupid’s favorite month, if you will be staying home this Valentine weekend, I would like to share you my personal favorites, picked from the bottom of my heart and validated by my fond memories of watching it.

Happy Love Month everyone!  
Happy Lunar Year too!

My Sassy Girl – Because every girl secretly wishes to have a Gyeon-woo in their lives.

images (12)

Il Mare – Because you only need a time warping mail box to exchange letters and eventually fall in love.

images (25)

The Classic – Because we cannot end up with our one great love.

images (28)

Daddy Long Legs – Because there will be that one person who will love you greatly with all his heart.

images (26)

My Little Bride – Because we realized too late that love is there all along sometimes.

images (27)

Daisy – Because we protect the one we love at all cost.

images (29)

A Moment To Remember – Because our best love memories are kept in our hearts.

images (30)

A Millionaire’s First Love – Because we become a better person when we fall in love.

images (31)

Lost and Found – Because we get confused reading which love is really given to us.

images (32)

Love Phobia – Because a man has only one first love.

images (35)

100 Days With Mr. Arrogant – Because we literally do everything for the one we love.

images (33)

Lovers Concerto – Because a fated love can end due to an un unfortunate chance.

images (34)

200 Pounds Beauty – Because hell hath no fury when a woman in love got fooled not so nicely.

images (36)

Heaven’s Postman – Because love can happen even in the most impossible beginning.

images (37)

Someone Special – Because love happens surprisingly when we stop looking for it.

images (38)

Always – Because love can spring  unexpectedly and truthfully.

images (40)

Neverending Story – Because two strangers can take on a journey and fall in love with each other deeply.

images (41)

A Werewolf Boy – Because love waits.

images (44)

My PS Partner – Because love can be served sassy and sexy.

images (42)

Love 911 – Because love can overcome the fear of losing someone.

images (43)

More than Blue – Because we overlook love when it comes from a friend.

images (45)

Once in a Summer – Because young love is the sweetest and most kept in our memories.



Christmas in August – Because you love in the moment so that you won’t regret it when it’s gone.



Two faces of my girlfriend – Because you have to love your girl in her ups and downs.



Hello Schoolgirl – Because we love even with the discrepancy in age.



Closer to Heaven – Because we love in sickness and in health.



A wolf’s temptation – Because love is being tangled in a sweet love triangle.

images (46)


The Beauty Inside – Because you always recognize and feel in your heart when you finally fall in love.

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The Admiral: Roaring Currents Quick Movie Review


Taunted as the best Korean Film for 2014, it is only befitting to start this year with the remarkable production and poignant portrayal of one of the best fought battle under the untainted maritime war encounters of Admiral Lee Soon Shin — one of the most revered naval leader in the history.


I usually munch rom-coms, thrillers and sci-fi movies, so I’m really picky when it comes to watching action films because I normally have those “what am I doing here?” moments when I unluckily get the all-brawly-and-no-story flicks.  With “Roaring Currents” though, I found myself quickly immersed with its nimble narration that progressed in a swift motion whilst covering all the significant details about the characters and the conflict.


Even with its serious and manly tone, this movie has just this undeniable depth and gripping effect that has made me cheer for the brilliant Admiral and his crew.  I swear I felt like I’m so tired in a heroic kind of way after that epic culminating assault between Lee Soon Shin’s out-numbered ships and the Japanese strong fleets.  It was intensely and vividly captured that along with the exhaustion, I also felt the bliss like I was with them in their quest to claim that victory.  *chuckles


The challenge for me when I watch a war film is that I get overwhelmed with a big cast and its long and brimming sequences of fight scenes.   So I really like that “Roaring Currents” all throughout didn’t deviate with the focal person of the film without overshadowing the value of the pertinent side characters who even with their minimal screen exposure were able to make their roles meaningful.  The combat scenes were niftily placed and were not overly done to balance the story narration and the message it was trying to impart.

2014 - Roaring Currents (still 4)roaring-currents-460709-2

I didn’t expect I would feel good after my movie experience with Admiral Lee Soon Shin and his men.  I think the film director impeccably established his character as a great strategist and commander but still able to show his frailties as a human.  It was a kind of film where bravery and patriotism were able to outweigh the shown violence and evilness in the movie hence it gave me a generally positive feeling.  Definitely living up to its hype, I found myself succumbing to the movie’s electrifying current and enjoying every moment of it.

-jediprincess ♥


Hot Young Bloods Quick Movie Musings

This really narrated the story about hot blooded youth set in the 80’s.  Boiling hot that half of the story just involved brawls and bullyings.  kkk I like period movie productions because I get to be transported back to the time when I was not yet born or too young to remember.  And in this movie the only feel good thing I remembered is how I was able to have that “they-were-like-that-in-those-times” thoughts.


Joong-gil used to dote and protect Young-suk when they were in gradeschool but when he was misled that his mom left because of his father’s long absence due to work, he presumed that his dad’s frequent staying in Young-suk’s mother’s restaurant was because of an affair.  The friendship fell apart and Joong-gil became a resident playboy as Young-suk became the leader of the high school’s sorority group in High School.


Eventually Joong-gil learned of his mother’s infidelity.  Young-suk engaged in a fight with the girl (So-hee),Joong-gil likes and just decided to quit school and head to Seoul.  Young-seok’s boyfriend and also the leader of another school gang avenged Young-seok which infuriated Choon-gil but his weak self can’t match to his opponent’s strength.  To protect Joong-gil from being beaten up, Young-suk was clobbered by her former gang as she stepped out of her throne and left the town to let life bring her to where she could be.  Joong-gil learned of Young-suk’s sacrifice but he was already too late to claim back his first love who left him a letter encouraging him to pursue his dream of being a sailor.  He pursued his dream and years later went to visit Young-suk and married her.


It was not as affecting and enchanting as  “A Werewolf Boy”, and most of the time it was lacking of engaging elements.  It spiked up a little in the dying minutes, but overall it was not as engrossing as I hope it would be.  The potential of a nostalgic youth film was there but it lacked comic inserts and spotlight scenes that would make the viewers relate to the characters, or just even reminisce those reckless days they also had when they were young.  Fairly done, but a movie you will just easily forget.


KMovie Musings: My Little Hero (2013)


I was moved to tears and felt happy after witnessing this engaging film of a man who has made his dream come true by making a young man reach his dreams too.  Simply narrated and a story full of heart, this heartwarming movie was a surprise birthday gift for me today.


My Little Hero tackled issues concerning the position in the Korean society of children who has mixed parentage.  An eye-opener for the existing unfair treatment, the film subtly expressed encouragement and awareness to the viewers in case they don’t know how mixed breed children’s life felt like. 


A Production company launched a talent search to determine who will conduct and play the lead role of a musical production that will hit the West End and Broadway.  They summoned acclaimed Theater Directors and screened talented young boys for the program but at the last minute a director withdraw her part so the producers rushed for a last minute replacement.


Enter Yoo Il Han, an all-talk-full-of-himself-not-that-famous-musical-director who has been fixing his life for God knows when, but still hasn’t been able to get back on the slump.  He was working at a third rate musical company and was set to go to the US to leave the group when he got the part for the talent program. 


The blind audition came in and the directors will choose by hearing the voices of the young men, and to break the tie in case two directors chose one, the artist will pick the director of his choice.  Il-han was smitten by the heavenly voice of a young boy and so is another director, but when the revelation came and he saw a not-so-Korean looking boy, he desperately hoped, the boy will not pick him… however Il-han was chosen, and so the pairing of the underdog musical director and a Filipino-Korean boy was set.


Apprehensive that a mixed breed who really doesn’t look like a Korean will play the role of young King Jungjo, Il-han was really carrying a big heart on the project but little by little seeing how Glory really worked hard for his role, his cold exterior was melted.  They passed the first and second round elimination and was preparing for the finale night but the production company bribed Il-han with a directorial position for a big production. 


For days Il-han debated on his thoughts and finally flew to the Philippines to get Glory back in time for the Finale night.  The head of the production company cannot be swayed in his decision to have Il-han replaced Glory with one of the contestant who was eliminated, and was surprised when he saw Il-han walking with Glory. 


The evil prod-company head  drew his last card confronting Il-han his fraudulent musical education.  Facing a dilemma that will finish his career in the musical production world and bringing up a talent who is worthy of a big stage, Il-han begged Director Min who was eliminated in the previous round to take Glory to the stage.

On his final performance, Glory stood in the stage, cried and not wanting on start his performance.  Il-han talked to him but the little boy muttered how the role he was playing doesn’t fit him because he was dark.  Il-han encouraged him and assured him that he is a Korean.


Glory finished his outstanding portrayal leaving the audience in tears and amazement.  He won the part as Il-han walked away from the theater.

Best watched with your nieces or nephews, this is a family drama with the right amount of tears, music dreams, humor, friendship and happiness that your heart will surely remember.  -jediprincess


Masquerade Quick Movie Musings

Masquerade (10)

Living up to its box office success and strong cast ensembles, Gwanghae/Masquerade presented an astonishing story filled with amusing characters, and perfectly inserted humor that has balanced the serious tone of a sageuk movie.

Masquerade tells the story of an ordinary clown who sat on the King’s throne when he fell unconscious due to political attacks to poison him.  The clown in a freak coincidence looked exactly like the King conspired with the King’s right hand to pose as the nation’s leader to avoid a serious political conflict if the current King’s condition will be revealed.   In his short stint assuming the King’s identity, the poser was quick to uptake in dealing with the anomalies and unreasonable battles he has to go through as the father of the nation, and in doing so his rational thinking and good heart has affected the people around him who were unaware that they were not serving the real King.


What made this movie appealing to me was the exemplary portrayals of the cast and the funny Joseon monarchy customs.  Yes, I really giggled at the idea of having the King’s servants watched him poop.  Lee Byung Hun oppa won me over in both his comic and serious personas, although the comedic side was more lingering to me. 

The film nailed the poignant scenes seamlessly.   Although not understanding at first the risk of acquiescing to be a King impostor, when he grasped the urgency and importance of the position he was baby-sitting, his simple-mindedness and his leaning to what’s best for his people decided most of pending concerns the unconscious King can’t even resolve.


If you want to see a Korean period film in binding mixture of quaint characters and staid storyline with delightful inflections, Gwanghae will be a perfect pick for you.  This character-driven story albeit the sleek Joseon setting was narrated in an easy to understand fashion that first time watchers will not be lost following its conclusion. -jediprincess


My PS Partner (2012) Movie Recap


In one of those lonely nights of trying to move on from the memory of his long-time girlfriend, a man received an erotic phone call from a woman while he was dreaming one of those steamy nights with his ex-lover. Caught off guard on what was happening he played along in the intimate weird phonecall adventure and was able to almost reach a satisfying peak before the woman realized that she dialed not her boyfriend’s number.


The “this is what realistic relationship is” tone has made this straightforward, lively and cheeky romcom hit all the love chakras in my body. Not since My Wife Got Married did I enjoy an R18 romance flick, but the started-weird-move-to-casual-and-turned-to-binding connection of the lead couple made me so inspired to embark on a dating binge. *giggles


It raised a question of which kind of lovers’ parting is more painful… Is it the long-running relationship or the half-way-inlove kind of intimacy? Is it worth it to be comfortable in a routinary relationship with someone who is unsure if he has even plans to get married or is it worth the risk to ditch it and have an honest, carefree emotional involvement that doesn’t take marriage as a scapegoat because you are tired of loving, breaking up, hurting and finding love again.


My PS partner is an example of another vibrant love movie I would strongly recommend to watch. It has a subtle indie appeal with a very smart screenplay. It went to the love trap cliche but the quirky development of the romance plus the organic feel of witnessing what relationship in late-20’s-early-30’s was about were depicted amusingly, realistically and candidly.


I gave it a 5 star rating and a space on my kmovie favorites because of how it has minimal mature content but was able to balance and even heightened the romantic essence, the seamless humor and the responsive chemistry between the main leads in the movie. Sweetly impudent, My PS Partner made me feel so wanting to be in love after watching it, and not the knight-in-the-shining-armour-cinderella-rose-petals kind of way but the wearing-his-oversized-shirt-singing-while-he-plays-the-guitar kind of love.


Still moping about his recent break up with his 5-year ex-girlfriend, Hyung-seung groped for the ringing handphone while he was in the middle of an erogenous reverie and was surprised to hear a woman’s voice. Still figuring what’s happening, his sleepy self became fully awake when the aphrodisiacal phone conversation became more intense, and just as he was nearing his climax, the woman, Yoon-jung realized her stupid mistake of calling the wrong person. Yoon-jung was a lingerie designer who has been dating her man for the last 5 years and was already feeling frustrated about his lack of wedding plans for them.


Hyung-seung met up with his friends to drown and numb himself with alcohol, and in tipsy state he tried calling his ex-girlfriend but was answered by the new lover of his ex. Furious, he inadvertently dialed the wrong number and landed an “all girls are whore” litany to the woman he got a phonesex conversation last night who also had a bad day after instead of a wedding ring she got a hairclip from her man on their 5th year anniversary date.



They engaged in a heated argument of who was the psycho between them but then he broke down and cry. Felt the pain of the man she was talking with and soon the two found themselves connecting to each other’s love frustrations. From then on they engaged in sassy and steamy conversation and when they agreed to meet up the sexy talks was fulfilled in action.


Their weird no-name-invented-yet relationship status has helped each other with their exasperating love problems but knowing and afraid that it would never work out with them Yoon-jung decided to stop their entanglement.


Yoon-jung has been patient of his boyfriend’s lack of consideration attitude and has been wanting to confront him about his infidelity issues. She almost reached her saturation point one night only to have him gave her a wedding proposal that she has been waiting for a while. Hyun-seung on the other hand still in limbo of the emotional throe he got ne after the other got anunexpected visit and another second serving with his ex-girlfriend. Then reality hit Hyun-seung, and not minding if it was right or wrong and whether there could be hope, he set forth to see Yoon-jung on her wedding day and in his weird, erotic love song declaration pushed her to admitting that she doesn’t want that marriage and even spilling the beans of her fiance’s illicit affair to an officemate who was also present in the wedding.


Yoon-jung went “runaway bride”, and not stopping and responding when Hyun-seung screamed ILoveYou to her.


Time flew and Yoon-jung found back her footing and was doing good in her business. She got a visit from her friends who arranged a slot for a phone-in segment to where Hyun-seung was having a disc jockey stint. She sang the same song Hyun-seung did on her cancelled nuptial day which was altered to a decent love song. He recognized her voice as she tried winning him back… and when he asked her “what cha wearin?”, she quipped a description of a sexy lingerie in response.



Images from hanCinema



“When a relationship ends because of infidelity, it’s not about the sense of betrayal that kept you from moving on, it’s the unfamiliarity that you first feel because it never dawned on you that such thing could happen.”


Confession of Murder Movie Recap (2012)


This thriller flick kicked start in an electric tone that it caught my attention all throughout its duration.  It was smooth and I hated that I didn’t figure out what was happening until the very end revelation.

Confession of Murder tells the intertwining fate of a police officer, a serial killer, the family of the victims and a serial-killer-wanna-be.

Lieutenant Choi had an encounter with a faceless serial killer who has created havoc in the city killing 10 women.  He almost pinned him but the slimy manslayer was able to escape.

2012 - Confession of Murder (Still 6)

After 15 years when the statute of limitations from the murder committed ended, a book author emerged and released a book “Confession of Murder” claiming he was the serial killer of the cold case 15 years ago.  He was able to narrate in detail the details of the vicious killings.  The media and society feasted on the absurdity of the idea and were crossed on how to react on the ownership and the strange bravery of the handsome author.  And as soon as his identity was known public, the families of the women he murdered executed a plot to abduct him to reveal the location of where his final kill was.


So the still-grieving families of the victims connived a ploy to abduct Lee Do Seok by pushing snakes to attack him while he was doing his swimming routine.  They intercepted him by posing as the emergency team but the real emergency team appeared so their plan was discovered.   The police bodyguards and Lt. Choi tried to claim Do-seok back in a gripping pursuit, but the 15-year-grief-stricken-villains came up victorious.  But Lt. Choi was able to track down the location of the hideout of the perpetrators and was able to rescue his newly-met nemesis.


Do-seok gave an after-kidnapping interview and promised his appearance on a public television debate.  I love the involvement of media in this movie, it was really nonsensical cute and feisty, and they added the spice in the plot in their stubbornness to sensationalize the events.


Public television debate came and the famous killer-turned-writer faced the police officer he evaded.  He remained firm with his early statement of the reason behind his surprise publication to the mixed response of the audience and his detractors.  The segment for phone-in questions was inserted and a strange caller spoke and recounted details that were familiar with Lieutenant Choi.  At the end of the call he claimed that he was the true serial killer.

The new development created ruckus in the public and to support his claim the serial killer claiming the book author was fraud agreed on another public debate, and he even gave a tip of a location where he buried the last kill who turned out to be Lt. Choi’s ex-lover.


Lt. Choi listened to the evidence they acquired in the past years to scrape some clues detrimental to the investigation and on the day of their face off, the two claiming the crime and the officer who failed to catch the serial killer, threw measuring glances to one another.

“J”, the other serial killer, chronicled how he did his last kill and on cue, a live external feed from the tip he earlier gave showed the skeleton of the last woman he massacred to the fury of Lt. Choi and her mother sitting in the audience stand.  After his boasting, Do-seok affirmed that he was not the serial killer but the son of the first woman who was killed.  He also revealed the conspiracy he put on together with Lt. Choi. 

They inadvertently planned the whole scheme to make the real killer go out from his rabbit hole to finally claim justice from all his evil doings. 


Just because I don’t want to spoil everything and it’s a really must watch thriller, I would stop from here and would just give a strong encouragement to watch this movie.  I was on the edge of my seat on the chase-the-killer-fight scenes of this movie, and until now, I still can’t accept that I wasn’t able to deduce the ending twist of this movie.  *pout 

I thought when the “who’s the real killer conflict” was raised there will be a showdown between them, but there wasn’t.  Years of watching Dexter and Criminal Minds, I thought I have all of it figured out when it comes to socio and psychopaths, but this movie surprisingly amazed and amused me.  Well hidden, director… Well Done!   

Niftily written and cleanly executed… this was such a riveting delight and will be one of my favorites for the 2012 movies.


Love 911 Quick KMovie Recap


When Go Mi-soo misdiagnosed a patient, her doctor’s license went in danger, and only if she can convince a fireman, Kang-il, who was assaulted by the patient’s husband’s victim to side with her to reveal the violent nature of the former can she be reprieved of the situation and improve her chance on her medical suspension. She tried ways to persuade Kang-il by using faith, seduction and even attempting to jump on a bridge to catch his attention but his distant self stayed firm.


Then Mi-soo volunteered for community service and joined the rescue team to inch herself closer to Kang-il. In one of their rescue operations, Mi-soo’s constant fainting left her unconscious in the building’s basement, and when Kang-il noticed it and went back to the site, as soos as he held her unconscious body, the after treatment of the gas leak proceeded, shutting the room and filling it up icy temperature. The previously bickering pair was left no choice but to rely on each other’s nakedness to battle hypothermia.


When they were rescued, Kang-il lightened up and started opening himself to Mi-soo. He also revealed to her the pain he still feels whenever the memory of his deceased wife surges. But just when they were leading into rescuing each other and falling in love in the process, Mi-soo’s impending license issue reached an almost no escaping point because the patient’s condition worsened. She tried swaying Kang-il but he remained unmoved about his initial decision. The patient’s husband locked and hung himself but was revived by Mi-soo, and even if it was hard for her to leave the profession she so wanted, she resigned from her job and sought forgiveness from the patient’s husband. She met up with Kang-il and inside a church, she declared her love for him. But since she knew that he was not fully healed of his dead wife’s memories, she decided she has to let him go. 


Kang-il went back to the station and they headed to another dangerous encounter as they tried to rescue a man stuck by a boulder in a collapsing building.  Kang-il’s careless hero attitude kicked in again and decided to stay by the victim’s side and try to lift him in the split chance they will have once they induce a rapture.  He was able to free the man but they got caught by the wall debris falling. Luckily they were rescued and as he groped back to consciousness, he had an epiphany of Mi-soo.  He woke up and plot-crazy-warranted stood up, ran and look for the girl he is now ready to love back. They met in an intersection and shared a sweet, loving kiss and they carried on with their saving lives along with the rescue team.

Love_911-0022Love 911_korean_movie-2

Most love stories tell an evident 100% love from its onset, that being said I liked how the adoration build up in this movie. It was not “impossible instant”, but “I know where you’ve been” kind of love. I liked that the man was wounded this time, and the woman did the chasing to make the man fall for her and to heal his broken heart. It was a reversal of romantic roles that exuded understanding and maturity in handling love replies. 


It was a very comforting movie to witness, and not much korean movie cliches too.  It was a balanced rom-com that presented a picture of how love begins when we intend it to happen. It was filled with humor, funny supporting cast, and a couple you will really root for to be together. 


The thing about love is that it “grows”… so it is not something to be forced but to be realized. LOVE 911 nailed this romantic reality. Sometimes all we need is someone who can make us believe that we are wrong in thinking that we haven’t moved on yet from the pain of a previous relationship. If we have been doing it all alone, and nothing has been happening, then maybe we have to let someone help us … maybe push us to work even more, or maybe take our hands to do it together. 


This was an engrossing love movie I’m so happy I picked to get back on board from a quick kmovie hibernation. -jediprincess


Hearty’s Heart and his loving Paws

Since ” A dog of flanders”, I have stayed away from dog movies because it put me on trauma when I was a young girl.  *giggles  When I got a little older and I thought I can face the world on my own, another dog movie threw me to tear binge – Hachiko Monogatari.  Since then, I have been searching for a man who will be as patient as Hachiko.  I have been waiting in vain because that won’t happen.  In between Myungwol the Spy and my tab space memory running out I decided to finish Hearty Paws to free some space and I made the right decision.  It brought me to tears as expected and I am really closed to being a certified Yoo Seung Ho stalker

. Image

“Hearty Paws” tells about the story of Chan, Soyi and Hearty.  Chan and Soyi’s mother left them in their auntie’s care and went to the city to earn money but she never came back.  Since Soyi wanted a dog for her birthday, Chan stole a pup for his sister’s birthday gift.  Chan loved his sister so much and has been living a simple life with her and their dog.  He was willing to take all the hardships in life and was trying to be strong for his sister.


While playing in the snowfield reigned by Hearty, Chan excused himself to poop, and when hearty saw a kite, he got distracted and run after it, but the ice broke and a hole was created.  Soyi followed and when Chan realized what was happening, he ran after then but it was too late as Soyi fell in the hole and died. Image

Chan sought his mother’s location but he could not bring up to her the news of Soyi’s passing. He has also disregarded Hearty and left him when he went to Busan, little did he know that his dog followed him.  He joined a group of children handled by a thug because he has nowhere else to go, and later saw Hearty while he was being caught in front of a public locker stand where he kept Soyi’s favorite pink bag given by their mother.  Hearty was also included by the gang but he later earned the ire of the gang leader when he stood up to his friend.  The next day they were brought to a theme park while Hearty was pawned to the ferocious fighter dog of the gang leader.  He was left wounded and hurting in a trash lot.  The minions of gang leader hinted what happened to Hearty and in Chan’s anger he slammed Becky’s dog cage waking up the gang meany and the rest of the household.  He was almost thrown at Becky’s cage but his friend called the police to rescue him.

. Hearty Paws1

Chan set forth to do what ever may come to him, but got hold up when gang leader chased after him and tried to abduct him.  Hearty came to rescue him and his cold heart warmed up with his dog’s sincerity, thus they went back to their dog-bromance.  When Chan got sick, Hearty looked after him, and when the police took him to look for his guardian, on Hearty’s barking, they were alerted that Chan was being kidnapped.  Crazy gang leader blaming Chan on his business decline and his pet dog’s demise tried to kill him, but trust Hearty to save his master.  Evil villain beat Hearty, and in his struggling sick self, Chan mustered his remaining strength to the dog that has given all of his life to him

. Hearty_Paws-013

Hearty unfortunately suffered so much, and in the end Chan and him went back home.  Chan woke up and saw Hearty lying down on the gate trying to go somewhere.  Chan figured where he was meaning to go, and in the bus stop where he and Soyi used to stay to wait for him.  Hearty bid goodbye to his master. *sniff *sniff Another heartwarming movie you can share with your family, and if you are a dog lover like me, I can guarantee this as a nice watch.


The Heartfelt Young Love of A Werewolf Boy


I initially feared that this movie could go overrated considering the familiar plot and stellar main leads but I’m so happy to have chanced upon a very beautiful, unconventional, heartwarming first love movie. The last time I felt it was with the film “The Classic” and I couldn’t be any happier witnessing a young love that was not bound to happen but felt so right.


Suni moved to a new house with her family. Her father passed away and the son of his father’s business partner who harbored unreturned love for her helped them settle to the new home. The house was previously owned by a doctor who died mysteriously.



Then a young man who appeared to have caved in for a while resurfaced, and unsure of who should take care of him Suni’s family temporarily took care of him, and named him Cheol-su.


Cheol-su extremely loved to eat and in a rush, barbaric way but Suni was able to make use of the dog training book she read and little by little he learned the normal way of how human lives. She taught him how to be patient and was able to form a bond that only her and him can understand.


When Suni refused to see the evil suitor, Cheol-su got enraged and morphed to a beast and dealt with evil suitor and his minions. Evil suitor demanded to take him out the house but the police decided against his claim. He accidentally bumped on the old house owner’s belonging and located a professor who revealed that the deceased former house owner was experimenting on fusing the qualities of a wolf and a human to create strong soldiers, thus the end product was Cheol-su. The latter got caged and underwent observation and was proven not harmful but evil suitor taunted him to show his beast nature and to save Cheol-su from the town police who was after him, she has to push him away so he won’t follow her.



Suni and her family left the house eventually and left a letter for him.

47 years later halmoni Suni got a call from Korea that the house was up for selling as a new resort was soon to be built. For the last time, she slept at the house and in the morning she went to Cheol-su’s roomcage, and there he was… he didn’t age and was holding the letter she left for him.


The fantasy element surprisingly blended to the heartfelt connection of the main couple as the simplicity of the narrative and the conflict failed to stripped the amazing progression of this moving love tale that will surely tug your heart.


Song Joong-ki was very remarkable in his role, mind you he only said a few words all throughout the movie and his chemistry with Park Bo Young was very evident. They should do a drama together. I strongly recommend this movie for first time korean movie watcher. I promise you, sweet sighing moments and bliss. I promise you those young love memories you miss.


KMovie quick peek: Closer To Heaven (2009)


CAST:  Ha Ji Won and Kim Myung Min

Closer to Heaven was a very painful and yet love-affirming romance between a dying man who wants to live, and a woman who makes a living when a person dies.  Ji-soo was twice divorced because of her job as a she-undertaker, the love that was deprived of her, she fully realized when she met Jong-woo who will eventually die because of Lou Gehrig’s disease. This was a lovestory that will make you realize how blessed you are in a relationship because there are those who really want to love one another all the days of their lives but they have to battle death for it.


This movie has had me made me feel so weak with my convictions when it comes to loving someone.  You see I’m always the practical type, if I survey the situation and I know for a fact that there’s no common ground to hit, I won’t consider dating someone.  But there went Ji-soo – she knew right there and then that the man was dying but she never cared of the future together but of what she was feeling.


On a viewer’s perspective, the eventual outcome is already expected, but the strength of this film, was how it narrated the progression of the “sickness conflict” while the lovers involved fought hard to rely on an impossible love even on the onset.


A perfectly portrayed and a moving story of understanding the pain that comes when loving someone and loving someone when you are in pain.  With solid acting from Kim Myung Min and Ha Ji Won, this will touch your heart and will make you cry. Quintessential yet saddening, poignant and affecting… ^_^

The Grand Heist (2012) Korean Movie Recap


I’ve been having a peg on heist movies these days, and in the past weeks Cha Tae Hyun oppa has been sweetly haunting me because of my following of Jeon Woo Chi and 1Night2days.  I’m sort of resuming my long recap for Kmovies, I know I have been neglecting kmovies lately so I’m really meaning to finish my pendings.  WordPress friends, I present you… THE GRAND HEIST.


Cha Tae Hyun  Oh Ji Ho  Min Hyo Rin  Lee Chae Young   Song Jong Ho


Lazy bummer Lee Doek Mu has been living with Mr. Yang while tending a book store in Joseon era.  He is a son of the Right Minister through a concubine that’s why he can’t hold a government position eventhough he has a brilliant mind.


He has been loving a woman secretly and in his pursuit to know her he followed her one day when she was rushing to where local ice were being distributed and pleaded with the head royal guard, Baek Dong Soo, who was also her brother to give some ice for the children she was taking care of.  But Dong-soo refused to provide ice freebies so Soo Ryun left sadly.



Wanting to be her knight in shining armor, Doek-Mu donned multiple mask and in a gaksital way stole a block of ice, but Dong-soo followed him and they engaged in an ice chase where Doek-mu eventually earned some wood whips from the palace guards. 


Later on Dong-soo visited the orphanage where her sister works and brought some ice, and he got surprised to learn that someone left some ice already for them.

Dong-soo deduced that it was Doek-mu who was then being treated by Mr. Yang through the help of a book about torture that he got from Netherlands, a place he so wanted to go.

At that time ICE was a very prized commodity that they even pay homage to the winter god to continue the frost supply.  The left minister led the local official villains engaged into a whine about the King after the winter offering, and his eyes darted to the Right Minister reminding special ice rangers to protect the ice. 


When Dong-soo got into the wrong side of the Left Minister, he was framed and got stripped off of his position, after an avalanche was striked while they were harvesting ice blocks.  He barely escaped but his team drowned beneath the sea of ice.



Meanwhile Mr. Yang just came back from his travel exploits and was bragging about the western life style and the women which made Doek-mu interested as Mr. Yang described in detail how the western women were so pretty, blond and big-breasted.  *pffft boys!

Dong-soo handled the securing of ice storage and distribution but Left Minister’s nephew illegally did ice mining and forcing slaves to work with them.  Dong-soo learned about the forced labor and wondered who the official was behind it.

On cue, the official trying to go against the King’s law about ice order met with his baddie minions and discussed how the Right Minister, Lee Sung-ho was controlling the price of ice making life hard for the noble men.  His nephew also reported about special ice guard Dong-soo blocking the ice forced labor.

The son of the Left Minister proposed a plan to his father about their current worries and off they go to execute their evil plans.

As the upcoming storm was brewing, Doek-mu listened to drunk Mr. Yang explaining to him the meaning of “OK” (this duo chemistry really cracked me up).

Little did these two know that they will be framed through possession of an illegal book copy for the part 2 evil plan of the Left Minister and his cronies.

So Dong-soo, Doek-mu and Mr. Yang were imprisoned. Doek-mu’s father visited him in the prison.  He told his father honestly that they never have that book.  Unbeknownst to him he was in the middle of a minister feud. 


The Right Minister was left no choice but to step down of his position to save his son’s life as Mr. Yang wasn’t able to bear the torture and died leaving the last words that he didn’t get to see the Netherlands. 


Doek-mu gathered his remains in the morning when they were release.  He saw his father being carried away by the royal guards.  Realizing the cost of his freedom he grieved deeply at the lost of his father and his teacher-bestfriend.


He went to Mr. Yang’s house while the meanies were celebrating their victory.  He woke up and saw a glimmer of light across the room and found a box where he saw letters from his father to his teacher-friend.
After tears, he vowed at his master’s tomb that he will get to the bottom of what forcedly happen to them.



So in four seasons Doek-mu burried himself to studying in preparation of his vengeance scheme.  To put into his action his plans, he has to enlist Dong-soo who was exiled because of the demise of his fellow special ice guards.  He joined him in his abs work-out by the sea and inquired about the ice distribution work around. 



He explained how ice has been a staple need that’s why it needed to be privatized.  Doek-mu quipped how the process affected the noble people who wanted to monopolize the business and hinted how upon his discharged from his position, the nephew of Left Minister Cho Myung-joo proposed a plan to venture into ice mining and got an exclusive right to unearthing ice by pinning on the ice accident that was headed by Dong-soo. 


He further explained how the son of Left Minister controlled the pricing of ice conjugating the ideas that Left Minister’s family and allies have been in command of the ice dealings in the country and has been causing troubles to the common people who can’t afford the price of the frost commodity. 

So then Doek-mu went to disclose his intentions of joining force to cut the root of the problem, Cho Myung-soo, their common enemy who was the mastermind of the ploys to have both of them be jailed through plotting evidence against them.  Furious of learning the truth about his unfair dismissal, Doek-mu Doek-mu appeased him of his brilliant payback idea but their conversation was distracted by Dong-soo’s sister who was also Doek-mu’s crush.


He was so delighted to see Soo Ryun and started calling Dong-soo brother-in-law.  Dong-soo annoyed of his guest shoved him away as Doek-mu was left no choice but to oblige.  He made him promised to see him after a month to hear out his plans, and against his will, he walked away.

After a month, while Doek-mu dreamily muttered intimate maiden moment in his mischievous half-awake self, he groped for water and choked on it when he saw the brother of the maiden he was thinking about staring at his vengeance blueprint.

He agreed to the proposed connivance on three conditions:  that no innocent people will get hurt, that there will be no stealing of country’s money involved and the last one was that he will call the shots.  Doek-mu happily agreed to his conditions and was surprised how he understood his plan so easily.  So then they set to their herculean task and their first stop was to meet their money man.



They laid out their plans to the money man who will be sheltering the ice that they will raid from Cho family’s storage. Moneyman was adamant to go with the idea thinking it was impossible to move that amount of ice to his ice storage.  But Doek-mu talked him through it convincing him that they were assembling a great team for the heist.

alias DEAFY

They hired a deaf explosive specialist who caused ruckus while Left Minister was talking earning him a forced resignation from his job.  They will also be joined by a con artist expert in camouflaging himself. 

alias CONMAN




To move the items, a cargo transport specialist will do the trick and a famous tomb raider who took China by storm will make all the ice disappear. 



The moneymaker finally agreed to finance their mission and hide the ice blocks and they sealed the agreement with an OK. *chuckles (i love the humor of this film).

Then they got to the meet and greet event to spark up their thieving quest.  They were joined by last minute female members Seol-hwa and Nani to strong disagreements of the participants, but when the girls ran down each of the member’s identities and mischief-makings, the ladies took their roles as informants.

alias SEOL-HWA


alias NANI  


Then they went to the business and discuss the biggest score of their lives.  Doek-mu and Dong-soo alternately explained their cards and path.  The king’s grandson will be celebrating a grand birthday ergo it will require plenty of ice because it’s midsummer. 


They will be stealing the ice from Cho family and the ice dealers.  Because Lord Cho will be in charge of the event they will demand for an exchange of money amounting to his total fortune.  He will be forced to give in the amount less his son will be exiled and if he demanded to meet them, the book of his illegal dealings will be drawn, and will make him lost everything.

To go through the plan, they have to steal the book from Lord Cho’s house and dig a tunnel to the storage.  The mounds from the dugged soil will appear like mountain tombs


Con-man will get the book of the evil dealings.  Dong-soo pledged his and Doek-mu’s money to them to the latter’s protest, but then he agreed after seeing the smiling faces of the gang.

So then the new-found-band-of-thieves went to their plan, and first up they searched for a hideout and the place where they will dig the tunnel.

The Operation Shawshank Redemption will carry on until the night before the celebration and to hide their ploy, the dirt load will be converted to burial mounds after a supposed plague that hit an area near Seokbinggo, Nani will share urban legend to the children about the plague and burial site.

Seol-hwa would keep an eye on Lord Cho’s movements as explosive expert would of course silent dynamites that are so hard to get the right mixture.


Clueless about his upcoming downfall, Lord Cho marvelled at his cronnies bribes to him and then suddenly switched to his vileness when the defense minister failed to find something that would cause trouble to Yi San, a strong contender to be the next King.


Conman used Lord Cho’s concubine to infiltrate his household. Evil Cho commanded his son to raise the cost of the ice and handed him the book of their evildoings… and then we see conman dressed as a slave done with his eavesdropping of the location of the book they needed.  


While Left Minister fumed at his useless-non-thinking minions, the thieves watched explosive expert dry run of the soundless bomb, but of course you cant count on a hard of hearing person to create the bomb they were requesting so they ended up covered with smoke after the explosion dry run. 


They continued with their excavation but they needed the blueprint to know exactly where the tunnel would lead.  Doek-mu realized fast the best person to infiltrate the palace and encouragingly tapped Dong-soo’s shoulder to do the deed.

But on Dong-soo’s break-in night he encountered an assassin so his ex-protect-the-palace instinct kicked in and chased after the swift rogue but lost him. 

At the head quarters conman was enticing the boys with his steamy encounter with Lord Cho’s concubine but while the boys were almost reaching the excitement, deaf explosive expert complained on how he’s not proceeding with the story.  *chuckles

Dong-soo arrived at the hide out in a gloomy face and told the gang about the assassin who was intending to kill Yi San.  Then Dong-soo sensed a disturbance in the force and they quickly attended to the eavesdropper who happened to be a little boy.

Nami did the mini inquisition but the little boy made an excuse that he was curious about the plague and was investigating about it. Yey! mini-sherlock.  10pts for gryffindor for your story and cheek.


The next day on the minister’s meeting there was an outburst on the attempted assassination to Yi San, but Lord Cho firmly shoved it as a propesterous idea.  Tomb-raider happily entered the hide out and demanded Dong-soo of the blueprint. 


The young boy they decided to just hostage suggested that they can use of old King Sado’s journals which were settled at a place where spartan monks were inhabiting. 


The roulette spotted mighty Dong-soo to lead the invasion.  Clearly outnumbered Dong-soo and Doek-mi relied on their feet as they ran away from the chasing monks.  They finally got the blueprint so Professor Dong-soo proceeded with Seobinggo 101 crash course.

He lectured the eight conjoined rooms of the ice storage but Doek-mu noticed a faint 9th room on the the plan, the boy hostage pointed out that the country’s architecture was very particar to #9, so the team has to make sure about their accidental discovery.


Seol-hwa and Dong-soo visited the person who can tell them about Room #9.  The all-knowing-bald-musician can only communicate with music so as Seol-hwa played the gayageum to impart their intentions, Doek-mu has to bear the all-knowing’s-daughter’s not so sweet kisses and fondling.  *pooroppa  As the height of the music conversation go on, and so was the lady’s excitement over Doek-mu, until he surrendered and they ended up thrown inside a well, but they scraped an information about Prince So-hyeon. 




Doek-mu conversed with Moneyman, and he explained how he was exiled in China for 8 years.  Doek-mu narrated how his assets were confiscated by the King except for his gold.  Now a eunuch accompanied the deposed Prince, and when the Prince died along with the gold, the Chinese eunuch also vanished.  Prince Sado (Yi San’s father) borrowed some money from a merchant and returned it before he died. 


And the merchant who was also Moneyman received the Chinese gold which could probably that of Prince Prince So-hyeon.  Doek-mu called a meeting and he convened what the 9th room probably hid – GOLD. 

So the gang got all excited except for kill-joy Dong-soo, Doek-mu agreed with including the gold as he claimed it was not the country’s asset.


Dong-soo battled with his ex-royal-guard instinct, and decided to leave the group.  Short with one man, Deafy got an idea with the explosives and signed up the boy captive to be his assistant-cum-protegee. 



He ordered him to fetch urine and cooked it in a big fire.  *eeeeew gross.period.
It became a powdery substance and after Deafy and Chatty boy went Einstein, they produced “dragon fire”.  They tested the firefly-inspired bomb and boom!  It was soundless. 

The group sat on a campfire as they watch the flame roasting the chicken. Nami mentioned how they were almost done and would have been nice if Dong-soo would come back.  Deafy wondered where he went so Chatty boy has to remind him he left.  All eyes darted at Doek-mu to try to win back Mighty Doek-mu who was then at Lord Cho’s house and has just thrown a knife to announce his presence.  Evil Lord warmly greeted him.


Dong-soo delivered a why-are-you-so-greedy? litany, but the villain Lord just shrugged about him being so overly patriotic and ordered his men to drag him out.  He wildly chased after him but was halted when Lord Cho’s son, shot him.  He almost got a second gunshot serving but transporter man and Dong-soo came rushing to rescue him.

They engaged in a feud about principles as Dong-soo blurted how he wanted to avenge his friends who died in the ice mine but he was coveting the country’s gold.  Doek-mu argued that after they get the ice and they don’t include the gold, it will be of great use for Lord Cho. 


Stubborn Dong-soo won’t budge and left Doek-mu moping with the lighted orb.
Doek-mu visited his father.  He felt so bad seeing how his father is having a hard life but the old Right Minister re-assured him that he will get by. 


Conman was still out of luck in locating the book as Cave raider meticulously survey the tunnel they created and was pounding the wall but the prodigal member came back to warn him not to push it anymore. 


They located the safe location to move the ice.  The reunited team sat on a table as Seol-hwa prepared some iced sweets, but of course Dong-soo’s bowl was extra special.

Then Moneyman entered the hideout, and it was funny how Deafy thought it was Conman under disguise.

He delivered the news that the old King passed away.  Lord Cho was in grumpy mood as the retard puppet prince he was wanting to get to the throne worried that Yi San will soon be enthroned.


So mastermind Doek-mu gathered the crew for a last minute change of plans.  They will instead heave the ice and gold the night before the enthronement ceremony.  Since it’s impossible to load the amount of blocks in 4days, Doek-mu explained that they will leave something for the celebration and will use the water canal to bridge it to the ferry where the rest of the ice blocks were waiting.

The hoistering, shoveling and water way plans looked feasible.  The ice will not be wasted because it will be thrown to the people watching the fireworks, and the explosives will push the ice to move. And with the ice shower, they will take that opportunity to seize the gold from the secret room.  Move over big bang theory geeks. *giggles


But then there’s one problem, tunnel raider doesn’t know how to swim so he cannot sever the water vein to trigger the movement of the ice.  So they needed a pro-diver who can stay long under water, and trust Doek-mu to think fast, and they all admiringly gaze at Soo-ryun to Dong-soo’s annoyance, making her the last member of the group.

Doek-mu won’t waste the chance to hit on Soo-ryun so on her practice drill, he gave her the light orb to her amazement.  And as she muttered how pretty and precious the orb, he was also thinking the same thing as he stared at her.

The gang were hefting ice when Lord Cho’s son entered the room, he refused sending ice for the celebration and pushed his guards away to take a nap. 


Tunnel-raider who has been releasing gas all throughout the movie, can’t pick a perfect timing and released another one.  The evil son heard it but dismissed the thought and resumed his lazying around.

2 days until the ceremony the men are flexing their muscles to hit the water vein as Conman was going crazy on finding the Lord Cho’s book of evildoings.  While his blood bled on his nose he hit jackpot and found what he was looking for.

The crew were so tired playing archaelogists and worried that they might not beat the deadline, but legendary tomb raider boasted that they were in good hands.

They were joined by Soo-ryun in her aeon-flux suit courtesy of future sis    in law Seol-hwa… and to complete the cast, smiling Conman appeared holding the evil evidence.

6 hours before the operation though, a complication arouse when Conman’s borrowed Lord Cho’s concubine spilled his snooping around the Master’s quarter and revealed to Lord Cho’s son the hideout of our thieves.   *hellhathnofurywhenyouleftawomanwantingmore

Evil son eavesdropped about the secret gold, and upon hearing the treasure, evil son got so engrossed.

An hour before midnight, Evil Lord presided over a meeting to cause ruckus for the election of the new King, evil son rushed to his side and whispered what he found out.

Soo-ryun stretched in preparation for her water adventure.  Tunnel-raider asked Dong-soo to go to the secret room, and when the clock striked 12, Soo-ryun unleashed the water vein trigger as Doek-mu released the bombs.


They almost didn’t survive it, but you know power of love always complement a feel good movie.  Tunnel-raider madly hearing the rushing water pressure used his bare hands as he panic on a possible drowning idea for him, and as the water and ice let out to the ferry and so was he.  *lol

Doek-mu, Dong-soo and Soo-ryun went to Room 9 and walked to the treasure.  Doek-mu opened the treasure chest and while they looked at the fortune, the evil father and sin and their assassin wielded a sword to them and was held captive. 



They were dragged to the tunnel to meet the after-life.  Dong-soo escaped his ropes and the trio tried to run away.  Doek-mu sent signal to begin the cave blowing but Deafy sensed some faulty connection.  He encouraged chatty boy to carry on his legacy and went inside to manually trigger the bomb.



The heisters met outside to face the sad truth that Deafy sacrificed himself.
And then they got captured again by Evil Lord’s right wing man, luckily Tunnel raider just got back from a trip with the ice and waters, Dong-soo freed himself from the rope and on cue Tunnel-raider threw his weapon, and Warrior Baek Dong-soo tackled the assassin and the rest went berserk fighting the enemies. 


They were leading the surge but the family’s slaves went to the rescue, and just as they were all cornered, Deafy came back from the ruins and threw an ultimate bomb that wiped out the baddies. 



But Evil Cho right and snatched Soo-ryun and to rescue his lady love, Doek-mu counted on his memory about the principles of pistol using. 


In slow motion and I really laughed at this scene, Doek-mu poised himself to target the enemy and finally end his vile existence.





The adorable thieves happily reunited but forgot Moneyman behind.  *chuckles

Yi San got enthroned and the evil gang got tortured.

And we all wonder what happened to our thieves?  12 hours before they execute their plan, they already saw the treasures but they were moved at Prince Sado’s letter to his son, Yi San. 


They decided not to take their share and helped build a better country with no system class and kindness in each of the citizen’s heart.

But of course they won’t end up empty handed, Conman’s lover to compensate for her mistake stole Lord Cho’s fortune for them to share with one another. *victorious

Then we see an epilogue of Doek-mu and Dong-soo as the former revealed how he planted the letter on the treasure and left it to fate whether the rest of the thieves would be moved to let go of their treasure share.  Eventually they did. 


The foursome couple set to their journey to Amsterdam as chatty boy grew up geeky Song Joong Ki. 


And that WordPress friends is the story of 11 quirky thieves who defied ice, gold and politics.  -jediprincess


Set in the era with so many technological limitations, The Grand Heist will mock at those heist films you have already seen.  Overflowing with humor and showcasing a smooth sailing story, this movie will leave a smile on your face after watching it.

Modern heist films normally brag about the tricks and the smarts they utilized to get their score, this production is no different but it was made even so much better.  It’s not a precious diamond or a pricey antiquated work of art in spotlight to be pinched but ICE.  Why ICE?  Because at that time it was a very indispensable commodity.  How a band of thieves execute their premeditated plan to procure a tantamount ice stock and transport it to another storage is for you to watch (or read on my blog).  *wink

This fusion period movie was well mixed and well done.  I promise you cuteness and humor.  I promised you it’s gonna be worth your time.

The Way Home (2002) quick movie musings


Once in a while you get to sit with a simple story about love that doesn’t involve romantic feelings, and you will feel so happy and moved after spending time watching it.


It was narrated in an easy to follow manner but it will really hit home and linger a heartwarming effect that will make you think of your grandmother or if you don’t have one like me you will regret not being able to know them.


Sang-woo (played by little boy Yoo Seung-ho) was left by his mother in an old village to settle some financial problems they have.  Raised in the city he was not accustomed with the plain living in the old village and was disrespectful and a brat with his old grandmother.  Little by little though he became closer to her and when his mother returned for him it sent me to 60 weeping seconds as I grew attached of their relationship.


On their way to his mother’s hometown, a young boy, Sangwoo, was annoyed with the loud chatter of old folks inside the bus, he entertained himself by playing his video game.  His mother temporarily left him in the care of his old grandmother who patiently understood the brat who cared only for himself and what he likes to do and will make him happy.


Used to modern day living Sang-woo spent his days playing video games but when it ran off battery he threw a tantrum after Halmoni (grandma) can’t provide him any money.  He stole his mother’s hairpin and tried to sell it to get a battery but all the battery stores in the small town didn’t sell the kind of battery his video game needed.


When all of his spam were eaten, he clinged on Halmoni’s promise of “fried chicken” and off Halmoni went to sell some of her home grown stuff to get her grandson what he wanted to eat.  Halmoni brought home live chicken ready to be boiled and cooked in ginger and salt, and to his disappointment, Sang-woo wailed and cried as he didn’t get what he expected, but hunger hit him by midnight and in the dead of night he munched Halmoni’s chicken special. 


The next morning when he woke up and Halmoni was still lying down, he worried she could be dead but was just in fact not feeling well after she got soaked in rain on his way home to get Sang-woo’s chicken.  When Halmoni felt better they went to the market to barter Halmoni’s veggies for money.  Sang-woo wanted to eat chocopie and Halmoni’s friend gave her some of it.  Their bus was set to go so Halmoni tried to give something for Sang-woo to carry but on his brat self mode again, he shoved the plastic back to her.


Sang-woo ate all the chocopies except for one and wondered why buses have arrived and left without his Halmoni, and then he finally saw her approaching and felt sorry realizing she had to walk for him to ride on the bus, and he even felt sorrier because he didn’t help carry the plastic to lighten her load.  He slipped the sole choco pie to Halmoni’s plastic and from then on he showed some good signs of being good to his loving grandmother.


Sang-woo was having a crush on a young girl so he needed a haircut, so Halmoni gave him a funny haircut.  After playing though with his crush he went home and got himself some bruises and fright after being chased by the village’s crazy cow. He noticed the video game Halmoni was trying to give him and when he opened it he saw some money, he realized then that he was trying to give him money for the battery.


He went home and Halmoni was there waiting for him, and he started crying and through his tears he tried to tell her what happened that day.  Halmoni lovingly took him and gave him a letter from his mother.  Knowing that his mother will soon come to get him, he taught her how to write in Hangul.  “I’m sick” and “I Miss You”.  But Halmoni was having a hard time learning it.  He also made sure to stock up her needles with threads for her to use when she is sewing.


Sang-woo’s mother arrived and while he fought off the sad feeling of leaving her, he got in the bus but then rushed to go back to Halmoni and gave her his favorite robot cards. 


He stared lovingly at his mother while the bus drove away and when Halmoni got home she looked at the back of the cards which Sang-woo transformed into  “I Miss You” and “I’m sick” post cards.


This is a perfect movie to watch with your grandmother if you have one.  So touching and heart-stirring in its simplicity and yet the emotion surge you will while watching it was so compelling and family bond affirming.  This is a story of a grandmother’s unconditional love to her grandson and whosoever watched it will certainly feel good after and restrospect a little if he’s being rude to his grandma.


This will be added to my favorite movie list.  ^_^



Bunt Korean Movie Quick Musings

I was beaming and smiling and was so amused while watching this endearing father-and-son movie.  A heartwarming film full of a father’s love to his good-natured but feeble-minded child and a friendship so sweet, it will make you reminisce your childhood memories.

Dong-gu has been the resident water boy of his class.  He loves doing it even if his classmates constantly make fun of him.  His being half-witted was discussed to his father by his teacher and the principal, but his father still refused to enroll him at a school for special children mainly because Dong-gu is used to following routines, and going to that school has been part of that routine.

Annoyed by Dong-gu’s being simple-minded, his class partner put a frog inside the water kettle, not realizing what has happened, his teacher scolded him and from then on, a water dispenser replaced Dong-gu’s favorite water kettle.

I didn’t realize I was already crying when Dong-gu confronted the water dispenser.  Angry at something who has taken out the only thing that is making him recognized by his classmates, he threw punches at it for hurting his young heart.

While little Dong-gu is having a hard time at school, his father was also facing a predicament because their house which was pawned when Dong-gu’s mother was sick 5 years ago will be taken away from them soon if they won’t be able to raise a money to claim it back.

Then one day, Dong-gu saw a baseball player holding a water kettle, his slow-witted brain processed a miraculous idea and found himself imposing as the new water boy of the baseball team.   When one of the players quitted his position, the coach made Dong-gu one of his players.  The next day Dong-gu attended his class wearing his baseball uniform, and were teased by his classmates who can’t believe that a no-brainer would understand the concept of baseball, but his class partner has had enough of their classmates making fun of Dong-gu, so he stood up for him and from then he threw away the hesitations of taking in a slow person as a friend, and started to be Dong-gu’s bestfriend.

While having the problems of securing the possession of their house, Dong-gu’s father was also suspected of having a cancer.  The coach was also on pressure because of their upcoming game and Dong-gu who can’t still hit the ball was almost cut out from the team if not for his best friend stepping in to take responsibility of coaching him. 

Dong-gu tends to close his eyes when the ball approaches so he can’t hit it, but then one day while he was playing with the raindrops, his best friend got an idea.

He taught him the concept of “BUNT” in baseball.  This is a baseball technique where the hitter taps the ball so it would roll a short distance and would advance the base runners.  They kept practicing it in the hopes that it will be of great use in their upcoming match.

Then came Dong-gu’s first baseball game…  It was a fairly played game, and as the players and coaches feel the pressure, our little Dong-gu was still clueless of what’s happening.  Their team was behind a point in the closing inning, and when the player before Dong-gu refused to hit because he was not feeling well, the coach begged him to just hit it one more time.  In the end, he didn’t hit the pitches which put the next batter, our Dong-gu on position.  Dong-gu failed to hit the first two pitches, and while his coach-best-friend encouraged him… and in slow-climaxing-moment, the last ball was pitched, and Dong-gu tapped the bat to it and ran as much as he can.  With base runners realizing what the little hero has done they were able to reach home base and emerged victorious over their competitors.

At the closing scenes, Dong-gu was seen walking and using the baseball bases as his guide to reach their new home.  His father was also cleared from cancer and the father and son lived happily ever after.

Bunt was certainly a gladdening and encouraging movie experience.  Full of inspiring and beautiful lessons about parenthood, friendship and believing in yourself.   Even the humor was edifying, and you will just find yourself immersed in the story, cheering for Dong-gu… cheering for everything that will make him happy.

M Korean Movie Quick Musings

I had a hard time digesting the movie. I can’t sway my grasshopper-ish attention span because the movie was so attention seeking. The crisp and avant-garde cinematography was jaw dropping and I’m all praises to the editing.

 A fiction writer Min-woo flounders with his job and a girl who kept visiting his imagination. It brought him to leave his sanity and caused rift to his real life marriage. In between the reality and his mentally indisposed self, it was revealed that the girl was his first love.


The story was not in a hurried pace, and yet I really mustered all the focus I can get to be immersed on it. It’s the kind of movie a film professor should have his students watch because of how superb it was done technically complementing an unconventional plot

 It’s a sad first love movie that was presented incorporating subconscious yearnings and realms of the imagination that kept our deepest longings.


What I loved about it was the conflict done in modern vibe and mind boggling way but never leaving the sweet and painful narrative of losing your first love… thinking you are over the memories… and finding yourself haunted and affected by it because you haven’t truly given up on it.

Sunny Korean Movie Quick Musings

This is one of the best friendship movies I’ve seen in my life.  It made me dig back memories I’ve shared with my high school girl friends.
A reflective film that will make you stop and think for a while to wonder and reminisce one of the best days of your life.
It made me cry and happy at the same time.
A dedicated mother and wife accidentally bumped with her dying high school friend and from there they relive the old times while looking for the rest of their circle of friendship.  Told in shifting time, the film beautifully captured the depth of friendship built with trust and respect.
This is a movie that will make you love your friends even more.  An appreciative story that tells how a friendship stays regardless of reasons and changes after all those times.

Always Korean Movie Quick Musings

I finally got the chance to spend an afternoon full of loving vibes.  I received lots of raves about this movie and I must agree to the warm response “Always” has received.  It made me miss the feeling of being in love, and I was left smiling, calmed and inspired as I immersed myself in a love story between two people who found love in their vulnerabilities.

Im Jung Hwa was saddled with temporary blindness after surviving from a car accident that killed her parents.  She works as a customer service representative over the phone and has lived her life in full swing optimism despite of her disability.

Jang Chul-min was a former boxer who after quitting the profession settled to being a merciless bounty hunter, but in one of his bounty mission he found motivation to start his life in good faith again. 

Little by little fondness grew between them, with a life he was never proud of and nothing much to offer, Chul-min mustered whatever he has and took responsibility of a blind woman’s heart.

“Always” broke the romantic dry spell I’ve been having for a while now.  It played with the cutesies, the sweetness, the laidback and the contentment feel of a love movie.

On a distracting note, and I mean it to be really utmost distracting… So Ji Sub in his rough, untidy look was a sight to behold, and the short showcase of his abs was a manna from heaven.

The last movie I liked was Postman to Heaven which was also a movie of Han Hyo Joo.  Playing a sweet, optimist blind Han Hyo-joo connected to her lead man so well that the blue ray screen emanating love swept the romantic side of me.

Seeing the love grew, saddled, steadied, lost and fulfilled was I think the reason why it created huge admiration.  It was an ever after not of a prince and a princess, but by two people whose hearts can love each other with their eyes closed.

Never-ending Story Quick Movie Musings

In tradition of the death bound conflict of Korean love story, this charming movie was able to balance the premise and have it set to both the lead couple’s having after life bargains.
Oh Song Kyung worked at a bank and has lived her life planned into the smallest details, but what she did not prepare for was a malady that came instantly in her life.  She met Kang Dong Joo who was her exact opposite.  He lives a spontaneous life and never failing to lose hope that he’ll win the lottery someday. The two met because both of them were diagnosed at the same hospital and soon they embark on a bucket list fulfillment that involves funeral preparations for Song Kyung and lottery station hunts for Dong Joo.

What this movie achieved was setting a sad note to a brighter perception. It was a film about death but the lively scenes and characters have pulled a different take on life’s passing. The love couple were adorable and swung an Edward-Bella pull worthy of your smile and sigh.
I love that it was so natural and that they first slept together inside a coffin and never ending to a traditional bed. 

A carefree movie I would definitely recommend.  This was a romance charmer that will raise mirth one moment and then tug your heart at another time.  Watching it made me not expect outcomes or predict what will happen because the conflict surged up when it commenced, but I was left watching them as they have a good time alongside the struggle with their inevitable death.
It was simply done but happily narrated, and that made it hit home in me.
Radiant and resonating, this is a must watch darling.  ^_^

KLM101: crash course to the Best Korean Romance Movies

And that’s me being overly assumptive but I’m pretty sure these are initiating Korean romance movies you have to see first, but consider you’re forewarned because these love flicks might erase the existing favorites you have right now …

In response to one of my blog friend’s request of making the best 24 Korean love movies  and because I’m in a sleeping contest with Harper Lee’s book  I’m pausing now to pick the Best Korean Romance Movies my eyes have ever laid on.

This will be hard considering love is subjective and love has different faces, but I’ll select the movies based on their peculiar storyline, evolving characters and knockout directing and overall make.

So Aunt Aphrodite, in no particular order here it goes… please accept my love offering.

P.S  If your favorites are not on the list, charge it to personal preference or I might have not seen it yet.  ^_^


Gyeon-woo would make your current BF right now in danger because most likely you will entertain that “I wish my BF can be a little like Gyeon-woo kind of thought”.

The initiating movie for first time watcher on the Korean movie land. This was released in 2001 and was based by a blog post written by Kim Hyo Sik. Director Kwak Jae Yong helmed the production.

If you haven’t watched this movie, then you haven’t watched a really good romance movie.  Needless to say, this is one of my favorite love films. Captivating, vibrant and worth watching… 

A perfect date movie that will leave you laughing and loving at the same time.

This is love tale of losing love, coping on the loss, helping yourself with whatever you can have to find love again.  Most girls undoubtedly can totally understand how the girl might have felt because of how emotional girls can be when dealing with heartaches. 

And I think most of us girls, can relate to the pain she was bearing all through out the movie. It’s hard to get over and start a new when your heart gets broken regardless of the reason why.  All of us want “Gyun-woo”, a not so perfect man but will be there for us no matter what.

A girl who has some past love issues was saved by a cheerful young man when she almost got caught by a train.  Fate played with them and the boy slowly became fond of her and decided that he would heal whatever that pain she has.  If I can marry someone like Gyeon-woo, I’ll be damn happy.



Hollywood made a remake of this movie (The Lake house) but still I prefer how Koreans did it. A man and a woman engaged in a romance as they exchanged love letters and leaving it inside a mail box.  Time element executed perfectly. Addictive love story… Deeply touching and moving

IL Mare literally screamed soft and moving love story of time-crossed lovers.  It’s very simple, and yet well narrated that even my attention problem was won over by it.

It’s a nice watch on a lazy afternoon in the arms of someone you love. 

Love they say is magic and I say a sort of magical mail box which made a man and a woman fell in love regardless if they were living at different times was more than fireworks and raining rose petals.



I like how Jun Ji Hyun reinvents herself as an actress, that’s why I love all her films.  Set in Netherlands, Ji Hyun played the role of a street painter that will become the love interest of a secret service agent and a professional hitman… Thrilling, lingering, and romantic elements were put in splendidly

This was narrated gorgeously in a three-way view point, there’s not a single kiss scene, but for some reasons it’s overflowing with love.  It was like the feeling when Pacey gave Joey a whole wall for her to paint.  If I’ll have a stalker like Park Yi, I’m sure I’ll fall for him.

Most movies that I’ve seen with time flashbacks were really good, but in Daisy it was extra special. 

It is unconditional secret one sided love at its best, and the shoot out scene where Park Yi reads Hye-young’s lips is one of my favorite scenes ever. 

And although the ever after was not achieved, this is one love story that really made me happy.  It was a love full of wonderful memories even before it started.



Ha Ji Won played a role of a radio scriptwriter who was always dreaming of meeting the guy who helped her pay her tuition in college. She accidentally bumped into emails that tells about a girl’s long time admiration over a guy. She finally had a chance to meet her daddy-long-legs and there she learned that it was his younger brother who asked him to do all the things for her. She also learned that it was her daddy-long -legs who wrote those emails, however he switched his gender when he was writing the emails. Daddy-long-legs lost all his memories including that of the girl’s because he was dying and he asked his brother to make the girl happy once he lost his memory. You’ll never get tired of watching it. Amazingly sweet and mesmerizing.

Daddy Long Legs is one of the sweetest movies I’ve seen so far.  It is laid back and serene.  The tricky identity switch can either fascinate you or pull a “make no sense” plot in your eyes.  In my case I like how it was laid. 

This feels like that “one summer walk” with your crush that you dearly keep in your heart. 

Eventhough the ending is sad, it is worth your afternoon break.



An ordinary high school girl who worries about grades and has a crush on her school’s baseball team ace was forced to marry a guy out of her grandfather’s wish. Her being young and the hidden marriage made this movie so charming. Dandy, cheerful, playful… will let you remember that feel you have on the first person you ever had a crush on.

My Little Bride is a sweet tale of young love.  It reminds us that sometimes we may become blinded or too pre-occupied to notice a “love” that has been there all along.

We should not mistake thrills over true love.  This is a charmingly cute cradle snatching love story full of vibrancy and true love.

I don’t have a childhood sweetheart, books perhaps, but isn’t it amazing to be sharing the rest of your life with someone who has been there with you and who stayed without you demanding it.



Very nice, enthralling, amazingly unsurpassed romance… I can’t find words to dislike this movie, so just watch it. This is a love story that you will tell your grandchildren rather than “Romeo and Juliet”. 

A young woman accidentally bumped on her mother’s love story and she got deeply engaged with it.  The parallelism was well portrayed and there was just so much love in the air.

When I first saw this movie, I was deeply moved I named all my pet dog…  Sang-min.  *giggles  Until now, my pet is named Sang-min.  It was a time-transcending love at it’s best.  This made me love Director Kwak Jae-young much more.

“CHANCE is a GIFT for those who TRY”



I was really amused at this movie. Son Ye Jin was a player who hates marriage until she met a guy who showed her that it’s possible to enjoy being committed. Then she kinda like the idea of marriage so she asked her husband if she can marry another guy and there goes a kind of marriage you won’t think would happen in real life… So playful and mischievously flirty.

Marriage is kind of an exhausting topic for me as all my friends have been praying for me to tie the knot and that’s maybe the reason why I can’t because the love angels are annoyed with the buckets of requests.  But this movie was one of a kind, it’s a kind of set up I would want wen I decide to be with someone forever, well not the unfaithfulness perse but the light and comfortable feel of being married.

Sexy but in place.  Buoyant and Bouncy.

♥ A Millionaires First Love (2006) – THE RICH REBEL WHO LOVED A GIRL AND MADE ME CRY

Hyun Bin was a millionaire’s heir but in order for him to have his fortune, his dead granny forced him to finish High School in the suburb. There he discovered the past that he erased in his mind, and the truth that money can’t save the life of the girl he loves.

Most of the Korean Romance movies have sad endings,but then again it didn’t make them less beautiful.  That scene when Binnie’s character was so amazed at the lead girl’s back as she cooks, was one of the sweetest scene I have seen in a KMovie.  This was a dying girl movie that defied all the dying girl movies out there because it was not forced and was so heartfelt.

Passionate and bewitching.  This is a love flick that will remind you how you shared the pain and wanted to take away someone’s pain because of love.


After dumping her boyfriend just before their 100 day anniversary, she met a college guy when she accidentally kicks a can that hit him in the face and caused him to scratch his Lexus. He demanded she paid him $3000 on the spot and wrote up an “Enslavement Agreement” for her in order to pay for the damage to his car.   She got into a nightmarish slave life for 100 days, cleaning his house, running his errands, doing his homework and cleaning his car. Ooops.. I almost told the whole story… Upbeat, enchanting and one of my favorites.

This is a movie brimming with feel-good vibes.  It is nothing spectacular but always fun and nice to watch.  A slave-master love story refreshing, engaging and worth remembering.



Two hot guys fought for a sweet naive, girl.  (I swear you would want to trade places with the girl on this movie.) 

This is what a guy should watch to get some  snappy smooth moves for is girl.  My eyes were literally flashing hearts and my heart was fickle every 5 minutes because of the adorable male leads.

The twist of the story is quite surprising, and I’m warning you that you might cry.  Tender, passionate and love-affirming.



This is REALLY a nice watch… the movie you will force that special someone to watch with you before you decide to tie the knot… *giggles very witty, heartwarming, extraordinarily sweet, comfy and appealing.

This flick has one of the wittiest and funniest screenplay I’ve seen.  It was not complex and will keep teasing your heart in its entire duration.  It’s a movie were all pieces complements each other well from the story premise to how the characters played their role well to the amusing conflict and to the secret love and how it was returned back.  This is one of my hall-of-famers.




A couple striving to keep up their relationship against the struggle with the wife’s Alzheimer’s disease… A love story of a devoted husband who stayed with her wife even when she was slowly forgetting that he happened in her life.. Poignant, deeply moving, and I cried buckets of tears here.

This movie sent me to tear-land when I first saw it, and while recapping it my heart was still moved.  This is such a strong love story, the kind of love tale you’ll share your friend who has currently having inhibitions about love.  Considering the premise involved “sickness” as a conflict, I think what made this movie so strong is because of the superb performance of the lead couple.

One of the few movies, I dearly keep in my heart.




Stellar acting and a gorgeously written script…  A deeply immersing love story…  Tied with friendship, secret adoration and almost love, this is a little charmer that will fill you up butterflies in your stomach.

I don’t know how to react to a love triangle were a friend of mine is involved.  A man should be worthy enough to make me join a tug of war, but then again how much I love my friend also matters.  This is one of those motion picture tat you can transfer to a book without losing its essence and beauty.


Brave, sunny and worth watching with your friends… A voice talent who has weight challenges worked hard to lose weight.  She became prettier and avenged her broken heart.  A love story full of courage and never failing to hope for what love can really offer.

If Mischievous Kiss gave hope to not so bright ladies that they have a chance to snatch a smart-prince-like-man, 200 LBS Beauty provided an encouragement4shared Personal Free Online File Storage – InnityIt was simple and not overly done and was an engrossing watch.


So I finally got the chance to watch this movie without interruptions.  Who wouldn’t fall for this darling?  I was so fond of the lead couples when they were children and loved them even more when they grew up.  So sweet, priceless and worth remembering. 

Watched it with my mom, and she loved it.  It’s a  charmingly woven love story.. and although it will make you cry in the end, I’m pretty sure it will be one of those love movies you will highly recommend.



A very pretty and serene love story of moving on from the pain of a broken heart.   It has a very simple storytelling but with completeness that will touch the side of your heart that was once broken, and that was able to bounce again because of not giving up to the idea of finding love.

When you watch a love story with supernatural element inflection, you have to prepare yourself not to expect that much, and that’s what I did. Actually it was vaguely presented and was injected fully later in the story, nevertheless I love how this movie was not complicated and effortlessly endearing.

Surely worth of your rest day movie time.



If you are looking for an endearing and vibrant rom-com movie night with your boyfriend, this darling will delight you.  It’s ever moving and no dull moment.  From the feisty main female lead, the cholatey sweet lead man and the oozingly hot second male lead, this is a kind of Christmas gift you’d promise you’ll open on Christmas day, but when no one is looking out, you’ll sneak to see what it is.

Ji-ho has liked Min-woo since High School.  As her luck ran out with her current job, she bumped with her crush again when she was hit by his car while chasing the snatcher who took her bag.  She took that chance to pretend that she can’t remember anything to fulfill her 10-year dream of spending time with her crush.

But her neighbor-friend-who-secretly-loves-her, Dong-shik spoiled her staying at Min-woo’s house and brought her home while she still firmly held on her supposed amnesia.

She finally got Min-woo’s attention but Dong-shik was also determined to win the girl he has loved all her life.

This is about realizing the right love for you and chasing the romance no matter how long it will take.


It is one of the sweetest “summer love” movie I’ve seen unfortunately though they didn’t get their ever after.  Lee Byung Hun translates to the man you won’t regret committing infidelity if you are currently in a relationship.  He’s just so manly in an I-want-to-throw-myself-in-your-arms-kind-of-way.  Su-Ae has such an expressive eyes and her blithe nature in this love movie complements the endearing character of Byung-hun oppa.

A felicity filled tale that will leave you fetching and at the same time agonizing.  It was a sweet melancholic movie of finding love and holding on to it even if it has long been gone.



This sweet dance movie was an emotion pond..  It made me feel warm, giddyish, frustrated, disappointed, annoyed, sad, appeased and then eventually blissful.

The fake marriage, dance moves and the simple yet sure love launched a well deserved love sigh from me.

P.S  I love the footprints practice dance floor.


In tradition of the death bound conflict of Korean love story, this charming movie was able to balance the premise and have it set to both the lead couple’s having after life bargains.

What this movie achieved was setting a sad note to a brighter perception. It was a film about death but the lively scenes and characters have pulled a different take on life’s passing. The love couple were adorable and swung an Edward-Bella pull worthy of your smile and sigh.
I love that it was so natural and that they first slept together inside a coffin and never ending to a traditional bed.  A carefree movie I would definitely recommend.  This was a romance charmer that will raise mirth one moment and then tug your heart at another time.  Watching it made me not expect outcomes or predict what will happen because the conflict surged up when it commenced, but I was left watching them as they have a good time alongside the struggle with their inevitable death.
It was simply done but happily narrated, and that made it hit home in me.
Radiant and resonating, this is a must watch darling.



More than blue less the falling in love and dying part made me yearn to have a boy bestfriend. A film so tender and heartfelt, it will give you that sweet regret feeling as you sleep. The dearest melancholic I-secretly-love-my-bestfriend-movie I have ever seen.

What I love about this movie is the transparency of the characters, it’s as if I’m staring at my neighbor’s life because they acted so naturally good and painfully remembering.

The sad ending was really sadder than sadness but how it concluded was clearly satisfying.



I initially feared that this movie could go overrated considering the familiar plot and stellar main leads but I’m so happy to have chanced upon a very beautiful, unconventional, heartwarming first love movie. The last time I felt it was with the film “The Classic” and I couldn’t be any happier witnessing a young love that was not bound to happen but felt so right.

The fantasy element surprisingly blended to the heartfelt connection of the main couple as the simplicity of the narrative and the conflict failed to stripped the amazing progression of this moving love tale that will surely tug your heart.



I received lots of raves about this movie and I must agree to the warm response “Always” has received.  It made me miss the feeling of being in love, and I was left smiling, calmed and inspired as I immersed myself in a love story between two people who found love in their vulnerabilities.

“Always” broke the romantic dry spell I’ve been having for a while now.  It played with the cutesies, the sweetness, the laidback and the contentment feel of a love movie.

On a distracting note, and I mean it to be really utmost distracting… So Ji Sub in his rough, untidy look was a sight to behold, and the short showcase of his abs was a manna from heaven.

Seeing the love grew, saddled, steadied, lost and fulfilled was I think the reason why it created huge admiration.  It was an ever after not of a prince and a princess, but by two people whose hearts can love each other with their eyes closed.


ANOTHER PS:  I have a few parked movies somewhere in my mind as I have to re-watch it to secure a spot on my favorites.

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PUNCH Korean Movie Recap (2011)

Dear Yoo Ah In,

I’ve been waiting for you all my life.

Love, abby

Do Wan Deuk grew up in a cabaret where his father with a hunchback disability works as a dancer.    Carrying the weight of living in a not so affluent life, his temperament is a bit lousy especially if it involves his father. 

The cabaret goes off beat through the years and eventually meets its closure.  When Wan-deuk learns that his father and his mentally challenged adopted uncle is in the market trying to trade some cabaret items, he rushes to their aid sensing they could be in danger and just as he thought, his father was dragged and ridiculed by, so his blood rushes to avenge the cruel situation he witnessed.  

At night, he got a scolding from his father for his brawny act and for his insisting to just stop studying so he can work and help pitch to the expenses.

Wan-deuk attends to a school where his most hated person teaches, Lee Dong Jo.   Aside from teaching duties which he doesn’t normally do, his sarcasm skills is exceptional you’ll surely learn a lot from it.  To add frustration to the injury, Dong-jo also happens to be their neighbor and for some reason he doesn’t understand, the devil-may-care-attitude of his teacher always picks on him whether it may be on class or in the neighborhood.

Wan-deuk goes home seeing his father and uncle preparing for a dance routine.  His father informs him that they will be on the road for a showcase so he has to behave while they are away.  He asks Dong-jo to check on him once in a while.  The handsome rascal has always been praying for the worst that can happen to his nemesis, and when he was asked by him to attend the church, he realized why his prayers are not answered.

After his regular foul-mouthed blabber to his students, he boringly calls Wan-deuk’s attention and asks him to come outside.  He reveals to him about his Filipina mother but not knowing how to react and where his teacher is trying to get to, he runs and mopes on his so called pitiful life.

He arrives home late and is awakened by Dong-jo’s knocks on the door.  He reprimands him of running away on things he doesn’t want to hear and understand as they sit in front of beer bottles.   Dong-jo explains that he met his mother at the church which helps foreign workers in the city and tells him of her intention of wanting to see her son.   But Wan-deuk wants his father’s consent first which made Dong-jo a little mad because Oedipus complex did not hit him at all to grant a simple wish from the woman who gave him his life.  

He seeks Divine intervention again and complains of giving such a lousy role model to him.  He also whines about his recently acquired birth secret which he doesn’t know how to deal with.  He warns Jesus on the Cross that he’ll seek Buddha if he won’t get any help to eradicate Dong-jo in his existence.  Now that made me smile…

Wan-deuk attempts to open a conversion about his mother with his father, but they got interrupted by a commotion between Dong-jo and their neighbor who vandalized their newly bought second hand van for the roadshows. 

The arrogant-bad-curly-haired neighbor rants on how the vehicle was blocking the door and how he can’t stand the presence of retards in front of him.  The magic word ignites Wan-deuk and he crossed the people trying to hold on to him and punches the man who insulted his family.

Dong-jo defends Wan-deuk’s epic punch on city hunter’s ajussi and reasons out the motivation why he threw a punch.  In the end, the neighbor let it go after his sister steps in and knocks the hidden common sense in his brain.

At school, the students are passing ero comic drawing starring Yoon-ha.  Her sexy manga launches fist fight among the boys as Wan-deuk watches them ramble.  When the rage subsides Yoon-ha tears the pages and throws it at the boy fancying her.

Yoon-ha approaches Wan-deuk while he walks home and asks him if they can talk.  He brings her to the church to her wondering.  He asks what does she want to talk about so she rants her observations of him always doing things alone.  She comments that since he normally doesn’t go to school, it’s okay for her to tell him things as he will forget it eventually.

Then she suddenly bursts crying as Wan-deuk gropes what to react.  She weeps and narrates to him that she used to go out with Jun-ho and that she caught him drawing those sexy anime pictures that’s why she broke up with him.  well at least he’s so creative “kisses and draws”… *giggles.  While she’s pouring her heart out, Wan-deuk can’t help but just stares at her chest and when she prays to Jesus for her ex-bf’s death, it made Wan-deuk sighs and insists that his prayer should be prioritized.

“You’ve got a full load, God.  But don’t forget I prayed first.”

Yoon-ha calms down and thanks him for listening.  At night, he fantasizes her as he stares at the ceiling of his room.

When his male hormones betrays him, he gets up to take a breather and sees his teacher peeping at ajussi’s sister while she’s doing karate movements.  He greets the neighbor cutting Dong-jo’s private viewing.  The next day at school when Dong-jo gives him an errand, he grins remembering his perv spying last night, but his smile turns sour when he shouts about him meeting his mother at the church.

He carefully surveys the church wishing he’s not gonna bump at his mother, and to his relief the Indian guy comes in to take the stuff he brought.  He runs when he sees a Filipina who turns out to be married to the Indian guy only to reach home and sees his real mother for the first time.

He asks her if she wants ramen and invites his long lost mother inside the house.  He painfully gapes at her mother’s back and worn out shoes, and at this moment it felt like the restrained emotions Wan-deuk is feeling finds a way out of the TV screen and hits my tear nerves.

They eat ramen as his mother feels sad that her son has been used to just eating ramen.  Mother washes the dishes as Wan-deuk secretly looks at her.  She departs and leaves a letter for him.

“I’m sorry.  I never forgot you.  I miss you very much.  I’m a bad person.  I’m so sorry.  I’m sorry I can’t be there with you.”

Wan-deuk fights for the tears brimming on her eyes, but I didn’t fight hard, my faulty tearducts made me cry.
His father monentarily stops what he’s doing when he mentions that a Filipina visits him and left her number.  His father pretends he’s not interested and gives him an errand.  Wan-deuk tries another conversation opening about his mother by asking why they separated.  Father finally gives in and explains that he let her go because she was not happy with his dancing at the cabaret.

WAN-DEUK:  That’s it?  So you let her go?

FATHER:  I hated how everyone there treated her like some servant.  Like she was there to do their dirty work.

Wan-deuk draws a deep sigh and walks to step out.  While he’s at the door his father telks him that even if his mother came from a poor country, she grew up well-educated.

He steps out and sees the man who orchestrated his fated meeting with the mother and runs to give his teacher a beating.  Dong-jo reacts snappily, heads home and locks the door. 

They converse behind the door and he asks him why he directs him to their house to which he replies that he never did that and just gave his own address and the information that they are neighbors and that they are not the only neighbors he has.  Wan-deuk then thanked his teacher as Dong-jo complains why he curses at him when he just want to be grateful.  He asks him to go home and throws a trash for him to settle.

At school in their art appreciation class, the teacher discusses Millet’s painting – The Cleaners.  She calls Wan-deuk’s attention about the painting.  He replies that the painting screams “What are you looking at?” which makes the whole class laughs.


“The woman at the far right, she’s leering and saying, “what are you looking at?”  They look like women find into marriage from poor countries so they needed to be strong to protect themselves.  The woman on the far right, she’s about to make a fist to fight the farm owner.  The one on the far left pretends to be working, but she’s gonna throw that hay at her opponent’s face.  The woman in the middle is a pro, because she’s gonna use a rock.  It’s a dirty trick but you fight to win, and those women they received good education in their own countries.


And that ladies and gentlemen is Art debonair Wan-deuk stripping his teacher’s role to explain the meaning of that obra maestra.

Wan-deuk visits the church and Hassan, the Indian guy brings him to the gym to try kick boxing.  He spars with an opponent from the gym, and when he corners his opponent he rampages and threw punch after punc h that the gym trainer shouts to halt the fight. 

He points out what he lacks as a fighter inside the ring.  He adds that he might win in street fights but not in the ring.  This motivates Wan-deuk to ask permission to his father if he can try kick boxing, but his father doesn’t want to allow it.  He insists on doing what he wants and hurts his father’s feelings by hinting that he can blend in the crowd not because of his dancing, but because people pities and make fun of his disability.  Father’s heart was broken and even Uncle Min-ku knows Wan-deuk’s disrespect so he slaps his face lightly.


Aboji mopes at how his hunchback made him so useless in front of rice wine and Dong-jo.  The teacher convinces him to just let his son do what he wants to do.  The sister of ajussi, Ho-jeong joins them in and drinks when she’s seemingly drunk.  She tells them her work as a martial arts writer, but they are interrupted when Wan-deuk comes to fetch his father. 

Dong-jo and Ho-jeong carry on with their teasing as the son piggy-back his drunk father muttering how his beloved son has grown up well now.

Wan-deuk goes back to the gym and starts training.  When he goes home his mother left some food for him to eat.  He tastes the food and mutters that the food was salty.

His training is taking a toll to his body causing him to sleep at school lazily creating another opportunity to lovingly ridicule him.  On that same day, Dong-jo is invited for a trip to the police station.

Wan-deuk and Yoon-ha visit their teacher.  He was surprised to see the best and the worst paying concern to him.  He evades Joon-ha on the reason why he’s being held up and shows a worried face when Wan-deuk says that the people in the church were not there.

They walk home and Wan-deuk suddenly mentions about love letters.  The smart Joob-ha picks up easily where he is heading and smiles at the thought that he wrote her one.  She asks him to give it to her, and reads it excitedly.  waaaa yoo ah in, I want a love letter too!

“Everything I see these days looks like you.  The clouds, the flowers, and even the moon.”

Joon-ha teases him and plays catch-me-and-your-letter-if-you-can with him.  You lucky girl! 

At home, father and uncle min ku see the food prepared by his estranged wife.  He smiles when uncle comments that it’s salty.

Wan-deuk brings Joon-ha to the gym, and the trainer finds a purpose for her to do which is to referee his sparring with her boyfriend.

Dong-jo is resurrected and goes straight to his waiting class whom he misses so much.  When the girls in front complains he smells, he shortly reminds them to study for the exams and heads to the shower.

Wan-deuk and his family go to check on Dong-jo and he explains to father why he was taken by the police.  Apparently, he reported a business man slaving unfairly the illegal immigrants in the city which he’s trying to help.  Wan-deuk asks about Hassan, and he replies that he was deported and adds that most illegal immigrants don’t know when their visa expires and some employers take advantage of them.