Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 15 Recap

It’s D-day for the heroes and villain, but prior to the climax sealing, Bong-Bong and Min-Min treated us to a great fan service.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode Recaps

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Min Hyuk takes Bong Soon in his arms after the firework blast.  She worries about the wound on Min Hyuk’s hand as they exit the building and promises to buy him a new outfit one she gets his paycheck because his clothes were ruined.  Min Hyuk smiles and is about to say something, but her tummy growls so he just grins and leads her to a restaurant for dinner.  
Bong Soon slurps some noodles when she receives a message from aboji to hurry up in going home.  Min Hyuk asks who texted her and replies it was her father.  She casually mutters if she can just stay at his place that night so he snorts the food he was eating as his thoughts roam to an intimate night with her.  Bong Soon teases him of what he was probably thinking and denies not thinking anything while secretly smiling.  He gets up from his chair flapping his clothes feeling warm mumbling how she always make him crazy.  aigoo these two how can I not miss you guys *sniff *sniff
Bong Soon offers to drive due to his injured hand as he tries to open up if she can just really stay with him that night.  However his phone rings and he answers it impatiently, but changes his tone immediately and responds to aboji that they are heading home in a moment.  Min Hyuk lazily opens the car door as he is left no choice but to postpone his sweet evil night plan and drives her home.
Bong Soon tries to appease her pouting boyfriend and reminds her to rest and sleep well.  He frowns and murmurs how he can possibly sleep when she said those things earlier.  She takes his hand and smiles at him.  She looks in his eyes and tells him how that day is the happiest day of her life.  Her sweet words melt his sullen mood as he waves goodbye to her.  He sighs and goes back to his car mumbling how it will be a sleepless night for him.
Bong Bong and Min Min are both recounting the earlier events.  He realizes how she desperately pleaded earlier to save her just as she ponders on how he chose to stay with her even when his life will be in danger.
Min Hyuk is haunted by Bong Soon’s should-i-not-go-home dinner teasing in progressing flirtatious tones so he had to relieve the steam by doing some midnight work out until he exhausted himself.  Min-Min and Bong-Bong are both tossing and turning on their beds trying to sleep.  He gets up and go to the dining room to drink some water just as the doorbell rings.  He walks to check who rang it and was surprised to see Bong Soon in front of him.
She gropes for the right words to explain her appearance and blurts that she misses him.  A love trance envelops them as they gaze at each other.  Min Hyuk inches closer to her and gives her a passionate kiss.  Bong Soon was pushed to the piano as he positioned her on top of it.  Their eyes lock again and they move closer to share a love filled kiss.
The next day Min Hyuk takes her hand from behind as they arrive in the building.  They are on their own world as she dotingly checks on his hand injury. They peer endearingly at each other unaware that Secretary Gong was with them in the elevator until he makes them notice his presence.  Min Hyuk feels relieved that his head from the psycho’s attack is okay and goes back to his romantic session with Bong Soon.
Gwang Bok and Dong Byeong meet in the hospital and are both perplexed why they were looking at the same face.  Meanwhile at a staircase, Bong Soon’s high school minions are busy reading poetry written by Baek Tak.  Secretary Gong briefs Min Hyuk about the police investigation that will happen in the company and how Jang Hyun escaped the scene after the fireworks commotion.  He advises to cooperate with the police and wonders where Bong Soon is.
Bong Soon goes to the rooftop and picks up the metal chain that was binded to her the night before.  She vows to catch Jang Hyun with her own hands now that her power is back.  National security was even more tightened and Jang Hyun’s wanted poster are scattered all over the country.  The police are lost for words and how Jang Hyun survived the cliff fall.  They discuss how the statement of Min Hyuk throwing the bomb to the night sky does not seem viable per the bomb squad’s assessment.
Gook Doo meets up with Bong Soon at her workplace.  He confirms if she really lost her power and she smiles as she responds how she did lost it, but regained it when she was in danger with Min Hyuk last night.  She affirms throwing the bomb and reveals that the miracle happened because she was desperately begging for her to save someone.  She nods when Gook Doo asks if it was Min Hyuk she was saving last night, and inquires if he stayed with her even when he knew that a bomb was wrapped on her.  Gook Doo sighs and utters he won’t be able to report the incident since no one will believe it and stands up to prepare to leave.  Secretary Gong spots them in a friendly embrace and tries to sneak a picture evidence but failed to do so.
Min Hyuk stares at Jang Hyun’s wanted poster and is interrupted from his thoughts by Secretary Gong’s report of how the police investigation went well.  He tells him to add a special pop up of the psycho’s picture and reward information on their games to help with catching him up.  Secretary Gong hesitates if he will disclose what he saw earlier so Min Hyuk orders him to spill it out.  He carefully mumbles that the police who came for the investigation was Gook Doo and he saw him hugging Bong Soon.  Min Hyuk is enraged at the thought of his Bong-Bong embraced by her first love as Secretary Gong trembles in giving details to his upset boss who keeps cursing on how dare Gook Doo touched his woman.   Min Hyuk demands him to do a simulation of the hug so he gladly obliges while mentioning that he was so manly taking her in his arms.  Min Hyuk’s blood boils up picturing the moment just as Dong Byeong opens the door and fumes at Secretary Gong for being at Min Hyuk’s arms which he so wanted.
Omma snorts as she reads a note from aboji of him wanting some space.  The employee at their coffee shop comments that they don’t have pies and tarts anymore.  Aboji is cheerfully camping at the woods enjoying his lone time without his nagging wife.  Bong Soon finds the room empty and is alarmed by Secretary Gong that depunim might be roaming around because he feels upset.  
Dong Byeong calls Bong Soon for a coffee fix from her and he does his usual childish picking on her commanding her to go back to her planet.  She pleasantly gives him the cup of coffee and places the tablespoon she used for the sugar and creamer on his hand for her new bracelet gift to him while teaching him to be nice to newbies that will be entering the company.  Dong Byeong screams out of annoyance and seconds later he faints on the ground.  Min Hyuk calls Gook Doo and asks him to meet up for a quick chat which the latter agrees.  Gook Doo blurts he will text him the place and time and hangs up right away. 
Bong Soon finds her Min-Min and cutely invites him for lunch but he takes her to a corner in an effort to discuss the do’s and dont’s of their relationship.  Bong Soon beams and whispers his name stopping his thoughts midway.  She asks if it is okay to call him that when they are alone making him smile faintly so he musters his strength to make sure that he will be in control of their relationship.
 He attempts to lecture that her term of endearment for him is not important but Bong Soon attacks him with a peck on his cheek and follows it up with her sweetly calling him Min-Min.  Our crazy in love depunim was knocked out right away falling on his knees submitting to his girlfriend’s fingertips.  She asks about what he was about to say but he disregards it citing how hugging is but a normal thing and he does that even with his employees.  love love love how Min Hyuk is such an easy boyfriend to please
Secretary Gong teases Dong Byeong on his weird bracelets.  He explains getting those souvenirs from Bong Soon but Secretary Gong laughs at it.  Dong Byeong asks why he was hugged last time by depunim so he responds that they were trying to do a simulation.  He pinches Dong Byeong’s cheek and teases him if he is being jealous so he gets flustered and picks on a nearby foreigner for looking at their direction.  Min Hyuk struggles cutting on the pork cutlet so Bong Soon holds it for him to take a bite.  Butterflies in his tummy attacks Min-Min again as he beams gleefully at his girl.  He advises her that he will be meeting someone annoying later.
Secretary Gong presents prospective models for the company to depunim like a military guy visited by a kpop girl group.  They are unaware that Bong Soon is back in her space while he is urging him to pick the pretty girl whom he liked a long time ago.  Min Hyuk agrees and finally realized his Bong-Bong’s presence intently looking at them.  He straighten out his self right away and hits his secretary blabbing why he said he liked that model and how he wants a male model for the project.  Secretary Gong is still oblivious of the situation and responds how they never had a male model before since he claimed they are expensive for nothing.  He insists on going for the model he has been liking for a long time as depunim rejects the idea citing the model has long legs for nothing.  Min Hyuk senses a looming trouble so he forced him out of the room and he finally realized that his boss’ girlfriend is already there.  He tries to salvage it by muttering how his boss likes male models but she just pouts at him.  
The boys settle their Bong Soon related dispute through a soju session.  Gook Doo lets Min Hyuk open the conversation but fusses when he noticed that he dropped the honorifics.  The two banters at each other because of the honorifics when they were just really annoyed at each other.  There was a moment of ceasefire until Gook Doo breaks it by asking Min Hyuk if he likes Bong Soon.  Mim Hyuk points out how daring he was to ask the question and establishes his boundary by warning him not to stay close with his girlfriend.  He stands up and motions to leave but Gook Doo blocks him and holds his collar so depunim does the same.  They both agree on how a brawl match has long been overdue for them as Gook Doo cautions him not to whine when he beats him up to a pulp.  
Thankfully Bong Soon arrives to stop them from being immature boys.  She reveals her plan to catch Jang Hyun together but reschedules it to another day since it was not a good time.  She attempts to join their drinking but they both stop her so she just poured them the drinks.  She ends up carrying her drunk boys and settle them on the sofa.  The next morning Bong Soon chirpily advises her parents that she is off to work, but goes back inside when her mom mentions that her father ran away from home.  The twins chide their mom for hitting her husband which she denied.  She sighs how even her children blames her for aboji’s rebellion.
Our Min-Min wakes up groggy from the soju aftermath.  He checks on his surroundings and gets another crazy-over-bongsoon attack upon realizing his jacket and socks were removed and was warmly covered by a blanket by his girlfriend last night.  He suddenly remembers Gook Doo so he hurries to check on him and finds him laying on the sofa uncomfortably.  Min-Min beams muttering how he got a bad hang over but he feels great knowing how his Bong-Bonh did not give his friend a blanket.
Bong Soon enters his house and was greeted cheerfully by him.  She utters about curing their hangover but he worries why his baby is in a sullen mood.  She divulges her father’s situation surprising him just as Gook Doo wakes up after falling from the sofa.
Bong Soon prepares a soup for the boys and Min Hyuk is now happily sitting beside her.  While the boys eat, Bong Soon discusses her plan about Jang Hyun.  On cue, the psycho is at a room frustratingly shouting staring at his wanted for murder flyers.
Bong Soon opens up her plan on catching Jang Hyun by not involving the police since they have to do a different approach this time.  The boys who are like gasoline and flame cannot stand being in the same premise bicker again so she referees and begs them to forget their personal feelings.  Bong Soon is forced to declare she will do it on her own when they won’t listen to her so Gook Doo agrees as long as she will not be carelessly actinon on her own and Min Hyuk seconds it as long as she will tell everything to him first.
They sit properly again so she resumes with their trap plan of making Jang Hyun come to her since his obsessive streak will definitely crave a revenge.  Gook Doo shares how the police deduced that he will probably escaped by riding a boat so Min Hyuk calls Baek Tak to move his connections in securing which vessel he will probably board.  Bong Soon calls her minions to upload Jang Hyun’s information on their blog so he will be taunted to call her.
Jang Hyun’s popularity surges so it is making hard for him to go to public places anymore without being noticed.  He proceeds with his retreat plan and visits an underground store to purchase a sniper rifle.  The gun seller alerts Baek Tak that the wanted man was spotted so the latter reports to Min Hyuk the information they gathered about Jang Hyun’s cargo boat details including the gun bought by him.  Min Hyuk receives a call that the psycho was spotted at a nearby convenience store so they conclude how he will be in contact with Bong Soon to shoot her before he leaves.  Bong Soon voices out how they should lure him at a place where they can trap him as Min Hyuk scolds her for being fearless when she is not Wonderwoman who cannot be hurt by a gunshot.
Gook Doo coaches her to step on Jang Hyun’s ego when he calls since the psycho can’t stand being looked down by women.  From there, they can suggest the place and will throw the bait to catch him.  Gook Doo’s team works on their police operation from the tip they got from Bong Soon’s team.  
 At the walnut coffee shop, omma tries to appease a customer complaining on how the egg tarts taste egg.  Omma insists on not giving a refund but turns warm and pleasant when she sees her future son-in-law entering the premise.  She gives the customer a refund and sits with Min Hyuk and her friends to ask what brought him there.  He promises omma that he will bring aboji back due to Bong Soon’s worrying about him so omma replies that she gives her husband freedom once in a while but assures him that they are very much in love.  Omma takes the opportunity to ask for his birthday details so he asks the reason why she needs it.  Omma is caught off guard and just smile.  They both laugh together as Min Hyuk figures her intention and gives her the go signal to check his love fortune with Bong Soon so he will know it as well.  He urges her that if she gets a bad love fortune reading for them then she has to go to all the fortune tellers in town until they get a positive answer.  They exclaim hurrahs as omma and her friends dote on Bong Soon’s charming boyfriend.
Bong Soon writes an entry on the superpowergirl diary and narrates how she rescued her friend and three innocent women in the hands of a bad man.  She makes a pledge to catch the psycho with her own hands.  
The next day, Bong Soon goes to work unaware that Jang Hyun peers at her secretly.  She finally receives a call from him so she starts throwing the bait by taunting him on how he might be afraid of a little girl like her.  She tells him to meet her at the construction site if he is not scared of her and hangs up the phone following Gook Doo’s instruction.
Bong Soon informs Min-Min that their operation will happen that night and not to be perturbed about it since she will not get hurt.  Min Hyuk admits that although he understands her special case, he needs time to prepare himself for their plan.  She takes his hand and reassure him that everything will be fine so he agrees to follow her lead.
The night comes and we see Bong Soon walks in to the construction while her boys are secretly hiding.  Jang Hyun positions himself at a vantage point ready to shoot the sniper gun at Bong Soon.  He pulls the trigger and she falls on the ground from the impact of the deadly bullet.  Gook Doo spots where the psycho was perched and chased him to where he is heading.  Min Hyuk goes to his wounded girlfriend and tries to revive her to consciousness.
The boys follow the psycho to the port and successfully traps him using the storage units.  Min Hyuk uses his drone to guide Gook Doo in pushing Jang Hyun to the designated place as Bong Soon appears from nowhere leering intently at the psycho.  We go back to Min Hyuk handing her a bullet proof vest earlier and how she feigned dead as part of their plan.  
She retrieves walnuts from her pockets and throws it at him.  He runs for his life while Bong Soon poses to carry a steel cage which flew in the air and lands exactly on the villain imprisoning him just like what he did with his victims.  Min Hyuk praises his girl for a nice shot while Gook Doo smiles in finally capturing the elusive psycho.  The police siren wails as the three walk away from the scene.
Episode 15 Quick Thoughts
Where can we buy a robot boyfriend like Min-Min?  hahaha I love his reactions when Bong-Bong attacks him wwith cuteness, and how his happiness evolved around making his girlfriend happy.  He will definitely include my kdrama starter pack for dramas with best boyfriend ever list.  *chuckles  So we finally caught the psycho!  Manse!  It was an arduous journey to beat his criminal mind, but I’m happy just the same.  We are expecting a fan service for the finale episode.  So I have to jump on writing it now.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 14 Recap

We had a lot squeezed in for this adorable and gripping episode.  Let’s cut the chase and go straight to the story.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode Recaps

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 14
Gook Doo engages to a car chase with Jang Hyun.  The latter winces from the pain of the gunshot wound.  He maneuvers at a fast speed but a car approaches so to avoid a collision he swerves the car and falls on a cliff.  Gook Doo steps out of his car to check on Jang Hyun but he cannot spot any movement.  The police arrives at the cliff to perform a thorough investigation but Jang Hyun’s body remains unrecovered.  Chief assures worried Gook Doo that the case is closed as the team deduce how the psycho won’t be able to survive the fall.  He receives a message from Min Hyuk that he took Bong Soon home.
Aboji paces the room waiting for his daughter when Bong Ki arrives.  At the same time, Min Hyuk gazes at Bong Soon’s weary face as she sleeps.  Park Hyung Sik has really one of the best oppa gazes ever. period.  He gets Bong-Bong’s phone to call aboji and he apologizes for not letting him know earlier that she is with him. 
Aboji responds not to wake her up if she is fast asleep and tells him that he trust him.  Min Hyuk promises that he will take care of Bong Soon to rest aboji’s woes.  Bong Ki hands a can of beer tohis father and confirms that his noona is with her boss.  He mutters if they are in a serious relationship as aboji replies how Min Hyuk seems to be a nice guy so he feels assured.  Aboji speaks about how when Bong Soon was growing they were scared that she might accidentally used her power in the wrong way and how they were always scared that she might get hurt when she is outside.  Bong Ki also confesses that he went to medical school so he can do a research on why the family had that inherited genes so he can help his noona live a normal life.  
Bong Soon regains consciousness and sees Min Hyuk sleeping beside her.  She moves her hand to touch his face but changes her mind at the last minute.  She tries to get up but he felt her move so he locks her back to on the sofa with his arm as her pillow.  His eyes meets hers, and she finally returns the love he deserves.
Min-Min:  Look at me.
Bong-Bong:  I am looking at you.
Min-Min:  Love me Back.
Bong-Bong:  I do love you.
Min-Min:  You’re as small as a peanut so you fit inside my heart.  But I don’t think I fit inside yours.
Bong-Bong:   You are in here.
Min Hyuk embraces Bong Soon with all his love as she rests in his comforting arms.
Omma beams when she realized that Bong Soon did not go home and her son affirms that she slept at her boss’ house.  Her cheerful mood fades when she receives a call from Kyung Shim and the latter cannot help but sob on the phone.  
Min Hyuk wakes up without Bong Soon by his side so he hurriedly searches for her and finds her struggling to reclaim her strength through an apple.  She notices his presence and asks for Kyung Shim right away, he responds that she will go to their house after her treatment as she does not want to stay in the hospital.  Min Hyuk gives her a love filled scolding for not listening to him and now wanting to push her despondent mood for losing her power, he slices the apple she was trying to break earlier and made a morning apple drink and gives it to her.  He mutters how he remembers she mentioned how she eats apple in the morning as her routine.
Gook Doo is busy writing the case report of what happened last night.  Chief appears and inquires if Jang Hyun’s body already showed up but he gets a negative response.  He chats with Gook Doo and babbles how Kyung Shim insists that Min Hyuk saved her but her statement does not seem to fit the story.  Gook Doo guarantees that he will take care of the report and goes back to his computer.
Omma is flustered on why they were not informed of what has been happening with Kyung Shim as the family waits for her in the living room.  She enters the house and they catch up in the living room.  She narrates how her mother knows about it but she was threatened not to call the police or she will die.  Omma insists on preparing food for her before she leaves for Busan while waiting for Bong Soon.
Min Hyuk drives Bong Soon home and fumbles on her seatbelt when they reach her house.  She stops and recalls the security guard she accidentally hurt, but Min Hyuk soothes her to rest her worries because he will take care of it, and just meet Kyung Shim to take care of her.  She steps out of the car and was about to close the door when he mumbled that he needs to be taken care of too.  Bong Soon smiles and promises him that she will which made Min-Min grins.
Bong Soon goes straight to her room and reunites with her best friend.  They cried and embrace together as she checks on the hardships she suffered from Jang Hyun’s hands.  Bong Soon is relieved how Kyung Shim has a strong heart and tells her that she saves some money from her salary because she will buy her the nice dress she wanted.  Kyung Shim also asks if she is okay aftet what happened in the construction site, and she admits to her that she lost her power.  She sobs while saying how for the longest time it was what she wanted, but she is feeling uncomfortable not having it at the moment.  Bong Soon appeases Kyung Shim not to worry about her strength because she is more important than having it.  
Bong Soon prepares a serving of soup for Kyung Shim while mom blabs on how Bong Soon hid what happened to her friend and gives her back a quick spanking.  Bong Soon complains how her mom’s spank stings surprising her family.  She leaves the dining room so Kyung Shim explains how Bong Soon lost her power.  
Bong Soon bids goodbye to Kyung Shim who will be escorted by the police to Busan.  Omma calls Bong Soon when she enters the house to do a heart-to heart talk with her.  Omma soothes her woes by saying how it is normal that she would get depressed after losing her strength because that’s what she felt.  She narrates that the first thing she did after her power was gone was to lift weights and started on the light ones again. She stresses how she went back to her routine life like nothing happened.  She advises her to do the same so she can easily move on.  Bong Soon promises she would.  Omma promises that she will take care of her more and explains the care she gave Bong Ki was because he was a weakling while growing up since all the strength in the family was absorbed by the female line.  Omma sneaks im to check the progress with her future son-in-law so Bong Soon whines for ruining the moment.  Aboji who is pretending he is asleep smiles at that moment.
The next day, Bong Soon dressed up for work and waits for the bus.  When the bus alights, she falls down as people rush to ride it.  She thinks about how she is not special anymore so she has to live a typical life from then on.  She ruminates how she may not be able to roam around at night, protect other people from bad guys and help out those who needed help.  Bong Soon reaches the office and does her usual greeting to the game character image at work after pledging that she will go on with her life after everything that happened.
Bong Soon enters the empty face and heeds her mother’s advice to do her usual life.  She preps her laptop to work on her game character image and wonders if she will tweak her with a necklace.  She receives a text message from Min-Min not to worry about the security guard as he is recuperating well.  At the hospital Bong Ki checks on Hwang Bok’s pained bum so he tells the patient that it was a stuck bandage that is causing him discomfort.  eeewww He gets upset again remembering why he ended up battered and screams Do Bong Soon’s name out of frustration.
Hwang Bok’s doppelganger frets about the Bong Soon’s metal bracelet to Secretary Gong but the latter is disregarding him.  They spot Bong Soon so Dong Byeong picks on her again.  He drags her to the break room and orders her to get the bond paper bundle like the last time.  Min Hyuk just came back from the hospital and Dong Byeong calls him and Secretary Gong to show Bong Soon’s super strength display, but when they proceed to his room.  Bong Soon is carrying the bondpaper rim one by one.  Dong Byeong nips at the show he claims she is putting while Min-Min is giving a serious expression.  Secretary Gong scolds Dong Byeong for tiring out Bong Soon as depunim takes her hand and brings her outside.
Min-Min speaks about why she came to work when she is supposed to be resting, but Bong Soon quips that she worked hard to get that job so she has to put an effort on it.  He mentions how Kyung Shim is safe and the psycho is dead so at least they could go on a normal date.  He adds how because of his spectacular girlfriend, it is hard to go on a single date with her.  Bong Soon replies that he can now go on a date with her anytime since she is not special anymore and feels sad about it.  
Min Hyuk places his hands on her shoulders and checks if she is okay so she responds that she will be honest that she is not, but she is optimistic that she will move on fast just as what omma told her.  Min-Min utters that it does not matter to him whether she is peculiar or not because he just wants her to be happy.  He remarks how he can do everything that requires physical strength for her since he is her oppa.  He smirks how he will open a jar for her this time remembering how Gook Doo did it for her before.  Bong-Bong is dubious of his claim so she teases if he is really older than her so he insists that he is.
Bong Soon bluffs that she knows they are of the same age so Min Hyuk gripes at how he can never trust the police because he thought Gook Doo revealed it to her.  She gets the affirmation of her speculation so she starts playing cute on how she would drop the honorifics and will just talk casually with him since they are friends.  He retorts that he is still an oppa for her since he has more life experiences, however she continuously teases him leaving him mutter tondo as she pleases while trying to walk away.  Bong-Bong carries on with her mischievous attack and calls his name sweetly.  He chases her mumbling how she is making his heart flutters by doing it.
Baek Tak and his men joyously celebrates the approval of redevelopment counting the profit they will earn because of the project.  Jaws receive a phonecall from the Indian monk and delivers the conversation to his boss about the monk’s request to relax at a bath house.  Baek Tak agrees citing how the monk loves water a lot since he used to bathe at Ganges river for meditation.  Meanwhile, omma and friends mope on the failure of their petition to stop the redevelopment program.  Just then Gook Doo’s mom enters the store to buy some walnuts for her son and mutters how he seems to lost his appetite lately.  Omma calls her and informs her that she is refusing to sell her goods to her.  Aboji steps in the bantering mothers and bawls out at his wife for her bias selection of customers so omma escalates to a super saiyan mode as aboji orders the store helper to pack the product fast before his wife erupts.
Min Hyuk coaches Bong Soon to make the villain’s face on her game look sharper.  They pause and feels weird finding the image look familiar to them.  Just then Secretary Gong appears to remind him of a meeting and they both realize how he resembles the villain.
After work, Bong-Bong and Min-Min goes home and passes by the chocolate store.  He buys the sweets for her and grins when she offers him a piece of it only to be annoyed because she eats it at the last minute.  She pleads her to eat a piece again but he remains poker face on her urging.  
Then he inches closer to the chocolate but go straight to kiss her lips catching her off guard while making all of us faints from that sweet scene.  Min-Min chews it happily exclaiming in double meaning how soft the choc and her lips were.  She whines how he did it on purpose and he kids how he wants another bite.
Baek Tak and his gang sweat in a bath house.  He inquires any news related to Bong Soon so Jaws reports that she is dating Min Hyuk which alarms him since he is not over in the idea of trying to recruit her.  Indian monk emerges from laying down and complains that the bath house session is not helping at all especially in his skin problem.  He asks Jaws to scratch his back for him since he cannot reach it.  He urges him to put his hand inside so he can feel it more and he finds a map drawn on his lower back showing the Korean peninsula map.  
At the police station, Chief and his team learn about Jang Hyun’s clothes being found but his body still has not resurfaced.  Chief calls for a soju session with his men for the hardwork they gave in the past few days.  Bong Soon gets home to her parents’ quarreling.  Omma demands a divorce with aboji as they banter on his close relationship with Gook Doo’s mom.  Bong Soon mediates to avoid further conflict and was pushed to the ground in the process.  Her parents continue to fight so she lets them tussle as much as they can.
Bong Soon takes the family’s record book and feels sorry how she will not be able to write on it.  Her gloomy mood lightens up when he receives Min Hyuk’s message reminding her of their picnic tomorrow.
Bong Soon wakes up early to prepare the cheerfully the lunch box for her picnic date with her boyfriend.  She stands in front of the mirror swaying here and there while picking what she will be wearing.  Min Hyuk feels good on the great weather while he waits for Bong Soon outside their house. 
Bong Soon shows up and he beams as she looks pretty in a summer dress and hat.  He can’t stop staring at her so she has to snap him back to reality and remind him that they should be leaving.
 Min-Min lays down on Bong-Bong’s lap as she shields his face from the sun rays.  He realizes what she has been doing so he quips that he is getting sunlight and takes her hand muttering that she will get hurt doing it.
They read comic books together but she teases him for crying over it.  She exchanges the funny one she was reading and learns why her Min-Min sobbed while reading it.  Bong-Bong carefully opens the packed lunch boxes she brought to Min-Min’s shocked and happy face.  She feels disappointed that the heart design on one of the boxes was scattered so he takes action claiming that he is expert in drawing hearts.  She dotingly feeds him food as he exclaims how he has already known it before how she is a good cook.
Finally, Jang Hyun’s body resurfaced but it is alive and kicking.  He winces and curses from the pain of his wound, and gets back to his revenge plan right away researching on Min Hyuk and his company.  Psycho with the chiseled abs cuts his hair to prepare for his next villain move.  
Secretary Gong praises his boss for his photogenic face on his recent interview.  He feels proud for 5 seconds but reminds his secretary to check on the Strategy department meeting than fussing about his interview.  
Gook Doo calls Bong Soon and advises her that he will visit her office since he is nearby.  Bong Soon accidentally drops her tea cup as Jang Hyun enters Ainsoft’s building pretending to be the reporter who interviewed Min Hyuk last time.
Gook Doo who just came from meeting Bong Soon passes by Jang Hyun and realizes it was him.  He tackles the psycho but he escapes when the elevator opens and he grabs an employee as a hostage.  Gook Doo loses him and calls Min Hyuk to alarm him of a looming danger in his building.  Min Hyuk orders the security team to close all the exit points of the building and rushes to go to where Bong Soon is.  Gook Doo chases Jang Hyun on the fire exit stairs but loses him eventually.
An announcement airs in the building that the exits were all sealed because of a suspicious person.  Min Hyuk confirms Bong Soon’s suspicion that Jang Hyun is in the building as his evil laugh broadcasts in the air.  He taunts Min Hyuk on proving his competitive spirit by finding him or his company will explode in 15 minutes.  He walks to his secretary to make sure Bong Soon is safe as she reaches for his hand worried of what might happen to him.
Gook Doo goes to the broadcasting booth and finds it empty with the personnel tied and gagged.  Min Hyuk comes after and announces to have all employees aave their files and evacuate the building premise.  Gook Doo asks where Bong Soon is and he replies that she is in his office.  Little did they know that Jang Hyun’s target is really Bong Soon as he takes advantage of the ruckus and knocks out Secretary Gong while drugging her to lose consciousness.  Min Hyuk orders the command center to shut off the power source but Jang Hyun manage to reach his destination.
Bong Soon recovers consciousness and finds the psycho putting her in a tight bind.  He coaxes her to free herself and when his rage erupts he punches her and she fainted again.  Gook Doo informs Min Hyuk that Bong Soon is missing so Min Hyuk frustratingly reaches for the wall to gather strength.  He checks on her tracker and advises Gook Doo to proceed to the roof top.  
Jang Hyun mutters how Bong Soon broke her promise of not marrying him so she ought to  die.  Min Hyuk climbs to the rooftop looking for Bong Soon and shouting her name.  Gook Doo misses Jang Hyun again and follows the sound of a music box which turned out to be a prank.  
Min Hyuk spots a locked door and calls to check if Bong Soon is on the other side.
Bong Soon wakes up to Min Hyuk’s voice and to the sight of a ticking bomb due to blow up.  She sobs upon realizing Min Hyuk is there to rescue her so she begs him to leave the place as there is a time bomb ready to explode.  He tries to unlock the door with his body and might until his hands are covered with blood but the door won’t open.  Bong Soon continuously pleads for him to go away.  He replies he will not go anywhere without her.  Bong Soon tries to wriggle out of the metal bind to no avail.  She weeps so hard making all of us weep and begs Min Hyuk to leave as time is almost running out, but he utters how he will stay by her side so she won’t be afraid.
Bong Soon makes a last attempt and pleads to give back her power so she can save Min Hyuk.  Because the power of love defies everything, the heavens and the book in their house light up and showers her with a blessing.  Bong Soon feels her power coming back and rushes to free herself.  She picks up the bomb, destroys the door lock and runs to throw the bomb exploding painting the sky with a pyrokinetic festival.  
Episode 14 Thoughts
I will give the 2017 Best Kdramaland Boyfriend award to Ahn Min Hyuk already, and I think everyone will agree.  This is the best episode yet in the series for me and it put me on a whirlwind of sweet bliss, exhausting thrills and all is well sigh closure.  I was hoping two episodes of fan service but given the amount of laugh and heart fluttering scenes this drama gifted me, I am so looking forward to the finale even if we will have to finally do a last showdown with Jang Hyun.  I know that I will be sad after this drama ends and will miss Park Hyung Sik terribly so I hope he will get back to dramaland soon like the last quarter of this year to entice me.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 13 Recap

Worried about her friend in peril, Bong Soon can’t keep her promise to Min Hyuk and sets forth to the junk yard in trying to rescue Kyung Shim but psycho Jang Hyun moved to another location.  In the midst of her woes, Min Hyuk was at lost on how reckless her decisions were.  Bong Soon willingly accepted getting lured by the psycho, and thanks to Min Hyuk’s necklace tracker, he came in time to save her at the moment when she helplessly needed to be saved.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode Recaps

01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 13 – “Nevertheless”

Bong Soon rushes to Min Hyuk to tell him that Kyung Shim is with the psycho.  She asks for his help to trace their whereabouts as he tries to calm her sobs and made her promise that they will work on it together.
Gook Doo is with Chief deciphering what so far they have established on the case and how his victim’s pattern changed to confuse the police since he was aware of their plans but a turning point happened when he failed to abduct Kyung Shim hence he is determined to avenge his failure against Bong Soon.  They worry on how to tackle the culprit since he will become hard to handle from then on.
Min Hyuk lecture Bong Soon how Hee Ji was a decoy for his plan when psycho was really intending to abduct Kyung Shim.  Since he knows her connection to Bong Soon he mutters how he is worried about it.  He moves closer to her and pleads her not to do everything on her own.  
He gets the necklace tracker he intends to give to her and locks it on her.  He tells her to wear it all the time as it will protect her.  He calms her down and asks her to get some rest and sleep as he will work on finding the person to which she agrees.
The next day Gook Doo’s team discuss the information they gathered about psycho Kim Jang Hyun who had an impressively bad resume of being sent to juvenile prison because of killing a person through arson and skipping military service because he was said to have psychiatric concern.  Gook Doo voices out that the Sudan alibi never happened since he did not leave the country.  They arrive at the conclusion that Jang Hyun’s employee is really an accomplice who does what his master tells him so he can get his drug supply.  Chief assigns task again to each member and they set forth to help out in pinning down the culprit.
Bong Soon wakes up zombie-ish trying to organize her thoughts.  She goes back to Kyung Shim’s video and recognizes the metal welding sound which she heard from the junk yard the night before so she proceeds to the place again.  She receives a text message from Secretary Gong for her presentation, but she opts not to go to work and head to the junk yard.  
Ajussi welcomes her and asks if she is looking for her friend.  He tells her that Jang Hyun is not at the place and answers he does not know where his boss is when she asks his whereabout.  Bong Soon frantically searches the place by flipping and kicking the parked cars surprising Jang Hyun who is in his lair.  He goes to the girls and gets Kyung Shim escaping the place before Bong Soon comes.
Bong Soon hits a door and it leads her to the basement.  She rescues the girls by pulling out the metal doors.  One of the girls tell her that Jang Hyun got Kyung Shim and has left the place frustrating Bong Soon.  Jang Hyun order ajussi to blow up the place so Bong Soon covers her body to protect the abducted girls.  They successfully get to the ground just as Gook Doo arrives to capture Jang Hyun’s accomplice.  The rest of Gook Doo’s team appears to search and seize the crime scene as the kidnapped girls are taken to the hospital.
Min Hyuk works on tracing Jang Hyun ignoring his secretary who just noticed that Bong Soon has still not arrived yet.  Min Hyuk rubs his face out of worry on Bong Soon’s absence for her PT and goes back to his office to track his location only to find out that she did not listen to his pleas and works on her problem alone.  He drives to the junk yard and sees Bong Soon leaving the already busy place. Silence creeps between them while they are in the car as Min Hyuk does not know how to handle her risky decision making skills.  
They pull over to talk as Bong Soon gets a scolding from him for going alone without him.  She says sorry and confirms that she rescued the victims, but Kyung Shim was taken by the psycho.
 Gook Doo’s team proceeds in obtaining evidences from Jang Hyun’s underground prison as Gook Doo discovers his monitoring room and finds Bong Soon’s picture along with the other girls pinned on the wall.
Omma and her friends watch the news report about the police raid in the junk yard to save the abducted ladies.  Manhunt has been issued for psycho Jang Hyun.  Chief visited the victims for their statement on how they survive the explosion while the girl who saved them wallows in agony worrying about the fate of her best friend.  Min Hyuk broods on his problem with Bong Soon and goes to let go of his fury steam on a punching bag.
Min Hyuk watches the morning news intently so Secretary Gong decides not to disturb him.  Bong Soon is watching the same news and disregards her mom when she mumbles to tell Kyung Shim not to go to Seoul yet.  She meets Gook Doo who was upset for not telling him that Jang Hyun is in contact with her.
 Bong Soon responds that she has an unfinished business with the psycho so it agitates him even more.  He advises her to leave the investigation to the police, but she insists on doing it on her own afraid of Jang Hyun’s warning that Kyung Shim will die if she will involve the police.  Gook Doo promises that they will conduct a close investigation and will hide who save the victims just as Min Hyuk finds them at the cafe.  
Min Hyuk leads her to the library and asks Bong Soon if he matters to her at all.  He speaks about how he knows that she is not his priority and he cannot do anything when she has set her mind on it because she is special.  He adds how he relented to change himself because he loves her so much.  Bong Soon replies how she has set expectations that she is different from the start and he counters how he know it very well but it is not helping him to go crazy worrying about the thought of her facing the psycho alone.  She argues why he trained him in the first place if he will whine like that.  Min Hyuk replies how he did not expect that he will love her that much.  Bong Soon remains unwavered and tells him that they have to stop dating because she will choose to live as a monster.  She walks away and in her thoughts she tells him how she wanted to live a normal life while Min Hyuk vows that he will never lose someone he loves ever again.
Gook Doo reveals Bong Soon’s secret to Chief so that they can have a closed investigation.  The Chief agrees having no other option but to hide it since the victims’ statements are all ludicruous stating she took down the metal door using her bare hands.  He adds no one would believe that kind of secret anyway but Gook Doo insists on keeping everything private as his friend wants to have a normal life. Gook Doo tells him how the psycho knows about Bong Soon’s power and how he has kidnapped Kyung Shim to get a revenge from Bong Soon.
Omma and her friends see Aboji and Gook Doo’s mom together so the latter explains that there is a charity bazaar in the neighborhood where she was asked to do a signing event and aboji volunteers to teach children how to bake cookies.  She replies they would not know the event since they only go to gossip websites and advises to visit the community office sometimes as there are information there they can learn from.  She walks away leaving omma angry so she directs it right away to her husband who gets a beating right away.  Gook Doo’s mom goes back to interfere chiding omma of how she is vulgar and how her husband does not deserve her spite.  At the police station, the Commisioner welcomes reporters to the team that solved the abduction case but Chief shoves them away babbling that the culprit has not been found yet.  
Min Hyuk is venting his Bong Soon related troubled mood to his poor secretary whom he asked to look for Bong Soon.  Secretary Gong finds her and she apologizes for not making it to the presentation the other day.  He asks if she fought with Min Hyuk but she remains silent.  
Min Hyuk goes to the break room and sees Bong Soon slumped on her seat.  He orders her to eat but she declines mumbling how Kyung Shim has not been eating for days.  He stops her from walking away and tells her that she has to eat to have strength in saving her friend.  He appeals again by not eating as well if she won’t eat but she stays defiant of her decision.  Min Hyuk has had enough and storms out of the room muttering he won’t care for her anymore.  
Min Hyuk sits in the cafeteria with the untouched food in front of him contemplating on his recent debacle with Bong Soon.  Unable to sway my heart away from her, he gets his phone to order her favorite comfort food.  dear kdramagods can you please send me a real life boyfriend like depunim *wink
Chief interrogates ajussi accomplice but cannot exhaust any useful information from him.  Baek Tak’s men visit him in the temple to convince him to end his spiritual cleansing session but he is resolved to living away from money and material things but when Jaws receives a good news that the redevelopment plan was approved, Baek Tak gets hurries to leave the temple mumbling the money they will profit from the project.  Meanwhile Bong Soon’s minions raves at the increasing likes they are getting from their noonim’s uploaded video.  The indian monk tells Jaws that he will contact him so they can go to a bath house next week.
Jang Hyun uses a grandpa to steal a cellphone from another grandpa who is busy playing baduk.  Bong Soon receives a call from Jang Hyun and taunts her amazing strength to withstand the recent blast.  She demands to know Kyung Shim’s whereabouts so he tells her to meet him that night and advises that he will text the location so make sure that she will come pretty.
Min Hyuk places Bong Soon’s comfort food that he ordered on her table.  He wonders where she is and steps out of the office.  Bong Soon waits for his text message and goes to Min Hyuk’s office to leave a note that she will go home early.  She sees her favorite food on her table and takes it with her.  Min Hyuk returns to his office and notices that the food he bought is missing and sees the note that Bong Soon left for him.  
Bong Soon reads the note on the food Min Hyuk bought saying how no matter what she said or did, his feelings will stay the same.  Min Hyuk debates if he will call Bong-bong or not, and eventually decides not to.  She paces on her room waiting for the text message of Jang Hyun.  She finally gets the direction of a construction site and heads to the place immediately.
Min Hyuk notices Bong Soon’s movement through his tracker and alarms Gook Doo to proceed to the place where she headed.  Bong Soon reaches the place and calls on her friend as Jang Hyun’s evil cackle airs welcoming her to the place.  She finds her friend tied and above her is a moving heavy metal cage ready to smash on Kyung Shim.  Bong Soon runs with all her might and succeeds in blocking the cage and throw it eventually in the process.  She hugs Kyung Shim and helps her out.  Kyung Shim tells her that psycho is not the one inside the cage lift so Bong Soon checks on him.  
Jang Hyun appears from her behind grabbing Kyung Shim and when she stands she sways and falls on the ground as her power is stripped by her accidentally hitting an innocent.  Bong Soon is not aware that the smart psycho learns about her strength so his premeditated plan to undo her power worked.  
He points a shotgun to her heart as she holds on the gun and he sneers if she lost her strength.  He pulls her closer and chokes her just as Min Hyuk approaches them enraged on seeing Bong Soon being hurt by the psycho.  
The two engage in a brawl but Jang Hyun runs to his car to escape. Gook Doo also arrives and shoots him but he steps on the gas leaving Gook Doo behind.  Gook Doo goes to his car to chase him as Min Hyuk cries out loud as he cradles Bong Soon who fainted in his arms.
Episode 13 Quick Thoughts
While I can understand Bong Soon’s stubborn head, I also feel Min Hyuk’s frustration because his girl does not want to listen to him.  The lovers quarrel I hope would mean sweet moments when it ends.  In fairness to the villain his sinister acts are really annoying.  I think Gook Doo’s team should just implore the guidance of Jang Hyuk oppa and the Golden Time team.  *chuckles  I love how Min Hyuk who was so miffed on Bong Soon is still behind her even if she pushed him away.  This was an emotionally draining episode and I can’t wait to see what will happen on the next episode. –jediprincess

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 12 Recap


As my fangirl spirit got rejuvenated because of knee weakening moments from Min Hyuk’s loving and sweet gazes, Bong Soon belatedly realized that Kyung Shim was in danger.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode Recaps

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 12 Recap – “Help Me”

Min Hyuk dotingly offers more noodles to Bong Soon so she teases him on how many times has he done that gesture with other girls in the past.  Min Hyuk replies how he never shared noodles with any girl because the girls she dated did not eat noodles since they are global beauties.  Bong Soon smirks and mentions his father told her that he caused a lot of problems involving girls when he was young.  He proudly affirms that news and narrates how he had to leave US due to foreigner girls fighting over his attention that he was so scared he might get abducted by them while walking in a park  because of too much jealousy and passion.

Bong Soon sighs at her boss’ narcissism attack.  Min Hyuk asks why she still calls him Mr. Ahn so he suggests thinking of what they should call each other when they are alone.  She replies why the need for it when they are not dating so Min Hyuk’s face turns sour.  He rants so everyone in the noodle house can hear how she has almost done everything a girlfriend does with her boyfriend except a few things and questions if what they are doing is still not dating.  He gasps and covers his chest arriving to a conclusion how her idea of dating might be too forward, open-minded and different from him which annoyed Bong Soon.  hahaha screencaps of their funny and cute noodle house convo below…

Omma mumbles how she feels strangely uneasy so aboji asks her to call Bong Soon.  She replies not to worry about her as it is the neighborhood that is in danger.  She notices Gook Doo omma’s book so aboji defends it from her evil gaze muttering how the book tells the solitary life of modern people and how he can empathize well with the character which most likely she cannot.  That earned him omma’s fury so she preps up to give him another battering.  Kyung Shim emerges from a bus and walks with her luggage in the neighborhood not knowing that psycho is trailing her.  He stops her on her tracks, knocks her out and carries her leaving her baggage on the street.  At another neighborhood, Hee Ji bumps with Gook Doo and the team searches the man in black who just vanished after following Hee Ji.  Gook Doo assures Hee Ji to rest her woes since their team will protect her.

Min Hyuk walks Bong Soon home as the police siren wails in the neighborhood.  Min Hyuk expresses anxiety over what’s happening to Bong Soon’s neighborhood.  He places his hands on her shoulder and tells her that even if he knows she is strong and special, she is for him someone he wants to protect.  Bong Soon holds his hands and soothes him to have no thoughts such as that since protecting is her expertise.  She urges him to go home but he refuses not until she is safely inside their house.

Gook Doo and his team are frustrated on the failed operation.  They deduce how they were lured to a different neighborhood through Gook Doo and Hee Ji’s connection and wonder what kind of monster they are dealing with.  Chief orders each of the team  members to check this and that but gives Gook Doo nothing to do.

Psycho drives his car with Kyung Shim tied at the back seat.  He listens to his audio feed from the police station chatting about how the psycho seem to anticipate their moves well.  Gook Doo remembers the camera gadgets he saw at psycho’s office and looks for a bugging device that psycho could have plotted inside the station.  Chief visits the car junkyard and voices how his analog antenna feels psycho’s employee is an accomplice as psycho jails Kyung Shim with the other girls.  He forces her to beg for her life so she weeps and feeds his crazy mind.

Bong Soon gets her phone to text Kyung Shim on when she will be coming back to Seoul not knowing that psycho is in possession of her phone.  Bong Soon inadvertently reveals details about her secret power thinking that she was talking with Kyung Shim.  Gook Doo checks on the corners and hidden places of their office and speaks about how the culprit might have secretly bugging them.  Psycho mocks how they finally figured out that he outsmarted them after Gook Doo locates the hidden camera he set up when he voluntarily gave his statement as a witness.  Psycho is approached by the old ajussi worker for his pay and is given instruction to starve the girls.  He mutters that the police found out that he is the kidnapper so the game officially begins.

Min Hyuk sends a message to Bong Soon to check what she is doing.  He reminds her not to go out roaming around in the neighborhood to which she agrees.  He sends a cute good night bong-bong message complete with his animated face, and she replies with a good night min-min message with her cute face wrapped with a heart emoticon which sends Min Hyuk to love oblivion. 

He smiles, kicks on the air, rolls on his bed, and replays her message to his heart content while he savor the sweet reply  he just got from Bong Soon.

From his sweet night cap with Bong Soon, Min Hyuk wakes up from a bad dream of Bong Soon losing her strength and being choked by someone.  Min Hyuk shows the Bong Soon game character he was working before and she is delighted at how he tweaked it. 


Min Hyuk teases her how her initial drawing only needs a moustache and it will look like Super Mario so he is glad she liked it.  He retorts how the character needs to be cool and soophisticated, but she argues how she wants it to be cute and innocent.  Min Hyuk tells her to use her drawing so she relents and points out how the eyes are a bit big, but he counters how she has bigger and prettier eyes and apologizes for not being good at drawing.  She suggests shortening the legs a little small bit to which Secretary Gong agrees muttering how the legs are too long for the character.  Min Hyuk leaves for a meeting so Secretary Gong meets Bong Soon’s gaze and slaps his face voluntarily to punish him for commenting on her short legs.

Dressed in white robe, Baek Tak chumps on a boiled egg and is notified by his right hand that troublemaker-highschoolers are searching for him and that they gave them his phone number.  On cue he receives a phone call from the leader asking for his whereabouts, but he refuses to entertain the rebellious student.   Baek Tak recognizes the highschoolers are also on board the bus he is riding so he quickly escapes the scene before they can grasp it.

Bong Soon is surprised when Dong Byeong’s face pops up in front of her computer.  He confirms if she is really going to present her game so she says yes and requests for his good feedback when she does it.  He remarks how her lousy game will not progress and wonders how she got Min Hyuk’s heart when he is prettier, taller and richer than her.  Bong Soon refuses to fetch him a coffee and lectures him on how it reflects badly on him.   She adds that if he will insist they will have to continue their conversation from the conference room scaring him.  Secretary Gong escorts him to leave the room as Bong Soon bows when he walks away.

Chief appeals to his superior that they got the wrong guy after the latter castigates them from not knowing the precinct was bugged.  Chief is advised to let go of the case and he can only heave a sigh of frustration.   Baek Tak arrives at a temple for spiritual cleansing and finds two of his men waiting for him.  Bong Soon’s minions also go to the temple to follow Baek Tak who just chided his men for breaking the rules and leaving the hospital without proper discharge arrangement.  Just then the highschool thugs make their presence known and shouts at them.  They face each other as highschool-thug-boss demands why they tried to harm Bong Soon.  Baek Tak calmly points out the boy’s rudeness but he insists on knowing the truth.  The sidekicks step in to protect their boss as Jaws show his bare hand fighting skills.  This frame is supposed to be trimmed so I’m going to cut this short.  The Hindu monk prevents the looming fight and healed the troublemakers’ excessive fighting spirit. please let there be no thug long frames next episode

Bong Soon stretches happily after finishing her game proposal draft.  She looks for Min Hyuk through Secretary Gong and was advised how he often roams around the building which unintentionally makes the employees anxious.  She steps out to look for her boss and when Min Hyuk sees her approaching he calls her and leads her to the seminar room.

He mutters how they are alone in that room so she rides and ask what he is intending to do.  He smiles and replies how he knew she is expecting something to happen which she denies.  He inches closer to her so she steps back to a wall where he is trapped by his arms and his gaze.  He whispers he will protect her so close so that nothing in the world can touch her.  He asks if she has already decided to be with her, and when she answers back with a twinkling smile on her lips and her eyes, Min Hyuk beams back and tells her that he knows her answer because he can see through her.

Elated Min Hyuk is in cloud 9 and he rubs her hair because he does not know what to do with the sudden burst of happiness in his heart.  He holds his heart when she giggled at his reaction so he complains how she can charmingly simper like that giving him heart flutters when they are alone in that place.  She continues to grin and motions to leave with him, but he moves her back on the wall with his hands holding her shoulder in place.  He peers at her lovingly, weakening all our hearts, and inches even closer to her.  She closes her eyes and waits for the peck, but Min Hyuk gives her a soft kiss of respect.

Min Hyuk takes Bong Soon to a seaside workshop, but appears like more of a date for them. *wink She starts discussing her game while they are inside a room overlooking the sea.  She blabs on possible twists they can add on the character not aware that her boyfriend is just transfixed at her presence. 

Min Hyuk can’t bear the steam of being alone with her anymore so he proposes to go out to refresh in the seaside.  Bong Soon declines it since he told her how looking at the sea can give her ideas on the game.  Min Hyuk is perplexed on how she can still work fine given their situation while he is feeling tortured of the things he wants to do with her since they are alone.

Min Hyuk dotingly watches as Bong Soon enjoys the sea breeze.  They take selfies together and move to the beach where she teases and plays with him by splashing water like a child.

Min Hyuk finds a stick and draws half of a big heart on the beach.  He calls her and asks if she can go to him.  Bong Soon gets another stick to complete the heart to answer his question.  She stares back at his loving gaze as he lowers his head and kisses her softly on her lips.  kyaaaaaaaa  She closes her eyes and savor his kiss as the sea waves rustle in that picture perfect beach.

Omma gossips with her friends how she thinks Bong Soon is already dating her boss so she will pray in the temple for 100 days.  Min Hyuk drives her home and halts her when she is about to open her door.  He steps out and opens her door with his crazy pose making her grin.

Bong Soon asks if the workshop is over.  She mumbles how she has to stay up all night to prepare for her proposal tomorrow.  Min Hyuk sheepishly apologizes for taking her time unintentionally.  Then they play their usual you-go-first scene so Bong Soon motions to go inside the house but Min Hyuk stops her quick.  He peers at her curious face and tells her how he always want to see her, but there are moments when he cannot see her face when he closes his eyes so it makes him sad.  He mutters to let her memorize her face for a while and thanks her for coming in his life.  She smiles at his heartfelt confession and he lets her go inside their house.  He whispers how he misses her already when she is out of his sight.  ahhhh i ship both of you already 

The moment she enters the room, Bong Soon gets to her proposal but she battles with the memories of the heart fluttering moment she just had with Min Hyuk. 

She straightens herself out right away to focus but when Bong Ki knocks on her door, her good mood emanates evidently as she gleefully attends to his brother if he needs something or if he wants to eat but he declines bewildered at his twin’s strange sweetnes and just opt to cook ramyun so she can go ahead with her business.  He asks when Kyung Shim will be coming back as he wants to eat fishcake soup, but she is also not sure when she will be coming back.   He cringes when she bids him goodnight with her smiling puppy face.

Bong Soon checks on Kyung Shim and feels weird on her reply to her message so she calls her but it was not answered.  She calls Gook Doo to trace Kyung Shim using the smart watch as she senses something strange happening.  She goes back to her conversations with Kyung Shim as psycho is doing the same thing.  She asks her to call but she replies that she is busy so she will call later. 

Bong Soon tries to calm herself and asks a question to confirm her suspicion that she has not been talking to Kyung Shim just as Gook Doo finds Kyung Shim’s luggage with a bum in a subway.  The police questions the bum who took Kyung Shim’s things and was given a reply that he does not have a phone so he was not able to report it.  Chief decides to search the junk yard without warrant but the police director steps in and warns that they will all be in trouble if they will proceed with their plan.  The team members ignore him and they head straight to meet the psycho.

While Min Hyuk ponders on his Bong Soon, she runs in the neighborhood worried about Kyung Shim.  He calls her but she did not pick it up so he sends her a message that they can reschedule the presentation.  Bong Soon rushes to meet Gook Doo in the junk yard and he chides her for going there.  She tells him how she figured out that Kyung Shim is taken because the psycho does not know about Kyung Shim’s dog that died last year.  She runs to check the backyard but Gook Doo stops her as the team head out not getting any clues from where the ladies might be hidden. 

Bong Soon is back in her room and sobs in frustration that she disregards Min Hyuk’s message checking if she is already asleep.  He worries if she is sleep walking so he keeps himself busy with working on a necklace for her.

Just then Bong Soon receives a video from the psycho showing Kyung Shim in his lair.  Kyung Shim warns her not to find her so psycho slams her down.  He cautions her not to notify the police and taunts her to find them herself or her friend will die.  Bong Soon trembles, weeps and gropes on what she will do.  She goes to Min Hyuk’s house crying out for him to help her.


Episode 12 Quick Thoughts

Park Hyung Sik’s adam’s apple is damn sexy. lol  I am already having a separation anxiety since we are almost at the end because I will miss bongbong and minmin couple dearly.  I have these thoughts on how first quarter pretty dramas tend to be forgotten when a last quarter beautiful drama appears.  That won’t happen with Do Bong Soon for me.  I think I will have to include it on my resurrection video playlist.  The rewatch value is strong because it is an easy watch and yet it is brimming with feel good mushy scenes and adorable cuteness. -jediprincess

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 11 Recap

Let the heart-fluttering moments begin and let it pour to drown us with so much love we are all willing to take.  There were two points we got from today’s episode.  One is how “timing” matters a lot when it comes to love, and how a decisive heart will lead you to romance.  *wink  I just came back from oblivion courtesy of Min Hyuk’s heart-stopping gazes.  *chuckles As Bong Soon decided to accept Min Hyuk’s heart and break Gook Doo’s belated confession, her closest friend will be in a looming danger. 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode Recaps

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 11 Recap – “Timing”
Bong Soon shoos her mom away as she wants to be alone after Min Hyuk’s sudden i-like-you outburst.  But omma keeps on extracting why the CEO came all of sudden and wants her to get his birthday details so she can have their love fortune be read.  Still on high after being confessed to, Bong Soon subconsciously confirms with omma how her heart beats so fast just when she thought her mom already go to her bedroom.  hahaha
Min Hyuk ponders on what he has just done and grins remembering how Bong Soon cutely groped for words after hearing his feelings. We go back to a few moments ago when Bong Soon tells Min Hyuk to give her some time to think and sort her emotions since it is the first time she has been confessed to, and she rushes to go inside their house to escape Min Hyuk’s love attack.  Min Hyuk beams at the sweet memory earlier and draws a heart on the glass wall as he wonders if Bong Soon is sleeping well.  look at you being cutely in love aigoo
Bong Soon takes some breathing exercises to calm her excited heart.  She thinks about Min Hyuk’s face and his invitation to be with asap once she figured out where they will be heading.  Her already confused heart suffers another sweet blow when her two boys sent her text messages to watch movie with them the next day.  yah do bong soon! you are the luckiest girl on earth these days 
Even in her dreams Bong Soon is bugged by her recent romantic development as she dreams her Juliet self again with MinHyuk-Romeo, until Gook Doo climbs on the veranda to claim that he is Romeo and uses how his family and Bong Soon’s family are sworn enemies to prove that he is the real Romeo.  The two fight over BongSoon-Juliet’s hand but Dong Byeong appears to stop Gook Doo from hurting MinHyuk-Romeo.
The next morning, Dong Byeong calls Bong Soon to his office to clarify what happened in the conference room, but Bong Soon pretends not knowing what he is talking about.  He blabs about how he hates the like of her and orders her to fetch him a sweet cup of coffee.  Bong Soon glares at him momentarily but follows his command and pours in a lot of sugar which surprisingly is really his weird taste in coffee.  He follows up on his bullying whim and asks Bong Soon to bring 10 boxes of bondpaper.  She tries to bargain how she needs to do a lot of things since he made her report deadline tomorrow but he won’t listen to her reasons.  Bong Soon ends up slumping her bag in the supply room as she carries the boxes to Dong Byeong’s office.  The latter drops the phone while talking to someone as he is surprised at how she managed to carry the heavy load.  She places the boxes in his room and gives him a wink when he checks that all the boxes are really made of paper and not feathers.  
Secretary Gong notifies Bong Soon that her boss has to attend a seminar so he will come in late.  He tells her that Min Hyuk will let her attend a presentation meeting earlier which made Bong Soon happy.  Secretary Gong proceeds to pick up Min Hyuk as Bong Soon contemplates on how she will face Min Hyuk later after their late night moment yesterday.  Her reverie is interrupted by two text messages that came from Min Hyuk and Gook Doo with the same question of why she was not responding to them.  Bong Soon whines on why the two seem to be soulmates in annoying her.
Baek Tak wakes up from a bad dream and realizes how his body is strangely fully recovered thanks to the Dong Wine he gulped yesterday.
Min Hyuk pouts on the seminar they have to attend to and gets excited when Bong Soon drops the honorifics when she replied that she cannot watch movie with him because she will be busy at work.  At that same moment Gook Doo receives the same response and wonders why she suddenly replied in formal language.  
Min Hyun is quick to jump to a conclusion on how Bong Soon is taking the steps to be closer to him.  He can’t help but smile like a schoolboy in love and I can’t help but feel like a school girl so in love with him too.  lol 
 Bong Soon scans the rejected proposals for her report and wonders why she became an intern when there’s a ludicrous proposal about beef cutlet invading pork cutlet kingdom.  She brags about her awesome Supergirl Bong Soon game idea but got surprised when Supergirl Bong Soon turns to Min Hyuk’s faces being cute and throwing finger hearts on her computer screen.
Bong Soon converses with herself on how Min Hyuk is supposed to be with her guiding her as he promised.  She sits down and mumbles how Min Hyuk has been so far getting hurt because of her.  She battles on how she is going to answer Min Hyuk’s feelings as well as what she will do with Gook Doo.
Bong Soon realizes that she interchanged the replies she sent to the two boys when she reads Min Hyuk’s casual message.  Gook Doo is off to buy (me a necklace) lol, I mean Bong Soon a necklace.  Bong Soon answers Gook Doo’s call and agrees to meet him at the company’s coffee shop since she cannot go out to see a movie with him.  He tells her not to meet Min Hyuk outside the office nor take care of him anymore since she is no longer his bodyguard.  He adds that it will be the last advice he will be giving as a friend.  can we just have both of them her lead men?  we all like gook doo as well
Gook Doo’s Chief stalks psycho who has been stalking Hee Ji.  Dong Byeong passes by the congratulatory flowers sent by Baek Tak for Bong Soon.  He asks her if he is her boyfriend, but she is also surprised when she sees the flowers.  She denies her relationship with Baek Tak and questions why Dong Byeong hates her so much.  He demands her to uncover her true identity after carrying the boxes and pushing the heavy conference table, so Bong Soon obliges and playfully tells him that she is an alien. *giggles
Bong Soon walks in the wash room where two ladies talk about Min Hyuk clearing the misconception about him being gay citing he likes women in the recent seminar he attended.  It was also told how the woman he likes is working in the company as well.  The women expresses distaste on the girl who stole their CEO’s heart.
Min Hyuk finally arrives in the office and spots Bong Soon who froze on her spot upon seeing him. We see Min Hyuk with the light background approaching her and he takes her hand to everybody’s surprise.  She tries to free her hand, but he refuses to let go.
Min Hyuk checks on Bong Soon’s game idea and agrees on working with it.  He advises her to do well and listen to the presentation meeting later.  He invites her to eat lunch so she asks why he will do it when he only eats one meal, but he replies that since she eats 3 meals he has to change his eating habits for her.  aigoo how to be you Bong Sooni
Bong Soon peers at Min Hyuk’s handsome face as he lovingly gazes back at her.  Just then Secretary Gong and Dong Byeong join their table.  Secretary Gong who misinterpreted the banmal conversation earlier with his boss start talking to Min Hyuk without honorifics so Dong Byeong chides him for being disrespectful.  He reasons out that the boss prefers being informal.  Min Hyuk gets the misunderstanding so he clears it and straighten out that he is not the one whom he wants to speak informal with him.  Dong Byeong brings out Bong Soon’s weird actions and how she is an alien, but Min Hyuk lovingly places her favorite food on her spoon and ignores him completely by just focusing on melting her with his furtive and knee-weakening gazes.  Bong Soon stops Dong Byeong after they return their plates to give him a present where she bends a metal stick around his wrist and mischievously warns him that next time she will give him a necklace.  Dong Byeong faints as she walks back to their office.
Bong Soon is on another love trance leering at shining Min Hyuk with the regular Bong Soon love trance theme as the music background.  She sneakily peeks at him doing his CEO job and ponders what she will do about him.
 Secretary Gong takes care of the traumatized Dong Byeong as he pours out his recently broken heart because of Min Hyuk.  Secretary Gong mentions that he also doubted Min Hyuk before since he never clarified the rumors but he is sure now that he likes Bong Soon.
 Bong Soon’s highschooler minions learn of her recent 30-1 fight so they rush to the hospital to beat up the thugs.  Psycho knocks on chief’s stake out car and mumbles how he should go inside since it is cold outside. He offers to eat with him and then go berserk warning not to follow him.
Bong Soon stares at Min Hyuk while he smoothly supervises the meeting.  Dong Byeong keeps throwing paper at her but she is with Min Hyuk in their own exchange of secret loving glances.  
Gook Doo arrives at Ainsoft and notifies her that he will be heading to the coffee shop.  She pauses from her game proposal and heads to the cafe but Gook Doo receives an urgent call that Hee Ji is psycho’s next target so he goes back to the field failing to advise Bong Soon.  Min Hyuk learns from Secretary Gong that Bong Soon steps out to meet a friend and is in mixed emotion upon learning that she is meeting Gook Doo.
Bong Soon patiently waits for Gook Doo whom she does not know will not be arriving anymore.  Gook Doo proceeds to Hee Ji’s practice room and sees her with Bong Ki.  He tells them that Hee Ji is being eyed by the neighborhood psycho.  It dawns on Gook Doo that his friend is the man who swayed Hee Ji’s heart, but manages to advise his ex-girlfriend to be extra careful.
Min Hyuk appears in front of Bong Soon.  He blabs why she is looking at him like he was stood up by an average guy and is amazed at the good looking man she is staring at right now at the same time.  aigoo Min Hyuki I have to credit you for being a smooth-talker straightforward narcissistic  He mentions how he can see her thoughts and mumbles how the company she works for has a problem that he cannot watch a movie with her since she is preoccupied with work.  He orders her to stay at his house to help with her presentation but she declines his offer since she wants to do it on her own.  
Min Hyuk tenderly gazes at her and asks her if she can like him back.  She leers back with an uncertain eyes as she whispers how she is different from other people and if he will be okay with it.  Min Hyuk responds how her being different does not matter at all and asks her to stay with him.  When she still hesitates to take his hand, he grabs her and embraces her in his arms.  She hugs him back and they get lost in time and space.  finally! weeeeeeee
Bong Soon wants to hide her face after their magical moment.  She begs Min Hyuk not to follow her and makes an excuse that she will get her bag when she just wants some time alone.  Min Hyuk acquiesces like a love struck school boy happy at his romance development with Bong Soon.  Bong Soon enters Min Hyuk’s office where the aftermath of her love affirmation transported her to space and stars.  aigoo these two you are making all of us envious
Min Hyuk hides while waiting for her and holds her hand from her behind as they head out of the building.  Gook Doo arrives not long after and realizes he missed Bong Soon already.  He tries calling her but she did not pick up his call since she is with Min Hyuki on her way home.
Kyung Shim sees Min Hyuk drops Bong Soon off near their house and they coyly say goodbye to each other.  Min Hyuk calls her as she walks away and reminds her that she cannot change her mind anymore, and that tomorrow will be different for them to which she agrees.
 Kyung Shim corners Bong Soon to spill the different aura she has with her boss, but she got scolded by going out alone.  Kyung Shim pesters Bong Soon on the strange energy she saw earlier when her boss dropped her off.  Just then Kyung Shim answers a call from Gook Doo who asks if she is with Bong Soon.  
 Bong Soon steps out of the house and finds Gook Doo who inquires why she was not picking up the phone.  She replies to ask if something happened earlier because she waited in the cafe.  He apologizes for not showing and explains that Hee Ji is being eyed by the psycho.  He tells her about seeing Hee Ji and Bong Ki together and she silently confirms that she knows about it.
Gook Doo inches closer to Bong Soon and reveals how he has realized his true feelings and how he does not want to be friends with her anymore.  Bong Soon interrupts where he is trying to lead and voices out how she is happy being his friend and how she wants them to stay that way as she is precious to her.  Gook Doo hides the necklace gift he bought as he got a no for an answer even without asking it yet.  
Gook Doo stares at the gift he bought and contemplates his memories of Bong Soon.  He regrets realizing it too late when it has been there all this time.  come here gook doo ya we will all give you a hug
 Bong Soon broods on her earlier chat with Gook Doo.  Kyung Shim mutters that she will go back to Busan tomorrow and asks what she talked about with Gook Doo.  Bong Soon answers how she thinks there is an expiration date on having a crush to someone as she finally lets go of her first love.
Hee Ji visits the police station and is briefed on how they learned about the psycho stalking her.  She asks why they are not apprehending the suspect when they know who he is and he explained that they do not have the investigation rights.  He assures her that they will protect her and hands his picture so she will know the face of the culprit.  Psycho wickedly smiles in his lair while listening to Gook Doo and Hee Ji’s conversation.
Min Hyuk guides Bong Soon with her upcoming presentation preparations suggesting ideas to incorporate with her design.  His interest is piqued on the person Bong Soon will rescue so explains that the main character will rescue a very lonely prince.  After working on her game, they eat lunch sweetly making Dong Byeong fumes while Secretary Gong is on the look out in case he crazily wages war with Bong Soon.
Baek Tak prepares to leave and gives some money and letters he wrote all night for his boys.  Just as he walks out of their room Bong Soon’s minions arrive to avenge their boss.  They got the jar of dong wine and minion leader discusses how they have to submit it for analysis in case there’s a hidden drug on it.
Bong Soon and Min Hyuk hit books in the library, but Min Hyuk cannot focus because he is distracted by Bong Soon’s pretty face.  He plays with the book on his end and decides to move beside her so he can hold hands to her protest.  He follows her when she walks away to go home, but he insists on having dinner first.  She obliges but only if he will not hold her hand in the office so he agrees but puts his arm around her and leads her out of the library.
Gook Doo and his team prepares a trap for the psycho by using Hee Ji as the bait.  They trail her and spots a man in black clothing following her.  Psycho is on the move and blocks a woman to knock her out leaving her luggage and music player behind.  Bong Soon and Min Hyuk wonders if something happened when the police cars zoom in the neighborhood as Hee Ji falls down after bumping on someone.
Episode 11 Thoughts
I’m on a whirlwind of emotion after this episode because my noona crush with Hyung Sik is turning to a noona romance.  His stolen gazes as well as the lingering gazes… man I just end up melting like an ice cream.  One thing though that I really want to be over by now will be scenes that will involve the thug because I feel like there’s no humor, even the slapstick kind to exhaust from them anymore.  Dear show, why reveal to Gook Doo about his cheating girlfriend and friend and break his heart all at the same day?  
We are heading to the romance now, right?  I for one, can’t wait.  –jediprincess

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 10 Recap

Min Hyuk fulfilled his promised job post to Bong Soon but she has to undergo internship first.  We have a complete love triangle picture in full swing and our fast acting CEO finally took a leap of love by confessing what he felt to the strong woman who rolled in his life unexpectedly.  

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode Recaps

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 10 Recap – “Finding the Hidden Heart”
The special investigation team for the Dobong-dong serial killing case brought in the suspect and made it known to the public news.  Bong Soon insists that the culprit is the man whose voice she just heard earlier, but Gook Doo’s team is left on a dead end as Team Leader reminds Gook Doo not to chase the psycho anymore or they will be in trouble.  At his lair, psycho is enraged that someone took the credit for his evil doings.  
Bong Soon confirms psycho’s name and asks his whereabouts which infuriates Gook Doo.  He motions to leave so he can drop her off their house, but she halts him saying she has to go somewhere.  Gook Doo asks if she is tending on Min Hyuk because of her job or because he took the knife for her.  He stares at her face and he could not bring to ask if she likes him so instead he asks her if she really has to go to which she replies yes.  He tells her that she should not feel compelled to be by his side, but she replies that she has to be with him.  *ouch
Min Hyuk sighs as he waits for Bong Soon who on cue enters his room.  He states how she is not going to meet Gook Doo anymore since the culprit has been apprehended, but she tells him that they got the wrong guy.  She asks if the wound hurts and he replies that he would rather be hurt than have her be in pain. Min Hyuki I’m in pain too lol
Min Hyuk inquires if she still likes Gook Doo and blabs how can she like him when he is more handsome than his friend.  He realized fast his almost slip and covers it by telling her to disregard if she has thoughts of how an amazing man like Min Hyuk might possibly like her.  Bong Soon snides at her boss’ impossible narcissism and retorts how he can say those things when he prefers men over women.  
Min Hyuk grins and sits in front of her to clear once and for all that he had no time to date when he was building his empire nor he has time to clarify those rumors so he just let it spread for noise marketing.  Bong Soon points out how he seems to be not hurting anymore so he fakes a painful groan and goes back to their argument.  He peers at her and tells her that he likes women and that women makes him crazy, but she is not convinced since his vibrantly colored striped bathrobe looks disturbingly gay. haha
Bong Soon contemplates on Kim Jang Hyun so Min Hyuk has to point out how she should take care of him with all her heart and not just because of guilt.  Bong Soon asks if he can help look someone for her and he is quick to deduce her intention to catch the psycho so he warned her not to take any step out of that room.
Gook Doo stubbornly begs his team leader to get a warrant for Kim Jang Hyun but the latter is on a bind so he cannot relent.  Upset how everything is not making sense Gook Doo marches out of the station and vowed to stay on the case even if it means risking his police badge.  
Gook Doo pays psycho a visit and picks the gadgets he is working on.  Gook Doo mutters if he is happy that the culprit was caught, and psycho replies how they are both thinking the same thing – that they caught the wrong guy.  Gook Doo grabs his color and asks where he hid the girls, but psycho remains calm and responds why he is accusing him when he has cooperated well in the police investigation.  Gook Doo can’t hold his fury anymore and throws punches at him.  Gook Doo spots a pair of shoes which the psycho previously hidden on his first visit and the latter asks his man to call the police for the harassment he got from Gook Doo.  Psycho goes to his dungeon and pins Bong Soon’s picture while staring at it with a murderous eye.  A news update clarifies that the suspect taken denied his involvement with the other victims upsetting Gook Doo while he is driving.
Min Hyuk summons Secretary Gong and advises him to notify HR of Bong Soon’s transfer to Strategy Department tomorrow.  Secretary Gong is surprised as he initially decided for her transfer when he is back in the office so he responds that he is coming back as well tomorrow as he is worried that she would do something stupid if he is not by her side.  Secretary Gong gets his phone to call Bong Soon for the good news, but stops when he realizes there is no available team they can assign Bong Soon too.
Still caught up with psycho’s identity, Bong Soon skims online news about the case and gets annoyed by the viral video loaded by her minions.  Kyung Shim enters the room and asks if she will go to her boss.  She mutters how she is on the same side with her mom on wanting Min Hyuk for her.  Bong Soon heaves a sigh and mumbles how she is already confused which surprised Kyung Shim.
 Bong Soon evades the topic by giving her the usual pep talk of not going out She answers Secretary Gong’s call and is elated on her new work tomorrow.  She jumps with Kyung Shim shaking the house in the process, as Min Hyuk begins a countdown on his expected call from Bong Soon.  
His phone rings and as expected it is from Bong Soon who informs him that she is on her way to the hospital even when she kept thinking how it will be a hassle for her to go there and travel back tomorrow on her first day of work. But because she worries about her she will have to be by his side.  Min Hyuk agrees to her request and mutters it is no big deal if his wound might open so she can rest well at home to prepare for work tomorrow.  
Police Chief chides Gook Doo’s team and dismisses their report of the witness possibly toying with them.  Gook Doo arrives and leaves his ID and handcuff before he walks away from his team.  Gook Doo rushes to the junkyard and is halted by ajussi worker.  He frees himself from his grip and tells him how his boss has been kidnapping women and he could be in prison for being an accessory to his crime.  
He walks to the door he found before but psycho calls his attention and taunts him to hit him again.  His team members come in time to stop him from assaulting him again.  They tried to calm him down and make him see reasons that they need an arrest warrant and authority to investigate.  They told him to stop being hard-headed and go back to his job tomorrow so they can sort out the investigation.
Bong Soon cheerfully irons her clothes for tomorrow and notifies omma that she will be a full time employee tomorrow.  She worries a bit when reminded that her boss is alone, but mom assures her to just focus on her preparations for tomorrow.  Omma heads to the hospital and feeds Min Hyuk with the spicy chicken dish which is Bong Soon’s favorite.  Although he hates spicy food, he smiles at omma as he feeds her dotingly.  He begs Bong Ki to escort his mom back home when she stepped out to get some water but Bong Ki responds how omma does not listen to people.  
Omma bumps with Baek Tak and his beaten face.  She tells him that Bong Soon will be starting her full time job tomorrow that’s why she is taking care of the CEO.  He apologizes again for almost harming Bong Soon and reasons how they were just intending to restore their reputation.
Bong Soon dreams of her being Juliet again, struggling to call MinHyuk-Romeo in English.  MinHyuk-Romeo climbs on the wall as he confirms that he is Korean and he likes women.  He inches closer for a kiss to BongSoon-Juliet’s, and as she prepares her lips for the kiss, she was awakened by Kyung Shim’s light slap on her lips murmuring how she must have been sexually pent up these days.
Bong Soon dressed up prettily for work and is welcomed by Secretary Gong at the lobby complete with flowers, confetti and bubbles effects.  Bong Soon finds Min Hyuk in his room and asks why he is there when he should be in the hospital.  He gives him a welcome gift of a cute bag with her company ID on it.  He hangs the ID and she beams while staring at it.
 She rises from her seat and promises to do a great job.  She asks which team she will be assigned to so he shows her “Welcome Strategy Department” intern.  Bong Soon pouts at the explanation of her too good to be true dream. Min Hyuk reasons how the department she wants composes of the most brilliant minds in the company so he cannot allow her to go there without proper training or she will get bullied.  Bong Soon sulks at the thought of working alone and eating alone in the office but Min Hyuk assures her that she will be working under the best senior manager in the company.  She smiles at the good news but it fades right away when her crazy boss presents himself as her manager for her internship.  He motions for them to start a meeting but she complains that two people can only do a conversation so he summons Secretary Gong to make them three.  Bong Soon slumps her frustrated self on the sofa annoyed by the trick her boss just played at her.  
Their meeting is interrupted when a team leader from the Strategy department knocks the door to present a proposal to Min Hyuk.  Bong Soon is surprised to see him look exactly like the thug boss who stabbed Min Hyuk last time.  He furtively scowls at her curious face and leaves after a quick briefing with Min Hyuk.  Secretary Gong replies that he does not have a twin as far as he knows when Bong Soon asks if he has.
 When Min Hyuk asks her what kind of game she wants to do, she answers how she wants a non-violent game that will not spend a lot of money for the gamers and will educate them as well.  Min Hyuk responds how she will not earn money from her insights, but she argues that children and elderly will enjoy her game to which he rebuts that the group she is targeting do not have money.  He ends the meeting to her surprise since they have not accomplished anything at all.  She bargains to prolong it some more but he forces her to go to the washroom to calm her internship passion.  
She bumps with Dong Byeong and he tells her to follow him in the pantry.  In the pantry, Dong Byeong questions why she is sticking with the CEO when she is not that pretty.  He fumes when she retorts that she is with him because of the internship before she moves to the Strategy Department.  He warns her to be good at him so she can enter the team she wants to be with.  Satisfied with his initial bullying, he steps out of the room leaving Bong Soon baffled and scared.
Bong Soon gets a breather at Secretary Gong’s space, but she stands up quick when her weird boss starts calling her like Pavarotti.  Bong Soon snides at his inquiry on how her work is so far by telling him how she has not done anything yet at all.  He offers her a welcome party but she declines politely since it will just be the two of the.  When Secretary Gong resumes helis arbitrary post, she tells him to tell their boss how what she is having right now was not what was promised to her.  She marches back to her seat and grumps on her bad day.
Oh Dong Byeong throws in proposed ideas on the table and assigns Bong Soon to find out why the ideas were not approved.  He borrows her for a while for a quick getting-to-know chat and leads her to the conference room.  Secretary Gong cautions Min Hyuk how Dong Byeong has a terrible reputation on new hires, but Min Hyuk wants to check who will win between them.  
Dong Byeong fixes his nail polish and orders Bong Soon to get him a cup of coffee.  She follows his instruction on how he wants his coffee done, however he seethes on the bitter taste saying he meant a tablespoon of sugar.  She offers to change it, but he disregards it and goes to his initial evil plan and scolds her for flirting with Min Hyuk.
He plays with her face and mumbles if she did a nose job and complains why her face is too small.  Bong Soon mutters how they should keep the chat professional, but Dong Byeong flares when she mispronounced his name.  He hits her on her forehead and when he asks her to pick up the pen he threw on the other side of the table, she takes the opportunity and pushes the heavy table to trap him on his position.  She walks away like nothing happened.
Min Hyuk wonders what’s taking Bong Soon and Dong Byeong long just in time for her head popping from the door.  He goes to the coffee shop with her and he asks what she did to the team leader.  She denies hitting or knocking him down and cutely admits that he is just sitting down and stuck somewhere.  Min Hyuk takes a deep breath and begs her to free Dong Byeong but she refuses.  He meets Secretary Gong and they go to where the punished man is.  Min Hyuk asks his secretary to bring some more men to move the table for him to be rescued.
Back at his office, Min Hyuk grins on how Bong Soon handled the bullying.  Secretary Gong curiously asks why he took the knife intended to Bong Soon when he is particularly protective of his body.  Bong Soon who is almost going inside pauses to wait for his response, but the door suddenly opens and she finds Min Hyuk staring at her face.
Min Hyuk ruminates about the unanswered question from his secretary earlier.  He stands up to return a book and finds Bong Soon leering at him from the other side of the book shelf.  She tells Min Hyuk to postpone her welcome event until his stitches are removed since he cannot drink alcohol yet to which he agrees.  
Secretary Gong and Dong Byeong exchanges their Bong Soon traumatic sob stories as grandma who came to visit advises omma to make sure that feces wine will be given fast to the person who needs it since it’s freshly made.  Omma visits Baek Tak who raves about the clean taste of the medicinal drink, but falls on deep rage upon knowing where it came from.  Bong Ki attends to the thug patients and was told on how their boss is behaving strangely and keeps muttering how he ate something he should have not.  He notices the dong wine to answer the million dollar question on why their boss is upset.
Bong Soon drops of Min Hyuk at his place and as she motions to leave, he grabs her arm and lets her sit on the sofa so he could lay down on her lap.  He asks permission for her to stay still for a quick moment and fall asleep eventually.  Bong Soon stops by at the door painting of Min Hyuk’s dungeon and finally uncovers the truth that she was inspired by her. 
Bong Soon goes home and receives a text message from Gook Doo to meet him tomorrow.  Team leader and Gook Doo is on a drinking session and Team leader lectures him of keeping his head cool since all of them wants to catch the psycho, but they have an organization to follow.  Gook Doo remains stubborn so Team Leader promises him that they will search the place without a warrant and gives back his badge and ID for him to resume work the next day.  Meanwhile, psycho lurks nearby Hee Ji’s practice place to stalk at her.
Min Hyuk wakes up and calls Bong Soon right away.  He finds her sticky note message reminding him to take his meds on time and to disinfect his wound.  Bong Soon is on a quick meeting with omma and grandma who presented the ancestral journals to her since she is at the right age to write down her experiences in fulfilment of her mission to leave a legacy for the future female generation of the family.
Min Hyuk tosses and turns trying to sleep as Bong Soon confirms with Kyung Shim how her heart races fast whenever she sees Min Hyuk.  Just then omma rushes to their room and announces that Min Hyuk is outside the house looking for her.  Bong Soon finds Min Hyuk waiting outside and he tells her how he needs to tell her something.  She responds that it could have wait till tomorrow but he insists on saying it right now.  
He mutters that he is in pain so she responds that he should have taken his medicines.  She chides him on how he does not listen to police and now even to doctors. He then takes her hand and places it on his chest and whispers that the pain is coming from his heart.  He gazes at her and tells her to stop having a crush with someone because he thinks that he likes her already.
Episode 10 Quick Thoughts
Weeeeeeee  Finally!  Just as my heart is racing for this adorable couple, I am also cushioning some of it that will break for Gook Doo.  I love how our hero is perceptive and understood that Bong Soon still has to sort her emotions hence he cannot bring to cross those almost kisses moments that I thought would really lead to real kisses.  So from here on, we should be expecting fan service, although I’m not sure how it will be incorporated while we are catching the psycho.  It has been a sweet ride with Do Bong Soon since Day 1.  We are still down to 6 episodes but I am getting scared of the moment we will send it off soon.

KDrama Starter Pack: The Supernatural Dramas Starter Pack

Over the years, dramaland showcased recurring themes and novelty tales that swept the followers off their feet.  From the weep-fest dramas that started the hallyuwave breakthrough, to the historical drama parade that taught us Korean history, and to the fantasy driven narratives in the most recent years, every era has marked a significant change in making the kdramaland stories even better than before.

For my next blog project, I will be working on themed Korean dramas  that will be perfect for a weekend drama binge.  First on my entry would be the fantasy themed dramas that have been an active genre in the past five years.  Most of the dramas here raked ratings and established a strong fan based online.  Fusion of folklore and chimeric characters like mermaid, alien, ghost, and goblin have been so far successful in bringing out stories that are loved by fans.

Tomorrow With You (2017) – The time traveler who was trapped in his time traveling

Storyline:  A time-traveler saved a woman from her imminent death because when he traveled in his future he found out that he died together with the woman on that same day.

Goblin (2016 – 2017) – Bromance and Romance at its perky best.  Stunning cinematography and writing.

Storyline:  A goblin is in search of his bride for more than 900 years so he can be freed of the curse given to him by a deity.  He finally meets his bride but removing the curse would mean an end to his immortality, and falling in love with his bride complicated his situation even more.

Legend of the Blue Sea (2016 – 2017) – Curious mermaid and charming con-man story perfect for when you just want to be lazy and feel loved.

Storyline:  A mermaid chose to live in the land out of faith that the man she loved will love her back.  It turned out that their connection run deep as they were also lovers in their previous lives.

Signal (2016) – A thrilling crime drama that neatly utilized time element.

Storyline:  Two police officers from the past and present work on unsolved cases through a haunted walkie-talkie.

W:  Two Worlds (2016) – The worlds that sent us to beyond imagination and a one-sided love with Kang Chul.

Storyline:  A daughter of a manhwa writer entered her father’s fictional world and rescued the manhwa’s hero from dying.  They eventually fell in love but their separated worlds and the manhwa world’s villain was determined to kill the hero and his wife.

Mirror of the Witch (2016) – Sorcery, sad love but a strangely bearable story.

Storyline:  A Joseon princess was hidden by her King Father through his trusted Taoist priest, because of an inevitable  death waiting for her due to the curse that she will bring to the royal family and the country.  Years later, she learned of her true identity and chose to repel the curse placed on her to claim back the family and life that was deprived of her.

Blood (2015)

GENRE:  Vampire, Medical

Orange Marmalade (2015)

GENRE:  Vampire, Youth

Oh My Ghost (2015) – The ghost possessed girl who loved her chef-boss

Storyline: An introverted woman who can see ghosts agreed to have a wandering spirit host her body so she can seduce her chef boss.  The ghost who believed that she needed to free her mortal grudge of dying a virgin thought that sleeping with a man will resolve her issue, but she uncovered the truth about her death.

The Scholar who walks at Night (2015)

GENRE:  Vampire, Romance, Period

The Records of Nightwatchman (2014) – Joseon era Ghostbusters

Storyline:  A royal prince leads a team of ghost seeing fighters who worked on vanquishing the wandering ghosts that was let loose by the villain who killed his family

You Who Came From the Star (2013-2014) – The alien who loved the sassy top actress

Storyline:  An alien landed on earth and was saved by a mortal girl.  The alien waited to meet the girl again in her reincarnated self and succeeded after a few decades of blending in the human world.  The girl’s reincarnated self became a modern day top actress whom he was not in a smooth relationship at first.  Circumstances brought them together until he realized that she was the girl he has been looking for just as hos borrowed time on earth is slowly fading.


The Master’s Sun  (2013) –  The eccentric department store CEO who inspired his lady love to dream

Storyline:  A ghost-seeing woman discovered a man that can protect her from the spirits pestering her to help resolve their earthly grudges.

Nine Times Travel (2013) – the mind boggling drama which needs storyline mapping while you are watching

Storyline:  A broadcaster uncovers the truth about his brother’s mysterious death by using nine incense sticks that can send him back in the past.

I Hear Your Voice (2013)

GENRE:  Noona Romance, Legal

Jeon Woo Chi (2012 – 2013) – your magical neighborhood hero

Storyline:  After swallowing a magical bead, Jeon Woo Chi became a mischievous master who taught lessons to the baddies in the town.

Gu Family Book (2012) – Naruto and she-kenshin himura love journey

Storyline:  The story I gave up half-way and when I picked it up again to finish it, I regret it a million times.  I love the early part of the drama, but it was such a waste of talent.

Faith (2012) – The smoking hot general who loved a time traveling modern day doctor

Storyline:  General Choi Young was tasked to find a cure for the wounded Queen or they will be waging war with the Mongols.  He entered a portal that led him to modern day Korea and abducted a doctor from a Gangnam hospital.

Rooftop Prince (2012) – The prince who traveled in the future to solve the mystery of his princess’ death

Storyline:  A Joseon prince is transported to the future with his trusted warriors to uncover the truth about his princess’ death.  They lived with a kind woman in a rooftop where he learned that events on the present time will help solve the mystery he was working on in Joseon.

Queen In Hyun’s Man (2012) – the best time traveling character in kdramaland

Storyline:  A scholar and faithful retainer of deposed Queen In Hyun was transported to the present time escaping mortal peril from the hands of his political rivals.  In present time he met an actress playing the role of Queen In Hyun in a TV drama and fell in love with her while sojourning between the past and present time.

Operation Proposal (2012) – The time traveler who travels back in time to be with the girl he loved.

Storyline:  When his friend whom he loved for a long time was set to marry, a man begged for the pain to be relieved and was given a chance to travel back in their past time to correct what he might have done to be with the girl he loved.

Moon that embraces the sun (2012)  – The King Who Loved a Shaman

Storyline:  A Joseon King was set to marry the woman he loved but she died of an unusual illness.  Years later the woman turned out to be alive but lost her memory.  She entered the palace as a shaman and the inivisible love thread that connected her and the King resurfaced even if she has no recollection of her past.

Arang and the Magistrate (2012) – The sassy ghost who loved a magistrate

Storyline:  A ghost who kept haunting the house where magistrates live in a town met a magistrate who helped her resolved her case.

Vampire Prosecutor (2011)

GENRE: Vampire Legal

49 Days (2011) – painful tears, painful love, painfully annoying ending lol

Storyline:  A woman met an accident and was on comatose state.  She was given a chance to live only if she can get three genuine tears from people who loved her.  She was assisted by the Scheduler in her task and she hosted on another woman’s body to complete her mission.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010) – The happy-go-lucky stuntman who loved a pretty nine tailed fox

Storyline:  A nine-tailed fox that was imprisoned from a painting was emancipated accidentally by a mortal and started living together with him after giving him her magical bead that saved his life.

Secret Garden (2010) – the trendsetting drama between a stunt woman and a rich man

Storyline:  A stunt woman and a rich man bodies were magically swapped after they drank a liquor, and only when it rains can they come back to their regular selves.  Their bickerings evolved to romance even when rhe heroine had reservations on him first.

Secret Investigation Record (2010)

GENRE:  Mystery, Ghost

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 9 Recap

Min Hyuk enjoyed his hospital moments with Bong Soon as Gook Doo realized the false lead their team has been threading in catching up with the psycho.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode Recaps

01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 9 Recap – “Life Risking Love”
Bong Soon tackles Baek Tak’s men in groups and sends them flying everywhere with broken bones.  She uses the trainings Min Hyuk taught her to dodge and subdue the burly thugs even when they attack simultaneously.  
Min Hyuk arrives and sees Bong Soon wrapping up the fight.  She stands with her pink hoodie covering her face as the wind blows on her face.  Min Hyuk is transported to the memory of the girl who saved the bus he was riding before and realizes that she is the same girl he was peering at that moment.
Gook Doo also arrives to the location just in time when Bong Soon is set to pulverize the last group.  She lifts the four men together and pushes them to the opposing wall.  Gook Doo is stunned on what he saw as Bong Soon approaches Baek Tak to finish the deal.  Little did she know that Baek Tak’s sly man, Gwang Bok was hiding in the area.  He sneakily goes out from his hiding point with a knife to stab Bong Soon behind her back, but Min Hyuk runs to cover his body and takes the hit for her.
Gook Doo stares at Bong Soon’s worried face as they arrive in the hospital for Min Hyuk’s treatment.  Bong Soon prays fervently beside Min Hyuk and promises that she will be a good girl to him.  She vows to follow his commands and not to annoy him in the future.  Min Hyuk regains consciousness and whispers how he is glad that Bong Soon was not hurt.
Bong Soon’s 5 seconds of warm moment shifts as he goes back to his mischievous whiny self to bicker on how ever since he met her, he had all sorts of body pains incurred and was always in trouble. He complains on how he worked hard for his perfect body but it just got 12 stitches thanks to her. He demands how she will make up for it so she apologizes and thanks him for his deed.
He continues to blab crazy ideas about his body missing something inside just as Secretary Gong arrives in a crying face full of grief on what just happened to his boss.  Stealing glances on Bong Soon, Min Hyuk rides on Secretary Gong’s woes and mentions how he is okay even when he could die soon because of tetanus and how complications may arise so he can playfully scare Bong Soon who was already feeling guilty over what happened.  *chuckles
Min Hyuk sends Bong Soon out to eat something, but she refuses to do his bidding reasoning how she won’t be able to swallow food while feeling sorry on what happened to him.  Min Hyuk insists that she has to eat so she can take care of him so she relents and marches out to grab some food.  The moment she steps out of the room, Min Hyuk stops his i-might-be-dying-antics and cheerfully asks Secretary Gong to adjust his bed and runs through the business details with him.  He is all smiles savoring his heroic moment uttering how he is feeling what Admiral Lee Sun Shin must have felt before.   Secretary Gong winces at his eccentric bipolar boss and lets him drown on his unimaginable narcissism.  *giggles
Gook Doo sits down to recall the recent events and was able to piece out the strange high school memories involving Bong Soon.  The water faucet that was broken, the iron bar that was bent, and even those tug-of-war wins that they won as a class.
At that same moment, Min Hyuk ponders on his recent discovery of the girl who saved his life, and did not notice Gook Doo entering his room.  Gook Doo checks how he is doing and asks if he knows Bong Soon’s strength that’s why he hired her.  Min Hyuk tells him to pretend he does not know of her powers yet because she does not want him to be aware of it.  Gook Doo asks why he protected Bong Soon so Min Hyuk answers him by returning the question back at him.  *rawr  ha!
Bong Ki sees Gook Doo in deep thoughts and sits beside him.  Gook Doo voices out how he just came to understand those strange things off about Bong Soon.  Bong Ki apologizes for not telling him the truth and discloses how Bong Soon has been like that since birth.  He pleads for the thugs to be reprieved of the chaos they created since Min Hyuk did not press charges even when Gook Doo insisted that the thug with the knife should be punished.  He reasons out that it might cause an issue that will involve her sister if it goes beyond their control.
Bong Ki tells the family how Min Hyuk took the knife for Bong Soon so they rush to thank the patient.  Omma speaks about how she does not know how she can repay him for his kindness.  She tells Min Hyuk how the family is not that shameless to return what they owe so they will pay him back by giving him Bong Soon.  aigoo omma jincha chongmal
Team Leader tells the team to completely take their hands off the Dobong neighborhood case per instruction of the higher officials.  At psycho’s lair, the first victim urges the other women to cry loud for help in the hope that they will be rescued.  Psycho who monitors them pays them a visit and punished the first victim for the uprising.  Meanwhile Gook Doo is slowly getting to where their team failed to start in trying to capture the psychopath as he connected the dots he got from the investigation and Bong Soon’s testimony.
Min Hyuk’s wound is being cleaned by the nurse who was surprised on his impressive pain tolerance.  The nurse advises that the stitches will be removed in a week most likely and she is baffled on his sudden helpless mode as soon as Bong Soon arrives.  He mumbles how he has weak cellular tissues and beams on Bong Soon’s worried face as he pretends he is having a hard time with his wound.
Hee Ji visits Bong Ki and tells him about the girl Gook Doo likes.  She speaks about how she now realized why he felt distant when they were dating.  Bong Ki informs her that they need time to pass by before they can see each other since she used to date his friend.  Hee Ji reasons out how timing is important in a relationship.  She suggests they try going out in five dates, and if it will not work, they can just forget each other.  Hee Ji smiles when Bong Ki teases her of how her line is supposed to be a man’s line.
Baek Tak checks on his beaten men as Jaws reports how the boys filled up the hospital with the injuries.  He mistakenly beats another man in place of Gwang Bok who used the knife because he is mummified due to the injuries.  Omma arrives to teach them a lesson and mistakenly beats the wrong guy as well.  She is directed to who the culprit but seeing there is no more space to hurt him, she turns to Baek Tak to appease her fury, but Min Hyuk’s father came from nowhere and punches Baek Tak for hurting his son.
Min Hyuk’s father heaves a sigh and decides he will take the matter into his hands.  Min Hyuk replies not to worry about it and to just let it go since he was not the initial target.  Min Hyuk aboji is enraged and questions why he took the stab for someone.  They go to a heated argument where Min Hyuk brings out how his father abandoned him and his mother before as well as how he has been not happy in the family.  Aboji castigates him for being rude in dragging his mother’s memories and lectures him that his being successful does not warrant him to be disrespectful.  Bong Soon listens outside the room feeling sorry on her boss’ family situation.
Gook Doo drops by at the car junk yard and meets psycho who casually chats with him.  Gook Doo recognizes him as a witness from the case who gave them specific details about the perpetrator.  He replies the culprit is not yet apprehended when psycho asks if he is already caught.  Gook Doo tells him to check on his car and proceeds on checking the junk yard.  He finds the door leading to the dungeon and is interrupted by the psycho who muttered that his car is doing well.
Gook Doo rushes to the station to discuss with team leader how the culprit tampered the second crime scene to ward off their investigation to a different direction.  He brings out the suspicious witness for the second victim who turns out to be the owner of the car junkyard.
Bong Soon is careful on Min Hyuk’s despondent mood and refuses to go home when he ordered it.  She scolds him lightly on wanting to be alone when he is feeling gloomy and reminds him that he promised to him last time that he will not do it.  She moves closer to his bed and declares she will stay with him.  She asks him if he wants to eat something and he answers he wants the food from their house which omma prepared right away from the house.
Min Hyuk leers at Bong Soon’s face tenderly as she gives him a towel bath.  Their gazes meet and she asks why he took the knife for her.  He replies by telling her how she is staring at him the same way she did when they first met in the police station.  He looks in her eyes and tells her not to give that gaze to other guys.  
Min Hyuk confirms that she was the girl who stopped the bus station from before to which she agrees.  She narrates how it was the first time she used her power to save someone since she has been keeping her strength as a secret. Min Hyuk jokes how all along he thought it was her mother’s guardian angel who protected him and mumbles how he was on his way to visit his mom after skipping night school.  Bong Soon realizes he was probably in high school when that happened and corners him on why he was being informal to her when they could possibly be of the same age.  Min Hyuk escapes the situation by pretending he is in pain so Bong Soon forgets the moment and helps him lay down.  He tells her to continue taking care of him as he peers at her cheerfully.
While psycho grabs another victim, Bong Soon’s minions are busy video editing her recent bout with the thugs and are satisfied about it.  
Omma arrives with aboji for Min Hyuk’s home food request and he patiently waits as Bong Soon mixes the bibimbap inside the pot.  Bong Soon scoops a spoonful and goes to Min Hyuk for his big bite but Bong Ki arrives to stop the food going to his mouth reminding them that the patient is supposed to be on fasting.  Min Hyuk’s face turns to a scolded puppy and motions them to go ahead with the meal and to not worry about him.  He gulps at the glorious sight of the bibimbap going to Bong Soon’s family’s mouth as the food vanishes inside the pot in 5 minutes.
Bong Soon denies Min Hyuk’s request for her to go home and insisted on staying with her.  Omma offers herself if he wants Bong Soon to go home since she is good in nursing from her old experiences of hurting other people.  Min Hyuk politely refuses as he is used to being alone so Bong Soon’s family prepares to leave.
Baek Tak sees Min Hyuk to apologize and inquires where he scouted Bong Soon.  The latter shoos him away and he meets Bong Soon on her way back to tend to Min Hyuk.  He offers her a gift which she refused and he admits to their defeat and promises they will not mess up with her anymore.  He begs that the rumor of their defeat won’t be known in the public and she assures him that she does not want to be dragged on that as well.
Min Hyuk is surprised that Bong Soon came back but smiles when she is not looking at him.  She tells him that she promises to stay with him so since she is good at keeping promises she will be by his side.  She asks what they will be doing that night so he teases her by replying he will take a bath.  She moves away from him so he grins and tells her that he just wants to wash his hair.
Bong Soon wipes Min Hyuk’s hair and walks in front of him to dry the front part.  He meaningfully stares at her and grabs her arm to have her move closer to him.  The moment freezes again as they peer at each other’s faces.  Bong Soon closes her eyes, Min Hyuk debates on what he is going to do at that moment.  He breaks their close proximity by telling her to sleep so she goes to the sofa to sleep.
Min Hyuk sighs as he watches over Bong Soon’s frame with furtive thoughts running in his mind.  He whispers how he was not expecting to meet her again very fast.  He closes his eyes as she opens hers and she thinks about how he risked his life for her.  Min Hyuk opens his eyes again and sees her wide open eyes staring at him.
The next day Baek Tak and his men learn of their viral video spreading in the internet.  Omma and friends also discuss on the recent kidnapping victim in the neighborhood.  Gook Doo’s team is on standby near the junk yard not knowing that the psycho knows their every move.  Psycho scans Gook Doo’s personal info and throws the paper on Hee Ji’s picture.  omg Is she really going to be one of his brides?  Psycho marks Hee Ji for his future victim.  He plants a bug on her bag when he bumps with her in the hospital.
Secretary Gong briefs his boss about recent office updates and Bong Soon’s scheduled transfer to Strategy Department.  Bong Soon enters the room and mumbles how he is dressing up casually like he is in a hotel.  Min Hyuk blabs how he hates typical fashion sense when she lectures him of the function of a hospital gown.  Gook Doo enters the room and requests Bong Soon to come with him due to another case that happened.  Min Hyuk stops her from going but she moves to leave with Gook Doo.  Min Hyuk blurts how he does not want her to get hurt halting her on her track.  He looks in her eyes and tells her how it is okay if he will be in pain just as long as she will not be hurt.  His pleading did not stop her from leaving as she walks away and promises him she will be back.  Gook Doo takes a deep breath and shouts at Min Hyuk how Bong Soon is for him to protect and then rushes to follow her.
Bong Soon utters how she knows he is already aware of her secret.  Gook Doo disregards it and praises that at least she has one thing she is good at.  He tells her how timing has never worked on their favor and how he is unhappy that Min Hyuk took the knife for her.  awwww
 They head to the station as he lets her listen to the psycho’s recording when he came as a witness.  Bong Soon confirms that it is the same voice as the culprit she bumped with just as the news of the perpetrator being caught hits the police station.
Episode 9 Quick Thoughts
Argh I thought the romance will escalate this week but I guess we have to wait a little more.  While I can understand Min Hyuk wanting to have her heart fully without any traces of Gook Do’s one-sided love, I was disappointed when the almost kiss did not move to a real kiss.  Can we wrap up the psycho arc and just spend 4 episodes of fan service?

KDrama List and Ratings


I constantly update this list on the mother page, so if you are reading it through this post, you can check this LINK for the most updated version.  I  have a separate page for my kdrama full series recaps and reviews which links I have included in this list as well.  This page is a good reference point for kdramas over the years since I have included quick reviews of those dramas that I did not write a full review on, but you might be curious if you are going to pick up or not.  There are still some that I have not seen, but I included the titles in case you might need it.  Also Reviews with Strikethroughs are not yet ready.  I will constantly update this page.  ^_^

I have rated it A(for Amazing), B+(for Breathtaking), B(for Beautiful), C+(for Cliche but Charming), C(for Crazy but Tolerable) D(for Disappointing), F(for Forget it).   I added additional tips for your reference.  My recent entries would be on a yearly basis from now on so the most recent dramas would be on the first entries.



♥ Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017) – If you are on a k-drama slump, this will hook you up back to oppa-land.  The fast paced quirky rom-com promised an addictive run and delivered it in flying colors with a riveting thriller plot incorporated on the side.  It was a whimsical love ride with thugs, a psycho, a police, a gaming company CEO and a woman with extraordinary strength.  The labyrinth was a whirlwind of cuteness and mirth and everything a fan would ask k-drama gods for a gift. Consistently endearing with amusing surprises along the way, “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” is a steady delightful rom-com drama that deserve all the raves and hype from k-drama followers.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Series Review

sweet ride, noona romance, second lead syndrome… this will so far be my best rom-com recommendation

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy, Thriller     GRADE:  A

♥ Radiant Office (2017) – currently airing

♥ Whisper (2017) – currently airing

♥ Perfect Wife (2017) – currently airing

♥ Chief Kim (2017) – currently airing

♥ You Are Too Much (2017) – currently airing

♥ The Liar and His Lover (2017) – currently airing

♥ Tomorrow With You (2017) – This drama felt like a roller-coaster as I hiked on the twists and turns and got lost in time and space continuum.  It might even give a frustrating ride so consider you are forewarned if you are not used to a story that you have to analyze from start to finish.  Nevertheless I got my closure even if they fit it in less than 60 minutes.  So Joon and Ma Rin’s road to ever after was definitely something I would not dare to have, but they gave me lessons on how compromise, patience and love are essentials that secure an unwavering relationship. -jediprincess

Tomorrow With You Series Review

Focus and Patience!  Bring buckets of it when you watch it and you will be rewarded by Lee Je Hoon oppa’s sweet gestures and kisses

GENRE:  Romance, Drama, Supernatural     GRADE:  B

♥ Saimdang, Light’s Diary (2017) – currently airing

♥ Rebel:  The Thief who stole the people (2017) – currently airing

♥ Voice (2017) – review coming up

♥ Defendant (2017) – review coming up

♥ Missing 9 (2017) – parking lot

♥ Hwarang:  the Beginning (2016 – 2017) – Hwarang is definitely at par in terms of effective performance compared to fusion sageuk favorites due to its struggling plot momentum.  I’m not supposed to say this, but the pretty boys were really the reason why I stayed calm on my seat.  hahaha  If not really for their impeccable chemistry and gang fights ala Malfoy’s Gang and Dumbledore’s army, I would have not stayed afloat.

Hwarang Series Review

It was so promising if not for a lot of things that happened and was set aside.  This is where I got my first noona romance with Park Hyung Sik.

GENRE:  Period, Brotherhood, Romance     GRADE:  C

♥ The Lonely Shining Goblin (2016 – 2017) – “Goblin” affirmed my kdrama fan girl spirit with its addictive pace, perceptive characters, detailed back story and the exciting race to its closure.  I was at constant awe at how the yarning of the folklore and supernatural mise en scene fit so perfectly placed in the modern setting.  The cast portraying a whole new chimeric world that I want to be a part of moved through the story seamlessly alternating a wistful and lively performance that burrowed straight to my kdramaaddict heart. *chuckles

Goblin Series Review

The epic bromance and time transcending love will linger for a while in your heart

GENRE: Romance, Supernatural     GRADE:  A



♥ The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016) – Legend of the Blue Sea was strong on the candied-heart-fluttering moments of Joon Jae and Cheong, but even stronger on relaying the couple’s sweet and yet agonizing journey to endure the love they have in the present in the pretext of a human-mermaid romance impossibility.  It neatly executed the narrative by using simple rules considering its metaphysical premise.  It modernized the reincarnation plot, by playing the resident drama fix of how love overcomes anything and beyond everything. 

Legend of the Blue Sea Series Review

The conman who can read his lady love’s mind sure gave me a lot of happy pills during those times

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy, Fantasy     GRADE:  B+


♥ Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (2016) – I admit I was missing Gregory House a lot so I sought comfort in Teacher Kim’s arms.  I have not seen a lot of nicely done medical dramas in kdramaland so I did not set my hopes high in RDTK.  I am glad that the story progressed and closed deftly and neatly along with the surgeries.  A case where “Doctor Crush” suffered.

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Series Review

The engrossing narrative and  chemistry of the cast blended so well, I could not ask for more.

GENRE:  Medical, Drama     GRADE:  B+


♥ The Good Wife (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Legal, Drama   GRADE:

♥ Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016) – I picked “Weightlifting Fairy” as one of the best kdramas of 2016 for being such a genuine coming of age story that beautifully captured the joy and pain and everything in between of being young… of building dreams and of falling in love for the first time. 

Weightlifting Fairy Series Review

Nam Joo Hyuk is kdrama gods’ gift to college girls and college girls at heart

GENRE:  Rom-com, Youth     GRADE:  B+


♥ Entourage (2016) –  Dropped it somewhere along the way, as there was nothing going on in the story at all… I like Seo Kang Joon, but it was really a sad project.

You are still my crush Seo Kang Joon even when this drama felt like hell

GENRE:  Drama, Comedy, Bromance     GRADE:  F


♥ Goodbye Mr. Black (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Action, Romance   GRADE:

♥ Jang Young Shil (2016) – parking lot

GENRE: Period, Drama   GRADE:

♥ The Man in Our House (2016) – I love Su Ae in Mask and some more of her works, but there was no hook for me even after watching Ep 8, so I gave up.

Love is not supposed to be inherited from your mom. period.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy, Drama     GRADE:  D


♥ Madame Antoine (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Comedy   GRADE:

♥ Neighborhood Lawyer Jo (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Legal, Drama   GRADE:

♥ Something About One Percent (2016) – Something About 1% is a surprise hit for me this year.  I was prepared to drop it after 4 episodes, but boy I fell in love with the kiss scenes, lol I mean the story.  *wink  As Lee Jae In sedated my grieving heart from Scarlet Heart Ryeo, it pushed me back to meaningful existence with his sweet smile and steamy gazes.  This amazingly done rom-com darted cheesy and predictable.  Even now I still wonder how I got so addicted with everything so unadorned about it.

Something About One Percent Series Review

Dear Lee Jae In, you had me at your kisses.

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy   GRADE:  B+


♥ K2 (2016) – oppa miyane i will work on you soon

K2 Series Review

GENRE:  Action, Drama, Romance     GRADE:


♥ Dear My Friends (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Drama  GRADE:

♥ Drinking Solo (2016) – What drew me to watching “Drinking Solo” was the simple storytelling, setting and character building.  It was a plain picture of the struggles of students taking lessons to pass the civil service exam and the battles of the instructors in surviving the present day adult life complications versus those idealistic dreams they had when they were young.  The love concerns inserted were additional bonus in amusing myself in watching the cast move on with their fictional life.  

Drinking Solo Series Review

Cheers to a drama that celebrates the singlehood life

GENRE:  Drama, Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C+


♥ Beautiful Mind (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Medical, Thriller  GRADE:

♥ Shopping King Louie (2016) – While everything in kdramaland was serious in polishing the story and rendering remarkable character portrayals, “Shopping King Louis” came along like a comfort food frocking in all positivity it can have.  Though having a simple premise, Bok Sil and Louis were entertaining me with their sweet and hilarious chemistry.  The light and upbeat pace matches the optimism of the main leads.  

Shopping King Louie Series Review

This is a good drama to watch after wrenching your heart in Scarlet Heart and Uncontrollably Fond

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy   GRADE:  B


♥ Oh My Geum Bi (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Family, Comedy   GRADE:

♥ On the Way to the Airport (2016) – We normally get those kind of third-party love affair stories, and we never achieve a proper explanation on the reason why people involve themselves in an illicit affair. “On the way to the Airport” touches this sensitive marital issue in a classy way that will make you cheer and understand why a man and a woman got caught in an entanglement behind their husband and wife’s back. What the story brought about is how marriage can be broken even with the most rational mind when a person finds a willing heart who can share his pain.
I like how subtle the approach is in tackling adultery in the narrative maybe because the writer sketched valid presentation of those phases that make a person lose the love he felt with his lover along the way.

On the Way to the Airport Series Review

How to be unfaithful to your spouse gracefully…

GENRE:  Romance, Drama     GRADE:  B


♥ Laurel Tree Tailors (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Family   GRADE:

♥ Monster (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama   GRADE:

♥ Love in the Moonlight aka Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds (2016) – Eventhough Lee Young and Hong Ra On will not be hitting the pinnacle of my best dramas this year, the full drama package was commendable due to its poignant sketching of the main characters and the writer’s impeccable timing to pin me on my spot and not sway away from following the story in those moments when I almost did.  Drawn on a historical premise, “Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds” is a sweet drama treat brimming with giddy-ish scenes that will make you reminisce that once special love when you were young.

Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds Series Review

Crown Prince Park Bo Gum effect at its best

GENRE:  Period, Drama, Romance     GRADE:  B


♥ Woman with a Suitcase (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Comedy   GRADE:

♥ Moonlovers:  Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016) –  Albeit the tormenting emotional strain I got with Scarlet Heart Ryeo, it will belong on my favorites for this year because I love that it became even more believable and fervent due to the plot’s instability and the main characters indecisiveness.  It was a situation that might have killed the drama, but because the essential character motivations were clearly drawn, as a viewer I enjoyed that feeble  and vulnerable facet of the production.  Even with the unfazed heartrending tone all throughout, I take Scarlet Heart Ryeo with all my heart because I believe that a happy ending does not measure how great a love can be.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Series Review

The series aftermath pained and haunted me.  4th Prince So, I’m here for you now, tomorrow and everyday in between.

GENRE:  Period, Supernatural, Romance, Melodrama     GRADE:  B

♥ Marriage Contract (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Drama  GRADE:

♥ Fantastic (2016) – Even with the dying premise, I have grown to love “Fantastic” because of the dexterous cast and how they blend together supporting each other’s friendship and stories.  Fantastic is an optimistic story that not only encourages through its love theme, but also with how the main characters were able to leave really cool life lessons as they tackled the roles they played in the narrative.

Fantastic Series Review

The feisty writer and her journey to love and sickness is an uplifting story of how a woman who braves the odds through the encouragement of her loved ones

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy   GRADE:  C+


♥ Wanted (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Thriller, Drama  GRADE:

♥ Jealousy Incarnate (2016) – Sure, there were a lot going on in “Jealousy Incarnate” that sometimes the sporadic mini plots did not equate well to its overall make, but the eager and vibrant cast made up to that missing push the story failed to achieve.  Honestly the safe ever-after ending failed to complement those strong moments of the lead cast along with the story conflict they had to face together hilariously and painfully.  Nevertheless, I did enjoy the sweet ride and the endearing couple who tackled the friendship defying love chase.

Jealousy Incarnate Series Review

It was good while it lasts.  There were highs and lows, but the ending went to autopilot mode

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C+


♥Vampire Detective (2016) – parking lot

GENRE: Supernatural, Action   GRADE:

♥ Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016) – Well at least you can get ample fan service to this story of cousins who were tamed harmoniously by a girl who was hired by their grandfather.  The characters were endearing but the story was too trite.

Cinderella and the Four Knights Series Review

See how much I love you Jung Il Woo oppa?  After your army duty please deviate from this kind of dramas.  

GENRE:  Youth, Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C+


♥Let’s Fight Ghost (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Fantasy   GRADE:

♥ W: Two Worlds (2016) – Less the staggering twists and turns that were ever present in the narrative, I still like how “W:TwoWorlds” was so ambitious on how it vividly displayed and chronicled a love story that defied alternate universe.  It maneuvered to constant deviation and possibilities having the premise of “everything is possible to happen as long as they can draw it”.  I love smart characters playing in the story so I have to give it to Yeon Joo on how she perceives efficiently in moments when Kang Chul is hindered by the limitations of his heroic role which was dependent on his fictional character.  All throughout its showing, I was immersed on the extent of chimeric world the story would thread to, even when it hit a frustrating circle, but then it bounced back to a neatly delineated denouement although I would have wanted for another hour of extension.  

W Two Worlds Series Review

Interesting Note:  It would have been so perfect if not for the midway confusion and safe landing

GENRE:  Supernatural, Romance, Thriller     GRADE:  B


♥Mrs. Cop 2 (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Crime, Thriller  GRADE:

♥ Age of Youth (2016) – Tailored to show the common faces of women, this honest drama has a melancholic resonance as it progressed to strengthening the bond of the 5 women living together in a dormitory who all have baggages from their past that haunt them in their present lives.  “Age of Youth” is a retrospective youth drama about women in their 20’s. The five ladies promenaded their love inhibitions, self-esteem issues, school worries, what happens after school disappointments and all the rest of typical predicaments, 20’s women usually worry about.

Age of Youth Series Review

GENRE:  Youth, Drama, Romance     GRADE:  B


♥Miss Temper and Nam Jun Gi (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Comedy   GRADE:

♥ Uncontrollably Fond (2016) – The thing about Uncontrollably Fond is that it tapped into those memories of lost and depressing love that people don’t want to look back anymore in their lives.  It was not a happy-ever-after kind of romance that appeals typically to almost anyone, instead it delved to the most shameful, most regretful and most painful things anyone can do because of love.  Uncontrollably Fond won’t appeal to those who craved light and sweet type of romantic stories you can indulge to this narrative but be aware that you will be put on tormenting spot most of the time.  Though deemed to have been badly written, there was a thread that held the loyal viewers and that’s the dying scenario of the lead man.  I stayed until the end because I believe that not all love stories are wrapped in kisses and sweet memories.  There are those that are melancholic and yet lives on as someone’s one great love.

Uncontrollably Fond Series Review

Disclaimer:  Prepare a lot of tissue and patience

GENRE:  Melodrama, Romance     GRADE:  C+


♥ This Week My Wife is Having an Affair (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Comedy   GRADE:

♥ Doctors (2016) – I credit the starpower of the cast for raking in high ratings.  Even though the story did not deserve it at the very least.  When the surgeries took over the story, it was a feeling of journeying to Mt. Mordor to destroy the one ring of them all for me.  I was tired needing an elixir of life that would push me to understand if I was watching a drama or I’m learning to become a doctor through a confused medical documentary.  The writing was so bad it did not even complement the character sketches when they could have expanded it more given the complexity of the main roles drawn.  A little believable sprinkle of love complications would have broken the languid development of the story, but they throw in a lovable second male lead who settled to the proverbial fate of second lead syndrome.

Doctors Series Review

Disclaimer:  Kim Rae Won oppa wae?! wae?! wae?!

GENRE:  Medical, Melodrama     GRADE:  C


♥ Oh Hae Young Again (2016) – Another Oh Hae Young took me by surprise because I was not hooked on its opening episodes.  I gave it another chance because I know how great Eric Moon was in his previous roles and I’m happy I didn’t give up easily.  The love progression was realistic and at the same time surreal.  It tapped on those moments when we were all left hanging and indecisive to admit that we were in love.


Romance Meter:  Messy, heartfelt and blissfully sweet

GENRE:  Romance, Melodrama, Comedy     GRADE:  A


♥ Task Force 38 (2016) – Task Force 38 is straight to the point with the premise, the conflict, and how the people moving in the story resolved and closed it.  It helped that even with the serious topic, the protagonists were drawn as suave robinhood and upright citizen who only wanted to make sure that no one is above the law in paying taxes.  True it made use of an illegal approach to defeat the baddies by brewing schemes to make them forcedfully pay what they owe which is still technically bad, but it fairly explained the limited options in stopping corruption when the people responsible for it are puppets of organized crime group.  Life really has inconvenient realities that can’t be dealt with by justice.  So as long as you get to the resolution even if the means defy law as long as there are no life threatened, then just settle with it.

Task Force 38 Series Review

Plus Factor:  The con team blended so well

GENRE:  Crime, Heist, Drama     GRADE: B  

♥ Mirror of the Witch (2016) – I have a thing for witchcraft stories that’s maybe why I found the story appealing.  The magical rules mixed with folklore and saving the long lost princess sprinted to a sporadic run, but managed to enchant me up until the very last round.  Mirror of the Witch target specific audience like me who believe Hogwarts really exist.  Though lacking in terms of polished storytelling, stubborn conflicts and saddening ending, if you want a breather or an alternative to kdrama cliches then plunge on it.

Mirror of the Witch Series Review

Interesting Note:  The supernatural ride was frustratingly fun

GENRE:  Supernatural, Romance     GRADE:  C


♥ Beautiful Gong Shim (2016) – A typical neighborhood love that bloomed from pure trust and understanding between unexpected friends and their journey to acknowledge that they were built so perfectly for each other because it is their destiny to fall in love eventually. Crossing the line between friends and romance requires a courageous stance that you know what you are doing and you are prepared to take a leap of faith. Love is not romance until it is reciprocated. The impeccable sassy and cheesy chemistry of Dan Tae and Gong Shim has had me on laughing fits most of the time.  Their comic characters were drawn so well and so compatible to each other that they compensated to the predictable plot of the series.  KDramas are known for the weird-looking kisses but the delightful love couple made sure to redefine the awkward kiss scenes and made me giggle a lot with the enchanting build up of their love story.


Interesting Note:  For some odd reason it will endear you with its simplicity

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy     GRADE:  C+


♥  Lucky Romance (2016) – The yin-yang love battle between the science oriented lead man and the superstitious heroine started cute, stayed sweet and hilarious but pushed its luck too far in securing a safe ending.  That being said, I won’t whine but I won’t give high praises for it.  Lucky romance is like your summer fling, it was good while it lasted, but then eventually when it ended, there was no lingering feeling.


Sad Note:  It has a lot of promise but…the heroine was indecisive and full of worries

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy  GRADE:  C


♥ One More Happy Ending (2016) – Cooked and prepared like your average romcom, One More Happy Ending was a delightful watch.  I would like also to applaud the strong side stories of the supporting characters which were equally vibrant as the main love story.  The plot delved on the varying emotions of women struggling to keep up with love and relationship.  The marriage camp and relationship board sticker ideas were also some of the cutesies I will remember about this refreshing romcom.  This most likely will appeal to singles in 30’s who have failed their marriage once… who are finding the love lost along the way in their current marriage… who are unsure of finally settling down and who have been waiting for the right person to come along.


love second chances affirming drama

GENRE:  Rom-com, Friendship     GRADE:  C+


♥ Come Back Ajussi (2016) – parking lot or will watch it again if Rain oppa will give a good kdrama in the future.  I just can’t go back without dozing on it anymore.

Crazy note:  The cast was great, the writing was not

GENRE:  Romance, Supernatural     GRADE:  D


♥ Entertainer (2016) – Sadly, in my melancholic attempt to look back on “Entertainer”, there’s nothing much that I remember about it, no matter how much heart Ji Sung oppa gave to the drama.  The story as a whole was not something that I would reminisce in the future.   Sure there were a little highlighted moments especially those musical performances but they were overshadowed by the lack of the vibrancy of the storytelling.   So I’ll be making this a very quick review.  Skip it when you have a pile of kdrama on queue to watch.  Even if you will watch it for Ji Sung oppa, there’s nothing much oppa-happiness-pill that you would get anyway, so settle with other dramas that would make the most out of your time.  I watched it because I was counting on Ji Sung oppa’s choice given that I liked most of the dramas he did, but there’s really nothing much going on. 


Disclaimer:  Remember how sad it was when Dobby died

You would wonder how Ji Sung oppa even took this drama

GENRE:  Drama, Musical, Romance     GRADE:  D


♥ Flower in Prison (2016) – Bracing myself with a lengthy period drama run, what hooked my loyalty to weekender “Flower in Prison” was its balanced execution of political struggle, neat narrative, infuriating villains and optimistic underdogs. I journeyed with the heroine Ok Nyeo in exploring the situation of state prison, merchant organization as well as the early days of defending crime convicted victims who can’t fend for themselves circa Joseon era.


Disclaimer:  It had a pretty much brilliant run, but a little frustrating in the end

GENRE:  Period, Drama     GRADE:  B+


♥ Five Children (2016) – Second serving of love has never been this lively until these adorable families connected through marriages and made their family even bigger, wackier and happier.  “Five Children” was the first family weekend drama I finished and it was a feat I’m so proud of because it was 54 episodes.


Interesting Note:  The secondary romance were better than the main one

GENRE:  Family, Romance     GRADE:  B


♥ Jackpot (2016) – Jackpot managed to nail the fundamental elements of a historical drama.  It has a thrilling plot with Joseon gambling scene on the side, birth secret and family issues, conspiracy woven conflicts and the strong showdowns of the villain and the hero. Though it may not be perfect, it presented a solid story that didn’t go astray but focused on the main character’ discovery of the lessons they have to learn on their own journeys.


GENRE:  Historical, Drama  GRADE:  C+


♥ The Neighborhood Hero (2016) – parking lot I still trust you Park Shi Hoo oppa

Neighborhood Hero Series Review

GENRE:  Thriller, Drama, Crime     GRADE:


♥ Descendants of the Sun (2016) Creating a 3rd Hallyu wave, Descendants of the Sun defied the spring boring drama stigma and emerged with an amazing story that captured the hearts of the viewers.  Definitely one of the best for 2016.

Descendants of the Sun Series Review

Romance Meter:  Captain Yoo Si Jin was made for us girls but let’s have some boundaries.  I will take the lips.  *blush

Addiction Alert:  Will Hook you from Episode 1

GENRE:  Romance, Drama    GRADE:  A


♥ Signal (2016) – Signal tells about two police officers from the past and present communicating through a broken radio in solving cases that were happening in the past and were re-opened from cold cases vault in the present.  The cases involved led them to discovering the connection they had in the past and the clues from the present to be given, so the future can be changed to save them and their loved ones.

Signal Korean Drama Series Review

Plus Factor:  Brilliant use of time element

GENRE:  Thriller, Drama     GRADE:  B+


♥ Master God of Noodles (2016) – parking lot

GENRE:  Romance, Drama   GRADE:

♥ Cheese in the Trap (2016) – I don’t know how to start my thoughts about this drama but I will try.  It felt like that sweetest romance you had which turned a nightmare overnight.  I want to blame the writer and PD for sleepwalking somewhere, but out of the initial cutesies  and romance, I will try  to be forgiving.  It was still not as bad as “Big” drama but it was a case of a company not being able to put up with its employees’ rallies settled amicably to giving some chocolates, going to the moon and just disappearing to the unknown.  Haha

Cheese in the Trap Series Review

Disclaimer:  The love vibes was vibrant on the first half and just like a playful love… but it disappeared without any explanation

GENRE:  Romantic Comedy  GRADE:  D


♥ Remember: Son’s War (2016) – Remember:  Son’s War came strong to my attention once it hit the TV waves.  It was heading in a thrilling direction where revenge is the premise and where the characters can’t trust one another.

Remember:  Son’s War Series Review

Cry-o-Meter:  Prepare half tissue roll for the heartfelt scenes

GRADE:  Court Drama, Revenge     GRADE:  B Read more

Flashback KDrama Review: Queen of Reversals

Sweet and sent me to self-realizations for a day… Actually this drama got me because of Park Shi Hoo, didn’t read reviews about it which I normally do.  I’m just hopelessly in love with him so I just want to stare at his face even if I will not watch the story itself.  *giggles But I love how this drama turned out to be and there are lot of relationship ideas that were pointed out so prettily. 


My general perception on Hwang Tae Hee’s story is that of a woman forced to find her happiness, eventually getting it, but realizing that it was not the bliss she was supposed to have.  Her overcoming of setbacks and her guts to prove her worth is what you really call a success story, no big fortune presented, just achieving what she deserved and what she worked hard for.

Hwang Tae Hee worked as a distant team leader in an ad agency.  She met Bong Joon Soo in the same company and married him, but her main rival worked her way to strain their marriage.  She was forced to leave the company when her fate was manipulated by the Ad director, but after a few years, she was able to join the company again.  Just as her marriage was on the rocks and her career was in deep struggle, Goo Yong Shik, the chaebol son of the company she’s working with came in her life, and stood as her invisible butterfly wings.

Ain’t this woman so lucky?  She got another second chance in love, and that second chance was 10 times better than her former love. 

Hwang Tae Hee will be one of my favorite heroines.   It’s quite long so no chance that I stalked it online.  There were minimal lapses maybe because of the stretch of the story.  When I looked back I think it would have been better if it was not too long because the story itself was simply laid so extending it and adding unnecessary arc was safe but not really helping the story.  At any rate though, it was a worth watching narrative. 

KDrama Classic Spotlight: The First Shop of Coffee Prince

Hail to the grandmother of kdramas with cross-dressing heroines.  This is a follow up hit for Yoon Eun Hye and the drama that made me look at Gong Yoo as an oppa. *wink “Coffee Prince” developed in a feel good manner where the lead man battled out the possibility of his affection to a fellow guy not knowing that the heroine was a real woman in disguise.

Coffee Prince cemented my growing fondness towards Yoon Eun Hye.  *giggles  I liked her in Goong, and I like her even more here.  The music was so refreshing and the cast interaction was also dynamic.  

It was something new when it was aired hence the rave because we saw an unconventional romance between a strong-willed heroine who has to pretend she was a man  to secure a job in a coffee shop for her family.  

The scenes where Gong Yoo was trying to reconcile his feelings with a guy come what may were hilariously interpreted and will definitely put a smile on your face.  It was so cute that Gong Yoo’s character disregarded everything and was okay to admit that he could possibly be a homosexual due to his growing feelings on his pretending-to-be-a-man lead girl.

This cross-dressing heroine and coffee shop owner’s love ride slayed the ratings with the unique premise on how their romance was imagined.  It is also one of those dramas where the lead man was presented as someone who wanted to fulfill his woman’s dreams first because that’s one the best definitions of love a man can gift her woman.

This is a must-watch grandpa classic that will not lose its appeal even after a few years from go by.  How the love grew between the lead characters was simply laid and yet so affecting and definitive.  If you are currently having a bitter heart because of a failed relationship it can surely disarm you and walk you through appreciating love again.

Flashback KDrama Review: Secret Garden


Hyun Bin + Ha Ji Won = I’m a happy camper! 🙂  The drama woke up my inability of falling in love again with a fictional character Kim Joo Won.  Engaging and strong performance by the characters, amusing screenplay and a story that will linger and can work as a coping pill to boredom or heartbreak.  I had high expectations about this team up, and they did not fail me.  Sunny characters, a twist worth of de Maupassant, and an endearing-classic-my-mom-doesn’t-like-you-but-i-love-you love story. 

The pairing of two of my favorite Korean actors does not need any effort to convince me to stay glued at it.  Endearing and heart flutters can be felt everywhere.  And even if there were some faulty, unnecessary plot, the acting prowess and the chemistry of the lead couple can suffice whatever there may be lacking in the story.  This is a classic example of the lead couple bringing the best to one another.

This body-swapping stunt woman and chaebol love story exceeded everyone’s expectations in nailing an experimental supernatural love story.  “Secret Garden” showed a heroine with unfazed attitude who fell in love with a rich man who did everything to make her love him too.

Now that I remember the “rain twist”.  There’s something about rain that makes it a recurring twist in kdrama stories as projected in Goblin, My GF is a Gumiho and Secret Garden.  Anyway, I loved Hyun Bin here more than his stint in Samsoon probably because I am more inclined to unusually imagined story premise.

The sparkling tracksuit, the sweet sit-up kiss and coffee kiss, the hilarious body swap, and Hyun Bin’s melting gaze were some of the things that I remember most about “Secret Garden”.  It was a breather from generic romcoms with its perfect blending of fantasy and romance and with its main love couple’s reversal of roles having a strong heroine and a weak-hearted but charming lead man.

“Secret Garden” is your drama to see when you want a kdrama marathon vacation.  It played well in keeping its excitement stable and hit a love progression where the viewers were left all cheering for it to happen.  The fantasy body-switching plot was a brilliant addition to keep the story interesting, but the strength of how the love couple communicated or should I say bicker along the way eventually realizing they were both rendered by the love bind they threw at each other unconsciously was the hook factor that is why it was a hit when it was airing.


A rite of passage kdrama for kdrama-addicts, make sure to include this in your watchlist if you have not seen it yet.



The North Korean spy who loved a South Korean Top Actor


A serving of a North Korean spy who got entangled emotionally with a South Korean top actor needed nothing else to convince me in watching it.  The hilarious interaction between them with North Korean puns and comic reliefs were reasons why I was on kdrama high when I was watching it.  I like North Korean crossing over the border stories that’s why, and making an adorable premise of seducing a top Korean actor by a North Korean lady spy, well you do not need any conviction.

The endearing eye-candy Kang-woo and the equally loveable and charming Myung-wol were the source of a few weeks of bliss and cheerfulness for me when I was watching “Myungwol the Spy”.  I panicked on the Han Ye Seul ruckus because she fits the character well I can’t imagine bringing a different actress to finish the production.  The sort-of-chaos that happened during the airing of this drama didn’t stop me from being immersed on the characters and the funny, exciting, full of twist story. . Since rom-com dramas is a basic driver of dramaland popularity, it’s hard to generate a love story of a man and a woman that you haven’t seen, heard or read before.  True there may have been love stories about spies, but the crisp and outlandish Myungwol took me by surprise, and I just love surprises.  

This dandy show was oozing with cute couple bickerings.  The premise of having the heroine protecting the leading man was a breather on the usual vulnerable leading ladies needing a chaebol-in-the-shining-armor to rescue them.  There’s an equally lovable second lead on the side too which makes the love ride all the more exciting.

In accordance to her military order, a North Korean spy, Myungwol, infiltrated South Korea in her goal to seduce Hallyu supahstar Kang-Woo so he could defect to North Korea as part of their military plan to kill hallyuwave (yep i know it was weird).  Her persistence will pay off but her true intention will make or break an impossible love affair which her heart willingly taken.

This is one of the perkiest romcoms you will see given the dynamics of a strong heroine for her character as a spy incognito, and the top actor with immense hubris who fell in love with his protector.  It will leave you laughing and asking for more.  This is one romcom spectacle you should not miss as it will really bombard you with laughing fit.  A perfect kdrama for weekend binge-watching. -jediprincess♡♡♡