2017 Korean Movies

Confidential Assignment

The King

Fabricated City

New Trial

Blue Beard

A Single Rider

Because I Love You

Snowy Road


Lucid Dream

My Little Brother

2016 Korean Movies

 Train to Busan

A Violent Prosecutor

The Age of Shadows


Operation Chromite


The Wailing

The Last Princess



The Handmaiden

Spirits’ Homecoming

My Annoying Brother

Asura: The City of Madness

Seondal: The Man who Sells the River

Inside Men: The Original

The Phantom Detective

Proof of Innocence

Time Renegades

Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet


Will you be there?

A Melody to remember

2015 Korean Movies

The Veteran


Ode to my Father

Inside Men

The Throne

Northern Limit Line

The Priests

The Himalayas

Detective K: secret of the Lost island


The Classified File

The Accidental Detective

The Chronicles of Evil

Gangnam Blues

The Beauty Inside

Love Forecast

Cest si Bon

The Phone

The Tiger

Coin Locker Girl

Salut d Amour

The Advocate: A Missing Body

The Treacherous

Fatal Intuition

Wonderful Nightmare

Chronicle of a Blood Merchant


6 thoughts on “K-Movie Ratings

  1. Noona =)

    Any….. I’m at my mums, just watched a film and have to tell you to watch it immediately.

    The fault in our stars

    Not an Asian film at all but you must watch it. All I will say is its a lip trembler. PLEASE WATCH IT

    xoxox Mr D

  2. Hey noona, I’m on my phone at my mums house. Just saw a film that I have to recommend. Not Asian in any shape or form but excellent either way.

    The fault in our stars

    I’m not going to say anything more than it made my lip tremble, please find time to watch it and let me know what you think.

    Missing you and your blog dearly.

    Mr D xoxox

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