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Six Flying Dragons (2015)


Sassy Go Go (2015)


She Was Pretty (2015)


Twenty Again (2015)


Yong Pal (2015)


Oh My Ghost (2015)


Mask (2015)


My Love Eun Dong (2015) 


Producer (2015)


Sensory Couple (2015)


Divorce Lawyers In Love (2015)


Kiss Me Heal Me (2015)


Shine or Go Crazy (2015)


Hyde, Jekyll and Me (2015)


Punch (2015)


Heard it through the Grapevine (2015)


Misaeng (2014)


It’s Okay That’s Love (2014)


Pinocchio (2014)


Cantabile Tomorrow (2014)


Birth of a Beauty (2014)

korean drama_birth of a beauty_joo sang wook_han ye seul_seoul in love now blog_poster

My Lovable Girl (2014)


Blademan (2014)


It’s Okay It’s Love (2014)


Discovery of Romance (2014)


The Three Musketeers (2014)


The Nightwatchman (2014)


Joseon Gunman (2014)


Doctor Stranger (2014)


You’re All Surrounded (2014)


Highschooler King of Life (2014)


Marriage Not Dating (2014)


Fated To Love You (2014)


Triangle (2014)


Angel Eyes (2014)


Emergency Couple (2014)


3 Days (2014)


Secret Love Affair (2014)


Can We Love? (2014


Hotel King (2014)


You From Another Star (2014)


Prime Minister and I (2014)


Miss Korea (2014)


I Need Romance 3 (2014)


Empress Ki (2013-14)


Golden Rainbow (2013-14)


Reply 1994 (2013)


Heirs (2013)


Master’s Sun (2013)


Medical Top Team (2013)


Two Weeks (2013)


Marry Him If You Dare (2013)


Secret Love (2013)


Good Doctor (2013)


Scandal (2013)


Empire of Gold (2013)


Monstar (2013)


Shark (2013)


I Hear Your Voice (2013)


Cyrano Dating Agency (2013)


The Queen’s Classroom (2013)


Jang ok Jung (2013)


The Fugitive of Joseon (2013)


When A Man Loves A Woman (2013)


Gu Family Book (2013)



You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin (2013)


Cruel Palace:  War of Flowers (2013)


That Winter The Wind Blows (2013)


7th Level Civil Servant (2013)


Incarnation of Money (2013)


Iris 2 ( 2013)


Nine Times Travel (2013)


My Flower Boy Neighbor (2013)


School 2013 (2013)


Hundred Year Inheritance (2013)


Queen of Ambition (2013)


Cheongdamdong Alice (2012-2013)


I Miss You (2012 – 2013)


Jeon Woo Chi (2012 – 2013)


King of Dramas (2012)


The Great Seer (2012-2013)


The Horse Healer (2012-2013)



mycollage (9)


Gaksital/Bridal Mask (2012)


Five Fingers (2012)


Can we get married? (2012)


Innocent Man (2012)

Faith (2012)

Arang and the Magistrate (2012)

To the Beautiful You (2012)

Panda and Hedgehog (2012)


May Queen (2012)

Haeundae Lovers (2012)

Answer Me 1997

A Gentleman’s Dignity (2012)

Ghost (2012)

Big (2012)

I Do, I Do (2012) 

Time Slip Dr. Jin (2012)

Queen In-hyun’s Man (2012)

Fashion King (2012)

Rooftop Prince (2012)

King 2 Hearts (2012)

Love Rain (2012) 

Equator Man (2012)

Wild Romance (2012)

The Moon that embraces the Sun (2012)

Dream High 2 (2012)

History of the Salaryman (2012)

Take Care of Us, Captain (2012)

Operation Proposal (2012)

Shut Up Flower Boy Band (2012)

Padam… Padam… (2011-2012)

What’s Up? (2011-2012)


mycollage (5)


Tree with Deep Roots (2011)

Brain (2011-2012)

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011)

The Princess’ Man (2011)

Scent of a Woman (2011)

The Greatest Love (2011)

City Hunter (2011)

You’ve Fallen For Me (2011)

Lie To Me (2011)

The Musical (2011)

Man of Honor (2011)

Baby-faced Beauty (2011)

Myung-wol the Spy (2011)

My Princess (2011)

49 Days (2011)

Vampire Prosecutor (2011)

A Thousand Day’s Promise (2011)

Can you hear my heart (2011)

Protect the Boss (2011)

I Need Romance (2011)

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mycollage (7)


Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)

Prosecutor Princess (2010)

Secret Garden (2010)

My GF is a Gumiho (2010)

Mischievous Kiss (2010)


City Hall (2009)

You’re Beautiful (2009)


mycollage (8)


Dong Yi  (2008)

What Happened in Bali


Lovestory in Harvard 

My Girl


  Goong aka Princess Hours


The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

The World That They Live In


  Delightful Girl Chun Hyang

Love Marriage


Save the Last Dance For Me

Three Dads and One Mom


Autumn Tale

Summer Scent

Tell Me You Love Me

My name is Kim Sam Soon


1% of Anything


Boys Before Flowers



Only You



The Return of Il jimae





  1. hi jediprincess,

    i am currently watching ‘what star did you come from’ and i’m liking it very much as i enter episode 5. my problem is that, some of the parts i’ve streamed are either not functioning or are not available for some reason. so much so that i cant have a seamless flow of the storyline. i am someone who bask in the nice and romantic and heart-tugging parts of my dramas and those are actually my primary reasons for watching them!

    now, i thought, if i can’t see the actual drama parts then i might as well remedy this by looking for alternative ways to fill in this voids left in me by unavailable video parts. so that’s how i found you!

    can you please direct me to a drama recap of this series? if you have recapped this? please your highness?

    thank you very much! more power!

    your expectant subject,

  2. Hi new friend,

    I only read recaps of recent dramas showing for me to check which will I be watching or not. This page is under construction I think for the rest of my life, blame my being excessively diverted. But because you requested for it I’ll do the recaps on my rest day this Sunday… I hope you can wait. ^_^ Take care…

  3. Well, my favorite ever quote has arrived courtesy of AGD, to save on spoilers im not saying when where and who but it goes like this “it looks like i just lost my first love to my dads friend (his friends turns to him and replys) well, ive just lost my possible first love to my friends dad” loved it, fits perfectly.

    AGT was a big hit in my book, the male leads all bounced off of each other personality wise which created comic moments that people who have a close (small ) group of friends can relate to, the private jokes and knowing each others weaknesses.
    The women (the best bit) all of which were very strong characters in their own right, but still at times showed the feminine frailty which helped connect the viewer on an emotional level, Although the female 4 didnt have the bond of the males, towards the end they showed the whole “girl power” ruling.

    A great watch, glad its ending was completed (unlike some of the past dramas ive watched), funny, sentimental and almost perfect, maybe 1 extra episode would have brought the ending around a little less rushed.


    Mr Ð

    PS Abby/Princess/Nuna, please feel free to relocate this if needed

    • rich oppa, thank u for d insights.. every episode of agd is making me smile and laugh so far.. I can’t wait to reach d finale..

      beaming, abby

  4. Abby honey can you do me a little favor please, the last 20 seconds of this final episode from Qhost has an advertisement for a drama, i think its ” beautiful you” can you tell me if im right please

    Thanks xoxox

    Mr Ð

    • To the beautiful you I think is the korean title.. taiwan and japan already made their adaptations.. Hana Kimi.. you should watch the anime version too.

      beaming, abby

  5. abby, im deciding what to watch next for dramas, can you help me choose 2 from the following

    I miss you
    King of dramas
    5 fingers
    may queen
    Vampire prosecutor
    equator man
    baby faced beauty

    I’d like to know if there is any kinda of romance involved in equator man and vampire prosecutor, ive chosen 5 fingers due to the musical element.

    Any feedback or advice would be appreciated

    Mr Ð♥

    • hi rich sorry for the late response.. I will choose five fingers, equator man is okay, nice but didn’t get through me entirely… baby faced beauty is a bit girly and feel good.. I have high expectations on king of dramas.. I miss you I hope will salvage yoon eun hye’s previous drama disappointments..

      beaming, abby

        • Mr Ð
        • Posted November 11, 2012 at 11:28 p11
        • Permalink

        Thanks honey, i will watch “5 fingers” initially and bridge into KOD (king of dramas) and later on if needed “i miss you”

        I think its about time i actually started learning and remembering actors and actress names =) i recognize faces and already have my oppinions on whom i think to be good and bad, also noticed a few child/early teen that i believe will be a credit to future dramas.

        Ill keep you updated, and ill look up that Yoon eun hye person too =)

        Mr Ð ♥♥

        • Mr Ð
        • Posted January 31, 2013 at 11:28 p01
        • Permalink

        5 fingers, amazing!! kod, didnt even watch and i miss you, sounds bad but dont remember if i watched, wow my brain is scrambled

  6. I am particularly interested in korean horror dramas. I have already purchased “M” and “Possessed” (Hon) but I was wondering if anyone can recommend any other frightening ones. Thank you very much.

    • Hi terrence M is not really horror but a psychological thriller… unfortunately since watching a tale of two sisters i stayed away from the horror genre so i havent watched much. Take care.

  7. I just finished watching “49 Days” and I loved it! I felt it was a very interesting story about how the spirit world interacts with the world of the living. I don’t want to *spoil* it, but the ending was a very nice resolution to the elaborate drama that was written. I also enjoyed the way that all of the characters were inter-related in some way or other. Some people had changes of heart, some people got what they ultimately deserved, and some people simply followed the paths of their destinies and could not change things no matter how hard they tried. I welcome any comments on the series and would appreciate the views of anybody else. I am still finishing up “Possessed” (Hon) and I will comment on that series when I finish it. Thank you very much for this blog, I think it is just great!!

  8. I have also just finished watching “Possessed” (Hon). I thought the beginning was quite scary, but as the characters die off, the task of getting to the bottom of it all becomes the main focus. The special effects were well done and the story kept me interested throughout. The major themes were the ideas of forgiveness, revenge, and judgement. The main character has a special ability to communicate with the dead, but unfortunately she gets manipulated by a number of people as well as other forces beyond her control. As such, it was difficult to know who was truly “evil” and who was acting out of some deep, personal psychosis. I would welcome any comments or discussions about this recent K-drama.

  9. BTW, “Aparatus tua mens” in Latin means: “Your mind at this.” Very interesting indeed…………

  10. One of my very fave dramas is Padam Padam….wonderful love story….really an underrated must see!

    • hi lauren i also love jung woo sung but i havent gotten back to that drama.. someday i will..

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