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***My consolidated ratings based on how I enjoyed it, its story and screenplay, writer turned suddenly crazy somewhere in the story, cutesies and humor, acting and cast chemistry, tissue rolls used, romance meter, catchy opening, what happened ending,  snappy directing and editing and the rewatch value.

A(for Amazing), B+(for Breathtaking), B(for Beautiful), C+(for Cliche but Charming), C(for Crazy but Tolerable) D(for Disappointing), F(for Forget it) 


Hospital Ship

My Golden Life

Age of Youth 2

Deserving of the Name

Criminal Minds

Save Me

The King Loves

Reunited Worlds


School 2017 – C+

Bride of the Water God – C

Queen For Seven Days – A

Stranger – A

Duel – B

The Best Hit – B

Circle – A

Fight For My Way – B+

Look out – B

Bad Thief, Good Thief

Suspicious Partner – C+

Ruler Master of the Mask – B

Chicago Typewriter – B

Man to Man – B

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – B+

Radiant Office


Tunnel – B

The Liar and His Lover – C+

Perfect Wife

Voice – B+

Chief Kim – B+


Tomorrow With You – B

Missing 9

Rebel:  The thief who stole the people


Goblin – A

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim – B+

The Legend of the Blue Sea – B+

Something About 1% – B+

Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo – B+

Entourage – F

The Man Living in our House – D

Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds – B

Moon Lovers: Scarlet heart Ryeo – B

Shopping King Louis – B

The K2 – C

Fantastic – C+

On the way to the Airport – B

Jealousy Incarnate – C+

Drinking Solo – C+

Cinderella and the Four Knights – C+

W: Two Worlds – B

Age of Youth – B

Uncontrollably Fond – C+


The Good Wife

Another Oh Hae Young – A

Task Force 38 – B

Beautiful Mind

Beautiful Gong Shim – C+

Doctors – C

Mirror of the Witch – C

Lucky Romance – C

Neighborhood Lawyer 

Master God of Noodles


Entertainer – D

Jackpot – C+


Flower in Prison – B+

Goodbye Mr. Black – D

Marriage Contract

Five Children – B

Descendants of the Sun – A

Come back Ajussi – D

Signal – B+

Neighborhood Hero

Jang Young Shil

Cheese in the trap – D

One More Happy Ending – C+

Remember: Son’s War – B

High-End Crush – B

Six Flying Dragons – B+


Reply 1988 – A

Oh My Venus – C+

Because it’s the first time – C+

She Was Pretty – C+

Sassy Go Go – C

Bubblegum – C+

God of Trade Inn Keeper –

Masked Prosecutor –

Twenty Again – C+

High Society – C

Yong Pal – B+

The King’s Face –

Angry Mom –

Warm and Cozy –

Heard it through the Grapevine –

Mrs. Cop –

The Scholar who Walks the Night –

Oh My Ghost – B+

D-day –

Falling for Innocence –

Mask – B

I Remember You – 

Hwajung –

Shine or Go Crazy –

Beloved Eun Dong – B+

Producer – B

Blood –

Divorce Lawyer in Love –

The Time We Were Not In Love – 

Sensory Couple – B

Hyde, Jekyll and Me –

Spy –

Kiss Me Heal Me – B+

Healer – A


You Who came from the Star A

Empress Ki – B

Miss Korea – C+

Bel Ami – D

Prime Minister and I – D

I Need Romance 3 – D

Liar Game

Emergency Couple

Beyond the Clouds

Inspiring Generation


3 days

God’s gift 14 days

A New Leaf

Golden Cross

The Night Watchman – C

Doctor Stranger – C

You’re all surrounded

Trot Lovers 

Joseon Gunman – B

Fated to Love you- C+

It’s okay that’s love – A

Discovery  of Love – A

Naeil Cantabile – C+

The Spring of my life – C+

The King’s face

Secret Door

Birth of a Beauty

She’s so Lovable – F


3 Musketeers

Angel eyes


The Horse Doctor – B

The Great Seer –  C

Jeonwoochi – C+

I Miss You – C+

Cheongdamdong Alice –  C+

The King of Dramas –  B+

Hundred Year Inheritance

School 2013 –  C+     

My Flowerboy Neighbor –  C+

The Queen of Ambition

Level  7 Civil Servant – D

Incarnation of Money

Iris 2

That Winter the Wind Blows – B+

Nine:   Nine Times Travel – A

Lee Soon Shin is the best

God of the Workplace

When a Man Loves a Woman – C

Gu Family Book – C

Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love – B

Mandate of Heaven:  The Fugitive of Joseon – C+


Dating Agency:  Cyrano – C

The Queen’s classroom

I Hear Your Voice – B+

The Goddess of Fire: Jungyi

Blade and Petal

Good Doctor – C

Master’s Sun – A

Marry Him If You Dare

Reply 1994 – B+

Empress Ki – B

Heirs – C+

Pretty Man



Padam.. Padam – B

Wild Romance –  C+

Brain – B

The Moon that Embraces the Sun – B+

History of the Salaryman –  B+

Take care of us captain

Shut up flower boy band – D

What’s up?

Dream High 2

Feast of the gods

Operation proposal – B+


Love Rain –  C+

The Equator Man – C

The King 2 Hearts – B+

Fashion King – D

Rooftop Prince – B+

Queen In Hyun’s Man –  A

Bridal Mask – A

I Do, I Do – C+

Dr. Jin – C

The Chaser

Big – F

Ghost – A

A Gentleman’s Dignity – B+

Haeundae Lovers – C+

Innocent Man – C+

Arang and the Magistrate – C+

Faith – B+

To The Beautiful You – C+

Five Fingers – B

Answer Me 1997 – A

May Queen – B+

Panda and hedgehog –  C+

Vampire prosecutor 2

Full House 2

Can We Get Married? – C


Dream High – B+

Athena:  Goddess of War

My Princess – B


Paradise Ranch

Crime Squad

Thorn Birds

Royal Family

Can You Hear My Heart? – B

49 Days – C

I Need Romance – A

Baby Faced Beauty –  C+

The Greatest Love – A

Lie To Me – D

City Hunter – A

Myungwol the Spy – B+

The Princess’ Man –  A

Scent of a Woman – A

You’ve Fallen For Me – B

Warrior Baek Dong Soo – C

Protect the Boss – C

Man of Honor

Can’t Lose – 

A thousand days promise – C

Ojakgyo Brothers

God’s Quiz 2

Vampire Prosecutor

Me Too Flower!

Tree With Deep Roots – A

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop – A


God of Study


Stars Falling from the Sky – B

Will it snow at Christmas?

The Birth of the Rich

Cinderella’s Sister – D

Personal Preference – B

Dong Yi – A

A Man Called God

Oh My Lady! – C

Prosecutor Princess – B+

Coffee House

Harvest Villa

Sungkyunkwan Scandal – A

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox – B+

Fugitive Plan B – 

Mischievous Kiss – C

Secret Investigation Record

Queen of Reversals –B

King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo – B

Secret Garden –  A



Boys Over Flowers – B

Hateful But Once Again

The Return of IlJimae – B

Star’s Lover

A Man’s Story

Partner – C

The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House

Queen Seon Deok – A

City Hall – A

Ja Myung Go

Shining Inheritance – B

The Man Who Can’t Get Married – D

Swallow the Sun

Take Care of the Young Lady – D

Invincible Lee Pyung Kang

You’re Beautiful – B+

Iris – B


You are My Destiny

Bad Love

Hong Gil Dong – B

New Heart

On Air

One Mom and Three Dads – B

Strongest Chil Woo

When It’s At Night

Who Are You

Last Scandal


Iljimae – B

Love Marriage – A

Hometown Legends

East of Eden – B+

Beethoven Virus – B+


The World That They Lived In – B

The Painter of the Wind – B

Star’s Lover

The Kingdom of the Wind – B

2000 – 2007 KDRAMAS



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