KDrama Bucket Listing: Trusting the Actor for your KDrama/Movie Binge Part 1

Here goes another spree watching suggestion perfect for when you are currently in an imaginary romance with your favorite Korean actor.

Jung Woo Sung

He rarely does linger in kdramaland and works incessantly in stringing movies in the past ten years. Jung Woo Sung oppa is your quintessential poster boy for your ideal action/drama star, but he did well in Romantic Melodramas as well.

FAMOUS WORKS: The Fox with Nine Tails, Born to Kill, Beat, City of the Rising Sun, Musa the Warrior, A Moment to Remember, Sad Movie, Daisy, The Good The Bad and the Strange, The Restless, Reign of Assassins, Athena the Movie, Cold Eyes, The Divine Move, Scarlet Innocence, Don’t Forget Me, Athena Goddess of War, Padam Padam



Jun Ji Hyun

As the other half of the pairing that led me to kdramaland, Jun Ji Hyun secured a special place in my heart. I have been religiously watching her movies and her recent side trips in dramaland.  She has reinvented herself over the years. Watching her will educate you on the difference between a real actress’ portrayal versus a girl group idol turned actress role playing.

FAMOUS WORKS: Il Mare, My Sassy Girl, Windstruck, Daisy, The Thieves, You who came from another star, The Berlin File, Assassination, Legend of the Blue Sea



So Ji Sub

I have been in a long running one-sided romance with him. Who won’t? His mesmerizing gaze and his countenance just disarms me and sends me to a world where only the two of us exist. *giggles In movies, he typically do action so when he made a comeback with the hit Master’s Sun in an engrossing and eccentric department store CEO role, I loved him even more.

FAMOUS WORKS: We Are Dating Now, What Happened in Bali, Sorry I Love You, Cain and Abel, Road Number One, Ghost, Master’s Sun, Oh My Venus



Son Ye Jin

A chameleon actress, she can easily transition to any role given to her with her expressive gaze and almost perfect rendition of her roles.  Most of her movies were a hit for me as she can easily draw you to her characters.

FAMOUS WORKS:  Lover’s Concerto, The Classic, Crazy First Love, Summer Scent, A Moment to Remember, April Snow, Alone in Love, My Wife Got Married, Spotlight, White Night, Personal Taste, Spellbound, The Tower, Blood and Ties, Shark, The Pirates, The Truth Beneath, The Last Princess


Jo In Sung

I first met him in The Classic but fell in love with him in What Happened in Bali. Jo In Sung oppa fits the leading man role especially in Romance genre because of his handsome features. He has also experimented on his roles to challenge himself and improve his acting.

FAMOUS WORKS: Piano, Shoot for the Star, What Happened in Bali, Spring Day, The Classic, Love of North and South, A Dirty carnival, A Frozen Flower, That Winter The Wind Blows, It’s Okay that’s Love, The King


Han Hyo Joo

“Dong Yi” made me a fan of Han Hyo Joo since I was not that into her in her earlier dramas.  Since then she has successfully crossed the film scene with memorable pictures in the most recent years.

FAMOUS WORKS:  Spring Waltz, Iljimae, Shining Inheritance, Dong Yi, Postman to Heaven, W: Two Worlds, Adlib Night, Always, Love 911, Masquerade, Cold Eyes, Cest si Bon, Beauty Inside, Love Lies


Kang Dong Won

Kang Dong Won oppa is more famous in the big screen.  His last stint in dramaland was “One Percent of Anything” which is a dear watch.  As a sought after movie actor, his collection includes box office and critically acclaimed films.  

FAMOUS WORKS:  One Percent of Anything, Magic, Too Beautiful Too Lie, Temptation of Wolves, Duelist, Maundy Thursday, Voice of Murderer, M, Jeon Woo Chi, Secret Reunion, Psychic, Camella Love for Sale, The X, Kundo Age of the Rampant, My Palpitating Life, The Priests, A Violent Prosecutor, Vanishing Time, Master


Song Hye Gyo

A known kdrama royalty, we first loved her in the tearjerker Autumn Tale and loved her even more in Full House.  Her charming demeanor and stunning beauty transcends through time a decade and a half after and still going on.

FAMOUS WORKS:  Autumn Tale, All In, Hotelier, Shining Days, Full House, Crazy First Love, A Reason to Live, Hwang Jin Yi, The World that they Live in, That Winter the Wind Blows, The Grandmaster, The Queens, Descendants of the Sun

Yoo Ah In

I actually liked Yoo Ah In when he was just a second lead in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.  He has rich emotions when working on his roles without appearing exaggerated.  He initially got me with his kissable lips *chuckles, but he has clearly proven his passion for his craft as he progressed to a bankable actor of his generation.

FAMOUS WORKS:  Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Fashion King, Jang Ok Jung Live In Love, Secret Love Affair, Six Flying Dragons, Antique Bakery, Punch, Tough as Iron, Veteran, The Throne, Like for Likes

Park Bo Young

Acting wise, Park Bo Young is definitely the front-runner in the batch of actresses in her generation. Her knack on owning her roles has made her synonymous to the projects she starred in. Whether it may be young or zippy or heartbreaking, she always bring her A-game to her portrayals.

FAMOUS WORKS: Our School ET, Jungle Fish, Speedy Scandal, Don’t Click, A Werewolf Boy, Snow Queen, Hot Young Bloods, The Silenced, You Call it Passion, Collective Invention, Oh My Ghostess, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Cha Seung Won

The young generation might not find this ajussi hot, but his Dokko Jin and Jo Gook characters I keep dearly in my heart. You have to watch City Hall and realize how the wedding proposal there looks so surreal. He is known these days for his chajumma stint in variety show “Three Meals a Day Fishing Village” which is fun to watch if you like laid back cooking show set up.

FAMOUS WORKS: City Hall, Athena: Goddess of War, The Greatest Love, You’re All Surrounded, Hwajung, Blades of Blood, 71 Into the Fire, Athena the Movie, Man on High Heels

Gong Hyo Jin

Like a wine, Gong Hyo Jin keeps getting better and her drama choices hits home in me. She’s best served in rom-coms. She was able to establish impeccable chemistry with her lead men and her comic timing is also impressive.

FAMOUS WORKS: Sang Doo Let’s Go to School, Biscuit teacher and Star candy, Thank you, Pasta, The Greatest Love, Master’s Sun, It’s okay that’s love, The Producers, Jealousy Incarnate, Crush and Blush, Love Fiction, Missing Boomerang Family, Sisters on the Road

Song Seung Heon

I have a complicated relationship with Song Seung Heon oppa because I was not consistently drawn by him since his projects are kinda sporadic.  I sure lovw his classics so he deserves a spot on this list.

FAMOUS WORKS:  Happy Together, Calla, Autumn in my Heart, He Was Cool, Make it Big, Summer Scent, East of Eden, A Better Tomorrow, My Princess, Dr. Jin, Ghost in your arms again, When a Man Falls in Love, Obsessed, Wonderful Nightmare, Saimdang Light’s Diary


Kim A Joong

She is that one actress who surprisingly made this list without me realizing it.  *chuckles  Her excellent choices on tackling roles given to her in varied colors made her roles memorable hence she is trusted with amazing offers.

FAMOUS WORKS:  200 Pounds Beauty, My PS Partner, The Accidental Couple, Sign, Steal My Heart, Punch, Wanted, The King

Eric Moon/Moon Jung Hyuk

This oppa I dearly love. He is quite lucky because the history of his works is quite successful. He has also picked interesting roles and made it his own. His previous three rom-coms were all love drama spectacle for me.

FAMOUS WORKS: Invincible Parachute Agent, Diary of June, Que Sera Sera, Strongest Chil Woo, Myungwol the Spy, Discovery of Love, Another Oh Hae Young

Lee Yeon Hee

Smartly traversing films and television dramas, Lee Yeon Hee has picked her acting challenges very well based on the positive outcome of her works.

FAMOUS WORKS:  A Millionaire’s First Love, M, One Fine Day, My Love, Hello Schoolgirl, East of Eden, Paradise Ranch, Phantom, Marriage Blue, My Way, Phantom, Miss Korea, Detective K, Hwajung

Kim Soo Hyun

I know it’s surprising but Kim Soo Hyun has not reached yet the oppa stage for me. As we all know the rule is anyone younger as long as he is cute and gives you the hear flutter, he is considered oppa. I enjoyed his recent dramas and movies, but I don’t swoon that much the way I do with my resident oppas. I’m still waiting for that one drama that will make my knees weak.

FAMOUS WORKS: Jungle Fish, Dream High, Giant, The Moon the Embraces the Sun, You Who Came from the Stars, Producer, The Thieves, Secretly Greatly, Real

Kim Ha Neul

As a veteran actress she has explored various genres on her decorated celebrity life.  What I like most about her is how she reinvents herself by taking risks on her acting choices than playing safe to roles she is comfortable with.

FAMOUS WORKS:  Secret, Ditto, My Tutor Friend, Piano, Stained Glass, Too Beautiful to Lie, Almost Love, Lovers of Six years, My GF is an Agent, On air, Blind, You’re my Pet, Road Number 1, A Gentleman’s Dignity, Don’t Forget Me, On the way to the Airport, Misbehavior

Lee Min Ho

His mother might have prayed a lot for his son’s success and we cannot disregard how he has been honing his craft through the years to prove that he is more than just a pretty face. From trendy to action dramas, we can’t help but be amazed at his charisma and dimples. *chuckles

FAMOUS WORKS: Boys Before Flowers, Personal Preference, City Hunter, Faith, The Heirs, Legend of the Blue Sea, Bounty Hunters, Gangnam Blues

Han Ji Min

Her charming demeanor helped a lot in landing her lingering roles and commercially successful projects. While she has an impeccable comedic timing, she is also good when tears are to be summoned from her arsenal.

FAMOUS WORKS: Capital Scandal, Yi San, Cain and Abel, Padam Padam, Rooftop Prince, Hyde Jekyll and Me, Detective K Secret of Virtuous Widow, The Plan Man, Salut d Amour, The Age of Shadows

Kim Sun Ah

She is famous as Kim Sam Soon from the kdrama classic “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”, but I loved her more in City Hall and her stint in Scent of a Woman inspired to make the most out of my life. She is best in portraying women empowering stories celebrating girl power and assuring that vulnerabilities are but normal. While she is not that consistent in hitting big kdrama hitters, she gave me three classics that I watch when I’m sad.

FAMOUS WORKS: My Name is Kim Sam Soon, City Hall, Scent of a Woman, I do I do, Masked Prosecutor, S Diary, She’s on Duty, Happy Ero Christmas, Pitch High, The Five

Joo Ji Hoon

I loved him as Crown Prince Lee Shin in Goong (Princess Hours). Since then, even when he had that scandal, I think he is one of the most expressive actors that can slay characters in romantic melodramas. His movie portfolio is a bit varied but he is known to make his portrayal poignant and neat.

FAMOUS WORKS: Goong, The Devil, Five Fingers, Medical Top Team, Mask, Antique Bakery, Naked Kitchen, I am a King, Marriage Blue, Love Suspects, Confession, The Treacherous

Don’t panic if you are looking for your favorite actor/actress, and it’s not here yet.  This is a two-part list so kindly bear with me until I publish the next part.  -jediprincess♥♥♥