Cinderella and the Four Knights Ep 16 Recap

We are down to the final episode and it’s up to Ha Won and Ji Woon if they will survive their you-and-me-against-my-rich-grandpa love story.  
Cinderella and Four Knights Finale
Hyun Min heaves a sigh when the votes against the Chairman’s dismissal was declared.  Madam Ji castigates Yoon Sung for betraying her knowing that his vote protected the Chairman and his grandsons.  Hyun Min arrives in the hospital where Ha Won worriedly waits on Ji Woon.  The doctor tells them that the Chairman is in a stable condition, but Ji Woon falls in a shock as a result of his allergic reaction to anaesthesia and has put him on coma. They learn how he took the risk of the operation without telling them that he was warned by the doctor that he might now wake up in the worst case scenario.  Chairman Kang opens his eyes and learn about Ji Woon’s sacrifice as the latter has yet to regain consciousness.
Seo Woo expresses concern at Ha Won who has not left Ji Woon’s side but she dismisses his offer to replace her from tending Ji Woon.  She mutters how she has never thought that Ji Woon might leave her because she always do the running away and thought it would be enough to forget him.  She voices out how she wants to do a lot of things with him like sealing love locks in Namsan tower, going to a theme park and picking up some clothes for him when they go shopping. She whispers how she regrets not properly telling Ji Woon that she likes him and how she should have loved him more since she has not done so much for him.
Chairman Kang gives his last words to Yoon Sung as he meets him one last time.  He tells him to give the divorce papers to Madam Ji.  Yoon Sung apologizes and reveals that he is Madam Ji’s biological son which surprises Chairman Kang.  He speaks about how his mother is not at fault and claims everything is done by him.  He sincerely thanks Chairman Kang for everything he has given to him and walks away.  Hyun Min bumps with Yoon Sung on his way out and reminds him how he told him not to see his grandfather again.  Yoon Sung reasons that he only bids farewell to him.  Hyun Min smirks and mumbles how he does not have the right to do that and to not ever see each other again for good.
Ha Won rubs on Ji Woon’s hands and talks to unconscious Ji Woon if he is not curious to know why she likes him. 
HA WON:  At first you were really a jerk.  But you had showed up whenever I was facing problems.  Before I knew it, I look forward to you showing up when I’m facing troubles.  And without realizing it I only had my eyes on you.  Yesterday, I was thankful for all that little moments that made me fall in love with you.  But right now you are in front of me like this and yet I miss you like crazy.
Hyun Min pushes Chairman Kang’s wheelchair as they head to Ji Woon’s room.  Chairman finally learns from the doctor of how Ji Woon put his life on the line for him to survive.  Ha Won moves away to Ji Woon when the two enter the room.  Chairman Kang stares at his grandson’s face worriedly as Ha Won remembers the last conversation she had with the Chairman.  The latter asks Hyun Min to watch over Ji Woon and to let Ha Won help him return to his room.  Ha Won apologizes when he utters how he thought she is already gone for good in Ji Woon’s life by now.  She whispers how she blamed herself when he collapsed and is intending to really leave after Ji Woon’s surgery.  Chairman Kang replies that it was not her fault at all.  Ha Won pleads to him for her to stay at Ji Woon’s side until she wakes up.  Chairman Kang confirms her choice is to be with Ji Woon’s then, when she confesses how she does not care about money and her future and her willingness to return all the help she got from him.  She responds how she just want to be by Ji Woon’s side.  Chairman Kang sighs and asks her if she can still choose Ji Woon if she ever gets to a situation when she needs money and when her life reality will hinder her to stay with him.  He challenges her if she can take responsibility of her feelings toward Ji Woon till the very end making her weep silently.
Chairman Kang peers at Ha Won taking care of Ji Woon from outside the room and listens to her cry painfully in the comfort room away from where Ji Woon is.  Chairman Kang gazes at the blurry picture from Ha Won’s mission and ponders on their situation.  Stepmom and Yoona meet Ha Won and inform her of the accident her father had.  Her father is safe but they need a big chunk of money to settle the damage.  Stepmom pleads her to ask money from Ha Neul people to save her father as Yoo Na shouts how she is not supposed to take care of the sick Chairman when they have a family concern like that.  
While Ha Won contemplates on her problem, she receives a phone call that Ji Woon wakes up and rushes back to the hospital.  She sees the Chairman entering with Hyun Min and remembers their conversation earlier as she now understands the meaning of it.  She steals a glance on Ji Woon and decides to leave without showing her face.  Chairman Kang apologizes to Ji Woon and replies that there’s no need for it.  He weakly searches for Ha Won who already left him for good.
Ha Won did not answer Ji Woon’s phonecall and wanders on the street with a heavy heart.  Madam Ji visits Chairman Kang to deliver the divorce papers and say sorry for the wrong she did.  He asks her if she really did love him and she replies that she does and that everything started because of love.  She speaks about how her love for her son changed everything and that’s why she caused trouble while she was asleep.  Chairman Kang gripes when she mentions how she regrets what she did and shuts her up by saying she should feel that way all her life because he will never forgive her.  She responds that she does not need his forgiveness, but begs to hate just her and not his son who has stayed loyal to him and his grandsons during the special meeting.  She leaves his hospital room not realizing that Hyun Min’s standing nearby.
Ha Won welcomes her father back after his stay in the jail.  He asks her where she got the money and she replies that it came from her part-time job at Skyhouse.  Ji Woon enters Ha Won’s room the moment he arrives at Skyhouse.  Ajumma tells him she thought Ha Won is in the hospital with him when he asks where she is.  Ha Won and her dad get off the bus, Ha Won sees Ji Woon waiting for her, she tells her father to go ahead and leads him to a quiet place where they can talk.
JI WOON:  I waited for you.  I opened my eyes but you vanished.  I thought “she’ll come in the evening”, “she’ll come tomorrow”, then “she’ll probably come when I’m being discharged”.  I miss you like so much.
Ha Won still not facing him responds that bringing him to the hospital is just another mission – her final mission.  She turns her back to face him and tells him that she was only there because she felt that he needed her for that big surgery.  He stops her from spilling lies and voices out how he knows how her smile, her look and her taking care of him were all genuine and it does not match her intentions of breaking up with him.  She strongly counters how he can’t still understand what she really feels and how she stayed by his side because of money.  Ji Woon interrupts her by saying he does not care about her reasons for as long as she stays with him.  She enumerates the good things that will happen in her life as promised by Chairman Kang.  Ji Woon confirms how her decision was again because of his grandfather, but she denies it and expresses how she now understands that she does not fit in the world he lives in, that’s why she chose her future over him.  He stops her from walking away and begs for her not to leave even offering to leave Haneul group for her, but she scolds him for being too full of himself and not knowing his priorities and straining his newly tied relationship with his family.  With tears brimming in her eyes, Ha Won tells him that she does not want to see him again.  Ji Woon halts her steps when he whispered he cannot live without her and how he will lose everything if he loses her, but she continues on her track to walk away from him.  Ha Won reaches their house and breaks down to tears reminiscing her memories of Ji Woon and feeling that tormenting pain of turning her back from the first man she ever loved.
Seo Woo’s manager hands him a paper for his upcoming tight schedule and warns him of sleepless days ahead.  He discloses his decision to go back to paid street performances while traveling which surprises his manager.  At a cafe, Hye Ji waits for Hyun Min and smiles when he kisses her through the glasswall.  She steps out and stops him but he replies how he does not care about everything and how he intends to hug and kiss her whenever he feels it.  He gives her a fond look and tells her he will not ever let her go to which she replies that she won’t go anywhere.  He plants a quick peck on her lips and murmurs how she is so pretty it makes his heart beats fast.
Ji Woon wallows in his recent break up so he did not notice Seo Woo approaching.  His cousin asks if he already met Ha Won and he responds that he did but she told him not to see her anymore.  Seo Woo comments how weird it was for Ha Won to say that she does not want to see him again when she took care of him diligently when he was unconscious.  Ji Woon speaks how he must have made things hard for her and how he does not understand how she feels.  He murmurs how he is not sure of anything and that he should just let her go.  Seo Woo enlightens his mind by agreeing to his sentiments but pointing out how what he feels is exactly what her worries are too.  He assures him that Eun Ha Won likes him a lot like the only person in the world.  He encourages him not to let her go.  Ji Woon thanks him and marches to head somewhere as Seo Woo grumbles how he should chase and be good to Ha Won because he let go of his first love for him.
Ji Woon confronts Grandpa if he ordered Ha Won to leave him.  Chairman Kang clears his throat and mumbles how his Ha Won related decisions is what’s best for his future.  You should have not given him a piece of your liver Ji Woon *lol
He finally asks him about how he also did the same thing to his mother before which perplexed the old man.  He lectures his grandfather on how his parents’ love affair would have yielded a different result if he did not meddle before and takes on that pattern to what he is having with Ha Won right now. Grandpa counters how he must have thought that it will be the same for him and Ha Won, but he declares that he does not care about the results but he will be with the woman he loves even if he will end up being hurt because of it.  Ji Woon painfully whispers how he will regret letting go of Ha Won just like how he regretted sending off his father and that he does not room for anymore regret if he will cast him away too.  Ji Woon kneels and begs his grandfather’s blessing to be with Ha Won.  Tears welled in his eyes as he whispers how he cannot breathe without Ha Won.
Chairman Kang ruminates on Ji Woon’s request and flashes back to when he silently watches Ha Won lovingly taking care of unconscious Ji Woon.  Ha Won and her family sit down for a dinner and we finally see a glint of kindness shown by her stepmom and Yoo Na to her.  Ha Won receives a phonecall from Chairman Kang and she heads to meet him in his office.
Ha Won smiles at the sight of the healthy Chairman.  He speaks about how the Skyhouse people are looking for her since she just disappeared without a word.  He asks Ha Won about her stay in Skyhouse as she narrates the difference of his grandsons’ personalities.
HA WON:  Hyun Min seems to be that kind of person who can’t be serious about anything, but he is pure-hearted and thoughtful in many ways.  He also made me laugh a lot when I was facing problems before.  He is also not a playboy at all.
CHAIRMAN:  What about Seo Woo?
HA WON:  Seo Woo is very kind and good to others.  It feels so comfortable to be with him.  He may seem like free-spirited, but he follows his own life philosophies.  He is a rich boy who understands that life is never easy.
Ha Won beams all throughout her analysis report of Chairman’s grandsons but she pauses and her smile fades when he mentions Ji Woon.  Chairman Kang breaks the silence and tells Ha Won that he is giving them his blessings to be together.  He reveals how Ji Woon seems to miss her a lot, but Ha Won responds how she agrees to what Chairman’s warning was as when she recently faced a money problem, she could not make it to choose Ji Woon.  She acknowledged how she ran away because it dawned on her the realities of her life.  She speaks about how she was happy during her stay in the Skyhouse and how she has seen that the Lang cousins changed for the better.  Chairman affirms to how she kept her promise and offers her to come back anytime.
Seo Woo wonders why his manager follows him on his way to do busking.  He explains that he still has to protect his artist in case the audience will go crazy on him.  He notices his heavy bag and calls in a porter to help him.  Ja Young emerges and introduces herself as his new manager.  Ji Woon is summoned by Grandpa and gives his father’s ring so he can give it to the woman he loves.  He tells him that he only has his father’s ring but Ji Woon does not recall his mother having worn any ring before.  He suddenly remembers Ha Won’s mother’s ring and how their mothers died on the same day.
Hyun Min paces to Ha Won’s direction dragging her luggage while she stares at hers and Ji Woon’s holding hands picture.  He sits beside her and mutters how he has to bring her things after vanishing like that.  She complains on how he does not care about her anymore since he is back with Hye Ji so he teases her on regretting losing a catch like him.  She smiles muttering how they are matched to be together.  Hyun Min brings out Ha Won’s love problem and rants how she crazily nursed Ji Woon back to life only to disappear when he woke up.  Hyun Min reaches for a shoebox and places it on Ha Won’s lap.  He narrates how she left the shoes from Grandpa’s wedding and he got one of the pair while Yoon Sung got the other.  Hyun Min scolds her for acting like Cinderella and she denies doing it and returns the shoes to him.  Hyun Min makes a serious face and tells her to wear the shoes when she will muster the courage to meet the man she loves.  He brings out how he suffered from a heartbreak so he wants her not to run away from things that cannot be hidden.  He encourages her to free her feelings and to not run away if she really likes Ji Woon.
Ji Woon calls an office to check on his dead mother’s ring and was notified that someone wants to see him regarding his mother’s belonging.  It turns out to be Ha Won’s father who is also surprised remembering the young man he saw briefly who was waiting for his daughter.  He explains how the ring was clutched hard by his wife when she died and learned recently that it was not hers but of the neighbor who wanted the ring to be given to his son in her dying breath.  Ha Won’s father learns how the ring was given by his father to his mother.  Through his stories, Ji Woon remembers the time when he actually first met Ha Won while they were grieving at the death of their mothers.  He handed her a white rose and wiped her tears from sobbing.  He gave her his arm band and told her that he will recognize her if she will show that to him if they meet someday.  In return she gave him her hairclip and made her promise to return it to her.
Ji Woon drives cheerfully at his recent discovery as Ha Won mulls over the pep talk she had with Hyun Min while focusing on the pink shoes she was holding.  Her reverie is halted when his father calls in reporting his meeting with the ring owner and revealing it to be Ji Woon.  His father asks her if she likes the boy and we see Ha Won responds by wearing the Cinderella shoes and walking down on that high neighborhood staircase to meet Ji Woon who emerges from his car to meet his girl halfway.  He shows her hairclip on his palm as Ha Won gives her arm band.  He takes her hand, puts on his mother’s ring and utters how she should think of him whenever she sees that ring.  She also puts on his father’s ring which we don’t know how magically she got lol and tells him to think the same when he sees the ring on his finger.  He takes her in his embrace and plants a you-are-mine kiss as Ha Won throws all her inhibitions and accepts the love that were meant for them all along.
Ja Young cheers happily at Seo Woo’s street performance which was welcomed gladly by his audience.  Hyun Min pays a visit to Yoon Sung who returned to teaching Judo.  He convinces him of going back to work with them, but he declines having no right to do that. He said sorry for not trusting him and urges him to go back as the Chairman is waiting for him.  Madam Ji feels sad after another failed attempt to sell an insurance policy when suddenly Chairman surprises her with a bouquet of flowers and a love offer to go back to him.  Hyun Min and Hye Ji visit her brother as Hyun Min vows to his friend how he will not think about him anymore but will focus on taking care of Hye Ji.  They walk along the grassy memorial place and Hyun Min stops to face her.  He mentions how he is amazing by missing her everytime even when she is with him.  He cups her face with his hands and pecks on forehead, eyes, nose and cheek while saying how all of those are pretty.  Hye Ji responds how she has pretty lips too and tiptoes to give him a quick kiss which he returns with a deeper kiss.
Ha Won moves toward Ji Woon who was taking pictures with the old camera.  He talks about how beautiful it was that day and praises how she is looking so pretty too.  She takes the camera from him and commands him to move back so she can take his picture.  He obliges but he notices his ring missing on Ha Won’s hand.  He asks where the ring is and she explains that she removed it for a bit earlier because she was doing something with ajumma.  Ji Woon whines on how he never takes his ring off for a month when he showers but she claims to remove it “just a little bit”.  
Ha Won sheepishly smiles and promises she won’t remove it ever, but he grumpily denies her apology and declares a punishment of no skinship between them for a month.  Ha Won is amused at her man-child boyfriend who got furious over little things.  She inches closer to him and challenges him on who will suffer more on his no-skinship threat.  Ji Woon realizes his useless threat so he follows her and imprisoned her in his arms.  She demands him to abide by the punishment he just told, but he took it back and voices out how he was just disappointed a bit because those rings meant a lot to him since it bound them for 10 years so he wants her to treat it preciously.  Ha Won responds that she knows it very well.  He puts the ring back on his finger and whispers “i love you” to her as she replies an “i love you maybe” to him.  Aigoo you two!  I will miss both of you.  
Ha Won and Ji Woon march to where the rest of the gang are having a picnic.  Seo Woo happily sings while Ja Young cheers for it.  Hyun Min and Hye Ji are playing cherry kiss as Yoon Sung sits with them with a big grin.
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Final Episode Quick Thoughts 
I went blank after the staircase kiss so I don’t care much about that last minute Ji Woon and Ha Won connection.  I’m satisfied with the happy ending for all of them.  True, there were a lot of screenplay lapses and unnecessary flashbacks on those character lone scene moments, but I gambled my time because of my being a Jung Il Woo fan girl and at the very least I enjoyed the committed roles the main leads showed as their screen romance blossomed.  KDramas like this is meant to tap on those unadulterated young love that we had at some point in our lives.  And yes sir!  I was reminded of my old teen crushes from 10 years back.
Cinderella and Four Knights tried to mark the checklist on kdrama youth romcom prototype and was successful at some and lacking at others, but the upbeat and smart presentation of the cast except you-know-who-she-is compensated to the trite story premise.  I would want my nieces to watch this drama to understand that love is never about you-and-me-against-the-world-or-money, but the willingness to work on why love mutually happened in the first place.  For a feel-good romcom treat, this drama is not that bad.  I will dearly miss Kang cousins and Ha Won.  As I usually do full series review, I’m happy that I did not give up on this drama and reached this finish line.  I thank you all everyone for reading through my recaps.

Cinderella and the Four Knights Ep 15 Recap

Though not acknowledging it fully, Kang cousins has accepted subconsciously the blood that connects them and work side by side to protect their comatose grandfather’s position as the Chairman of the company he built through his hardwork.  With one chapter left, we are left to worry if Ji Woon will survive the operation, and if he does, will Ha Won really vanish in his life?
Episode 15
Just as Ji Woon arrives to try and be his grandfather’s last hope of survival, Madam Ji and Yoon Sung hold a meeting with the directors about the new beginning they plan to push for the company.  Ji Woon gets tested to check if he is a match for the chairman as the evil witch urges the directors how Yoon Sung will be of great help for the leadership the company needs since the Chairman trusts him a lot.
Ji Woon narrates to Ha Won how he learned recently that his grandfather lies about not knowing his mother when he asked her to leave the Sky House in the past.  He speaks about how he was mad about it and initially vows on vanishing and not communicating with Skyhouse people anymore but he changed his mind when she enlightened him.  He adds that he will ask the Chairman all the things he wants to know when he wakes up.  Ha Won puts his jacket back on his arms and excuses herself on being part of their family affairs and just wanting to do her one last mission, but he refuses her thoughts and gives his jacket to her again.
Ji Woon sees Hyun Min and Seo Woo waiting for him as he preps up for the remaining tests and ask them why they were there.  He orders them to go home or go to the Chairman’s room, but they follow him to where he was about to sit and they all sit in uniformity and in sync.  *chuckles that was so cute  They tell him that they will wait and not leave until his tests are done.  Hyun Min asks Ji Woon if he came back because of Ha Won but he denies it and mutters that he came back in his own accord because he is grandpa’s family and he wants to save him.  Ha Won smiles seeing the Kang cousins sitting together and scratching their heads in the same direction reflecting how they share the same family mannerisms.
Ji Woon goes to his grandpa’s room and mutters how he wants to hear something from him.  He goes back to his earlier conversation with the doctor on how his grandfather feels sorry and worries a lot about him.  He utters that he forgives him on behalf of his mom and urges him to fight and wake up from his coma.  Ji Woon approaches the waiting party and tells his cousins that they will just wait for the results.  He replies he will drop Ha Won to the Skyhouse when Seo Woo asks if she will go back to the house.  Seo Woo responds to Hyun Min that he brought his car as the latter speaks about how they are not used to worrying about each other anyway.  He walks away but stops and calls his cousin and reminds him to drive safely.   awww I like how these cousins are starting to become a real family now
Hyun Min bumps with Madam Ji and Yoon Sung on his way to the parking lot and the evil witch fakes a smile to him.  He points out how she has been busy not taking care of her husband who is currenly ill but she makes an alibi on how she is looking for potential donors for his surgery.  He discloses that Ji Woon got tested but she mentions how he could still be not a match making him questioned her strange negativity on their situation.  He cheers the two villains with how they have been busy lately and walks away as the two have not figured out yet that he already knew about the wicked ploys they were doing behind the Chairman’s back.
Ha Won grabs Ji Woon’s arm and gives back his jacket murmuring how she has to get his things back.  He declines and tells her to give it back when they are home.  She murmurs that she does not want to go back to Skyhouse but he refuses strongly muttering how there is no mission given to her anyway.   He pleads her stay by his side until the Chairman wakes up.  She talks him out of his being stubborn when he asks her if she does not want to stay by his side and to clear the misunderstanding haunting his thoughts.  She asks what he meant about that as he replies how he knows her well enough to know that she wants to be by his side.
Ha Won braces herself with Ji Woon’s words and denies his thoughts as she pushes his jacket to his chest.  She turns her back and rushes to walk away but stops when Ji Woon tells her he is sorry.
JI WOON:  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry for letting you leave like that last time.  I don’t believe anything you said that day.  I don’t care what your reason is for staying by my side, but please don’t leave me.
Ji Woon embraces her to stop her protest and whispers how he does not care about that things she does just as long as she is by his side.
Hyun Min takes his phone to call Hye Ji but drops his phone and just sinks in his lone time.  Seo Woo also immerses on his thoughts before his manager cuts his reverie to reveal how his concerts has been cancelled and his album will be rescheduled to give way to his family problem.  He apologizes for the trouble but his manager assures him not to worry about it as singing happily does not agree well when his grandfather has yet to wake up.
Ha Won walks in to her old Skyhouse room and convinces herself that she will break up with Ji Woon at the right time and after she sorts her feelings well as Ji Woon sits on his bed and stares on grandpa’s phone while remembering Ha Won’s pep talk on how he should take his problems heads on.  He talks to his mother’s picture and confirms with her that he did the right thing.
The next morning Ji Woon meets the doctor and is told that he is a match for the chairman.  However he reveals that he has an allergy to anaesthesia and there will be a risk that might happen during the surgery depending on how his body will respond.  Ji Woon contemplates on proceeding with the surgery after learning he might not be able to wake up anymore if his body does not survive the shock from the allergy attack.
Ha Won finds Yoon Sung in the hospital and notices how he does not look well.  Ji Woon arrives and affirms that the surgery will happen because he is a match to the Chairman.  Yoon Sung pretends please with the result and leaves them to report about the news to his mother.  Seo Woo delivers the news about Ji Woon’s test result to Hyun Min and ajumma and they join forces to prepare for what he needs for the surgery.   Ha Won visits the Chairman’s room and speaks about his upcoming surgery.  She wishes him to wake up soon because the boys are waiting for him.  She places the blurry family photo she took of his grandsons on the table.  Just then the evil witch enters the room and she assures her that she will disappear quietly once the surgery is done.  Madam Ji calls Yoon Sung and tells him to mark the surgery date as it will also be the date when they will have the special shareholder’s meeting.
Ji Woon signs on the surgery form and is reminded by the doctor to be stress free and rest well before the operation tomorrow.  He signals Ha Won’s presence for him to avoid mentioning the surgery risk he hid from her and his family.  The doctor tasks Ha Won to care for him but she catches on how he is hiding something from her.  He soothes her apprehensions by telling those were just last minute formalities for patients who will have a major surgery.  She makes a sad puppy face and utters how she is worried about him, but he holds her hand and assures her not to feel that way.  He orders her to buy some food for him if she is really that worried and she happily submits to his command.
Hye Ji browses on the designer’s SNS profile and finds a picture he has with Hyun Min. (omo this girl is still here?! lol)  We all know how her stupid emotional brain processes thoughts and I see this coming so I was not surprised when she meets with the designer and declines his offer thinking it was another Hyun Min’s doing.  The designer tells her not to misunderstand and to trust her talent and how she should not act that way to the man who just want the best for the girl she likes, but she remains firm with her decision.  He advises her that the offer is still valid in case she changes her mind.  dear designer, to solve a problem like Hye Ji is no easy task.  We already gave up on how she understands things in her own protective bubble
Ha Won screams at the ruckus created inside Ji Woon’s room as Hyun Min plays on the video game console he set up, Seo Woo plays his music and ajumma feeds Ji Woon with his favorite food.  She lectures them on breaking the sanctity of a hospital room.  Hyun Min reasons how he is bored waiting for the transplant procedure to happen.  Seo Woo agrees to what Hyun Min said and boasts on the upbeat music he chose to play to calm Ji Woon’s nerves as ajumma argues how he should be fed well before the operation.  She shuts them all up and confiscates the paraphernalia they bought chattering how Ji Woon needs to be on a calm and relax state until tomorrow.  She looks at Hyun Min and cites how his idea might make him sleepless and will surely take a toll on his health.  Seo Woo bickers on how she just insulted his music when she rants how his music can make Ji Woon tired.  Then she thanks ajumma for bringing the food that she will eat gladly even when the latter complained that she cooked Ji Woon’s favorites.  She completes her verdict with a “visiting hours is closed” remark as she kicks out the rowdy bunch to the door. 
The three whines on the fate they just experience from Ha Won before they separate their ways and vow not to take care of Ji Woon anymore.  Hyun Min spots the company’s lawyer in the hospital and tells them to go ahead and he will just follow them.  He furtively listens to the lawyer’s conversation with Madam Ji and learns about the special board member’s meeting that will discuss the ousting of Chairman Kang.  She assures the lawyer that they will win as Yoon Sung is working hard to subdue the opposition.  Hyun Min places a phonecall to someone and confirms that Madam Ji transfers her stocks to Yoon Sung as what he initially deducted.
 He rushes to his grandfather’s office and finds Yoon Sung sitting on his table.  He acknowledges his presence and blabs how he is busy doing his grandpa’s job and to talk to him in the hospital if his concern is not urgent.  Hyun Min asks what they were scheming on and reveals he already caught up with their lies.  Yoon Sung calms him down, but he responds how he must have loved money to become the evil witch crony after getting her stocks transferred to him.  Hyun Min grabs his collar as Yoon Sung bursts to rage and raises his voice at his whining.  He speaks about how the Chairman has worked hard for the company and how he should done it himself if he wants to protect that position and how he should not delude himself that the Chairman’s position is unbreakable as a lot of people desire that position.  He challenges him on how he call himself an heir when he does not know how to protect his position and that makes him unqualified for the role.  He motions to leave but Hyun Min stops him and tells straight to his face that he will prove him wrong and will show him how he will protect the things that belong to him.  
Ha Won wakes up the dozing Ji Woon as she nags on how he should not sleep after having a meal because he has to maintain his weight prior to the surgery.  Ji Woon gives up on her nagging and reaches for some tissue.  But then Ha Won notices the tissue box design where the tissue looks like coming out from a woman’s bum and takes it from him to which he complains on how he can’t even blow his nose.  aigoo!  but that tissue box would have been more cute if it will look like coming out from a woman’s bossom *giggles
Ha Won suggests using the tissue on the bathroom and keeps the tissue imprisoned by her hands.  
Ji Woon teases her of being jealous over a tissue box but denies that she is.  He tugs the tissue box from her as she resists him, but she ends up falling on his chest.  He teases her even more by saying how being that close to him was her intention all along because she wanted to kiss him as she tries to free herself but he holds her tighter and tempts her by moving his lips for a kiss.  She stamps his lips with the tissue paper and manages to escape his embrace and turns on the TV to wash out his crazy ideas.
 They see the news about the urgent boardmember meeting for Haneul group and speculations on who will replace the Chairman who was still on comatose.  Yoon Sung receives a call from Madam Ji who informs him that the news was already broadcast on TV so there’s no going back for them anymore.  Kang cousins receive a text message for the shareholder’s meeting so Seo Woo rushes to Hyun Min’s room to explain what’s happening.  He explains bluntly how they are dragging down the Chairman as Seo Woo complains of how the people are betraying their grandpa.  He hushes him to be quiet as he is meditating but Seo Woo mutters how they cannot easily dismiss the Chairman.  Hyun Min corrects his thoughts revealing how they are a step behind as their opponents already moved to convince some of the directors and is in the process of convincing those on their side as well.  Seo Woo learns from Hyun Min on how Yoon Sung has been orchestrating everything with Madam Ji and orders him to meet the directors from their Entertainment company as he will take care of the investors from their constuction and chemical businesses.  They agree to hang on until their grandfather wakes up.
Madam Ji looks please on the newspaper article of her comatose husband’s supposed stepping down as Haneul group CEO as  Seo Woo heads to Haneul entertainment building to plead the support of the directors.  Hyun Min also meets with the other investors and suits up to a charismatic heir speaking about his vulnerabilities as an inexperience young man in running the business but promises them that his passion will protect the company they all help built with his grandpa.  He gives a moving speech to drive trust from the directors and they will have to wait if they will keep the Chairman’s position.  He visits his grandfather after the meeting and tells him how he did so well that day so he wants him to wake up so he can praise him properly.
Hyun Min sits beside Ji Woon as the latter mentions how he has been busy with the events of the company.  He dismisses the conversation he is heading and warns him that he is only holding back because they need to maintain his calm disposition until tomorrow.  Ji Woon hands him his POA for his vote on the shareholder’s meeting.  Hyun Min smirks not expecting the support he got from him  but he replies that the company matters involve him too.  He speaks how he does not want the liver he will give to the Chairman go useless if he will survive the operation and wakes up with a heart attack knowing his position was robbed while he was unconscious.
Seo Woo meets Ja Young to celebrate her paycheck and binge on pizza.  Ja Young prepares to eat but notices Seo Woo not moving to do the same.  He shares about his sentiments about how he can be of help to the company problems and the upcoming surgery of Ji Woon and grandpa.  Ja Young cheers him up by suggesting how he can be a source of encouragement for his family so he should not feel so down.  He tells her how it was strange that he thought about her the moment he started feeling that slump and she beams at him saying that it could be because they are fated to be together.
After pondering on her actions toward Hyun Min, Hye Ji goes to Skyhouse and waits for him to return.  He steps in the house and sees Hye Ji sitting on the living room.  She stands up to ask for him to speak with her, but he asks her to leave as he is tired and wants to rest.  She tells him to stop feeling sorry anymore to her brother and to her.  As Hyun Min flashes back his memory to when he ran after seeing his friend on the ground, she whispers that it was not his fault and apologizes on not knowing it before hand thinking how he struggled to bear that unnecessary guilt after the incident.  Hyun Min says sorry to her and goes to his room leaving her crying and making me annoyed with that insufferable crying face, but after a few seconds, he musters courage and go back to where Hye Ji is.
HYUN MIN:  It was hard for me.  I have to protect grandpa and the company now.  But I’ve never protected anything that belongs to me before.  I could not protect the most important thing to you.  And I felt like all I ever did was hurt you which made me miserable.  That’s why I pushed you away and closed my heart to you.  But I’m not going to do that anymore.   I was wrong to run away from you before.  Now, I will protect you properly.
He moves toward her and holds her face in place to give her a kiss that he has been holding back all those years.  
Ji Woon tests how Ha Won will react and asks her what she will do if he won’t wake up after the surgery.  She slaps his shoulder and castigates him for saying things like that.  He teases how she seems to be scared about it and appeases her that he is not worried because she is beside him.  He talks about the first time they met at the columbarium and thinks how his mother led her to meet him. They learn that their mothers share the same death anniversary which made them realized they have been on the same spot in the past years.  He leads her to lay down side beside him and they stare at each other’s face while holding hands.  He voices out the things he wants to do with her like watching a movie, walking in the park and eating ddokbeoki on a street stall.  She sighs on why the things he wants to do for a date are simple when he is a 3rd generation rich boy.  He remembers the wish card he got from her from finding her necklace and off she gives in to her promised wish by sneaking out the patient and going on a late night date with him.  
He kisses her hand while he sits beside her in a movie house and makes cute selfie faces as they walk along an aquarium park where he steals a kiss from her too.  Ji Woon watches her happily eats on the food cart as he can’t eat because of the surgery tomorrow.  They head home but then Ha Won remembers leaving her phone so he goes back to get it from the food cart as she crosses the road and waits for him on the other side.  
They face each other from the other side of the road as Ha Won looks at him mumbling how he should not be surprised if she is not there when he wakes up tomorrow.  Ji Woon shouts at what she said and she responds to it with another silent “I’m sorry”.  He shouts again that he can’t hear her.  Ha Won shouts back and tells him she was saying “I Love You” which made him smile.  The traffic light signals green and he runs to where she is.  He hugs her and when she asks him if he heard what she said, he hugs her body closer and gives her an “i-love-you-more” kiss.
Ji Woon peers lovingly at Ha Won’s sleeping face and fixes the blanket covering her body.  She encloses her hand with his hands and promises her that he will return safely to her side.
It’s D-day for the decision on Chairman Kang’s ousting and his surgery.  Hyun Min looks dapper in his suit and reads a cheering text message from Hye Ji.   Ji Woon is being prep for the surgery and looks nervous about it.  Ha Won inches closer and covers his hand with her two small hands.  She smiles at him as their eyes give and receive meaningful encouraging stare.  
The Board members cast their votes coinciding to the patients being brought to the operating room.  As the votes were finally counted, Ha Won finds solace staring at her picture with Ji Woon, but a team of doctors disrupts her thoughts as they head urgently to the operating room.
Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 14
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The world I want to picture to cap up this series is Chairman Kang having a picnic with his grandsons with the girls they love and I know that’s where we are heading.  I thought that there will be an ultimate showdown on Ha Won’s heart but the story leaned on to Ji Woon’s parallel love fate with his parents which I already accepted.  I don’t know how they will squeeze everything since they left a lot of unanswered scenarios in one episode so I just hope that they will tie it up nicely having exerted my patience on not giving up on their story.  Joon Young is the only kdrama character who can die this year in kdramaland so I’m confident that the writer won’t go “W” and confuses himself with how he will end the story.  I’m ready to say goodbye to Ha Won and the Kang cousins tomorrow.  Please don’t disappoint me.

Cinderella and the Four Knights Ep 14 Recap

Ji Woon stumbled on his parents sad love story in the past and took an agonizing confusion that it was also happening to him at the present time.  While time was running out to save their grandfather’s life, Hyun Min is in the brink of finding out the truth about the discreet villains.  
Episode 14 Recap
Ha Won closes her luggage with a heavy heart and silently weeps on the path she is about to take while Seo Woo nurses his broken heart through writing encouraging words on his CD’s.  Yoon Sung notifies the Kang cousins that their grandfather collapsed, and they all rush to the hospital to check his condition.
Ha Won arrives earlier than the boys worried that she could be the cause of the Chairman’s fainting.  Madam Ji approaches and asks the nurse about the doctor.  She acknowledges Ha Won’s presence and halts her steps when she heard Ha Won mumbling how it was her fault that the Chairman fainted.  Ha won reveals her conversation with Chairman about his recent discovery of her relationship with Ji Woon and Madam Ji takes the opportunity to cast her away.  She tells her about how her husband is fighting to survive his liver cancer by waiting for a rightful donor that could save his life, but her love ambition steals the little time he could use to try to live.  Upon learning the options provided by the Chairman to her, Ha Won was ordered to leave the Sky House immediately and not inform the young masters of what conspired with her and the Chairman.  Madam Ji tells her not to disclose the conversation they had to anyone and in return she will keep the secret that it was her fault that the Chairman is in the hospital.
Ji Woon meets Yoon Sung and the evil witch in the hospital and learns that his cousins are on the way.  Yoon Sung is left no choice but to divulge the Chairman’s sickness.  Ji Woon asks for Ha Won and Yoon Sung replies that she has not arrived yet.  Madam Ji follows Ji Woon in the sitting room to secure the wicked plot she has been weaving.  She speaks about how his grandfather already knew their relationship and hints that Ha Won is not answering his phonecalls because she is off to leave him.  She adds how Ha Won disguises in her pure spirit when like anyone else she also likes money.  She tells him that Ha Won was asked to choose love over money and basing on how she ignores his calls, he should know what she picked.
Hyun Min and Seo Woo talks about Chairman’s illness and were mad that they were not told of his dying state, but Yoon Sung reasons how the Chairman did not want to pressure them when their relationship is not really close.  Hyun Min inquires why the Chairman passed out and Yoon Sung looks away pretending that he was not involved.  omg Yoon Sung don’t go to the dark side!  The doctor advises the Kang cousins on the options for the Chairman’s surgery and prepares to be tested if anyone from them will be a suitable donor.  Hyun Min mumbles how he left his car somewhere because he was scared for his grandfather’s life.  Seo Woo is surprised to see that side of him and he replies how when his father died, their grandfather was the only family he had.
Ji Woon steps inside the Skyhouse just in time for the leaving Ha Won.  He asks her where she is heading and she responds how she does not belong there as her part-time job already ended. He holds her hand and urges her to say what’s wrong.  Unable to meet his eyes, Ha Won mutters how she must have just been overwhelmed to the whole Cinderella thing that happened to her and probably misunderstood him when he said he liked her.  He stops her from her nonsense blabbing and tells her that it pains him to hear the things she is trying to say.  Ha Won removes his hand and painfully tells him to let her go.   He pleads her to not add burden on his already scattered emotions.  He gazes at her and tells her not to show that cold front as he knows what she really feels.  Left with no option, Ha Won did not give in and walks away.  Ji Woon calls her name and warns her that he will never see him again if she leaves like that, but Ha Won proceeds and walks away.  She weeps her heart out while remembering those moments she spent with him as she wanders in the street as Ji Woon wallows on the pain of Ha Won’s leaving.
Hyun Min takes Hye Ji’s things when ajumma asks him what to do with it and goes on another reverie of all the bad things he did on Hye Ji.  On that same moment Hye Ji stares at their childhood picture and contemplates on Hyun Min’s recent outburst on why he had to treat her badly.  aigoo you two!  I just don’t know what to do with your love understanding anymore!  Two episodes left and you are still reminiscing the encounters without doing anything about it.
Evil witch secretly converses with Yoon Sung to confirm that they will not be dragged to be in the scene where Chairman fainted.  He replies it was taken care of and asks if that’s the only thing she is worried about.  She schemes on their plan to take over the company as the doctor cannot tell when and if the Chairman will regain his consciousness.  Yoon Sung protests on how that is not important at the moment but she firmly speaks about how she will make him lead the company as her mother.
Ha Won finds refuge at the columbarium and spills her heartache to her mom.  She pours out her woes on how the Chairman fights for his life because of her.  She begs her mom to guide her on what she should do while tears fall hard on her face.  At the hospital, the doctor informs Yoon Sung how the two grandsons were not a match and asks if there are still distant relatives the Chairman might have as the probability of a match with strangers is really bleak.
With his recent uncovering of his parents’ past, Ji Woon skims his mother’s picture and notices the name of the coffee shop in the picture.  He finds the coffee shop and was greeted pleasantly by a cheerful ajussi.  His eyes roam around the place and observes the love notes pinned on the cork boards.  Ajussi sets Ji Woons coffee on the table and invades his thoughts to pry if he has recently broken up with someone as people sometimes go there to search the love notes they wrote before, but Ji Woon politely denies his assumption, and mutters that he was there for another person.  Ajussi spies on his mother’s picture and remark on the date when it was taken.  Ajussi presents him a box of all the notes written in 1995 and Ji Woon digs in to trace his parents’ romance and gets lucky with it as he discovers an exchange of their messages.  He also learns his mother’s intention to hide him as she did not want Ji Woon to suffer the same fate of being hindered to love someone because of social status.  Ji Woon reaches the conclusion on how his grandfather pushed his mother away because he was against his parents’ love affair.  He goes off the grid as the time is slowly running out for the surgery that will save his grandfather’s life.
Yoon Sung runs his hand on Chairman Kang’s desk name plate and recalls the hardships he shared with his mother when he was young and incompetent to stop his father from assaulting his mother.  When he was asked by his judo friend the secret on why he was so strong, he responds how he has to be that way so that he can protect someone.  Hyun Min meets with a designer friend to ask a favor on taking Hye Ji under his wings and sponsor her fashion designing studies.  
Hyun Min stares at his grandpa as his thoughts go back to his earlier conversation with the doctor that Ha Won came to be tested but she is also not a match.  He was surprised as Ha Won disappeared without saying anything.  The nurse cuts his thinking to tell him that they got a phone call from the restaurant about his grandpa’s cellphone.  
Hyun Min goes out to retrieve it and was perplexed when he learns that Yoon Sung and Madam Ji were there when the Chairman fainted.  Hyun Min begins to doubt Yoon Sung as he catches him lying upfront about his whereabouts.   At that same moment Yoon Sung meets with his mother and was told that her stocks were already transferred to him and it’s up to him if he will follow her lead to claim the company.
Ja Young glances at her phone and worries at Seo Woo who has to cancel his engagements to tend to his grandpa.  She reminds Ha Won on her time limit to stay in the coffee shop.  Their chat is interrupted when Ha Won’s father shows himself.  He speaks about the ring her mother left and reveals that he intends to give it back to the rightful owner.  He narrates how the ring landed to her mom’s hand as she was trying to save her neighbor, but that ring has to be given to her neighbor’s son.
Hye Ji meets with Hyun Min’s designer friend and was elated when he offers her his scholarship program for her to study in Paris.  Wait till next episode when she learns this is aided by Hyun Min and this crazy girl will spout about her usual don’t pity me nonsense again.  Hyun Min shows Seo Woo the Chairman’s cellphone but uttered how he can’t unlock it.  Seo Woo takes it and uses his pattern and they were both stunned at Seo Woo and grandpa’s same preference.  The blurred family picture displays on the screen.  Hyun Min speaks about how Ha Won went to the hospital to be screened but she was also not a match and the hope they can only have is with Ji Woon but his stubborn cousin is nowhere to be found.
Ja Young visits Seo Woo and brings a packed meal for him to cheer him up.  She narrates how she was also put in the same situation when her father was hospitalized.  She chats how Ha Won brought almost expiring food from the convenience store and she was so happy to munch it and that cemented her friendship with Ha Won.
Knowing Ha Won is the key to find his hibernating cousin, Seo Woo uses his charm and made Ja Young spills her location.  He pays her a visit and updates her on the Chairman’s progress.  He pleads her to find Ji Woon and show something from the phone.  He adds how she is the only one that can bring him back and that he knows that they are in a relationship.
Ha Won ponders on the favor asked by Seo Woo as tears welled in her eyes again when she remembers him.  She reads the text messages of Chairman written for his dead son about Ji Woon and made up her mind on what she ought to do.
 Ha Won hunts Ji Woon successfully thru the tip given to him by one of the car repair shop he worked with.  She politely asks an ajussi if she is at the right place as the ajussi affirms it by calling Ji Woons name.  Ha Won’s i-miss-you eyes meet Ji Woon’s cold gaze.  He brings a cup of water for her and she goes to her business on why she tracked him.  She gives the phone, but he motions to leave hearing that it was his grandfather’s.
 She bargains that it is related to his father so he reads through the text messages meant for his father that his grandfather saved everyday since he found Ji Woon.  She begs him to visit the Chairman as he is his last hope.  She lectures him to face his struggles and not be a coward, but he countered how she does not know anything on what he is going through.  She scolds him on how she wanted to be his donor but because she’s not a relative it won’t work.  He on the other hand can possibly help but he secludes himself and opts to be alone. Ji Woon rebuts that it was his grandfather who never considers him as his family so she corrects him on how his grandpa’s messages reveal what he truly feels.  
HA WON:  “Even if you want everything to be cast aside and go away, wait until you have saved your grandfather and he wakes up!  And then hear him out, get angry at him!  Yell at him!  Face this problem with your grandfather heads on!”
While Ha Won is trying to warm Ji Woon’s jaded heart, Madam Ji meets with the company directors to discuss the crisis that needs to be addressed as Chairman Kang’s condition is already known by the public. Madam Ji calls in the man who will lead their fresh start as the board directors anticipates who could it be.  Ji Woon is in deep thinking after the pep talk Ha Won gave to her.  He glances at her as she sits on the other side of the road with her please-come-back-to-us Ji Woon look.  
Later in the hospital, the doctor delivers a bad news to Hyun Min that Chairman’s liver failed already and that a transplant is needed as soon as possible.  The prodigal grand son appears with Ha Won to rescue the Chairman as Madam Ji presents Yoon Sung as the new Chairman of Haneul group. 
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 13
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Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 01
Yoon Sung hyung why oh why?  This conflict circling episode filled me with plenty of silent torturous pain from the characters.
I know the Kang cousins will join forces to defeat the last minute conflict and I look forward to their genuine acceptance of each other as family when it closes this week.
I hope to see Ha Won’s feistiness when she shook some senses on Ji Woon’s jaded mind to her own love battle with Chairman because of Ji Woon.
Most of the time I wonder why I stayed afloat stalking this drama, but then again I survived some really insipid dramas this year, and at least I enjoyed the scattered sweets and cutesies of Ha Won and Ji Woon from Day 1.
p.s   I hope Hye Ji boarded the plane to Paris already.  It’s okay if you dont show her anymore this week.  *chuckles

Cinderella and the Four Knights Ep 13 Recap

It’s  now you-and-me-against-my-rich-grandfather when their romance barely set forth to a beginning.  Will Ji Woon have the same fate his father and mother had?  As Seo Woo’s one-sided love hits a validation point, Hyun Min admitted to his sincere, but hindered love towards Hye Ji.
Episode 13
After sharing the greenfield and windmills kiss, Ji Woon and Ha Won  drove back home holding hands and savoring the sweet pure bliss of their young romance.   Just then Ja Young called Ha Won blabbering an implied  relationship she had with her oppa crush Seo Woo.  Baffled at what her bestfriend meant, they pulled over and did some online digging and a news scoop of her affectionate picture with Seo Woo in their recent vacation, headlined the celebrity gossip page.  Ji Woon heaved a sigh as Ha Won denied the showbiz exclusive.  
Ha Won quickly chased Ji Woon when they arrived at Sky House.  He whined about the lovebirds picture she shared with his cousin as Ha Won requested for him not to reveal they were dating.  It made him even more annoyed arguing how  it was one thing that she got entangled with that showbiz scoop, but their recently sealed by a kiss relationship was another thing.
They found Chairman Kang seated on the living room and was already on a serious face upon learning the rumor on his grandson and Ha Won.  Seo Woo denied it strongly as Ha Won supported his claim.  Yoon Sung also assured the Chairman that there has not been anything strange happening at Sky House.  Chairman Kang rested his worries and spoke about how Ha Won will leave Sky House if that rumor was indeed true because it was part of the deal she signed when she concurred to work at Sky House.  
Ji Woon and Seo Woo expressed disagreement at the contract Ha Won signed when they saw it on paper,  but the Chairman was firm in saying that he took Ha Won not for them to date and even mentioned that she has still different status than them.  Seo Woo stopped his grandfather’s rude comment as Ji Woon stood up and uttered how the Chairman does as he pleases in buying anything with money, and that his family members are just used for his business goals as usual so he of course would not let them date someone not useful for his company.  He walked out as Seo Woo glanced worriedly at Ha Won.
Seo Woo called Ja Young who was waiting intently for him to arrive.  She carefully muttered about how his fans might be dying in frustration about his dating news, but it was not the case of her.  She sincerely voiced out her concern about Ha Won and him dating.  She gave him advices on how to date her free spirited friend who loves promos and sales and pointed out how she acts first before thinking so he better give way to her and accept her beatings.  Seo Woo smiled at her intention and cleared with her that they were not dating and that an article to refute that gossip will be published soon.  
Ha Won sought Ji Woon to his hide-out and was careful on not worsening his already bad mood.  Ji Woon scolded her on signing contracts without thinking it over, but she argued how she did not know that she will end up liking him.  He blabbed about how he wanted to focus on their relationship but her mindless action is making it harder now.  He ordered her to annul the contract and muttered how she really never wanted to date him.  She responded how she was so mean to her when she first came at Sky House so who would have thought that they will end up being together.  He replied how that’s why maybe she was leaning sweetly at Seo Woo in the picture to which she agreed and boasted how Seo Woo was the only guy nice to her when she first came at Sky House.  Their bickering escalated as their jealous hearts cited Ji Woon’s supposed date with Hye Ji to which the former denied as Ha Won challenged him on how he was worried about her scandal with a top star.  Ha Won left after making both of them feel infuriated.
Chairman’s wife went to shop some children’s clothing and set forth to visit an orphanage she sponsored as Yoon Sung trailed her.  He observed silently his estranged mother’s happy face as the orphans called her “mother”.  He later on spoke with the woman in charge of the orphanage for his donation plans and asked about some quick details about his mother.  He was told how his mother was a regular sponsor and how she was loved by the children there.  She added how his mother lost her son long ago, and that’s why she’s giving the love she was not able to give to her son to the children there.
Ji Woon found Hye Ji at the storage room and learned from her that she wanted to tidy her things up since she does not want to receive help from him anymore.  She asked if he met Ha Won and he replied he did and told her also that they were in a relationship.  He revealed to her that her things were really brought back by Hyun Min and he was just asked to assist her in getting her things.  He told her how Hyun Min worries about her a lot, but of course bird brain Hye Ji was still on a limbo on what she’s going to do with her sporadic emotions.
Ha Woon sulked at Ji Woon’s kindness towards Hye Ji as she saw them emerging together from the storage room.  She worried about their compatibility and since technology has answer to almost anything, she used a compatibility app to check on it.  aigoo these kids!  on a side note I remembered how we did it old school back then.  We use FLAMES compatibility paper test
Ha Won felt giddy on the 90% result she got from the app, but her euphoria was interrupted as Ji Woon approached her to ask what she was doing.  She remembered their recent spat and was silent in his presence.  He sat beside her and spoke about how he had some serious contemplation earlier and wanted to say something to her.  He apologized about his treatment of her before at Sky House which made her cheery and teased him on repeating what he just said.  He submitted to her request and clarified how his relationship with Hye Ji is different with her to which Ha Won also responded how Seo Woo was just a friend to her.  Ji Woon admitted that he overreacted and smiled when he heard Ha Won’s tummy grumbled.
Ji Woon donned an apron and sliced through some veggies as he played Chef to his girlfriend who does not want to trust his cooking ability.  Chef Ji Woon promised to enjoy cooking as he needs to feed his girlfriend’s strong appetite.  Ha Won moved to replace him from cutting the ingredients telling him how she’s not just good in eating.  He obliged, stared at her lovingly and encircled his arms around her in a fleeting back hug.  After 5 seconds of heaven, Ha Won remembered they were in the house and warned him about them getting caught, but he insisted that no one could be watching at that late hour, so she resorted to using the knife she was holding to threaten him, he surrendered to her warning, but planted a quick kiss on her cheek before walking out.  I bet 500 bucks So Dam enjoyed those kisses with my Jung Il Woo. *envious
Ha Won’s eyes sparkled at the food in front of her and munched happily as Ji Woon tore a leg on the crispy fried chicken and gave it to her.  She mumbled how the chicken would go well with some beer, but remembering their drunk kiss he told her that she should avoid drinking.  She teased him how cute he was when he was drunk and wondered when she will see that funny side of him again.  He denied getting drunk that time so Ha Won urged him to spill everything he remembered so he coolly said how they kissed that day.  Ha Won complained on how he made her believe that he did not remember it, but he responded that he just does not want her to feel awkward about it. 
Just then Seo Woo entered the house so she hid Ji Woon under the table.  Seo Woo was surprised at Ha Won’s food feast and invited himself to eat with her while Ji Woon shrunk himself underneath.  Ha Won offered a chicken leg to Seo Woo in honor of their 1 day old on paper relationship but Seo Woo preferred to have the wings instead.  She gave him the two chicken wings gladly as he replied how he promised himself he would marry the girl who will allow him to eat the chicken wings.  Ha Won tried to appease the already angry hidden eavesdropper by mentioning she will only marry the guy who will give her the fried chicken legs.
Ha Won’s father received a call from the man who knew where ajussi can be located and learned how his second wife knew about his location and hid it from him.  He paid him a visit and finally learned the truth that his dead wife was never unfaithful to him.  He also learned that the ring his wife held onto was owned by the neighbor she saved and not a symbol of her infidelity.  He met with Ha Won and apologized for thriving in doubts and hurting her in the process.  He promised he will also resolve things in the house and said sorry on the treatment she got from her step family, but until everything is settled by him, he told her to stay at Sky House a little bit longer for him to fix the issues in their house. 
Ha Won aboji went home and confronted his wife about meeting ajussi.  She admitted to it saying she was hoping they could get compensation on the money they used to raise Ha Won.  It sent aboji to a rage and slammed the truth to their faces that he is Ha Won’s real father.  He asked his second family how they have been treating Ha Won, and scared of her husband’s furious face, she bowed down to him urging her daughter to do the same to beg for his forgiveness.  Later on they were reflecting on the possibility of them being thrown out while battling the coldness of the balcony where they let Ha Won stayed when her father was away.  
While Hyun Min stared at his calendar reflecting Hye Ji’s birthday, she was also reminded of her dead brother’s birthday.  Hyun Min reminisced on the first time he met Hye Ji through her brother.  He gave him a gift and Hye Ji cried asking why she did not have one.  Her brother introduced her to him and told him they were fraternal twins hence they share the same birthday.  Hyun Min calmed Hye Ji by promising her he will give her a gift on her birthdays in the future. 
Yoon Sung drove his mother to her destination while she expressed on how the Chairman has been acting up weird lately like he was suspecting her of having an affair.  She asked if that’s what he thought of her too but he replied that he does not know.  She invited him for a meal, but he refused.  She then handed him a gift and told him how she knows she does not deserve a meal on his first paycheck, but she wanted to give a necktie for him to use at work even if it was too late.
Hye Ji passed by Hyun Min who asked where she was heading and she responded how she had a lot of plans that day.  He trailed her to the supposed plans and waited outside a building where she inquired on a place where she can stay without a deposit.  The man frankly told her that it would be hard to look for a nice place and offered her options on student hostels.  She went out with a heavy heart and received a call from Hyun Min who was stalking her from afar.  He asked where he was and reminded her that it was her birthday.  She replied that she will be meeting her friends so they should hang up already.  I already gave up on Hye Ji’s character.  I mean I’m totally okay if she just vanished on the last episodes without any explanation lol
Chairman giggled  and murmured how it was a nice age to be in love when he noticed a young couple hugging outside.  But when the young man stole a kiss from her and walked fast to tease her, he was surprised to see that the young woman was Ha Won.  He moved his eyes to the young man who welcomed Ha Won in his arms and went on a serious face when he saw that it was Ji Woon.  Unaware of their looming love problem, Ha Won and Ji Won walked on flower petals on their blossoming romance.
 They went on their strategy on who will go first and decided that she will do it.  She walked ahead of him, but she faced him again, beamed and created a small heart through her hands for him.   Ji Woon giggled like a school-boy and moved quick to embrace her while whispering how it felt so nice to have her in his arms.  
Unbeknownst to them Seo Woo witnessed their embrace and when he saw Yoon Sung approaching he tried to deviate his attention for him not to discover Ha Won and Ji Woon’s secret relationship.  
Seo Woo grieved silently on his recent discovery while contemplating on what will happen to Ha Won if his grandfather will learn she breached the contract.  He went to the kitchen to make some coffee and Ha Won found him and drank coffee with him too.  He asked her if something good happened to her recently because she seemed a bit happier, but she denied that nothing significant happened to her.  Ha Won asked him an advice since he gets a lot of presents from his girl fans on what gift to buy a friend of her friend who just recently started dating her boyfriend.  Knowing the question was really Ha Won’s situation, Seo Woo told her how guys are not particular about gifts and that they just want their girl to stay with them smiling and happy like what she was doing at that moment.  She thought she was spilling another line from a love song he is currently writing not realizing that painful i-like-you-but-you-like-my-cousin gaze.  awww hugs for you Seo Woo
Chairman Kang summoned Ha Won to his office and went straight to the point on how she lied that she was not dating his grandson.  He offered her the complete compensation promised to her when she took the job, but she has to leave Ji Woon and Sky House for good.  Ha Won leaned on a post, crying silently and trying to get some strength from the shock from Chairman’s threat.  
The Chairman was reminded of when he ordered Ji Woon’s mother to leave the Sky House because she discreetly dated his son.  Ji Woon’s mother reasoned how they did not deserve that treatment when her father served him all his life and how falling in love was not a sin as well, but the Chairman was firm with his decision that she was not good for his son.  His son went furious upon learning he sent his lover’s family away and argued how he loved her dearly, but his father just replied that since his woman accepted his money, she did not feel the same way at all.  Chairman Kang opened a box where his dead son’s ring rested and remembered how he scolded him of his fixation of money and how years after his son said the same thing to him.
Hyun Min saw Hye Ji’s thank-you-note to Ha Won and went to search for her.   He found her on the playground they frequently went to when they were young and pushed him away telling her friends will arrive soon.  He stopped her from the nonsense she was spouting.  Hye Ji uttered how the place is perfect for them to finally get both their closure.  We delved back to memory lane when young Hyun Min gave her a ring on her birthday and asked her to marry him.  Young Hye Ji responded that she will give him an answer in 10 years.  Back to present time, Hye Ji told him that she will give the answer from 10 years ago.  She said no from his proposal citing they were not meant to work out.  Hyun Min agreed but asked her to go back at Sky House and to stop doing stupid things.  She declined his offer and motioned to leave reasoning out how she does not have the right to stay at their house and that she will just live with her uncle.  He repelled her words dropping how he knew she was looking for cheap places to stay as she does not have money to pay for a decent place.  Hye Ji took it like he was pitying her for providing her living options and taking care of her studio things as he silently refuted her thoughts.  aigoo Hyun Min just give up on that girl puhlease
HYE JI:  You disappeared like you would never see me again.  I missed you so much that I almost went crazy.  When you came back, you looked at me with the coldest expression.  When I tried to approach you and you looked at me with that coldness, my heart felt like it was ripping apart.  Is that fun for you to play with someone’s feelings?
HYUN MIN:  Was it fun for me?  When you missed me, I missed you a hundred times more.  I wanted to touch you when you looked at me.  I wanted to hold you tight whenever you approached me.  I wanted to do all of it a hundred times!  No!  Even a thousand times more than you did.  I treasured you and loved you more.  But the two of us can never be together.
Tears welled on Hye Ji’s eyes with Hyun Min’s love declaration as she asked her why they can’t be together.  He divulged the truth about the guilt he has been carrying all these years for leaving her brother when he was hit by a car 10 years ago.  He added how he was a coward back then who ran when he did not know what to do and that’s why they cannot be together.  It dawned on Hye Ji how he has been pushing her away because of that reason which did not make sense to her as everything does not make sense to her strange mind anyway.  She told him not to seek her anymore im the future and for them not to share the same space and time as well and walked away from him.
Ji Woon frantically tried to reach Ha Won and his phone slipped from his hand and went to a locked portion of the storage room.  He picked up the phone and noticed an old photo album.  He opened it and realized that her mother used to live at Sky House. 
Meanwhile Chairman Kang asked Yoon Sung about any development, but the latter reported nothing of great importance for his task.  Chairman faced him and got startled when he saw the neck tie his wife picked worn by his secretary.  Yoon Sung went to a dinner with Chairman’s wife and were surprised when the Chairman came unannounced staring at his wife holding Yoon Sung’s hand.  The Chairman fainted with the shock thinking his wife was having an affair with his secretary.  
As Hyun Min and Ji Woon prepared on the effects of new revelations they just made and received, Hye Ji and Ha Won contemplated on where they will be heading.
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 12
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Our Cinderella story is now in full swing with a clear possibility of having Ji Woon’s parents’ love story the same as what Ji Woon currently have.  
I was thinking why Hyun Min blamed him for his friend’s death so I resorted to the thought that maybe if he could have been braver and scare didn’t attack him that time, he could have cried for help and it would have saved Hye Ji’s brother.
My heart was with Seo Woo in this episode as he finally hit that realization that his first love is indeed one-sided.  While I think they created a faint connection with Ja Young and I don’t know if it will progress in the future eps, I think I will make a pass on it and just have him stay as the cool second lead.
I did not see it coming that Yoon Sung will be swayed with his mother’s evil intentions meant to make his life well.  I hope he snapped back to reality very soon.
As this drama is predictable, we can pretty much say what will happen in the succeeding chapters.  I just hope that the closing frames will be neatly tied and that grandpa will just acquiesce that true love really exists.

Cinderella and the Four Knights Ep 12 Recap

Sometimes close can be too close.  Ji Woon who got used to playing superhero cared so much about Ha won that he overstep on the battles she has to face on her own.  Hyun Min mustered his will and pulled Hye Ji back from the rebellion she was starting.  We get to see the main couples inside a car this episode, I guess we are finally reaching home.
Burdened with the recent revelation she got of her supposed real father, Ha Won found herself talking to her mother to deny it as it did not make any sense to her.  Ji Woon trusted his hunch on where Ha Won can probably be and found her sadly sitting at the columbarium.  She stood up to meet his eyes as he wondered how he found her there.  
JI WON:  I was worried about you.  I thought that you might be crying alone or you may be in pain.
Ha Won remembered how she called him earlier and explained that there’s nothing to worry about her and that she just missed her mom but Ji Woon stopped her pretending-i’m-okay face and took her body in his embrace.  He whispered for her not to say anything and that she can cry as much as she wants because he will be by her side.  Ha Won cried her heart out as Ji Woon gently tapped her back.
Ha Won poured her sentiments on how she can’t accept the news brought by the ajussi claiming to be her father.  She spoke about how she still hoped that what her known father told her about her birth secret was just spilled out of anger.  Though she did want to meet her biological father if it was indeed true, she was not prepared when he appeared suddenly in front of her.  Ji Woon advised her how he was on the same situation a year ago learning from Yoon Sung about who his father was.  He added that what she felt was normal and she should not force herself to believe it right away until she is mentally prepared to process everything.  Ha Won voiced out how she felt scared and wanted to be with someone to share her burden and so she was happy when he was there at that moment.  Ji Woon asked if she was happy to see him and Ha Won finally smiled saying how Ji Woon has some purpose in her life at least.
Ajumma told the other young masters on how Ha Won ran away after the visit of her supposed real father.  Ha Won received a phone call from the columbarium about an advance payment made by ajussi making her feel uneasy on why he had to do it.  Seo Woo who wanted to cheer Ha Won up dragged her to the dining hall and prepared some pasta which she happily munched.  Ha Won told him to stop staring at her with that concerned look, but he replied how she has always been fixing their family problems and that he has not done anything for her.  She assured him that she’s feeling better and mentioned how Ji Woon came to comfort her when she was having a hard time yesterday. ouch
Seo Woo was surprised that Ji Woon did it and felt a little bit jealous of him while Ha Won blabbered on how they were being nice to her making her living to Sky House a happy experience.  She praised his cooking as Seo Woo urged her to eat some more.  Is he really not going to have a love line here?  Poor Seo Woo. 😦
Ha Won saw Hyun Min peeking at her room and made him jump in surprise with her sudden hello.  He asked if she already ate and she confirmed it while drumming on her full tummy.  Hyun Min murmured how it’s impossible for her to lose appetite anyway and told her how Seo Woo has been worried about her but he assured him how he knows her strong convictions won’t likely make her feel down.  Ha Won agreed and went inside as he sneaked a chance to check if Hye Ji was inside, instead he saw the workout clothes and memories of their awkward orange moment came rushing to his mind.  To protect that sweet memory, he told Ha Won not to wear her Sky House uniform anymore which confused her as she regularly wears it in the house.
Yoon Sung’s mom went to see Chairman in the office and whined on why he had to leave early when she prepared a surprise breakfast.  He told her that he had a meeting but when they sat down he revealed that he did not want to lie to her so he will be admitting that he really went to the bath house with a friend.  He asked his wife if there’s something she might not be telling her about, but she evaded his question making Chairman sad that she still chose to lie and suspected her even more.
After comtemplating on Hye Ji’s actions, Ji Woon approached Hye Ji who was working on her clothing design in the living room.  He apologized for dropping her out yesterday and she replied how it was okay about it knowing it is his nature to help out people when they don’t feel better.
JI WOON:  I did not go to Ha Won because I felt that way.
HYE JI:  Then what?
JI WOON:  I have special feelings for Ha Won.
Pain and confusion ran on Hye Ji’s face as she argued why he went to help her then last time when he had feelings for Ha Won.  She asked if he pitied her and got upset on all those times he was there to shield her, but Ji Woon clarified that since he was the first person who opened her heart to him when he first came there, he wanted to be nice to her.  He said sorry but Hye Ji stopped him from saying it since she does not know how to proceed anymore when she was really intending to rely on him.  Ji Woon told her how she was just used to having him by her side, but it does not mean that he can fill the void Hyun Min left in her heart.  
Ji Woon walked away unaware that Hyun Min was there witnessing that scene all along, and he was reminded on how he pushed Hye Ji away when he got back to Korea.  Yes Hyun Min!  It was your fault!  You turned her to a ball of non-comprehending girl who can’t fend herself and just want to be shielded by others
Ji Woon stepped out and saw an unfamiliar man ogling at the house.  He recognized it as Ha Won’s long lost biological father and invited him out to a nearby coffee shop.  He introduced himself as Ha Won’s friend, and he pryed on what kind of friendship they shared. He replied that Ha Won is like a family to him and he knew about their situation.  Ajussi narrated his sob story of not being able to take care of Ha Won for the past 10 years since he suffered financial constraints that would hinder him to properly clothing and feeding Ha Won.  Ji Woon took some money from his wallet and gave it to ajussi and told him to buy some clothes and food for Ha Won.  Ajussi gladly agreed and thanked him for his good deed.  I hope this ajussi’s screen time will end this episode. just please.
Trailing his mother, Yoon Sung discovered her secretly meeting the Chairman’s lawyer.  The lawyer gave her the copy of Chairman’s will and when they parted ways, she placed a phone call to set her evil plans to motion.  Yoon Sung confronted his mother of what she was planning to do when he read the document she secured from the lawyer.  He warned her that he will be reporting everything to the chairman, but she coldly responded for him to shut his mouth.  He asked how much more gold-digging she will be doing but she responded how everything she was doing was for his own sake since he has devoted his life to the company and he won’t be getting anything once any of Chairman’s grandsons will take over.  When she told him that she will go to the end of her plans, Yoon Sung icily replied how she should have not come back after a long while but looking so pathetic like that.
Ha Won received a text from ajussi about what happened yesterday.  She asked him to meet her and when she confirmed their relationship, ajussi responded how he was friends with her mother since college.  They opened the taekwondo school together and realized they have feelings for each other at a time they were not supposed to.  She asked him why it took him a long time to present himself and he replied how he was drowning in debt in the past years.  He tried holding her hand and reminisced about how Ha Won loved nestling on his neck playing a robot transformation.  Ha Won excused herself to go somewhere near to get something and to escape the situation as well.
Ha Won went to a nearby store to buy a clothing for ajussi but when she got back she found him sneaking on her things.  She pretended she did not see it and aked him if he was still struggling with moneys.  He confirmed how nothing has changed since then and showed his bad color by urging Ha Won to give him some money so he can find a place where they can stay.  Ha Won responded how she does not have any money either, but ajussi suggested if maybe Kang Ji Woon can help them.  She was surprised how he knew Ji Woon so he told her how he ran into him and sat for a quick chat about her. She got upset when he blurted the money he accepted from him and hurriedly left the eating place.  At the Sky House, Ji Woon was having a hard time trying to text Ha Won to go out with him.
Hyun Min was alerted  by his friend that Hye Ji and their common friend known to be a player is hitting nicely in the bar.  Ji Woon received a phone call from ajussi about his meeting with Ha Won. Worried about Hye Ji, Hyun Min called Ji Woon’s attention who was about to leave to ask if he will pick up Hye Ji, but he was clueless where she was.  Ji Woon threw the storage key at him and told him to take care of Hye Ji if he was that concerned about her.  
Ha Won arrived at Sky House looking gloomy  just as Ji Woon stepped out to meet her.  She griped at how he might be pitying her to have met ajussi and gave some money to him.  She told him how when he shared his story of him learning he was from a rich household, she thought they have at least something in common, but she was wrong about it since she did not wake up rich like he did and it pained her so much how she would look forward to her life if that kind of person was really her father.  Ji Woon tried to clarify the concern he was giving her, but she does not want to hear it and was firm of him not to mind her business anymore.
Ji Woon froze not knowing how to appease Ha Won and we flashed back to his conversation with ajussi where he opened about getting an apartment and needing money for it.  Ji Woon asked him if Ha Won knew about what he was asking and he replied that it was her idea for him to ask his help.  Ji Woon agreed and told him that he will pay him a visit at his workplace tomorrow.  Meanwhile Ha Won held on her mother’s necklace crying on what she has to do in her situation as she questioned how her mother fell in love with that kind of man.
Ajussi splurged on some money treating his fellow workers with some drinks.  He boasted how he got a sponsor when he was asked how he has been buying them food these days.  When they were asked to resume to work, Ji Woon who was there all along, took the cup where he drank and went to submit it for a DNA test.  
Seo Woo went to a radio interview for his album promotion and was asked about his first love.  He described how she is boyish and uses cosmetic samples.  He added how she wears exercise clothing most of the time, but when she appeared on a dress she was so beautiful.  Seo Woo ended his heartfelt my-first-love confession by telling how he has shown her his feelings in so many ways, but she goes to where her heart belongs unaware that he likes her.  awwww Seo Woo I’m here for you.
Yoo Na and Ja Young met outside the radio station where Seo Woo’s fans were already camping.  Ja Young called Seo Woo to inform him that evil Yoo Na unni graced his presence.  He walked towards them to get her notebook as Yoo Na prettily smiled with the attention given to her, but when she saw what was written, she got mad when it was a note for her to be nice to Ha Won.
Hyun Min  contemplated on the challenge Ji Woon thrown at him and we finally got a glimpse of why he acted  indifferent towards Hye Ji.  He remembered  the day when he was playing with Hye Ji’s brother with a water gun.  He went ahead of him and just as Hye Ji’s brother was crossing the road, a car ran at full speed and bumped at him in front of Hyun Min’s eyes.  
Ha Won met with ajussi and gave him some money.  He thought it was for their apartment, but she corrected him that it was for the columbarium payment he made.  She told him that she will not acknowledge him as her father, but he argued how they are related by blood.  Just then Ji Woon slumped the DNA result and challenged ajussi to reveal his real identity.  When he ignored the envelope, Ha Won took it and tore it in front of him.  She stood up as Ji Woon complained on why she did that.  She smiled at him and muttered how she trusts her mom would never loved a man like him.  She faced ajussi and lectured him on how he approached the wrong person as she is not rich and only works part-time at Sky House.  
She motioned to leave but ajussi mumbled how he was left no choice and blamed the apartment fire that ruined his life.  Ha Won turned her back and in the brink of tears she told him how she lost her mother in that fire as well, but never did she give up on her life and it was his fault how his life did not get any better.  Ha Won walked out of the cafe as Ji Woon grabbed her hand and declared they will finish their interrupted joyride last time.
Hyun Min saw Hye Ji heading out and learned through her phone call that she was meeting his friend.  Hye Ji responded how Hyun Min does not care about her when her date asked if it was really over between her and Hyun Min.  She mumbled how they never dated in the first place and he was just a friend.  Hyun Min came out of the blue grabbing her out of the place and warning his friend to stop his playing around and just worry about his girlfriend whom he just ended his relationship yesterday.
Hye Ji spat her anger at Hyun Min on the show he just pulled with her date and how he does not need to care about her life.  He replied how he does not want to do that either but he can’t bear to see her dating worthless guys after being dumped by Ji Woon.  He hit her nerve and demanded to let her out.  He pulled over in front of a convenience store and bought some beer to drink to stop her tantrums.  He told her how he can’t drive since he consumed alcohol so she was left with no choice but to crawl-drive following his direction.  Hyun Min boringly answered Hye Ji’s inquiries while she drives at a snail pace.  When they missed the chance to switch lane again, Hyun Min teased her on how they can just go on their straight path since the world is round and they will surely reach their destination.  lol
Seo Woo’s manager received a phone call from a reporter snooping if the singer has been dating.  He denied it strongly but asked Seo Woo just in case the reporters will delve in his dating life.  Seo Woo assured him how he does not have time to date anyone.
Ji Woon stared at Ha Won’s cheerful face while she enjoyed the view from their ride.  He apologized for stepping in and not trusting that she can battle her own problems.  She revealed how she put up a strong face to reject ajussi and even earlier was still crossed whether accepting him or not, but when he showed up with the envelope, she gained more confidence to trust her instinct.  She beamed at him and told him how she trusted her mom.  He smiled back and patted her hair and the butterflies in her tummy started to move again.  lol  She teased him of how boring his driving was so he stepped on the gas and surged fast on the road.
They went to a ranch farm where Ha Won can’t help but praise the amazing scenery and told him how it was the first time for her to be brought to such a beautiful place.  They went for a walk and he confided how it was also the first time for him to meet someone who was quite similar to him.  She agreed when he said that they were alike, but she pointed how he was a bit peculiar closing his heart and telling her to get lost a lot of times before.  She asked why he was like that before and murmured how he was like an iron-clad wall.  He finally handed her the chocolate box and told her that it was a gift from an iron-clad wall.
She opened the box and found it empty.  She asked him what kind of gift was that and he replied that it represents his feelings.  errrr wrong answer Ji Woon  Ha Won moved forward away from him after misunderstanding his gift but halted when he called her.  He told her how he bought that chocolate for her on White Day.  She showed the empty box, and he responded that the chocolate melted that’s why.  *chuckles
JI WOON:  It’s not Hye Ji.  It’s you.  My heart belongs to you.  Thank you for getting close to me.  Just stay there.  From now on, i will be the one who will get closer to you.
Ji Woon walked to where she was standing and gently held her face in place for a heart-stopping kiss that sent her to oblivion.  Ha Won closed her eyes, wrapped her arms around him and savored Ji Woon’s sweet kiss teasing her lips in that beautiful green field.  
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 11
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Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 01
Aigoo… I swear I closed my eyes with that kiss too.  Did they kiss for 20 seconds?  It’s just pure bliss whenever Jung Il Woo does a kiss scene.
Finally we won’t be having any love confusion anymore and will hurdle a possibility that grandpa might not like the idea of his grandsons dating.
Considering the drama is pre-produced, I hope I can still bask in Ha Won-Ji Woon romantic scenes in the closing episodes.  
As I melted from that closing scene kiss, I’ve ran out of thoughts to discuss.  At least this episode compensated to the recent Hye-Ji induced annoyance that made me almost give up in finishing this series recap.  *lol  Episode 13, please hurry up!  ^_^

Cinderella and the Four Knights Episode 11 Recap

There is a thin line between being brave in claiming a love and assuming that the love will be reciprocated.  As Hye Ji drowned in her world where she wanted everyone to revolve around her, Hyun Min belatedly acknowledged what he felt for her and was trying to salvage whatever he can to win her back.  Ji Woon finally set where his heart belonged to as Ha Won was put in an emotional breakdown after a man from nowhere claimed to be his father.
Ha Won welcomed Hye Ji to her room as the latter apologized for barging in their kindness.  While settling her things, Hye Ji spoke about how happy she was that Ji Woon came to her rescue because she felt so lost earlier not knowing what to do.  She added how Ji Woon has always been there for her everytime she needs someone.  blah blah blah yeah right the world should revolve around you  Hye Ji excused herself to get some water as Ha Won hid the pain she felt while Hye Ji blabbed to her face how Ji Woon takes good care of her.
Hyun Min stopped Hye Ji on her tracks so she asked if he had something to say.  He asked how she was and muttered how he was about to pick up her call, but Hye Ji cut him and told him how he was a step behind Ji Woon earlier.  Oh why your highness?  Are the cousins playing a game where you score a point on who can win your heart?  tssss!
Bothered at Hye Ji’s words about Ji Woon, Ha Won griped at Ji Woon who entered the room bringing Hye Ji’s small bag.  He asked her awkward when and how she got home questions to which she replied how obviously she was standing there so she did arrive home safely.  Ji Woon asked her to take care of Hye Ji as she continued to sulk privately on why he only cared for Hye Ji.
Ha Won woke up and saw Hye Ji’s empty spot on her bed.  She headed to the dining room and was curious why the house appeared to be quiet.  Ajumma narrated how Hye Ji woke up early and saw Seo Woo in his unglamorous pop star face while she was eating her breakfast.  She also saw Hyun Min’s cherry red boxer shorts when she confirmed if it was his and how she gave water to Ji Woon after his morning run.  Ajumma spoke about how the house is different just because Hye Ji came.  
Ha Won countered how it was like that when she first came, but Ajumma replied it to be different as the boys never changed their attitude towards her, but they acted awkward on Hye Ji.  She added how it was the first time she saw Ji Woon treats a girl nicely.  All her theories she summed up to Hye Ji’s doll-like beauty (where? which part?) and that’s why her presence was making the young masters act differently.
Ha Won left the dining room mumbling how she has been overlooked as a womanwhen she is also one, but froze and was put on a trance when she saw Hye Ji on a “pretty woman” brightly lit shot.  When she came back to earth, she looked at her i-woke-up-like-this frame and relented to the idea on how both of them really looked different.  
She continued her gloomy spree in her room whining how all men are the same when it comes to liking pretty and sexy girls.  But then she came across a line from a book where it said “your own charm will attract the one fated to be with you”.  Inspired by that mantra, she went to “Operation prettify myself” and tried on some cute headbands, hairclips, earrings and clothings to achieve a girly look.  
Finally picking a sweet lady attire, she peeked from her door and approached Seo Woo who was watching TV in the living room.  He dropped the TV remote control and muttered how she looked different that day.  Ha Won urged for some compliments, but not finding the proper words to say he resorted to calling his cousins to help him sort out Ha Won’s sudden beautiful transformation.
Ha Won covered his mouth from calling the boys, but it was too late as Ji Woon emerged in his room stopping a bit as his heart skipped at the sight of girly Ha Won.  When he went back to earth, he asked why he was summoned as shy Ha Won ran back to her room embarrass on the show she presented unaware that she took the cousins breath away.
Ji Woon ruminated on Ha Won’s obvious avoidance towards him and wondered if she was still mad about his leaving last time.  He contemplated on what he should do to appease her.  Meanwhile Chairman Kang dined out with his wife.  While pretending that he did not know about her surprise gift, he was shocked when he saw not the red neck tie he was expecting.  And with just that one red necktie, doubts about his new wife entered Chairman’s mind.
The police officer denied Hye Ji’s request to see her father.  dear police officer, we would appreciate it if you will lock her together with her father. lol  Saddened on her father’s situation, she tried calling an uncle to ask for help, but she was told he was busy.  Hyun Min who was there all along stepped up and contact his connections to get a letter from Hye Ji’s father and to retrieve her personal things as well.
Hyun Min arrived at Sky House and found Hye Ji sitting on the living room.  He walk towards her and gave her father’s letter.  He assured her not to worry about the case anymore.  She asked what’s that about and he replied that he felt sorry for not helping her out last time and since he can pretty much do anything he blabbed how she does not need to thank him or ask why he did that for her.   Hye Ji cut his words by responding for him not to extend help to her again as she is not comfortable receiving his kindness.  this girl has serious self worth problems
Hyun Min went to Ji Woon’s room and threw a key at him.  He told him that Hye Ji’s things would be there.   We got another boring crying frame of Hye Ji reading her father’s letter as Ji Woon stared at her while Ha Won was also looking at both of them.  
Ji Woon went to the locker place with Hye Ji and before he could even tell that it was Hyun Min’s doing, she was already happily checking on her sewing stuff.  He told her to get only some of the things she needed and she thanked him for his effort not knowing that it was Hyun Min who did it for her.  She expressed gratitude by buying him lunch and when they went to eat cheesy ramyun at a convenience store, she was surprised on why he seemed to have eaten it a lot.  He mumbled that it was true mentioning he often chowed it with Ha Won’s as it’s her favorite.  
Hye Ji showed disappointment on her face and utterred how he had gotten closer to Ha Won and if it was the same kind of closeness she had with him.  Ji Woon responded not knowing how to compare it and to break free from the situation, he headed inside the convenience store to get some coffee.  He spotted some “express your love to someone special” White Day chocolates on display and bought a box of it.  He tucked it inside his pocket though Hye Ji was eyeing on it.  Yeah it’s not for you b*tch! 
Ajumma laid the food on the dining table as Ha Won wondered why no one was around. Ajumma reported that Seo Woo left early for his schedule and Ji Woon went somewhere with Hye Ji as well.  Ajumma stated how Ji Woon has been neglecting her since Hye Ji came adding pain to the already gloomy heart of our Hawonrella.  She escaped the awkward chat by dragging Hyun Min who was playing a video game in his room to accompany her on the table.  Ignoring her at first, Hyun Min agreed after she turned off the TV and showed him her puppy face.
Hyun Min stared at Ha Won’s chomping of food and pointed out how she was eating thrice as much as she used to.  She answered that it was to compensate her empty heart.  He motioned to leave and told her to summon Ji Woon when she refused to talk to him, but she murmured that he was with Hye Ji.  Hyun Min settled back on his seat and urged to tell something more about the two who went out, but they ended up bickering as they both refused to believe that they don’t care about the two going out together.
The two arrived and Hye Ji explained that Ji Woon helped her out getting her studio things.  After placing her things in the storage room, Ji Woon marched to Hyun Min’s room and reported his successful mission but told him that it was the last time he was going to do that.  Hyun Min responded that he has to keep doing that as he was only good in making her cry.  Ji Woon confirmed how he wanted him to take credit for the future good things he will do for Hye Ji to which he agreed.  Ji Woon told him that he will not do it for him but because he was Hye Ji’s friend and that he cared for her.  He warned him not to hurt Hye Ji again.
Ha Won took a walk blabbering her annoyance towards Hye Ji and Ji Woon.  Then Ji Woon came out of the blue asking who she was talking to, but she pushed her away to where Hye Ji might be.  He teased her on how his spending time with Hye Ji lately might be disappointing her, but she denied it strongly although her face showed otherwise.
He apologized for leaving her that day but she disregarded it since it happened on the past.   He was about to give the chocolates, but stopped midway and asked her when she will have the time to drive with him as he felt bad not completing their getaway.  Ha Won shut her heart that suddenly leapt as Ji Woon added that he was going to tell something on the day they will go driving out again.  Ha Won beamed as he walked away.  He stopped and stared at the chocolate box that he still wasn’t able to give.
Ha Won pondered on what Ji Woon will be telling her and her reverie was disrupted by Seo Woo.  He thought she was thinking about Hye Ji and advised her to take care of her since she’s having a hard time right now.  Following Seo Woo’s words, she volunteered to wash her dirty laundry but destroyed the clothes in the process.  She offered her Sky House patented uniform in the mean time for her to use.  Hye Ji told her not to worry about replacing the clothes as she will shop clothes with Ji Woon soon.
Noticing Ha Won’s face saddened, she pushed to tell her how she confessed her feelings to Ji Woon.  She narrated how Ji Woon was always there when she was having a tough time with Hyun Min and recently with her father.  When Ha Won asked how Ji Woon responded, she replied and lied to her stating he probably felt the same way too.  
Chairman Kang was bothered by his wife’s recent actions and ordered Yoon Sung to tail her.  In their goal to be on the good side of Chairman’s wife, Step-mom spilled the gossip she acquired and revealed how other chaebol wives were telling that it was not her first marriage.  Instead of favoring step-mom, Chairman Kang’s wife got upset and called the gossipers to warn them to back off.  She also made step-mom lose her job.
While Ha Won weighed on where she really stands on Ji Woon’s life as she thought about the signals and sparks they shared recently.  Ji Woon on the other hand was asked by Hye Ji to accompany her to shop tomorrow.  Step-mom wept with Yoo Na on their failed plan to become Chairman’s wife’s right hand as Yoon Sung started on tailing his mother as per Chairman’s order.
Hyun Min saw Ha Won headed to the dining hall and mumbled how she might be hungry again.  He followed her and held her towelled hair steady as he lifted an orange and moved his face closer to her.  Just then he noticed that it was not Ha Won but Hye Ji that he was holding. Their eyes met and electricity ran, but then she escaped from his grasp as Hyun Min still held on her hair towel.  She grabbed the towel back as he apologized for his mistake and she marched away from him in quick paces.
Ha Won mustered courage and went to Ji Woon’s room, but he was not inside.  Hye Ji saw her peeking at his room and moved towards her.  Ha Won saw her and asked if she was heading somewhere and she replied that she’s going out with Ji Woon.  
Just when Hye Ji entered his car, Ji Woon realized he left his wallet so he went back inside to retrieve it.  Ha Won saw him running and headed to his room to ask where she  stands once and for all.  But then she saw him holding the chocolate box and wallet and jumped into the conclusion that those were meant for Hye Ji.  He asked about what she wanted to say and with the inner rage she was feeling she can’t seem to put it on words.  
Ha Won:   I’ve heard everything from Hye Ji.  So please don’t do things that will make me misunderstand.
She hurriedly left not giving time for Ji Woon to clear what she implied.
To make Ha Won’s day even more worse.  The opportunist ajussi moved to his evil plans in making money by presenting himself at Sky House and claiming he was Ha Won’s real father.
Worried about Ha Won’s words earlier, Ji Woon pulled over and asked Hye Ji if she said something to Ha Won.  
HYE JI:  I told her that I want to go out with you and that you probably want to do it also.  Is that not true?  You rushed to help me when I was in need, if you don’t feel the same way, then what am I to you?
Ji Woon answered her by saying sorry and telling her to go on her own with her plans today.  serves you right!  finally this drama is making sense!  hallelujah!  
Ajussi rushed to Ha Won when she let go of the tea cup after his revelation.  He coaxed her to live with him, but not buying the news she suddenly got, Ha Won left when he refused to leave as she requested.  
Ha Won wandered in the streets while Ji Woon learned what happened when he was away.  Ha Won tried calling her father pushing her phone battery to its limit.  Ji Woon searched for Ha Won while driving on the road.  Ha Won called Ji Woon and when he picked it up, she cryingly called his name before her phone died and Ji Woon failed to get her location.  Ha Won sat helplessly on the road crying hard as that day worn out her usually strong heart.
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Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 01
This is finally moving to a direction where fan service will be showcased soon and I look forward to the you-and-me-against-my-rich-grandpa plot trajectory in our last four episodes.
At least we got a clear frame now on Ji Woon’s heart and Hyun Min is showing some sense to finally win Hye Ji back.  That girl badly needed it.  I am blaming Hyun Min for making her feel that everyone should shield her.
I was happy that the story did not linger to the confusing what-am-I-really-to-you plot as Ji Woon shut Hye Ji’s delusions right away once he figured Ha Won’s implied how-could-you message.
Can’t wait to jump to the next episode and see if finally we will be getting a clearer picture of the love story.

Cinderella and the Four Knights Ep 10 Recap

The world of young love is not always made of rose petals, kisses and pixie dust.  Now that the lines are getting clearer and the confused hearts are getting sober, While Ha Won’s blooming romance is hindered by the lack of assurance that her feelings is not one-way, our pretty Knights struggled with their own love problems.
2016 Kdramaland’s most boring female second lead Hye Ji really does not know anything else she can still do aside from sewing and stalking Hyun Min.  Drained from Hyun Min’s countless rejections, she offered herself to Ji Woon who was processing the situation he was put into.  When he attempted to reply, she told him not to give his answer yet and walked away to go home.  dear drama, please minimize Hye Ji’s screentime.  we don’t care a bit about her in this drama seriously.
Ji Woon marched back to his room but Ha Won called his attention.  She gave the watch he left and spoke about how he might not sleep well tonight with Hye Ji’s proposal knowing how much he liked her for a long time.  I can’t recall any scene like that Ha Won.  She said goodnight and went back to her room as Ji Woon gazed at her back.  Upon closing the door, she heaved a sigh and let loose of the painful feeling she cannot comprehend.
Ji Woon pondered on the sudden Hye Ji confusion and delved back to the memory of their first encounter when he accidentally saw her in front of his hide out crying while he was playing with an old camera that suddenly shot a flash at her.  
She followed him when he went inside not knowing he is Hyun Min’s recently discovered cousin.  She took the camera but was not able to get it to work.  Ji Woon told her to weep inside and  left the room.  He sat outside hearing her flooding tears and we cut to younger Ji Woon who witnessed his mother suppressing her painful cries.  
Back at Hyun Min’s room, he is in his own reverie looking at smiley face and the childhood framed picture.  Make up your mind Hyun Min!  If not for you, crazy Hye Ji’s mental instability would not have gone to worst.
Ha Won sought Ja Young’s analysis on her situation which she cloaked with a story of her friend’s mom’s cousin’s daughter.  Ja Young drew a hypothesis that if the girl is pretty, there’s no way the other girl can compete with the boy’s one-sided-love but Ha Won argued that the boy did not respond to the proposal in words to which Ja Young countered how in relationship these days flirting comes first before validation.  But Ja Young gave her a glimmer of hope stating the possibility that he might have started liking another girl if he has been on a one-sided love for a long time.  I still refuse to believe that he likes her.  She was his only lady friend. platonic. period.
Ha Won sneaked a peek on busy Ji Woon at his hide out after her conversation with Ja Young.  She arrived to a conclusion that he is always alone and he does not know any other woman but Hye Ji.  Ha Won stopped with her deduction as the kiss they shared flashed in her thoughts and she was on a love trance realizing apart from Hye Ji, she’s the only other girl he knows ergo she dig deeper to her delusion that he might like her too.  love love love Ha Won in her sweet hallucinations
Next up, she summoned virtual advices regarding her boggling i-want-to-know-if-he-likes-me-too problem and received positive and negative responses.  She picked on a rational reply on how a man won’t be angry at a woman he likes and tested the theory with Ji Woon.  First , she pretended to be reading and threw the book at him hitting his head.  Ha Won apologized  and he just heaved a sigh.  Next, she bumped him and spilled his juice on his shirt.  He raised his voice to Ha Won’s feigned sorry face and just walked away.  Lastly, knowing how he does not like his personal space being invaded, Ha Won made a mess at his hide out and waited for the outcome of her raid.  
Ji Woon marched to her room angry on why she was taking her boredom at him. Ha Won denied his allegations and tried to bail herself out pointing to the fact that she was sick.  Controlling his nerves, he warned her to just go to sleep and motioned to leave, but she hit him with her pillow.  He turned back about to transform to a super saiyan, but Ha Won complained how he has not taken care of her while she was sick and never bought yummy food as well.  He calmed down realizing it to be true and proceeded to leave her room.  At the end of her hypothesis testing, Ha Won concluded to an answer that he did not like her.
Hye Ji texted Ji Woon for them to go out and noticed a bunch of notices inside the mailbox. Hyun Min who was stalking her approached and demanded for a talk to which she denied.  He boldly spoke on how she was using Ji Woon to spite him, but Hye Ji answered how his mind can only think of lame excuses.  She told him how Ji Woon has always been there for him that’s why.  Ji Woon joined their afternoon chat wondering why Hyun Min was there and left with Hye Ji.
Ji Woon put the cloth materials at Hye Ji’s work station.  He asked her if she is being sincere about what she said the day before and upon remembering her anger to Hyun Min’s arrogance thinking she can never stop liking him, she responded yes.
At Skyhouse, Hyun Min was throwing a tantrum unable to handle his jealousy towards his cousin.  He went to his room and saw a yellow toy car and stepped on it surprising Ha Won who went to Ji Woon’s room after deciding not to beat the corners and ask him directly who he likes.  Just as how she can tone Hyun Min down for acting like a gradeschooler, she ordered him to apologize to him later, but he refused her command.  
She explained how Ji Woon likes car and his mind jumped to destroying something next in his room, but she halted his intention pointing out that he was annoyed of Ji Woon because of Hye Ji.  Hyun Min stood up to leave but realized why she was also in that room.  Unable to respond to the sudden question, he let it go and mentioned that Hye Ji was with Ji Woon turning her to a sudden depressing mood.
Bothered by the thoughts of Ji Woon and Hye Ji together, Ha Won declined Seo Woo’s invitation to go out after his scheduled interview.  She sat properly from her slouch and asked him if guys really like pretty and feminine type of girls like Hye Ji.  
Seo Woo was surprised by her question so she uttered how she thinks she can never be liked by guys, but he appeased her worried heart telling her how she looks pretty to him.   Ha Won smiled at how he is very good with flattery as he bid goodbye for his promotional interview.
Contemplating on Hye Ji’s relationship declaration, Ji Woon’s attention shifted to a pastry shop remembering how Ha Won was grumpy over him not buying food while she was sick.  He dismissed the idea as traffic lights signalled him to move.
Meanwhile an evil plan is lurking as Ha Won’s supposed biological father learned the extent of riches Chairman Kang has.
Seo Woo was almost wrapping up with his magazine interview, when asked if his new song is dedicated to someone, his manager came to his rescue to avoid the juicy question.  He was given a simple coaster gift for gracing the interview.  The interviewer told him how he can do calligraphy on the coaster and it will reveal the writing when a hot mug is placed on it.
Seo Woo tested the coaster when he arrived home to surprise Ha Won with his new song CD copy, but then Ha Won popped up from nowhere surprising him.  She asked if he was okay because the hot coffee was spilled on his hand but he hurriedly stepped out of the kitchen telling he was okay.  
Ha Won found his new song’s CD so she walked to his room and peeked at his door.  She called him and showed the CD.  Seo Woo told her that the copy is meant for her and bubbly Ha Won staged a fan girl cheer for a live premiere of his song.
Seo Woo obliged and he sang passionately all the words he wanted to say to her.  As the song hit the chorus with love declaration lines, Ha Won stopped him from singing wanting to just listen to it alone because he felt like cheating on his fans.  She left his room and fanned her face with her hand mumbling how ardent his gaze was at her while he was singing the song earlier and that’s why maybe he has millions of followers.
Ji Woon arrived home and it turned out that he bought some pastries from the store earlier.  His path crossed with Hyun Min who asked how his date with Hye Ji was.  
HYUN MIN:  You have always stupidly trailed Hye Ji since then.  Are you happy breaking the friend zone area?  *whoa!
JI WOON:  Why?  Are you sad feeling you have lost something now that Hye Ji asked me out?  *rawr!
Ji Woon came closer and asked why he came to talk to Hye Ji earlier so that he  can give an answer on behalf of her and he replied if Hye Ji knows how much a jerk he was.  Hyun Min grabbed his collar when Ji woon boasted how he lost at him that time.
JI WOON:  Your response has made one more thing clear to me.  You regret your decision about her.  So you better cling on her harder if you don’t want to regret it even more.
Ji Woon found Ha Won in the kitchen and gave the pastries to her.  She brightly smiled at the sweets he gave.  He told her how she should not complain about him not buying something for her anymore, she gladly agreed as he left smiling at making her face happy.
Ha Won used Seo Woo’s coaster and prepared some hot choco for her cupcake.  She swayed her head gleefully while munching the sweet cake.  She stood up savoring her hot choco and missed the calligraphy that popped up on Seo Woo’s coaster – “Confession”.  would have been sweeter if it was iloveyou
Seo Woo appeared somber on his Ha Won related love problem.  He looked blankly at his new song inspired by her and crossed the initial alternate title “For Ha Won”.   awww I hope Seo Woo would at least be given a cute love line before the show ends.
As wine solved almost everything, Hyun Min drowned in alcohol muttering how Hye Ji left him for another man when he thought all along that she would always be there for him. A club girl recognized him and was responding to his mumblings directed to Hye Ji.  When he murmured “Don’t leave me”, the bar girl was ecstatic and told him how he should remember he told her that. aigoo Hyun Min if only you were not stubborn 
It’s Ha Won’s foot cast removal day and Yoon Sung  can’t accompany her because he has to be with Chairman Kang’s wife for a meeting.  Ha Won took the opportunity and  knocked at Ji Woon’s room to plead her case.  Ji Woon was shocked being asked to escort her but she reasoned how he is the only person available that day.  He refused her request but she appealed by displaying her foot and enumerating the bus, the train and the transfers she had to go through with that injured foot, but Ji Woon seemed unfazed and shut his door to her face.  
Yoon Sung proceeded to the meeting with Chairman’s wife and was taken aback when it was an arranged marriage meeting.  He apologized to the woman when she offered her hand for a handshake and left the place.  Chairman’s wife followed him and told him that as his mother, it is her earnest wish for him to marry to a rich household.  Offended by his estranged mother’s intrusion he replied how she does not have the right to use her belated motherly good intentions for him as an excuse.  
He utterred how he would pretend that the meeting never happened like what they previously agreed before.  The scene cut to memory lane when Chairman Kang introduced Yoon Sung to his future wife who turned out to be his mother who left him 12 years ago. Yoon Sung agreed to her charade of having no previous marriage as she pleaded that it was the only way for her to survive as a woman.  finally this connection was officially confirmed
Ji Woon waited for the begging patient while leaning on his car as Ha Won beamed at the sight of him.  She hinted she needed help to ride the car, but he dismissed it threatening he might change his mind so she moved to place the crutches on her own.  But Ji Woon saw her having a hard time with it so he moved to her direction.  He placed the crutches on the back seat and motioned to ride back on his seat but darling Ha Won pushed her luck talking to him with her eyes for him to open the passenger seat.  Ji Woon sighed and opened it as elated Ha Won followed his order to buckle his seatbelt.
The doctor announced Ha Won has recovered completely and may freely move as she wanted.  Ji Woon took it as her conning him to be his driver for the check up when she could have done it easily on her own.  
He joked that she can now go home alone, but Ha Won took it as him hating to help her out and not having a bit of concern towards her.  He softened at her sad face and told her he was kidding, but she ranaway with a pained heart.
Ha Won realized her bag was in his car,  but her pride won over and decided to just walk.  Ji Woon scanned the sidewalk worried about Ha Won knowing she left her bag.  He spotted him luckily and asked her to get inside.  She smiled seeing Ji Woon but remembered their recent bickering and ignored him.  He showed her bag she needed for public transportation, but she proudly declared she won’t need her bag because she will happily drive-walk with her healthy feet while enjoying the nice weather.  Amused at her playing hard to get, Ji Woon offered her a joy ride together with him, drawing a grin on her face as she finally dismissed her early disappointment with him.
Hyun Min was killing all the balls while playing billiards with his friends in trying to relieve his emotional rollercoaster.  He disregarded Hye Ji’s phonecalls who was desperately crying in their house as her family seemed to be on a financial constraint.
Ha Won felt good marveling at the scenery she was looking at with Ji Woon. He peered at her radiating face while sipping on her drink.  He took her drink and sip on it and my 30-ish old self felt giddy at this scene.  Ha Won was processing the indirect kiss they shared and Ji Woon’s teasing lips sipping on her drink was not helping her at the very least.  
Ji Woon noticed her blushing as she remembered the kiss they shared recently so he teased her more by grabbing her wrist and pulling her closer to him.  He asked if she has anything she wanted to say to him.  *sigh aigoo those pretty eyes jung il woo aigoo
Just when our sweet moment was launching to clear where Ha Won and Ji Woon stand, Hye Ji’s rescue-me phone call shattered the moment as Ji Woon muttered that they have to go back to Seoul. 
Inside the car Ha Won asked where he was going, but when he did not reply she confirmed if he is going to meet Hye Ji.  He replied yes making her face about to cry.  She told Ji Woon to drop her somewhere as she will just take a bus but he denied her requesr.  She then mentioned Hye Ji was waiting so torn between the crying woman and the woman he still can’t label, he pulled over to let her out.  He said “I’m sorry” just as she was about to step out and drove again with a confused heavy heart.
On the bus, Ha Won fought her tears back as I fought mine as well cursing Ji Woon on his being hero to Hye Ji  everytime.  
Hye Ji revealed how court people visited their house earlier and the Prosecutor’s office took her father for questioning.  She cried on the helpless situation and hugged Ji Woon, who for the record did not hug her back but tapped her shoulder to comfort her.  
Hyun Min was staring at his missed call list mumbling how he would have picked up the call if Hye Ji called the third time.  Just then his phone ring, but his face saddened when it was not Hye Ji.  His friend delivered the news that Hye Ji’s family business was in trouble and he finally realized why she must have been reaching him earlier.  
Ha Won arrived and saw Hyun Min who was intending to search for Hye Ji but Ji Woon’s car arrived with Hye Ji stepping out from it.  
Ji Woon told them that Hye Ji will stay with them for an indefinite time as the four of them exchanged meaningful looks.
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 09
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 08
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 07
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Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 01 
Having the guy you like who can’t confirm yet if he likes you back and choosing to hurt you to rescue his first love was a really awful feeling that some tears fell on my cheeks.  But then I realized I’m watching a rom-com so I straightened out.  Park So Dam and Jung Il Woo in that closing car scene really presented that painful so-where-do-i-really-stand-in-your-life picture.  While young love is more prone to love guessing, I think those two have done enough water testing already.  
I don’t know if it’s Hyun Min’s stupidity, Ji Woon’s hero complex or Hye Ji’s face that’s annoying me to where we are heading in this drama, but I surely want a definite stand for next week’s episode.  I am filled with twist following #W already so I just want a dandy and easy rom-com filled with young and sweet love that’s why I’m here being loyal.  
On a sad note, I feel bad how Seo Woo was neglected as a Knight in the story.  I thought it would really be a 4-man battle to win Hawonrella’s heart.
6 episodes and we have Chairman Kang’s liver problem, Ha Won being possibly conned by an ajussi who will pose to be his biological father, Seo Woo’s love story, Yoon Sung and Chairman’s wife secret… a lot of plot soon to be in motion and the story kept swaying to Hye Ji induced conflict.  Let’s have this be done in the next four episodes while sprinkling Ha Won -Ji Woon moments. chop chop!  And then make the finale week a fan service binge please?
I believe that Ji Woon was just compelled to take care of Hye Ji as he sees his mother in her.  He witnessed his mother crying painfully probably because of his father – the man she loved just as he knew how Hye Ji was in pain loving his cousin who refused to see her worth.  By now, we are all aware of the love lines, I just want to speed it up so I can feast on charming scenes.  Next week better be pleasant.  I miss the almost kisses, but since they have all shared true kisses, I might as well wish for some more adorable long pecks.

Cinderella and the Four Knights Episode 9 Recap

The game is on for the best Knight nurse for the injured Hawonrella.  As the remnants of their drunk selves the night before resurfaced, they were on a limbo on how to tackle those unguarded moments when they revealed their true feelings.  
The sun rose after the drinking binge in the rest house.  Ha Won woke up from a dream of her kissing Ji Woon.  She mumbled about the strange lip-lock vision and got up half awake to greet the morning.  Sprawled on the bathroom floor Ha Won stopped on her tracks when she saw Ji Woon’s handsome sleeping face.   Her eyes crawled on his wine-blemished shirt and remembered that the strange dream she thought happened in reality. 
She  ran to escape the scene when Ji Woon seemed to be waking up and was half-smiling and half-crazy castigating herself for feeling blissful at the thought of the kiss.  Dazed and giddy she didn’t notice the same soap she threw at Ji Woon last time.  
She slipped and fell on the floor loudly alerting the gang who stared at her fainted body.  Yoon Sung called Seo Woo to tell them not to worry about Ha Won  as she suffered only a minor concussion.  He advised them to go home and he will take care of everything.  
Ji Woon stayed in the living room as the rest of the gang packed up their things sensing something odd happened that he can’t remember.  
Ha Won regained her consciousness and was surprised that she did not stay insentient for a longer time.  She asked Ja Young if her accident might washed out her recent memories, but on queue her brain processed the drunk kissing spree she shared with Ji Woon.  
Yoon  Sung appeared and spoke about their hospital stop over to put a cast on her sprained ankle.   On their way back to Seoul, Ha Won teased Yoon Sung on his low alcohol tolerance and the crazy things he did when he was intoxicated and he pleaded for her to erase it on her memory.  Yoon Sung then asked if something happened to her drunk self last night which surprised Ha Won so she evaded it by stating she was so much drunk she can’t remember anything at all.
Back at the rest house Ji Woon who was done fixing his baggage walked to Ha Won’s room and noticed her detailed vacation planned.  His amused mood was interrupted by Hye Ji who asked what he was doing.
The doctor gave his reminders to Ha Won’s next appointment and gave crutches for her to use until her ankle is healed.  Ha Won and Ja Young saw Yoon Sung headed to organ transplant office and was curious about his business there.  Yoon Sung met with the organ transplant officer to discuss Chairman’s option for transplant but their options looked bleak and he was encouraged that a family member would be the best option but he replied that the Chairman does not want to involve his family.
Hye Ji approached Hyun Min to talk about the bench kissing incident they had, but he was quick to reply to her to not dwell on it as it does not mean anything to him.
Ha Won entered the house and met the gaze of the person that has kept her thoughts busy.  She almost slipped not being used to her crutches but Ji Woon and Seo Woo were quick to their reflexes.  She leaned on Ji Woon  and as their eyes met, what their minds wanted to forget seemed to be what the very same thing their bodies want them to remember.  As the boys fought on who will be her human  crutches, she hopped with her foot running away to the awkward situation.
Yoon Sung reported that Ha Won was well treated as they prepared to have Chairman Kang to get discharged.  His doctor insisted on the surgery as the liver cirrhosis was worsening, but he remained firm in not telling his grandsons who were possible donors.  Yoon Sung took the bag as Chairman’s wife motioned to carry it and Chairman Kang remarked how good-natured he was and would have been nice if he was his son.  
Hye Ji blurted how something looked uneasy between him and Ha Won as she seemed to be avoiding him.  Caught off guard, Ji Woon blamed the floor slipping accident that might made her act like that.  Two mafia-ish men came closer to them and inquired about Hye Ji’s father, Ji Woon as usual shielded her as something felt off with the villain looking ajussis who left as soon as they gauged Ji Woon’s presence.
Ji Woon was disturbed with Ha Won’s thoughts as he jogged in the morning while his cousins were busy giving princess moments to Ha Won.
Hyun Min went to Ha Won’s room but she shoved him away as she was about to change clothes.  He volunteered to prepare it but left her room muttering how her closet has killed fashion.  He set forth to buy her some decent clothings as Seo Woo pushed Ha Won’s sumptuous breakfast cart.  
Worried that Ha Won has no appetite, Seo Woo checked her vital signs if there’s something wrong  with her so Ha Won responded that she will eat a lot so he won’t have qualms about it.  He reminded her to  be careful as he will not be in the house tomorrow.  Sweet Seo Woo also downloaded games on her phone for her to play if she gets bored making her utter “thank you friend” which stopped Seo Woo momentarily as she does not seem to be like that in his heart anymore.
Yoon Sung was advised that Chairman Kang might take 2 or 3 years to get a donor but a willing family member will push up the operation he needed to the priority list.  He was given another option to fabricate some documents and make someone be related to the chairman in papers to have that person act as his donor.
Lost in his thoughts, Seo Woo received a phone call from his manager about an impending scandal sent by a paparazzi who took pictures in their recent trip.  His manager agreed to release the photos but he refused worried about another public attack to Ha Won after her recent stint with Hyun Min.  They resorted to giving something juicier to the photos threatened to them which surprisingly got positive raves from the netizens.
Bored Ha Won did some stretching and just as she wondered where Ji Woon might be, he marched and halted her peeking at his room.  Ha Won stopped him on his path by murmuring about what happened last night, but Ji Woon cut her up with “It was my first time” remark freezing her.  But he added “being drunk and blacking out” which made Ha Won think that he does not recall anything at all.  Ji Woon threw back the question at her and she flusteredly reasoned how her recent concussion made her on a quasi- amnesia state.  
Talking to herself on how it was unfair that only she remembered the kisses they shared, Ha Won’s reverie was cut off when shopping king Hyun Min showed the clothes he bought for her.  He disregarded her usual whining and teased her to change to her new clothes and offered he can help her out with it as well, but she pushed him away thanking him on his way out.
Yoon Sung tried to appeal to Chairman Kang to let his grandchildren know about his condition, but the chairman refused as he was resolved to the idea of battling his own problems alone.
Ha Won still can’t get over on Ji Woon’s conscious amnesia and was punching him in the air using her imagination.  But then the lights in his room turned on startling her and forcing her to hide.  Ji Woon paced in his room ruminating about something in Ha Won that bugged him.  Finally his amnesia was healed instantly when he saw the picture evidence of their drunk selves stored in his phone.
Ha Won crawled back to her room and was rescued by Seo Woo who prepared wet towel to help clean up.  They were unaware that Ji Woon’s curious eyes were fixated on them from the adjacent room.
Ji Woon went to get some drink in the kitchen, he saw a banana milk, hesitated to pick it up, closed the fridge but eventually went back to get it.  He saw ajumma talking to his wine blemished shirt baffled on why the blemish was stubborn.  He tried taking it back but ajumma gave a good fight in not giving it to him until his strength won over.  
At his room, Ji Woon lovingly stared at his shirt as flashes from his last night memory showed how he carried Ha Won on his back to her bed room.  He even teased himself of protecting that keepsake as an evidence from last night. He picked up the banana milk to give to Ha Won but Hyun Min beat him first by bringing midnight snacks for her.
Ha Won was on cloud 9 with Hyun Min’s food delivery.  He mentioned how he is a master in winning women’s hearts and only her seemed to be oblivious about it.  She teased how he is not popular with women lately and spoke about how Hye Ji is the only woman who can love him for who he really is.  She lectured him how Hye Ji was so determined in showing her love for him like a tree who cannot be swayed on its spot unlike him who is like a wind who plays around.  She added how like her he also showed his earnest feelings when he gazes at her tenderly sometimes.  She reminded him that not all tree will wait for him for a long time.
Ji Woon was savoring his first kiss memory like a school boy as he peer on his phone and banana milk as Hyun Min laid on his bed staring at his childhood photo with Hye Ji.
Hye Ji brought some flowers  for her visit to Ha Won.  She was invited inside as Ha Won excused herself really quick so she can was her hair which already felt itchy.  Hye Ji agreed and proceeded to Hyun Min’s room where she found their childhood picture.  
Hyun Min entered his room alarming Hye Ji.  He told her to get out of the room.  She insisted on asking what she was to him and he replied that if she kept pushing hersel, she won’t ever see him again.  Hyun Min left his room when she remained not moving on her spot.
Ha Won screamed from her room startling Ji Woon.  He rushed to her aid and of all people she was trying to avoid she ended up asking him to help her get up from the bathtub.  She motioned to leave the bathroom  but he pointed out that her hair needs to be washed. Ji Woon positioned princess Ha Won to a comfy one and gave her a hair home service as he played around with it making her complain on the water splashing on her head and ears.  
He then dried it with a towel again playing like a kid so she tried to make him stop by reaching out his hand which stopped her heart and froze them both at the moment with each other’s thoughts lost in the emotions they felt bugging towards each other lately.  They snapped back to reality as Ha Won mumbled that she does not need help anymore so mischievously grinning Ji Woon left her room.  Look at you being so cute like a school boy high on his crush lol
While Ji Woon dazedly smiled at his new found pleasure, his eyes saw Hye Ji standing in front of Hyun Min’s room in the brink of her tears.  He went to her and asked why she was crying as Hyun Min back in his room lifted the picture up and stared at it together with the smiley picture Hye Ji drawn on his hand.  He saw the two outside so he went out of his room.  
Ji Woon assumed why she cried so he moved quick pressing Hyun Min on why he did not listen when he warned him not to make her cry.  He replied what gives him the right to even say  those things so then Hye Ji joined their word spat and told Hyun Min that she does not want to cry because of him anymore and that she wants to take a break on him.  She then looked at Ji Woon and asked him if she will accept her as Ha Won who was there all along witnessed their confrontation.
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 8
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Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 1
Did I miss something here?  Did Ji Woon even ask Hye Ji to stop loving Hyun Min and love him instead?  Why is she offering herself?  Is she a lamb?  Is she a villain?  Is she more than crazy?  Why is Ji Woon happy discovering his fondness towards Ha Won and yet worried at the same time with Hye Ji?  Does he owe his life to her?  Will it be too late now for Hyun Min?  Did Hye Ji make up her mind being done with Hyun Min?
Questions, questions, questions… I need answers.  I officially don’t like how Hye Ji’s character is building up, but for now I’m  blaming it for the bad acting of the actress playing it.  I mean it is worse than Jung Eun in Uncontrollably Fond, at least that  girl was really bad to begin with and he defined rage very well, but Hye Ji, I just can’t understand her being meek and defiant at the same time.  Is it because they were sketched as young people trying to comprehend what love really is?  
I am still looking on how the pieces will fall nicely, and yes sir, I just want more Ha Won – Ji Woon scenes if that’s possible.  Oh and can we pair up Hyun Min and Hye Ji already like on Episode 11 so that we can focus on Chairman Kang’s conflict and fan service for the remaining 5 episodes.  Thank you.

Cinderella and the Four Knights Episode 8 Recap

Can we make these people on a drinking session for the next episodes so we can just enjoy their “truth” and “drunk” kisses over and over again?  Cheers to Ha Won scoring a vacation in a scenic place and engaging her Knights to some quirky fun time away from their usual selves.  While I’m super jealous with the kisses she shared with Ji Woon, I’m dreading the thought of their possible love future if Ji Woon is on a one-sided romance with Hye Ji.  If he really is.
Slowly opening his eyes, Hyun Min woke up to an unfamiliar place and thought that he was dreaming.  Ha Won called his attention as he was able to process that he was on board an airplane in his pyjama set.  He fussed about the unfair abduction but was forced to calm down by the plane crew.
Ha Won and company arrived in the rest house and she cheerfully initiated a quick meeting for her dream college team building and even showing the itinerary and prepared jackets, but the people she came with showed disinterest to her planned activities.
Yoon Sung called the Chairman to update him of what his grandsons were doing through Ha Won’s preparations as he worried about Chairman’s health.  But the Chairman advised him to take the time to rest as well.  
Chairman Kang was admitted to the hospital unbeknownst to his stubborn grandchildren. His wife complained on why he sent his grandsons on a getaway when he will be confined in the hospital because of an illness that he also did not tell them about, but Chairman dismissed it stating how he is not sure if his grandsons will be worried about him anyway.
2016-09-05 02.06.22
Hyun Min walked in his old room.  He noticed the glow-in-dark stars on the ceiling and muttered how the place hasn’t changed a bit.
Not giving up on her MT plans, Ha Won posted the itinerary on the rooms of the vacationist, but when she called them out for a house meeting, only the silence responded to it.
She went to Seo Woo’s room to urge him to have fun with the rest, but he replied that he is having a good time on his own and that he’s using his rare vacation days that moment.  Ha Won pulled his headset out of frustration like a kid and stormed out of his room where she met Ja Young who got the picture of Seo Woo not wanting to go out to eat because he’s on diet.
Hye Ji walked around the garden and found a wooden bench of nostalgic value to her.  She touched the “hyun min love hye ji” text etched on it.  While she pondered on their old memories, Hyun Min was resting in the pool side.
Ha Won approached him and apologized for her role in his recent public humiliation and for kidnapping him. Hyun Min asked her about why she asked if he liked her.  She explained how everything changes if a man and a woman like each other because then they could date and love each other.  Hyun Min cut her love theory by telling how she is that woman type who dates bad guys and has a traditional dating perception.  Ha Won denied his presumption but he shooed her away to get some rest from all the stress he had gone through in the past days because of her.
Hye Ji swam on the inviting pool water as Hyun Min thought Ha Won did not leave his presence.  His thoughts stopped when he realized it was Hye Ji.  She invited him to swim together for old time’s sake but he responded that he does not remember those memories anymore and walked away.
Hye Ji went back swimming and because time moves fast on this girl literally, she gasped for help halting Hyun Min from his track.  He jumped in the water to rescue Hye Ji who was drowning and massaged her leg knowing how she probably had another leg cramp.  Hye Ji muttered that her leg is okay and was about to thank him, but stopped her saying anyone would have done the same on that situation and left her again. dear you two, can you just please move your love line a bit faster?
Ji Woon was looking for Ha Won after getting hold of the posted itinerary.  Ja Young asked if he was looking for Ha Won, he denied it cutely, but ask her the same question seconds after.  *giggles
Ja Young replied that she went outside a long time ago and we see Ha Won feeding and talking to the sheep sad on how the vacation is turning out so far as we get a flashback from a memory of her used-to-be-happy-family on a picnic which is how she pictures a happy vacation.
Optimistic Ha Won decided to play on her own and checked her activity guide to proceed with her plans.  Ji Woon found her in the horse stable scarily feeding the horse with a carrot so he teased her that what she was doing was not horseback riding.
Ji Woon decided to do horseback riding against her pleading so he countered it with her going against a planned itinerary she made so she settled.  Ji Woon soothe her woes as the two rode the horse together on the hill side.
Seo Woo got a phone call from his manager and learned how Ha Won set them up with that forced vacation.  He sent his cross-dressing pictures to Seo Woo’s surprise.  He confronted Ja Young of giving the pictures to Ha Won to which she agreed apologetically. Yoon Sung handed down the barbecue tray to Seo Woo and ordered him to prepare the sticks in compliance of Ha Won’s itinerary.  Seo Woo cursed Ha Won as Ja Young volunteered to help out.
Heading back to the house, Ha Won noticed her necklace was missing so she went back to try and look for it.  Ji Woon muttered how she is making him worry everytime and joined her to find the necklace.  He made a deal for her to grant him a wish if he finds the necklace to which she acquiesced.
Seo Woo conversed with Ja Young while they were prepping up the barbecue sticks.  She answered Ha Won related questions and narrated how they have been friends since middle school and how Ha Won’s family is of from average income but she had to do part-time jobs because her step-mom does not give her money.  They both agreed on how annoying Yoo Na is having experienced first hand her lunatic rudeness.  Ja Young added how she is the prototype of evil step-sister and made Seo Woo furious learning how Yoo Na occupies the supposed to be shared room leaving Ha Won to settle on the veranda.  Seo Woo probed deeper to Ha Won’s dating life and was told by Ja Young that she never had any boyfriend yet because of time constraint which made our celebrity singer feel delighted.  He stopped the excitement rush and asked her ideal type but she replied how she has not formed it yet because of her busy life.  Ja Young noticed his shown interest to Ha Won’s life and dismissed her suspicion by stating how he lives with her that’s why he wanted to know her details.
Back at the hills, Ha Won apologized to Ji Woon for dragging him in the vacation. She spoke about how she knew she did it for Hye Ji but that she really meant to invite her because she was grateful on how she let her sleep in her house for one night and not because of Chairman’s mission.  She added how she wanted to be really friends with her.  Ji Woon praised her for doing a good job as their necklace hunt seemed to be going bleaker every minute.
Ha Won sighed in frustration on her missing necklace not knowing Ji Woon found it already.  He reminded her to grant him a wish so she replied she will clean his room or do his laundry.  He motioned to leave so she pleaded her with an anything-you-want card which stopped him from walking out.  I’ll give you 100 anything-you-want-from-me wish card too Ji Woon oppa.  lol
2016-09-05 01.47.232016-09-05 01.46.26
Ji Woon sat in front of her and showed her the necklace which made her jump in happiness and lunged herself to a surprising hug with him.  It made them fall on the ground as Ji Woon protected her with his arms.  Their eyes met and the magical moment snapped back fast to an awkward one.
2016-09-05 01.46.01
Upon deducing how Ha Won’s reunion with her biological father can  make step-mom and Yoona get some money and forced her also to leave Sky House, step-mom met with the supposed father and discussed what needs to be done with Ha Won.  The construction worker father denied step-mom’s stupid deduction but she was already resolved to her own made conclusion.  After the weird visit, he received a phonecall claiming some of his owed money and we closed to a scene where he was contemplating on a plan.  I’m not liking this looming Ha Won problem coming up.
Why show?  I’m here just for the cutesies  and feel good vibe.
2016-09-05 01.58.182016-09-05 01.45.41
Ha Won handed Ji Woon a milk drink thanking him for finding the necklace. He replied how that’s what he got for the work he did but she stopped his comment with how much yummy that milk was.  He was curious why the necklace was important to her so she told him that it was her mother’s ring and she was holding it tightly the day she passed away.  Ji Won uttered how his mother did not leave anything for him, but ever bright Ha Won cheered him up that he was the most important she left behind.
Hye Ji went to Hyun Min’s room and picked up his wet PJ’s.  He stepped out of the wash room and took the clothes in and ordered her to leave.  She told him to borrow Ji Woon’s clothes but he pushed her away by telling her to hang out with Ji Woon since she came because of him.  She told him that he was the reason why she was there and talked about how it has been 10 years since they visited the place.  She mentioned how the wooden bench is still on their spot, but he remained uncaring still.  Hyun Min faced her and told her to stop dwelling on their past anymore.
Hye Ji left his room as he mumbled why they had to be there of all places.
On their way back Ha Won and Ji Woon saw Hye Ji in deep thought.  She told Ji Woon how her expectations on her vacation has not been fulfilled yet as Hyun Min does not even want to give her a glance.  She is losing hope but he encouraged her by telling how pretty she is.
Chairman Kang met with his lawyer about changing his will.  The lawyer affirmed how the company executives were pressing for him to name his succesor soon.  Chairman’s wife who was trying to eavesdrop spoke to the lawyer when he left the room.  They formally introduced one another as Madam said she will look forward to meeting him again.  
Stepmom scored a gossip about how Chairman Kang’s wife used to be married as claimed by a loyal housemaid from a reputable household.  Is Yoon Sung her son then?  I hope so.  It will be awkward if they are lovers. lol
 The rest house caretaker brought bottles of fresh milk and rice wine to Yoon Sung who was arranging the groceries he bought with Ja Young.
2016-09-05 01.36.18
Ji Woon stopped washing his face as thoughts of Ha Won flashed in his mind. Ha Won on the other hand thought of him as well when she took of the necklace Ji Woon found.  
While looking for his cellphone, Ji Woon ended up to a room where Ha Won was bathing and got hit by the soap she thrown when he opened the door.  She found him waiting on the door after awkwardly almost seeing her naked and made an excuse that the door lock is broken that’s why he was guarding it.
Ha Won can’t seem to know what to do with her embarrassment.  Ja Young who noticed her flushed face told her to drink some milk since she just took a bath, but missed her instruction on which bottle was the milk.  Hurriedly wanting to quench her thirst, Ha Won gulped the rice wine in one shot.
2016-09-05 01.30.24
Yoon Sung was about to call the rest of the boys for the barbecue party but was halted by drunk Ha Won who mumbled about him talking to her in formal language.  She asked him to speak informally to which he tried hard to oblige.  He found out Ha Won drunk the makgeolli as the boys were enjoying Ha Won’s drunk bubbly self.
Ha Won marched to laughing Seo Woo and complained on how he was such a loner.  She blurted how sad she was not being able to enjoy her dream of having fun on a trip with her friends and showed off her jacket which she also wanted to wear with her friends.
Thanks to Ha Won’s drunken heartfelt mumblings, the squad wore their named jackets and they happily played MT games and basked in wine and liquor.
 Because wine can make people braver, wine intoxicated Yoon Sung mumbled Ha Won’s name informally then fainted on his seat.
Then they played this i-love-you game from Seo Woo to Hye Ji to Hyun Min to Ji Woon and to Ha Won, but Ha Won responded “get lost” to him.   Ji Woon turned to Hyun Min and told him “i love you” which made him flinched and switched places beside Ha Won whom he called girlfriend.  
She stopped him from still clinging to their fake engagement and spoke about how she is also in a tight situation touted as the stupid girl who rejected him.  Hye Ji in her always somber look stared at them teasing each other and then Yoon Sung suddenly threw up hitting Seo Woo ending their drinking session.
Ja Young entered Seo Woo’s room and noticed the new song he was working on.  Seo Woo called her attention and he was surprised when she spoke about how he might be liking someone based on the new song he was working on.  She told him how she has been a fan since before he was just an indie artist and threatened him that he can’t like someone because of her fans.  She stormed out of his room as Seo Woo read the sweet song lyrics dedicated to Ha Won.
Hye Ji chanced upon Hyun Min sitting on the wooden bench.  He stood up to leave but she requested if he can stay for a little while.  She told him that she will warm up next time when she will swim and he agreed to her idea so she will not inconvenience other people.  They talked about the old days on how their families will spend time together in that house as well as Hye Ji’s older brother who was jealous of how they were close when they were young.
Hye Ji admitted how she wants to go back in those happy times, but Hyun Min replied how he is happy at present.  She looked at him and told him how he used to be a kind boy who told his secrets to her but he responded how keeping secrets is not healthy anymore because life is complicated.  Hye Ji cornered him and asked why he lied not remembering that spot anymore and he feigned ignorance that he ended up being there while walking because he can’t sleep.
Hye Ji suddenly took his hand a drew a smiley face remembering how they used to do it when they can’t sleep.  Then we get a flashback of little Hyun Min drawing it on Hye Ji’s hand and kissing her after.  Hye Ji was about to say that they shared their first kiss on that spot but he stopped her by saying he does not remember.  So Hye Ji moved closer to him an inch separating their faces and kissed him softly.  Stunned Hyun Min gripped her hand some more and close his eyes savoring the moment of their chaste kiss.  He snapped back to reality and cut the kiss.  Hye Ji asked if he still can’t remember it.  She asked if she can start liking another person now and he responded why she’s asking for his permission so she challenged him if it’s okay to like Ji Woon then.
Meanwhile Ji Woon is with Ha Won who was still wallowing in wine.  He kept saying “i love you” to her showing her heart symbols too but she kept replying for him to get lost.  On his third try she got up and asked him if it was really true.  The two drunk idiots smiled on the world they were having at the moment as Ji Woon stole a kiss from her.  
He took her wine and drunk it spilling some on his clothes.  Ha Won complained that it was hers.  Ji Woon held her face in place and kissed her longer again.  He then asked why she kissed him but smiling Ha Won corrected him that he was the one who kissed her.  Fuzzy Ji Woon go for a third kiss as Ha Won prepared her lips to receive it.
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 7
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Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 5
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 4
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 3
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Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 1
I want drunk kisses with Ji Woon too.  *chuckles  I like that the girls on this episode were advancing well to help the guys understand what they really are to them.  As we are now in the arc of establishing the main love line, I’m curious to see how the connecting complications with the second lead will be resolved.  I’m still confuse on the whole Ji Woon-Hye Ji-Hyun Min half-baked love triangle because I still can’t comprehend the motivations.  Is Hye Ji going to use Ji Woon to do her final nudge with Hyun Min?  Will she see Ji Woon’s worth eventually?  
While we had a lot of charming scenes today, I think the last card conflicts are being set for motion soon.  Ha Won’s jealous glances on Ji Woon and Hye Ji were also giving me signs that she will fall for him first and that’s why I want a clearer conviction on Ji Woon’s part if his heart got swayed already or still imprisoned to his protective fondness towards Hye Ji.
2016-09-05 01.50.56
I still am not feeling Hye Ji.  I wonder how this girl was cast for the role when she can only do two faces.  But I wish that she can make Hyun Min happy because I also like his adorable egoistic self in the story.  As we cross the middle part of this drama, I am content on how Hawonrella and Kang Cousins with Yoon Sung are completing my weekend romantic pill so far.  Though not as polished at least it delivered the necessary charming scenes.
 2016-09-05 02.11.10

Cinderella and the Four Knights Episode 7 Recap

2016-09-04 08.07.11
With her “Bring Together Kang Cousins Missions”, Ha Won not only is slowly but surely linking the estranged family  together, but she gets to win their hearts as well without them realizing it yet.  As the Knights hauled her back to Sky House, she is set to notch another task and this time around, our vibrant heroine makes use of her creativity to bring the Kang cousins together in a vacation.
2016-09-04 08.08.10
Kang Hyun Min’s world was shattered by Ha Won’s rejection on his dating for real intentions.  
Hye Ji who apparated from a spot in the school to the AV room, and I don’t know how she did that, witnessed his delusional love proposal, but she left missing the all important Ha Won response that would have calmed her bleeding heart.
Ha Won asked Hyun Min if he liked her and the latter unable to meet her eyes didn’t reply to her question.  Ha Won, unfazed with his surprising declaration told him about being mindful on what he truly feels not just with women but also with his family.
2016-09-04 08.26.11
Ji Woon chased Hye Ji and explained to her that the two were never a couple.  She replied that she knew that already which surprised Ji Woon because of her presence to Ha Won’s graduation.  She mumbled how she thought she could be friends with Ha Won and hurriedly escaped Ji Woon’s grip murmuring how she wanted to be alone.
Swarmed by the high school girls wanting his autograph, Seo Woo ran for his life as the girls chased him in the school, Ja Young sneaked him inside a room and dressed him up in her school uniform to thwart the attention of his high school fans.  His manager failing to recognize him initially almost not let him enter the car because of his clothing.
Ha Won wandered on a street not knowing which direction to take just as her cellphone signalled the depleted phone battery.  At Sky House, Seo Woo asked Ji Woon if he saw Ha Won, and he gave a cold, robotic response of not knowing where she is and not caring about her as well.  
2016-09-04 08.23.55PicsArt_09-04-08.31.29
Seo Woo worried about Ha Won went with Yoon Sung to find her in possible places she might be.  
Meanwhile Hyun Min noticing the furtive glances from the people passing by to be different than the usual admiring looks he got it learned how his failed lets-date-proposal rejection has gone viral and he went to a shock-denial-swallow-me-ground 30 second moment, covered his face and fled to escape the gawking public mockery. *chuckles
Yoon Sung went to Ha Won’s house and the elated evil step mom was happy with the news that Ha Won really left the house.  Seo Woo went to the cafe where Ja Young worked not knowing that he will meet the girl who dressed her up as a high school girl to escape his raging fans.  
Seo Woo asked her to keep their little secret well as Ja Young agreed and told him that she haven’t heard from Ha Won so he went home gloomy unsuccessful on their find Ha Won mission.
Ji Woon walked in the dining room where ajumma was arranging some white flowers.  He asked if it was Ha Won’s idea and ajumma confirmed how she was thoughtful suggesting to get the flowers for their fathers’ death anniversary.  She praised Ha Won’s kind heart and mentioned a whole lot Ha Won is the best lines not knowing that the young master has long left the room.
Moved by her sincere heart, Ji Woon set off to look for her and luckily found her in the convenience store as what he suspected.  Ha Won was role playing with her invisible parents muttering how jajangmyeon is best eaten on a graduation day.  awww poor girl, can someone give her a warm hug please?  
Emotions flowed through her and muttered an apology to her mom for not being able to go to college to fulfil her dream for her.  Unaware of Ji Woon’s presence who accidentally heard her grievances, he approached her with a smile and teased her for eating 3 jajangmyeon servings.  He told him to go back to Sky House, but she declined saying she can’t go back there anymore.
 So then Ji Woon revealed that he went to the memorial service hence earning her mission impossible a success.  A happy smile curved at Ha Won’s face as Ji Woon asked her if she was the one who left the rose on his mother’s place.  Ha Won confirmed his deduction explaining how their mothers are technically neighbors.  Ji Woon told her that he left that rose at his father’s place which made Ha Won smile even more praising the punk who has done such a sweet thing. 
While the two knights were dead worried about her, Ha Won surprised them by alerting them with her presence. Seo Woo complained on how she kept them worried and dissed Ji Woon on his supposed I-don’t-care-about-Ha-Won attitude.  
Once changed to her Sky House attire which I hope will be changed soon, she smiled at Seo Woo singing an impromptu welcome song for her.  He apologized to her on behalf of his cousins for involving her to their strained family issues.  
Ha Won was so glad showing the 49 missed calls from a celebrity and joke on how everyone will be jealous if she will post it online.
He told her to delete it to protect his image and they played catch-my-cellphone-if-you-can like little kids around the house. 
Seo Woo spoke about how she was great rejecting Hyun Min and Ha Won was surprised how he knew that.  He showed her the viral video as he mumbled how Hyun Min might have felt as he has never been turned down before.
While Ha Won worried on how Hyun Min was doing, he was so mentally breaking down at a computer cafe stalking news and forums about him online.  I like the “celebrate Korea’s douche bag is now born” comment the most.
He shouted in annoyance and hid himself when he realized people recognized him again and moved to the recommended videos of his love confession failure that has been subtitled in different languages. bwahahaha
Even the weather is joining his slump as it drenched him while heading home that he ignored Ha Won greeting him.
The next day Ha Won woke up and noticed Ji Woon in his room, she texted him if he slept well and if he already ate to which he replied no and telling her to stop acting like they were close.  
She responded that at least he was not ignoring her so he motioned an okay-totally-ignoring-you-now but still read her last message of thanking him.  Ha Won went back to her room as Ji Woon put his first ever genuine smile on the screen.
2016-09-04 08.08.44
2016-09-04 08.07.11
Hyun Min was still passing through the 5 stages of grief sitting and staring at the greenery of the mansion.  Yoon Sung saw him in that state and agreed to Ha Won’s observation on how he seemed not taking well his recent trauma.  Ajumma quirkily mumbled how he has now gotten a new douchebag nickname.
Chairman Kang summoned Ha Won and officially thanked her for the successful mission.   He gave a bonus vacation trip to her and hinted on making the Kang cousins join her in that vacation.   Ha Won took on the new challenge with a positive spirit.
Chairman’s wife talked with someone over the phone about finding a not so pretty girl for a meeting.  Thinking it was for an arranged meeting for the Kang cousins, evil step-mom called Yoo Na who got worried right away, but was appeased when she was told that her mom got the number of the person Chairman Kang’s wife called so she will sneak Yoo Na in for the arranged meeting.  The delusional mother and daughter fed their convictions with a probable snatching of a Kang prince to their evil hearts content.  *pfffftt
Ha Won mumbled how she worried that the boys might not come with her, but Yoon Sung encouraged her that her efforts will definitely work fine if she covinces them about it.  Yoon Sung received a phonecall and cut it abruptly declining a request to whoever called him.
“Operation let’s go to a vacation” with Kang cousins was in full swing but Ha Won already faced problem not being able to locate the knights in the Sky House.  
2016-09-04 07.59.28
She called Ji Woon and got surprised when he answered and emerged in her presence that instant.  She smilingly offered him to go to a vacation with her in the boys, but he denied the request with a quick I’m-hanging-up-not-interested response.
Ha Won met with Ja Young to claim her bag and chatted with her.  She stared at her diploma uttering how her mom will be happy when she brings it to her soon.  The latter was happy with her going back to the Sky House and narrated gleefully her encounter with Seo Woo and the pictures she had of him dressing up to her uniform to escape his crazy fandom.  
Ha Won got an idea and used the pictures to bargain with Seo Woo’s manager to clear his schedule for three days for her vacation plans or else the awkward pictures will be posted online notching the first Kang cousin down.
Our Hyun Min consulted with a plastic surgeon to make her face be changed entirely.  He confirmed the doctor also saw his video, but he was advised to see a psychiatrist and just grow some manly hair on his clean face and not resort to his crazy idea.  The doctor added how it must have shocked him to get that rejection from his first love, but Hyun Min mumbled that Ha Won was not his first love.
On a hinted cue, we get Hye Ji still feeling sad from her quick hibernation and reading the messages from Ji Woon and Ha Won who wanted to thank her and meet her up. She invited her in the studio to which the latter gladly obliged.
2016-09-04 07.54.50
Ha Won found Hyun Min  doing i-love-her-i-love-her-not mumblings with a leafy  branch  he was holding.  She tried snapping him out of his senses and even offered a youtube public apology but he kept himself on his protective bubble  ignoring her vacation proposal.
Later on she met Hye Ji and conversed on her return to Sky House and not to misundestand it.  Hye Ji praised her for letting Hyun Min experience a rejection and assured her not to worry about her misunderstanding anything.
Ji Woon interrupted their meeting just in time for Ha Won inviting her to go with her and the boys to a vacation.  He got mad at Ha Won’s insistence, but Hye Ji shut it down with her agreeing to the plan and asked him to join them, but he declined going to that vacation again.  Ha Won hurriedly left the tension filled room and was stopped by Ji Woon who mentioned again that he won’t go to that vacation she was planning.
Ji Woon asked Hye Ji if she will really come knowing it will just hurt her.  She replied how she wanted to visit the Haneul group vacation house again as she used to come there a lot when she was younger with Hyun Min and their families.  She told him how she won’t force him to come but advised him how she might not have enough confidence to face Hyun Min.  Finally we are getting some Hye Ji – Hyun Min back story.  But really I don’t know what level of one-sided-love-obsession you have and why Ji Woon kept on shielding you anyway.
Evil step-mom and Yoo Na called the matchmaking person but  step-mom had to hang up when she was questioned of her daughter’s capabilities which unfortunately she does not have at all.  Ha Won aboji arrived and was greeted by them as step-mom told him that Ha Won did not come back home since the incident.  Step-mom went to get his things and read a text message asking her husband to pay as the person he was looking for was indeed located.  She found some “looking for posters” of a man in a taekwondo uniform.  She grabbed Yoo Na in her room and they concluded on how the man could possibly be Ha Won’s father.  Step mom upset about the money her husband might have used all along was quick to use the opportunity they got in planning for a plot to drag Ha Won out of the mansion.
Ha Won made another attempt to win Hyun Min’s heart but found him sleeping heavily in his room.  Yoon Sung gave Ha Won a tip on how the young master won’t wake up if he is dragged while sleeping.
Ji Woon contemplated about his recent events with Ha Won and saw her leaving her room to pester Hyun Min who locked himself in his room.
Ji Woon marched to where she was teasing her on giving up on her new mission.  She responded how everyone will go except him but that’s okay ad went on to drum on Hyun Min’s door.  He uttered how she won’t be able to bring a man who locked himself up and joked a suggestion to just kidnap him, but Ha Won shut him up with his teasing.  
Ji Woon blurted that he will come to the vacation only if Hyun Min comes and made Ha Won beam, but worried that he might back out, she forced a pinky swear with him to seal their deal.
2016-09-04 07.43.26
Ha Won entered Hyun Min’s room and tried waking up our “sleeping sadly” debonair to no avail.  Just then she remembered Yoon Sung’s words about Hyun Min being a heavy sleeper and Ji Woon’s earlier suggestion of kidnapping his cousin.  She added 1 plus 1 and presto she smiled at the future success rate of her vacation plan.
2016-09-04 07.43.04
Seo Woo received an enjoy your Thailand trip from his manager while Hye Ji stared at an old picture she had with Hyun Min from the vacation house.  She texted Ji Woon if he will really not come as he pondered on how he will respond. 
Ha Won lunged forward to the sleeping Hyun Min, curved a smile on her face as she prepared to her abduction plan.
2016-09-04 07.21.51
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 6
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 5
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 4
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 3
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 2
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 1
Episode 7 Quick Thoughts
I’m tired of this black knight connection between Ji Woon and Hye Ji.  Can we fast forward to the real love lines here?  On that note, my heart fluttered a lot with Ji Woon’s jaded exterior slowly being washed out with Ha Won’s optimistic nature in this episode.
I loved Hyun Min’s approach in numbing his ego wounded self in this episode especially that part when he thought of plastic surgery to escape his current bitter reality.  hahaha
Seo Woo and Ja Young possible love line might work well for me especially because I find their deepest darkest secret endearing.  I am so looking forward to the shift of love lines on their upcoming vacation.
Dear Hawonrella and Kang cousins, thank you for consistently bringing out a delightful watch with your stories.

Cinderella and the Four Knights Episode 5 Recap

2016-08-27 22.04.00
Little by little Ha Won is creeping to the young masters’ system as she got to understand their strained relationships with their deceased fathers.  Off she went to accomplish another “Bring Together Kang Cousins” mission, and it is up to her warm intentions if she can melt the cousins’ cold hearts.
Seo Woo blurted a “happy birthday” greeting just as the fireworks crawled in the night sky.  Hyun Min took the opportunity and casually mentioned that they were doing a hidden camera prank for her birthday celebration, but Ji Woon remained to his i’m-serious-to-what-i-just-said taunting.  
Ha Won successfully sat down Kang brothers for dinner and acknowledged Yoon Sung’s food and Seo Woo’s decorations.  Hyun Min boasted about the cream set gift he gave her from remembering her keeping freebies of a cosmetic company when her things were drowned in the water.  She muttered how she doesn’t need the cosmetics, when Hyun Min was all happy with his brilliant idea as she only wanted her school uniform in preparation to her graduation rites next month.  
Hyun Min made it be noticed how Ji Woon didn’t prepare a gift, but cheerful Ha Won took that chance and stretched a selfie stick to take a selca and commemorate her successful mission.
2016-08-27 21.59.55
 Just then Ha Won surprised them all by revealing it was not her birthday as Seo Woo learned his mistake.  Ji Woon stood up upon knowing it was not a valid celebration as the rest dug in to the food binge in front of them.
We cut to another boring frame of Hye Ji pondering about Ji Woon’s reminder to her that he will always stay by her side to protect her from future pains Hyun Min might give her.  Just when would this girl matter in the storyline?  
Alone in her room, Ha Won contemplated on Ji Woon’s earlier act and right on cue their eyes met from across their rooms.    
Meanwhile Seo Woo was all business looking for Ha Won’s birthday month through her diary and successfully found the page pointing to her real birthday.
Chairman Kang met up with Ha Won for her progress report and was extremely happy about her grandsons’ group picture even when it was out of focus.  He thanked Ha Won for her effort on the first family picture he ever got out of his heirs.  
He gave Ha Won a bonus money which she used for her mother’s resting place expenses.  Ha Won thanked Yoon Sung for helping her out in his own way as she knew the money she got was enough for the money she needed to pay the columbarium.  She refused his offer to drive her to her mom’s resting place opting to just take the bus.
Chairman Kang wistfully talked to his dead sons’ picture and shared how their sons have finally sat in to eat together.  Technically they didn’t get to the eating part grandpa.
Ha Won finally rested her mom’s urn back to her spot.  She talked to her mom about how life has been good with her lately as she met a kind rich old man who gave her a nice job.  She also shared how the cousins have prepared a celebration for her when they thought it was her birthday and how it felt great to feel that people are looking after her.  She left the place cheerfully after placing a stemmed white rose on Ji Woon’s mother’s spot.
The next day Sky House was busy preparing the food for the Chairman’s sons’ death anniversary.  Ajumma explained to Ha Won how the young masters never go to the ceremony to pay respect to their fathers given that Kang cousins were not close to them while they were growing up.  She blabbed about how she felt sorry for the Chairman who had to bear the pain of losing all his children and hope that the young masters would have been more considerate about it.
The young masters were all physically present  but nonchalantly disinterested to Yoon Sung’s meeting for their fathers’ memorial service.  
Hyun Min was assured that the temple monks would do a great job to the observance to which Seo Woo agreed.  Ji Woon also declined Yoon Sung’s request stating how he can go to his father’s memorial service when he just learned about him a year ago.
Yoon Sung sat down with Ha Won as she chatted about how steel-hearted the Kang cousins were to their family, but Yoon Sung appeased her in saying that the boys have their own reasons why they chose not to attend the event and soon enough she will learn about it while she lives in the Sky House.
Ha Won met with Chairman Kang and volunteered a new task for her.  She would try to make the Kang cousins attend their fathers’ memorial service.  The Chairman agreed and off Ha Won to stretch her resiliency to her new mission.
Ha Won stuck in her face on the pool water to check if Ji Woon was really swimming naked and surprised him with her presence.  He threatened her that he will come out, but she remained firm adding how she wanted to swim with him since he said he liked her.
Ha Won:  “Would you be able to say you like me if you are in front of Hye Ji?”
Ji Woon:  “Why would I do that?”
Ha Won:  “You, Hyun Min and Hye Ji have already a complicated love triangle, why would you drag me along in your problem?  Is having a complicated relationship a hobby of yours?”
And that’s exactly the same thoughts I have in this drama.  This unnecessary Hye Ji love delusion and Ji Woon feeding that ludacris are my headaches in this drama so far.  Ji Woon affirmed Ha Won’s conclusion so she notched her game up and alerted him that it will be her turn to swim naked.  Ji Woon gave in and left the pool only to get his sweet revenge cornering Ha Won in the shower room to ask about what she wanted to speak with him.
He leaned closer to her and wiped the water that got in her eye as Ha Won was caught in a trance.  His gaze disarmed all her senses as he whispered that he meant it when he said he will steal her away and that she should looked forward to it.  After the quick euphoric enchantment, Ha Won went back to earth and complained on how handsome Ji Woon was making her heart fluttered incessantly.
Seo Woo revealed to Ha Won how his grandmother was Chairman’s mistress and how his father was only acknowledged after he died hence he didn’t have a strong connection to the family as he has lived in hiding.  Ha Won left him with his music-making and went to seek Hyun Min who was talking to his mother over the phone.