Tracing Tree With Deep Roots

It’s my first day of Hangul class yesterday, and it felt like Math.  I know kdramagod will throw encouraging pills so let it rain on me! 

On this note, I would like to revisit one of the recent sageuks I strangely enjoyed – Tree with Deep Roots (which is where I first saw Bong-gu in his meanie role) and one of my favorite veteran actors Han Suk-yu — who hands down really played an endearing King with a lot of dimensions in his character presentation.  He played the role of the Great King Sejong who was the person behind my suffering earlier while I tried to munch on the Korean alphabet.  *wink

Being a people’s champ that he was, King Sejong in one of his dedicated dreams for his people pursued the invention of a language that will be Joseon’s own form of communication and not borrowed from the Chinese.  At that time only noblemen knew the Chinese language, and seeing the need to have a medium of communication among the public, he formed “The Hall of Worthies” composed of scholars who worked on the creation of a new alphabet that will be easily learned even by the low-borns.

Early in King Sejong’s reign, his in-laws along with the family’s slaves unfortunately faced death whilst the former was trying to protect them from his father.  Two of the slaves’ child Ddol-bok and Dam survived but were unaware of each other’s escape from mortal peril.  Vowing to avenge the death of his father, Ddol-bok grew up and was able to enter in the Royal guard. 

King Sejong’s dream was hindered by an opposing faction – “Hidden Root” who wanted to cling on the traditional belief and who wanted to diminish the power of the King.  In a series of sword fights, treacherous acts, power plays and smooth moves, King Sejong and his trusted persons faced the “Hidden root” in thrilling and passionate encounters that eventually got the King’s dream but sacrificed the life of the people who helped uphold that dream.

Watching Korean dramas has made me always go on my Girl Scout attire in case of an unprecedented tragic ending, which normally is the case in KDramaLand.  So even if the conclusion was heartbreaking, Tree with Deep Roots in its entirety was a drama full of heart.  I can’t find fault on how the narrative swept me off my feet and won me over as I applaud the main characters in executing their roles to the best way they can.

It’s hard to formulate a selling point to a friend to encourage him to watch this drama because go figure… who would want to watch a series about Korean alphabet in its premise?  But my persuading skills will settle to making it known that my super Starwars fan brother really loved the drama to a point where he was annoyed when I was asking him details about it in times when I dozed off while we did the marathon of it.  *giggles

Seriously it’s a well-rounded sageuk, with a conflict not too conflicting and a balanced plot it will create an impression with you that is exciting and lingering at the same time.  The villains have stalked well enough and have made the sufferings of the protagonists fitting to the painful but sweet ending.  The exemplary performance of the main cast added up to additional plus points on why this serious period drama was a must-see on my list.

Stellar and definitely sumptuous… ^_^