Heirs KDrama Episode 1 Musings



So after the shower of teasers, Heirs finally happened and episode 1 kicked off  introducing the rich young heirs and the poor girl heroine.  The quick topless beach shower scene had me sweetly sigh, and I would have been drowned by it if they added a few more minutes of that euphoric-hello-leeminho-spectacle.  *chuckles

Our rich boy Kim Tan has been living abroad being an heir to a huge conglomerate company.  He has some hyung-issues and live that I’m-rich-but-I’m-lonely life.  He came across Cha Eun-sang who visited her sister in the US who they thought was studying and getting married to a nice young man, but Eun-sang discovered the lies her sister made and even ranaway with the money their mother gave for her supposed wedding.

Kim Tan witnessed the sisters’ confrontation scene and felt sorry towards the girl.  When his friend thought Eun-sang’s bean powder was some drugs, he took it and she chased after him.  They tangled up and scattered the powder that made Tan’s friend hospitalized because of an allergy attack.  The police took Eun-sang’s passport and because the officer knew Tan, Eun-sang asked him a favor to let her know when it will be claimed.  Tan drove Eun-sang home but no one was there.  Her pride insisted on just waiting for her sister so Tan left.  Just as she was sitting in front of the house, a group of teenage boys scared her.  She took on her luggage and just then Tan’s convertible stopped at her side and he asked her if she wants to stay in his house.

I have this feeling that this will play on a serious tone.  I just hope that it will move to a lighter note since we have established 18-year old heirs as main characters.  I don’t know what spices the writer would be inserting to make this rich-boy-poor-girl story work, but I’m really hoping although in kdrama reality it’s not possible, that they won’t dig in on that she’s-poor-you-can’t-be-with-her plot.  I don’t also know how they are going to make the screen time for all the boys work but I’m liking that Woo-bin is on a bad boy rich rebel character.  To be honest since this is highly anticipated, I am not going to expect something in case I will get disappointed.  At any rate there’s always Lee min Ho to appease me.  If it will stuck up, they can just show the boys’ faces all the time.   But you know, it would be a bonus if this will not be your typical angsty rich people sad life story.  Please don’t be.  

Episode 1 fairly touched some of the premises and connections of the characters, and since we are yet to meet the other players, I decided to wait for the completion of this dramas’ introduction.  It was a pretty start for the lead couple as they showcased what is expected of them, adding some spike on it and reverting to the preconceived notion of what they could be.    I am going to give this drama at least 6 episodes to hook me.  So Lee Min Ho, amuse me. ^_^