KDrama Bucket Listing: Bundling Kdramas by Trusting the Writer or the PD

Just how do I choose which dramas to watch when a new set of drama premiere in hallyuland?  I actually rely on the production team more than the actors.  There are a few exceptions like So Ji Sub, Jo In Sung, Cha Tae Hyun, Yoo Ah In, Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun dramas, but I mostly put my faith on the works headlined by the conceivers of the story.  Deciding on which dramas to keep, park and drop is a skill you should work on in order for you to still get a life and plenty of sleep while nurturing your kdrama-addiction.  *chuckles  Trust me, you will eventually hit that stage when you have seen a lot so you want to see something new for a change.

 I have learned to trust the previous works of these writers and directors.  Those who hit one or two dramas in me, I still have reservations.  So if the first eight episodes of their new work seems not going anywhere, I will skip it and move on to another story.  

I still do trust new writers and directors. It is important that we do because the more narratives and worlds these growing production teams want to explore, the more happy we will be as viewers.  

This list will help you whom to trust in case you have specific genres you prefer to binge watch.



The Seasoned Writer

Choi Wan Kyu’s works span 23 years of classic favorites and modern surprises.  If you want to have a grasp of Korean history, he is great in exploring period narratives and is also strong in character-driven stories.  He is superb in handling big cast productions and long-running storylines.

NOTABLE WORKS:  General Hospital 1 & 2, All In, Jumong, Lovestory in Harvard, Gourmet, Swallow the Sun, Iris, Midas, Lights and Shadows, Triangle and Flower in Prison



The Sentimental Writer

I loved how almost all her love stories led me to warranted self-introspection because of her ability to sketch poignant stories and lingering characters.  Noh Hee Kyung can switch from refreshing comedies to tear-jerkers inside her love stories.  She also dares to traverse variety of love setting that surprisingly endeared the viewers.

NOTABLE WORKS:  More Beautiful than a flower, Goodbye Solo, The world that they live in, Padam padam, That Winter the Wind Blows, It’s Okay, that’s Love, Dear My Friends




The Star Writer

Her ability to tap to what the general audience like has been an amazing talent.  I once thought she is overrated, but I got to give it to her because her recent works in the past eight years were all striking.  Kim Eun Sook works wonder mostly on romantic-comedies.  She has forged indelible love couples and bromance through the years.

NOTABLE WORKS:  Lovers in Paris, City Hall, Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity, The Heirs, Descendants of the Sun, The Lonely, Shining Goblin



The Nimble Director

I had a lot of fun in Myungwol the Spy and Sungkyunkwan Scandal while I had some retrospection in Goodbye Solo.  Director Hwang In Hyuk is stunning in designing polished dramas and injecting clever humor all throughout the story.

NOTABLE WORKS:  Goodbye Solo, Empress Chunchu, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Myungwol the Spy, Assembly, Laurel Tree Tailors




The Flexible Director

Deft on bringing life to ardent melodramas, Boo Sung Chul PD can throw charming humor when required by the plot.  I just found out that I like him while doing my research, so I made sure he is marked well for his future projects.

NOTABLE WORKS:  Lobbyist, Star’s Lover, You’re Beautiful, My GF is a Gumiho, Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love, The Heirs, Mask, Our Gab Soon





The Trendy Director

One look at his works and you will know that he is the god of trendy, youthful rom-coms.  He has a knack of keeping up well on heart-fluttering scenarios even as the time evolves.  I look forward to him proving this claim  on his future projects.



The Master of Thriller Writing

His pace will surely leave you at the edge of your seat, but he sure knows how to weave a story by making the characters and the plot as one.  I fell in love with him at “Punch” but the rest of his works are equally amazing.

NOTABLE WORKS:  Punch, Empire of God, The Chaser



The Mushy Screenwriter

Yang Hee Sung writer’s character sketches are vibrant and energetic.  His recent works made me feel warm and he can sure blend romance and comedy right on point.

NOTABLE WORKS:  Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Oh My Ghost, Highschooler King of Life, Soonpoong Clinic



The Sassy Screenwriter

Before her big hit in You Who Came from Another Star, she already showed that addictive cheery vibe in her earlier dramas.  The situations she has written in her stories have brought out the best of the comic timings in the actors starring in her dramas, and I thank her for that.

NOTABLE WORKS:  Legend of the Blue Sea, Producers, You Who Came from the Stars, You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly, Queen of Reversals


The Affectionate Director

Baek Sang Hoon can transition from young love themed dramas to real romance stories by stirring the plot well and hooking the viewers with the actors’ portrayal.

NOTABLE WORKS:  Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds, Descendants of the Sun, Who Are You School 2015, Secret Love



The Chameleon Director

This director’s portfolio boasts with great actors in various genres.  Analyzing his works made me realize how he is quick to uptake in building the synergy of the love couple without forcing it, but by perfecting scenes that captured the characters well in their moments of falling in love.

NOTABLE WORKS:  Goblin, Descendants of the Sun, Secret Love, Discovery of Love, School 2013, Dream High



The Exciting Director

As reflected on his noteworthy creations, Yoon Sung Shik can go on serious storytelling to perky narratives.  His strength is he knows well when to place the hook on his stories and he makes the cast as a whole shine together.

NOTABLE WORKS:  Hwarang, The King’s Face, Bridal Mask, Lee Soon Shin is the Best



The Storytelling Guru

Expert in long-running stories, Lee Sung Joon PD has made memorable dramas mostly on period drama setting.  He can do standard narration, but he is also stunning when he tweaks it to a fusion sageuk.

NOTABLE WORKS:  The Scholar Who Walks at Night, Empress Ki, The Moon that Embraces the Sun, May Queen, Gyebaek, The Duo, Creating Destiny



The Romance Sensitive Director

The string of dramas on his file screamed a lot about painful and patient love.  He can be charming with the light scenes, but he will throw you at a weep fest on the emotionally stirring scenes.

NOTABLE WORKS:  Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds, Discovery of Love, Who Are You School 2015, Dream High



The Mischievous Romantic Screenwriter

Jung Hyun Jung writer is my long lost friend from parallel universe who might have peeked on my very own lovestories, thereby translating it in the TV screen.  *chuckles  What I like about him is how she creates those love frames that anyone can relate to.  From the blooming romance, to sad goodbyes, and to love second chances.  She is also great on lively ambiance and his screenplay is top knotch.

NOTABLE WORKS:  Five Children, Because it’s the first time, Discovery of Love, I Need Romance 1, 2 and 3 


The Ardent Director

Known for emotionally draining melodramas, Kim Kyu Tae induced witty humor in his directing, but never lost his focus in displaying the tearjerking scenes.  He is excellent in capturing the love progression of the main couple.

NOTABLE WORKS:  Scarlet Heart Ryeo, It’s Okay, that’s love, Padam padam, That winter the wind blows, Iris, A Love to Kill


The Snappy Director

I love how Jang Tae Yoo PD is flexible on historical dramas and modern dramas.  Just ruminating on what he did in Tree With Deep Roots and You From Another Star was fascinating.  He deftly navigates the story without losing its footing and neatly wrapped everything to a plausible closure.

NOTABLE WORKS:  You from Another Star, Tree with Deep Roots, The Painter of the Wind, Money’s Warfare


The Cheerful Writer

The love lines he created are lingering and engaging.  The love couples he introduced to us have lived well in the setting he created so naturally that we were able to relate to them easily.

NOTABLE WORKS:  Full House, You’ve fallen for me, Producers, The World that they live in, Which star did you come from?


The Innovative Writer

Song Jae Jung writer is unfazed in establishing realms where he can bring the viewers in awe and wonder.  His impeccable skills to draw chimeric worlds swept me off my feet.  He is a master of push and pull when it comes to inducing excitement.  

NOTABLE WORKS:  W: Two Worlds, The Three Musketeers, Nine: Nine Times Travel, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Highkick through the Roof


The Nostalgic Writer/PD Tandem

Giving us the elaborated “Reply Series” required thorough research and attention to details.  A trip down to the memory lanes of our high school and college life as well as our growing up years in the local neighborhood was achieved to perfection by these wonderful duo.  The Reply Series are kept dear in my heart and belong to the drama pills that aid me during rainy days.

NOTABLE WORKS:  Reply 1997, Reply 1994, Reply 1988


The Period Drama Experts

These masters of acclaimed period dramas intricately wove the stories to present an elaborated picture of character driven stories based on historical setting.  Through their dramas I was forced to hit Korean history books as well leading me to a forced history lessons as well.

NOTABLE WORKS:  Dae Jang Geum, Yi San, Flower in Prison, Dong Yi, Horse Doctor,  Six Flying Dragons, Tree With Deep Roots, Queen Seon Deok, Hwajung




The Resonating Screenwriter

There’s something about the vibrancy of the cast portrayal in his stories that left a lingering effect in me.  While he sprinkled comedic notes, he discussed the characters in detail so well that you can’t help but cheer on them.  Kim Won Suk lead me at cheerful bliss in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and made me want to leave my regular job at Misaeng.  *chuckles  He is one complicated writer that you would surely love.

NOTABLE WORKS:  Signal, Misaeng, Monstar, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Partners 


The Smart Screenwriter

I first noticed her at “Ghost” and since then, I’ve become her fan.  For a girl, I like that she is valiant and polished in working mostly on thrillers with crime genre as premise.  You have to sit on her dramas to understand what I am saying, but she is sure one intelligent writer worthy to stalk on.

NOTABLE WORKS:  Signal, Three Days, Ghost, Sign


The Reliable Veteran Writer

Song Ji Na’s career spanned two decades of writing and she amazingly adapted to the changing times and was able to bring stories you won’t expect she could pull.  Such was the case for Healer and Faith, which I thought was made by a young writer only to find out that it was conceived by a veteran writer.  If you want a taste of reality and fantasy, then Song Ji Na’s dramas will be a perfect fit for you.

NOTABLE WORKS:  Healer, Faith, The Legend, A Man’s Story, Kaist, The Sandglass, Eye of Dawn


The Perky Sisters-Writer Tandem

Now I am starting to miss these two.  Most of their dramas are quirky and lovable.  Although my most hated drama came from them, most of my favorites were also written by them.  Such is the irony in kdramaland.  *lol  They are a resident rom-com writer favorites and has created memorable love couples through the years.

NOTABLE WORKS:  The Master’s Sun, The Greatest Love, You’re Beautiful, My GF is a Gumiho, My Girl, Sassy Girl Chun Hyang, Hong Gil Dong

The Midas Touch Director

Jin Hyuk PD is sensitive in executing the written stories to moving pictures.  That being said he is the kind of director that any writer would want to work with because he visualizes well the scenarios based on the written text.  His projects are of different genres, but he can pull it off with breathtaking cinematography and yarning of the story.

NOTABLE WORKS:  The Legend of the Blue Sea, The Master’s Sun, City Hunter, Prosecutor Princess, Shining Inheritance, Doctor Stranger



not BIG enough

I will have to include a “worst ending category” on my year-end summary, and I really hope that I won’t see another closure like this, well come to think of it, it was not even an ending.

But really BIG?  What happened to the ending?  It was so flat and it didn’t really end.  You got all the watchers who dragged themselves to finish the drama really disappointed.  I stayed even when I was dozing the first 6 episodes, I said Gong Yoo oppa can make it up for it, and hope that halfway I’ll see a light… you obliged and I was close to buying the soul switching-secret siblings who were vitro fertilization twins born years apart and who fell in love with the same girl who was all confused and weak throughout the drama.

It took me 7 episodes to settle in the groove and I was perturbingly holding my emotions on the get going of the series because it was not hitting on my love niche.  It was so different… it felt so different if you are a Hong sisters fan.  They are my favorite kdrama writers, they gave me My Girl, Gumiho, Greatest Love, Dokko Jin and You’re Beautiful , so it really got me staring at the ceiling face palmed after I ended watching it.

Kang Kyung Joon and So Yoon Jae got into an accident and putting up the former in a coma as the latter survived.  But the sort of magical accident switched their souls thus making the 18-year old rowdy teenager inside a 30-year old doctor’s body.  Before the accident, So Yoon Jae was supposed to meet his fiancée Gil Da Ran who was all mopey and unsure if her fiancé really loves her.  She was also Kang Kyung Joon’s teacher.  When Kyung Joon woke up in Yoon Jae’s body he was forced to deal with a life that has a connection to him and experience loving for the first time a woman who was waiting for her beloved to come back.   It was then revealed that the body he was thriving was in fact his long lost fraternal twin brother but they were born years apart.  Yoon Jae needed an operation when he was young to survive and the only solution was to produce another sibling.  Through vitro fertilization Kyung Joon was carried by Kang Hee Soo, who was also their father’s first love.  The brother’s weren’t aware of each other’s existence until they fatedly meet again and this time Yoon Jae did the saving.

With the supernatural, time travelling and impossible stories I have seen this year, I was not surprised with how they wove the miracle conceived brothers.  I was not perplexed but I won’t applaud it.  I was groping what the main conflict they were trying to arrive… was it Gil Da Ran’s emotion and who-i-really-love-analyzation?  Was it Kyung Joon’s why did my long lost family forsake me questions?  They presented a love story and didn’t give a decent ever after?

I was waiting for Yoon Jae to come back and answer the million dollar question.  I was rooting for him, yes even in comma, because I thought that it was really their love story and his little brother was just someone who will make them realize each other’s worth, but it diverted 360 degrees forcing a May-December love affair that looked good but didn’t feel right.

BIG was half-baked story wise, and you can barely feel its romance because it was not meant to be.  Signature Hong sisters’ humor went in every now and then, but nothing much special like how they used to insert it.  To be honest I didn’t like how indecisive and somewhat faltering GIl Da Ran was and that’s maybe the reason why even if KKJ paraded the most adorable teenager trapped in a full grown man’s body I was not left fascinated nor interested on how their love has progressed.

Yoon Jae was a character they should have built up more, he could have been an equalizer… well actually, he was the runaway hit I was expecting.  It will be interesting to see how love will be realized if they let him give a fight, but making Gil Da Ran struggled to let go and sacrifice love in a circumstance where the love triangle was not achieved, it definitely didn’t hit the love drive.

I didn’t like the love story period.  I didn’t like how the characters went to play their part but failed to salvage the drama potentials.  BIG was “not big enough” to have held on my diverted self.  It made me crawl on my way to finish it.  It made me wonder if some evil spirits took over the Hong sisters’ body.  It made me sad that Gong Yoo oppa was all pretty and hot and funny there, but I won’t remember everything about it.

I hauled myself to get through it.  I went to 5 stages of grief to let go of it.  I ended up feeling lost, empty and not in love after seeing it, that being said you have to love Gong Yoo and the Hong sisters soooo much to finish it. 

P.S  I love Jang Ma Ri and the music… but that’s just it.



Mr. D’s Comments

Hmmm, well then, lets just say, Imagine this….. You get the best writers, take on some amazing acting talent, veteran and new and you throw it all together and create a drama, oh did i mention you decided to not bother finishing the story!!!!

Had amazing potential, great chemistry between So Yoon Jae (kkj) & Gil Da Ran and Ma Ri’s sheer determination to get what she wanted was great.
 If there isn’t a special (additional) episode i will feel hard done by after waiting every week for the english subbed version.

The sisters have what i am rather upset to say, their first failure in my opinion, lets just hope its a momentary dip in their, up to now, unblemished record.

Mr Ð

Korean Love Drama List

Might as well blog these K-Dramas who stayed with me when I’m sad, flirty, happy and in love…  Here’s a taste of feel-good Korean Romantic dramas, you might want to watch with your friends, partners,  and soon to be “future” person… ^_^ = my personal favorite

♥ Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011) – The light, feel-good and fast-paced vibe sent me wanting for more, and ended up being satisfied as each episode ends.  Without trying that much the characters grew on me and Cha Chi Soo tied with Dokko Jin this year for my favorite male leads.  One of the best for 2011, it swept me off my feet the way Prince Charming could have never done it to me.  Charming and full of romantic bliss plus an adorable Second Lead as an extra perk, you’re a descendant of Lord Voldemort if you fail to appreciate it.

♥ The Princess’ Man (2011)A period drama taking the Romeo and Juliet romance background.  With one of the vilest villain my eyes has set upon on television.  Nonetheless, for a not so sageuk fan like me it stirred emotions and glue-like substance to make me stay in touch with it and finishing it till the end.  Marvelously done music and editing and with richly personified characters, this is a drama worth of a red carpet recognition.  (10/10/10)

♥Scent of a Woman (2011) I won’t forget Yeon-jae and Ji-wook’s love story.  Theirs is full of passion, trust and commitment to love each other whatever the future holds.  To date this is my favorite Korean drama ever and Yeon-jae and Ji-wook’s lovestory will always be special in my heart.  A love tale that has made me cried big time, but still made me feel hopeful after the tears.  Scent of a Woman is so life and love affirming that it affected me in a way that it made me get so serious with making my own bucket list.  If a newbie will ask me what I can recommend for a first time watcher, without hesitation, I will certainly recommend this drama.

♥You’ve Fallen for me aka Heartstrings (2011) I would recommend this to anyone suffering extreme heartache to trigger their ability to love again.  This is refreshingly sweet and the kind of drama you’ll watch and never get tired of it..  Oozing with sweet moments and a lead actor who knew what buttons to tickle and make you filled of heart flutters.  A little lapses and a sort of rushed ending but Lee Shin made up for all those little things it was missing.

♥Myungwol the Spy (2011)The sort-of-chaos that happened during the airing of this drama didn’t stop me from being immersed on the characters and the funny, exciting. full of twist, and undeniably pretty story. I became interested with Eric because of his character here, and when I check on his other dramas, the man sure can act and is really hot. Since rom-com dramas are everywhere in the kimchidrama land, it’s hard to generate a love story of a man and a woman that you haven’t seen, heard or read before, true there may have been love stories about spies, but the crisp and outlandish of Myungwol took me by surprise, and I just love surprises.

♥City Hunter (2011) – I’m very fond of the lead couple after watching them in their respective Kdramas and I’ve loved them even more in this drama.  Very charming display of their characters. A story of revenge and realizing that there’s more to life than revenge.  It’s hard not to fall for this drama because it hit all the elements you can ask for.  Superb directing, scriptwriting and acting.  I could not ask for more.  ^_^

♥Best Love aka The Greatest Love (2011) – I was so in love with this drama when it was airing.  As always Hong sisters got me with their lead couple bickering-turned-to-loving.  It’s full of heart flutters and bliss.  A story of a striving-to-remain-in-the-Korean-showbizness woman and a top-Korean-actor.  It’s one of my favorites for 2011.  It might make you skip work if you watch it during work days so better watch it on a weekend.  It’s also the first time I fell in love to the second male lead almost at the same level as the first male lead.   I don’t know what kind of water Hong sisters drink for them to come up with really good love stories.  Dokko Jin entered my lead man Hall of Fame list and Pil-joo joined Geol-ah to my “really-they-deserved-the-girl” list.  This is something you will dream of when you sleep and a very good reason for you to bargain with time to speed up so that the day of its airing can happen.  Certified on Abby’s must-watch list. Full of ahhs and ohhs, this is one of the best rom-com dramas I’ve watched so far.  Consider you’re forewarned.

♥Baby Faced Beauty (2011) – it’s light, refreshing and full of hope and dreams.  The character development will slowly and surely capture you.  A story of a 34-year old woman who has to set aside her dream of being a designer to take the role of the breadwinner in the family.  She was given an opportunity to have her dream but she has to pretend she’s 9 years younger.  It may be slow moving but you will end up loving the story.

♥49 Days (2011)I found the premise intriguing as it involves fantasy intervention… it slowly picked up in my system but having a soft spot for I’m-here-for-you-all-along-why-can’t-you-notice-me kind of love, it won me over.  Neat and prettily written story with twists and gasps, and will be on my top 3 dramas for 2011.

♥Dream High (2011)Breezy, glee-like-maybe-even-better, and lead actors that will put you most of the time in the land of “i want to be with you”… I say this is a dark horse this year and the musical bearing sets it apart from the rest of the dramas this season.

♥My Princess (2011) – one of my favorite behind-bickering-they-love-each-other couple.  The only Song Seong Heon drama that I like.  Very appealing and enticing.  Kim Tae Hee proved she can do the light and classy… a must watch, eye-candy and worth recommending.  ^_^

♥ Secret Garden (2010) – Hyun Bin + Ha Ji Won = I’m a happy camper?  The drama woke up my inability of falling in love again with a fictional character Kim Joo Won.  Engaging and strong performance by the characters, amusing screenplay and a story that will linger and can work as a coping pill to boredom or heartbreak.  I had high expectations about this team up, and they did not fail me.  Sunny characters, a twist worth of de Maupassant, and an endearing-classic-my-mom-doesn’t-like-you-but-i-love-you love story.  Fresh and scintillating… worthy of being absent for a day… My top pick for 2010. ^_^

♥Queen of Reversals (2010) – Sweet and sent me to self-realizing for a day… Actually this drama got me because of Park Shi Hoo, didn’t read reviews about it which I normally do.  I’m just hopelessly in love with him so I just want to stare at his face even if I will not watch the story itself.  *giggles But I love how this drama turned out to be and there are lot of relationship ideas that were pointed out so prettily.  Hwang Tae Hee will be one of my favorite heroines. 

♥ City Hall (2009)I’ve watched this drama after I came across Dokko Jin, and the politics-based love story blew me away.  The closing scene was shot so perfectly I promised myself I will vow to be a single if I won’t get that kind of romantic scene for a wedding proposal.

♥ You’re Beautiful (2009) – Jang Geun Seok still lingers in my dreams because of this drama. Hong sisters have done a superb job crafting this drama.  One of the few dramas who killed me with so much anticipation. Great chemistry between our favorite K-band characters. After Jang geun Seok swept me off my feet here I hunted all his Korean movies and watched it. Amazingly sweet and with lots of love vibes. Fast paced, beautifully crafted, sweet moments at it’s best. ^_^

♥ My GF is a Gumiho (2010)Being a self-confessed fan of the Hong sisters, I really enjoyed the supernatural-mythical-romantic elements in this drama.  One of the most remembered couple I guess in the Kdramaland. I was already a Sin Min Ah fan even before and her light and natural take on her character made me love her even more.  Beautiful, never a dull moment and will always be on anyone’s top favorites. Incorporating folklore and romance on its best… nicely done, great acting, witty screen play, and definitely on my top 3 K-Drama of 2010. ^_^

♥Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)Bromance incorporating a touch of traditional Korean history and way of living made the series riveting… such charming characters and will leave butterflies in your tummy.   The person you will love after your first love is like Sungkyunkwan for me.  I can’t help but love this drama each episode I was watching.  It was so addictive and full of love, and I was even surprised to have felt that way considering that it was a fusion-sageuk drama.  Having F4 like drama aired in the past few years, I say SKKS in its own right deserved so much applause.  Our F4 scholars made me so in love for a while and even now I still am in love with Geol Ah.  Definitely this has a spot on top Korean dramas on Abby-land.

♥ Personal Preference (2010) – Starred by my favorite actress and another one-sided love of mine, I could not ask for more. *giggles There were lots of bright tones here which I can say compensated to some dry moments and knots that were loosely conspicuous in a kdrama addict’s eye. The doting scenes melted me and made me craved for more so some scenes that are really unnecessary were left forgotten.  Your typical I’m-here-to-protect-you-love-story but with a twist.  ^_^

♥ Prosecutor Princess (2010) – Surprisingly sweet, comforting and a lead actor to drool and you can use as a calming pill.  More than safe storyline and will get you hooked when you least expected it.  Intricately woven narrative with great lines and superbly layered sequence build up plus effectively personified characters made me swoon over this drama. The “confrontation-kiss-scene” brought me to the edge of ever after and had me promised myself I will vow to be a single if it’s not Park Shi Hoo that I’m gonna marry with.. *giggles This is alluring and classic, a great watch and will live up to your expectation.

♥ Mischievous/Playful Kiss (2010) – I’ve seen how Japan and Taiwanese’ did their live adaptation so there’s always the comparison, I still prefer Taiwan’s version though, but this is quirky, lovely and you’ll have so many ways to love it.

♥ Iris (2009) – Since it was big budgeted and composed of top stars in Korea, it should definitely be worth watching… riveting, fast paced and top notch… But I’ve watched lots of spy dramas so it didn’t at all affect me.

♥ Boys Before Flowers (2009) – When it was aired in Korea, it was like the anticipation of Harry Potter book 7 for me, I’m so excited of Wednesdays because I get to watch it. Teen romance bliss at it’s best. ^_^

♥ Beethoven Virus (2009) – Great acting, scriptwriting and directing… It will slowly creep its way to you, and without you realizing it you are deeply immersed in each character’s life.

♥Coffee Prince (2007)Coffee Prince cemented my growing fondness towards Yoon Eun Hye.  *giggles  I liked her in Goong, and I like her even more here.  The music was so refreshing.  How the love grew between the lead characters was simply laid and yet so affecting and definitive.  If you are currently having a bitter heart because of a failed relationship it can surely disarm you and walk you through appreciating love again.  Addictive and will make you believe in love if you are unable to do so… ^_^

♥ Shining Inheritance (2010) –  I rarely watch mellow drama but there was something engaging in this modern-day-Cinderella-meets-spoiled-prince-romantic-interlude.  Seeing Han Hyo Joo in a different light was a surprise because I was not happy when I first saw her in Spring Waltz.  If not for the brilliant portrayal of the villain step mom here and how Eun-sung struggled and defeated the odds, the story will really not go beyond plain to interesting.  It took a while for me to fall in love, but I did eventually. A love story that builds up nicely.

♥ Love story in Harvard – Kim Rae Won is an actor that can easily sink in to any character he takes, and until now he still amuses me how he does that.  He’s so feel good and engaging to look at, and he effectively displayed that in LSIH.  There are a lot of heart-fluttering scenes which KRW nailed superbly.  I’m a sucker for finding-a-lost-love-and-realizing-the-love-is-still-there-drama so regardless of minimal inconsistencies and out of the context scenes, the fluidity and realistic appeal of the romantic elements were enough for me to put this on my favorite list.

♥ Goong (Princess Hours) – Growing love was really sweet in this drama and would make you remember your first love.   Great Music, great lines.  The build up of love is heart felt and lingering.  ^_^

♥ A Love To Kill – Classic directing and editing, decent conflict didn’t make the drama so dragging. Rain at his best.  ^_^

♥ Full House – Light and carefree. Cute couple fights and the famous 3 bear song made me smile a lot while watching it.  The sweet and simple storyline made tit a runaway hit.  ^_^

♥ Autumn Tale –  A very sad moving love story.  If serendipity has a twin evil brother, it was lurking the whole time in the story..  A few sweet moments, and a drama that is anti-ever-after.   The twist and simplicity of the story was very heartwarming. Heart-tugging storyline and will definitely linger in your heart.A lot of people cried over this KDrama. The twist and simplicity of the story was very heartwarming. Heart-tugging storyline and will definitely linger in your heart.

♥ What happened in Bali –  This is my favorite drama ending. There are only a few kdramas with decent endings, and if I’m strange because I love the ending of the ill-fated love triangle that this love interlude presented, I don’t care! *giggles At least they have provided a closure and a very strong closure for that matter.  Realistic and smokin’ hot.   Stirring and stimulating. Not a happily ever after drama, but definitely high grade scriptwriting and directing. Realistic and sensational. ^_^

♥ Love Marriage –   I was kinda hesitant when I first took my DVD copy of this drama to watch.  When I look at the lead couple it felt like they were not in sync physically.  There’s nothing spectacular about the story itself and is very laid back, and that’s maybe the reason why I fell for it.   Snappy scriptwriting, spirited lead actors and adorable love story.

♥ 1% of anything – A lovestory between a sweet middle school teacher and a hot tempered rich man. Fun, refreshing and one of the reason why Kang Dong Won is in my Korean Prince list.  ^_^

♥ Which Star did you come from – Poignant twist in the story can go either way depending on how you would want to take it. Neat storyline, but sometimes slow moving.  Light, eye-pleasing and another Kim Rae Won hit for me.

♥ Delightful Girl Chun Hyang – perky and bubbly… with lots of zest and romance…  Watched it after My Girl, and this sent me stalking Hong sisters from then on.

♥ Hanoi Bride – Lee Dong Wook is my favorite actor that’s why I watched it… quick, typical love story, somewhat great acting….

♥ Hello Miss – slow, sometimes entertaining, the only good thing here is Lee Dae Hee.

♥ La Dolce Vita – mature, splendid and realistic… marvelous acting and storyline…  If you have been induced by light rom-com dramas full of raining rose petals and couple bickering, this will be something new for your taste.

♥ My Lovely Samsoon –  I really think Hyun Bin was given by Heavenly Father to me, and until now I still have that illusion. *giggles He’s that actor whose gaze can make me so mesmerize and drool of what it feels like to be with him, in short I was meant for him, and it’s a one side love. Sam Soon is an addictive drama, subconsciously and in the real world. The writing and the weight of the story was justified by the endearing couple. It something which will nudge you of what you have experienced at some point sometime in your relationship.  Upbeat, mesmerizing, engaging and one of my favorites.  ^_^

♥ Fireworks – dreary storyline elevation… the only good thing to watch is the lead actor… tolerable and forgettable…

♥ Witch Yoo Hee – This was where I first noticed Jae Hee and his smooth smile. I have funny and sweet moments with this drama, but it’s just all that I guess. It was sort of more than an inch safe. Had it add more inflections and deleted unnnecessary scenes it would have been nicer.  Sometimes scattered and sometimes amusing.

♥ Stained Glass – typical, can be stirring at some point… sometimes spiritless… In between mediocre and above expectation I guess… Strikingly cute but not enough to make you remember it.

♥ Last Scandal – nice storyline, superb acting and chemistry between the lead actors, edifying and passionate.

♥ Save the Last Dance For MeA beautiful moving story of finding love and falling in love all over again to the same person.  It is my favorite Eugene drama.  At some point it was slow moving but it essentially helped the narrative of the drama.  This is like a love story taken out of your favorite harlequin novel but with a more pronounced lingering effect.  Deeply moving… fascinating characters… spell binding story…