Hwarang Episode 1 Quick Recap


Hwarang kicked off this week and as always  I like the wardrobe and production design whenever it is set in Silla period. 


To sum up the initial premise, two peasants, dog-bird/Moo Myung and Mak Moon, (Park Seo Joon and Lee Kwang Soo) were headed to the capital of the country illegally to look for Mak Moon’s family.  They used the latter’s necklace to ask around but they ended up going to a trouble at a gambling house.  




In the palace, Queen Ji So visited a prisoner and laid her plans of establishing a group of elite men that will protect Silla and the Royal family.  She threw in a promise of stepping down her regency if the ploy will work out.  


Meanwhile Ah Ro (Go Ara), Mak Moon’s long lost sister, was busy weaving stories amidst an excited group where the country’s King incognito was also a part of.  


The King who was forcedly hidden by his mother Queen Ji So has been living away from the palace and whoever saw his face and knew his status were killed mercilessly per the Queen’s order.  The Queen gave a cold treatment to her returning son and commanded him to follow her plans worrying on how his life is in danger if he stays in the capital, but the King whose heart has grown apart from his mother whom he thought cast him away perceived his mother’s intent unreasonable. 



After not getting paid properly on her job, Ah Ro resorted to drinking the pricey wine of the employer out of anger.  Intoxicated she struggled to get home and bumped with Moo Myung who was being chased by the evil gamblers.  They had a quick rescue-me-im-drunk-moment capping up with Ah Ro being knocked out by her shoe.



The King set forth and sought comfort to Ah Ro’s storytelling session at Okta, a famous club where sons and daughters of aristocratic family frequently go to.  Enter Soo Ho and Ban Ryu’s pretty boy noble sons groups who mocked each other upon meeting in the hall. 


They carried on to enjoy the night while eavesdropping to Ah Ro’s intimate chronicling, but Mak Moon unfortunately ran to a son of nobility who took out his rage after being humiliated from Ban Ryu’s noble circle due to being his lowest rank among them.  He started beating Mak Moo up and the ruckus interrupted Ah Ro’s show which annoyed Soo Ho.  The two noble gangs met up in the hall again and was in the brink of a fight, but Moo Myung halted them to rescue Mak Moon.




P.S   The bone rank system was the system of aristocratic rank used in the ancient Korean kingdom of Silla. It was used to segregate society, and particularly the layers of the aristocracy, on the basis of their hereditary proximity to the throne and the level of authority they were permitted to wield.



I lurve the club scene circa Silla period.
 *chuckles  There were a lot of characters to meet for Episode 1 but at least we get the picture on what we are going to look forward to and the cast were properly given their initial role tags. 


I look forward to Hwarang’s recruitment and how heavy the history plot will be construed.  Since we have a handful of handsome knights shown already, I am piqued on what kind of bromance they will present as well.  I am not expecting much since “Hwarang” was also built up immensely so hopefully this drama will surprise me.