Hwarang Episode 4 Recap

I decided to do Hwarang’s full episode recaps since I was smitten by these Hwarang boys and their stories.  I so far like how everything is balanced and how we have different faces of heroes, villains and hero-villains.
From this moment on, Moo Myeong will assume Sun Woo’s identity so I will call him Sun Woo and King Jin Heung/Maek Jong will take the name Ji Dwi.  
Sun Woo walks to the direction of worried Ah Ro.  She asks what happened to their father but he fails to answer and faints on her body as Ji Dwi watches them from afar.
Master Ahn Ji wakes up in the Queen’s chamber and scowls at the sight of Queen Ji So.  She responds how he must be feeling well since he can now babble painful words at her.  He replies how his life has been in misery when she took away his wife and son for 12 years and that he is intending to teach his son what a rotten place the capital is because of her.  He warns that he will not allow her to take anything from him anymore, but she counters that whatever she wants to take or not is her decision.
Ah Ro piggybacks the unconscious Sun Woo and complains on how long and heavy he is.  Meanwhile Hwarang Wi boringly stares at a time instrument and sets to proceed with his innovative Hwarang recruitment plan.
Soo Ho and his group sneak in at Najeong (a sacred well in Silla period where Park HyeokGeose was born), and wonder why Ban Ryu’s troop cannot be seen yet.  
They move to the ground and find the missing troop waiting for them.  After an exchange of misplaced ego and quibbles, they brawl at the sacred ground until the Queen’s officers intervened and brought them for questioning and punishment.
The news of the noble boys’ ruckus reaches their family and Master Park castigates Ban Ryu’s father on how the Queen can kill the boys for violating Najeong and they won’t be able to pull their family strings for it.  The already physically drained noble boys were told by the officer that the Queen has not declared anything yet on what will be done to them.
In the morning, Ah Ro tries to wake up the sleeping Sun Woo and mutters her woes over her father.  Sun Woo wakes up and assures her that Master Ahn Ji will be fine.  She tells him how hard it is to trust him when he is to blame for his father’s trouble right now.  Sun Woo appeases her crying heart and tells her to stop crying as he will not let anyone die for him anymore.
Hwarang Wi meets the noble sons who commited High Treason and announces that the Queen decreed to have all of them be killed.  While Hwarang Wi threatens the boys, their families are on their knees begging for the Queen’s mercy on their sons’ lives. 
The opposing faction gathers and realizes how the Queen trapped their sons and won her bid to establish Hwarang.  They promise to get back at the Queen’s ploy and make Hwarang work to their favor in the future.
Hwarang Wi proposes to the boys that the only way out of the death they are facing is to join Hwarang.  Soo Ho whose family is on the Queen’s side gladly obliges to be freed and join Hwarang, as the rest of the boys followed.
Ban Ryu who tried to stay firm in his loyalty to his family eventually succumbs to the offer for him to be released, but still refuses to join Hwarang.  His adamant heart earned him a punch from his biological father, Master Ho, and when they meet his adopted father Master Young, he witnessed his father beaten hard because of his unwillingness.  Master Young chastises his unyielding self-pride and teaches him how if he cannot control power, power can overwhelm him.  He orders him to join Hwarang and gain strength from it.
Queen Ji So sits on a chess game with Hwarang Wi and appreciates his ingenious plan to subdue the noble sons and making their fathers begged for her mercy.  She also requests a young man whom she wants to be part of Hwarang.  Hwarang Wi reminds her that she gave him full control of the project so she bargains on her request by giving him the same privilege of bringing a Hwarang of his choice.  
The Queen’s Royal command for Sun Woo to join Hwarang was given.  He accepts the order and asks if Master Ahn Ji will finally be released.  Queen Ji So meets Master Ahn Ji to reveal that she made Sun Woo joined Hwarang to become her son’s dog.  She corrects his perception that Hwarang will become the future leaders of Silla by stating how she designed to form the noble sons group so she can monitor the sons of the families who keep trying on killing the King.  She adds that Hwarang will be hunting dogs of his son who will be willing to risk their lives for the King.  Master Ahn Ji stares at the Queen’s face disappointed on how evil she had become as she finishes her visit to remind him that Sun Woo’s son is in her hands.
Ah Ro welcomes her father back who comforts her anxious heart and hurries to where Sun Woo is.  He hurriedly prepares things for his leaving upon knowing that the Queen signed him up for Hwarang.  Sun Woo refuses to follow Master Ahn Ji and reasons that joining Hwarang is his way of protecting them as he stares at the sitting Ah Ro outside.  Master Ahn Ji furiously dissuades him on how hard it will be for him to survive the evil ways of the capital, but Sun Woo remains firm in his desire to endure everything.
Ji Dwi barges to Master Wi’s hideout and orders the shop owner Joo Ki to park his horse properly.  He looks for Master Wi who enters the room and grabs Joo Ki as he scouts for the robe design of the future Hwarang boys.  Ji Dwi appeals to Master Wi’s permission for him to join Hwarang citing he wants to be a part of his promising plan to change Silla.  
He mutters his desire to live in a country where the people are happy because it is the King who does the worrying.  He closes his deal with his aspiration to live in a country that he also wants to live.  Master Wi’s questions his real identity and he answers that he is the person who wants to change Silla confirming Master Wi’s already conceived deduction that he is the King.  Ji Dwi steps in to brighten the gloomy model job of the shop owner and poses confidently the pretty robe that fits perfectly his handsome face to his audience’ approval.
Master Ahn Ji speaks with Ah Ro about teaching Sun Woo some basic knowledge to equip him for his upcoming Hwarang enlistment.  She teaches him how to write first but was interrupted when Lady , Soo Ho’s charming sister, Soo Yeon, visits and raves about her long lost beautiful brother.  Ah Ro asks Soo Yeon to lend some horses and finds Sun Woo for the horseback riding lessons.  
The two gangs meet again at the football field and begins their usual spat.  Soo Ho teases Ban Ryu of going against his word not to join Hwarang so the latter responds that he still will not become a queen’s dog.  Soo Ho concludes how his two fathers signed him up then mocking his powerlessness.  When Ban Ryu taunts him to finish the interrupted fight last time, Soo Ho suggests a football challenge even when his friends complain on how they are at a disadvantage and how they have not won any game of it with them.  Ban Ryu relents and urges Soo Ho to seek additional members for his team.  
Sun Woo hugs his horse tightly as Ah Ro urges him to sit up straight and to not show fear because horses feel it when their riders are afraid.  A nearby kid who was playing with some wooden sticks accidentally hits Ah Ro’s horse so it went wild and runs fast as it could. Adrenalin pushes Sun Woo who barely knows how to ride a horse to rescue Ah Ro. Ji Dwi sees the wild horses and urgently takes a nearby horse to join the rescue operation.  Soo Ho and his friends who were grumpy not finding bummers to complete their team witness the speedy horse chase and set forth to recruit the strong riders.
Ji Dwi pulls the reign of his horse and blocks Ah Ro’s crazy ride.  Sun Woo who was trailing them rushes to cushion Ah Ro’s body when her horse kicks violently causing her to fall from it.  Ah Ro cries like a little girl in Sun Woo’s care voicing out how she thought she would die on how fast the horse was. Sun Woo brushes her hair and assures her that everything is okay.  Ji Dwi sighs at Ah Ro’s childlike drama and acknowledges Sun Woo’s gratitude.  He notices his bracelet worn by Sun Woo and upon recognizing him as the man he had a swordfight with last time, he wonders why he is with Ah Ro.
On their way home, Soo Ho and his team approach them and invite them to play the football game.  
 Sun Woo and Ji Dwi ignore the offer but Ah Ro quickly concurs seeing it as an opportunity for Sun Woo to build his connection with the future Hwarang boys.  Sun Woo recognizes the boys from the Okta encounter and eventually concedes to the offer along with Ji Dwi.   Even when they do not know where they will heading, they don the red uniform for the flowerboys football fight.
The blue and red players enter the court while jeering insults on Soo Ho’s recruits.  Soo Ho boasts on how physically adept the two boys are.  The whistle erupts to start the game and Ban Ryu’s team easily scores a point tackling the rival team with their dirty physical game strategy.  Not understanding the full context of the game, Sun Woo confirms with Soo Ho that there seems to be no set rules for the game and unleashes his true self on the next round.
Sun Woo bumps the opponents here and there like a raging bull and goes straight to the goal for his first score.  He struts a victorious pose only to find out that he shoots a point on the opponent’s side.  *chuckles  Trailing by two points, Sun Woo makes up for his mistake and goes on a rampage with two straight points.  On a quick break, Ji Dwi’s desire to show off was fueled when he sees Ah Ro on the audience’ stand smiling happily at the thrilling game.  His right man jokes on how he thought he was never into football and worries on him turning to a wallpaper in the game.
Like a man on a mission, he charges to make the winning basket, but failed miserably when Ban Ryu thwarts his attempt.  Sun Woo luckily blocks the opponent and passes the ball to Ji Dwi who kicks the ball straight to their goal for the win.  The crowd cheers lively as the winning team celebrates their victory.  kyaaa that Ji Dwi hey-guys-i’m-the-best walk was soo cute  
Sun Woo carries Ah Ro on his back noticing her limp due to her earlier accident.  She talks about Ji Dwi and almost slips on how she fell asleep with him when she was telling him story before.  She stresses on how Sun Woo should put an effort in building his connection once he becomes a Hwarang.
On the day of the Hwarang appointment ceremony, Ah Ro escorts Sun Woo and finds something missing on his wardrobe.  She searches for a complementing trinket and is interrupted by the villain who has been looking for Sun Woo.  The latter catches on Ah Ro’s sudden disappearance and chases on the departing fiends.  Ji Dwi sees Sun Woo in a rush and wearing a Hwarang uniform.  Remembering he wears his bracelet, he follows him and ends up with a deadly weapon pointing at his face.  He is brought to where Sun Woo and Ah Ro were held captive and worries on seeing Ah Ro binded and crying.  Sun Woo holds the villain’s knife wounding him in the process and warns him not to touch and hurt Ah Ro or he will kill him.
Episode 4 Quick Thoughts
How I love that flowerboys’ football game.  *sigh hahaha  For a period drama, the modern vibe is injected strategically swaying the plot to an exciting run even with its historical premise.  Hwarang is so far reminiscent of Sungkyunkwan Scandal for me without a cross-dressing heroine of course.  I hope that it will become prettier.  I look forward to the character developments and the love lines just as I crave for more conspiracies and power struggles.  
Since I am choosing to celebrate to dwell on the sweets of kdramas this year, I will evade from being nosy and will just point out sour things when I have to.  I am so far enjoying the ride with these flowerboys.  I hope you are too.