Hwarang Episode 6 Recap

Sun Woo almost got expelled because he gave in to Ban Ryu’s taunting.  Classes start and the boys were given their first assignment.  Ah Ro entered Hwarang camp as pseudo-physician and to tutor Sun Woo.
Episode 6 Recap
Soo Ho opens his eyes and screams seeing his nemesis’ face.  They get up and opens the day with their usual bickering, and Yeo Wool teasing them how they sweetly caressed each other all night did not help the two enemies.  Ban Ryu picks up the swords and passes one to Soo Ho for their morning sword fight exercise, but Sun Woo’s dice halts the looming quarrel just as Ji Dwi whines on not getting proper sleep because of them.
 Ban Ryu rushes to attack Ji Dwi but Sun Woo stops him and the Hwarang eavesdroppers discuss on the possible future troubles in Hwarang camp  due to the five rascals belonging in the same room.  Ban Ryu spills his dislike about sharing a space with a half-breed and reiterates that his connection with the Queen does not mean he is one of them.  Sun Woo musters his strength not to throw a punch at him and rebuts how Ban Ryu has not done anything on his own so he is worse than a rotting water in a ditch.  Ban Ryu pushes Sun Woo and grabs a sword out of rage but Soo Hoo stops him and they end up in a brawl.  A beefy man makes his presence known to subdue the warring young masters and easily break the bones of the leaders’ friends when they attempt to free the two.
The flower boys first breakfast mostly reminds them of the responsibility as a Hwarang.  Assistant Hwarang Chief informs them that bone rank system will not be followed in the camp hence servants will also not be allowed so they will do the Hwarang house chores.  And we see the boys exerting their frustrations on the clothes they are washing while finding opportunity to annoy each other as Ji Dwi throws up in cleaning the stable and feeding the horses.  They were instructed to eat, bathe and sleep with the boys in their assigned room.  
Ji Dwi’s warrior questions the King for hanging the clothes but he explains that it is his turn to do the task and boasts that he seems good at it.  Pa Oh quips that he also has a talent to reduce his life.  Ji Dwi checks on his assignment to stalk his medicine (Ah Ro) and Pa Oh complains how he still has time to worry about a woman.
Soo Yeon visits Ah Ro who just gave a free accupuncture treatment to a patient and asks about news regarding her handsome brother.  Ah Ro responds sullenly that she does not have any news about him and regrets not giving him something she should have given.  The cook at Hwarang’s kitchen loses patience  and slams his big knife as Joo Ki tastes the food prepared and orders to repeat it.  When asked who he was, he introduces himself as the Chief Instructor’s friend.
At the dining hall, the boys resume their rumpus.  Ban Ryu huffs at Sun Woo being mindless eating on the same table with the true bone young masters, but Sun Woo chews his food nonchalantly and replies how Ban Ryu must have gone crazy after being beaten up by a peasant.  Ban Ryu notches up the fury by bringing up Ah Ro and implying her steamy and skillful storytelling skills.  He adds how on their Hwarang break they can go to Okta together to listen to her story and much better if they can play with her.  Sun Woo holds in his temper and walks away from the scene.  
Joo Ki warns Master Wi of an imminent big fight that he sensed from the boys, but the Master smirks that since they are all fighters that’s expected to happen.  True to Joo Ki’s prophecy, Ban Ryu pushes the flame from earlier and urges him to start a fight, but Sun Woo maintains his cool head not wanting to induce a trouble.  Ban Ryu answers him why he is picking on him and tells him of three reasons — that he is the Queen’s Hwarang, that he can’t fight with other masters because of their families and because Ah Ro is pretty enough to be his concubine.  
Sun Woo had enough and flares up on Ban Ryu’s crude attitude and throws a punch.  Soo Ho gives Ban Ryu another one as Ji Dwi and the rest of the boys ramble in the study hall.  Master Wi halts the ruckus and meets the boys for some scolding.  He asks for the one responsible for breaking the Hwarang rule and Sun Woo comes clean with it.
Ah Ro opens up her feelings of how being with Sun Woo makes her feel safe and happy and laments on how she feels empty when he can’t see him.  Soo Yeon chides on the weird things her friend just muttered and lectures how families are not supposed to cause heart pain but headaches since its what it did to her having a brother who dates almost all the women in the capital leaving her with no friends except for her.  Ah Ro dismisses Soo Yeon’s analysis that she is in love because Sun Woo is her brother.  Their conversation was interrupted by the hurrying Joo Ki who takes her at Hwarang camp to nurse the wounded boys.  Since the brawl needs to be hidden from their families, they cannot summon a regular doctor so Ah Ro can do the quick fixes.
The boys voice out their opinions on what will happen to Sun Woo and which sides they are on while Soo Ho confronts Ban Ryu to admit to his earlier tauntings, but the latter remains unaffected of his unfair attack.  Soo Ho quips how Sun Woo’s words about him being a sewer indeed is true but Ban Ryu shrugs and respond how the world wll never change as the strong dominates the weak.  Soo Ho counteracts and utters how it is baffling him why he joined Hwarang and ask if something significant happened to him.  Ban Ryu recalls the event with his two fathers and gets furious at the thought of it.  He walks away without asking Soo Ho another body bout if he wants to.
Han Sung comes next for his treatment and pretends he is older in front of Ah Ro.  She tells her to chew on some root as his wound needs to be stitched.  He confirms that she is Master Ahn Ji’s daughter and puzzles her by saying she is the most famous half-breed at the moment in Hwarang.
Sun Woo gets locked up at a room for his misdeed as Master Wi says he needs some thinking.  
SUNWOO:  I have a question.  If I held it in, avoided it and did nothing, would I have not ended up here?
MASTER WI:  Do you regret it now?
SUNWOO:  Not regret.  I just have a thought if being timid, hesitant and weak is the Hwarang that you desire.
Master Wi challenges him if he will do it if that’s really what he wants and Sun Woo responds that he will not do such thing.  He tells him how there will be no right or wrong for him and no walls he will not be willing to break down if it is what he has to do to protect the sick, the weak and the pretty.  Master Wi grins and sneers at Sun Woo’s litany and steps out to give him some thinking.
Ji Dwi rushes to see Ah Ro when he learns she was there and pouts when she immediately asks for her brother.  She complains on who initiated the trouble and he directs her to follow him as her presence is not welcomed at that moment in that place.
He brings her to a pavilion and asks if he can sleep with her for 30 minutes which flustered her.  He teases how he will not do anything in broad daylight with her and how she should not be coy anymore since they already literally slept together.  Ah Ro motions to leave but he bargains for 15 minutes.  
She agrees and let him sleep on her back and he softly speaks how she is his medicine and how she is the best sleeping tonic for him.  She demands him to reveal where her brother is but Ji Dwi snores his reply as he dozed off already.
Soo Ho sees the Queen’s entourage entered the camo and he leads them to where Master Wi’s office is.  He wakes himself up when he was put on trance at the sight of queen.  Master Wi pours some tea for the Queen and praises Assistant Chief for doing his job and squealing right away to Queen Ji So matters that involve Hwarang.  
He assures her that there is nothing to worry about and asks if she came suddenly because of her Hwarang or his Hwarang.  The Queen is caught off guard as Master Wi chuckles and narrates how he is a distant uncle of Ji Dwi who came from the West.  He asks her why she made Master Ahn Ji’s son as her Hwarang and she responds that she is her son since she was once betrothed to Master Ahn Ji, she treats him as her own.  
Queen Ji So visit Sun Woo once she learned of the ruckus he caused and castigates him of being in that position.  Sun Woo retorts how he was curious why she sent him to that place and now he is beginning to understand her intention to send him in a place where he can be brutally torn apart as a prey.  Queen Ji So reminds him why he must endure the place to pay for his crime because if he cannot endure, his father or sister will pay it instead.
Ah Ro alerts Ji Dwi that he seemed to be oversleeping already.  He finally wakes up and notices the Queen’s eyes gazing at them.  He tells Ah Ro where to find Sun Woo and discloses how all the wounds she treated was caused by her brother.  
Ah Ro seeks Sun Woo who was surprised to see her and orders her to leave that place immediately.  But Ah Ro refuses telling him that all she can see at the moment is his wounded face and it’s giving her pain.  She voices out how she does not know how he lived in the past but since he lives with them now, she cannot stop him from treating his wounds.  
Sun Woo lets her cure his wound and complains a little making Ah Ro explain that the medicine tends to hurt if the person is bad.  Sun Woo laughs a little and Ah Ro smiles bright and tells him how she likes seeing him beams like that because he rarely does it but he is cute when he does.
 Sun Woo picks up the small ointment jar Ah Ro left for him and remembers her words earlier on how he has been living without them for 10 years but she feels like missing and worrying about him more when he was just out for days.

In the morning Queen Ji So meets Master Wi and orders him to release her Hwarang, but the latter objects on how he though he has the full control of the Hwarang army.  The Queen assures him that he has the full authority but if his decisions may lead to problems leading the future army they are building, she will have to step in.

Master Wi chuckles at his morning conversation with the Queen and bumps with Master Ho and the rest of the government officials.  He invites him for a drink which Master Wi playfully answers yes if it will happen 30 years starting the next day.
Master Wi proceeds to meet Sun Woo and brings him news that he will not be expelled right away, but he is planning to do it slowly with the upcoming task set for them.  He tells him he has to pass an upcoming exam they will have which will be hard given his almost zero knowledge and offers that he can voluntarily leave or stay.  Sun Woo meets his eyes and bravely decides he will stay.
Off we go to our first Hwarang class where Master Wi asks them the meaning of water.  Soo Ho answers that water is strong since it can defeat fire but Ban Ryu counters hownit is weak since it avoids obstacles.  Ji Dwi recites how water is good since it embraces all creations and revives seeds to life.  It is humble and flows and does not try to become strong.  Satisfied with the answers, Master Wi calls Sun Woo for his opinion and he responds that water is tired because it gives endlessly to the fish and to gold until the ground dries up because there is nothing more to give.  Master Wi smirks at Sun Woo’s surprisingly intuitive answer and pulls another character in the class.  
The boys stare in front as Master Wi gives them an assignment to fathom the meaning of the King as a water in Tao Te Ching premise.  Everyone sighs at the impending homework but clueless Sun Woo wonders why everyone is worried.  *my gawd I like class lessons like this I hope we wi have lots of it
Ah Ro fusses about the assignment given by Master Wi and whines to Joo Ki how his brother thinks there are only 200 characters in the world.  Sun Woo’s foster father approaches Master Ahn Ji for a quick chat.  He questions why he allowed Sun Woo to become a Hwarang.  Master Ahn Ji replies how fate brought them together but foster father insisted on how he is using Sun Woo for his revenge.  He tells him that Sun Woo is not someone who should be let out in the world and how he unlocked his fate because of his selfish reasons.  Foster father leaves without revealing Sun Woo’s identity which suspends Master Ahn Ji in contemplation.
At night, Sun Woo tries to study the letters in front of him to no avail.  Ah Ro was again summoned at Hwarang to treat the cook’s hand and when Joo Ki asked her if she already informed her brother of her regular stay at Hwarang, she nervously replied no.
In the morning, Sun Woo is puzzled on the many eyes he felt staring at him.  He opens a door and Ah Ro closes it right away after recognizing her brother.  She walks to the other side of the room where Sun Woo is waiting to ask if he is hallucinating.  Ah Ro confirms that he is and that she is a ghost to which Sun Woo replies that she can’t be a ghost because ghosts are not supposed to be stupid like that.  She finally reveals her quasi-doctor job at Hwarang which fumes Sun Woo reminding her how the place is full of men.  She argues that at least he is there to protect her and there is not much difference anyway as she was even abducted outside.  She pulls her final argument of his knowledge of only 200 characters and not having a slight awareness what Tao Te Ching is so she is there to be her teacher. 
Sun Woo still says no but at night he sits beside her for schooling.  He takes her hand to guide him in writing and thus they work on their late night tutorial sessions.  Ah Ro praises his quick uptake and teases that he could be practicing in secret and adds how learning fast is inherent to him.  They play by inking their faces unaware that Ji Dwi is observing from afar.
Ji Dwi sits alone in the study hall peering at the white cloth bearing his title.  He looks back on the memory of his conversation with the Queen where he told her to choose being a Queen or a mother to him as that is what he intends to do.  Queen Ji So asks him if he is going to give up the throne.  She warns him not to push her to the limit or she will end up discarding him.
Ji Dwi surprises Ah Ro and checks on the promisory tattoo on her arm.   He asks when she will be paying him and she responds that she cannot pay it right away.  He proposes a way to write off her debt and next thing we know, Ji Dwi sits in between Ah Ro and Sun Woo on their tutorial session.  Sun Woo asks why he was there and when Ji Dwi motions to reveal her debt, Ah Ro quickly proceeds with her lesson.  Ah Ro watches as the two silently fight by leaving ink marks to each other.
Master Wi sees Sun Woo intently studying his characters.  Ah Ro mistakenly pulls a joke to Ji Dwi thinking he was her brother.  They do a private lesson and Ah Ro mutters if he really cannot read.  She shows a picture of a butterfly and explains to him why the picture means a butterfly.  Ji Dwi asks her to draw a picture that means “King” and she draws a mother bird up in the nest and a small bird down under the tree.  
Ah Ro narrates how she pities the faceless King having no one but him to do the task of being stronger so that he can fly up in the sky.  Ji Dwi states how there are people who should have not been born and Ah Ro flares up on her sentiments about the young King who was forced to fend himself and roam around the world at a young age.  Ji Dwi is equally enraged and stands up to corner Ah Ro who cannot understand his sudden fury.  She cautions him to mind his actions or her brother will do something about it.  Ji Dwi answers her warning with a kiss as Sun Woo nears the room they are in.
I’m officially addicted to this drama and even more to our boys in their glorious manliness. *blush
For a period drama, it is surprisingly easy to digest and the side stories are neatly placed when it is time for it to materialize.  I am having a second to sixth lead man syndrome.  How can that be possible?  *lol  Thank heavens that we are clearly going to have one group villain as it is hard to keep up when villains are placed on levels in the story.  I love to be transported back in Silla where I can have classroom lessons like that so I look forward to the remaining of lessons Master Wi has to offer.  -jediprincess