Hwarang Episode 9 Recap

It’s a cold war between Ah Ro and Sun Woo.  Hwarang camp was busy preparing for their presentation as Princess Suk Myung joins them.
Hwarang Episode 9
Sun Woo confirms Ah Ro’s statement and reveals that he is her brother’s friend.  She demands to know where her real brother is, so he is left no choice but to break the reality that Mak Moon died.  Ah Ro weeps after learning the truth about her brother and urges Sun Woo to disclose the reason why he died.  He narrates how Mak Moon died in the process while saving him when they sneaked in the capital.  He adds that he will remain a brother to her to fulfill his friend’s wish.  
Ah Ro leaves with a heavy heart at the lie she just learned.  She did not notice Ji Dwi who is in motion to prank her.  He stops when he sees her crying face and follows her as she walks to nowhere.   She remembers the moments she had with her fake brother and sobs while Ji Dwi watches her from afar.  Sun Woo on the other hand is burning his frustration by wielding a wooden sword with all his might to its target until his palm bursts with blood.
Pa Oh covers Ji Dwi’s stead by laying on his bed and posting a do-not-disturb banner which in Soo Ho’s dictionary does not exist.  He sits beside the bed and voices out how everyone feels strange since their illegal night out and touches his head which still cannot remember what happened.  He turns to warn him not to be sick if he is sick as the presentation for the Queen is nearing.  He stands up after playfully hitting his head with his fingers and steps out of the room.  Pa Oh is flustered on Soo Ho’s actions thinking how the King cannot be treated like that by anybody.
Ji Dwi cannot wait for Ah Ro’s tears to subside so he goes to her with some silver to put a stop to her tears, but she ignores him.  He asks her if she needs a hug or if she wants him to kill the person who made her cry like that.  
He coaxes her to spill if someone is bothering her in the capital so he can get back at them and offers a series of torture from cutting out their joints, pulling out their tongues, death from water deprivation and solar exhaustion because he hated the sight of her crying like that.  Ji Dwi demands to say who hurt her so she responds by saying nobody is at fault and she is crying because of an emotional ride she had recently.  She moves while crying again intil she reaches their house with Ji Dwi still following her.  He vows to make her his as she enters their house and goes back to the camp.  Ah Ro stares at her father’s back and wonders why he decided to let Sun Woo live her dead brother’s life and if there are things he is still hiding from her.
Ji Dwi climbs the camp wall and is greeted by Sun Woo who inquires if Ah Ro is okay.  Ji Dwi figures what happened and smirks on how he is too old to make his sister cry.  He scolds him on hurting and confusing Ah Ro, but the worried Sun Woo does not want to listen to his preaching and insists on an answer to his question.
Sun Woo and Ah Ro brood on the emotional encounter they had at night but on different places.  Ji Dwi joins the pondering party while staring at Ah Ro’s drawing and whispers why she cannot look at him.
Queen Ji So recollects her last debate with Master Wi on the purpose of Hwarang as she claims the group belongs to the King and Royal Family, but the Master reiterated that the boys are meant to protect the people of Silla.  She asks her loyal retainer on his opinion about Master Wi, and he respond that Master Wi is the only person capable of leading Hwarang but cautions her not to trust him fully.  The Queen retorts that she will make Master Wi trustworthy.
The Silla Princess arrives from a trip to recuperate from a medical condition and is welcomed by Queen Ji So.  The Queen orders Master Wi to involve Princess Suk Myung in Hwarang as she is skillful in dance and music, but Master Wi politely declines.  He questions her if she is making a deal in bringing up Ji Dwi citing his unknown history that might endanger the country if by any chance he is a spy.  Master Wi relents on allowing Princess Suk Myung at Hwarang’s house when the Queen threatens to torture Ji Dwi to retrieve his mysterious story.
Ah Ro still lingers on Sun Woo’s last words to treat each other as siblings since it is her dead brother’s wish.  She serves a cup of tea to Master Wi who notices her disoriented self.  Ah Ro suddenly softly asks him if Sun Woo is a good Hwarang member and if he is trustworthy.  Master Wi remains silent wondering where her questions came as she picks up the teacup and leaves him alone.  Meanwhile Sun Woo mirrors Ah Ro’s mood and heads to the stream for a deep contemplation.  dear drama, if I get a few more frames of this Ah Ro-Sun Woo falling out.  I will pout.
Ji Dwi shows his face when Ah Ro pulls the cloth she is drying up under the sun.  He says how she looks like she was expecting Sun Woo when it turned out to be him.  She shoos him away and stops him from annoying her.  He retorts how annoying people is not in his cup of tea as people are typically uncomfortable in his presence.  When she ignores his mumbling, he pulls the cloth she is holding and she bravely meets his gaze to ask if he will kiss her again.  She tells him to stop when he replies that he might do it.  
He whispers how his heart is racing at their current closeness is and is screaming that he likes her a lot, and yet it does not affect her at all.  Ah Ro responds if her brother is okay and if he is eating well.  She continues what she was doing as Ji Dwi follows her and covers the rays of the sun touching her face.  He says how he will not feel jealous and will work hard so that they can become more closer.  Ah Ro lifts his face and finds Sun Woo staring at them.  He walks away leaving Ah Ro in the brink of tears again.
Princess Suk Myung arrives at the camp and is greeted by Master Wi.  She states she will tour the place alone and goes inside.  Han Sung is amazed seeing the cold princess as Yoo Wool explains that she is at Hwarang camp for marriage.  Ban Ryu comments that she is not her type as Ji Dwi wonders why his half-sister is in the training ground.
Sun Woo’s lone time is interrupted as Suk Myung arrives at the stream to rest.  She dozes off and wakes up to Sun Woo’s steps who shoves away the snake near Suk Myung.  She points her sword at him when he stops her from killing the poisonous snake.  He remarks that it is not the snake’s fault that he is born with a poison and walks away.  
Sun Woo helps Ah Ro with what she is carrying and settles to where it should be placed.  Ah Ro voices out her thoughts of not accepting him as her brother and he replies that it does not change anything as he will live as her brother.  She blurts about all the lies he tolds her as he mutters all the stories his best friend narrated to him over and over again when he was still alive.  She asks him to leave and not to show his face again when he refused to give his name.  
Suk Myung reviews her day and remembers her encounter with Sun Woo as she prepares to rest.  Ban Ryu is also in deep thought on the request his father made for him to ruin the event.
Master Woo Reuk gives them dancing lessons the next day and warms up their bodies with stretching exercises where dorks Yoo Wol and Han Sung made me laugh hard with how cute they were screaming and smiling in pain in pulling out their muscles.  Soo Ho who is still not aware of Ban Ryu’s secret pulls up his ligaments as much as he could just as Ji Dwi takes on his revenge on Sun Woo for making Ah Ro cries.
Yoo Wol questions Han Sung who eats on their table uncaringly again and he replies that Master Wi Hwa gave him permission.  Yoo Wol moves his eyes to Ban Ryu and praises his dancing but he got a shut up and eat response.  Soo Ho takes a rice cup serving and puts it on Ji Dwi’s place muttering how he should eat well so he won’t get sick.  Ji Dwi rides on Soo Ho’s act remembering how Pa Oh laid on his behalf when he sneaked out.  Soo Ho states how they must do well on their performance and how he will be at his best to show his loyalty but Yoo Wool knows it’s because he fancies the Queen.
Masters Wi Hwa and Woo Reuk give a pep talk to the boys to fire up the capital with dance and music as the presentation is nearing.  He tells them that whether they pass or fail depends on how the people will rave about their prepared spectacle.  Soo Ho noticed Ban Ryu is missing and wonders where he is.  The latter is still in a dilemma pit on wanting to do the dance and following his father’s order.
Ah Ro disrupts Ban Ryu’s solitude and inquires him if his feelings for Soo Yeon is real.  She holds Soo Yeon’s letter and threatens him that she will tear the letter if he is not sincere about her.  And we see Ban-Romeo smiling while reading Soo Yeon’s letter.
“I can’t wait for another day so I am writing this letter.  Tomorrow I will be at the front row to watch you dance.  Do not think to much and I cannot wait to see your performance.  I will always be here to cheer you up.”
At night, Master Wi Hwa looks pleased at the rehearsal, but his smile fades when Suk Myung invades them.  She shows off her sword dancing skills and reminds the boys not to commit any mistake on their introductory performance.
The Thanksgiving Festival finally arrives and the capital buzzes in excitement as the people prep up to join the event.  Master Ho helps out Master Young Shil dress up as they chat about the evil plan they set in motion.
Ji Dwi visits the still gloomy Ah Ro and he tells her that he misses her that is why he is there.  She utters how he must be sleeping well these days for him to annoy her that much.  He jokes that if he does not sleep well will she be willing to sleep with him again.  His smile lapses when Ah Ro pulls her needle and shuts him up by saying her needle moves faster than her will. Ha! She hints how she is not sure about attending the event, but he insists on her attendance as he will dance for her since Hwarang will dance for the people and she is the only “people” he knows.
Ah Ro bumps with Sun Woo and tells him that she decided to agree with his request only because peasants are not supposed to be in the capital.   Sun Woo stops her from leaving and touches her hair.  She deflects his hand and murmurs why he was touching him when he is not her brother and a nobody.
Master Ahn Ji checks on Queen Ji So’s condition and advises her to stay away from the people and stay at a comfortable place as much as possible.  Her tea was served, but she refuses to drink it for that day.  She inquires about his response to get back with her, but he replies to dress warmly since it is cold at night and leaves her room.
Hwarang members prepare for the night as Ban Ryu still ponders on his predicament.  Sun Woo notices his weird expression and watches him leave the camp.  Yoo Wol brings in Ah Ro when he finds her near the camp and brings her inside to help out the boys.  Ji Dwi steps out and Sun Woo follows to look for Ban Ryu who is ready to strike the instruments with his knife.
The festivities commence as Hwarang Masters are pleased seeing the boys so handsome in their dancing clothes.  Yoo Wol raises his hand and reveals that Ji Dwi and Ban Ryu are missing.  Han Sung tries to look for them at Ah Ro’s tent and tells her that they will fail if the two of them will not show up.
Ah Ro helps out in finding the two missing boys and sees Ji Dwi inside a tent talking to the Queen.  omo!  She realized what she accidentally bumped into as the Queen’s warrior knocks her out and drags her somewhere.
Master Ho confirms that the instruments are already destroyed as two Hwarang members walk in the tent feeling lost on what they will do.
Unconscious Ah Ro is presented to the Queen and her warrior confirms her knowledge of the identity of the King after hearing their conversation.  She realizes that she is Master Ahn Ji’s daughter.  Queen Ji So grabs a sword and points it to Ah Ro’s sleeping face.
Please tell me this Queen will not kill all the children of the man she claims she loves.  hahaha  Waaaa I can’t wait to end this recap and jump to the next episode to see what will happen.  Although we get a lot of Ah Ro – Sun Woo unnecessary moments this episode, I am piqued on what will happen to Hwarang’s production number and how Ji Dwi will step in to protect the woman he loves.  Hwarang is so far delivering well with its pacing, storyline and the melting of the cast to bring out a vibrant story of brotherhood and love without diminishing the historical ambiance.  That is where “Hwarang” draws its hook effect for me.  I could just stay and watch these boys train in long hours and I know I will not be disappointed.