Time-defying cops and an ultra wicked psychopath

Even now, I am baffled on why South Korean film/tv production companies are so enamored on making projects with a serial killer as a main character.  I have seen a lot of psychopath driven stories over the years, but nothing has impressed me or made me cringe so far.  I still give it to the Americans on how they have seamlessly conceived stories on cop and crime dramas as well as serial killing themed ones.
So “Voice” was a tremendous surprise.  It brought me on the edge of my seat everytime, although I have slight headache issues with the camera movements and the lead girl’s sometimes-okay-most-of-the-time-contorted-face acting. *chuckles  Nevertheless, from the start to the finish line, “Voice” secured an impressive and realistic approach on the battle between good and evil, enabling the audience a thrilling experience while cheering the protagonists in capturing the psycho-villain.
“Voice” took me back from the fantasy world dwelling to the real world of psychopath’s evildoings.  It gives me mini cardiac arrest each episode as the team solves their cases in a gripping finish accompanied by nifty editing.  What was nice about “Voice” was how there was one major conflict when it began, and it was connected efficiently to the side conflicts as the story progressed.  There was no lapse on unnecessary frames as every episode was polished and paved a well-explained preparations to the succeeding story arcs presented.
“Voice” narrated the story of a special police division team, Golden time – a special task force group that solved urgent real-time incidents from phonecalls received through the city’s emergency service line.  Golden time team was formed in cooperation of the emergency call center and police detectives.  Their role is to race through the precarious time left for crime victims who was held captive or being chased by their assailants and save them from an imminent danger.
Kang Kwon Joo and Moo Jin Hyuk leads the team.  Their history goes back three years ago when Jin Hyuk wife’s was violently murdered by a serial killer and Kwon Joo’s police father who was near the site came to fulfil the police dispatch order, but ended up suffering the same fate.  Kwon Joo who has an incredible hearing prowess listened to both the murder scenes that night and vowed to avenge the death of his father.  The police presented the culprit, but Kwon Joo who knows the true voice of the culprit denied it causing a stir and headache on the police department officials.  Kwon Joo was ordered to shut up and even reverting his father’s death to a hit-and-run case.  Three years later Kwon Joo and Jin Hyuk’s path crossed again and through cases they solved in the Golden time unit, they established trust between each other as Jin Hyuk learns of Kwon Joo’s hearing ability, and the latter opening up the true story of what happened the night their families were slayed.  She voiced her thoughts on how someone in the police organization is covering the tracks of the main villain.  As they worked on the cases, they uncovered the clues to finally pin down the psychopath who killed their family members, but they had to deal with money powerplays to overcome the insanely rich culprit whose evildoings were overlooked because of his rich father’s protection.
Think Criminal Minds and CSI but they trap the villains through what the heroine’s ears can picture and Jin Hyuk’s smooth police rescue operations.  With Jang Hyuk’s gritty police detective portrayal, I assure that you will be left on the edge of your seat everytime and feel you are in euphoria like you joined them in solving the crime after closing their cases.  
The villain’s brilliant display of his abominable crimes must be applauded as his verbal spats with the hero were always a wow moment especially in the waning part of the story.
“Voice” was always at a high note and never rested the grit and intensity of the story-building hence they were rewarded with a decent following.  If you are up for a police procedural story with smart characters and a balanced pounces from the heroes and villains, then I highly recommend you watch this exciting story. -jediprincess