K-Drama Review: Justice Well Achieved By Team Lookout

Dear Lookout,

I have no regrets staying beside you since Day 1.  Warts and all, I enjoyed the thrilling ride.

Love, abby

I am still shookt and recovering from the gripping finishing kick of Lookout.  But as a rational KDrama fan, I have moved on because I have no choice left since I am bound to review a few dramas until next week.  lol

Here is my LOOKOUT REVIEW at hellokpop.  

Hope you will include it in your list if you are catching up with 2017 KDramas.


Me, My loving Chef and the Ghost inside me (Oh My Ghostess 2015 KDrama Musings)

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Bright, Cheerful and Feel Good have always been the after effect of an episode dose of Oh My Ghostess for me.  Supernatural plot is a make or break deal in kdramas.  It needs to be flaunting when the plot needs it, and it needs to see reasons when you over expose it.



I like the richness of the father-daughter filial love in the story as it literally transcended the after life.  I like how cheeky and sweet Sun Woo was at the same time, his reactions were adorable.  I like how Park Bo Young was able to differentiate Na Bong Sun and Shin Soon Ae’s characters to fit in with the way the actual Soon Ae was playing in the story.  I like how the romcom elements fused well with the metaphysical plot of the story by  making the love leads face their issues straight on and seeing the reasons right away.


Every main character in this drama has his own story that the love line was not the main thing that got me hooked with it.  It was how each character’s story along with the conflicts that entwined them brought the love story closer and concluded the conflicts neatly.

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It was the most consistent romantic-comedy for me this year, yes even with the slight tragic plot.  The chemistry of the love couple was impeccable that all the followers of this drama would agree how Bong Sun and  Sun Woo made our heart fluttered with their bipolar-disorder-misguided-romance.  It’s hard not to drum your feet on your bed and grin when Sun Woo went to his usual i’m-the-man antics and Bong Sun’s pesky man cravings guided by Soon Ae.



If you are needing a love elixir to boost your already blooming relationship of if you just want a perfect romcom drama getaway.. This one is for you.

All her life Na Bong Sun has remained passive and  introverted after taking after her  grandmother’s shamanic powers.  Her ability to see ghosts has made her meek and always yielding to be able to blend in with people around her.




Gossip-ghost-network has marked Shin Soon Ae as a mischievous wandering ghosts who can’t reconcile the sad truth that she died not being able to sleep with a man.  She frequently hosted on women in search of the man who would fulfil her dying-a-virgin grievances.



Na Bong Sun and Shin Soon Ae crossed path when the latter was being chased by ajumma-shaman who wanted to contain the man-seeking-ghostess and when Na Bong Sun was drained from work and personal problems.  When Soon Ae tried to leave Bong Sun’s body, she realized she was trapped momentarily, and assumed Bong Sun’s identity.  She later learned how Bong Sun’s body frequency matched with her and that she is the key that will help her find the man of vitality who would deflower her and send her peacefully to the next life.



Lacking in self-confidence Na Bong Sun frequently cause small accidents in the restaurant where she is working.  And in those unfortunate mishaps, she would always plead apologies.  But when bubbly Soon Ae’s persona burst in, people in her work place felt it was weird how she changed from being meek and kind to being loud and assertive. 



When head chef Kang Sun Woo inadvertently lip locked with Na Bong Sun/Soon Ae, he pieced out something disturbing happening with his staff. At that same time Soon Ae discovered how Sun Woo is the man she was looking for.  Blaming it to the not so pleasant pep talk  they  had when she caused an accident while trying to fight of Soon Ae’s possession, he had her checked by a doctor and believed the bipolar disorder diagnosis given by the doctor was the reason for the extreme attitude changes she was having.



After being kicked out from the study-hotel she was staying, Na Bong Sun/Soon Ae ended up staying in the rooftop room of the restaurant adjacent to Sun Woo’s room and little by little they get closer. 


Soon Ae and Na Bong Sun officially became sisters when jealous Bong Sun who has been having a one-sided love with Sun Woo got scared when she realized Sun Woo’s first love started showing signs of liking him.  They made a pact to claim Sun Woo who by then was already falling in love for Bong Sun.



Finally freeing himself from his first love who married his deceased best friend, Sun Woo bravely declared love to Bong Sun and the two caught hearts surrounding them in the next days with their new couple status.  Bong Sun overlooked how Soon Ae has also grown to like Sun Woo, and when it finally dawned on her, she was slumped in the idea of between her and Soon Ae who did Sun Woo really fall in love with.



Mustering courage to fight for her love she revealed to Sun Woo the ploy she and Soon Ae agreed to, which left him disappointed and stoic.  Around that time Soon Ae has also untangled the mystery of her death and has come to terms that her soul cannot find peace because it seeks justice.  Sun Woo also uncovered the dangerous side of his brother-in-law, Officer Choi Sung Jae, but he was quick to uptake and kidnapped Bong Sun when he was pushed to the limit of his wrong doing.  Bong Sun asked a ghost child to push Officer cellphone and was able to send Sun Woo a hint of her location.  He successfully traced the orphanage and rescued Bong Sun while ajumma shaman vanquished the evil spirit haunting Officer Choi’s body.

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Officer Choi was revealed to have been taken by an evil spirit because of his troubled past.  He was also the culprit who ran over Sun Woo’s sister which led to her being paralyzed.  Seul Gi witnessed the hit-and-run accident and she accidentally told Officer Choi what she saw and was late to grasp that she was talking to the exact person who did the crime.  She ran but was later caught and murdered by Officer Choi.

After solving her death issues, Soon Ae finally move on to after life.  Sun Woo entered Bong Sun to a cooking competition and when she won, she was given a chance to study abroad.   

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Afraid of going back to Sun Woo’s arms, Bong Sun braved the long-distance relationship problems and tried hard to focus on her studies.  When she finally came back, she paid a visit to Soon Ae’s dad and promised him that she will work in his restaurant.  After that, she settled permanently in Sun Woo’s arms.

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