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So if I’m gonna be stranded in an island and I have to decide on 10 things I would bring with me, my Korean and Taiwan drama DVD collection will be on the top of the list. These babies of mine are a part of me, and it’s something I always go for when I needed a breather when life gets into me.

Time for me to rate these video-darlings because I’ve noticed their making tons for me recently I might not be able to catch up, and I don’t want to forget how they made me feel while I was sitting-and sometimes sleeping with them, savoring every bit of it.

I will have a separate page for my favorite drama episode recaps soon.. ^_^

I’ll rate it the way it is rated by kdrama addicts… 1-10 (10 being the highest) The first is how much I enjoyed it, the second is how I rated it and the third one is how I will recommend it.

1% of anything (2003)– a love story between a sweet middle school teacher and a hot tempered rich man. Fun, refreshing and one of the reason why Kang Dong Won is in my Korean Prince list. ^_^ 8.5/8/8

49 Days (2011)I found the premise intriguing as it involves fantasy intervention… it slowly picked up in my system but having a soft spot for I’m-here-for-you-all-along-why-can’t-you-notice-me kind of love, it won me over. Neat and prettily written story with twists and gasps, and will be on my top 5 dramas for 2011. ^_^ 8.5/8/9

A Love To Kill (2005) – classic directing and editing, decent conflict didn’t make the drama so dragging. Rain at his best. ^_^ 8/8.5/8

A Thousand Days Promise (2011)Another dying girl premise, if not for Rae-won oppa I would have not watched it. It’s everything you expect from a melodrama. I praise the lead actors for their emotion-deep portrayals. It quietly crept in me, and it quietly left me too. Fairly done but not on the top list of what I’ve seen in 2011. 8/7/8

Air City (2007) – parking lot

All About Eve (2000)saw this drama like almost 10 years ago so I need to re-watch it, if I’ll get to have a copy someday. I enjoyed the twisted villain in the story along with it’s drive for realism covering basic human emotions. Sleek and straightforward. 7/8/7

All In (2003)watched it because of Song Hye Gyo… exciting, engrossing and brilliantly done. 7/8/8

Alone in Love (2006) – priority list

Athena: Goddess of War (2010) priority list

Attic Cat aka Rooftop Room Cat (2003) the drama that introduced me to co-habitation of the lead couples. It’s simplicity is so sweet and so are the lead couples. Endearing and love-affirming. 9/8.5/8.5

Auction House (2007) – bucket list

Autumn Tale (2000) – a very sad moving love story. If serendipity has a twin evil brother, it was lurking the whole time in the story.. A few sweet moments, and a drama that is anti-ever-after. The twist and simplicity of the story was very heartwarming. Heart-tugging storyline and will definitely linger in your heart. 8/7/8

Baby Faced Beauty (2011) – it’s light, refreshing and full of hope and dreams. The character development will slowly and surely capture you. A story of a 34-year old woman who has to set aside her dream of being a designer to take the role of the breadwinner in the family. She was given an opportunity to have her dream but she has to pretend she’s 9 years younger. It may be slow moving but you will end up loving the story. 9/8.5/8.5

Bad Family (2006) – parking lot

Bad Guy (2010) – parking lot

Bad Love (2007) – parking lot

Beethoven Virus (2009) great acting, scriptwriting and directing… It will slowly crawl its way to you, and without you realizing it you are deeply immersed in each character’s life. 8.5/9/9

Birdie Buddy (2011) – bucket list

Boys Over Flowers (2009) – When it was aired in Korea, it was like the anticipation of Harry Potter book 7 for me, I’m so excited of Wednesdays because I get to watch it. Teen romance bliss at it’s best. ^_^ 9/8/9

Can you hear my heart (2011) – in progress

♥ Can’t Lose (2011)Brimming with bickering, fun and quirky but I felt it was just playing safe and not pulling enough magic to go beyond the limbo. Overly careful but not boring. 7/7/8

Chuno (2010) – bucket list

Cinderella Man (2009) – parking lot

Cinderella’s sister (2010)started strong and then the production crew I don’t know maybe caught something (i’m wishing it’s voodoo doll related), and then it broke my heart. The angst and the acting are the only thing I remember about it. 6/6/6

City Hall (2009)I’ve watched this drama after I came across Dokko Jin, and the politics-based love story blew me away. The closing scene was shot so perfectly I promised myself I will vow to be a single if I won’t get that kind of romantic scene for a wedding proposal.. *giggles 10/10/10

City Hunter (2011) – I’m very fond of the lead couple after watching them in their respective Kdramas and I’ve loved them even more in this drama. Very charming display of their characters. A story of revenge and realizing that there’s more to life than revenge. It’s hard not to fall for this drama because it hit all the elements you can ask for. Superb directing, scriptwriting and acting. I could not ask for more. ^_^ 10/10/10

Cloud Stairs (2006) – bucket list

Coffee House (2010)in progress

Couple or Trouble (2006) – bucket list

Creating Destiny (2009) – parking lot

Dae Jang Geum (2003) it’s kinda long, consider you’re forewarned. A story full of hope, bravery and dreams.. top-notch acting and directing.. 8/9/8

Dalja’s Spring (2007) – in progress

Delightful Girl Chun Hyang (2005)perky and bubbly… with lots of zest and romance… Watched it after My Girl, and this sent me stalking Hong sisters from then on. 8.5/8.5/9

Dr. Champ (2010) – priority list

Dream High (2011)breezy, glee-like-maybe-even-better, and lead actors that will put you most of the time in the land of “i want to be with you”… I say this is a dark horse this year and the musical bearing sets it apart from the rest of the dramas this season. 10/9/10

East of Eden (2008) – bucket list

Evasive Inquiry Agency (2007) – bucket list

Exhibition of Firework (2006) – dreary storyline elevation… the only good thing to watch is Kang Ji Hwan… tolerable and forgettable…6/6/6

♥ Flower Boy Ramyun Shop – The light, feel-good and fast-paced vibe sent me wanting for more, and ended up being satisfied as each episode ends. Without trying that much the characters grew on me and Cha Chi Soo tied with Dokko Jin this year for my favorite male leads. One of the best for 2011, it swept me off my feet the way Prince Charming could have never done it to me. Charming and full of romantic bliss plus an adorable Second Lead as an extra perk, you’re a descendant of Lord Voldemort if you fail to appreciate it.

Flowers for My Life (2007) – priority list

Friend, the untold story (2009) – priority list

Fugitive: Plan B (2010) – priority list

Full House (2004) Light and carefree. Cute couple fights and the famous 3 bear song made me smile a lot while watching it. The sweet and simple storyline made tit a runaway hit. ^_^ 10/8/9

Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung (2007) – at times funny and flirty, but something’s missing that I can’t figure out until now. 6/7/6.5

Glass Shoes (2002) – bucket list

Goong (Princess Hours) (2006) – Growing love was really sweetly portrayed in this drama and would make you remember your first love. Great Music, great lines. The build up of love is heartfelt and lingering. ^_^10/10/10

Gourmet (2008) – in progress

Green Rose (2005) – bucket list

Guardian Angel – bucket list

Hanoi Bride (2005) – Lee Dong Wook is my favorite actor that’s why I watched it… quick, typical love story, sometimes mesmerizing… 7/7/7

Happy Together (1999)I’m not proud of my tear ducts as it always flows when I get carried away with my emotions. I watched this with my mother and she cursed me for letting her watch it. A tear jerker in her own right but full of heart and overflowing with love. Plus your favorite actors in their early days in acting, it’s a must family drama to watch. 10/8/9

Harvest Villa (2010) parking lot

Heartstrings aka “You’ve fallen For me” (2011) – I would recommend this to anyone suffering extreme heartache to trigger their ability to love again. This is refreshingly sweet and the kind of drama you’ll watch and never get tired of it.. A little lapses and a sort of rushed ending but Lee Shin made up for all those little things it was missing. 10/10/10

Hello Miss (2007) – slow, sometimes entertaining, the only good thing here is Lee Dae Hee. 6/6/6

Hong Gil Dong (2008) – in progress

I Need Romance (2011) – in progress

I’m sorry, I love you (2004) – priority list

Iljimae (2008) – in progress

Ireland (2004) – bucket list

Iris (2009)since it was big budgeted and composed of top stars in Korea, it should definitely be worth watching… riveting, fast paced and top notch… But I’ve watched lots of spy dramas so it didn’t at all affect me. 8/8/8

La Dolce Vita (2008) – mature, splendid and realistic… top notch acting and storyline… If you have been induced by light rom-com dramas full of raining rose petals and couple bickering, this will be something new for your taste. 8/9/8

Last Scandal (2008) – nice storyline, superb acting and chemistry between the lead actors, edifying and passionate. 8/8.5/8

Let’s Go to school Sang Doo (2003) – tried watching it because of Rain, but I gave up halfway. I will try to watch it again if my time permits and will change the score if it’s worth it. 6/6/6

Lie To Me (2011)I’m half loving and half hating this drama. There were a few scenes to cherish but the potential was not played perfectly. If not for Yoon Eun hye and Kang Ji Hwan, it would have not been better. 8/7/8

Likeable or Not (2006)this was quite long but I stayed with it, must be because of the warm feeling and the wonderful cast. 8.5/8/8

Love Marriage (2008)I was kinda hesitant when I first took my DVD copy of this drama to watch. When I look at the lead couple it felt like they were not in sync physically. There’s nothing spectacular about the story itself and is very laid back, and that’s maybe the reason why I fell for it. 9/8.5/9

Love Story in Harvard (2004)Kim Rae Won is an actor that can easily sink in to any character he takes, and until now he still amuses me how he does that. He’s so feel good and engaging to look at, and he effectively displayed that in LSIH. There are a lot of heart-fluttering scenes which KRW nailed superbly. I’m a sucker for finding-a-lost-love-and-realizing-the-love-is-still-there-drama so regardless of minimal inconsistencies and out of the context scenes, the fluidity and realistic appeal of the romantic elements were enough for me to put this on my favorite list. 10/8/9

Mackerel Run (2007) – bucket list

♥ Man of Honor (2011) – in progress

Manny (2011) – in progress

Marrying a Millionaire (2006) – bucket list

Mary Stayed Out All Night (2011) – bucket list

Midas (2011) – bucket list

Mischievous Kiss (2010)“Izatura na Kiss” is a very special story to me and its Taiwan counterpart stayed with me during those moments when a stray dementor sucked me with all the love I have in my life. So having a point of comparison, the Korean adaptation fought hard to crawl its way inside me. I like the couples but there’s still a “push” missing. The irony of such distant characters to be falling in love is difficult to achieve, and I must say they did it fairly but I my heart still belongs to the Taiwan adaptation. 8.5/7/8

Miss Ripley (2011) – bucket list

My Fair Lady aka Take Care of the Young lady (2010)The false hope I felt for this drama was the same as how my favorite basketball team kept disappointing me by failing to grab a championship. There are some worth your time but it’s mostly a waste. The storyline was all over and wasn’t able to maximize the potentials of the actor. I have a soft spot for Yoon Eun Hye, and I did give a lot of chances but enough is enough, it really didn’t hit an important nerve in me. 6/6/7

My Girl (2005)The sweetheart that made me cross Han River and indulge myself to the yellow dramas. With the recent “Scent of a Woman” episodes, Lee Dong Wook-ssi became a a hall-of-famer in my heart, and it was in this drama that I first fell madly and deeply in love with him. *blush Lee Da Hae justifying her perky role plus you-can’t-help-but-feel-giddy over romantic scenes, this is a drama that should be watch by Korean addict newbies for them to fully understand their potentials. 10/10/10

My GF is a Gumiho (2010)Being a self-confessed fan of the Hong sisters, I really enjoyed the supernatural-mythical-romantic elements in this drama. One of the most remembered couple I guess in the Kdramaland. I was already a Sin Min Ah fan even before and her light and natural take on her character made me love her even more. Beautiful, never a dull moment and will always be on anyone’s top favorites. 10/10/10

My Name is Kim Sam Soon (2005) I really think Hyun Bin was given by Heavenly Father to me, and until now I still have that illusion. *giggles He’s that actor whose gaze can make me so mesmerize and drool of what it feels like to be with him, in short I was meant for him, and it’s a one side love. Sam Soon is an addictive drama, subconsciously and in the real world. The writing and the weight of the story was justified by the endearing couple. It something which will nudge you of what you have experienced at some point sometime in your realtionship. 10/10/10

My Princess (2011) It was good while it lasted, but being shown in a year full of quirky kdramas made me momentarily forgot how it used to feel when I was glued watching it. Another ironically awesome chemistry of lead actors, because I really didn’t expect it from Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee. I won’t forget the “dear-mom-behind-the-door-confession-scene” and the mischievous pairing and their love-filled moments were a sigh to behold. 9/8.5/9

Myungwol the Spy (2011)The sort-of-chaos that happened during the airing of this drama didn’t stop me from being immersed on the characters and the funny, exciting. full of twist, and undeniably pretty story. I became interested with Eric because of his character here, and when I check on his other dramas, the man sure can act and is really hot. Since rom-com dramas are everywhere in the kimchidrama land, it’s hard to generate a love story of a man and a woman that you haven’t seen, heard or read before, true there may have been love stories about spies, but the crisp and outlandish of Myungwol took me by surprise, and I just love surprises. 9/9/9

Oh! My lady (2010) – This seems to be a quasi-last scandal-drama for me, but I enjoyed it more maybe, because of the good-natured heroine and the frolicsome lead actor were most of the time dandy and entrancing. 8/8/8

Ojakgyo Brothers (2011) – bucket list

On Air (2008) – bucket list

Only You (2005) – This reminds me of local pocketbook stories I used to read when I was young, where there was a time jump and when the couple meets again, they realized that there was a love remained hidden inside the deepest trench of their hearts. The confrontations and the magnet pull-aways of the characters I think will make it worthwhile for you to watch it. A classic rich-boy-adores-poor-girl with the scenic Italy and restaurant bound love tale. 8.5/8.5/9

Paradise Ranch (2011) – parking lot 

Partner (2009) – It’s nothing fancy, sometimes fun, most of the time breezy, but Lee Dong Wook was the lead actor and that would suffice I guess for me. 8/8/8

Pasta – (2010)bucket list

Personal Preference (2010) – Starred by my favorite actress and another one-sided love of mine, I could not ask for more. *giggles There were lots of bright tones here which I can say compensated to some dry moments and knots that were loosely conspicuous in a kdrama addict’s eye. The doting scenes melted me and made me craved for more so some scenes that are really unnecessary were left forgotten. 8.5/8/9

Prosecutor Princess (2010) – Intricately woven narrative with great lines and superbly layered sequence build up plus effectively personified characters made me swoon over this drama. The “confrontation-kiss-scene” brought me to the edge of ever after and had me promised myself I will vow to be a single if it’s not Park Shi Hoo that I’m gonna marry with.. *giggles This is alluring and classic, a great watch and will live up to your expectation.10/10/10

Protect the Boss (2011)A strong willed heroine who can’t be bullied by the villains + a clumsy overly cute hero + another charming hottie for the second lead = Abby so happy on her K-drama day. It was a typical plain girl torn between the affections of two rich heirs of a business conglomerate. Actually there’s nothing extraordinary about this drama, the feel of it and some story arcs you might have experienced before from previous rom-coms, but it’s the chemistry of the entire cast I think that made it such a hit. Plus it’s nice to have villains who were not so evil and who got to be bullied by the lead actress. The romantic progression and conflict were well laid, simple and very amusing, although I have a slight issue with the last conflict, and I’m on the heroine’s side because I also detest waiting, confusing closure, and doors faintly open for a hope of another entrance to love. *9/9/9

Que Sera Sera (2007)The simplicity is powerful and the character driven narrative will leave you breathless. It’s so emotion-filled and gripping, with heart tugging lines and you-don’t-want-to-be-put-in scenarios when it comes to loving someone. This is where I saw Eric as an actor and not just a hottie. *wink 9/9/9

Queen of Housewives (2009) – bucket list

Queen of Reversals (2010)Sweet and sent me to self-realizing for a day… Actually this drama got me because of Park Shi Hoo, didn’t read reviews about it which I normally do. I’m just hopelessly in love with him so I just want to stare at his face even if I will not watch the story itself. *giggles But I love how this drama turned out to be and there are lot of relationship ideas that were pointed out so prettily. Hwang Tae Hee will be one of my favorite heroines. 9/9/9

Romance Town (2011) priority list

Royal Family (2011) bucket list

Save The Last Dance For Me (2004) a beautiful moving story of finding love and falling in love all over again to the same person. It is my favorite Eugene drama. At some point it was slow moving but it essentially helped the narrative of the drama. This is like a love story taken out of your favorite harlequin novel but with a more pronounced lingering effect. 9/8.5/9

Say You Love Me aka Tell Me You Love Me (2004)Kim Rae Won is one of those Korean actors with a very commanding acting ability. He sinks in to his character effortlessly but still not diminishing the emotion. I felt a lot of emotions watching this drama. I felt the warmth, pain, angst, disappointments and love. I surrendered to how Rae Won’s character groped his way to his limitations more than to his yearnings, I’m just glad that I got my ever-after eventually. 10/9/9

Scent of a Woman (2011)I won’t forget Yeon-jae and Ji-wook’s love story. Theirs is full of passion, trust and commitment to love each other whatever the future holds. To date this is my favorite Korean drama ever and Yeon-jae and Ji-wook’s lovestory will always be special in my heart. A love tale that has made me cried big time, but still made me feel hopeful after the tears. Scent of a Woman is so life and love affirming that it affected me in a way that it made me get so serious with making my own bucket list. If a newbie will ask me what I can recommend for a first time watcher, without hesitation, I will certainly recommend this drama. 10/10/10

Secret Campus (2006) – parking lot

Secret Garden ( 2010)The pairing of two of my favorite Korean actors doesn’t need any effort to convince me to stay glued at it. Endearing and heart flutters can be felt everywhere. And even if there were some faulty, unnecessary plot, the acting prowess and the chemistry of the lead couple can suffice whatever there may be lacking in the story. This is a classic example if the lead couple bringing the best to one another. One of my personal picks and is in my highly-recommended list. 10/10/10

Secret Investigation Record (2010) – priority list

She is Nineteen (2004)It was really saddening that a talent like Jung Da Bin departed too early. She could have done a lot more promising dramas. I like her also in Attic cat. One of the few actresses who can easily give justice to whatever character she took. What I remembered about this drama was really her portrayal. It was so heartfelt you can really relate to her character. Life motivating and heartwarming. 9/8/8

Shining Inheritance (2009)I rarely watch mellow drama but there was something engaging in this modern-day-Cinderella-meets-spoiled-prince-romantic-interlude. Seeing Han Hyo Joo in a different light was a surprise because I was not happy when I first saw her in Spring Waltz. If not for the brilliant portrayal of the villain step mom here and how Eun-sung struggled and defeated the odds, the story will really not go beyond plain to interesting. 9/8.5/9

Shoot for the Star (2002) – bucket list

Soulmates (2006) priority list

Spring Waltz (2006)Such a strong story-telling with visually appetizing cinematography, this was a very serene drama rightfully matching the season it’s depicting. There were some character lapses though but it’s still worth seeing. 8/8/8

Stained Glass (2004)In between mediocre and above expectation I guess… Strikingly cute but not enough to make you remember it. 8/7.5/7.5

Stairway to Heaven (2003)I have dysfunctional tear ducts, even with someone just telling a sob story, I will really sob. So with visuals and tear inducing music, I thought I won’t be able to cry anymore for the next ten years when we were watching this drama. The Stairway experience for me was okay, nothing spectacular, and was normally just attacking my emotions. Considering that the story is a classic you-and-me-against-the-world-kind-of-love, it has to exert more flavour so that it will not be forgettable. I got to remember it but only because it was so sad it felt like a dementor to me. 7/7/8

♥ Stars Falling from the Sky (2010) – I like strong heroines and I like them even more when they show their vulnerability and make adjustments to their liabilities. A woman was forced to leave her usual girly and well-off life when her parents died. She was left taking care of her color-coded siblings. The instant family set-up and the love you have tried to give up but you ended up falling even more made me so fond of this drama. 9/9/9

♥ Strongest Chilwoo (2008) – bucket list

♥ Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010) – The person you will love after your first love is like Sungkyunkwan for me. I can’t help but love this drama each episode I was watching. It was so addictive and full of love, and I was even surprised to have felt that way considering that it was a fusion-sageuk drama. Having F4 like drama aired in the past few years, I say SKKS in its own right deserved so much applause. Our F4 scholars made me so in love for a while and even now I still am in love with Geol Ah. Definitely this has a spot on top Korean dramas on Abby-land. 10/10/10

Swallow the Sun (2009)bucket list

♥ Thank you (2007) – parking lot

♥ The 1st shop of Coffee Prince (2007)Coffee Prince cemented my growing fondness towards Yoon Eun Hye. *giggles I liked her in Goong, and I like her even more here. The music was so refreshing. How the love grew between the lead characters was simply laid and yet so affecting and definitive. If you are currently having a bitter heart because of a failed relationship it can surely disarm you and walk you through appreciating love again. 10/10/10

♥ The Devil (2007)Anything supernatural can be sold to me. The characters were well played and the arc of the story was keenly placed. It is an unconventional romantic interlude and strangely interesting too. 9/8/8.5

♥ The Greatest Love aka “Best Love” (2011)If Hong sisters wrote the drama, it must be good. I don’t know what kind of water these sisters drink for them to come up with really good love stories. Dokko Jin entered my lead man Hall of Fame list and Pil-joo joined Geol-ah to my “really-they-deserved-the-girl” list. This is something you will dream of when you sleep and a very good reason for you to bargain with time to speed up so that the day of its airing can happen. Certified on Abby’s must-watch list 10/10/10

♥ The Man Who Can’t Get Married (2010)I don’t know if I’m weird or something but I like the “man” here who can’t get married. He’s a geek, organized and gets annoyed with something irrelevant, aren’t those reasons enough to love him? But here’s a case of even how much adoring the main character is if there are loopholes in the scriptwriting, it still won’t be enough to suffice a fluid narrative. More than that my Geol-Ah isn’t cute here so that’s another point that did disappoint me. 7/7/8

♥ The Musical (2011) – currently airing

♥ The Painter of the Wind (2008) – bucket list


♥ The Princess’ Man (2011) – I was already aware of the Romeo and Juliet premise of this drama. With its traditional setting, it really took a lot of me to try and stay glued watching it. Because I’m officially in love with Shi-hoo oppa, I stayed faithful with it. They started grand as what sageuk drama normally did, but they made it light as well to coax the viewers into watching it I guess. As for me I was more than willing to oblige. The superb directing, narrative and character development made it on top of the ratings game. The lead actor, his struggles and how he was able to get past through it was equally immersing as how the lead villain plotted his evil deeds in the story. Almost perfect andoozing with optimism… a drama you have to include on your watch list. 10/10/10

♥ The Return of Iljimae (2009) – *in progress

♥ The Snow Queen (2006) – bucket list

♥ The Vineyard Man (2006) – in progress (since Moses parted the Red Sea)

♥ The World That They Live In aka World’s Within (2008)I won’t forget Hyun Bin and Song Hye Gyo’s portrayals here. I was in fact seeing myself in Hye Gyo’s character and so I can really totally relate to her thinking and pain. The scene when she learned why he pushed her away because of his eye problem was one of the best scenes I’ve ever seen. I think what made this special and captivating was the use of capturing incidents that happens on a typical relationship. It’s like when you a scene, you know that you have been somewhat there before. This is one of my surprise favorites. 10/9/9

♥ Vampire Prosecutor (2011) – in progress

♥ Thorn Birds (2011) – bucket list

♥ What Happened in Bali (2004) – This is my favorite ending. There are only a few kdramas with decent endings, and if I’m strange because I love the ending of the ill-fated love triangle that this love interlude presented, I don’t care! *giggles At least they have provided a closure and a very strong closure for that matter. Realistic and smokin’ hot. 10/10/10

♥ What Star did you come from? (2006) – Light, eye-pleasing and another Kim Rae Won hit for me. 9/8/8.5

♥ When it’s at Night (2008) bucket list

♥ Will it snow at Christmas? (2009) – bucket list

♥ Winter Sonata (2002) – Again I’m not a fan of melodrama and if truth be told even if iconic Alist actors played their role so well here, my romantic veins were not really pulled at all. 7/8.5/8

♥ Witch Amusement (2007) – This was where I first noticed Jae Hee and his smooth smile. I have funny and sweet moments with this drama, but it’s just all that I guess. It was sort of more than an inch safe. Had it add more inflections and deleted unnnecessary scenes it would have been nicer. 8/8/8

♥ Wonderful Life (2005) – I hated the ending. T_T It was a break-up with a forced open-ended closure . This was far from plain with perky beats. You can’t ruin an almost gorgeous story because of a dream. 7.5/7/7.5

♥ Wuri’s Family (2001) – parking lot

♥ You’re Beautiful (2009) – One of the few dramas who killed me with so much anticipation. Great chemistry between our favorite K-band characters. After Jang geun Seok swept me off my feet here I hunted all his KOrean movies and watched it. Amazingly sweet and with lots of love vibes. 10/10/10

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