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Lie to Me started on the right track, groped it’s way safely to it’s love climax and ended in a lame disappointing note. It was a closure overkill mainly because the story passed unnecessary conflicts to finally reach a conclusion.

 What I remember most was the scene when Gong Ah-jung poured out her “why there are no cherry blossom?” broken hearted self to her father.


Gong Ah-jung was a civil service officer handling tourism affairs. When she was put on a situation where she has to save her face to her first love and her friend who dated her first love, she used the eccentric hotel business empire heir Hyun Ki Joon as her husband. The lie in an exaggerated point left them forced to pretend that they were really in fact married to help each of them in their personal urgent situations.


At first they were on an unfriendly note but romance blossomed as they get to hero-is-sick situations and heroine-needs-rescuing instances. But the lie that made them together caused the uncertainty of what they really feel for each other. It sent them to a long road, and if I may add, unnecessary trek to finally admit the love they felt for each other.


There are frustratingly good to watch dramas, but Lie To Me went otherwise. While the gossip-vengeance-and-personal interest-driven LIE kicked off the story, it clung desperately to skepticism and failed to achieve a decent ending. It was there waiting for a sign to bungee jump when there were no stars to wish for.

 It was an over extension and they suffered the consequences of it. If not for the star power of the lead couple, I won’t remain faithful.


A few adorable scenes here and there but nothing much to brag about to the kdrama brimming bucket of love.

 I can only wish to see the lead couple in another production worthy of their talent. Lie to Me was an easy watch, and they deserve something more than that.




Enter our Hotel Manager Hyun Ki Joon in his prince-like-obssessive-compulsive-cuteness checking the dust, his hotel staff appearance, basically anything that is not in order in his keen eyes. He personally checked the preparation for an upcoming wedding, and when the groom of that supposed wedding checked in with another girl other than her bride, he also took care of it. This will give us a glimpse of how sternlike, unaffected and straightforward his personality is.

On the other side Gong Ah Jung is in the midst of a cultural activity (UN Tourism Executive Meeting) set up by their department which she conceptualized through her flowing creatiivty. The Head of the Ministry of Culture was all praise to the project which made Ah Jung so happy only to be cut short when the bees swarmed the event they created and brought about chaos in the area.

After the attack-of-the-bees Ah Jung was reprimanded by her boss because of the hospital casualties of those that were bitten, and she defended herself on the grounds that she can’t control the bees. Her boss still on high notes even asked to quit her job if she can’t take it anymore, with a heavy heart and annoyance Ah Jung stormed out of the office and drowned herself with liquor in a night club.

In her -i’m-sad-so-nobody-can-be-happy-or-flirt-around-mood, she caught the attention of a hottie, Hyun Sang Hee who just came back to the country. She told him her sob story and he was even more amuse as she mumbles nonsenseness while writing her resignation paper on a table napkin.

Ki Joon was working on his boring-organized-spare-time-activity of miniature building models, when he got a call confirming her lost little brother has come back from hibernation out of the country so he hurriedly went to the supposed location, and voila! his brother turned out to be the runaway chaebol Ah Jung was in company with for her miserable day. 

Sang Hee sneaked out of the scene to avoid his brother and accidentally stole Ah Jung’s resignation letter. Ki Joon tried chasing him but he got away hitching with his friends, and Ah Jung in her drunken state came also wanting to get her resignation letter.  Our alcohol intoxicated bubbly heroine ended up ankle grabbing Ki Joon which left a bad-guy impression to the on lookers outside the club.


 The next thing we knew Ki Joon stayed up all night watching over Ah jung at the hospital due to acute-alcohol-poisoning- mixed-with-bee-sting-kind-of-illness. The patient beside Ah Jung mistakenly took them as couple as Ki Joon stayed patiently with him all night long which both of them politely denied.  He asked her if he knows the guy she was talking with at the bar last night (while being uneasy of the disarranged button shirt of Ah Jung and her lack of girly manners in front of him!  dorky OC! *giggles)  He then left after arranging the discharge procedure but was chased by Ah Jung.  The cab driver was under the impression that they were lovers and that Ki Joon was being rude when she was already making an effort and that he doesn’t care about it… (why do extras here are so judgmental?  *wink)

He stepped out of the cab and faced Ah Jung who asked him if he can help her get her bag from the club.  he of course refused and offered money for the cab fare… Ah Jung reached for his hand and batted her eyelashes to the annoyance of Ki Joon (he thought she’s being seduced) who walked away again.
Ah Jung got her bag from the bar and was furious why she spent that much and also worried that her father will be mad ate her.

AH JUNG:  Mr. Gong you worried about me right?  I wasn’t able to call because my phone went dead
FATHER:  (ignoring Ah Jung busy getting the in-grown on his toenails) *giggles
AH JUNG:  You really didn’t worry about me?
FATHER:  What’s there to worry about you’re almost 30.  *kkk (wishes my parents would say that, but no they don’t want me to get married ever *sob)

Ah Jung stepped out again of their house and got irritated when she was recognized on the video of yesterdays bee-commotion.  She was even mistaken by a little boy calling her an older woman.  She went to the salon to do some make over, but get even more annoyed when she saw the first person she ever loved and her friend-who-stole-her-first-love.

So Ran kept digging about how she’s still single and not married and bragging her happy relationship with Jae Bum.  (this fake friend of Ah Jung has serious insecurity, I’m wondering when she will be eaten whole).  So when someone called her she played a happy-wife-being-extremely-sweet-to-her-husband-on-a-phonecall just to annoy So Ran. 

When she went home at night she went to reverie on those days when she painstakingly study to pass the civil service exam so that her crush would notice her and she can bravely confess to him of her love.  She cried remembering how her closest friend betrayed her and stole her ability to love.

The next morning Ah Jung went to see Ki Joon as she saw his details through a magazine.  She was meaning to pay the cost of the hospital bill but when she found him, she can’t find a way to interrupt Ki Joon who was having a date. She then slip from he chair with juice stains surrounding her, and out of humiliation she pretended she fainted, which Ki Joon didn’t buy and to avoid getting the scene even bigger, he carried her and bring her to one of the hotel’s room.

Now a friend of Ah Jung saw the incident, and next came the BIG MISCONCEPTION.  


So Korean gossip girl worked her wonders which ended up Ah Jung and Ki Joon on a supposed-secret-marriage spotlight but Ki Joon was hit by it big time as his hotel staff created korean-drama-like suspicions on why the marriage needs to be hidden.  Even his secretary won’t believe him so when he confirmed that the girl’s name was not revealed,  he went straight to his most likely candidate for spreading the tattle.
So our emotion-numb Ki Joon met with Ah Jung and asked her if she was involved with their “wedlock buzz”.  She was in her own version of LOL after Ki Joon’s presentation of their marriage’s urban legend.  It didn’t get on her yet that this was coming from her little-white-lie with So Ran and the circumstantial-Ki Joon-carried-her-scene which a friend of hers witnessed accidentally… Furious Ki Joon left with a warning that he will make a legal move about it which made Ah Jung angry as she thinks nothing’s wrong in marrying her.
Ki Joon commanded his assistant to get the best lawyer  because our stern-adorable hero was getting impatient trying to convince everyone at the hotel that it was just a rumor and that he has already done something about it,but even his assistant pointed out that it should be handled with care. 
PARK HOON:  (assistant) You should persuade rather than force a woman.  I think that going to court will attract more attention.
KI JOON:   That’s what I want to do but that girl is so hard to deal with.
PARK HOON:  So try again, she’s firm that you two are married while you keep denying it.  Who do you think people will believe?
KI JOON:  Of course, Me!
<insert hotel staff moving their heads left to right in disapproval>
KI JOON:  You mean everyone will believe her?
 <insert hotel staff nodding their heads in approval>
PARK HOON:  How can there be smoke without a fire?  People will think why will someone bother claim you as her husband?

<*giggles I love how he was so clueless that in scandals like this, the girl has always the upper hand>

Frustrated Ki Joon just asked him to get a lawyer to fix the issue, and then enter Ki Joon’s friend taunting him again of his marriage issue. (cameo by Danny Ahn)
FRIEND:  I almost forgot, there’s a party this weekend right?  Don’t tell me you’re too busy.  
KI JOON:  Okay, I got it.
FRIEND:  Be sure to bring your wife too.
**** KI JOON got surprised again****
FRIEND:  Everyone knows you are married.  *devilish grin
KI JOON:  It’s just a misunderstanding.  The truth is…
FRIEND:  I know… I know… It’s because your aunt doesn’t approve of it?
KI JOON:  Huh?
FRIEND:  You don’t have to hide it from us.  We will always be on your side.

And with his finale tattle he shouted “LOVE IS FOREVER! FIGHTING” to the annoyance of Ki Joon.

Ah Jung on the other hand got attack by Ki Joon-claiming-she-spread-the-lie-paranoia when her memory lane visited her and made her remember the white lie she told So Ran, but she dismissed the thought of its possibility thinking .  Ki Joon called her and told her he will see her so when she saw him in the lobby she conjured unsuccessful-evading-him-tactics, until their Minister walked in and she used him as a shield to run away from him.

Ah Jung went to a friend’s coffee shop and babbled loudly of the mess she’s having right now.  She was noticed yet again by the man she met in the club the other time who was woken up with her complaining and both were surprised to see each other again.  The man was all smiles seeing her charging it to a kismet but she thought otherwise. 

When she walked away, he caught up with her and convinced her that it’s a fated for them to meet again, and asked her to thank him for saving her from resigning from the job!  She said she was not going to do it anyway.  But he believed otherwise.  Then she walked away again…
SANG HEE:  *deep breath If she walks away it’s coincidence.  If I catch her it’s FATE.
                   Hey Gong, Ah jung!  What should I do with the resignation letter?
Ah Jung sighed and happenstance it was…
Back at the coffee shop, Sang Hee’s friend revealed to Ah Jung’s mom-like friend that Sang-hee is not just a runaway artist but a son of a very rich family.
Meanwhile Ah Jung went to eat ramen with Sang-hee and had him promised that the napkin-resignation-letter should be in good condition.  Sang-hee why she treated him with noodles because of that letter.  She said she just doesn’t want her possession being held by other people.  
SANG HEE:  Aren’t you going to ask me what’s my name?
AH JUNG:  Name?  
SANG HEE:  Oh, you’re not interested?  right?
AH JUNG:  We’re not just in a relationship that we have to exchange names.
SANG HEE:  Hyun Sang Hee!  You must remember it even if you are not interested.

Sang-hee then thanked her and left while she mumbled if HYUN is a common family name.

Ki Joon dined out with his aunt and there goes their business-conversation-I’d rather-not-talk-about.  They went to the discussion about Sang Hee coming back and staying with his friend Suk Bong.  Aunt mentioned if it was brothers fighting over who should take over the business, she can have a say on it, what she can’t understand is why her nephews fell for the same woman…
So here we got the picture that Sang Hee left the country because he fell in love with his brother’s fiancee, and that the wedding was cancelled when Sang Hee left.
Ah Jung asked Ki Joon to meet her at Han River.  He obliged and was surprised to see Ah Jung in her “incognito look” owing to her thought that people might see them together again.  So they took the duck-boat and Ki Joon made a fuss on it’s cleanliness as Ah Jung said that it’s the safest place that they can talk.  They paddled out to the middle of the river, and she relay to Ki Joon the white lie she told So Ran. 
While they were talking about how they are going to proceed with their so called marriage rumbling.  Ah Jung assured him that she will find a way to fix it, but another couple inside a duck-boat were fighting which made the woman fell over. In her civil service instinct Ah Jung jumped to save her, and Ki Joon was left with no choice but to jump as well.
Covered with blankets and towel, they received a round of applause to the crowd who witnessed the commotion, but Ki Joon was upset on her impulsiveness saying she went overboard.  In frustration Ki Joon walked away but noticed his car key missing.  Ah Jung asked him if he will be okay without car key, wallet, money and hand phone, so they ended up in Ki Joon’s house.  
He asked her to come in to continue their early discussion.  Ah Jung insisted that she will personally deal with it and asked him to gather the people he knows so she can explain it as a misunderstanding, but he retorted on her basic plan.  He marveled at how she put up with things with simplicity and doesn’t seem to realize how her plan will work out. 
The next day, Ah Jung had a garden-setting-background-soju-drinking-chit-chat with lawyer dad who was upset that his friends got to have criminal records.  He also pointed out that he’s staying cool with his job because of her just in case there will be issues of her in the future.
Ki Joon’s assistant asked what happened to his meet up with Ah Jung, and he said that everything will be fine now as he has just misjudge her.  Park Hoon puzzled and all that noticed how the wind blew very fast.
So-ran was having a desperate-housewives afternoon tete-a-tete-flower-arrangement-activity with her friends and was surprised hearing the news that Ah Jung’s husband is Hyun Ki Joon. The gossip has evolved to a full blown drama script with their High School acquaintance, friend’s sister’s sister-in-law as part of the cast.  Bewildered she’s still not buying the thought of Ah Jung’s chaebol marriage,and their common friends pointed out as to why she can’t accept it and she’s always jealous of Ah Jung.  But So-ran said they should wake up to reality and stop watching the television drama of Cinderella who met a 3rd generation chaebol.  She stormed and mumbled angrily at Ah Jung’s supposed marriage, but pulled over when she felt stomach pains.
Sang-hee looked for the resignation-napkin-letter, and has to answer a knock on their doorstep.  Suk-bong who was constipated ran out of tissue paper grabbed the letter and used it.
AH JUNG:  What!!!  My conscience and self-esteem are on whose ass?  <* super giggles>
SANG HEE:  I’m really sorry.  This is my fault for not taking care of it.
Ah Jung stepped out of the coffee shop as Sang-hee kept asking for her forgiveness, but she won’t succumb to it.  So Sang Hee pulled her to an embrace and he was surprised that his playboy act didn’t work on Ah Jung when it normally did in the past.  The on-lookers mainly girls giggled on how cool and cute he was, so AH Jung stared at her, and got an idea. When she asked if he was free that night, he thought his playboy act still works, but Ah Jung cut him short that she’s just giving him an opportunity to make it up for her.
Ah Jung picked Sang-hee up and said sorry for being late.  He jokingly uttered how she can’t hide her civil servant image.  So he gave her an ambush make-over.  Sang-hee can’t help but be amused at her when the time of paying came.  Her civil servant income won’t match to the cost of what she bought for that day that she had it to be paid in 12 months.  He teased her that he was suppose to pay for it, but she retorted that he’s jobless to pay for it.  She made sure he will act well on their little your-my-boyfriend-drama, and he strongly agreed but changed mind when she said the party will be at their family-owned hotel.  
In the party, Ki Joon is getting pissed with his friend’s well-wishes about his rumored secret marriage.  Ah Jung arrived with sang-hee and he hid himself to their employees.  He told her he forgot an appointment, and he has to leave soon, so she again was disappointed.  Sang-hee feeling guilty and still hiding his face just in case someone will recognize him followed her to reconcile with her but Ki Joon’s assistant was on look for her so he had no choice but to run.
So-ran in her still envious state went to World Hotel and asked the hotel staff if their President is married, but the staff refused to answer personal questions.  She met Ah Jung in the wash room and even with her sick stomach ranted her sick thoughts to Ah Jung

SO RAN:  We meet again.
AH JUNG:  I know right, what are you doing here?
SO RAN:  I am with my husband.  You?
AH JUNG:  I’m also with my husband.
SO RAN:  Oh… husband?  really?  What is your husband doing?  How old?
AH JUNG:  Why do you need to know?
SO RAN:  Why are you like that?  It’s just I hear that you got married.  So I’m happy for you.
AH JUNG:  You can be happy at other things.  I got married.  Why are you happy?
SO RAN:  I was worried about you because of your first and only love.  What should I do if you can’t look at any other guys for the rest of your life?  So that’s fortunate.  I am happy for you.
AH JUNG:  Are you feeling guilty?  Are those really coming from you?
SO RAN:  What?!
AH JUNG:  What??!!!
SO RAN:  Did anything happened between you and Jae Bum?  You liked him right?  Therefore, you think I stole your boyfriend, right?
AH JUNG:  If you are really my friend, you should feel guilty about what you did to me.
SO RAN:  Why?  If you confess to Jae Bum back then, do you think you will have a happy ending with him?
So-ran then wove a lie that it will never happen as Jae Bum hated her… that he didn’t like that she followed his footsteps and took the civil service exam… that seeing her around annoyed him… and that he’s suffocated of her that he even asked So ran to tell her about it.  So ran hit a Ah Jung’s nerve there, but So-ran claimed she did the best thing because she was able to pass the exam by hiding the truth about her relationship with Jae Bum.  For her finale remark she said that she knew she’s not married, and that she can’t be deceived by such lies.
SO RAN:  I’m Yoo So Ran and you are Gong Ah Jung.  Don’t spread rumors so you can beat me.  That pisses me of.
AH JUNG:  What did I say?
SO RAN:  What did you say?  What did you do to make everyone think that you are  married to Hyun Ki Joon?  Does it make sense?  How is it possible that you can marry a man better than my husband?  To make everyone believe that you need to be quite capable.
AH JUNG:  So you hate that I found a better husband than yours right?  it is only fair that I find a lesser husband than what you have?
SO RAN:  Of course!  That is the law of the universe.  The order of the world.  I’m going.

The fake friend marched out of the wash room feeling happy on their word duel while Ah Jung left pissed and annoyed on how she was looked down by her former friend.  

When she saw Ki Joon in all his smile motioning her to come in, she told herself that this time she will damn the consequence and will not think first. 

She said “HONEY, I’M HERE”… 
The smile on Ki Joon’s face VANISHED… 
as So Ran and Jae Bum TURNED AROUND…



The start-up episodes presented elements like impression, lies, poor judgment which I think we will be watching a lot as its title even mirrors what this drama is all about.  So far I love their bickering which I think is a “must” for rom-com drama.  Although we already get a picture that eventually-the-brothers-will-fall-for-the-same-girl, why do they have to insinuate it on the warm up episodes?  And although the premise of you-stole-my-first-love-I-have-to-lie-so-you-will-feel-sad is something weird to think about, I think I’m gonna be buying it.

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