half-lying that i like “Lie To Me”

Lie to Me started on the right track, groped it’s way safely to it’s love climax and ended in a lame disappointing note. It was a closure overkill mainly because the story passed unnecessary conflicts to finally reach a conclusion.

 What I remember most was the scene when Gong Ah-jung poured out her “why there are no cherry blossom?” broken hearted self to her father.


Gong Ah-jung was a civil service officer handling tourism affairs. When she was put on a situation where she has to save her face to her first love and her friend who dated her first love, she used the eccentric hotel business empire heir Hyun Ki Joon as her husband. The lie in an exaggerated point left them forced to pretend that they were really in fact married to help each of them in their personal urgent situations.


At first they were on an unfriendly note but romance blossomed as they get to hero-is-sick situations and heroine-needs-rescuing instances. But the lie that made them together caused the uncertainty of what they really feel for each other. It sent them to a long road, and if I may add, unnecessary trek to finally admit the love they felt for each other.


There are frustratingly good to watch dramas, but Lie To Me went otherwise. While the gossip-vengeance-and-personal interest-driven LIE kicked off the story, it clung desperately to skepticism and failed to achieve a decent ending. It was there waiting for a sign to bungee jump when there were no stars to wish for.

 It was an over extension and they suffered the consequences of it. If not for the star power of the lead couple, I won’t remain faithful.


A few adorable scenes here and there but nothing much to brag about to the kdrama brimming bucket of love.

 I can only wish to see the lead couple in another production worthy of their talent. Lie to Me was an easy watch, and they deserve something more than that.