Why you should watch Love 020?

I used to watch KDramas, Doramas and Taiwan dramas religiously when I was younger, but since I find Korean dramas more well conceived, I have decided to just focus on hallyuwave dramas.  But every now and then I watch other dramas recommended by friends, and that’s why I watched the Chinese drama Love 020 last year.  My review is a bit late, but who knows you have not seen this gem yet so I’m giving you one of the best fan service asian dramas ever.

To be honest the love story is too trite, but the lead man will burn you with so much cuteness and heart flutters.  You will sure develop a fictional romance with him, one sided of course… and you will thank me later for introducing Xiao Nai. *chuckles

Love 020 is set in a university where Bei Wei  (Zheng Shuang) a sophomore Computer Engineering student fell in love with her department senior (Yang Yang).  Unbeknownst to her, he was also his virtual husband in a popular role-playing game they were both playing.  He finally revealed his identity and they became an official campus couple.  When she graduated, he eventually asked her to get married with him.

So there’s no heavy love conflict in the drama, there was a girl who loved the lead man, but he was quick to disregard her because he has only his eyes for the lead girl.  There was also a guy who likes the heroine, but she was quick to draw lines that it will never work out between them.  The plot is easy to digest and never swerved to anything remotely unrelated to developing the romantic ride of the love couple.

Xiao Nai will sweetly haunt your dreams.  I promise.  He was my year end addiction for 2016 and until now his 30 eps drama is sitting pretty along with Something About 1% for my quick relief drama pills on my phone.  The mushy scenes were nailed to induce girly squeals and hyperventilating moments every time the camera captured Xiao Nai’s lazy smile and handsome face.  It is a drama cure for pms or when your boss annoys you. *chuckles

Again we only have a plain, just cotton candy romance in the story, but it’s a feel good spectacle perfect for drama spree-ing weekend.  If you can have a pj party with your girlfriends, then it’s a drama I would recommend to munch on your video plate.  It is a love drama full of ideas on how to make female viewers happy by reminding us of our very own campus crushes and those untold coy memories we had of our first loves.