Hwarang Episode 5 Recap

The pretty young masters officially enlisted as Hwarangs.  A looming problem reached Sun Woo as someone who knows his true identity attempted and failed to abduct him spilled the truth he knows to the old villains.  Ah Ro and Sun Woo promised to rely to each other.
Ji Dwi bravely defied his mother’s command and joins Hwarang.
Episode 5 Recap
Sun Woo wakes up bound and suspended in the air.  Remnants of Ah Ro’s abduction memory came back to his memory and complains on the hard knock he hot from the captors.  He sees Ji Dwi beside him who gets back to consciousness and gripes on how the villains thought they might be together since they wear the same Hwarang robe.  Ji Dwi cautions him losing his rank due to his connection with unlucky Ah Ro which ticks Sun Woo’s temper causing a mid-air fight between them.
While the two are held captive, the noble families sons march to the Enlistment Ceremony for Hwarang.  Soo Ho teases Ban Ryu of how pleasant he looks as a Queen’s puppy and the latter holds in the annoyance out of fear from his two fathers sitting in front of them.  
The Queen makes her entrance and gives a taunting look at Master Young on how she controls his son’s life at her fingertips, but the latter met her gaze and telepathically responds how he will find the King and kill him.  Queen Ji So and Hwarang Wi notice their appointees missing in action on the event and we go back to the two still bickering men dangling in the air.  
Sun Woo reveals  his relationship to Ah Ro so Ji Dwi calms down the weird feeling he still can’t explain towards their connection. Do Woo, the leader of the fiends, decide on killing Ji Dwi and Ah Ro and keeping Sun Woo alive for their task.  Over at the Hwarang ceremony, the people are getting impatient on when it will start so Queen Ji So orders to begin the service.
Sun Woo and Ji Dwi work together to break away from the ropes.  Ji Dwi sees hopelessness on Sun Woo’s attempt to break the body-bind, but the latter counters how whistling does not do any good as well.  A scary looking butcher enters the room to kill Ji Dwi so the two takes the opportunity to kick the butcher’s knife for Sun Woo to catch and use to tear the thick rope.  Sun Woo falls on the ground and makes a futile attempt to fight the burly slaughterer.  He grabs a big bone and accidentally hit the butcher at his private part and follows it up with a smack on his neck knocking down the beefy bad guy.  
At another room, blindfolded Ah Ro is being verbally abused by Do Woo stating how Sun Woo treasures her so much.  The sound of a big thump from the butcher’s body halts their bullying and proceed to where Sun Woo is.  Ji Dwi calls Sun Woo’s attention to free him from the bind, but the latter ignores him.  He motions to leave so Ji Dwi draws his last card and silently begs for Sun Woo to save him.  
They wait for the evil crew to appear in the slaughter house and fight with them side by side.  They head to where Ah Ro is, but the villains catch up on them and stops their escape plan.  Ji Dwi urges Sun Woo to run first as he tries to summon his warrior.  Sun Woo guides Ah Ro to head straight to where the crowd is and wait for him.  He goes back to help out Ji Dwi and by the time they almost got cornered, Ji Dwi’s warrior – Pa O, showers the evil abductors with arrows making time for them to runaway.  
In the brink of time, Sun Woo and Ji Dwi arrive at the ceremony and accept the induction sword.  Ji Dwi meets his mother’s gaze who hides her fury at the sight of the King she has been hiding, valiantly walks in the ceremony.  He looks at his mother and tells in his thoughts how he will decide when he will show his face to Silla.
After the event, Sun Woo explains to Master Ahn Ji who Do Woo is and his sour relationship with him.  He affirms the many fights they had in the past but he is not sure about why he abducted him.  Master Ahn Ji warns him not to put Ah Ro in danger and how since taking Sun Woo’s identity and being a Hwarang would mean that anything he does will be his adopted father’s business.
Ah Ro enters Sun Woo’s room when he is about to change his clothes and shocks herself at the sight of his naked upper body.  She tries calling him “orabeoni” but fails her attempts and ends up getting his torn robe for her to sew.  Sun Woo lays on his bed to rest but is bothered by something.  He peeks and smiles at the busily sewing Ah Ro who is annoyed on how she can’t seem to call Sun Woo “brother”.  
Ah Ro goes inside Sun Woo’s room to cure the wound on his palm and mumbles a thank you for saving her earlier.  She finally calls him brother and silently speaks on how she is used to not relying on someone and not expecting anything.  She adds how for the first time in her life she wants to depend on someone and she likes the feeling of having a brother.  She pleads him not to get hurt anymore since she is her brother.  
The pretending to be asleep Sun Woo grabs Ah Ro’s wrist and tells her how he feels afraid because of her.  He mutters how he is scared to cause her harm and not being able to protect her and how it is also the first time he felt that way.  He coaxes her to have faith in him because she is not alone anymore.  
Queen Ji So throws a fit and orders her warrior to get Ji Dwi out of Hwarang but the warrior shakes some sense on how having the King at Hwarang is the safest thing to do since no one will suspect that the King is with the flower elite soldiers.
Do Woo pays a visit to Master Young and Master Ho and reveals the true identity of Sun Woo.  The old villains deduces how Sun Woo is probably the man who saw the King, hence she placed him in Hwarang.
Sun Woo is confused figuring out how to wear the belt of the Hwarang robe so Ah Ro comes out from her secret peeping and helps him out.  He quips how he is late and how her offer to help is not working at all probably because of her poor sewing skills.  Ah Ro responds how she might be not good at fixing clothes but se can stitch people well shutting him up.  Ah Ro runs her gaze and is satisfied to Sun Woo’s transformation.  She mumbles how he looks normal and he jokes on how he very well knows he is handsome making her remember how she says the same thing when she was drunk last time.  Sun Woo refuses to grant her request to wave at her when he sees her in the crowd for the parade annoying her.  
Hwarang members parade amidst the cheerful crowd who are happy to stalk on the pretty young masters.  Master Young and Master Ho sit at Okta devising their grand plan on provoking the Queen as they see the unhappy young masters who failed to join Hwarang.  Ah Ro cuts to the crowd and sees Sun Woo in the parade who has been looking for her.  She thinks he did not see her but the latter smiles fondly when he spots her.  The young master who fought with Sun Woo last time bumps at Ah Ro in the crowd and she unintentionally tears his robe.
Ji Dwi throws solver bags at the baddie young master who dragged Ah Ro after recognizing her as Okta storyteller.  Ji Dwi saves Ah Ro and marks a tattoo on her arm until.  He tells her to look for him when she pays off her debt since he has a way to remove the ink.  She promises to repay her debt no matter what.
Hwarang Wi leads the celebratory toast and orders the boys to drink the liquor shots in front of them.  When the boys become drunk, they were asked to pick their room assignment.  The strong alcohol did not help the boys who seem to brawn whenever they have a chance and picks on Sun Woo as the punching bag.  Luckily he sobers up fast and knocks down the bullies.  Ban Ryu and Soo Ho resumes their unending feud since they refuse to belong to the same room.
Ji Dwi passes by the beaten Sun Woo to ask how he became the Queen’s hwarang.  Sun Woo asks him if he has ever carried a person in his life and Ji Dwi replies how it will not ever happen to him but ends up carrying him and realizes how Sun Woo beat up all the boys when they all evade them as they walk along the corridor. 
Master Wi narrates…
“Let them hate and burn up all they want.  Let them melt together so that they can differentiate one from another.  That way we can make something new from here.”
Ji Dwi enters their room and steps back upon seeing the prettiest boy in Silla, Yeo Wool.  He jokes on how he has never seen a pretty boy yet.  He circles around Ji Dwi and confirms he will also be in Grey room.  Yeo Wool concludes the long night with his interesting roommates Ban Ryu, Soo Ho, Sun Woo and the man from nowhere Ji Dwi.  
Episode 5 Quick Thoughts
Those 5 roommates will surely have a blast brawling and bickering in the future episodes.  The story is neatly weavibg the connection and laying the framework of the future alliances these Hwarang boys will make along with possible dilemmas they will face.
Master Wi’s boot camp promises to be exciting, I can hardly wait what’s in store for these angsty young masters.
Hope the romance line will emerge the soonest because I want to see them helpless because of love.  -jediprincess

Hwarang Episode 4 Recap

I decided to do Hwarang’s full episode recaps since I was smitten by these Hwarang boys and their stories.  I so far like how everything is balanced and how we have different faces of heroes, villains and hero-villains.
From this moment on, Moo Myeong will assume Sun Woo’s identity so I will call him Sun Woo and King Jin Heung/Maek Jong will take the name Ji Dwi.  
Sun Woo walks to the direction of worried Ah Ro.  She asks what happened to their father but he fails to answer and faints on her body as Ji Dwi watches them from afar.
Master Ahn Ji wakes up in the Queen’s chamber and scowls at the sight of Queen Ji So.  She responds how he must be feeling well since he can now babble painful words at her.  He replies how his life has been in misery when she took away his wife and son for 12 years and that he is intending to teach his son what a rotten place the capital is because of her.  He warns that he will not allow her to take anything from him anymore, but she counters that whatever she wants to take or not is her decision.
Ah Ro piggybacks the unconscious Sun Woo and complains on how long and heavy he is.  Meanwhile Hwarang Wi boringly stares at a time instrument and sets to proceed with his innovative Hwarang recruitment plan.
Soo Ho and his group sneak in at Najeong (a sacred well in Silla period where Park HyeokGeose was born), and wonder why Ban Ryu’s troop cannot be seen yet.  
They move to the ground and find the missing troop waiting for them.  After an exchange of misplaced ego and quibbles, they brawl at the sacred ground until the Queen’s officers intervened and brought them for questioning and punishment.
The news of the noble boys’ ruckus reaches their family and Master Park castigates Ban Ryu’s father on how the Queen can kill the boys for violating Najeong and they won’t be able to pull their family strings for it.  The already physically drained noble boys were told by the officer that the Queen has not declared anything yet on what will be done to them.
In the morning, Ah Ro tries to wake up the sleeping Sun Woo and mutters her woes over her father.  Sun Woo wakes up and assures her that Master Ahn Ji will be fine.  She tells him how hard it is to trust him when he is to blame for his father’s trouble right now.  Sun Woo appeases her crying heart and tells her to stop crying as he will not let anyone die for him anymore.
Hwarang Wi meets the noble sons who commited High Treason and announces that the Queen decreed to have all of them be killed.  While Hwarang Wi threatens the boys, their families are on their knees begging for the Queen’s mercy on their sons’ lives. 
The opposing faction gathers and realizes how the Queen trapped their sons and won her bid to establish Hwarang.  They promise to get back at the Queen’s ploy and make Hwarang work to their favor in the future.
Hwarang Wi proposes to the boys that the only way out of the death they are facing is to join Hwarang.  Soo Ho whose family is on the Queen’s side gladly obliges to be freed and join Hwarang, as the rest of the boys followed.
Ban Ryu who tried to stay firm in his loyalty to his family eventually succumbs to the offer for him to be released, but still refuses to join Hwarang.  His adamant heart earned him a punch from his biological father, Master Ho, and when they meet his adopted father Master Young, he witnessed his father beaten hard because of his unwillingness.  Master Young chastises his unyielding self-pride and teaches him how if he cannot control power, power can overwhelm him.  He orders him to join Hwarang and gain strength from it.
Queen Ji So sits on a chess game with Hwarang Wi and appreciates his ingenious plan to subdue the noble sons and making their fathers begged for her mercy.  She also requests a young man whom she wants to be part of Hwarang.  Hwarang Wi reminds her that she gave him full control of the project so she bargains on her request by giving him the same privilege of bringing a Hwarang of his choice.  
The Queen’s Royal command for Sun Woo to join Hwarang was given.  He accepts the order and asks if Master Ahn Ji will finally be released.  Queen Ji So meets Master Ahn Ji to reveal that she made Sun Woo joined Hwarang to become her son’s dog.  She corrects his perception that Hwarang will become the future leaders of Silla by stating how she designed to form the noble sons group so she can monitor the sons of the families who keep trying on killing the King.  She adds that Hwarang will be hunting dogs of his son who will be willing to risk their lives for the King.  Master Ahn Ji stares at the Queen’s face disappointed on how evil she had become as she finishes her visit to remind him that Sun Woo’s son is in her hands.
Ah Ro welcomes her father back who comforts her anxious heart and hurries to where Sun Woo is.  He hurriedly prepares things for his leaving upon knowing that the Queen signed him up for Hwarang.  Sun Woo refuses to follow Master Ahn Ji and reasons that joining Hwarang is his way of protecting them as he stares at the sitting Ah Ro outside.  Master Ahn Ji furiously dissuades him on how hard it will be for him to survive the evil ways of the capital, but Sun Woo remains firm in his desire to endure everything.
Ji Dwi barges to Master Wi’s hideout and orders the shop owner Joo Ki to park his horse properly.  He looks for Master Wi who enters the room and grabs Joo Ki as he scouts for the robe design of the future Hwarang boys.  Ji Dwi appeals to Master Wi’s permission for him to join Hwarang citing he wants to be a part of his promising plan to change Silla.  
He mutters his desire to live in a country where the people are happy because it is the King who does the worrying.  He closes his deal with his aspiration to live in a country that he also wants to live.  Master Wi’s questions his real identity and he answers that he is the person who wants to change Silla confirming Master Wi’s already conceived deduction that he is the King.  Ji Dwi steps in to brighten the gloomy model job of the shop owner and poses confidently the pretty robe that fits perfectly his handsome face to his audience’ approval.
Master Ahn Ji speaks with Ah Ro about teaching Sun Woo some basic knowledge to equip him for his upcoming Hwarang enlistment.  She teaches him how to write first but was interrupted when Lady , Soo Ho’s charming sister, Soo Yeon, visits and raves about her long lost beautiful brother.  Ah Ro asks Soo Yeon to lend some horses and finds Sun Woo for the horseback riding lessons.  
The two gangs meet again at the football field and begins their usual spat.  Soo Ho teases Ban Ryu of going against his word not to join Hwarang so the latter responds that he still will not become a queen’s dog.  Soo Ho concludes how his two fathers signed him up then mocking his powerlessness.  When Ban Ryu taunts him to finish the interrupted fight last time, Soo Ho suggests a football challenge even when his friends complain on how they are at a disadvantage and how they have not won any game of it with them.  Ban Ryu relents and urges Soo Ho to seek additional members for his team.  
Sun Woo hugs his horse tightly as Ah Ro urges him to sit up straight and to not show fear because horses feel it when their riders are afraid.  A nearby kid who was playing with some wooden sticks accidentally hits Ah Ro’s horse so it went wild and runs fast as it could. Adrenalin pushes Sun Woo who barely knows how to ride a horse to rescue Ah Ro. Ji Dwi sees the wild horses and urgently takes a nearby horse to join the rescue operation.  Soo Ho and his friends who were grumpy not finding bummers to complete their team witness the speedy horse chase and set forth to recruit the strong riders.
Ji Dwi pulls the reign of his horse and blocks Ah Ro’s crazy ride.  Sun Woo who was trailing them rushes to cushion Ah Ro’s body when her horse kicks violently causing her to fall from it.  Ah Ro cries like a little girl in Sun Woo’s care voicing out how she thought she would die on how fast the horse was. Sun Woo brushes her hair and assures her that everything is okay.  Ji Dwi sighs at Ah Ro’s childlike drama and acknowledges Sun Woo’s gratitude.  He notices his bracelet worn by Sun Woo and upon recognizing him as the man he had a swordfight with last time, he wonders why he is with Ah Ro.
On their way home, Soo Ho and his team approach them and invite them to play the football game.  
 Sun Woo and Ji Dwi ignore the offer but Ah Ro quickly concurs seeing it as an opportunity for Sun Woo to build his connection with the future Hwarang boys.  Sun Woo recognizes the boys from the Okta encounter and eventually concedes to the offer along with Ji Dwi.   Even when they do not know where they will heading, they don the red uniform for the flowerboys football fight.
The blue and red players enter the court while jeering insults on Soo Ho’s recruits.  Soo Ho boasts on how physically adept the two boys are.  The whistle erupts to start the game and Ban Ryu’s team easily scores a point tackling the rival team with their dirty physical game strategy.  Not understanding the full context of the game, Sun Woo confirms with Soo Ho that there seems to be no set rules for the game and unleashes his true self on the next round.
Sun Woo bumps the opponents here and there like a raging bull and goes straight to the goal for his first score.  He struts a victorious pose only to find out that he shoots a point on the opponent’s side.  *chuckles  Trailing by two points, Sun Woo makes up for his mistake and goes on a rampage with two straight points.  On a quick break, Ji Dwi’s desire to show off was fueled when he sees Ah Ro on the audience’ stand smiling happily at the thrilling game.  His right man jokes on how he thought he was never into football and worries on him turning to a wallpaper in the game.
Like a man on a mission, he charges to make the winning basket, but failed miserably when Ban Ryu thwarts his attempt.  Sun Woo luckily blocks the opponent and passes the ball to Ji Dwi who kicks the ball straight to their goal for the win.  The crowd cheers lively as the winning team celebrates their victory.  kyaaa that Ji Dwi hey-guys-i’m-the-best walk was soo cute  
Sun Woo carries Ah Ro on his back noticing her limp due to her earlier accident.  She talks about Ji Dwi and almost slips on how she fell asleep with him when she was telling him story before.  She stresses on how Sun Woo should put an effort in building his connection once he becomes a Hwarang.
On the day of the Hwarang appointment ceremony, Ah Ro escorts Sun Woo and finds something missing on his wardrobe.  She searches for a complementing trinket and is interrupted by the villain who has been looking for Sun Woo.  The latter catches on Ah Ro’s sudden disappearance and chases on the departing fiends.  Ji Dwi sees Sun Woo in a rush and wearing a Hwarang uniform.  Remembering he wears his bracelet, he follows him and ends up with a deadly weapon pointing at his face.  He is brought to where Sun Woo and Ah Ro were held captive and worries on seeing Ah Ro binded and crying.  Sun Woo holds the villain’s knife wounding him in the process and warns him not to touch and hurt Ah Ro or he will kill him.
Episode 4 Quick Thoughts
How I love that flowerboys’ football game.  *sigh hahaha  For a period drama, the modern vibe is injected strategically swaying the plot to an exciting run even with its historical premise.  Hwarang is so far reminiscent of Sungkyunkwan Scandal for me without a cross-dressing heroine of course.  I hope that it will become prettier.  I look forward to the character developments and the love lines just as I crave for more conspiracies and power struggles.  
Since I am choosing to celebrate to dwell on the sweets of kdramas this year, I will evade from being nosy and will just point out sour things when I have to.  I am so far enjoying the ride with these flowerboys.  I hope you are too.  

Hwarang Episode 3 Recap


Episode 3

Maek Jong attacks Moo Myung who was shocked to see Ah Ro.  The latter protects her from the fight and takes the opportunity to escape the scene.  Moo Myung strikes his sword as Maek Jong counters and managed wounding him. 


Ah Ro catches her breath from the deadly encounter and falls on her knee which can’t seem to move from the fright.  Moo Myung chases after Maek Jong who fled skillfully.


Ah Ro presents her detailed report on her research for Hwarang candidates in front of Hwarang Wi.  She presents the possible candidates and their impressive social status but apologizes for some minor information she still has to get through.


Ah Ro dances and hums happily as she nears their house, but was interrupted when she sees Moo Myung standing at the entrance of their house.  She peeks at him discreetly and finds him gone only to realize that he is already behind her back.


Moo Myung questions her for following him and out of fright she declares that she lives in the house.  He realizes the woman as his friend’s younger sister just as she recognizes the clothes he wear was made by hers. 


Master Kim saves the day and introduces the two formally.  Master Kim convinces Moo Myung to assume his son’s identity so he can carry on with his plans to avenge Mak Moon.  He adds that he needs to get a treatment from his illness and his stubborness will not yield a positive result if he lacks power. 


Moo Myung goes back to his memory when Mak Moon cheerfully reminisces little girl Ah Ro.  Ah Ro cuts his reverie and finds wound in his body that will authenticate her lost brother, but he stops her silent protest telling her how the wounds she is looking for might not be there anymore because of bigger wounds he had acquired since he was separated from them. 



Hwarang Wi loses his cool as the factions opposing and supporting the establishment of Hwarang meet in the court.  Those against the Queen demands the King’s presence on his birthday parade so they can willingly lend their sons to the purpose of Hwarang. 
Hwarang Wi assures the Queen that he will take care of Hwarang as he had its full reign and later on commands messengers to Ban Ryu and Soo Ho’s gang for a night duel that will be held in a forbidden place.


Ah Ro ponders on her situation and it finally dawns on her that her brother is the same man she encountered in her drunken state.  The Queen Regent sets forth with her entourage and the King’s carriage without His Highness. 


Spectators blurts their opinion here and there as Ban Ryu and Soo Ho joins the audience.  Meanwhile Maek Jong seeks Hwarang Wi for his intention to join Hwarang but the latter refused his proposition.


Moo Myung sees Queen Ji So’s warrior and remembers him to be the same man who killed Mak Moon.  Unable to restrain himself he forces himself to the crowd and wields his sword towards the warrior, but fails his emotional rage.  Queen Ji So steps out of her carriage to question the intruder and orders his head when he refuses to answer. 


In the brink of losing Moo Myung’s life, Master Kim falls on his knees and calls the Queen’s attention which stops her from going back to her carriage.  He begs for Moo Myung’s life and offers his life instead.  A quick glimpse of a past from Queen Ji So and Master Ahn passes as the Queen raises her sword ready to strike it on Master Ahn. 


Queen Ji So pays Moo Myung a visit and offers a proposal to save his supposed father and sister.


Ah Ro worriedly waits for her father and Moo Myung and Maek Jong catches her outside the palace.  Moo Myung is set free and walks to Ah Ro’s direction who keeps asking him where their father is.  He stops in front of Ah Ro and faints on her shoulder.



Hwarang is so far nicely paced allowing us to munch on the character description and eventually development.  I have a lot of questions I want to ask the Queen, but I will give her a chance to prove her good intention.  For now I just want to go straight to Hwarang training.  I hope it will commence soon.


Hwarang Episode 2 Quick Recap


Hwarang Quick Recap  Episode 2

Moo Myung and Mak Moon escaped Okta and settled at a nearby forest where the latter mentioned seeing a woman who wears the same necklace as him. Unaware that a mark to kill him for seeing the face of the hidden King was ordered by the Queen, they were ambushed by the assassin killing Mak Moon and fatally wounding Moo Myung.  The latter faintly saw a man’s bracelet before losing consciousness and Mak Moon’s father who belatedly learned his son’s arrival in the capital was too late in saving his life.



Ah Ro earned some silver from privately narrating her steamy story to Maek Jong (King Jin Heung) who dozed off as usual to her story and woke up finding Ah Ro sleeping like a log as well. 


Ah Ro worriedly went home after not sleeping in their house to his father who was busy tending the wounds of Moo Myung.



Moo Myung survived his injury and bid farewell to his hometown to fulfil his promise avenging his best friend’s death.  He visited the storeowner who gave their details to Mak Moon’s father to ask for a sword.


The announcement of Hwarang recruitment was posted alarming the  noble families, but the group head took it as an opportunity to demand Queen Ji So in bringing out the King in hiding.


Ah Ro took in a part-time job of researching the eligible young noble men that would fit in the requirements for Hwarang which will be trained by Hwarang Wi  (Sung Dong Il), a friend of the former King whom Queen Ji So made a pact early in the story.  She diligently scouted handsome young men who excelled in sports, arts and science and softly played with a memory from her encounter with Moo Myung.



Maek Jong’s slave reported how he had a hard time chasing over Ah Ro’s location due to her excessive roaming around.  He spotted her entering a carpenter’s house, but sensed a looming danger so he dragged her to safety and alerted her of a man chasing him that might kill her too.


Moo Myung and Maek Jong played hide-and-seek using the wooden panels for their defense and the latter remembered the peasant who was killed because of seeing him.  Moo Myung who taught Maek Jong killed his friend surged for an attack but faced the frightened Ah Ro in hiding.



The opening week mostly covered the premise of the story neatly and simply. It went as far as establishing all the pertinent characters.

It was a decent and engrossing setting making use of Silla period’s elaborated and fancy way of living and tweaking it with a modernized appeal.  From the gambling den, to shopping boutique and to youth clubbing at Okta, it was visually pleasing in the eyes. 


Add up the pretty boys who I am excited to cheer on when they head to Hwarang training, I think I can expect a good showing from my first period drama for 2017. -abbyinhallyuland


Hwarang Episode 1 Quick Recap


Hwarang kicked off this week and as always  I like the wardrobe and production design whenever it is set in Silla period. 


To sum up the initial premise, two peasants, dog-bird/Moo Myung and Mak Moon, (Park Seo Joon and Lee Kwang Soo) were headed to the capital of the country illegally to look for Mak Moon’s family.  They used the latter’s necklace to ask around but they ended up going to a trouble at a gambling house.  




In the palace, Queen Ji So visited a prisoner and laid her plans of establishing a group of elite men that will protect Silla and the Royal family.  She threw in a promise of stepping down her regency if the ploy will work out.  


Meanwhile Ah Ro (Go Ara), Mak Moon’s long lost sister, was busy weaving stories amidst an excited group where the country’s King incognito was also a part of.  


The King who was forcedly hidden by his mother Queen Ji So has been living away from the palace and whoever saw his face and knew his status were killed mercilessly per the Queen’s order.  The Queen gave a cold treatment to her returning son and commanded him to follow her plans worrying on how his life is in danger if he stays in the capital, but the King whose heart has grown apart from his mother whom he thought cast him away perceived his mother’s intent unreasonable. 



After not getting paid properly on her job, Ah Ro resorted to drinking the pricey wine of the employer out of anger.  Intoxicated she struggled to get home and bumped with Moo Myung who was being chased by the evil gamblers.  They had a quick rescue-me-im-drunk-moment capping up with Ah Ro being knocked out by her shoe.



The King set forth and sought comfort to Ah Ro’s storytelling session at Okta, a famous club where sons and daughters of aristocratic family frequently go to.  Enter Soo Ho and Ban Ryu’s pretty boy noble sons groups who mocked each other upon meeting in the hall. 


They carried on to enjoy the night while eavesdropping to Ah Ro’s intimate chronicling, but Mak Moon unfortunately ran to a son of nobility who took out his rage after being humiliated from Ban Ryu’s noble circle due to being his lowest rank among them.  He started beating Mak Moo up and the ruckus interrupted Ah Ro’s show which annoyed Soo Ho.  The two noble gangs met up in the hall again and was in the brink of a fight, but Moo Myung halted them to rescue Mak Moon.




P.S   The bone rank system was the system of aristocratic rank used in the ancient Korean kingdom of Silla. It was used to segregate society, and particularly the layers of the aristocracy, on the basis of their hereditary proximity to the throne and the level of authority they were permitted to wield.



I lurve the club scene circa Silla period.
 *chuckles  There were a lot of characters to meet for Episode 1 but at least we get the picture on what we are going to look forward to and the cast were properly given their initial role tags. 


I look forward to Hwarang’s recruitment and how heavy the history plot will be construed.  Since we have a handful of handsome knights shown already, I am piqued on what kind of bromance they will present as well.  I am not expecting much since “Hwarang” was also built up immensely so hopefully this drama will surprise me.



dear Beautiful you, go ahead be beautiful, I’ll take Min Ho! ^_^

To The Beautiful You – this will be the 3rd adaptation of the Japanese shojo manga “Hana Kimi” and my favorite of ’em all I say.. Well Koreans have this knack on doing their adaptation even better than the original.  I think Apple will agree on that. *chuckles

So given its quite familiar story, two adaptations Kdrama viewers can compare it with, I was just expecting how the following of the plot and turn of events will make me feel good, and I was not prepared it will hit me really good that my teenager self from 10 years ago assumed herself and was kicking her legs, giggling endlessly and hugging her pillow so tight in every surge of romantic scenes.

I was in constant tug-of-war between Eun-gyul and Tae-joon that I deviced a “who-abby-really-likes” scoresheet to break the sweet confusion.

Eun-gyul was your typical funny and thoughtful guy… the guy the writer would claim to be the main lead girl’s soulmate because it also breaks her heart that he will not be chosen.

Tae-joon, the distant-hot-you-can’t-help-but-drool-with descendant of Darcy and was a fictional fulfillment of every teenager girl’s dream boy.  He has had my love security blanket stripped while he showered me with romantic meteors in his smooth suave ways. 

Now the lead girl, Jae Hee whose stubborn hair has resurrected Helen of Troy in her body as cute boys lined up to win her heart subconsciously and knowingly. The typical vulnerable and warm lead girl who sometimes struggle with her understanding of the way things move around her.  She thrives on self-sacrificing but her being clueless spins most of the romance moments in the drama.

Any drama with a clingy girl who can’t grasp and digest that the boy he likes doesn’t like her always irritate me.  I just can’t stand girls who thrive with their insecurities in real life and even in kdramaland.

So the story simply goes like this… Jae-hee was a fan of a high-jump athlete Tae-joon.  He was the person who inspired her to come out of her shell when she was discriminated at school being a foreign student.  Tae-joon met an accident, lost his mother and lost his passion as an athlete so Jae-hee disguised herself as a boy to enter the same school Tae-joon was studying and imposed herself to be his resident encouragement-human-pill.

In a twist of cupid luck she ended up sharing the same dorm room with him and little by little she has crawled inside his lonely-angsty-secluded-self.

Jae-hee’s life in a male-infested school was such a refreshing dose of young love that you will find yourself reminiscing the first time you fell in love. Unbeknownst to Jae Hee, Tae-joon learned of her identity secret, and when he was able to define the strong fondness he felt towards her, a clingy-assuming-girlfriend, daddy issues and Eun Gyul’s one sided love would shake their teenager romance.

This is another teenage love drama at its best… no worries, just purely cuteness, sassiness and first love vibes. I will miss Eun-gyul’s social media shout-outs and weird mind wanderings, Jae-hee’s radiant smile and pure heart, and Tae-joon’s… well everything about him.  *giggles

Candid and totally charming, To the Beautiful You will promise you smiles and refreshing feel.  If you are looking for something serious or evil induced story, then you won’t find it here.  Everything about it was lightly done even the conflicts.  Simply laid, progressed smoothly and stopping at a happy ever-after note… this drama will be one of my favorite among the rom-coms this year.