Secretly, Greatly K-Movie Musings


Secretly, Greatly stormed Korean Box Office big time, and I can only agree why.

I am halfway downloading the torrent when uploaded the movie, and impatient me can’t wait so I grabbed my lemon water and went happily watching.


A covert elite team of North Korean spies were sent to South Korea for future orders from the Republic.  Comrade Captain Won Ryu Hwan took in the role of a village idiot Dong-gu while observing and waiting for the orders from the North.  After two years, he was reunited with fellow 5446 corps Captain Rhee Hae-rang who was ordered to become a Korean rock star as well as Rhee Hae-jin who hero-worshipped Ryu-hwan who disguised as a high school student.

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They were all fitting in their South Korean disguises but when a power shift in the Republic surged, the elite tem was ordered to commit suicide.  All but the three responded loyalty to their motherland except the three who faced their instructor in the last stand of whether to live or survive.


My action movie pegs are sword and fist fights and a lot of martial arts movement, and that’s why I really liked the sleek fight scenes in this movie.  The punches, kicks, broken bones, bodies being thrown and blood spatters has transformed me into a 40-something ajussi cheering for the cute North Korean spy-rebels.  The bromance left me smiling and sighing, and the humour balanced the violence theme of the story.


It was narrated with no complications and ended splendidly and in a heart-wrenching fashion.  I would have wished for a happy ending but given the serious tone set, I accepted and got my closure even if it was painful.


Not much of strong acting scenes required but the trio fairly delivered how hard life must have been to NoKor soldiers with a binding loyalty to the Republic.  As I have never understood North Korean leaders’ stand even before, I will leave it to the general truth that “there’s a reason for everything”.  But whenever I come across stories about the sacrifices of their soldiers, it’s really a disheartening thought.  I’m just saying that there might have been more So Ji Sub, Hyun Bin or Lee Min Ho in the Republic but instead of making movies for kdrama-addict like me they were raised to only serve the country. 


A great weekend watch with your boyfriend or your father.  Secretly, Greatly is like how I picture Prince Charming.  A lone samurai wandering in the town and when you look in his eyes and scars, it will speak for the life he had.  It’s rare for an action movie to remember the heart of the characters more than the brawl scenes, but in Secretly, Greatly, I was totally immersed on the story and yearnings of these soldier-brothers.