Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 4 Recap

It was a peek on Do Bong Soon’s growing up life this episode as we traversed on how she has lived adjusting to her power and worrying about her infatuation to Gook Doo along the way.  We also caught a glimpse of Min Hyuk’s bullied childhood and his growing interest at his bizaare bodyguard.  Min Hyuk and Bong Soon went to party with Kyung Shim and Bong Ki. Signs are showing for the looming love triangle arc.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode Recaps

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 4 – “Her Identity”
The rain still pours while the psycho successfully silenced his new victim.  He cleans up his mess by destroying the victim’s car and sets forth to his lair.
Min Hyuk walks to his dungeon and a faint smile curves on his lips while staring at the sofa where Bong Soon slept.  He contemplates about Bong Soon’s extraordinary strength as the girl he is thinking about plays on some sketches of a game character she is trying to conceive.  She picks up Gook Doo’s call who asks if she is at her boss’ house again.  He lectures her to properly live her life since she is not young anymore.  He tells her to be careful in case the perpetrator might come after her.  Bong Soon gripes when he asks her to say thank you to Bong Ki for helping out with Hee Ji’s treatment.  Perplexed at her moodswing, Gook Doo listens as she rants out how she has emotions too and to stop being overprotective to her.  
She hangs up and realizes that it was the first time she did it while talking to him.  She ruminates on how she is struggling to control her strength and heart in the recent days.  Her reverie is cut when Min Hyuk calls to ask her to spill the secret about her incredible strength.  He queries if she is by any chance a man or if she can crack a boulder which fumes Bong Soon.  She has had enough talking of her bipolar boss and hangs up the phone fired up with annoyance.
Suddenly she faces an epiphany of Gook Doo in his handsome police uniform smiling like James Dean putting her on the usual love trance.  The magical love moment shifts to horror when Min Hyuk appears in a woman’s clothing cutting their hands meeting.  He embraces Ji Soo and reaches for his bum blissfully.  Bong Soon screams No! as her vision converts to a bad dream and waking her up from the preposterous nightmare at the same time.
Team leader asks Gook Doo if there are news from the case and he briefs him of the recent update.  He hears out Team Leader as he cites an episode on “Chief Inspector” on how a single woman who lives alone was not reported up until 10 days because no one presumed she was kidnapped.  Gook Doo politely shuts his team leader by saying how the two victims live with their families so his video aid from his classic favorite show will not be of any help.
Bong Soon omma and her friends meet up and visits a shaman to seek advice regarding a business prospect.  She takes the opportunity and inquires her daughter’s fate with the CEO as well.  The shaman reveals that her daughter will prosper since her luck will be tied to the person she will marry which made omma happy.
Bong Soon arrives at Min Hyuk’s house and curious about the “P” on his schedule, he explains that it means “privacy”.  Bong Soon reacts on how half of his itineraries are marked P, and he prides on living his dream of working and having fun at the same time.  how to be you Min Hyuki?   He lets her know that he used his money to investigate on the motorcycle incident and orders her to prepare a breakfast since his foot is still in pain.  She attempts to appeal but she ends up at the kitchen checking what breakfast to prepare for him.  She spots some apples and make use of her hands as juicer.  She hands the apple juice to him but he demands for a proper rice breakfast.  
Min Hyuk sits victorious on his breakfast table satisfied and wistful on the full spread in front of him.  He stares at the table full of food and mutters how it looks the same as how his mother did his before.  awww poor Min Hyuki T_T
Bong Soon waits in the car and whines to Kyung Shim about what her job really is.  Her litany is cut when the radio on her hand produces Min Hyuk’s voice to announce that he is done eating.  She enters the dungeon and sees how he has synced everything within his premise under surveilance.  He sneers on how humans are not to be trusted as they talk behind someone’s back, but she denies it by stating she did not specifically mentioned his name and did not slander him at all.
Min Hyuk resolves to his punishment of making her chase him while he plays at the park with his hoverboard.  She gives up and sits on the floor complaining how she is tired and breathless already.  Suddenly the remote drone he is playing falls on the ground and he spots a sniper aiming ball pellets at them.   He drags Bong Soon to hide behind a thin tree, but a ball pellet hits Min Hyuk making him fall on the ground.  
Bong Soon peers at the culprit from a far and did not waste any second to carry Min Hyuk like a baby as “The Bodyguard’s” OST airs in the background.  pwahahaha  Min Hyuk who was pretending he is unconscious wakes up when he is thrown inside the car and argues that they don’t need to go to the hospital.
They head home and she nurses on his wound.  She starts sterilizing and blows on the wound as he is put on a trance gazing on her cute face.  He goes back to reality and whispers how it does not make any sense how she carried an 80-kilo man like that easily.  He pushes on revealing the truth behind her strength.  He suggests an abrupt analyzation of her possibly taking drugs or if she is an alien or a product of scientific test.
 hahaha  She shuts him up by reminding him to focus on the pressing concern that someone is after his life.  On cue, his phone rings and the culprit cynically warns him that real bullets will be used on him next time if he will not give up his father’s company.  Min Hyuk scorns him to try destroying Ainsoft if he can, but the culprit ends the conversation.  He advises Bong Soon to go home as he wants to be alone and heads to his dressing room to cool down on his own. 
Bong Soon arrives at their bakery to check on his dad who thought she might have been fired again.  She denies it and heads home to wait for the walnut delivery in their house.  Bong Soon aboji calls her quick and hands her some money from the secret hiding places in his body.  He tells her to buy some new clothes and she hugs her dad for his thoughtfulness.  ahhhh aboji saranghae
Bong Ki meets Hee Ji at a coffeeshop and was surprised that Gook Doo is not with her.  He calls to make an order as she smiles staring at him.  what’s with this girl?  She opens a chat about how he and Gook Doo where rivals at school back then, but he corrects her by stating that her boyfriend is way below him before so he can’t claim he was a rival.  
Bong Soon did not waste her time and buys some new clothes.  She wears it happily and gets a call from the highschool gangsters who are waiting for her in the park. They confirm picking up all the garbage and kneel in front of her to request for them to be taken under her wings for training and to do her bidding.  hahaha aigoo  
Bong Soon omma and the ajummas notice how clean the neighborhood is that day. well thank Bong Soon for that  They enter the walnut store and spots the thugs’ boss and his sidekick inside the bakery.  Thug boss is having a hard time figuring out how to eat the walnut pie so Bong Soon omma helps him out by coaching him to cut it into pieces first.
The highschool thugs are still in negotiation with Bong Soon when a ball hits her and a cocky student orders her to pass the ball back.  Bong Soon takes that opportunity to enjoy her Cleopatra moment from her new thug followers and kicks the ball back to Milkyway.  She marches home with dramatic dried falling leaves in the background as her anthem plays on.  Wait, is that another anthem for her?  *chuckles
Bong Soon meanders on her high school memories as she narrates how like any other high school students, she had a tough time as well, but not with getting grades though, it was more of her trying to control her power and blending in as a normal high school girl.  Once at a national heritage site where a big rock stands firm, she took a picture with Kyung Shim and shamed a tour guide’s trivia of how the rock cannot be moved by human strength as she accidentally easily pushed it to the cliff.  She muses how she cannot use the exercise equipment at school because even metals yield to her strength.  
She blabs how the last year of her high school made her shut down her super ability when as she was washing her hand, Gook Doo walked by with a friend and mentioned how he liked a girl to be gentle so that he can protect her.  In trying to match up her crush’ ideal girl, she vowed to hide her ability and even enrolled in a knitting class to become more feminine so she can meet Gook Doo’s dream girl requirement.  all those things girls do for love really
Even when she sought Buddha’s blessing with her mom, Bong Soon did not care about going to college just as long as she became Gook Doo’s girlfriend.  She knew in her heart that the prayer will be useless because she caught Buddha smiling at her.  A few days later, she accidentally heard Bong Ki’s talk with Gook Doo of joining the police academy and being a couple with the hottest girl in school.  She stared at the knitted scarf she worked on so fervently and the scene cut to omma thanking Buddha for helping Bongki got accepted at the medical school and praying for his grace again for Bong Soon to be accepted at a college the next year.  But furious Bong Soon blamed Buddha for her recent heartache moved the statue to an awkward picture in the temple shocking the temple monks.  *chuckles
Back at present time, Bong Soon flaunts her new clothes to Kyung Shim and picks up a call from Gook Doo who tells her to go outside for a bit.  They listen to the recording of the second victim’s fiance as Bong Soon denies that it is the voice of the culprit she heard.  Gook Doo reminds her to take care of herself and goes home.  She does the same by telling him to eat and rest well since he is a dear friend of hers.
Kyung Shim worries at her friend feeling drained after a chat with Gook Doo and suggests a movie night out with her to destress.  Bong Ki arrives and confirms meeting Hee Ji in the afternoon.  Bong Soon sneers at Hee Ji lying to her boyfriend of her out of town gig.  At Min Hyuk’s house, he calls his second elder brother and discloses the recent threats he was getting and suspects his other two brothers could be behind it. Min Hyuk asks his brother to let his other brothers know that if they are involved in those lame evil ploys, he will not let it slide and will kill them.  actually I don’t trust your second elder brother more Min Hyuki 
Bong Ki agrees to tag along on the movie date as Min Hyuk invites himself and promises to cover the expenses when he learns about Bong Soon’s plan.  Unbeknownst to them, thug boss and his secretary trail them secretly.  Bong Soon’s tears erupt at the superhero movie they are watching surprising the people inside the movie house.  After the movie, she composes herself and meets the rest at the lobby.  Min Hyuk is still bewildered on her crying spree over the superhero movie they just watched so Bong Ki tries to explain how it’s just one of his sister’s weird quality.  
Min Hyuk insists on narrowing down the reasons for Bong Soon’s crying fit and mutters if Hulk’s ripping his clothes appeared sad for her or if she is worried that Spiderman’s mask was too tight for him to breathe.  you know you got to love Min Hyuk’s witty blab lol  Kyung Shim deviates the chat by suggesting for them to hit a club so off they go to party the night away while thug boss and secretary draw a conclusion on Bong Soon’s cheerful and sentimental life.
Bong Soon soaks gleefully in cocktail drinks while Bong Ki blocks Kyung Shim who keeps pouring it.  The girls head to the dance floor and sway their bodies to the music.  Bong Ki says how his sister is not supposed to get drunk to which Min Hyuk agrees as she is already strange when she is sober so he can’t imagine what she can do when she is intoxicated.  With a knowing smile, Min Hyuk peers at the happily dancing Bong Soon.
Bong Soon levels up her fun and goes down to where the club poles are.  She grabs it and her liquor soaked senses forget her superpower and plucks the pole from its position easily swaying it around as the club people duck on it with Bong Ki rescuing his twin.
The next day, Bong Soon wakes up to a bad hangover and mom scolds her first thing in the morning for what she did last night.  She recollects her memories from the movie to the club and to them going home where she blurted uncaringly how Min Hyuk was a jerk in front of her mother.  
Omma grabbed her drunk daughter and she blabbed to her mom’s ears that Min Hyuk is homosexual confusing the latter.  She coaxed him to come out but her vocabulary challenged self voiced out “log out”   and mom made it worse by coaching “log in”.  Min Hyuk gave a this is impossible night look and was attacked by Bong Soon who warns him not to stare at Gook Doo’s behind or he will ripped him up to destroy his own behind.  She expressed how bad Min Hyuk was to her that it makes her want to go back to being a job seeker before the alcohol she took finally knocked her down.
Back to reality, omma spills how she should forget their Cinderella plan and just beg to her boss for her to keep her job.  Bong Soon wallows on her looming problem as omma commands her to wear traditional white clothing and heads to her boss’ house to ask forgiveness.  hahaha
Gook Doo rushes to the station and reports a suspicious missing person report for a ballet owner which fits the MO of the culprit’s victim preference.  Team lead gives Gook Doo permission to work on its possible connection to their case.  The other team members approach to spill a big development of the set of footprints found on the crime scene to be of a designer shoes company.  In the creepy psycho lair, the third victim whom psycho calls his second bride screams when she gained consciousness.  Psycho hushes her and tells her that she has to recover soon so she can wear her wedding dress.  He shuts him up when she begs for her life and mumbles how he hates chatty women.
Bong Soon contemplates on her options to make Min Hyuk forgive her.  She considers bringing a psychiatrist to attest to her frailty mind, playing it cool like nothing happened, forcing Min Hyuk was the one who was drunk, and introducing a cool guy when she heard Kyung Shim remarks that her boss seems not to be a homosexual.
Min Hyuk who is fresh from the shower beams while remembering his feisty bodyguard’s rampage last night. Bong Soon shakes her woes and picks up his call and greets him sweetly if he slept well.  Min Hyuk responds yes and asks if she slept good as well.  Bong Soon mounts on her pleading case, but he cuts it by inquiring if she already had breakfast.  He tells her to eat well and to meet him later in the office like nothing happened the night before.  They hang up the call and Bong Soon cannot believe how the heavens just favored her and throws in raves on how kind and sweet her boss is while Min Hyuk is also smiling on how cute his bodyguard is.
Kyung Shim walks in the room and points out again how Min Hyuk is not gay, but the elated Bong Soon who converts to her boss’ fanclub president a few seconds ago voices out how hos being gay does not matter anymore as his kind personality matters most.  Bong Soon says goodbye to Kyung Shim as the latter is left perplexed on her friend’s bipolar attitude from cursing her boss to praising him next.  Bong Soon threads her way to the office.  She bumps on a man while walking on the street who apologizes right away to her.  Bong Soon continues to walk, but suddenly freezes on her track when she realized that the man who just bumped her has the same voice of the doctor-culprit from the hospital.  
Quick Thoughts Episode 4
We are finally getting to a steamier love plot which will make everyone happy and confused at the same time since we have an equally adorable second lead.  I like how this drama is technically bare, but its simplicity and the amazing cast synergy accompanied by the evr prrsent humor keeps any viewer feeling good after watching it.  While providing the gist of the background of our characters, “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” presented the love premise and conflict in a smooth way.  The ratings are justifying everything that we are getting from this drama so far.  Sometimes there are stories like Do Bong Soon’s that we all need a taste of each week to wash out some of our life stress.