Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 3 Recap


Gook Doo and Min Hyuk continuously bickered about Bong Soon.  The boss and his bodyguard sought the owner of the motorcycle, but realized too late that they got the wrong guy. Bong Soon is up for a second round to the high school bullies she previously encountered.  Bong Soon got jealous after meeting Gook Doo’s girlfriend and mustered the will to question why he is being nice to her.  On her way home to buy some beer for the family, she heard a scream of another possible victim of abduction in the neighborhood.

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Ep 3 – “That Guy’s Secret”

Bong Soon stands between two hot guys vying for her presence and makes all of us girls jealous.  lol  Gook Doo and Min Hyuk snicker at each other as the former rants about labor laws which the latter boringly listens to.  Bong Soon tries to explain the circumstances of what her job entails in a way that her friend can understand it, but he gets more curious on their unusual arrangement.  He gets his phone to summon an intervention from Bong Soon’s mother.  As expected, Bong Soon’s omma is more than happy hearing that her daughter will spend the night at the house of the CEO whom she already marked as Bong Soon’s prince in the Cinderella chart she is envisioning.
 She replies to Gook Doo on how dedicated her daughter is in her job, and blabs about why he is there slacking when there’s a pressing case in the neighborhood.  hahaha She asks Gook Doo to give the phone to his friend and mom gives her a pep talk to do a good job with that one in a million opportunity of spending a night at the CEO’s lair.  She orders her to send Gook Doo out, and declares Bong Soon will not be coming home blissfully to the family.  Aboji makes a futile attempt to disapprove, but mom reasons out how Bong Soon has been wasting her youth trying to get a job so now that she finds one and she wants to be committed to it, they should support her.  i love Bong Soon omma jincha hahaha
The Bong Soon tug-of-war commences again as they sit in the living room.  Gook Doo questions Min Hyuk on Bong Soon’s job nature, but he responds how he dislikes police interrogation and tries to shake hand and formally get to know each other.  Gook Doo disregards the pleasantries and explains the urgency of how Bong Soon was attacked in broad daylight and how she is a witness to the case they are working on.  
Bong Soon cuts into the conversation and mutters how the attack on Detective Choi is not related to the Do Bong neighborhood case, but could have been initiated by Min Hyuk’s hidden enemies.  Gook Doo stands and orders Min Hyuk to go to the station for his statement, and responds he will do it first thing in the morning.  Min Hyuk rises and promises to be a law abiding citizen the next day.  He teases Gook Doo by ordering Bong Soon to come with her for them to rest directing her to wash up well before they hit the bed.  *pffft boys!
He walks near Gook Doo, draws a line on his chest and mutters it would be fun if he will stay as well making the latter winced at his weird seduction attempt.  Bong Soon freezes at the scene and remembers how Secretary Gong reveals that her boss likes men by nature.  
Gook Doo prepares to leave and puts a bracelet beeper on Bong Soon, and reminds her to use it if in case Min Hyuk will do something to her.  He rages at Min Hyuk’s direction how all men are dogs, but Bong Soon shuts him up on treating dogs that way.
Bong Soon looks for Min Hyuk and discovers the basement in the house where he conceived all his game characters.  Bong Soon mumbles how rich people are really outlandish and has insufferable victim complex.  She roams around the room, but he mentions the details of the motorcycle owner so she moves to his direction.  
She motions  to confront the culprit right away, but he halts her and mutters that they will just protect each other for the night and will deal with it tomorrow.  I’m here to protect you too Hyungsika.  ^_^  He notices Bong Soon’s necklace and takes it as Gook Doo’s probable gift for her, but she corrects that it was her father’s graduation gift to her.
Min Hyuk decides to hit the sack which voluntarily makes her cross her arms to her chest.  He rolls his eyes at her reaction and tells her how he is scared of the thought of spending a night with her.  She whines on why they have to sleep in the dungeon when there are nicer rooms upstairs, but he silences her by telling how she won’t be able to understand his intricate life.  He gets the sleeping bag, slides his body inside and lays down on the floor.  Still fuming on their situation, Bong Soon is held speechless when Min Hyuk turns off the light and a galaxy far far away emerges on the ceiling.  
He narrates how he was told that people who died became stars at night, but she counters his dreamy idea fast by blabbing that dead people become ghosts and scares the living ones.  He frowns at her response and whispers softly how he believes that tale because that was the only way for him to connect with his mother who died when he was young. He adds how he was bullied by his older brothers before and that his closet which he frequently gets imprisoned too became a comforting place for him, that’s why it became a gateway for his secret place where no bad people can bother him.
She asks why he does not like the police officers and he explains that his father used to be a gangster who has learned to manipulate the police and even the prosecutor’s office so he gets a free pass to his illegal doings.  She insists how there are still good cops in the country.  Min Hyuk reverts the questioning for her to spill the beans on why she likes Gook Doo and for how long has she been nurturing that one sided love.  She coyly beams and goes back to memory lane of her sixth grade when she first met Gook Doo who was a transfer student from Gangnam.  Since then they have become friends and as she floats in the air while listening to him played the piano, she guarded him well on the rest of the girls seeking his attention.  
Back to present time, Bong Soon voices out how Gook Doo is a bad guy for making her feel defenseless, but Min Hyuk responds that her friend did not ask her to feel that way.  Min Hyuk rises and commands her to do something with him, and we see them playing a game where Bong Soon emerged victorious.  Min Hyuk appeals for a round two, but she declines and hits the bed to sleep.
Bong Soon wakes up and adjusts her vision to the sunlight.  She turns to her left side and pushes Min Hyuk out of surprise from the sofa.  She protects her body with the blanket and he argues how he was left no choice since the floor was cold.  He adds how he fought hard on that nightmarish thought of sleeping beside her.  *chuckles  He tells her to prepare the breakfast since it will be a big day ahead of them.  
Bong Soon prettily sets a big table with yummy food and prides on how he should not be surprised with her cooking skill, but he cuts her boasting by pointing out that the food she prepared were all unhealthy.  He tells her that he would be considerate though to eat well the food she prepared for him.  
Bong Soon whines on how he will make his future wife’s life miserable so he playfully gets through her nerves by mumbling how Gook Doo has such a robust bum that he so wanted to touch.  Bong Soon had enough so she stabs the chopstick on the table and draws a hole on it shutting out Min Hyuk with his pestering.
They head to where the motorcycle owner lives as Bong Soon tries to convince him to work well with the police so that they will not be mislead by the current case they are working on. Min Hyuk is decided though to not give away his private life to the police.  Gook Doo visits Detective Choi and confirms how the culprit is not experienced in knife and seemed shocked after he stabbed him.
Bong Soon peeks her small face when an ajussi opens his door. She barges into his untidy room and confirms his identity.  She invites him for a chat but he refuses and taunts her brazen invasion by touching her face.  She is left no choice but to take care of him Bong Soon’s way.
 A few seconds later,  Bong Soon drags the ajussi like a serial killer while he is subdued feebly on the floor.  Min Hyuk freezes on his spot processing the scenario.  Bong Soon calls his attention to start the car but he sees two ajummas approaching so he rushes and leads Bong Soon and the limpy ajussi to the rooftop.
Min Hyuk checks on the man if he is still alive and castigates Bong Soon on hitting him which she denies strongly mumbling that it was ajussi’s hand that hit himself.  She spots something to tie ajussi on and hands him the taser so she can tie his legs properly.  Bong Soon unfortunately tries it too hard bumping her head on his hands and shooting the charged taser on him.  He faints and when he finally sobers up for interrogation, they learn that his motorcycle was stolen.  Bong Soon sobs with him while he narrates how he worked hard for six months to raise money for the deposit, but it was stolen in an instant and the police does not have any update about it yet.  The two fuss at their mistake and let go of the crying ajussi.
Gook Doo and his team listen to the fiancee of the second victim’s interrogation.  He suggests how the perpetrator is the same for both the murder and the abduction, but his chief refuses to believe it as the footprints found were different.  Gook Doo insists on his opinion reiterating how the psycho is toying with them and that the second victim is still alive.  Team Head closes the argument by concluding that the fiance is not the culprit.  
Gook Doo is summoned to the office as Min Hyuk and Bong Soon arrived.  Bong Soon is as usual beaming and has activated the love sphere for her and Gook Doo while she peers at him.  The latter inquires about the incident on Detective Choi, and true to his initial stand he declines providing details to him.  Gook Doo declares that he will be in charge of Bong Soon’s witness protection program to which Min Hyuk agrees.  Bong Soon cuts to their conversation and tries to expound how Min Hyuk’s stalker thought Detective Choi was him, hence he was attacked out of the sudden.  Gook Doo pummels on why Min Hyuk did not get a proper bodyguard, and before he can reply that he did by getting Bong Soon, her foot finds his and steps on it to silence him in pain.
Min Hyuk limps on the way out of the police station angry at Bong Soon’s hasty attack.  She offers to escort him to the hospital where Gook Doo also meets the surgeon of second victim for questioning.  Bong Ki bumps at his sister and Min Hyuk in the hospital, and he already pictured what happened.  Min Hyuk declares he will be staying in the hospital surprising Bong Soon who knows the tiny fracture is not worth a hospital confinement. Min Hyuk insists and chooses to be at Secretary Gong’s room.
Bong Soon pushes the wheelchair where Min Hyuk happily sits while eats an ice cream cone.  She sneers at his unreasonable need for the wheelchair as he enjoys feeling her chagrin.  She steps out and does not notice two of the thugs she beat last time cowering upon seeing her presence.  
Min Hyuk checks up on Secretary Gong’s recovery as the latter spills how everything appears interconnected with Bong Soon recently.  He speaks about the thugs she beat to a pulp were in the same hospital and how her brother is a doctor in that hospital.  Bong Soon’s day can’t get any more better as Bong Ki straightens her out on her recent superpower spree making their hospital busy.  She learns that he will meet Gook Doo and his cellist girlfriend are at the hospital for her appointment.
They march to see the couple in the lobby and Gook Doo introduces his girlfriend, Hee Ji, to Bong Ki.  Bong Soon is in a whirlwind of emotion when she sees Gook Doo’s hand reaches Hee Ji’s, so she got surprised when he calls her attention asking why she was at the hospital again.  Bong Ki ushers Hee Ji for the check up as Gook Doo grabs Bong Soon for a talk.  Hee Ji and Bong Ki draws an awkward  moment while he checks on her hand, and we see a subtle flirting Hee Ji is throwing on Bong Ki.
Bong Soon explains that Min Hyuk needs to be hospitalized that’s why she is there.  Gook Doo fumes on why she is acting as a caretaker and how she is clueless on how to deal with men.  Bong Soon’s emotion burst and she rants on why he is nice and protective of her like that when he has a girlfriend to take care of.  Gook Doo fails to respond as Hee Ji and Bong Ki emerge from the room.  Min Hyuk who sees their banter shouts at Bong Soon to rescue her on the situation, and she goes to his chair and pushes it away from Gook Doo.
Min Hyuk lectures her to tone down her sporadic emotions as the thugs spy on their room.  She leaves his pep talk without him knowing and goes home where mom confronts her if she did well in sleeping with Min Hyuk.  Bong Soon tells omma to stop her delusions as her boss is gay and they cannot change that fact anyway.  But omma reasons out how she did not like raising a dog before but she did eventually hence there is still hope.
Min Hyuk calls Bongs Soon and bawls out of her disappearance without properly advising him.  She reasons that she has to wash up that is why she went home.  Min Hyuk leers at her prioritizing her hygiene more than taking care of him.  He orders him to come back asap without blow-drying her hair and hangs up.
Min Hyuk spots an obvious gangster boss in dapper suit entering the hospital.  He turns out to be the gangsters’ boss who visits his men to confirm the bewildering tale of them  single-handedly beaten by a woman.  His defeated crew feed him the basic Bong Soon information.  The boss orders to meet her and scout her to work for them or send her straight to hell if she won’t agree.
Bong Soon ruminates on how she cannot seem to control her power lately since the incident with the bus.  Her reverie is cut by Min Hyuk’s text message summoning her back to the hospital.  Meanwhile, the high schoolers whom Bong Soon recently taught a lesson squeals to bully boss about their altercation with her and was asked to bring her over for some lesson.  The high school boys block Bong Soon who is on the way to the hospital and escort her to meet bully boss.  The high school thugs cheer on their boss as he banters with Bong Soon, but just any other men who initiated a futile manly bragging, he ends up being raised like a kitten with a broken bone as his minions ride the spinning wheel at the park for Bong Soon’s trip to Hongkong adventure.  
Bong Soon’s superpower girl themesong airs as she stares at the lovely picture of the bullies.  She halts the roundabout and they disperse everywhere crutching to their bodies.  She lines them up and charges them to pick up at least a kilo of garbage in the neighborhood, and they frighteningly zoom away to follow her bidding.  I kinda am liking Bong Soon’s anthem like how I marvel on Son Goku when he transforms to a saiyan.
Bong Soon arrives at the hospital to pick up her prickly boss.  She fails to notice the thugs and their boss peering at her as she became Min Hyuk’s human crutches.  Gook Doo drops by a chocolate store and hands Hee Ji some chocolates for the upcoming White Day celebration.  She smiles confirming how he will be on duty that day hence he already gave it in advance.  She eats the chocolate with gusto and wonders when they will be having a sweet relationship like the chocolate she is eating.
Bong Soon and Min Hyuk arrives at a mansion where she meets her boss’ strangely disconnected family.  She ogles at the yummy food served in the family dinner so Min Hyuk texted her to put her back to earth.  Min Hyuk’s father boringly announces in the dinner his intention to step down of his position and decides to give the reign to Min Hyuk to her other sons’ protest.  
Min Hyuk agrees to his father decision and speaks about finding ways to integrate his current company to their family’s business.  Bong Soon analyzes her boss’ brothers per his order as Min Hyuk’s father motions to throw his chair to his stubborn sons who refuse to accept his decision.

Bong Soon drives the car to her neighborhood and utters how she really thinks Min Hyuk’s father fits the profile of his stalker, but he disregards her crazy thought.  Bong Soon bumps with her mom on the way home as the psycho hunts his new prey. 

Do Family munch on chimaek for dinner as omma urges Bong Soon to spill the progress of the Cinderella project.  She complains at her mom’s disillusionment as aboji confirms if Min Hyuk is really gay.  Bong Soon affirms it and gripes how he is giving a different look at Gook Doo.  Omma encourages her daughter to press on as she is not at par level with Gook Doo anyway.  bwahaha you’ve got to love omma’s weird life analyzations
Bong Ki receives a call from Hee Ji inviting him to dine out to which he agrees.  Bong soon grouses on the lunch invite and how Hee Ji is not that pretty but has just a smiling face.  Omma scolds her for not doing the same thing to her boss like it is a hard thing to do.  She complains why mom seems protective of Bong Ki for not allowing him to meet Hee Ji for lunch, but does not complain when she sleeps at her boss’ house.  Omma bellows an analogy of how her children are like imported/exported merchandise where she has to charged more on the export and accepts little to the import.  Aboji mumbles who the export and the import but omma shuts him up and grumbles they do not have beer anymore.  Bong Soon knows well that she should get up to buy some beer and goes out for it.
The psycho chases his victim in the pouring rain while Bong Soon walks back home.  The woman stumbles on the ground as the psycho lunges and strikes her mercilessly.  Her frightened scream tears the night and stops Bong Soon on her track.
This drama keeps getting better, right?  We have the impressive ratings to back up for it.  The dynamics of Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s reversal of roles are clearly defined thanks to Park Couples committed portrayal.  And Ji Soo dear, you are giving me a good second lead syndrome battle as expected.  As a cushion for my weak heart, I am not giving it all yet in trusting the production team, but I have big faith to our awesome cast.  We managed to get the most out of a simple love story setting with a little bit tweaked characters.  That’s the thing about this drama it gives us a hybrid of fantasy and reality characters that’s keeping the vibrancy of the story evident.