My Sassy Girl (2001)

The initiating movie for first time watcher on the Korean movie land. This was released in 2001 and was based by a blog post written by Kim Hyo Sik. Director Kwak Jae Yong helmed the production.

A perfect date movie that will leave you laughing and loving at the same time.


Cha Tae Hyun as Gyun-woo – a sweet, kind-hearted engineering student
Jun Ji Hyun – the sassy girl who was never named in the movie

We see a man standing beside a tree. 

His name is Gyeon-woo..  He  narrates that he buried a time capsule with a girl at that tree, and they promised to come back at the same spot after two years.  But she did not come, and he still wants to wait.


Gyeon-woo chronicles how his parents wanted a girl for a child, so when he was growing up they dressed him as a little girl. 

He was raised a typical young man, studying, with usual problems and activities like sharing soju-drinking-sessions with his friends on his spare time. 

During one of these occasions his phone rings and he is scolded by his mother when he did not visit his grieving aunt.  He complains that he doesn’t like her kissing him and pinching his face, but his mom insists of him going there.

On his way to visit his aunt, his life turns upside down after he saved a girl who was uncaringly standing drunk on the brink of the train platform. 

Inside the train, “the girl” who seems to have drowned herself in liquor is a sight to be hated and be amused with.

When an old man stands beside “the girl”, she reprimands a young man to stand up and offer his seat to the elderly.  When he pretends he doesn’t care, she slaps his head.  (Way to go girl!)  So the teenager is forced to offer his seat and when he walks away, “the girl” also tells him not to wear a pink shirt anymore.  (*giggles, I wish I can say that sometime) 

When the liquor finally kicks in her system, she fights hard not to throw up as mighty as she can.  At first she seems to be under control as she swallows it to Gyeon-woo’s dislike, and then eventually she throws up on the old man’s hair/wig and clothing. 

She loses consciousness calling out Gyeon-woo “honey”, before she eventually faints. 

He denies not knowing her but of course the people didn’t believe him, so he is forced to help clean up granny and piggy-back the girl. 

He leaves her on the train bench but his conscience pushes him to go back and get the girl again. 

Complaining why the motels can’t be found when they are needed, close to exhaustion, Gyeon-woo finally finds a place where they can stay. 

When her phone rings while he’s taking a shower he is left no choice but to answer it in his birth suit.  He is asked where the owner of the phone is and he provides their location. 

In a short while, done with his bathing he sneaks outside again to get a towel, but is surprised when two armed women enter the room and the next thing he knew he is holding prison bars and is being bullied by a bunch of local prisoners.

He heads home and gets hit by his mother when he lied about visiting his aunt.  Finally he gets a well-deserved rest after a series of unfortunate events.  While resting, he recounts his typical life while he was growing up. 

While having his cute surmise, his phone rings and when he answers it, the feisty girl demands him to go to Bupyung station to see her.  When she confirmed that he is the guy who brought her to the motel, they went to another place.

They proceed to a coffee shop.  When she asks him what he wants to order.  He confuses himself in choosing what to take which is actually useless since she commands him to just order coffee and to pay for it. 

When they sit down she directs him to spill their motel story.  He stammers so she shouts at him to say it clearly and not fumble on his words.  He immediately turns into the “storyteller of the year”, and narrates the events of yesterday.

At the back of Gyeon-woo’s mind he concludes how feisty the girl is and that she could have been an ideal girl if she’s in her sober state. 

When he compliments her on looking so radiant that day, she retorts not to hit on her because they are not destined to be together.  Then they set to dine and drink.  When he orders his food, the girl forces him to eat a different one. 

The girl overhears the next table talking about going to another place after they ate.  And in her reckless attitude she scolds the young ladies on a date with middle-aged men. 

After her vicious encounter with the May-December-quadrangle-date-group, she calms down and on cue Gyeon-woo pours her some soju.

She indulges in consecutive soju-shots and then she suddenly cries.  Gyeon-woo narrates how it makes him sad to see a girl cries.  After she utters her breaking up with her boyfriend yesterday, she again passes out. 

So poor Gyeon-woo ends carrying her again and they go back to the same motel.  He steps out to buy some medicine for her and gave it to her while she sleeps.

While watching her sleep, he sort of realized that he wants to heal whatever pain she is having.

The next morning, he wakes up first and tries sneaking out but the girl wakes up sleepily murmuring for some water. 

While she is washing up in the bathroom, he observes how peculiar their relationship is.  They come across each other three days ago, but they have slept in a motel twice already.

Gyeon-woo playfully creates different voices for the class roll call, a few minutes later he is almost dozing off because of the Professor’s lecture. 

Then the door opens and “the girl” comes in. 

She sits beside Gyeon-woo, and after 3 minutes raises her hand and requests the professor for a break which was gladly granted by him.  (I do that most of the time when I was in college.. *giggles) 

She urges him to go out with her and play around, but he says no because he’s on a class, so the girl steps out of the room and his friends swarm over him asking who she is.  Then the professor enters the room and calls the attention of Gyeon-woo.  He advises him that it’s okay to go out.  Outside, the girl happily waits for him, and she reveals to him that she told his professor that she’s having an abortion so she needs him to be with her that day.

They go to a park and play happily.  Now “the girl” loves to write, and she is under the illusion that Gyeon-woo is her editor so she lets him read her synopsis and he pretends he’s enjoying it to refrain from the girl’s fury. 

If someone barges in while they are having their reading session, hell hath no fury because it will surely annoy the girl.  Gyeon-woo being used to having these kind of encounters just proceeds to reading her stories.

The first story is about a girl whose lover is kidnapped by villains so she travels through a time machine to visit the future to rescue her lover. 

Gyeon-woo comments that her story might not be liked by their fellow Koreans, because they prefer melo-drama.  He cites the movie “Shower” which was a very sad and moving movie. He says he can’t sleep for a week because of the very sad ending of a girl who requested to be buried with her lover’s clothes. 

But “the girl” of course thinks otherwise and points out that the sad ending would be if the girl has requested to be buried with her loving best friend.  (To be buried alive, indeed that’s very sad! *giggles)

The girl, as we now may have known is bossy, curious and sometimes even scattered with her thoughts. She’s full of surprises and tricks that are all designated for Gyeon-woo.

She punches and hits him after bailing out of prison when he refuses to have her join a drinking session with his friends. 

The girl e-mails Gyeon-woo that her birthday is in two days and that he should prepare to make her blissful. 

Gyeon-woo imagines a very nice and romantic birthday celebration at a theme park but it is ruined when they encounter an escape runaway soldier who suffers from self-pity after his girlfriend fell in love with another man. 

After our couple lectured the soldier how ugly he will look like if he shoots his mouth, she advises him that how much painful an experience maybe, it will eventually go away.  

Gyeon-woo become his hostage as he demands to have his girlfriend so that he will let go of Gyeon-woo. 

The girl pleads the other soldiers to hold their fire and bravely delivers her love sermon to the distracted soldier.

GIRL:  Your girlfriend changed her mind, right?  Did you really love her?  Ask yourself.  I think you didn’t.  If you really love her, you should let her go.  If not, then it’s not love.  What’s wrong with someone you love getting married?  A person like you should learn more about love.  If you learn how to do it, you will have a reason to live.

Moved by her love litany, he releases Gyeon-woo and the fireworks display Gyeon-woo prepared for her birthday soars beautifully in the night sky.  But the girl realizing she was denied by him as his girl makes a fuss and of course hits him again.


Gyeon-woo little by little learns how to deal with his sassy girl and he has long realized that she’s pretending to be cheerful to hide her pain.   And even if at times it’s really hard to be her man, he learns to be so patient about it… just like his regular editorial job to her writings.

This time it’s a martial arts film.  The heroine is a bounty hunter who fights the evil villain Gyeon-woo.  The heroine prevails and the story concluded making her the queen.

Gyeong-woo notices how her heroines always comes from the future. She makes an excuse that science is advanced at that time, that’s why they do a lot of time travel.

Gyeon-woo and “the girl” like playing fun games, one day when they are on a train, after she scolds a little boy drawing on the floor of the train, she gets an idea of betting which foot will cross first on the little boy’s drawn line. 

Gyeon-woo wins first and he hits her forehead using his index finger.  She complains that since she’s a girl she will slap his face if she wins, he refuses but ended up obliging to her demand. 

When a troop of soldiers march in, Gyeon-woo is in pure bliss after his calculation depicts that fate sides with him, but then at the last minute the head soldier shouts for a change march step so he settles at the mercy of “the girl’s” rampaging slaps. 

(I will play this game one time but the prize will be a kiss! ^_^)

He appears not to know what will be the outcome of a day with her and as always he is required to do whatever the girl wants to do even if he doesn’t know how to do it.  Soon he painstakingly learns playing squash and kendo.

There is also a time when she sweetly persuades him to exchange shoes with her because her stilettos were giving her a hard time. 

The first time Gyeon-woo meet her parents was of course awkward especially facing her dad whose drinking habits resembles hers.  When he leaves their house, he overhears the girl and her mom fighting because of him.

After that incident their communication line went off a bit, until the girl calls him and reminds him of their 100 Days anniversary.  She asks him what he wanted for her to play in the piano and he answers her by humming Pachelbel’s Canon.  She also asked him to bring a rose on that day. 

On their 100 days’ celebration, he gets another fit from his mom when she thought he is a thief because of his delivery guy incognito outfit, but evading is his middle name so he’s able to get past her mom’s nagging. 

The girl’s school is exclusive for girls so his sneaky ways is of use again. 

When he enters the music hall, everyone is astounded and then he sees her playing the piano, so he takes the rose and walks towards her to give it to her to the audience’ romantic cheers. 

After drinking and partying one day in their old High School’s uniform, the girl as always can’t hold herself up and gets wasted again.  He brings her in her house and creates a bad impression to her parents. The girl’s father requests him to bring out what’s inside his pocket and her parents saw a condom and a motel give away lighter. 

Her father commands him not to see her anymore and after that day too she never contacted him for a while.

So he starts going to blind dates, and while he is on it, with the girl’s impeccable timing she calls him and demands him to go to her favorite café, but he refuses to do so and spends a fun drink with his date who turns out to be a homosexual.

So he then proceeds to the café and there he found that she was with a date too who was the man her parents asked her to meet and that she always stood up.  When the girl inquires him what he wants to order, getting used to it, he orders coffee.

When the girl excused herself he follows and tells her that the man looks nice but he knows it’s not her ex-boyfriend.  He also advises her to be obedient, to be more feminine and not to drink a lot because not all guys are like him. 

When she went back, Gyeon-woo is not there anymore, and the man recites what “the girl” was about.  Her date didn’t finish saying her 10 rules because she rushes to look for Gyeon-woo in the train station. 

Feeling hopeless she seeks the help of the train communication department and called for him.  While she is making her announcement for him to come to the communication room, he stands there and without her realizing it.  They embrace and the girl of course punches him again for giving her a hard time running.

Here are the 10 rules for your reference.  ^_^

1. Don’t ask her to be feminine.

2. Don’t let her drink over three glasses. She’ll beat someone.

3. At a cafe, drink coffee instead of coke or juice.

4. If she hits you, act like it hurts. If it hurts, act like it doesn’t.

5. On your 100th day together give her a rose during her class. She’ll like it a lot.

6. Make sure you learn fencing and squash.

7. Also be prepared to go to prison sometimes.

8. If she says she’ll kill you, don’t take it lightly. You’ll feel better.

9. If her feet hurt, exchange shoes with her.

10. She likes to write, encourage her.

Unsure of what their relationship is, Gyeon-woo can only hope and understand.  He is asked by the girl to write a letter for her.  There he writes his sincere intentions and hope of being with her. 

They go to a mountain and while they are standing the girl requests him to go to the other side of the mountain.  When he  settles at the other side of the mountain, the girl shouts and cries at the same time as she reveals why she can’t love him yet. 

GIRL:  Gyeon-woo!  Can you hear me?  I’m sorry, I can’t help it.  I really can’t help it.  I thought I was different, but I’m just a helpless girl.


They put the letters inside the time capsule and buries it beside the tree and they promise to meet after two years to read the letters.


The two separated ways, and during those days Gyeon-woo was busy writing her love encounter with the girl to cope up with his broken heart.  He made himself a better man with his kendo-swimming-squash-studying-he-bangs.  He submitted his love story writing to a film outfit and a movie will be produced out of it.

 When the time came that they should meet again, he goes back to visit the tree, but she did not show up.  He opened the time capsule and there he reads her letter…

GIRL’S LETTER:  Gyeon-woo, how are you?  I was so happy while being with you.  I’m not sure if you knew but the person I loved passed away.  The day when I first met you was the day he died a year ago.  Actually I tried to look for him in you.  I know it was wrong, I’m sorry.  I also met him in the subway like you. 

I was really sick at that time so he lent me his handkerchief.  He did everything I wanted like you did to me. 


Under this tree we planned our future together, but he passed away. 

While I was dating you, I was meeting his mother often.  She wanted to introduce a nice man to me, but I couldn’t. 

The day I first met you, I came under this tree and I prayed to him to let me free.  When I met you this occurred to me, that maybe he introduced you to me.


But the more I get to know you, and the more I get to like you, I feel guilty inside.  While the two of us are apart, I want to forget him alone.  If you will not see me after two years, it means I still am not brave.  I wonder how much will change after two years.  I feel like you live in the future and I stayed in the past.  I want to meet you soon so I can read your letter.

Gyeon-woo still visits the tree often even after failing to meet her on their promised date.  When the girl finally visits the tree, she finds an old man sitting beside it.  She asks why he stares at her and if he comes often there.  He confirmed yes and says that the tree and he has a secret. 

She responds that she has a secret with the tree too and she talks about the letters she buried with Gyeon-woo 3 years ago and that they vowed to meet after two years but she didn’t come because she was still not sure of her decision and thoughts.  She says she was leaving their love to fate hoping that by chance they will meet again somewhere.

The old man tells her that “Fate is building a bridge of chance for someone you love”.            (And cheers to our cool granny and his ever wonderful line!  ^_^) 

He also tells her that he read their letters.  He reveals to her that his secret with the tree was it was not the same tree they visited 3 years ago.  He asks her if she notices any changes in the tree, but she can’t seem to figure it out.  The old man tells her, that the tree was hit by a lightning, but a young man planted another tree because he said someone will not be happy if the tree will not be there anymore. 

The girl read his letter finally and the realization of her decision not to face what she felt for Gyeon woo at that time was a great mistake.  The girl tries calling him but to no avail, she can’t reach him anymore.

After a year, the girl is having a lunch with her ex boyfriend’s mother and they are both waiting for her nephew.  As it turns out, the nephew is Gyeon-woo, who is her dead-ex-bf’s-cousin, and the girl was the girl, the aunt wanted Gyeon-woo to date for years…

CUTE MOVIE CUTS LINKS – “the slap game” – Gyeon woo and the girl love playing games, while inside the train a little boy drew a line on the train floors which annoyed the girl. Then the girl decided to play a game, if left foot crosses the line, the girl will slap his face, if right foot crosses the line, Gyun-woo wins. Then came a line of military men marching, he thought it would be his lucky day, until the commander shifted the rhythm, so the girl won again. – “all for me” – after the “slap game”, Gyeon woo begged for moderate punishment, and there goes the classic “all for me” line of the girl. She said the sky is blue because that’s her favorite color, there are 4 seasons in korea because she like it, and even his being born is because of her as well. *giggles – “shoes swap scene” – the girl went to Gyun woo’s class, not even a minute passing by, she raised her hand and asked the professor if Gyun woo can be excused, they went out and the girl tired of her high heels demanded to exchange shoes with Gyun woo.


I also have a secret I have watched this movie with all the guys I dated.  *giggles This is one of my favorite love movies, and maybe because I can really see myself in the girl in the story.  I think the reason why the girl was not named here is because her name is Abby… *super giggles

This is love tale of losing love, coping on the loss, helping yourself with whatever you can have to find love again.  Most girls undoubtedly can totally understand how the girl might have felt because of how emotional girls can be when dealing with heartaches. 

And I think most of us girls, can relate to the pain she was bearing all through out the movie. It’s hard to get over and start a new when your heart gets broken regardless of the reason why.  All of us want “Gyun-woo”, a not so perfect man but will be there for us no matter what.