New KDrama Premieres: Save Me, Strongest Deliveryman and Manhole

We will get to the extremes of reality and fantasy for new Korean dramas that will kick off in the next two weeks.

Save Me (OCN)

Ok Taecyeon will rescue a damsel (Seo Ye Ji) trapped by a creepy cult following in OCN’s new offering.  I have pretty much been loyal to OCN this year and have enjoyed most of their dramas so I trust in this new project.  “Save Me” will replace “Duel” on the weekend slot.

Manhole (KBS)

Kim Jae Joong’s post army comeback drama has released adorale teasers so far that I have already added it on my weekly watchlist.  The promise looks like “Operation Proposal” to me where the lead guy travel back to the past to prevent the wedding of his long running one-sided love.  KBS is chirpy with their drama line up this year so we can fairly look forward to this new romcom.  “Manhole” is slated every Wednesday and Thursday on KBS.

Strongest Deliveryman

Go Kyung Pyo sports a crazy hair for his breakthrough lead man role.  He rises from the bottom to become a CEO after delivering a hit app he developed.  KBS has been successful with their undedog stories this year so let’s wait and see where the deliveryman will take us.  “Strongest Deliveryman” will ride his motorbike every Friday and Saturday.


Golden Rainbow Episodes 7&8 KDrama Musings

Golden rainbow Episode 7 Recap

To what extent do you tolerate friendship that you thought to have been cemented with a bond that you all along thought was mutual until but in the end was eventually taken for granted because of selfishness and greed. Episodes 7 and 8 made me want to cradle aboji in my arms for being such a hero to his siblings and children. Another weep fest that I shared with Baek-won’s family.


After picking up things at the market, Baek-won thanked Young-hye for the presents she bought for the family, but they were halted by the arrival of the gangsters chasing Young-hye. She tried running away but they grabbed Baek-won leaving her no choice but to see the big boss. 


Jin-ki met with Han-joo to discuss the gold smuggling business to the latter’s dismay, but Jin-ki reasoned how he will be blamed because the company is going bankrupt and asked him to do it one last time for him.  Han-joo argued how he was jailed for him to get to college and that he studied so he can live a decent life, but the  former pleaded for him to agree for the sake of his family too, but Jin-ki refused and painfully told him how he was full of regret knowing he has sent him to college and he ended up so greedy like that.  He warned him to stop his evil venture less he will lose him as his brother.


Man-won was forced to work with Jin-ki’s minion threatening him of further danger if he won’t cooperate by reminding him of his rcorded brawling incident.  When Han-joo arrived home, Baek-won delivered Young-hye’s problem as she was being questioned by the chairman.  She was demanded to pay the
interest and the money she stole, and when she can’t assure the chairman of her answer, the chairman ordered her to be dragged out, but she quickly broke a vase and put it on her neck and forcedly negotiated with chairman bringing her late husband’s company as a leverage.  She told him to let her go or she will just kill herself right there and then.  Her cheekyness won over, thus their connection to one day claim Golden Fishery was sealed.



The children were all happy at ajumma’s presents and were all wishing to have them as their mother.  Jin-ki’s right hand showed Man-won’s video and convinced his boss to use it to make Han-joo work for them, but his minute conscience refused the idea telling him that it will be done for him and his pledged brother if he learned how they used his children. 


Han-joo stared at a picture with Young-hye while worrying what happened to her while she narrated her sob story to the chairman who upon bearing her tale wanted to be on board in her revenge to her ex mother-in-law and claiming their company.


Baek-won and Young-won saw Uk-jo and Se-ryun ajumma emerging from the same room and tried to lie to the children that they were just discussing something since last night.  Han-joo saw the children’s interrogation and Young-won mjsed how Uncle Uk-jo told him that when a woman and a man stays in a room they are buikding a wall together.  Kehkeh so cute Young-wonie.

At school, Chun-won was praised by getting the top score as Do-young continued feigning stupidity getting the lowest mark.  He was summoned to the teacher’s offfice where Chun-won overheard his true rich identity.  She then agreed to meet up with his brother who took advantage of her last time.


Han-joo saw Young-hye bossed around by the chairman’s minion ordering her to stay in the house, but worried about Han-joo’s family, she tried to bargain not to let her stay there to no avail.  She refused the help he’s trying to offer and told him not to worry about her anymore and that she will be staying for a while in the house but will leave eventually.


Uk-jo received the news that he was fired from his safekeeping activities and rushed to meet Jin-ki who confirmed the decision.  Jin-ki commanded him to persuade Han-joo to help them or else he will be living like a rat.

Against Man-won’s conviction, he did the task given to him by Jin-ki’s men.  Baek-won arrived and received the news that Young-hye came who was being sympathy-wooed by Chun-won.  Baek-won made Young-hye promised to take care of herself as she explained to her that she should not worry about her.

Han-joo confirmed with Uk-jong about Jin-ki’s dealing and in trying to urge him to join the Japan deal, he slipped and muttered how Jin-ki sent his children to the orphanage to obtain the film in their recent debacle.


Jin-ki waited for Han-joo by the seaside and was greeted by his punch and not so bromantic confrontation.  Han-joo ranted how he should have not sent him to school and shoild have just made him a person, but Jin-ki remained firm in his covetous nature.  Han-joo severed his brotherly ties with him as Jin-ki pleaded him to help him one last time.

Baek-won and Chun-won waited for Do-young and his brother and were surprised when they recognized his face.  The vile brother tried maneuvering his evil nature again but feisty Baek-won shoved him off protecting her sister and friend.

Do-young apologized for not having known what his hyung did and Chun-won left for them to have their proper sweet 16 date.  They played, ate cotton candy, sang at a noraebang and was so happy but Do-young as expected was beaten up by his brother when he get home.


Grandma-chairman witnessed the brawling and asked Tae-young to see him.  She lectured her of how someday the company might be taken away from him by Do-young if he kept putting strength to his fist and not to his head.  She reminded him of how she worked hard to make the company the way it was right now, and with the rate of how he’s growing as a person, she won’t ever give the company to him.

Aboji suited his mopey suit while drinking soju and thought about what has been happening with his life.  He asked Baek-won if she also yearns to have a rich father who can buy nice clothes and yummy food, but raising a daughter well Baek-won assured him, how he is rich because she and her siblings are his wealth.

Grandma-chairman wandered at the same same place where Baek-won is selling her fish and was rescued when ajumma fish sellers claimed that what she was selling was a faked sardine.  She brought her to where she was raising her fishes thanking her for standing up for her and making all her fish be sold.  Grandma’s admiration over Baek-won grew even more seeing her hardwork and talent.


Han-joo was halted by an ajumma and told him to not make his daughter do work too so he asked Baek-won to stop selling her fish and just study.  Baek-won reasoned how she wanted to help him and Young-hye because she is good with them and because her younger siblings and him like her too.  She further convinced him to be brave enough to asked Young-hye to stay with them.

Watanabe Chairman met with Jin-ki to confirm the validity of Young-hye’s promise.  Jin-ki met up with Young-hye and castigated her for dealing with such a dangerous man.  He put the weight of making her convince Han-joo of agreeing to do the Japan venture and made Man-won’s brawling tape as the last resort for him to join them.

Han-joo painfully watched the Man-won’s video and in fury grabbed Jin-ki’s collar coaxing him to admit he is behind all of it.  Young-hye stepped in the room, and Jin-ki again begged him to do the job because it will endanger Young-hye.


Golden Rainbow Episode 8

Drained from anger and ungratefulness that were returned by his orphan siblings. Han-joo was left no choice but to help the mishap upon learning that the invested money for the smuggling business was stolen by Young-hye.


Young-hye apologized to Han-joo for the thing she has done and blamed it to the anger towards Kang Jung-sim that has been consuming her. Han-joo reminded her that when she holds grudge towards someone she will eventually be the same evil peros she hates but she replied how until now, she still sees her daughter in her dreams that’s why seeking revenge overrides her wanting to move on with her life. She pleaded with him not to go on board the boat and to let her handle her problem and to pardon her for living not the way he had hoped for.


Baek-won received a phone call from Do-young to make some free time after class tomorrow. Man-won and Il-won entered the room and Man-won pouted when he learned that Baek-won went to a date with her friend.

Aboji arrived home and straightened Man-won reiterating to him that he should never use his fist no matter how he wanted to help him. He added that as the eldest son, he should be responsible for his siblings. Man-won humbly accepted the chastening he got from his father and apologized for the deed he has done.

Young-hye asked Baek-won if she wanted her to stay in the house and she totally agreed even is she has to wait until Young-hye is done with her problems. Han-joo conceded with Jin-ki’s plan to Young-hye’s opposition, but he has already set his mind to it considering the weight of his children’s future.


Do-young reminded Baek-won to meet him after class at her fish farm as Se-ryun ajumma asked Uk-jo if he can give her some more of the cosmetics and bag for her and her friend and their sweet moment was interrupted when Han-joo entered the room. He told Uk-jo that he will do Jin-ki’s offer and asked him if he will go with him but declined after hearing his reason and realizing they can’t go together in case something worse happened, there has to be someone to stay for the kids.

Chun-won told Man-won about Baek-won meeting Do-young and added how she worried about her since she’s meeting the younger brother of the boy who tried to rape her.

Do-young met Baek-won and gave her his necklace telling her that she and her mother are the only people that gave him a happy time. Man-won arrived and almost punch Do-young but Baek-won stopped him. He asked her to stop meeting him but she justified how Do-young is a nice person and how he was always there for him during hard times.



Young-hye praised Il-won’s drawing as the rest of the children gathered and talked about how kf they are together hope and happiness will make them all feel better. Han-joo had a soju sessio with Man-won giving him the tape from Kwang-do and reminded him not to do it ever again as Man-won pledged his assurance. He told him to be responsible as be will be the head of the family if he won’t be around.

Last minute preparations for the Japan job order were discussed by Jin-ki and Kwang -do as Young-hye rushed to see Han-joo who will be sailing that rainy night. She embraced him and apologized formall the troubles she caused him. He made her pledge to return the money and forget her vengeance plans to which she agreed.

Aboji sailed through the stormy night and managed to get the smuggled gold bars by day time. Han-joo was caught by the port guards and was questioned by the police but they can’t make him admit his deed with lack of evidence.


Watanabe threatened Jin-ki of their agreement and ordered him to return the money and the interest they borrowed. Young-hye was dragged by Watanabe’s men as Jin-ki commanded Uk-jo to try to get the information on where he might have hidden the golden bars.

Jin-ki’s keen mind deduced the location from Uk-jo and Han-joo’s conversation recording and the former spoke with Uk-jo to reveal where Han-joo taught him how to dive.

Man-won and Baek-won sailed and dove for the items but they have to surpass the port inspection. They luckily passed it through the twin’s help and the items were transported successfully by Jin-ki’s men but a small gold bar inside a pollack was left behind causing the port guards to bring Man-won for questioning.

Han-joo arrived home and received the news of his son’s feat and dragged Uk-jo to the warehouse where the golds might have been bought. Unaware that Il-won was inside getting a lipstick to replace Young-hye’s lipstick which was broken by Shib-won, he put the warehouse on fire and learned late that his sickly son was inside. Baek-won rushed to find her younger brother inside and they both got caught by the fire as Han-joo painfully cried while holding his unconscious children dragged from his initial decision to do Jin-ki’s dirty job.



Golden Rainbow Episodes 5 & 6 KDrama Musings


It would be nice if City Hunter would come and help out Aboji to battle the villains in this drama.  *chuckles Well it was just a silly thought as there are plethora of villains showcased so far — the confused villain, the greedy villain, the unreasonable villain and the nonsensical villain.  But I’m still happy that so far they are not turning into a weep fest and not making me bump my head on the computer screen.  I love the adorable kids.  I haven’t checked how long this back story will go and since I signed up for this long agreement, I won’t complain.  Still strong as a family drama, there were a lot of heartbreaking scenes and life lessons explained.  This kdrama is so far best served to our grandparents and a must watch for the entire family.



Baek-won raised her voice to her estranged grandmother upon hearing her call her father bad names.  She argued with evil Halmoni but she remained victorious in sending Han-joo aboji to prison.  Aboji secretly gave Baek-won the film and asked her to take care of it. 




Jin-ki’s minions stormed at Baek-won’s house in their quest to find the film scaring the younger kids and menacing the house.  Just as when they are about to stress Baek-won, Man-won came and tried a duel with the minion leader to protect his younger siblings.  Jin-ki ordered to halt his frightening tactics and left the kids and the older kids crying and traumatized.




Young-hye learned of what happened with Han-joo and confronted Jin-ki about it but the latter diverted the blame on her for making grandma-chairman think that the children are theirs.  He reminded her about their illegal shipment business that will be coming up.  Young-hye tried to confront Halmoni but she didn’t use her “I-was-your-secret-investor-card” yet, she again rescued the older kids when social workers were trying to get them to be sheltered.  She learned that the younger ones were already grabbed by the social workers and was staying at an orphanage.




Do-young learned the truth about his father’s evil-doings and castigated him about it and threw a long “you’re a disappointing father spiel” to his father’s face and marched out to regret having a father like him.

Jin-ki who retrieved the film after Han-joo was left no choice when he learned that the younger kids was taken away gave the evidence to Halmoni and told her that he will call the police to order Han-joo’s release, but evil-Halmoni countered it by telling him that she already ordered the police to have him incarcerated.  Jin-ki tried to appeal to her decision, but Halmoni who was previously visited by Young-hye wanted to take that opportunity having known that Han-joo’s pain is also Young-hye’s worry.


Young-hye saw Baek-won crying as she stared at Il-won’s drawing of him and her.  She worried about how her younger siblings as she cried and was comforted by Young-hye.  The latter seeing the pain of Han-joon’s children went to visit evil Chairwoman and kneeled for forgiveness to have Han-joo be freed but was shown a news article about the company’s illegal fish activity.  Young-hye swore they were not behind it but the old fox remained firm.  Jin-ki dragged her out and told her that her visit to the Chairman yesterday aggravated Han-joo’s situation.


Baek-won tried her luck to speak with the Chairwoman but she was not let in by the guards and was shoved to the ground in the pouring rain.  Do-young heard her step-mom talked about a young girl staging a vigil in front of the house and offered his hand so she can go inside the house.



Halmoni-chairman showed Baek-won the news article but the latter denied that it was her father’s doing.  Do-young took the instant family meeting and revealed that it was his doing and that he sent the picture to the press along with the article.  He got a slap from his father by that revelation that infuriated his step-mom and evil Halmoni.

Do-young and Jin-ki engaged in a conscience versus power argument and this time enraged by his father’s principles Do-young won their debate. 


Baek-won explained to Halmoni how his father raised 7 orphans and tried to sway her previous decisions.  She promised her that she will repay her graciousness someday by raising fish.  Halmoni was surprised when she put her up in a fish culture quiz bee and she was able to answer it all in flying colors.  Halmoni stood up and left Baek-won unsure if she has softened her heart.


Baek-won went home tired from her conquest and cried again to Young-hye.  Man-won on the other side accepted a deal with the gangsters relying to the promise that it would release his father.  Uk-jo told Cheon-won and ajumma Young-hye’s identity while Baek-won listened to her father’s jail history narrated by Young-hye.  She also told her about the daughter who was taken away by her mother-in-law.  She showed her the baby pictures and told her that she was about her age.


It seems that there’s still a little goodness in Halmoni’s heart so when Jin-ki tried to talk her out about Han-joo’s case, she agreed to have him call the police and order his release.  She stared at Ha-bins picture as her encounter with Baek-won reminded her of her lost granddaughter.

Il-won was bullied at the orphanage and the game boy was taken away from him by force.  His siblings came to rescue him successfully but he won’t stop crying telling them that he missed their father and Baek-won.  But the cries were interrupted when Han-joo came to embrace all of them. 


They walked back home happily but the rain suddenly poured so they looked for shelter.  Han-joo taught his children how they should never be scared when they have each other.  They told them that as long as they are together no matter what storm might happen, they would get through it, and no matter how big winds may challenge them, it will make them stronger.

Jin-ki told Do-young that Han-joo was released and was so happy about it.  He reminded him to be wary of his actions.  Young-hye prepared a feast for the family reunion.  She asked Han-joo why he still keep the first gift she gave him even if it’s already broken but he remained distant with her and went out to go fishing.


Young-hye contemplating about staying with the family or taking her revenge to her mother-in-law took sick Il-won who was delirious crying out his mother’s name.  Baek-won came to the room to pour some hot water for Il-won and narrated how their strange family came together.


Do-young and Baek-won went to their secret place and talked about their life sentiments.  He told her how he envied her for having a warm father because his father isn’t.  He thanked her for listening to his daddy issues and sob stories.  They rode on his bike and Do-young asked her out to go with him to watch a movie on Sunday.  Baek-won saw Cheon-won washing the kids’ clothes and was welcomed by Young-hye.  They went inside the house as Cheon-won gave that slightly envious-glaring stare.

Jin-ki asked Uk-jo to help them with getting the illegal goods from Japan but he replied how he can’t navigate ship and to convince Han-joo to do it.


Man-won was threatened by the gangster boss to continue working for them and his fight skills video had him tied up to the agreement.  Jin-ki met with Han-joo and offered him the gold smuggling job in Japan. 

Baek-won and Young-hye were saying goodbye to each to each other when a car suddenly stopped revealing the gangster people who were chasing Young-hye.




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Golden Rainbow Episodes 1-4 Drama Musings


The only reason why I am watching “Golden Rainbow” is because of Jung Il Woo.  I adored him more than his bestfriend Lee Min Ho… must be the lazy smile, the flirty eyes and the always heartfelt character portrayal, but I pledge to catch up as much as I can to this family drama no matter how long it would take.


Golden Rainbow opened in May Queen/Stars Falling From the Sky vibe.  I witnessed a lead heroine from riches to rags story striving to be a good sister to her fellow adopted siblings.   Jang Ha Bin was born from an affluent family whose mother, Yoon Young-hye is despised by her aristocratic grandmother, Kang Jung-shim.   When her father died, Young-hye was left no choice but to watch her baby from afar.  She grew up in an orphanage with Kim Han-joo, Chung Uk-jo and Seo Jin-ki, the latter married the sister of her deceased rich husband and was serving the devil-chairman’s company.


Seeing the sadness as Young-hye longed for her child, Han-joo with Uk-jo kidnapped Ha-bin with Jin-ki’s help who harboured hatred towards his mother-in-law who has always treated him as an outcast.  Young-hye and Ha-bin had a short reunion but was halted when Jung-shim’s men found them.  Han-joo and Uk-jo were jailed for the attempted abduction.


Having money problems and being always scrutinized by his chairman-mother-in-law, Jin-ki has to find a way to sway her attention to bid him time to raise funds for the money cover up.  He tasked his man to kidnap Ha-bin when she was out with Halmoni-chairman at a theme park.  Smart Ha-bin faced with danger was able to escape the safe house she was brought to and walked to where her feet could bring her away from where she was kept.


Halmoni-chairman mustered all her power and riches to search for the missing granddaughter and when they found her clothing in the waters, they presumed she was dead.  Young-hye cursed the old woman for not taking care of her little girl and vowed to avenge her pain someday.


Ha-bin later showed up with an older boy who has to steal some food for his sick grandmother.  Han-joo and Uk-jo who learned about the culprits who were taking their fish castigated the children, but Han-joo’s warm heart won over the helpless siblings.  He decided to adopt the boy and the girl after knowing that their grandmother passed away and Uk-jo took the liberty of naming them after money.  The boy became Kim Man-won and Ha-bin became Kim Baek-won.


Han-joo’s kind heart later acquired new adoptees Shib-won, Yeol-won, Il-won and Young-won who were taken care by Baek-won being the eldest sister.  Life was hard and the family tried to stay afloat.  Baek-won has to sacrifice what normal teenager girls do to take care of her younger siblings.  Later on, a young lady about Baek-won’s age was added to the family after she squealed about her own father’s evildoings, who was also the same man who kidnapped young Baek-won/Ha-bin.



Not even visiting Han-joo in the jail, Young-hye emerged again after running away from some mafia-ish men with a lot of money.  She woke up with wounded leg and was helped by Baek-won.  They later on marked all their connection and Baek-won was happy to see the woman her father loved so much, but Uk-jo felt otherwise.


Jin-ki took in his son, Seo Do-young to Chairman’s house and has to bear the bullying of his father’s stepson just so he wouldn’t add weight to his father’s burden.  He displayed failure in his school grades but his father later found out that he was hiding his ability and following his instruction to him when he first entered the house.  Do-young developed fondness to Baek-won and has constantly been playing with Young-won who has to stay at his sister’s school before they could both go home.


Young-hye trusted her acquired money to Jin-ki and they planned on taking down the old chairwoman whose business is in the merge of bankruptcy.  Han-joo learned about the chairman’s business illegal activity affecting the town he was settling and confronted Jin-ki about it, gbut the latter remained blinded of the power and money he has so he disregarded his brother’s plea not to take the livelihood from small people like them.


Han-joo and Uk-joo were able to stalk and take pictures of the illegal fish trawling but Jin-ki’s men caught up with them and they all ended in the police station.  Old chairwoman who hated the man who abducted her granddaughter met again and ordered the police to imprison him but Baek-won and Man-won came to check what happened and unbeknownst to her true identity, Baek-won questioned the evil old woman spiting harsh words to her father.




So far so good for me, I like the children and the development of the characters.  Although I hate this kind of antagonism where the conflicts would evidently circle to the lead girl’s true identity, I am expecting a family drama presentation that won’t dig on vengeance but what the characters all deserve.  I am looking forward to how the romance would bloom, get intertwined and even get confusing. 

Dear Il-woo and Uee, Fighting!  Love, abby


The sometimes-consistent-sometimes-inconsistent-path of Jeonwoochi


<insert mixed mission impossible and Harry Potter theme>


I have to create a time line to connect the pieces, the characters, the trips to memory lane, the events and the conflicts evolving to the magical world of Jeonwoochi… and yes Hello Harry Potter, meet your long lost Korean brother. •wink
It started off beat for me but my part-witch-and-even-now-still-Gyeonwoo-lovestruck-self stayed loyal and while it groped its way to my curiosity, it finally hit the right nerve, and I stayed firm and loyal happily sending him off on the finale episodes. It was a scenario where patience is required to finish the drama to realize its potential and worth.


Jeonwoochi relied on its profound characters to cover the loose ends and frustrating subplots of the story.  But it was also where I saw a very stubborn cast as a whole and a hero who albeit his magical prowess and sort of brainy-self was sometimes confused on his strategies to defeat the opposing warlocks.


 Jeonwoochi narrated a Taoist wizard who hunted down his former fellow sorcerer friend, Gang Rim, after he destroyed their Taoist wizard community and runaway with the woman they both loved.  He has the Naruto cloning ability which comes in handy when he went to Joseon to track his frenemy.



Gang-rim almost killed Jeonwoochi if not for the last remaining help Jeonwoochi got from a surviving Wizard of the temple.  Gang-rim served his uncle-evil-wizard who harbored hatred to the Wizards of Yuldo.


They resumed the battles and adventures in Joseon era and both parties worked their way to protect and outsmart one another.  Jeonwoochi looked like he was Hercules on to a series of task to avenge his Wizard clan, to save the girl he loved and to protect the people of Joseon. 


He has to first undo the poisonous spell controlling Mu-Yeon to progress in his plans to obliterate Gang-rim and his Lord-Sith-Evil-Uncle.  As the grand-daughter of HongGilDong, Mu-yeon possessed strong magical powers and she also held the knowledge of the location of the silver mine Evil-uncle needed to proceed with his dark plans to devastate Joseon.  With the help of a book Jeonwoochi acquired he was able to take out the evil mojo bridling Mu-yeon but Mu-yeon convinced him that she has to pretend she’s still with the baddies to help him win over them.  Saddened by the thought of the people she killed when she was in her villain self, when the time came that the Evil-duo can be defeated, she used her powers to destroy the cave and trapped her with the fiends. 


Years later Jeonwoochi went to his news-reporter front while rendering justice to yangbans and officials that were misbehaving in Joseon.  He crossed path again with Mu-yeon who has lost her Taoist skills.  They reunited and cut to the Uncle-nephew-warlocks who were able to survive the mountain accident.


The conflict on the second half of the story involved the King and the Queen and the Left Minister.  While the Left Minister rampaged on his connivance with Uncle Evil to spite the young weak king, Jeonwoochi and Mu-yeon backed up the King and Queen. 


They were able to trap Gang-rim with Taoist runes. Mu-yeon begged him to leave the dark side, but he shoved her off and left to go back to his camp.  Mu-yeon threw a dagger at Uncle Evil, and in his dying breath revealed to him that he was his son and that he was meaning to destroy Joseon because he wanted him to get his rightful place to a country he really belonged.  Sparked up with his birth secret and his Uncle-real-life-father’s death, he set forth to blame the world.


First he kidnapped Mu-yeon and sent a note to jeonwoochi to choose who he will be protecting, the reunion of King and Queen or the love of his life.  Jeonwoochi walked the Queen towards the waiting King while arrows were pointing to tied Mu-yeon.  Gang-rim pulled the arrow towards the happy Royal couple and with his enchantment turned the single arrow to multiple ones as Jeonwoochi plunged to cover the Queen’s body.  Mu-yeon on the other hand closed her eyes as the arrow was approaching her and opened her eyes to see Jeonwoochi. 


It turned out that Jeonwoochi’s servant volunteered for him to feign Jeonwoochi’s stature to walk the Queen.  Gang-nim and Jeonwoochi engaged to a final showdown where of course the goodness prevailed.


As what I’ve mentioned earlier, you have to be really patient as it was an adventure that was really not that engrossing. If truth be told, it was really Cha Tae Hyun’s Jeonwoochi portrayal that saved the day.  I almost sent a howler to Mu-yeon to make her understand that there are really people who can’t be given a chance to change when she let Gang-rim out of the talisman cage.  For me her performance was flat. 


Jeonwoochi might have failed to live through its “consistency” mantra but it was still a good watch.  This drama has half-convinced me to give a fair rating because of the humor surge and main actor’s performance.  Other than that the screenplay, directing and even the visual effects were just mediocrely done.


If you need a neutralizer to the 2013 romance drama spree, trust Jeonwoochi to provide you a breather.  Bewitching and fun, this drama won’t brag much but will make you smile. -jediprincess ^_^