“The Best Hit” of Your Life is Yet To Come

So there goes my favorite feel good drama this year.  The Best Hit has made my weekends zippy recently that I wish it was converted to a family drama that I would definitely love.
The Best Hit is like meeting your drunk treasured friend who would blab about insane ideas, and you would stay by his side listening patiently to all those crazy things.  My favorite outtake from this drama is how we won’t be having a time traveling chance like Hyun Jae to settle the mistakes we have done in our lives.  So we can avoid choosing the wrong thing or take the long route of fixing what has been broken.

The love, the flowerboys and the neighbor.


Flower Boy Neighbor started very strong with its interesting characters, humor and romantic developments between the love receivers and givers, however it failed to accomplish a closure befitting of its cheerful beginning and heartfelt middle revelations due to the lead girl’s inconsistent and indecisive nature and the lead man’s inability to own the love he worked so hard to earn.  When you have made a she-agoraphobic embraced the past she was trying to forget and you scored another miracle by having her fallen in love with you, that’s already an extra-mile in the world of love.  No other things can come between the two of you if you both agree to face it no matter what.  And that is why the ending for me was a half-baked-okay-let’s-just-end-it conceived one, but then again it pulled a lot of crazy-Abby-laughing scenes for me from its onset, so there, the 3rd Flower-boy series would be absolved of not nailing a worthy and fulfilling ending.


Go Dok Mi has shut herself to outside communication because of the trauma from her past.  The only entertainment value in her agoraphobic life was her peeping on a cute neighbor, but she was soon discovered when the cousin of the cute neighbor, Enrique, realized her binocular moments with his cousin.  Enrique was on a short visit to Korea because of her game business.  He was famous in the gamer and nerd world because of the games he developed.  He also harbored a long-running secret adoration to a girl who loves his cousin hyung.safe_image.php211a8_neighbor01-00040a

In streaks of awkward moments he got curious about Go Dok-mi’s hermit life and before he realized it, he wanted to  heal her sad past and show her what she ahs been missing in her life.


To complete and make the love conflict move, son-of-chaebol-and-frustrated-webtoon-artist Jin-rak has been secretly loving the girl next door who was afraid to see the world.  Everyday he writes an encouragement note attached to a milk carton for her, but his secret love failed to launch because sunny Enrique in his blithe personality warmed Dok-mi’s heart. 


So far Jin-rak tops my list on the best supporting male lead.  He stabilized the story and gave a depth to the simple love conflict.  I dig “mimi” love big time, I don’t know why but his version of love was the same as that of the doctor 2nd lead in Greatest Love.  It was a very sincere love but then again no matter how honest a love is, it has to be reciprocated.


Enrique won me over with his suave, comic and don’t-worry-be-happy-smell-the-roses-life-is-beautiful-attitude, but at the end of the day I liked him but not to a point of loving him.  Maybe because this drama was just for the refreshing feel of love, it was that kind of love you look back sometimes even when you are happily in love with someone.


I have issues on the moments when Dok-mi can’t make up her mind and was dwelling on “I’m ruining his dream” thing because realistically, since she has already came to terms with her hermit self and has acknowledged that she has also the capability to love, she should have not gone to the extent of dawdling around and playing a she-loves-me-she-loves-me-not game with Enrique.


In all truthfulness I liked the “Jack Dawson I’ll show you the world love story of Enrique and Dok-mi, but this time I felt more on the unreturned and unwarranted love of Jin-rak to Dok-mi, because it was so heartfelt and realistic.  To make me remember more of the second lead’s love meant that the focal love tale was not cemented well. 


This was a good while it last drama case, but you eventually will forget as time passes by.  While there are a few moments that will make you feel good and love-filled, it was not a solid love story you get to tell your friends.  It lost the vigor along the way when they have inserted the “love, dream, leave” triumvirate.


The conflicts that arose in the story were half-acceptable, I really hated the nerd fans controlling the gamer-god Enrique, and the latter can’t do anything about it.   I mean, man if this is a modern-time problem, can you just give me a “you-and-me-against-the-world” love barrier  instead of geeks between Romeo and Juliet kind of conflict.  That basically was the weakness of this story, the “challenges” that pushed the characters to redeem and expound their personas and the resulting effect of the discord to how they deal with their emotions.


Sassy and sweet, this is a soothing spectacle perfect for teens this summer. I would still recommend this for a nice watch, but consider you’re forewarned on a quasi-Lie-To-Me closing episodes.  If you want to go with an upbeat characters, cute couple bickerings and cotton candy scenes, and a fairly done love story, go get your binoculars and take a peek at Flower Boy neighbor. -jediprincess